Questions Asked on
October 3, 2013

  1. Physics

    Block 1, of mass m1 = 0.650kg , is connected over an ideal (massless and frictionless) pulley to block 2, of mass m2, as shown. For an angle of θ = 30.0∘ and a coefficient of kinetic friction between block 2 and the plane of μ = 0.400, an acceleration

    asked by Joe
  2. Math

    The Acme Candy Company claims that 60% of the jawbreakers it produces weigh more than .4 ounces. Suppose that 800 jawbreakers are selected at random form the production lines. Would it be unusual for this sample of 800 to contain 386 jawbreakers that weigh

    asked by Paul

    A worker pulls a 200-N packing crate at constant velocity across a rough floor by exerting a force F = 55.0 N at an angle of 35.0 degrees above the horizontal. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction of the floor?

    asked by Meme

    A 100-kg box is placed on a ramp. As one end of the ramp is raised, the box begins to move downward just as the angle of inclination reaches 15 degrees. What is the coefficient of static friction between box and ramp?

    asked by Meme

    Jamal pulls a 150-N sled up a 28.0 degrees slope at constant speed by a force of 100 N. Near the top of the hill he releases the sled. With what acceleration does the sled go down the hill?

    asked by Meme
  6. Chemistry

    A solution contains an unknown amount of dissolved magnesium. Addition of 3.38×10−2mol of Na2CO3 causes complete precipitation of all of the magnesium. What mass of magnesium was dissolved in this solution?

    asked by Courtney
  7. Statistics

    A package of self-sticking notepads contains 6 yellow, 6 blue, 6 green, and 6 pink notepads. An experiment consists of randomly selecting one of the notepads and recording its color. Find the probability that a green notepad is selected given that it is

    asked by Larry
  8. calculus

    Determine the value(s) of x where the function will have an instantaneous rate of change of 14. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x) = x3 + 33 x2 + 14 x + 39

    asked by anna
  9. science

    For many years pellagra was believed to be an infectious disease promoted by unsanitary conditions. it was common in sanatoriums and orphanages but only among the patients and not the staff. a study of the diets showed that suffers of pellagra rarely ate

    asked by **anon**
  10. physics

    In the apparatus shown in the figure (Figure 1) , m1 = 10kg and the coefficients of static and kinetic friction between m1 and the table are 0.69 and 0.32, respectively. Part A What mass of m2 will just barely set the system in motion?

    asked by tom
  11. Basic Chemistry

    2) Which of the following is a pure substance? (1point) Chocolate milk Orange juice Seawater*** Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

    asked by Gabby
  12. Algebra 1

    A music downloading website reports that nearly 5 out of every 7 songs downloaded are classified as pop music. According to this information, predict how many of the next 500 songs downloaded will be pop songs. Round your answer to the nearest whole

    asked by kayla
  13. Physics

    A charged particle with a charge-to-mass ratio of |q|/m = 5.7 x 10^8 C/kg travels on a circular path that is perpendicular to a magnetic field whose magnitude is 0.69 T. How much time does it take for the particle to complete one revolution?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics

    A piece of copper wire has a resistance per unit length of 5.50 x 10^-3 Ω/m. The wire is wound into a thin, flat coil of many turns that has a radius of 0.200 m. The ends of the wire are connected to a 12.0-V battery. Find the magnetic field strength at

    asked by Anonymous
  15. chemistry

    the combustion of propane produces carbon dioxide and steam C3H8(g)+5O2(g) 3CO2(g)+4H2O(g)

    asked by adriane
  16. Math

    a number between 1000 and 9999, inclusive, is chosen at random. what is the probability that it contains a)no 9's? b) at least one 9?

    asked by Taryn
  17. Electricity and Electronics

    1. A transformer has a primary voltage of 115 V and a secondary voltage of 24 V. If the number of turns in the primary is 345, how many turns are in the secondary? A. 8 B. 690 C. 72 D. 1,653 2. To use your left hand to determine the direction of the

    asked by StarBuddy
  18. Physics

    A 1260-kg car starts from rest at the bottom of a drive way and has a speed of 3.00 m/s at a point where the drive way has risen a vertical height of 0.600 m. Friction and the drive force produced by the engine are the only two nonconservative forces

    asked by Cheech
  19. stats

    An investment broker reports that the yearly returns on common stocks are approximately normally distributed with a mean return of 12.4 percent and a standard deviation of 20.6 percent. On the other hand, the firm reports that the yearly returns on

    asked by Help
  20. Microeconomics

    which of the following situations describes an equilibrium? which does not? if the situation does not describe an eqilibrium, what would an eqilibrium look like? a. many people regularly commute from the suburbs to downtown Pleasantville. due to traffic

    asked by Dalia
  21. Science Fossils

    When might preserved remains of an entire organism form? A. When sediment buries the hard part of an organism. (this one) B. When an event such as quick burial or freezing preserves an entire organism. C. When minerals replace parts of an organism. D. When

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Physics

    An object (mass 3.2kg ) slides upward on a vertical wall at constant velocity when a force F of 54N acts on it at an angle of 60∘ to the horizontal. N = 27 N Determine the force of kinetic friction on the object.

    asked by Cheech
  23. UOP

    Environmental sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. An Asian country advertises the creativity of its workforce in animation, software

    asked by tjwilson
  24. Algebra 1

    d is to 4 as 32 is to 56. if answer is a fraction change to decimal

    asked by Kaitlyn
  25. History Question

    1) How did Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire colonies begin? (1point) Founders of all three colonies strongly disagreed with the Massachusetts colony, and sought to establish their own communities elsewhere.*** All three were spearheaded by

    asked by Gabby
  26. Algebra1

    Books: Over the summer, you read 20 books. Eight of these books were biographies. a. Find the ratio of biographies to the total number of books. b. Find the ratio of non-biographies to biographies. c. Find the ratio of non-biographies to the total number

    asked by Peter
  27. Psychology

    The voltage at a receptor site has just changed from -70 millivolts to -75 millivolts as a result of an _______ and will ________. a). inhibitory postsynaptic potential;increase the likelihood of an action potential. b). excitatory postsynaptic

    asked by Jesse
  28. physic

    As you look out of your dorm window, a flower pot suddenly falls past. The pot is visible for a time t, and the vertical length of your window is Lw. Take down to be the positive direction, so that downward velocities are positive and the acceleration due

    asked by koram
  29. Special Education Setting

    when working with behavior disordered children in the classroom,the teacher aide can modify behaviorby A)praising them when they succeed. B)using the same teaching techniques for every student C)underestimating what the child can do. D)reinforcing the

    asked by cathy
  30. Physics

    A centrifuge is a device in which a small container of material is rotated at a high speed on a circular path. Such a device is used in medical laboratories, for instance, to cause the more dense red blood cells to settle through the less dense blood serum

    asked by Tyler
  31. Calculus: implicit differentiation

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation 1. x^3 -xy+ y^2= 7 The given answer is (y-3x^2)/ (2y-x), but I'm not getting it. 2. How would I do this one? If I couldn't do the above one, which looks a heck of a lot simpler, I doubt I'll get through this one. x^

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Physics

    A hockey player hits a puck with his stick, giving the puck an initial speed of 5.8m/s . Part A If the puck slows uniformly and comes to rest in a distance of 20m , what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the ice and the puck?

    asked by Joe
  33. physics

    A piece of wood with mass m = 2.8 kg is held in a vise sandwiched between two wooden jaws as shown in the figure below. A blow from a hammer drives a nail which exerts a force of 440 N on the wood. If the coefficient of static friction between the wood

    asked by holly
  34. Law

    1. What is an agreement that is entered into with an evil purpose in order to commit the crime of conspiracy? A. Non-motives Doctrine B. Felony motives Doctrine C. Corrupt Motives Doctrine D. None of the above i'm confused between C and D 2. If Fred and

    asked by Amy
  35. Math

    Use the linear approximation (1+x)^k=1+kx to find an approximation for the function (3+3x)^(1/3) for values of x near zero. Help would be greatly appreciated!

    asked by Cory
  36. Math- urgent

    What is (6.91 x 10-2 power) + (2.4 x 10-3 power) ? Express your answer in scientific notation.

    asked by Sarah
  37. math

    the arithmetic series 1 + 4 + 7 + has a sum of 1001. how many terms does the series have?

    asked by buffy
  38. physics

    The figure shows an arrangement in which four disks are suspended by cords. The longer, top cord loops over a frictionless pulley and pulls with a force of magnitude 82.6 N on the wall to which it is attached. The tensions in the shorter cords are T1 =

    asked by kristy
  39. Physics

    A small lead ball of mass 2kg is suspended at the end of a light string 1m in length. A small peg, 0.5m below the suspension point, catches the string in its swing. The ball is set swinging through small angles. A) What is the period of the pendulum? B)

    asked by Yovani
  40. math(Ms.Sue)

    5 students are trying out for the debate team. There are 3 available spots for the team.How many combinations of teams can the debate team make My answer is 15 am i right? If not please tell me your answer and how you got it

    asked by lidia
  41. maths

    if y=e^(3x) sin 4x. Show that (d^2y/dx^2)-(6dy/dx)+25y=0 (b) for the curve with equation y=(x^2+1)/(x^2-4), find (i) the cordinates of the turning point(s). (ii) the equation of the asymptotes

    asked by masuzyo
  42. English

    trust: to believe someone that they are honest and sincere (is the definition of 'trust' grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  43. English

    1. If I had brought an umbrella, I would not have gotten wet. 2. If I had brought an umbrella, I would not have been wet. 3. If I had brought an umbrella, I would have stopped rain from falling on me. 4. If I had brought an umbrella, I would not have

    asked by rfvv
  44. English !!!

    For this assignment, you will write an editorial about an issue that confronts your school or community. What does this mean?

    asked by vickie
  45. engineering (logic systems design)

    Two flip-flops are connected as shown below. The delay represents wiring delay between the two clock inputs, which results in clock skew. This can cause possible loss of synchronization. The flip-flop propagation delay from clock to Q is 10 ns < tp < 15

    asked by Mohamed
  46. physics

    a 100g mass of cookie dough hits inelastically with a 300g mass of cookie dough and they stick. the 100 g mass was moving to the right at 40 m/s and the 300g mas was moving to the left at 5 m/s. what is the final velocity of the massive cookie dough ball?

    asked by Dee
  47. Found. Addict & Substance Abuse

    What are the components of an effective aftercare plan for alcohol/drug abusers?

    asked by Chrissie
  48. Math

    5 9/10 + 2 3/5 =

    asked by Denise
  49. 6 grade math

    Can you help me with my new math homework? Regroup each mixed number by regrouping a 1 from the whole number. 1 1/4. 8 5/12. 4 5/9. 2 1/3 Can you please explain each one of this problem for me please step by step.thank you!

    asked by jenn k
  50. Calculus

    Use the linear approximation (1+x)^k\approx 1+kx to find an approximation for the function f(x) for values of x near zero. I need help for (3+3x)^(1/3). Please help me!

    asked by Alex
  51. History

    What is a representative government? I think the answer is people elect representatives.

    asked by Steve
  52. Thermodynamics

    The initial state consists of a closed system containing one mole of water (liquid) at 85°C and 1 atmosphere pressure. The immediate surroundings are also at 85°C and 1 atmosphere pressure. The change in state is described as this one mole of liquid

    asked by Elaine
  53. Science

    What are names of fats and carbohydrates deficiency diseases?

    asked by Juanita
  54. Anatomy

    Orthodontic braces can be painful, this is due in part to placing mechanical stress on the ____________ (joint type), causing ___________ of the alveolar sockets of the mandible/maxilla as the teeth are slowly repositioned.

    asked by Elaine
  55. Math

    13/15 - 2/3 =

    asked by Denise
  56. Anatomy

    A ________ are designed to alleviate friction that may be caused by accessory structures, like a tendon, during movement of a synovial joint.

    asked by Elaine
  57. Anatomy

    The ______ of the knee not only provide cushioning but assist with stability and improving fit between the articulating surfaces during movement.

    asked by Elaine
  58. Anatomy

    The ______ ______ (two words), a syndesmosis, which provides a pivot point where two parallel-aligned bones, like the tibia and fibula, can move against each other.

    asked by Elaine
  59. managerical finance

    You want to purchase a new condominium which costs $329,000. Your plan is to pay 20 percent down in cash and finance the balance over 25 years at 6.25 percent. What will be your monthly mortgage payment?

    asked by selam
  60. Math

    7/12 x 36 =

    asked by Denise
  61. ordering rational numbers

    put in order from least to greatest 4/9, .4, .45

    asked by Anonymous
  62. English

    How does the following quote support the idea that class division is a type of prejudice seen in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird?: "There's four kinds of folks in the world. There's the ordinary kind, like us and the neighbours, there's the kind like the

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    what is 8x25x23 in mental math use subtraction

    asked by Faith
  64. Math

    A surveyor, standing 80 ft. from the base of a building, measures the angle of elevation to the top of the building to be 75 degrees. How accurately must the angle be measured for the percentage error in estimating the height of the building to be less

    asked by Cory
  65. MathsSs triG

    Consider sin(x-360)sin(90-x)tan(-x)/cos(90+x) 1.A.SIMPLIFY sin(x-360)sin(90-x)tan(-x)/cos(90+x) to a single trigonometric ratio B.hence or otherwise without using a calculator,solve for X if 0

    asked by katlego ratsoma
  66. microeconomics an auction, potential buyers compete for a good by submitting bids. adam compared ebay auctions in which the same good was sold. he founf that,on average, the larger the number of bidders, the higher the sales price. for example, in two auctions of

    asked by Dalia
  67. math,pre algebra

    Apples sell for 1.29 a pund and there is an average of 3 apples per pund.About how many apples would you expect to get for 5.00

    asked by Anna
  68. Law

    1. If a minor female agrees to break into a home with the intent to use the bed in the house for sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, she may be convicted of what crime? A. Burglary of a habitation B. Statutory rape C. Criminal trespass D. None of the

    asked by Amy
  69. Algebra 1

    You work in the local mailroom at a college. One of your duties is to sort local mail from all of the other mail. You can sort 8 pieces of mail in 10 seconds. How many pieces of mail should you be able to sort in 45 minuets?

    asked by ABBY
  70. history

    Which laws attempted to restrict speech that directly criticized the government

    asked by shay
  71. 2 more History Questions

    1) Pilgrims who came to the Americas in the 1600’s were mainly seeking________.(1point) God, gold, and glory A colony solely for Catholics Profits from lucrative tobacco plantations Religious freedom*** 2) Maine was originally part of which of the four

    asked by Gabby
  72. math

    If b=6 what is the value of 7b?

    asked by Janey
  73. trigonometry

    Determine the general solution of 8cos^2x-1=0

    asked by OwamIIi
  74. maths

    differentiate and find the cordinates of 2x/(1+x^2)^2

    asked by nawa
  75. math HELP

    Identify the missing info that would be necessary to solve the following which type of graph would be more appropriate to represent the number of inches of rain during a 6 - week period a bar graph or a line graph?

    asked by daniel
  76. health care policy making

    Explain how stakeholders become involved in the policy making process and why their voices often become a driver for change in health policy. That is the assignment any ideas on where I can find some information? would i look government laws

    asked by Mary
  77. English

    1. Who knows about the glass copy other than you? 2. Who knows about the glass copy except you? 3. Who knows about the glass copy except for you? (Are they all the same in meaning?)

    asked by rfvv
  78. psy331

    Locate a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article in the Ashford University Library. This article must be an original research project published within the past five years. The study should illustrate one of the following conditioning principles:

    asked by hah
  79. algebra

    The height of a missile (h), in feet, is given by the equation h=8000t-16t^2, where t us time in seconds. What is the time it takes to reach the maximum height?

    asked by Juliann
  80. psy331

    In research, several principles have been shown to affect the strength of association between stimuli. Based on your own experiences in learning, provide an example of each of the following principles of association: contiguity, frequency, and intensity.

    asked by hah
  81. maths

    the curve c has equation y=x^2-1nx, x>0. Show that c has just 1 turning point and find its cordinates.

    asked by rita s
  82. physics

    Car a with a mass of 1250kg is travelling at 30m/s to the east. Car b is a truck with a mass of 2000kg, travelling to the west at 25m/s. Assume these two vehicles experienc an inelastic collision but do not stick together and car a goes off 10m/s to the

    asked by David
  83. maths

    when the depth of liquid in a container is x cm, the volume of the liquid is x(x^2+25) cm^3. Liquid is added to the container at a constant rate of 2 cm^3/s. Find the rate of change of the depth of the liquid at the instant when x=1

    asked by tasha
  84. MATH help needed asap

    A surveyor, standing 80 ft. from the base of a building, measures the angle of elevation to the top of the building to be 75 degrees. How accurately must the angle be measured for the percentage error in estimating the height of the building to be less

    asked by Peter
  85. calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. G(y) = (y − 1)3/ (y2 + 2y)7

    asked by Olivia
  86. advance math

    an aquarium is in the shape of a right rectangular prism. each side of the aquarium is a rectangle that is 10 in wide and 8 in high. when the aquarium is tilted, the water in it just cover an 8 in by 10 in end, but only three-fourths of the rectangular

    asked by confused
  87. maths

    given that y=1nx/x, x>0 (a) find the value of x for which dy/dx=0 (b) find the value of x for y=0 (c) find the point where d^2y/dx^2=0

    asked by ilishebo
  88. 5th Grade Math

    Rounded to the nearest ten I am 780. I am even. The sum of my digits is 17. How do you get the answer?

    asked by gigi
  89. Physics

    A powerful motorcycle can produce an acceleration of 3.5 m/s2 while traveling at 90 km/h. At that speed the forces resisting motion, including friction and air resistance, total 400 N. (Air resistance is analogous to air friction. It always opposes the

    asked by Cass
  90. maths

    given the equation of the curve as y=8-2x^2 (a) find equations of tangent and the normal to this curve at the point where x=a. (b) find the value of a for which this tangent is parallel to the line with equation 3x-y+6=0

    asked by grian
  91. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). Why were people able to say, "The sun never sets on the British Empire"? A: People were able to this because the British Empire was so large and covered so many parts of the globe that it was always daylight somewhere in the empire. 2). Why do you

    asked by Anonymous
  92. grammar

    can you explain the predicate and complete predicate in a sentence

    asked by grace
  93. Calculus & Vectors

    Sketch the sets of complex numbers that would satisfy the following equations. a) |z| > 3 b) z = bi how would the sketches look like?

    asked by Rayne
  94. science

    How can a particle have energy but no mass?when there is an equation E=mc^2. Another question how can light particles have momentum without mass !When p=mv>>>>>>>>>DOUBT PLZ CLARIFY! DOUBTS ARE THE KILLERS OF HUMAN BRAIN!

    asked by help()!!!!!
  95. Chemistry

    Using atomic masses, If a certain batch of D2O has a purity of 99.75 weight %, what is its purity in atom (actually molecule) %

    asked by Jane
  96. algebra

    can i get help with this question please solve by completeing the square 1/2x^2 -7x=16

    asked by Rick
  97. algebra

    Please help find the root(values of x when the expression is equal to zero) 3x^2+21x=0

    asked by tommy
  98. math help please

    Identify the missing info that would be necessary to solve the following which type of graph would be more appropriate to represent the number of inches of rain during a 6 - week period a bar graph or a line graph? what is the missing info

    asked by daniel
  99. physics

    A football is thrown toward a receiver with an initial speed of 15.4 m/s at an angle of 38.7 ◦ above the horizontal. At that instant, the receiver is 17.7 m from the quarterback. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . With what constant speed should

    asked by sam
  100. Math

    Solve two ways 315/9

    asked by Jim
  101. physics

    A football is thrown toward a receiver with an initial speed of 15.4 m/s at an angle of 38.7 ◦ above the horizontal. At that instant, the receiver is 17.7 m from the quarterback. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . With what constant speed should

    asked by sam
  102. physits

    if the treadmills initial speed is 1.6 m/s what's it final speed

    asked by brenda
  103. math

    solve by the quadriatic formula, Im still trying to figure how to do this can someone please help me. (5x+1)^2 + 13=0

    asked by jerri
  104. geometry

    the perimeter of a rectangle is 72. the base is 3 times the height find the area of the rectangle

    asked by w
  105. physics

    A block of mass 2.40 kg is pushed 2.09 m along a frictionless horizontal table by a constant 18.6 N force directed 23.7o below the horizontal. Determine the work done by the applied force. Determine the magnitude of the normal force exerted by the table.

    asked by beccs
  106. chemistry

    when 15.0g of steam drops in temperature from 275.0 celsius to 250.0 celsius, how much heat energy is released?

    asked by lima
  107. business

    The type of accounting concerned with providing information and analyses to managers within the organization is referred to as

    asked by bob
  108. Definitions

    I have looked and looked for 4 examples of a standalone computer but I have only found two. They are a fax machine, and TiVo box. Could someone please tell me what two more examples are?

    asked by Krystal
  109. chemistry

    rank these amino acid from most polar to least: His, Phe, Ser, Ile, Asp, Trp i don't think my answer is correct... Ser>Asp>His>Phe>Trp>Ile

    asked by Anonymous
  110. problem solving - math

    3 persons are to divide among themselves 21 equal cask, of which 7 are full, 7 are half full, and 7 are empty. how can an equitable division be made, without pouring the wine from any cask into any other, in such a way that each person receives the same

    asked by confused
  111. maths

    find equations for the tangent and the normal at P (1n2, 2k) on the curve with equation y=ke^x, where k is a constant. (b) given that y=sin^-1x, show that (1-x^2)d^2y/dx^2-xdy/dx=0

    asked by skangele
  112. math

    water tower is 11 feet high diameter is 18 feet,how many cubic feet are in this tower?

    asked by debbie
  113. math

    alaska has 18 national parks. if you add zero to that number, you get the number of national parks in virginia. how many national parks are in virginina?

    asked by Anonymous
  114. maths

    (a) prove that sqrt of 3 is irational. (b) find an irational number between -4 and -2

    asked by mukumpa
  115. problem solving - math

    timothy owns 13 chains, each chain having 3 links. timothy wants to use all the small chains to make one circular chain of 39 links. he needs 4 minutes to cut open a link and 10 minutes to close it by smoldering. timothy makes the big chain in 140 minutes.

    asked by confused
  116. problem solving - math

    the men are camping 45 miles due west and then go 60 miles directly north. if they can cover 18 miles a day how long will it take them to reach the railroad?

    asked by confused
  117. algebra 1

    You work in the local mailroom at a college. One of your duties is to sort local mail from all of the other mail. You can sort 8 pieces of mail in 10 seconds. How many pieces of mail should you be able to sort in 45 minuets?

    asked by kayla: HELP
  118. Science - Electricity

    Acetylene gas is leaking from a cylinder in the immediate vicinity of an insulated conveyor belt which has built up a charge of 3.0ìC. If the conveyor belt has a capacitance of 80pF, is there a danger of the acetylene being ignited? Consider both energy

    asked by tina
  119. U.S. History

    discribe three of the trials and tribulations that native americans endure during the settlement of the west

    asked by loli
  120. English

    1. If I had studied hard, I could have gotten a higher score. 2. If I had studied hard, I could have gotten a better result. 3. If I had studied hard, I could have gotten a good/better grade. 4. If I had studied hard, I could not have gotten a lower score.

    asked by rfvv
  121. computers

    compute the unit price for products sold the program should input the name and price of an item and its weight in pounds and ounces. Then it should determine and display the unit price write a pseudo code program that will allow a user to find the unit

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Psychology

    What are some examples of an agonist?

    asked by Kelly
  123. Math

    y = ½ x^2 – x +3 for 1≤x≤6 (b) Calculate the mid- ordinates for 5 strips between x = 1 and x= 6, and hence use the mid-ordinate rule to approximate the area under the curve between x = 1, x = 6 and the x = axis. (c) assuming that the area determined

    asked by Kg
  124. maths

    given that x+1/x=3 (a) expand (x+1/x)^3 and use your expansion to show that x^3+1/x^3=18. (ii) expand (x+1/x)^5, using your expansion and the previous results to find the value of x^5+1/x^5

    asked by sianga
  125. Derivatives

    Find the derivatives of: 1. H(x)= sin2xcos2x The answer given is 2cos4x. My question is, how in the world did they get that!? Shouldn't the answer at least contain the sin function, either negative or positive seeing as it's the derivative of cos? Also,

    asked by Daisy
  126. Calculus

    Book works out integral of sqtr(a^2-x^2)dx as a^2/2*arcsin(x/a)+x/2*sqrt(a^2-x^2) by taking x=a sin theta, and advises to work it out using x=a cos theta. I did and got the first term as -a^2/2*arccos(x/a)and the same second term. This means arcsin

    asked by ms
  127. that

    Georgia purchased a house in 1998 for $220,000. In 2003 she sold the house and made a net profit of $50,000. Find the effective annual rate of return on her investment over the 5-yr period. Please round the answer to the nearest tenth of percent.

    asked by tj
  128. Business Math

    If you are the owner of a Jani- King cleaning service franchise. And your accountant has determined that your business will need $27,500 in new equipment in 3 years. If your bank is paying 6% interest compounded monthly how much must you invest today to

    asked by Erica Walden
  129. maths

    in the binomial expansion of (1+x/k)^n, where k is a constant and n is a positive integer, the coefficients of x and x^2 are equal. (a) show that 2k=n-1 (b) deduce the value of k. Hence find the 1st 3 terms in the expansion in ascending powers of x.

    asked by mutinta
  130. maths help plz!

    can anyone tell me how you can find the angle of 6 different side of hexagon.

    asked by john
  131. maths

    given that y+x=2 and 3^x=4^y . Show that x=1n16/1n12, and find y in a similar form.

    asked by chilufya
  132. physics

    A soccer ball is kicked from the ground with an initial speed of 18.0 m/s at an upward angle of 41.2˚. A player 51.1 m away in the direction of the kick starts running to meet the ball at that instant. What must be his average speed if he is to meet the

    asked by shauna
  133. geography

    in 1949, near what country were the communist nations of europe located?

    asked by miale
  134. Physics

    Ahmad throws a ball straight up. For which situation is the vertical velocity zero? [Note: Neglect the air resistance] Answer at the top on the way up none of the above on the way down

    asked by Maryam
  135. Math

    Pat has $3. He gets some from his parents. He now has twice as much money as Dani. Write an expression to represent how much money Dani has. Tell what the variable represents.

    asked by Haylee
  136. ECN (Micro)

    Use the concept of opportunity cost to explain the following. a. more people choose to get graduate degrees when the job market is poor. b. more people choose to do their own home repairs when the economy is slow and hourly wages are down. c. there are

    asked by Dalia
  137. Contempoary Mthematics

    Question8: Using the Present Value Table on page 358 of your text to compute the present value (principal) for an investment with a compound amount of $20,000, a 30 moth term of investment, and a 14% nominal interest rate compound semiannually. Question 9.

    asked by Erica Walden
  138. economics

    According to the permanent income hypothesis, households will tend to react to a temporary tax cut by? A) assuming the new tax level will be permanent. B) saving most of the additional disposable income. C) increasing consumption sharply in response to the

    asked by Tim
  139. calculus

    An influenza epidemic has an infection rate modeled by I ' (t)=30 e0.04 t , where t is time measured in days since the start of the epidemic on January 14th , and I '(t) measures the infection rate in people per day. On January 14th there were 800 infected

    asked by Mia
  140. calculus

    Find the area bounded by {y=x2−4 y=4−x2 • sketch the region described • determine any intersection point(s) for the curves (show work!!) • write out the integral(s) that will calculate the area • determine the area (may use a calculator)

    asked by Will
  141. Math

    A band played 3 concerts and earned a total if 321.00. The band earned about the same about the same about the same amount for each concert. Estimate how much the band earned each night

    asked by Anonymous
  142. How do I subtract this?

    How would I subtract this? [(8)/(x+h+8)] - [(8)/(x+8)]

    asked by Daisy
  143. Math Explanation

    Explain what 4 raised to the fourth power means.

    asked by Jared
  144. maths lite,life science,geography and tourism

    What career can I take

    asked by william
  145. Chemistry

    1. Which of the following is one way to prevent the corrosion of iron? A. Paint exposed iron parts with protective paint. B. Protect the iron from polluted air. C. Add carbon to the iron. D. Let the iron develop a natural coat of carbonate. 2. The source

    asked by StarBuddy
  146. finance 572

    Briarcrest Condiments is a spice-making firm. Recently, it developed a new process for producing spices. The process requires new machinery that would cost $2,025,141. have a life of five years, and would produce the cash flows shown in the following

    asked by Anonymous
  147. Science

    A scientist goes to a large international conference and hears about a new discovery. The scientist is very excited about these new findings and decides to verify the other scientists’ results by conducting her own investigations. The scientist is being

    asked by Anonymous
  148. Light

    1. If you're driving towards the sun late in the afternoon, you can reduce the glare from the road by wearing sunglasses that permit only the passage of light that's A. dispersed in a spherical plane. B. polarized in a vertical plane. C. polarized in a

    asked by StarBuddy
  149. Eng. Comp III

    I'm not sure what I am supposed to do here I am to write a Bibliographic essay on my sources for my final research essay - what does this entail? I don't want you to do my homework for me,just give me a couple of examples please, Thank You, Sara

    asked by Sara
  150. Physics

    At an amusement park there is a ride in which cylindrically shaped chambers spin around a central axis. People sit in seats facing the axis, their backs against the outer wall. At one instant the outer wall moves at a speed of 3.44 m/s, and an 64.3-kg

    asked by Tyler
  151. Physics

    A "swing" ride at a carnival consists of chairs that are swung in a circle by 19.8 m cables attached to a vertical rotating pole, as the drawing shows. Suppose the total mass of a chair and its occupant is 144 kg. (a) Determine the tension in the cable

    asked by Tyler
  152. Math

    -13 5/7 / 9 3/5 455/336

    asked by Jerald
  153. PHYSICS

    An Olympic skier moving at 20.0 m/s down a 30.0 degrees slope encounters a region of wet snow, of coefficient of friction uk = 0.740. How far down the slope does she go before stopping?

    asked by Meme
  154. chemistry

    A student took 100 mL of a solution of Mg(OH)2 and reacted it with HCl (aq) to calculate the concentration of hydroxide ions in the solution. If 13.75 mL of 0.010M HCl was used to react with all of the OH- (aq) in the 100-mL solution, what was the

    asked by Donna
  155. Math

    Eight students tried out for the band or chorus. Five students tried out for band, and the rest tried out for the chorus. How mwny students tried out for the chorus?

    asked by Raquel
  156. Science

    4. Chlorine and bromine react by the equation​​Cl2(g) + Br2(g) D 2BrCl(g) Kc = 1.2 x 102 at 150oC. What are the equilibrium concentrations of each reactant and product if a 2.0 L container initially contained 0.026 mole each of Cl2 and Br2 at 150oC?

    asked by Abay
  157. psychology

    During periods of physical development, the __________ of a sensation is critical if perception is to function normally. A. experience B. interpretation C. expectation D. mass function

    asked by mike/meka harris
  158. math

    Doug has 170 stamps in his two-book collection. his first book of stamps has 30 more stamps in it than his second book. How mwny stamps are in each book?

    asked by Raquel
  159. microeconomics an auction, potential buyers compete for a good by submitting bids. adam compared ebay auctions in which the same good was sold. he founf that,on average, the larger the number of bidders, the higher the sales price. for example, in two auctions of

    asked by Dalia
  160. math

    Mr. Burns ran 14 miles last week. He only ran on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If Mr. Burns ran 3 miles on Tuesday and 5 miles on Wednesday , then how many miles did he run on Monday?

    asked by Raquel
  161. pys

    An advertisement has the best chance for success if it: A. is accompanied by loud music and rapid banter. B. is above threshold. C. contains a single subliminal message. d. contains a grouping of words repeated below threshold

    asked by mike/meka harris
  162. Science

    a block of graphite has a mass of 4.4x10 2 kg, a volume of 0.2 m3, a weight of 4.3x10 3 n, and exerts a pressure on the table of 10.7 kpa. what is the density of graphite?

    asked by Please help
  163. MAT 102

    What is the domain of "p" when p(x)=x squared-2x+4

    asked by Hannah
  164. science

    The gas in a cylinder with a piston has a volume of 2.4 m3 and a pressure of 120 kpa/ keeping the tempture constant the pressure is changed to 240 kpa. what is the new volume?

    asked by Trisha G.
  165. Science

    The gas in a cylinder with a piston has a volume of 2.4 m3 and a tempture of 450k. Kwpping the pressure constant the volume is changed to 7.2 m3. What is the new temputure?

    asked by tg
  166. Physics

    The systems shown below are in equilibrium (with m = 4.80 kg and θ = 27.0°). If the spring scales are calibrated in newtons, what do they read? Ignore the masses of the pulleys and strings and assume the pulleys and the incline are frictionless. scale in

    asked by Ashley
  167. Math

    Julie has been offered two jobs. The 1st one pays $400 per week. The 2nd job pays $175 per week plus 15% commision of her sales. How much will she have to sell i n order for the 2nd job to pay as much as the first? how do you do this? i don't know the

    asked by Jenny
  168. foreign

    Does anybody know a good website that will give me an easy step-by-step instruction set for a cultural dance Help DESPRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Izzy
  169. Math

    102.6 divided by 4 Estimate to prove that your answer makes sense.

    asked by Isabella
  170. maths

    If a and b are integers and 14/3=a/b what could be the value of a+b?

    asked by Anonymous
  171. logical reasoning

    how to write 2nd oct 2013 in 6 letters without using numbers

    asked by kani
  172. Math

    The tens digit is a multiple of 5 The hundreds digit is 1 less than the tens digit The ones digit is less than the hundreds digit The sum of the digits is a multiple of 6 What is the mystery number??

    asked by Aubrey
  173. compemtary math

    . To determine the compound amount of an investment of $10,000 with an interest rate of 6% compounded monthly after 4 years requires you to use a table factor that goes beyond the Compound Interest Table. Calculate the new table factor for this investment.

    asked by mary
  174. physics

    Find x-component of vector d=(110m , 46 degrees below + x-axis). Find y-component of vector d=(110m ,46 degrees below + x-axis). Find x-component of vector v=(350m/s , 28degrees above + x-axis). Find y-component of vector v=(350 , 28 above + x-axis). Find

    asked by Anonymous
  175. Physics

    A young woman named Kathy Kool buys a sports car that can accelerate at the rate of 5.14 m/s 2 . She decides to test the car by drag racing with another speedster, Stan Speedy. Both start from rest, but experienced Stan leaves the starting line 0.78 s

    asked by Tre
  176. Algebra 1

    A triangle has a perimeter of 81 inches. The side lengths can be found by x, 3x-1, and 4x+2 what is the value of x?

    asked by Kaitlyn
  177. History

    Protestants who wanted to reform the Anglican church were called what?

    asked by Steve
  178. Math

    How could the fact 36/6=6 help you estimate the quotient of 364,573/64?

    asked by Goochie
  179. math

    Rob has a balance of 1695$ in his bank account The account pays 2.9% interest per year, compounded annually. The compound interest formula is A=P(1+i)^n A=future value\P=principal/i+interest rate/n=number of payments rods balance will reach 3000$ after how

    asked by sam
  180. math

    the price of a fax machine is marked down from $305 to $262.30. what is the rate of discount

    asked by keith
  181. discrete mathematics

    how many baseball games of single elimination must be played by 421 teams in a tournament before a winner is determined

    asked by confused
  182. 5th Grade Math

    A farmer has a rectangular field that is 48 by 36, he wants to fence 16 small pens, how much fencing does he need?

    asked by SlightlyConfused
  183. Economics

    This problem is based on the specific factors model. Consider the economy of the Shire that produces cereals and swords. Each industry employs Hobbits, but land is specific to the production of cereals, and metal is a specific factor in the sword industry.

    asked by Joy
  184. math

    Bunches of 6 roses were selling for $8. Anita paid $40 for roses. How many roses did she buy?

    asked by Anonymous
  185. History

    The colony of georgia served as a military barrier between who? I think the answer is Spanish Florida and British South Carolina

    asked by Steve
  186. math

    divide 12a^4+a^3-2a by 2a. I got the quotient of 6a^3+.5a^2-1 Is this correct

    asked by Elle
  187. chemistry

    what is a catalyst

    asked by lacey
  188. Math

    16 1/4 - 10 11/20 =

    asked by Denise
  189. algebra

    what is the minimum value for z=3x-1/2y over the feasibility region defined by the constraints? a.-4 b.-5 c.-3 d.-6

    asked by ray