Questions Asked on
November 28, 2013

  1. physics

    The difference in energy between allowed oscillator states in HBr molecules is 0.330 eV. What is the oscillation frequency of this molecule?

    asked by Austin
  2. physics

    (a) If the first-order maximum for pure-wavelength light falling on a double slit is at an angle of 10.0º, at what angle is the second-order maximum? (b) What is the angle of the first minimum? (c) What is the highest-order maximum possible here?

    asked by Austin
  3. science

    A soil sample contains living and non living materials. Which material was once living? a.sand particles. b.small pebbles. c.decomposing leaves. d.water droplets.

    asked by ezekiel
  4. physics

    A LiBr molecule oscillates with a frequency of 1.7×1013 Hz. (a) What is the difference in energy in eV between allowed oscillator states? (b) What is the approximate value of n for a state having an energy of 1.0 eV?

    asked by Austin
  5. biology

    Differences between bacterial and mammalian transcription?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. magnets

    can an Amperian loop ever have a non-zero value of its line integral with the magnetic field.

    asked by Sue
  7. Bio

    A______ is a tentative, testable explanation for an observed phenomenon. I am confused with hypothesis and theory. But my guess is hypothesis. is this true? or am I wrong?? thanks

    asked by J
  8. biology

    In a cross of heterozygous RW four o'clock plants (RW x RW) what proportion of the seeds will grow to produce pink flowers? A. 0 B. 0.25 C. 0.5 D. 0.75

    asked by orpheus
  9. History

    In Jefferson’s view, George Washington’s action in addressing the Whiskey Rebellion A. was appropriate but not sufficiently bold. B. amounted to an inappropriate overreaction. C. Wouldn’t have been necessary save for the influence of Republican Clubs

    asked by Jen
  10. Trigonometry functions

    find the reference angle of -11pi/3

    asked by David
  11. Trigonometry

    Cot θ = 1/Tan θ = Cos θ/Sin θ = - SQRT of 15/7 =

    asked by David
  12. Trigonometry

    A person on a ship sailing due south at the rate of 15 miles an hour observes a lighthouse due west at 3p.m. At 5p.m. the lighthouse is 52degrees west of north. How far from the lighthouse was the ship at a)3p.m.? b)5p.m.? c)4p.m.? Please show the complete

    asked by Ahlelie Reyes
  13. Physics

    A 75 kg skier starts at rest on top of a icy inclined plane (with a 30 degree angle to the ground). He ends up going past the inclined plane and onto a flat ground. And comes to a rest. The coefficient of friction is .100. How long does it take for the

    asked by Carter
  14. math

    A printer knows that a page of print contains 1273 words if large type is used and 1773 words if small type is used. A document containing 16521 words fills exactly 10 pages. Find how many pages are in each type.

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Physics

    Neutrons have a rest mass of 1.6749*10-27 kg (equivalent to 939.6 MeV). If a certain neutron has a total energy of 949 MeV, what are its relativistic mass energy in MeV, its speed in m/s, its kinetic energy in MeV, and its momentum in kg.m.s-1?

    asked by Jane
  16. Trigonometry

    Write sin(125°) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle.

    asked by David
  17. MATH

    PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!! :-( Complete the table below.Draw the next few squares as needed.Write all ratios in simplest form. Shaded Blocks: 1 | 4 | 9 | 16 | 25 | | ----------------------------------------------------- Total Blocks:

    asked by Jen
  18. Trigonometry

    if cot 2x = 5/12 with 0

    asked by David
  19. pre algebra

    what is 15 increased by 80%

    asked by eggburt
  20. physics

    A cylindrical glass of water (H2O) has a radius of 6.12 cm and a height of 9.91 cm. The density of water is 1.00 g/cm3. How many moles of water are contained in the glass?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. chemistry

    A cylindrical glass of water (H2O) has a radius of 6.12 cm and a height of 9.91 cm. The density of water is 1.00 g/cm3. How many moles of water are contained in the glass?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. physics

    A 0.0320-m3 container is initially evacuated. Then, 5.27 g of water is placed in the container, and, after some time, all of the water evaporates. If the temperature of the water vapor is 352 K, what is its pressure?

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Trigonometry

    if cot 2θ = 5/12 with 0≤2θ≤π find cos θ, sin θ, tan θ

    asked by David
  24. Law

    When a public official responsible for government contracts and buying receives a portion of the purchase price back from an outside vendor sales representative, the official is involved in a: A. bribe. B. kickback. C. payoff. D. payola. im confused

    asked by Amy
  25. Trigonometry

    evaluate cot 2x = 5/12 with 0

    asked by David
  26. Trigonometry

    find the exact value of tan 2β if sin β=5/13 (β in quadrant II)

    asked by David
  27. Trigonometry

    find the exact value of sin 2α if cos α=4/5 (α in quadrant I)

    asked by David
  28. Trigonometry

    Write sin (125°) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle

    asked by David
  29. management

    using theory explain the importance of reward in stimulating individual performance

    asked by queen
  30. ICT

    write an algorithm to find the sum of two numbers

    asked by ABUBAKARI
  31. English

    Can you please check the following five sentences? Thank you very much in advance. 1) The Elizabethan theatre had a circulal or octagonal wooden structure. 2) In the middle of which there was a pit opened to the sky. In it, there was the apron stage, the

    asked by Franco
  32. Probability and Statistics

    The proportion of adults living in a small town who are college graduates is estimated to be p = 0.6. To test this hypothesis, a random sample of 15 adults is selected. If the number of college graduates in the sample is anywhere from 6 to 12, we shall not

    asked by Katy
  33. social studies

    how did poverty affect the aboriginal in canada in last 500 hundred years ?

    asked by rose
  34. language arts

    Can you write a Biography report using and autobiography book on Andrea Bocelli. The report is due 3rd December, and he is my hero,idol and there are no books biography books in my library on him?

    asked by josiah

    Explain the relationship between labor earnings and the distribution of income

    asked by terry
  36. maths probability

    Consider an experiment with four possible outcomes which we denote by Wi for i = 1,2,3,4. Sample space is Omega = {w1,w2,w3,w4}. Consider events A= {w1}, B = {w1,w2}, C = {w1,w2,w3} and D = {w2,w4}. Given that P(A) = 1/10, P(B) = 1/2, P(C) = 7/10, compute

    asked by Jessica
  37. Bio

    What type of polysaccharide is the main source of fiber in our diet? My guess was cellulose. Is this correct?

    asked by J
  38. Trigonometry

    Write sin(125°) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle.

    asked by David
  39. us hist

    Between the election of 1860 and his inauguration, Abraham Lincoln A) contacted Jefferson Davis several times. B) worked very closely with President Buchanan. C) made serious attempts to reassure the South. D) did not show much leadership I think it's C?

    asked by joe
  40. English

    Anybody does not sleep well during the night. (Is this sentence grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  41. Fundamentals of Storytelling

    I'm conducting a pre-interview with someone about the NHL's new partnership with Rogers Communications in Canada. The questions have to be related to the focus of this story, and I need to use my 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and How. I don't

    asked by Alex L.
  42. Trigonometry functions

    sketch the angle 2pi/3

    asked by David
  43. civics

    In modern society, what do we mean when we refer to the dividion of labor? A} the specializatoon of jobs in tthe medical field B}splitting work equally between two people C{all the jobs peopkle do are connected to other jobs D} the ways joconstruction jobs

    asked by kimberly
  44. us hist

    Clement L. Vallandigham believed there were two rebellions in progress, “the Secessionist Rebellion,” and “the Abolitionist Rebellion.” Vallandigham was a A) War Democrat. B) Peace Democrat. C) Copperhead. D) Radical Republican is it c.

    asked by ?
  45. socials question help plz!!

    What contributions did the medieval lord make for future generations? please give full answers!!!

    asked by smile0003
  46. English

    prepositional phrase? Appositive phrase? Participial phrase? Gerund phrase? infinitive phrase? Absolute phrase? Cape Code, a heavily settled peninsula southeast of Boston, has an interesting history. What is “a heavily settled peninsula southeast of

    asked by Help!!!!
  47. law help

    In what ways are the fee fixing and collecting of defense lawyers different from other professions?

    asked by patiance
  48. Simple Math

    In 10 years, Mr. Yen will be twice as old as his daughter. Their ages now add up to 61. How old is each person. Can you show me all the steps because I have a unit test tmw:) thankyou

    asked by SHINee
  49. English

    1. Anybody does not sleep well during the night. 2. Not anybody sleeps well during the night. 3, Nobody sleeps well during the night. (Which ones are correct? Are they the same?) 4. Not all sleep well during the night. 5, All do not sleep well during the

    asked by rfvv
  50. physics URGENT

    3. Using conceptual meaning of g = Fg/m [N/kg], answer the following: a) What does the spring scale read on the surface of the Moon?

    asked by aly
  51. biology

    if i have a mutation in the 'I' region of the ara operon that can't bind to the araC protein. how is the mutation effecting the function of the operon?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. maths

    what number is 6.24 greater than 12

    asked by titilope
  53. maths

    what number is 10 times bigger than one half.

    asked by titilope
  54. Behavioural Economics

    1.Which of the following is NOT one of the mantras prescribed the practitioner’s guide to nudging? (any one) A. If you want people to do something, make it easy and fun B. Always run between-participant experiments to ensure a test of causality C. There

    asked by Anonymous
  55. currerent amd magnetism

    An Aluminium wire of 1mm diammeter below the critical temperature of 1.2 K. iTS CRITICAL MAGNETIC FIELD IS 0.01t, What is the maximum current in Amperes that you can send down the wire for it to remain superconducting? what formular can I use to solve

    asked by Tom
  56. Math

    g(x)=(x^2+2x+1)/(x^2-x-6) 1. Find any holes in the graph of g(x) 2. Find any horizontal or oblique asymptote for the graph. 3. Determine where (if any at all) the graph of g(x) crosses the horizontal or oblique asymptote.

    asked by hiroko
  57. maths

    maria baught two fans 3605.she sold one at aprofit of 15%and the other one at aloss of 9%.if maria got the same amount for each fan find the cost price of each fan.

    asked by shikha
  58. science

    Trisha poured some water over a pile of sand. Some of the sand washed away. This process is similar to which of the following? a.the eruption of volcano. b.the erosion of the walls of a canyon. c.the uplifting of mountain ranges. c.the forming of dunes or

    asked by ezekiel
  59. Math

    How do you turn decimal to fraction?

    asked by Suruchi Kunwar
  60. Pharmacy Technician

    What online resource would you use to search for a medical abbreviation or acronym as well as find a particular drug manufacturer?

    asked by Rosemary