Questions Asked on
August 26, 2013

  1. Physics !!

    1) A stone is dropped from the roof of a building; 2.00 s after that, a second stone is thrown straight down with an initial speed of 25 m/s and the two stones land at the same time. i) How long did it take the first stone to reach the ground? ii) How high

    asked by Xiang !
  2. math

    new york 1,250 feet tall 103 floors rounded to nearest whole what is the height of each floor?and show the steps

    asked by kahron
  3. Science Physics

    Calculate the time it takes for the voltage across the resistor to reach 11.0V after the switch is closed. the total resistance is 10.0kΩ , and the battery's emf is 27.0V . If the time constant is measured to be 34.0μs .

    asked by Ti
  4. Physic

    A plane progressive wave is represented by the equation: y= 0.1sin(200pi(t)-20pi/15(x)) where y is the displacement in metres, t is in seconds and x is the distance from a fixed origin O in metres. Find (i) the frequency of the wave, (ii) its wavelength

    asked by Johm
  5. Geography

    1.) Into which two hemispheres would an island at 50 degrees South, 60 degrees West be placed? Which of the five themes are reflected in your answer? 2.) How do the winds and the oceans distribute heat on the earth's surface? My answer: The motion od the

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Geography

    What might be the hazards of living near the Ring of Fire? Which of the five themes apply to this situation? My answer: The hazards of living near the Ring of Fire are frequent volcano eruptions and earthquakes. Region and human-environment interaction

    asked by Anonymous
  7. math

    Show me 4 hundreds, 6 ones, 17 tens, and 7 tenths

    asked by zion
  8. Chemisty

    How do I solve what is the mass of a 32.5 mL sample of ethanol if the density of ethanol is .789 g/mL. I know Mass = Density * Volume. So 32.5 mL * .789g/mL = the mass, but I don't know how to solve that.

    asked by Brenda
  9. physics

    (a) Two point charges totaling 8.50 µC exert a repulsive force of 0.100 N on one another when separated by 0.839 m. What is the charge on each? smallest charge (µC) largest charge (µC) (b) What is the charge on each if the force is attractive? smallest

    asked by Justin
  10. Economy

    The conversion of resources into consumer goods or services is called: 1. Human Capital 2. Production 3. Opportunity Cost 4. Absolute Advantage I believe the answer is either 2) Production or 4) Absolute Advantage. I looked up the term in the textbook but

    asked by C.P
  11. math

    the product of 1000 whole number is 1000, what is the largest possible value the sum of these numbers can have

    asked by julie
  12. Statistics

    I am respectfully requesting help with the following assignment. I am struggling in this chapter of statistics... Define the term sample? A) A sample is a numeric characteristic of a sample B) A sample is a numeric characteristic of a population C) A

    asked by Lisa
  13. chemistry

    determine the mass of CO2 produced when 51.2 g of CaO is reacted with 50.0 g of C according to the unbalanced equation CaO + C --------CaC2 =CO2

    asked by tyler
  14. Math factors

    Lareina understands factors, but sometime she has trouble finding all the factors of a number. Find all the factors of 110 to help her.

    asked by Adaija
  15. physics

    A circular coil with a radius of 25 cm has 20 turns. The coil is oriented perpendicularly to a magnetic field whose initial magnitude is 3.2 T. Suddenly, the magnetic field vanishes in 0.4 s. a. What is the initial magnetic flux in the coil? b. What is the

    asked by jim
  16. physics

    A rock is dropped into the Grand Canyon. It takes 18 seconds to hit the bottom. Calculate how deep the canyon is.

    asked by Terry
  17. English

    Which of the following sentences does not properly use a subordinating conjunction

    asked by Anonymous
  18. ACT Math

    Which of the following is equal to sin(270-x)? A. -tan(x) B. 1-tan(x) C. -cos(x) D. 1+cos(x) E. 1+sin(x)

    asked by Java
  19. Physics

    In a vacuum, two particles have charges of q1 and q2, where q1 = +3.8C. They are separated by a distance of 0.37 m, and particle 1 experiences an attractive force of 4.7 N. What is the value of q2, with its sign? Two spherical objects are separated by a

    asked by Liz
  20. algebra

    Find the number of decibels for the power of the sound given. Round to the nearest decibel. A rocket engine, 2.67 cross 10−5watts/cm2

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Biology

    You are testing a hypothesis that population density of a particular plant species influences the rate at which a pathogenic fungus infects the plant. Because the fungus causes visible scars on the leaves, you can easily determine whether a plant is

    asked by Anon
  22. math


    asked by Hunter
  23. Geography

    Why do the United States, Iceland, and Japan have geysers? My answer: The United States, Iceland, and Japan possess geysers because these countries are located near volcanic areas.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    Explain how a factor tree helps you identify the base number and possible exponents in an expression.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    When 6 gallons of gasoline are put into a car's tank, the indicator goes from 1/4 of a tank to 5/8. What is the total capacity of the gasoline tank?

    asked by Koffie
  26. chemistry

    in the reaction of magnesium metal with hydrochloric acid to produce magnesium chloride and hydrogen gas. If 4.59 mol of magnesium and 4.59 mol of hydrochloric acid are reacted, how many moles of magnesium chloride are produced ?

    asked by tyler
  27. Physics

    A hydrogen atom has a diameter of about 10.1 nm. Express this diameter in meters.

    asked by Amanda
  28. physics

    An army tank division leaves base and travels 30 miles at 30° S of W and then turns and travels 70 miles at 10° N of W. What is their total displacement from base at the end of the trip? the answer i got is 94.96, what did you get?

    asked by jack
  29. english 11

    The green and greasy alligators would not wrestle Steve unless they were given the chicken first.

    asked by mike granger
  30. home economics

    is the any welfare or subsidy payment that should be reviewed or added?

    asked by nobuhle
  31. Math ASAP

    Height: 10 inches Base Perimeter: 40 inches Lateral Surface Area: 400 square inches (^^^this is the total surface area of the sides) What is the Surface Area of the triangular prism? (the picture of the shape looks like a pentagon but the rectangle is much

    asked by Omar
  32. math plz help

    Task 2: Use the table to complete each part. a. Copy the table. Extend the table by writing expressions for y when x = 5, 6, and 7. b. Simplify each expression for y in the table from part (a). What pattern do you notice in the simplified expressions? c.

    asked by electroShark797
  33. Chemistry II

    Consider the following balanced chemical equation: 3(NH4)2CrO4 + 4Al + 24HCl --> 3CrCl2 + 6NH4Cl + 4AlCl3 + 12H2O. a) How many moles of HCl would be required for the reaction of 0.0123 moles Al? b) How many grams Al would be required for the reaction of

    asked by Rachel
  34. physics

    A 45.0 g ball of copper has a net charge of 1.5 µC. What fraction of the copper's electrons have been removed? (Each copper atom has 29 protons, and copper has an atomic mass of 63.5.)

    asked by Justin
  35. Instructions

    What does it mean to explain the passage's significance and literary device?

    asked by Emma
  36. business

    Question 17 of 20 0.0/ 5.0 Points Suppose that the income elasticity of demand for new clothes is positive. Other things being equal, which of the following statements is correct? A. New clothes are a normal good. B. There exists a positive relationship

    asked by tg
  37. Physics

    Displacement vector A points due east and has a magnitude of 2.26 km. Displacement vector B points due north and has a magnitude of 2.62 km. Displacement vector C points due west and has a magnitude of 2.6 km. Displacement vector D points due south and has

    asked by Sarah
  38. math

    1.8 + 7n = 9.5 - 4n

    asked by Hunter
  39. Math

    I am doing my math homework and I am confused. Please help solves these questions and tell me what operation I should use? Is it order of operation or? 1)simplify8x8-8x5+7 2)simplfiy5-6x10-16 3)simplify 4x(4+2)/(1+2)

    asked by Jackey
  40. Probablity

    Last semester, a certain professor gave 43 As out of 242 grades. If one of the professor's students from last semester were selected randomly, what is the probability that student received an A? (Assume that each student receives one grade.)

    asked by Patty
  41. Math Help Needed

    A riding-stable manager is planning a nutritional diet for 6 horses. The manager finds the table below in a guide about horse health. The cost of 1000 Calories of horse feed is $.15. What is the cost per day to feed the 6 horses? (Hint: First, try writing

    asked by electroShark797
  42. Geography

    How does the movement of tectonic plates shape the earth's surface?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. physics

    A spy stands on the sidewalk by an apartment building examining a foreign embassy across the street. The spy then climbs 30 m to the top the building and then slides 40 m along a wire at a 20° angle below right to reach a window on the embassy. What is

    asked by jack
  44. 8th Grade Math

    5/2t - t = 3 + 3/2t I'm having a hard time to solve this problem >.

    asked by Cassidy
  45. math

    Jim has 1/3 as many goldfish as Hannah. Hannah has 5 times as many goldfish as Ping. If Ping has 15 goldfish, how many goldfish does Jim have?

    asked by JJ
  46. algebra

    The Environmental Protection Agency set a standard of 50 parts per billion of lead in drinking water. A new standard was set that safe water contains less than 15 parts per billion. a) write each of these rates as fractions using positive powers of ten. b)

    asked by Alexandra
  47. Math ASAP

    Height: 10 inches Base Perimeter: 40 inches Lateral Surface Area: 400 square inches (^^^this is the total surface area of the sides) What is the Surface Area of the triangular prism?

    asked by Omar
  48. Economy

    Suppose that Canadian farmers can grow wheat more cheaply than can U.S. farmers. In the interest of efficiency, what is the desirable outcome? 1) Allow the Canadian farmers to sell their wheat for a lower price. 2) Pass a law in Canada mandating a minimum

    asked by C.P
  49. math

    What is the product of the digits of 7!?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Environmental Engineering

    The two ponds in the figure below can be modeled as completely-stirred tank reactors (CSTRs) in series. The first-order decay rates for each pond are different but the inflow and outflow rates and volumes for the two ponds are the same. a. Write a

    asked by Christine
  51. Algebra

    the area of a triangle can be determined by using the formula A= 1/2bh, where b is the length of the base, and h is the length of the height. Determine the area of a triangle with a base which is 7x to the 2nd power and a height which is 8x feet.

    asked by Ken
  52. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    In what ways does erosion affect the lives of humans?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. geometry

    Which equation is the correct equation to solve for x? Given ST = 5x + 1 , TU = 4x -1, and SU = 54 Its multiple choice and the answers given are- A)(5x + 1) + 54 = 4x - 1 B)(4x - 1) + 54 = 5x + 1 C) 5x + 1 = 55 - 4x D) 5x + 1 = 27

    asked by Sid
  54. Chemistry II

    An analgesic mixture is 37.5% aspirin by mass. How many grams of the mixture are needed to provide 325 mg aspirin. Make sure to show your work.

    asked by Krista
  55. Maths

    If the length of a cube is 4.6cm what will be the breadth and the height of the cube

    asked by Sinesipho
  56. math

    What is the answer for this problem?it is greater than 43 and less than 52.if you add the digits the sum is 8

    asked by the-na sonia
  57. Math

    What is the product of 9 and 1.333333333?

    asked by JJ
  58. physics

    a coin is thrown horizontally with a speed of 12m/s from the top of a bridge . if the coin strikes the sea water below the bridge after 3 find the height of the bridge above sea level

    asked by fash
  59. maths

    there is a figur given and the triangleABC,D,E,F are respectively find the perimeter of triangleDEF

    asked by komal
  60. physics

    Which of the following pairs of quantum gates commute? Select all that apply. (Gates A and B commute if and only if for any input applying A and then B gives the same results as applying B and then A. This is the same as saying that the unitary

    asked by SS01
  61. definition

    What is a motif?

    asked by Ericka
  62. Ms. Sue

    2.Current liabilities: entries and disclosure. A review of selected financial activities of Visconti's during 20XX disclosed the following: 12/1: Borrowed $20,000 from the First City Bank by signing a 3- month, 15% note payable. Interest and principal are

    asked by quita
  63. stat

    An oil change company advertises that they can change the oil in your car in 15 minutes. Based on the data collected below, what is the probability that oil change will take more than 15 minutes? Class Interval Frequency 6 to 10 minutes 3 11 to 15 minutes

    asked by latasha
  64. English

    1. Because I think it is important to respect and take care of the aged. 2. Because I think it is important to respect and take care of aged people. 3. Because I think it is important to respect and take care of the elderly. 4. Because I think it is

    asked by rfvv
  65. Geography

    How is a valley created by water different than a valley created by a glacier?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. physics

    1] What is ZX applied to |0>? 2] What is ZX applied to H|0>? 3] Suppose we have a qubit in the state |ψ⟩. We know that if we measure it in the standard basis, the probability of getting a 0 is 29. Now, if we instead first apply a Hadamard gate and then

    asked by SS01
  67. math

    Fractions division problem. 1/2 divided by 1/4

    asked by jacovie
  68. Chemisry

    6M HCl + 1M NaOH => NaCl + H2O If I'm understanding this correctly, all of the NaOH is used up because the molarity is 1 where the HCl's is 6 this leaves excess HCl correct?

    asked by Jenna
  69. English

    1. My skin always peels when I've been in the sun. 2. My skin always peels when I am in the sun. (Are both grammatical? What is the difference between #1 and #2?)

    asked by rfvv
  70. ACT Math

    For any real numbers x, y, and z, if z=x+|y| which of the following must always be true?

    asked by Java
  71. Geography

    Why do the United State, Iceland, and Japan have geysers?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    Please HELP Tank A contains four times as much as Tank B. Tank C contains 32 L more than Tank A. The three Tanks contain 482 L of water in all. How many liters of water does Tank A contain?

    asked by Ambrian
  73. Algebra

    Hi. I need help on a couple of algebra problems. Can you please explain step by step how to do these? Thanks. ã(3x (whole thing has radical sign) ---- 2y^3 ^3(ã2x^4y^4) ------------ (the whole thing is cubed 9x

    asked by Serena
  74. dynamics

    the power developed by a man in riding up a 6percent grade at a constant speed is 200w.the man and his bicycle have a combinoed mass of 80kg.determined the speed of riding

    asked by nitin
  75. Finance

    what is the mission of the Accounting and Finance Functional Area

    asked by ctm
  76. French

    What does "Avec qui déjeunes-tu?" mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. algebra

    to make a cake, I need 7/8ths of a cup of granola. how much granola do I need to make 1/5th of that cake?

    asked by Patty
  78. childcare

    write a letter to day care center supervisor requesting written permission to observe a child at the center

    asked by mimi
  79. algebra 2

    find the inverse of A, recall that A-1 = 1/det A [d -b] [ -c a]

    asked by skyler
  80. society

    2x=sec theta and 2/x=tan theta find the value of 2(x^2 - 1/x^2)

    asked by man killer(DARiNG)
  81. French

    La femme visite Paris- Does this mean "The woman toured Paris?"

    asked by Anonymous
  82. financing and budget

    which of the following categories makes up the largest percentage of a child care operating budget/ a. supplies b. salaries benefits c. food. mortgage or rent

    asked by emebet
  83. composition 1

    How do I start a good readers response?

    asked by Brittany
  84. Math

    Amber is 5'4 inches tall. How many inches tall is amber

    asked by Jasmine
  85. Geography

    In what ways are water and wind erosion different?

    asked by Anonymous
  86. math

    how do you simplify fractions

    asked by little d
  87. Chemistry

    How much solid product formed with 30ml of NaOH and 40mL of NiCl2? I'm not really sure how to go about this?

    asked by kelly
  88. algebra 2

    find the dimensions of the matrix ( -1 2 5 0 ) ( -5 0 9 7 ) ( 9 12 8 -1) (8 -5 0 6 )

    asked by skyler
  89. history


    asked by jackie
  90. bus3004

    mission of the Accounting and Finance Functional Area

    asked by ctm
  91. Algebra

    The book said to replace the x with a zero. Why are two zero's used in the division of this problem. (synthetic division) 21. -3)3 0 0 82 0 0 27 -9 27 -81 -3 9 -27 3 -9 27 1 -3 9 0 Remainder = 0 so that means x+3 is a factor of 3x6+82x3+27

    asked by R6
  92. Physics ...

    Can anyone help me to calculate the energy released when 7Li and a deuteron (d) fuse to form 9Be, Given only mass excess 7Li 16004 uu, d 14102 uu , and 9Be 12182 uu uu might be microunit perhaps ??? Thank you explanation would be good thanks

    asked by Dino
  93. Physics ...

    Can anyone help me to calculate the energy released when 7Li and a deuteron (d) fuse to form 9Be, Given only mass excess 7Li 16004 uu, d 14102 uu , and 9Be 12182 uu uu might be microunit perhaps ??? Thank you explanation would be good thanks

    asked by Dino
  94. Math

    x + 16 = 9x

    asked by Hunter
  95. physics

    Find the area of a rectangle whose sides are 12.68 cm and 98.5 mm.

    asked by Joe
  96. Physics ...

    Can anyone help me to calculate the energy released when 7Li and a deuteron (d) fuse to form 9Be, Given only mass excess 7Li 16004 uu, d 14102 uu , and 9Be 12182 uu uu might be microunit perhaps ??? Thank you explanation would be good thanks

    asked by Dino
  97. World History

    Which of the following did not lead to the growth of government? A. the need to build walls for defense B. growing numbers of people C. the rise of religion D. the need to maintain food supplies My answer is A. But I'm not sure.

    asked by Cassie
  98. algebra 2

    SOlve the system of inequalites by graphing. y< -4x-2 - y >3x-3

    asked by skyler
  99. Algebra

    1.-5/39+23/39 2.-7/12+1/6 can someone help me with these?

    asked by Christopher
  100. Algebra

    z=1/3 the value of18z^2-15z?

    asked by Chris
  101. matrices

    find the sum or differnce [ -2 -1 7 ] [ -2 0 8 ] [0 -3 2 ] + [-9 5 -1 ]

    asked by skyler
  102. math


    asked by Hunter
  103. maths

    prove that: sin theta -cos theta +1/sin theta +cos theta-1=1/sec theta -tan theta

    asked by satyajeet(assassin)