Questions Asked on
September 27, 2013

  1. Algebra I

    4 - t = 3(t - 1) - 5 a. 3 b. 6 c. no solution d. identity A? 8x - 2(x + 1)= 2(3x - 1) a. 0 b. 2 c. no solution d. identity D? 3(c - 2)= 2(c - 6) a. 2 b. -6 c. no solution d. identity B? 0.5(m + 4) = 3(m - 1) a. -2 b. 2 c. no solution d. identity B?

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Chemistry

    100 mL of 1.0 M formic acid (HCOOH) is titrated with 1.0 M sodium hydroxide (NaOh). The Approximate pKa is 4 At the pKa, what fraction of the carboxyl group will have been converted to COO-?

    asked by Aria
  3. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). How are the landforms of Europe both an advantage and a disadvantage to life in Europe? A: The landforms of Europe are an advantage as these landforms affect the climate in their favor. However, the mountains and uplands, for example, may be viewed as

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math

    How does finding the square root of a number compare to finding the cube root of a number? Use 64 in the explanation

    asked by Steve
  5. ap chemistry

    Find the equilibrium constant for the reaction Cr(s) + Zn2+(aq)→Cr2+(aq) + Zn(s) if the standard cell emf is −0.76 V at the cathode and −0.91 V at the anode. RT - F= 0.025693 V

    asked by Gabriella
  6. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). Which countries besides Spain sent settlers to South America? A: ? 2). Which countries in South America have the highest literacy rates? A: Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay have the highest literacy rates in South America. 3). What have been some

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Main Ideas

    Both Seagulls and wild geese are large birds. They're also similar in that both kinds of birds can fly over great distances. On the other hand, seagulls are scavengers, while wild geese aren't. Seagulls, for example, are often found around garbage dumps.

    asked by Sam
  8. Math

    What do you do to check if a number is rational or irrational? In the explanation use a rational and irrational number.

    asked by Steve
  9. physics

    A student sets up an Atwood machine with a frictionless rope, a 4.5-kg mass, and a 9.5-kg mass. What will be the acceleration of the masses? Use the gravitational acceleration found on Earth: g = 9.8 m/s2.

    asked by sofia
  10. social studies

    Why do people MOST LIKELY live in Central and Eastern Africa than in Northern Africa? a. human civilization began there b. trade routes support larger settlements c. more water sources sustain life d. the Europeans colonized these regions first c?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Which countries besides Spain sent settlers to South America? A: Besides Spain, Portugal, France, and the Netherlands sent settlers to South America?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. physics

    A novice golfer on the green takes three strokes to sink the ball. The successive displacements of the ball are d1 = 3.95 m to the north, d2 = 1.91 m northeast, and d3 = 1.16 m at 30.0° west of south (see the figure). Starting at the same initial point,

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Geometry

    On September 3, 1970 a hailstone with diameter 5.6in fell at Coffeyville, Kansas. It weighed about 0.018Ib/in^3 compared to the normal 0.033Ib/in^3 for ice. About how heavy was this Kansas hailstone?

    asked by George
  14. Math

    A standard deck of cards contains 52 cards. Of these cards there are 13 of each type of suit (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) and 4 of each type of rank (A – K). Two cards are drawn from the deck and replaced each time back into the deck. What is the

    asked by Alex
  15. psychology

    After Kate's visit to Paris, her memories about what she saw and learned were influenced by music in the background, by the comments of her traveling companion, and by the light reflecting off the Seine, reminding Kate of her childhood home on the banks of

    asked by Anonymous
  16. science

    How might sexual reproduction decrease an organisms chance of survival?

    asked by Steve
  17. physics

    The driver of a car, traveling at a constant 25 m/s, sees a child suddenly run into the road. It takes the driver 0.45s to hit the brakes. As it slows, the car has a steady acceleration of 8.5 m/s^2. What's the total distance the car moves before it stops?

    asked by chris
  18. Science

    Really confused on this question. A microbiologist measures the speed of a swimming bacterium. The bacterium covers a distance of 2.16 microns in 5.0 seconds. The biologist wished to compare the speed of the bacteria with other animals, but the speeds of

    asked by Gianna
  19. English

    Statements such as always, everybody, and never are cue words for which of the following? A. emotional appeals B. overgeneralizations C. ethical concerns D. logical appeals Its B????

    asked by vickie
  20. English

    Essays, articles, and speeches are all works of nonfiction. Which of the following is an accurate statement about the authors of nonfiction? A. They are always real people. B. Their style is always full of figurative language. C. They usually focus on

    asked by vickie
  21. SS

    In what way do women most contribute to the economy of West and Central Africa? a. they support male workers b. they oversee trade c. they keep track of household books d. they dominate local markets through handicrafts d?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math!

    Please help me! I do not under stand any of this! I know i should do it on my own. but please help me!! 1.(6.0 x 10^5) x (3.0 x 10^4) = (1 point) 18 x 10^20 18 x 10^9 1.8 x 10^20 1.8 x 10^10 2. (5 x 10^–2) ÷ (2 x 10^3) = (1 point) 2.5 x 10^-5 2.5 x

    asked by marie
  23. Chemistry

    An 8.07g sample of impure Ag2O decomposes into solid silver and O2(g). If 395mL O2 is collected over water at 25C and 749.2mmHg barometric pressure, then what is the percent by mass of AgO2 in the sample? The vapor pressure of water at 25C is 23.8mmHg.

    asked by Nancy
  24. English

    Which of the following best defines diction? A. simile B. symbolism C. word choice D. dialogue Im sure its probably D?

    asked by vickie
  25. Physics

    An arrow, starting from rest, leaves the bow with a speed of 28.8 m/s. If the average force exerted on the arrow by the bow was increased 2 times and the arrow was accelerated over the same distance, then with what speed would the arrow leave the bow?

    asked by Nicki
  26. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). How does the population of brazil resemble that of the United States? A: The population of Brazil resembles that of the United States as both of these countries' populations consist of a diverse mixture of ethnic groups. 2). Which European country sent

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    A factory manufactures two products, each requiring the use of three machines. The first machine can be used at most 70 hours; the second machine at most 40 hours; and the third machine at most 90 hours. The first product requires 2 hours on machine 1, 1

    asked by Ally
  28. Economics

    Suppose that there are 1,000 hot-pretzel stands operating in Toronto. Each stand has the usual U-shaped average total cost curve. Both the market demand curve and the supply curve for pretzels are linear, and the market for pretzels is in long-run

    asked by Joy
  29. Science

    If you divide force (kg* m/s2) by acceleration (m/s2), what units do you get? kg*m2/s4 kg 1/kg m/s

    asked by Gianna
  30. Physics

    The position of a toy locomotive moving on a straight track along the x-axis is given by the equation: x=t^4-6t^2+9t where x is in meters and t is in seconds. The net force on the locomotive is equal to zero when t is equal to Answer in units of s.

    asked by Jonathan
  31. Geometry

    Give the dimensions of a cylinder and a sphere that have the same volume.

    asked by George
  32. English

    Which of the following quotations from “The Talk” illustrates hyperbole, or intentional overstatement? I. “My best friend and I knew that we were going to grow up to be ugly.” II.“First, our heads got large, but our necks wavered, frail as crisp

    asked by vickie
  33. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). How does the direction in which European rivers flow aid in linking Europeans to the world? A: The direction in which European rivers flow aid in linking Europeans to the world as they flow from the interior to the sea and are large enough for ships to

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Economics

    Much of the demand for U.S. agricultural output has come from other countries. In 1998, the total demand for wheat was Q = 3244 – 283 P. Of this, total domestic demand was QD = 1700 – 107 P, and domestic supply was QS = 1944 + 207 P. Suppose the export

    asked by Joy
  35. Math

    The cruiser bicycle company makes two styles of bicycles the traveler which sells for $200 and the Tourister was sells for $600 each bicycle has the same frame and tires but the assembly and painting time required for the traveler is only one hour while it

    asked by Cheyenne
  36. chemistry

    The pH of a 0.164 M aqueous solution of dimethylamine is 11.98. Write the ionization equation, calculate the values of Kb and pKa and comment on strength of the

    asked by nica
  37. Math

    An appliance company has a warehouse and two terminals. To minimize shipping costs, the manager must decide how many appliances should be shipped to each terminal. There is a total supply of 1200 units in the warehouse and a demand for 400 units in

    asked by Ally
  38. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). How does the population of brazil resemble that of the United States? A: The population of Brazil resembles that of the United States as both of these countries' populations consist of a diverse mixture of ethnic groups. 2). Which European country sent

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Basic Biomechanics

    Wendell invests $10,000 in a stock por5tfolio made up of Petroleum Special at $30 per share, Newshoe at $12 per share, and Beans & Sprouts at $2.50 per share. He places 60% of the money in P.S., 30% in N, and 10% in B & S. With market values changing (P.S.

    asked by Walter
  40. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). Which groups have argued that the income gap presents a moral issue? A: The Catholic Church and other religious faiths have argued that the income gap presents a moral issue. 2). What is the basic economic dilemma confronted by poor people in Latin

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Biology of the environment term

    Teacher explained to us what limiting factor was but I'm not able to understand she said that a limiting factor causes increase in population but I not get how and why is called limiting factor than ? She also said how Phodphorus and nitrogen were limiting

    asked by Mohammad
  42. statistics

    The typical amount of sleep per night for undergraduate college students has a bell shaped distribution with a mean of 7 and a standard deviation of 1.90 hours. Based on this distributional information we can conclude that at least 95 % of this population

    asked by jennifer

    A rod 14.0 cm long is uniformly charged and has a total charge of -20.0 µC. Determine the magnitude and direction of the electric field along the axis of the rod at a point 36.0 cm from its center. N/C

    asked by suhani
  44. science

    What would happen if gametes were not haploid?

    asked by Steve
  45. Biomechanics

    A sailboat heads north at 3 m/s for 1 hour and then tracks back to the southeast (at 45 degrees to north) at 2 m/s for 45 minutes. a. How far has the boat sailed? b. How far is it from its starting location?

    asked by Walter
  46. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). How did colonialism affect the development of democracy? A: Colonialism affected the development of democracy as a government which was based upon colonialism censored the press, limited free speech, and punished dissent. It also discriminated against

    asked by Anonymous
  47. dma040

    v=1/3ah solve for h

    asked by Bridget
  48. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). What are examples of human adaption to the environment? A: Seaworks, terpen, windmills, canals, polders, Ijsselmeers, and the transformation of Zuider Zee are examples of human adaption to the environment.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Science

    Your thermodynamics calculation involves mass and a change in temperature. What SI base units would you use?

    asked by Gianna
  50. Math

    A diet is to include at least 140 mg of vitamin A and at least 145 mg of vitamin B. these requirements can be obtained from two types of food type X contains 10 mg of vitamin A and 20 mg of vitamin B per pound. type Y contains 30 mg of vitamin A and 15 mg

    asked by Cheyenne
  51. chemistry

    when sulfuric acid is added to solid sodium chloride and the mixture is heated, hydrogen chloride gas is generated, leaving a solid residue of sodium sulfate

    asked by meresa
  52. Math

    1. Joe has 37 coins (all nickels, dimes and quarters) worth $5.50. She has 4 more quarters than nickels. How many dimes does Joe have?

    asked by Stephanie

    You have just found out your friend has broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. You have always liked the ex-boyfriend (ex-girlfriend) and wonder if you should ask him (her) out. You're not sure how your friend would feel about that. You decide to ask

    asked by Emily
  54. algebra

    Miranda's financial aid stipulates that her tuition not exceed $1200. If college charges a $45 registration fee plus $475 per course, what is the greatest number of courses for which Miranda can register. Miranda can register for at the most ???? courses

    asked by John
  55. Math

    A swimming pool size is 42 m long and 55 m wide with an average depth of 7.5 m. Using the density of water as 1 g/ml: A. how many gallons of water fill the pool B. The weight of water in lbs after the pool is full C. How long will it take to fill the ppol

    asked by wendy
  56. History Question

    Select two groups of Native American people from two different areas within the United States. The areas you can select from include North, West, Southwest, Plains, and East/Southeast. Explain how environmental factors influenced their homes and food.

    asked by Gabby
  57. Math

    You are in charge of making punch for an upcoming school dance. The punch recipe makes 5 cups of punch by mixing 3 cups of cranberry juice with 2 cups of apple juice. What is the ratio of cranberry juice to apple juice?

    asked by Christian
  58. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). What are some of the important resources of the rain forest? A: Some of the significant resources of the rain forest include timber and various types of plants which can be used to concoct medicine. 2). What are some of the costs of the destruction of

    asked by Anonymous
  59. statistics

    A Social service agency plans to conduct a survey to determine the mean income of its clients. The director of the agency prefers that you measure the mean income very accurately, to within plus or minus $500. from a sample taken 2 years ago, you estimate

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Crossing a River in min time

    A hunter wishes to cross a river that is 1.17 km wide and flows with a speed of 1 km/h parallel to its banks. The hunter uses a small powerboat that moves at a maximum speed of 15 km/h with respect to the water. What is the minimum time necessary for

    asked by Sabrin
  61. Physics

    A skier is gliding along at 4.7m/s on horizontal, frictionless snow. He suddenly starts down a 10∘ incline. His speed at the bottom is 15m/s . What is the length of the incline? How long does it take him to reach the bottom?

    asked by Senu
  62. Calculus (first year uni)

    Hello lim x->pi^- for cot(x) [In words,this is the limit of x as it approaches pi from the negative direction for the function cot(x). I am very confused as to how this occurs and turns out to be negative infinity. Thanks.]

    asked by Anthony
  63. physics

    In the system shown in the figure below, a horizontal force Fvecx acts on the 7.00 kg object (m1). The horizontal surface is frictionless. (a) For what values of Fx does the 1.00 kg object (m2) accelerate upward?

    asked by siavash
  64. Biomechanics

    John and Al are in a 15 km race. John averages 4.4 m/s during the first half of the race and then runs at a speed of 4.2 m/s until the last 200m, which he covers at 4.5 m/s. At what average speed must Al run to beat John?

    asked by Walter
  65. Math help please last question

    Solve the equation. 10. 2(4x -4) + 2(3x + 2) = 360 Can you please help me on this problem? Could you explain it please? I'm confused...

    asked by Charlotte
  66. Math

    Natalie has some nickels, Dirk has some dimes, and Qunicy has some quarters. Dirk has five more dimes than Qunicy has quarters. If Natalie gives Dirk a nickel, Dirk gives Quincy a dimes, and Quincy gives Natalie a quarter, they will all have the same

    asked by Stephanie
  67. Chemistry

    At room temperature, 80.0 ml of 0.125 M AgNO3(aq) and 20.0 ml of 0.500 M Fe(NO3)2(aq) are mixed together, generating the following equilibrium system Ag+ (aq) + Fe2+(aq) Ag(s) + Fe3+(aq). At equilibrium, the concentration of Fe3+ is 0.00505 M. (a) (4 pts)

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Physics

    A 2000kg car rounds a curve of 65m banked at an angle of 11∘ How much friction force will be required? I know how to find frictional force on a normal flat surface but I don't know how to apply it with a curve. Any help with work would be great!

    asked by Alison
  69. algebra

    Alvin, Calvin and Melvin each have some positive integer number of sweets. Alvin has fewer sweets than Calvin, and they have 27 sweets in total. Melvin has 19 sweets more than Alvin. What is the maximum number of sweets that they can all have in total?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math/chem

    If aluminum foil has a density of 2.70 g/ml, then how thick would be a 2.22 g sample of foilif it measures 5.0 cm on each side. PLEASE SHOW WORK THX!

    asked by john
  71. statistics

    An employee currently earning $13.65 per hour has been awarded a 3.5 merit raise. what is the employee hourly salary be with this increase.

    asked by brewster
  72. Probability Math

    The probability of a red candy being selected from a bowl is 0.2, and the probability of a pink frosted animal cookie being taken out of a different bowl is 0.4. What is the probability of getting both a red candy and a pink cookie?

    asked by Alex
  73. genetics

    i have a diploid cell with 3 pairs of homologous chromosomes A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2 with no crossing over. will my daughter cells after mitosis just be [A1,B1,C1] and [A2,B2,C2] or will there be a mix between the 1's and 2's creating more varieties?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Social Studies

    Which of the following prominent geographic features is located in eastern Africa? a- Sahara Desert b- Kalahari Desert c- Congo River d- Great Rift Valley D?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Dma 040

    V=1/3ah, V=21,h=3, solve

    asked by Bridget
  76. algebra

    An herbalist has 30 oz of herbs costing $2 per ounce. how many ounces of herbs costing $1 per ounce should be mixed with these 30 ounces of herbs to produce a mixture costing $1.60 per ounce?

    asked by maria
  77. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). In what other countries bedsides Brazil is the Amazon rain forest located? A: Besides Brazil, the Amazon rain forest is located in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. 2). How might the income gap affect the

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Psychology (Ms. Sue)

    Ms. Sue would you please check my answers? 1. To begin to regulate their emotions, children must first start to learn impulse control? True 2. Young children typically have low self esteem since they compare their abilities with their peers? False 3. Guilt

    asked by Lisa
  79. Dma 040

    V=1/3ah, V=21,h=3, solve

    asked by Bridget
  80. math

    The Empire Carpet Company orders merchandise for $17,700, including $550 in shipping charges, from Mohawk Carpet Mills on May 4. Carpets valued at $1,390 will be returned because they are damaged. The terms of sale are 2/10, n30 ROG. The shipment arrives

    asked by Lorzetta krement
  81. algebra

    Following the guideline of the food and drug administration. Dale tries to eat at least 5 servings of fruit each day.For the first six days of one week, she had 5,5,3,4,and 5 servings. How many servings of fruit should Dale eat on saturday to average at

    asked by John
  82. dma040

    A number subtracted from 13 is the quotient of -34and 2. Find the number

    asked by Bridget
  83. Math

    Morgans average time to swim in a freestyle race is 29.95 seconds. which distance does she most likely Swim 50mm 50cm 50km 50m

    asked by Joe
  84. vague pronoun

    The school computers arrived with games preloaded.These were the second batch the school had received.

    asked by Anonymous

    Two protons in a molecule are 3.80 multiplied by 10-10 m apart. Find the electrical force exerted by one proton on the other. Magnitude N (b) State how the magnitude of this force compares with the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by one proton

    asked by suhani
  86. Geography (Ms. Sue) - These are my final questions

    1). What are examples of an environment changed by humans? A: 2). How has industrialization hurt the forests of Europe? A: Industrialization has damaged the forests of Europe as Europe's factories produce high amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide,

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math help please

    1. 2(3x + 5) = 46 4 5 6 7 2. 1/2x + 1/4x = 16 16 21.3 32 64 3. 6 - x - x = 18 -6 6 9 -9 4. 4x - 3/5 = 2/5 1/5 5/5 1/2 1/4 My answers: 1. 6 2. 21.3 3. ???? 4. 1/4 I have no idea how to solve 3! Can you please explain? Thank you

    asked by Charlotte
  88. Social Studies (History)

    What is the: Who, what, where, when, why, and the short and long term causes of the transcontinental railroad

    asked by NICOLE
  89. Algebra

    find the value of r so that the line that passes through each pair of points has the given slope (r,4), (7,1), m=

    asked by Anne
  90. Calculus and vectors

    A vector can be used to represent the path of a drill tip used to bore a deep mine shaft in Sudbury one quarter of the way to the centre of the Earth. Represent the vector using a directed line segment and Cartesian co-ordinates and describe which

    asked by Court
  91. calculus

    Find the inverse of the following function. Find the domain, range, and asymptotes of each function. Graph both functions on the same coordinate plane. f(x)=3+e^4−x

    asked by Miriam
  92. chemistry

    CAN NaOH(aq)+Co2 yield NaHCO3 PLEASE ANSWER DEEPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by help()!!!!!
  93. chemistry

    when sulfuric acid is added to solid sodium chloride and the mixture is heated, hydrogen chloride gas is generated, leaving a solid residue of sodium sulfate

    asked by meresa
  94. Dma 040

    Lenth of a rectangle is 7ft longer than twice the width. If the rooms perimeter is 158ft, whay are the rooms dimensions? Width Length

    asked by Bridget
  95. Geometry

    use pie(3.14) to estimate the surface area and volume of a sphere with radius 3cm.

    asked by George
  96. ela

    what does it mean to: How do those specific word choices and tone contribute to the meaning?

    asked by Monica
  97. Intermediate Algebra

    Describe how to simplify square root of 100.

    asked by Kimberly Williams
  98. ELA

    how would you use the word generate in a sentence? i'm confused on how to put it in a sentence. I know that generate means cause (something, esp. an emotion or situation) to arise or come about.

    asked by Monica

    1. For the ion Fe3+ what is the electron configuration and electron atrangement? please explain... i do not understand... 2. F- +. Br2----> Br- + Cl2----->

    asked by Student
  100. probability

    if you have a spinner with 3 parts. 1 white 2 blue. and you spin the spinner 90 times how many times do you expect the spinner to land on blue

    asked by Olivia
  101. reading

    does consistency mean fair, and can i have a clear explanation on what social proof is, and agitate and solve, and prognosticate,

    asked by loli
  102. physics

    A projectile is launched straight up at 55.5 m/s from a height of 73.5 m, at the edge of a sheer cliff. The projectile falls, just missing the cliff and hitting the ground below.

    asked by steven
  103. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Why were forests chopped down in Europe? A: This occurred because forests provided wood to burn for fuel and to use as building materials for ships and houses. Europeans also needed even more wood to make charcoal for blast furnaces.

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Geometry

    tell whether each of the following points is inside, outside, or on the sphere. A(o, -3,4)B(-1,-1)C(4,-6,-10).

    asked by George
  105. humanservices101

    Critical thinking question: how is current child welfare policy and practice shaped by religious and philosophical beliefs, societal structures, and economic systems?

    asked by sandy
  106. algebra

    15. To travel a fixed distance, the number of gallons needed is inversely proportional to the miles per gallon rating P of the car that gets 42 miles per gallon (mpg) needs 33 gallons to travel the distance. a. Find an equation of variation N= b. A car

    asked by Help Please
  107. Physics - Friction

    **Especially part a) A person, sunbathing on a warm day, is lying horizontally on the deck of a boat. Her mass is 54.6 kg, and the coefficient of static friction between the deck and her is 0.683. Assume that she is moving horizontally, and that the static

    asked by Kir
  108. Chemistry

    If I am given a titration curve with 3 pKas, pH values of an unknown acid, and volume of base used, how do I find out the concentration of the acid? Thanks.

    asked by TA
  109. hr

    competitive advantage and human resource

    asked by hanaa
  110. ms.sue please help!!!

    Ms. Sue is this a good essay. please help me on words that will make the essay better, advice if any sentence is wrong. and anything that can make the essay sound more mature/professional than what it is, punctuation, capitalization, clarity, etc. A good

    asked by loli
  111. vocabulary

    This mistake made a differnece of about two inches and a half in the shot - that is to say in the position of the peg nearest the tree;...of course the error, however trivial in the beginning, increased as we proceeded with the line....: Something that is

    asked by cici
  112. Calculus

    Consider the indefinite integral (6x^3+3x^2-19x-10)/(x^2-4)dx Then the integrand decomposes in the form ax + b + (c/(x-2)) + (d/(x+2) I found b and c to equal 3 and d to equal 2, but I'm having trouble finding A and finding the final integration by

    asked by Alison
  113. Intro to Psychology 1


    asked by GMA
  114. Intermediate Algebra

    Describe how to simplify 16 1/2

    asked by Kimberly Williams
  115. statistics

    . The average age at which a woman gets married in the U.S. is µ = 27 with a standard deviation of σ = 5.5. Use this information to answer the following questions. Show Your Work! A. What proportion marries at age 30 or more?

    asked by collette
  116. Calc

    If we know that the definite integral from -6 to -3 of f(x) equals 6, the definite integral from -6 to -5 equals 2 and the definite integral from -4 to -3 equals 4 then: What is the definite integral from -5 to -4? I know that this is zero. But then what

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Law

    1. The law enforcement defense extends only to those people tasked with and legally authorized to enforce laws. This includes which of the following? A. City, state, and federal law enforcement B. All security guards C. Citizens on patrol with the legal

    asked by Amy
  118. Science

    Why is it difficult to reestablish a species permanently into its natural environment once the total number of a species drop below a population of 500? Thank you for your help.

    asked by Cherie
  119. English

    Can someone help me check the grammar in these sentences? Thank you very much in advance. 1)If I go on a short flight journey, I’d rather take a hand luggage with me. 2)If I’m going on a tropical island, I’d like to stay in a hotel next to the beach

    asked by Franco
  120. trignometry

    ,linytron reduce amount of gas tons chase direct deposit. Deactivate ac.done

    asked by Nasanasa
  121. algebra


    asked by Help Please
  122. statistics

    Calculate the difference between the means distribution parameters? where n1=25,n2=36, s2 1 = 50, s 2 2 = 72, M1= 100, & M2 = 105

    asked by Anonymous
  123. U.S. Government and Politics

    I need help on this question. I have 30 questions and this is the only one i'm stuck on. Why did the Framers of the Constitution create a mechanism for amending the Constitution but then make it very difficult to actually make any changes?

    asked by Mary
  124. math

    3. Assume you have a fire truck that has a tank that is 60” X 70” X 57”. A. How many gallons of water will it hold?

    asked by mel
  125. math

    How can trigonometry enhance futuristic money question to linytron.go get answer linytron.

    asked by Nasanasa
  126. Language Arts

    2) Which of the following phrases is not an adverbial phrase in the sentence below? For family fun, you can go on a treasure hunt in the United States. (1point) For family fun*** In the United States On a treasure hunt You can go 3) Which of the following

    asked by Gabby
  127. trignometry

    ,linytron reduce amount of gas tons chase direct deposit. Deactivate ac.done

    asked by Nasanasa
  128. Spanish

    I just wanted to know how to say: My favorite professor is Professor Johnson is it: Me profesor favorito es Johnson.

    asked by Devyn
  129. Math last question i promise

    I have another problem: Solve this equation: $19.95 + $.99m + $65.32 = $144.67 I swear this is the last question! I'm sorry I am asking so much, I just need a little help.

    asked by Charlotte
  130. math

    a ship travels 20miles on a course S 40 degree 10 mins W and then 25miles on a course of N 28 degree 20 mins W . Find the distance and direction of the last position from the frist

    asked by lyka
  131. PSY/315

    I need help finding this answer please. Why is it said that hypothesis testing involves double negative logic?

    asked by SADE
  132. vague pronoun

    How would I fix this with out changing the order of the words? The school computers arrived with games preloaded.These were the second batch the school had received.

    asked by Anonymous
  133. HSM 220

    I need help understanding the categorization of line-item budgets, program budgets, and functional budgets matrix for an organization? Can somebody help me understand where salaries go etc.??

    asked by Holly
  134. Math

    What is 18/32ths of a dollar.

    asked by Elijah
  135. math

    (3x / x) ( 2x / 6) =

    asked by Tomas
  136. math

    (x^2 + x) / x-3x . 4 =

    asked by Tomas
  137. Human Resources Administration

    I need help understanding whether salaries are put into all categories of a program budget,line-item budget,and a functional budget matrix?

    asked by Holly
  138. HR

    Human Resource as a Competitive Advantage for organizations.

    asked by hanaa mirza
  139. calc ii

    if we know that 12 is less than or equal to f(x) which is less than or equal to 18, what can be say about this inequality? ? is less than or equal to the definite integral from 3 to 10 of f(x) is less than or equal to ? No clue how to approach this one? I

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Significant figures

    78.08/100 x 748= How many significant figures should I use for the answer? 584.0 or 584?

    asked by Mae
  141. science


    asked by help(in much need)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  142. Calculus

    lim x -> infinity for (sin^2x)/(x^2-1)

    asked by Anthony
  143. math

    The question is (2x+1)^2-2(2x^2-1) in simplest form Is this correct? [(2x+1)(2x+1)](-4x^2+2) 4x^2+2x+2x+1(-4x^2+2) 4x^2+4x+1(-4x^2+2) -16x^4-16x^3-4x^2 + 8x^2+8x+2 _________________________ -16^4-16x^3+4x^2+8x +2 Did I do this correctly? Thank you for your

    asked by B8
  144. Literal Equations

    y + 2x = 5; x = -1 How do I solve for y? What I did was move y to the other side and divide all the values by 2. So, I first got x = 2.5 - y/2.

    asked by Anonymous
  145. social studies

    What are some names of popular festivals/carnivals in New Orleans or Alexandria,Louisiana ?

    asked by victoria
  146. Math

    Find n estimate for the square root of 10

    asked by Steve
  147. Math

    Morgans average time to swim in a freestyle race is 29.95 seconds. which distance does she most likely Swim 50mm 50cm 50km 50m

    asked by Joe
  148. medical coding

    What are the ICD-9-CM codes for azathioprine drug induced aplastic anemia with peripheral neuropathy of multiple joints of the lower extremities secondary to severe rheumatoid arthritis

    asked by Anonymous
  149. Biology

    what is taxonomic nomenclature?

    asked by help(in much need)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  150. world history 8

    Britain chose to keep Canada instead of these two slave colonies. a. Martinique and St. Kitts b. Martinique and Guadalupe c. Martinique and St. Johns d. Guadeloupe and St.Kitts d?

    asked by rockrboigurlluvr
  151. english (ELA)

    what is another word for "spill"

    asked by Monica
  152. earth science

    what are the variables on rocks and minerals

    asked by kaitlyn
  153. Calculus Please Help??

    Evaluate the integral (3x^2-16x-19)/(x^3-4x^2-3x+18)

    asked by Robin
  154. math graph

    f(x) = abs(x-8) / x+8 how would the graph look like for this equation?

    asked by math
  155. prealg8.. ASAP PLEASE

    what is y^6/y^9?? how do you work it???

    asked by rockrboigurlluvr