Questions Asked on
September 22, 2013

  1. Spanish

    I need to make each statement into a question using the interrogative words. Can someone revise the questions Adónde Cuándo Cuántos De dónde Dónde Por qué Qué Quién ¿ Dónde caminan Paco y Rosa? Paco y Rosa caminan a la biblioteca. ¿ De dónde el

    asked by Elizabeth
  2. Science/ Chemistry

    When 0.422 g of phosphorus is burned, 0.967 g of a white oxide (a compound of phosphorus and oxygen) is obtained. a. Determine the empirical formula of the oxide. So for the empirical Formula I got P_2O_5 now it wants me to Write a balanced equation for

    asked by James
  3. Math/Piecewise functions

    Write a piecewise definition for the tax due T(x) on an income of x dollars When x

    asked by Ally
  4. Chemistry

    Which of the following metals or nonmetals are expected to displace Mn or Cl (respectively) from MnCl2? 1. Ca should displace Mn. 2. Br should displace Cl. 3. Cu should displace Mn. 4. I should displace Cl.

    asked by John
  5. Chemistry

    Acetylsalicylic acid (C9H8O4) is a monoprotic acid commonly known as "aspirin." A typical aspirin tablet, however, contains only a small amount of the acid. In an experiment to determine its composition, an aspirin tablet was crushed and dissolved in

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Chemistry

    A sample of impure magnesium was analyzed by allowing it to react with excess HCl solution: Mg(s) + 2 HCl(aq) → MgCl2(aq) + H2(g) After 1.27 g of the impure metal was treated with 0.100 L of 0.768 M HCl, 0.0125 mol HCl remained. Assuming the impurities

    asked by James
  7. Chemistry

    The combustion of ethane (C2H6) produces carbon dioxide and steam: 2C2H6+702 yields 4CO2 +6H2O How many moles of CO2 are produced when 5.30 mol of ethane are burned in an excess of oxygen?

    asked by Mary
  8. Physics

    If an automobile had a 100%-efficient engine, transferring all of the fuel’s energy to work, would the engine be warm to your touch? Would its exhaust heat the surrounding air? Would it make any noise? Would it vibrate? Would any of its fuel go unused?

    asked by Miss Angie
  9. physics

    The flywheel of a steam engine begins to rotate from rest with a constant angular acceleration of 1.45 rad/s2. It accelerates for 29.5 s, then maintains a constant angular velocity. Calculate the total angle through which the wheel has turned 63.7 s after

    asked by Sue
  10. Science

    A ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a cliff 20m high. If the initial horizontal velocity is 8.0m/s,find how long it takes to reach the horizontal plane at the foot of the cliff.

    asked by Abigail
  11. Chemistry

    In four of the following groups, the three substances are either all strong electrolytes, all weak electrolytes, or all nonelectrolytes. Which group has one member which is NOT like the others in the group? 1. NaCl; Ca(OH)2; HNO3 2. BaCl2; NaNO3; HF 3. O2;

    asked by Claire :)
  12. Physics

    A car rounds a curve with a radius of 25 m at a speed 30 m/s. What is the centripetal acceleration of the car?

    asked by Alison
  13. physics

    In attempting to jump up a waterfall, a salmon leaves the water 2.0 m from the base of the waterfall. With what minimum speed must it leave the water in order just to make it up a waterfall 1.6 m high?

    asked by Q
  14. 8th Grade Math

    Write an equation and show all work. The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 111. What is the smallest of the three numbers? (I don't understand the question >.

    asked by Cassidy
  15. Bio/Math

    A population of glasswing butterflies exhibits logistic growth. The carrying capacity of the population is 200 butterflies, and rmax, the maximum per capita growth rate, of the population is 0.10 butterflies/(butterflies*month). Calculate the maximum

    asked by Anon
  16. Physics

    An archer stands a horizontal distance d= 55 m away from a tree sees an apple hanging from the tree at h= 12 m above the ground. The archer chooses an arrow and prepares to shoot. The arrow is initially 1.5 m above the ground. Just as the archer shoots the

    asked by ss01
  17. Physics

    A person initially at rest throws a ball upward at an angle θ0= 75 ∘ with an initial speed v0=15 m/s . He tries to catch up to the ball by accelerating with a constant acceleration a for a time interval of 1.03 s and then continues to run at a constant

    asked by ss01
  18. Chemistry

    calculate q , w , and ∆ E for melting 1.00 mol of ice at 0 ◦ C and 1.00 atm pressure

    asked by C
  19. chemistry

    Use Henry's law to determine the molar solubility of helium at a pressure of 1.2atm and 25 ∘C. Express your answer using two significant figures.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    Eric is putting together alien toys called zerg and Borges for the display window in a toy store. He has a box of alien body parts that contains 45 heads and 55 feet. Each zerg must have one head and three feet.each Borg must have four heads and two feet.

    asked by Susan
  21. Types of Business Writing

    Assigment: write a business letter according to the background. Background:Assume that you’ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human

    asked by Diana
  22. chemistry

    what is the name of reaction for 3C2H2--> C6H6?

    asked by hi
  23. physics

    A novice golfer on the green takes three strokes to sink the ball. The successive displacements of the ball are d1 = 4.06 m to the north, d2 = 2.05 m northeast, and d3 = 1.15 m at 30.0° west of south (see the figure). Starting at the same initial point,

    asked by ANGIE
  24. Physics

    A plane is flying horizontally at a speed of 290m/s. He drops a package (ignoring air resistance). A)If it take 15s for the package to hit the ground, how high above is the plane? B) How far (horizontally) before the island should Steven drop the package?

    asked by Jason
  25. Psychology

    Preschoolers do not use private speech to A) communicate with those around them B) decide what to do C) explain events to themselves D) review what they know Is the answer A?

    asked by Lisa
  26. Fluid Mechanics

    Oil (sp. gr.= 0.8) flows smoothly through the circular reducing section shown at 3 ft^3/s. If the entering and leaving velocity profiles are uniform, estimate the force which must be applied to the reducer to hold it in place. When Fluid is entering the

    asked by Katy
  27. Chemistry

    When calcium carbonate is added to hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, carbon dioxide, and water are produced. CaCO3 +2HCl yields CaCl2 +H2O +CO2 How many grams of calcium chloride will be produced when 29.0 g of calcium carbonate are combined with 13.0 g

    asked by Lori
  28. physics

    A current flows in a wire of circular cross-section with the free electrons travelling with a mean drift velocity v. If an equal current flows in a wire of the same material but of twice the radius,what is the new mean drift velocity (a)v/4(b)v/2(c)2v(d)4v

    asked by physics
  29. physics

    Two objects of equal mass are on a turning wheel. Mass 1 is located at the rim of the wheel while mass 2 is located halfway between the rim and the axis of rotation. The wheel is rotating with a non-zero angular acceleration. For each of the following

    asked by Sue
  30. math

    Dave wants to make a stone walkway. The rectangular walkway is 4 feet wide and 4 feet long. Each 2 foot by 2 foot stone covers an area of 4 square feet. How many stones will Dave need to make his walkway?

    asked by abb
  31. chem

    A lead atom has a mass of 3.4⋅10^-22 g. How many lead atoms are in a cube of lead that has a volume of 2.07 cm^3 if the density of lead is 11.3 g/cm^3?

    asked by Antony
  32. Chemistry

    A vessel containing 39.5 cm3 of helium gas at 25°C and 106 kPa was inverted and placed in cold ethanol. As the gas contracted, ethanol was forced into the vessel to maintain the same pressure of helium. If this required 18.8 cm3 of ethanol, what was the

    asked by Hannah
  33. physics

    A rod 14.0 cm long is uniformly charged and has a total charge of -20.0 µC. Determine the magnitude and direction of the electric field along the axis of the rod at a point 36.0 cm from its center. N/C

    asked by suhani
  34. government

    Both Greek and Enlightenment philosophers believed that humans __________.

    asked by tyiana
  35. Physical Chemistry

    Integrate the expression β = 1/V (δV / δT) at constant pressure, assuming that β is independent of temperature. By doing so, obtain an expression for V as a function of T and β at constant P.

    asked by Brittney
  36. Math

    A spherical balloon is being inflated. Estimate the rate at which its surface area is changing with respect to the radius when the radius measures 20 cm.

    asked by Lala
  37. Brain Teaser Help

    C o m i c the ears wet eyebrows chicken right=right ieieceiie a l u m i n u m pa r tici ple

    asked by Joe
  38. Physics

    Assume that the maximum aperture of the human eye, D, is approximately 8 mm and the average wavelength of visible light, λ, is 5.5 x 10-4 mm. a. Calculate the diffraction limit of the human eye in visible light. D = 8 mm = 0.008 m λ = 5.5 x 10-4 mm = 5.5

    asked by vv
  39. Chemistry

    The half life of U238 is 4.5 x 10^9 yr. A sample of rock of 1.6 g produces 29 dis/sec. Assuming all radioactivity is due to U238 find percent by mass of U 238. I have tried ln(t)/ln(0)= -kt and still cannot get the answer What I get is A) 4.5x10^9

    asked by Nancy
  40. physical

    Water flow along horizanta pipe at cross sectional area 48cm which has a constriction at cross sectional area 12cm at one place if the speed at the water at the constriction point is 4m/s calculate the speep at the wide section

    asked by Anonymous
  41. physics

    The half-life of a certain radioactive isotope is 32 hours.What fraction of the sample would remain after 16 hours?(a)0.50(b)0.25(c)0.62(d)0.71

    asked by john
  42. College physics

    If you throw a ball horizontally while standing on a skateboard, you roll backward with a momentum that matches that of the ball. Will you roll backward if you hold onto the ball while going through the motions of throwing it? Explain in terms of momentum

    asked by Miss Angie
  43. Physics

    A person, standing on a vertical cliff a height h above a lake, wants to jump into the lake but notices a rock just at the surface level with its furthest edge a distance s from the bottom of the cliff. The person realizes that with a running start it will

    asked by ss01
  44. chemistry

    Table salt, NaCl(s), and sugar, C12H22O11(s), are accidentally mixed. A 4.00-g sample is burned, and 3.30 g of CO2(g) is produced. What was the mass percentage of the table salt in the mixture?

    asked by Jessica
  45. Algebra (Work Problem)

    Susan's backyard has three faucets: A, B and C. If she turns on all three of them, it takes 380 minutes to fill the pool. If she turns on only A and B, it takes 570 minutes, and if she turns on only B and C, it takes 760 minutes. If she turns on only A and

    asked by Ruth
  46. Physics

    A certain type of ideal gas at pressure p0 is contained in a plugged flask of volume V initially at temperature T1. The environmental pressure remains constant p0. (A) As the flask is heated up to temperature T2, the plug pops out. What is the pressure p2

    asked by Anon.
  47. maths

    what is the cost of spraying insecticide on a field measuring 2000m by 3200m if the cost is $22 per hectare.

    asked by leena
  48. Chemistry

    Provide the products for this reaction: CH3O- +CH3SH -> ????

    asked by Anon.
  49. physics

    You plan to throw stones by using a sling of length 1.8 m which you whirl over your head. Suppose you wish to throw a stone a distance of 22 m. What must be the centripetal acceleration of the stone just before its release if it is to reach this distance?

    asked by Sue
  50. physics

    Two cars, A and B, are traveling in the same direction, although car A is 204 m behind car B. The speed of A is 22.9 m/s, and the speed of B is 18.6 m/s. How much time does it take for A to catch B?

    asked by help please
  51. Math

    Old McDonald has cows and chickens on his farm. If the animals on his farm have a total of 197 heads and 634 legs, how many cows does Old McDonald have? Note: A cow has 1 head and 4 legs. A chicken has 1 head and 2 legs.

    asked by Prince
  52. Physics

    When a cannon with a longer barrel is fired, the force of expanding gases acts on the cannonball for a longer distance. What effect does this have on the velocity of the emerging cannonball? (Do you see why long-range cannons have such long barrels?)

    asked by Miss Angie
  53. physics

    A swimmer can swim in still water at a speed of 9.42 m/s. He intends to swim directly across a river that has a downstream current of 3.04 m/s.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Statistics

    Find the variance for the set of data: 24, 31, 16, 22,22.

    asked by Marvin
  55. Physics

    Show that 480 W of power is expended by a weightlifter when lifting a 60-kg barbell a vertical distance of 1.2 m in a time interval of 1.5 s.

    asked by Miss Angie
  56. Math - Compounding

    Find the value of $15,000 at the end of one year if it is invested in an account that has an interest rate of 4.50% and is compounded: a) monthly b) daily (assuming a 365-day year) c) quarterly What is the formula that should be used for these 3? I just

    asked by Ally
  57. Physics

    A person is a playing a game that requires throwing an object onto a ledge. The ledge is a distance d and a height d/2 above the release point. You may neglect air resistance. You may use g for the magnitude of the gravitational acceleration (i.e.

    asked by ss01
  58. organic chem

    name all the isomers for c5h10br2

    asked by lisa
  59. Physics

    A rifle that has been "sighted in" for a 94.6-meter target. If the muzzle speed of the bullet is v0 = 429 m/s, what are the two possible angles è1 and è2 between the rifle barrel and the horizontal such that the bullet will hit the target? One of these

    asked by help please

    From the window of a building, a ball is tossed from a height y0 above the ground with an initial velocity of 8.20 m/s and angle of 23.0° below the horizontal. It strikes the ground 6.00 s later. (a) If the base of the building is taken to be the origin

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Economics

    A person is willing to pay $50 per visit for physical therapy, but she pays $35 per visit. This person receives a consumer surplus of $85 per visit.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. physics

    After a day of testing race cars, you decide to take your own 1570 kg car onto the test track. While moving down the track at 10.0 m/s, you uniformly accelerate to 34.0 m/s in 10 s. What is the average net force that you have applied to the car during the

    asked by Anonymous
  63. physics

    After a day of testing race cars, you decide to take your own 1570 kg car onto the test track. While moving down the track at 10.0 m/s, you uniformly accelerate to 34.0 m/s in 10 s. What is the average net force that you have applied to the car during the

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Chemistry

    If aqueous hydrofluoric acid is reacted with sodium hydroxide, which of the following substances are in the net ionic equation? 1. hydrofluoric acid, hydroxide ion, hydronium ion, fluoride ion, and water 2. hydrofluoric acid, sodium ion, hydroxide ion,

    asked by Adam
  65. Chemistry

    Calculate the cohesive energy of potassium iodide (KI). The ionic radii of K+ and I−, are 152 pm and 206 pm, respectively. Assume the Born exponent n is 10. Assume a Madelung constant of 1.7. Please report your answer in kJ/mol.

    asked by walter white
  66. ap world history

    how did wheat impact the Americas?

    asked by lena

    Two protons in a molecule are 3.80 multiplied by 10-10 m apart. Find the electrical force exerted by one proton on the other. Magnitude N (b) State how the magnitude of this force compares with the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by one proton

    asked by suhani
  68. physics

    A .436 kg mass is attached to a spring and executes simple harmonic motion with a period of .19s. The total energy of the system is 4.6 J. find force constant of the spring. Answer in units of N/m

    asked by Anonymous
  69. physics

    A daredevil is dead set on jumping the Grand Canyon at its narrowest point (180 meters across). He has set up a ramp at 25 degrees and the ramp's release point is 20 meters above the rim of the canyon. He claims that his bike will be going 40m/s by the

    asked by Marty
  70. math

    Simplify and combine the like terms: 2f + 7g - 6 + 8g

    asked by needhelp
  71. Math

    Steve mcspoke left home on his bike traveling at 18km/hr. Steve's brother set out 2 hours later , following the same route, TRAVELING 54 per hour. How long did brother have to travel to catch up with Steve?

    asked by Kelly
  72. Math

    1. the points A (3,5) and B (6,2) are reflected over the y-axis. find the area of the figure formed by joining the points. 2. Liza wants tostart a small business of making souvenir items for sale. the fixed cost is 1200.00. the cost of making each souvenir

    asked by Yana
  73. Math

    1. Suppose a and b are integers, and the absolute value of a is > than the absolute value of b. Must a be greater than b? Use examples to support your answer. 2. Do decimals have opposites? Explain. 3. For what values of x does the absolute value of x

    asked by Calla
  74. Algebra

    On a hot summer day, Sunny bought 18 ice creams for her team members. Some were $7 each, and the others were $10 each. If she paid $165 in total, how many $7 ice creams did she buy?

    asked by Glen
  75. Physics

    A train has a mass of 5.27E+6 kg and is moving at 53.9 km/hr. The engineer applies the brakes, which results in a net backward force of 1.30E+6 N on the train. The brakes are held on for 25.6 s. What is the new speed of the train? How far does it travel

    asked by Kimmy
  76. Statistics

    Which of the following is not a source of caution in regression analysis between two variables? A) non-linear form. B) linear form. C) a lurking variable. D) an outlier. E) extrapolation. E?

    asked by Jeremy
  77. Vocabulary Studies

    Imagine that you are standing on the beach in the picture. Write a paragraph of at least 5 complete sentences using imagery to describe your imagined experience. Use at least 3 examples of language that appeals to your 5 senses: taste, touch, hearing,

    asked by Andrew
  78. Math

    Two cars run at constant speeds around a one-mile racetrack. If the cars circle the track in the same direction, the faster car passes the slower car every 10 minutes. If the cars circle the track in opposite directions, the cars meet every 30 seconds.

    asked by Raz
  79. physics

    While taking a rest on a tree branch, a daring cowboy sees a wild horse running towards the tree he was on. he wants to land on the horses back when it passes under the tree. if the horse is running at a constant velocity of about 2 m/s and the vertical

    asked by JT
  80. English

    1. He observes keenly, but says little. 2. He watches keenly, but says little. 3. He looks keenly, but says little. 4. He notices keenly, but says little. (Are they all the same? What is the similar sentence to Sentence 1?)

    asked by rfvv
  81. Math

    It is a 7-digit number It has a digit 0. The greatest digit is in the hundred thousands place. The value of the digit 1 is 1,000,000. The digit 6 stands for 6,000. The value of the digit 5 is 5 ones. The digit 8 has a value greater than 700 but less than

    asked by Marsha
  82. history/politics

    what was the federalist v Democratic-Republicans.. Ie. Alexander Hamilton assumed leadership of Federalist cause and Thomas Jefferson assumed it as Democratic-Republican

    asked by Blaze
  83. language arts

    What would a flow map look like on the book The Hunger Games?

    asked by Jaime
  84. Physics

    Place a small rubber ball on top of a basketball or soccer ball and then drop them together. If vertical alignment nicely remains as they fall to the floor, you’ll see that the small ball bounces unusually high. Can you reconcile this with energy

    asked by Miss Angie
  85. college physics

    a) Two protons in a molecule are 3.80 multiplied by 10-10 m apart. Find the electrical force exerted by one proton on the other. Magnitude N (b) State how the magnitude of this force compares with the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by one

    asked by vishal
  86. Algebra

    An average American spends 30 minutes a day waiting in a line. They also drive for 5/3 hours, eat for 5 quarters of an hour, and talk on the phone for 83 minutes every day. If they spend 1/x of their lifetime on waiting in a line, driving, eating, or

    asked by Glen
  87. Math

    A candle has length 25 cm. Once lit, the candle burns away at a constant rate of 0.6 cm per minute. What is the length of the candle (in cm) 20 minutes after it is lit?

    asked by Andre
  88. Physics need help now

    A daredevil is dead set on jumping the Grand Canyon at its narrowest point (180 meters across). He has set up a ramp at 25 degrees and the ramp's release point is 20 meters above the rim of the canyon. He claims that his bike will be going 40m/s by the

    asked by Marty
  89. English 9R

    connect your poem to something in the world, i.e. a song, film, current event, etc. Play the song or just mention the connection to the class. Have the students guess why this relates to your poem. My group and I read "The Eagle" by Alfred Lord Tennyson

    asked by Laruen
  90. maths

    find the speed of a point on the rim of a 24-cm diameter fly -wheel which is tuning at 2800 revolutions per minute. give your answer in meters per second.

    asked by leena
  91. 8th G-Math

    Write an equation and show all work. One Monday, 405 students went on a trip to the zoo. All 7 buses were filled and 6 students had to travel in cars. How many students were in each bus? (My teacher taught the class but no one even understand, can you

    asked by Cassidy
  92. Algebra 1

    1.) 28 - 0.3 = 0.7 - 12 2.) 3c -4c + 1 = 5c + 2 + 3

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    Can someone help me with this question as in don't give me the answer but help me how to start it! I've been stuck on this question for the past 20 min trying different ways. Thanks In 2010, only 700 mountain gorillas remained in the world. Of these, about

    asked by Lilly
  94. Math

    It is a 6 dagit number. The least digit is in the thousands place. The greatest digit is in the ones place. The digit in the tens place is 5 less than the digit in the ones place. The digit in the hundred thousands place is greater than the digit in the

    asked by Marsha
  95. Algebra

    Each day, a lion in South Africa spends 1/6 of the day watching gnus and 1/4 hours chasing gnus. Then the lion takes 4 times as much time consuming the gnus as chasing the gnus. What is the number of minutes that a lion spends a day watching, chasing and

    asked by Prince
  96. Physics

    Two blocks (M1 = 2.57 kg and M2 = 6.71 kg) are in contact on a frictionless, horizontal tabletop. An external force, $\vec{F}$, is applied to block 1, and the two blocks are moving with a constant acceleration of 2.59 m/s2. What is the contact force

    asked by Lyra
  97. Physics

    Which of the following surfaces has the largest amount of static friction against your skin? Which one has the highest coefficient of static friction against your skin? Select one: a. sandpaper b. ice c. wax paper d. A Teflon coated sheet.

    asked by Kelsey
  98. physics

    A certain truck can slow at a maximum rate of 4.6 m/s2 in an emergency. When traveling in this truck at a constant speed of 19 m/s the driver spots a large hole in the road 48.2 m in from of his position. The truck continues moving forward at a constant

    asked by lanaaaaaa
  99. Chemistry

    What volume of 0.01 M NaOH should be required to raise the pH of a litre of 25 mM H2SO4 to 4.0? I started out by attempting to find the initial pH of H2SO4 and determined I need 2.57 units of pH to raise it to 4. I know that somewhere I use the HH

    asked by Sara
  100. Math

    Linda has a total of 225 on 3 tests. The sum of the scores on the first and second tests exceeds her third score by 61. Her first test exceeds her second by 6 points. Find Linda's 3 test scores.

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Criminal Justice

    The Supreme Court has ruled that prosecutors cannot be subject to civil suits against them: A even in cases of egregious rulebreaking B unless the case is later overturned C because trial judges are always on the prosecutors side D because it is important

    asked by Debra
  102. Chemistry

    Why does aniline turn brown upon standing? Does it also turn brown upon heating?

    asked by John
  103. maths

    Simplify 3*3 to the power root 40 - 4* 3 to the power root 320 - 5 to the power root 5?

    asked by tuhituhi
  104. Chemistry

    What is the energy of a bond formed between a potassium (K+) cation and an iodide (I−) anion? The ionic radii of K+ and I−, are 152 pm and 206 pm, respectively. Assume the Born exponent n is 10. Please report your answer in joules.

    asked by walter white
  105. Chemistry

    What is the energy of a bond formed between a potassium (K+) cation and an iodide (I−) anion? The ionic radii of K+ and I−, are 152 pm and 206 pm, respectively. Assume the Born exponent n is 10. Please report your answer in joules.

    asked by walter white
  106. physics

    A proton with speed v perpendicular to a magnetic field B is experiencing a force F.If the speed of the proton is doubled,the new force is (a)F/2(b)F(c)2F(d)4F

    asked by Roy
  107. Math

    I need some help on this problem: Describe the difference between an open equation and a closed equation. My textbook says that an open equation is one which has a variable, although it never mentions the term closed equation. I tried looking online for

    asked by Anonymous
  108. physics

    A spectral line is emitted when an atom undergoes tranisition between two levels with a difference in energy of 2.4eV.What is the wavelength of the line (a)287nm(b)507angstrome units()377angstrome units(d)518nm

    asked by physics
  109. English

    What are 2 purposes of the exposition of The Most Dangerous Game?

    asked by Anthony
  110. physics

    A puck is moving on an air hockey table. Relative to an x, y coordinate system at time t = 0 s, the x components of the puck's initial velocity and acceleration are v0x = +2.5 m/s and ax = +5.2 m/s2. The y components of the puck's initial velocity and

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Chemistry

    How many sulfate ions are there in 2.500 mL of 5.0 x 10-15 moles of Cr2(SO4)3?

    asked by Zac
  112. Quantum Computing

    In this problem, we will carry out some steps of the quantum factoring algorithm for N=21. (a) What is the period k of the periodic superposition set up by the quantum factoring algorithm if it chooses x=2? In other words, what is the period of f(j)=2^j

    asked by imath
  113. physics

    An ambulance car is going with a speed of 60 km/h, while a car is trying to go around it in a circle with a speed 50 km/h. If the sound that ambulance car emits has a frequency of 1 kHz, which frequency does the driver of the car hear in Hz when the

    asked by aron
  114. story elements

    what is the word for The lesson of a story should start with a T and is 5 letters long

    asked by Jim
  115. Physics

    Show that 90 J of work is needed to increase the speed of a 20-kg cart by 3 m/s. Power = work done time interval= W t

    asked by Miss Angie
  116. Physiology

    How does semiconservative relates to DNA replication?

    asked by Sam
  117. physics

    Two stones are thrown simultaneously, one straight upward from the base of a cliff and the other straight downward from the top of the cliff. The height of the cliff is 5.16 m. The stones are thrown with the same speed of 8.67 m/s. Find the location (above

    asked by I need help soon!!
  118. Chemistry

    Please Explain! I don't understand how the answer is B. Which ionization requires the most energy? A. Na--> Na superscript + plus one electron B. Na superscript + -----> Na superscript 2+ plus one electron C. Mg---> Mg superscript + plus one electron D. Mg

    asked by Anonymous
  119. algebra

    a teacher reported 1/5 made A's, 1/4 made B, 1/3 made C's, 1/6 made D's, and 12 made F's How many are in the class Let X = the number of students 57/60 + 12 -------

    asked by confused
  120. Math - Algebra (Dry Mix)

    A candy store sells almonds for $18 per kilogram and peanuts for $8 per kilogram. If it sells 20 kilograms of mixed nuts for $10 per kilogram, how many kilograms of almonds are in the mixed nuts?

    asked by Raz
  121. Math

    what value of m will make 4x-7y=5 and 9x+my=3 parallel? a car leaves town A at 10:00 a.m. and travels at a constant speed of 40 kph towards a town B. After 30 minutes, a bus leaves town A and travels towards town B at a constant speed of 56 kph. at what

    asked by Riza
  122. Math

    At a butcher shop, 1 pound of beef and 2 pounds of chicken costs 859 cents. 1 pound of beef and 2 pounds of duck costs 951 cents. What is the total cost of 1 pound of beef, 1 pound of chicken, and 1 pound of duck (in cents)?

    asked by Raz
  123. maths

    the probabilities of a boy passing English and Mathematics tests are x and y. What is the probability of failing both tests(a)1-(x-y)+xy(b)1-(x+y)-xy(c)1-(x+y)+xy(d)1-(x-y)-xy

    asked by Dave
  124. Calculus

    Find the limit. lim x→1 x^4-5x^3+7x^2-6x+3 / x-1

    asked by tony
  125. english

    Scuttles across the sand, the crab disappeared into the surf. correct way to write the derivative scuttle as sscuttles

    asked by jim
  126. Math

    5 times the least of three consecutive odd numbers is 35 more than twice the sum of the greater two. What is the sum of the three consecutive odd numbers?

    asked by Shaun
  127. ap world history

    which region of the world benefited more from the columbian exchange?

    asked by lena
  128. algebra

    (35) I need to determine equation of g(x) that results from translating function f(x) = x^2 + 3 and upward 7 units please help me by showing steps thank you

    asked by Alaska Diamond
  129. Chinese

    i cant find a site for mandarin lesson, and also a dictionary(mobile). may you suggest some site teaching mandarin. xiexie. :)

    asked by Yana
  130. Discrete Mathematics

    Determine whether the given argument is valid: If Socrates was a philosopher, then he wasn’t a historian. Socrates was a historian. So Socrates was not a philosopher.

    asked by Rita
  131. ACC


    asked by LIN
  132. math

    Some buildings are shown to have 3 blocks between each tower. If the builder continues this pattern how many blocks high will the tower be in building 100?

    asked by smoak
  133. FIN 370

    1. (defining capital structure weights) templeton extended care facilities, inc. is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $340 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, templeton’s management has determined that

    asked by chris
  134. Math

    Nico squared some numbers and got these answers.Determine each number she squared, Explain your reasoning. a)49 (its 7)i know this one 7 X 7=49 b)1225 c)30 d)72 e)169 f)625 please help, it'll mean alot! :)

    asked by Saru
  135. english

    1. The teacher issued a warning to all (procrastinate) that friday would be the last chance to turn in papers. 2.The principal announced that (commence) would take place on june 16 3.(Scuttle) across the sand, the crab disappeared into the surf. 4.Will

    asked by someone
  136. biology

    I need to know how egg whites would react when tested in iodine and Benedict's solution.

    asked by Em
  137. General Chem

    So for Chem we have to answer a question asking why graphing is a more accurate method for measuring density than manually calculating the density. I originally thought that manually calculating was better, but my teacher told me that I would have to back

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Biology

    Suppose 1.00 ml of blood from a given donor contained 5 X 106 red blood cells and the donor’s hematocrit were 48%. Determine the surface area that the lipids extracted from the plasma membranes of red blood cells obtained from 10.0 ml blood would occupy

    asked by Cristian
  139. A Curious Question

    How much schoolwork must you complete to graduate high school in approximately two years?

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Science: bibliography cards

    For science projects, im doing now my bibliography cards. On encyclopedias, can it be internet encyclopedias only? or it has to be a book kind?

    asked by Losa
  141. world lit

    A comprehensive defense! More effective, perhaps, If I knew its purpose. Come: what is it? Explain it?

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Algebra

    5 times the least of three consecutive odd numbers is 35 more than twice the sum of the greater two. What is the sum of the three consecutive odd numbers?

    asked by Shaun
  143. question

    is it better to take physics or chemistry if taking both whats better to take 1st in sophomore year better to take ap statistics or precalculas for becoming an architect

    asked by jim
  144. PHYSICS

    In the Bohr theory of the hydrogen atom, an electron moves in a circular orbit about a proton, where the radius of the orbit is approximately 0.542 multiplied by 10-10 m. (The actual value is 0.529 multiplied by 10-10 m.) (a) Find the electric force

    asked by suhani
  145. Math

    Rod and John ride their bikes in opposite directions. Rod ride 5 miles an hour faster than john. After 2 hours, they are 70 miles apart. How fast is john biking?

    asked by Kelly
  146. physics

    You visit a planet that turns on its axis once every 24 hours. The radius of the planet at its equator is 7.12×106 meters. Calculate your tangential speed, if you were standing on the equator of this planet.

    asked by Sue
  147. social studies

    which characteristics is geography reflected in the similarities between the Acadians of anova Scotia and the Cajuns of Louisiana ? a) movement b) location c) place d) adaption

    asked by isabella
  148. Physics

    Your velocity changes from 50 m/s to the left to 10 m/a to the right in 15s, what is your average acceleration?

    asked by Katlin
  149. science

    a car eneters a freeway with a speed of 6.7 m\s and accelerates uniformly for 3.0 I 3.8 min . how fas the car moving after this time?

    asked by Monique
  150. Math

    In the expression A(x+5)+2(−Bx+2), the coefficient of x is 17 and the constant term is 219. What is the value of A−B?

    asked by Shaun
  151. Calculus

    Give an appropriate answer. Let lim x→6 f(x)=81. Find lim x→6 4^√f(x).

    asked by tony
  152. homework

    A ball is rolled down a hill with an initial velocity of 4.2m/s. How did it roll in 11.6s if it accelerates at 2.3m/s2

    asked by jessica sangez
  153. maths

    factorise ? a(a+b)^2 - 2ab(a+b)

    asked by tuhituhi
  154. maths

    If four coins are flipped in succession,then the number of possible outcomes is(a)8(b)12(c)16(d)14

    asked by Roy
  155. Math

    In the expression A(x+5)+2(−Bx+2), the coefficient of x is 17 and the constant term is 219. What is the value of A−B?

    asked by Shaun
  156. English

    Are you supposed to underline publication titles?

    asked by Anonymous
  157. vocab

    What is the problem of a short story

    asked by Jim
  158. math

    Please help. round to the nearest penny [ hundredth] $10.13 x4.5

    asked by sam
  159. computer science

    The part of a presentation allows me to add character data is Frames. B. Animation C. Text Boxes D. Video Areas

    asked by Dallas
  160. AP Bio; PLEASE HELP!

    if a fish farmer wanted to harvest his fish so that it recovered at the maximum rate, where should the population be maintained? There is a graph number of weeks vs. numbers of fish. and A B C and D marked on the graph. How do I figure it out??

    asked by Anon
  161. English

    What is a fine point in a story?

    asked by Anonymous
  162. English

    Why did Jim often stay on the raft in Huckleberry Finn? Was it because people would catch him as a runaway slave?

    asked by Anonymous
  163. english honors

    How do you make a paragraph using allusion in them? it can be on any topic

    asked by Kassidy
  164. Please help :(!!

    Your velocity changes from 50 m/s to the left to 10 m/a to the right in 15s, what is your average acceleration?

    asked by Ash
  165. Chemistry- is this correct?

    34 meters/seconds = _____ mm/hour I know 1 m is 1000 mm and 60 seconds is 1 hour. So I got 2040000. Would the answer in scietnific notation and significant figures be 2.0 x 10^6 mm/hour?

    asked by Anonymous
  166. algebra

    (38) please help me figure this out. The multiple choice answers did not match the answer that I got. Select approx values of x that are solutions to f(x)=0 where f(x)=-7x^2 + 5x + 9 please show me steps

    asked by Alaska Diamond
  167. English

    What is the meaning of Ethics of Plagiarism?

    asked by Celine
  168. understanding child abuse

    warning signs for child neglect and abuse

    asked by sydna
  169. Math


    asked by Jenny
  170. Math - Functions

    r = -5x^2 + 73x Can someone show me the steps to complete the square for that equation? I don't really understand them.

    asked by Jess
  171. math

    so 1000 million is a billion and a 1000 billion is a trillion

    asked by ssss
  172. Chemistry Graphing

    So for Chem we have to answer a question asking why graphing is a more accurate method for measuring density than manually calculating the density. I originally thought that manually calculating was better, but my teacher told me that I would have to back

    asked by Anonymous
  173. 10th grade english honors

    i need help making up a story base on any topic using allusion in them

    asked by Kassidy
  174. Math

    What is squaring? Also how can you use squaring to estimate and to check answers? reply asap! ty

    asked by Please Help
  175. Discrete Mathematics

    Show that the square of an oddnumber is an odd number using a direct proof.

    asked by Anal
  176. Algebra 1

    1). 5 - (t + 3) = -1 + 2(t - 3)

    asked by Anonymous
  177. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  178. Math


    asked by Jenny
  179. math

    (b+15)/7=14 What is b?

    asked by Jenny
  180. Math

    (24-d)/16=19 WHat is d?

    asked by Jenny
  181. Math

    11-15f=24 What is f?

    asked by Jenny
  182. math

    you have a collection of 13 different toppings and you choose at least one. how many different combination are possible assuming no repeat toppings?

    asked by tina