Questions Asked on
August 14, 2013

  1. math help

    Find the average of the first 14 positive odd integers.

    asked by Tomas
  2. math help

    The average of 2P, 3Q, and another number is S. Represent the third number in terms of P,Q,and S. A. S-2P-3Q B. S-2P+3Q C. 3S-2P+3Q D. 3S-2P-3Q E. S+2P-3Q not just answer,please

    asked by Tomas
  3. Physic

    A 61-kg skier, coasting down a hill that is an angle of 23 to the horizontal, experiences a force of kinetic friction of magnitude 72N. The skier's speed is 3.5m/s near the top of the slope. Determine the speed after the skier has travelled 62m downhill.

    asked by Tristan
  4. math

    Name three numbers between 0.33 and 0.34

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Short Story (Happy Event by Nadine Gordimer)

    I have already found the stereotype in the story about how each tribe got along with the same tribe. I need help on finding another stereotype in the story. I am having difficult finding it. The question is: a) Identify another passage from "Happy Event"

    asked by Steve
  6. math

    A gear with 60 teeth is meshed to a gear with 40 teeth. If the larger gear revolves at 20 revolutions per minute, how many revolutions does the smaller gear make in a minute? not just an answer please (A)13 1/3 (B)3 (C)300 (D)120 (E)30

    asked by Tomas
  7. math

    In the standard (x,y) coordinate plane, the graph of (x + 3)2 + (y + 5)2 = 16 is a circle. What is the circumference of the circle, expressed in coordinate units?

    asked by J
  8. place value math

    How to explain having 40 hundreds is the same as 4 thousands

    asked by Anonymous
  9. math

    Which number between 29 and 39 has three different prime factors?What is the prime factorization of this number?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Physics

    A boy and his skateboard have a combined mass of 64 kg. If he is moving with a speed of 3.2 m/s, and collides with a stationary skateboarder whose mass (including his skateboard) is 96 kg, with what speed will the two skateboarders move immediately after

    asked by Jam
  11. Math

    As compared to its first year of operation, ABC Company grew 8% in the second year and an additional 2% per year for the next two years. If total growth for years 2-4 was $45,000 over the first year’s sales of $150,000, how much did ABC Company grow in

    asked by Joss
  12. Math! Please Check My Answers

    Key: ☺ = My Answer! 2. Write a word phrase for the algebraic expression. 3x - 7 A. The difference of three times a number x and seven. B. The difference of seven and three times a number x. C. Three times a number x fewer than seven. ☺ D. The quotient

    asked by Jack
  13. Math

    I really need help with this question please Break-even equation. Fill in the blank. The following table contains selected data concerning several outpatient clinics in the new Ambulatory Care Center at Hope University Hospital. Fill in the missing

    asked by Mae
  14. math

    Sheila received a 6.5% commission on a house she sold for $110,400. How much commission did she receive?

    asked by william
  15. Algebra with Applications

    write the equations in logarithmic form. 1. 216 =6^3 2. 25 =(1/5)^-2 3. a = b^c

    asked by Mary
  16. Pre-Calc

    Suppose that f has a domain of A and g has a domain of B. (a). What is the domain of f + g? (b). What is the domain of fg? (c). What is the domain of f/g? Is there a mathematical rule or theorem for this type of question?

    asked by Stockton
  17. english 125

    Support your views with at least one example of a dramatic text and one example of a poem

    asked by alisha
  18. math

    How a write 3,552,308,725 in word form

    asked by kim
  19. Economics

    Explain the statement “scarcity may be the single most significant word in the field of economics.”

    asked by Ashley
  20. chemistry

    Solid sodium carbonate is slowly added to 50.0 mL of a 0.0310 M calcium acetate solution. The concentration of carbonate ion required to just initiate precipitation is

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    estimating the sum 472+231=

    asked by kaisha
  22. science

    i need to design a 3 demensional model for 3NaOH on a cardboard

    asked by charledina davis
  23. English

    Is a comma required after "or" in the following sentence? We greet people by saying aloha (italicized) or "love."

    asked by Anonymous
  24. american governmentnt

    Some people believe those under 21 serving in the military should be allowed to drink alcohol even if non-military citizens are not. Yet, the founders clearly believed the military should serve the people rather than the other way around.

    asked by Carmen
  25. Geometry

    Help? 1. In your own words, explain why we use the formula AB = |a - b| to find the distance of a segment. Include why you need to subtract and why you need to take the absolute value. 2. Compare and Contrast Describe the difference between saying that two

    asked by Vanessa
  26. Geometry

    How would you do this? Rs=8y St=4y+8 RT=115y-9 a.Find the value of y b. Find rs, st, rt

    asked by Vanessa
  27. Statistics

    Given that a population of scores is normally distriibuted with u=100 and o=8, determine the following: a. The percentile rank of a score of 120 b. The perentage of scores that are below a score of 99 c. The percentage of scores that are between a score of

    asked by Grand Canyon University
  28. Science

    If C= -5j + 6j - 3k and D= 7i + 8j + 4k are vectors, find: The cross product and its respectively angle

    asked by Nsitukabasi
  29. Pre- Algebra

    Given an equation of a line, how do I find equations for lines parallel to it going through specified points Simplifying the equations into slope-intercept form. 1. y= -2x -4; (1, 3) how do I write the equation of a line parallel to the given line but

    asked by Roosevelt
  30. Statistics

    A student is taking a true/false exam with 15 questions. If he guesses on each question, what is the probability he will get at least 13 question right?

    asked by Lisa Matthews
  31. Geometry MATH CHECK

    Check? In your own words, explain why we use the formula AB = |a - b| to find the distance of a segment. Include why you need to subtract and why you need to take the absolute value. We use that formula |a-b| because a and b are representing coodinate

    asked by Vanessa
  32. World History

    In what ways were the Indus Valley people an advanced civilization

    asked by Vanessa
  33. mathsssss

    1.Seven years ago,Rocco's drum kit cost him R12500. It has now been valued at R2300.what rate of simple depreciation does this represent? 2.Fiona buys a DStv satellite dish for R3000.Due to weathering,its value depreciates simply at 15% p.a. After how long

    asked by PerfecT
  34. biology

    identify and describe how organism could respond to an external stimulus

    asked by Paula
  35. english

    could you tell me parts of speech for burnt and disfiguring in the following sentence : He lost both eyes and his face was burnt disfiguring him completely

    asked by R S Telagathoty
  36. algebra

    a state's license plate consist of 3 letters followed by 4 numerals, and 246 letter arrangements are not allowed. how many plates can be issued

    asked by Anonymous
  37. trig

    PROVE: Cos 2theta = .5 (cot theta - tan theta) Please help me

    asked by Mike
  38. programming Visual Command Prompt

    This is the question that I have to do can someone please help?! QUESTION 2 - MANDATORY The file savings.txt contains the names and savings of 3 Bank customers in the last four months. Month1 Month2 Month3 Month4 Dennis Daly 480 620 57 73 Brid Jones 82 61

    asked by Mark
  39. Math

    If a population is growing at 3.5 percent compounded continuously how long before it doubles?

    asked by Ron
  40. MATH

    Hey Guys. I just wanted to know if 5.04551E is the same as 5.04551E1 and if so, does 5.04551E+11= 61.4551 THANKS A LOT. WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF SOMEONE HELPED TO ANSWER THIS QUICKLY.

    asked by Lay Lay
  41. Mathematics

    1)US Dollars Guatemalan Quetzals 1 USD 7.60 GTQ 0.131579 1 While Conchita was in Guatemalan she bought a painting for 600GTQ. Based on the exchange rate she received for her money what was the approximate cost of the painting in USD. a)70 b)80 c)140 d)450

    asked by Alwyn
  42. Maths

    At 7pm the outdoor temperature was -12degrees celsius. By 11pm the temperature in degrees celsius had dropped x degrees celsius. Which expression represents the temperature reading at 11pm. a -12-x b -12+x c-12 d -12x e 12 a is my answer A total of m

    asked by Claire
  43. economics

    In the simple economics of a competitive market price increases under which condition?

    asked by charles
  44. math

    The football team spent $9,416, which was seven percent more than they had budgeted. How much did the team budget to spend?

    asked by tiffani
  45. math

    there are four consecutive integers. The sum of the first and second numbers is 167. What are the integers?

    asked by tiffani
  46. physics

    An oil-drop, that has a mass of 3.5 × 10-15 kg and an excess of 7 electrons, is located between horizontal parallel plates. The plates are separated by a distance of 2.5 cm and have and potential diffeDetermine the magnitude and direction of the

    asked by sam
  47. Agent Help please...C++ Programming

    Write a program that adds the sum of the given number. Sample Output: Enter the range of number to be added: 5 The sum of 1 to 5 is 15

    asked by Jnr John
  48. math

    The raisins in a bag weigh 9/16 of pound. If the raisins are divided into 6 equal shares, how much will 4 shares weigh? not just the answer

    asked by Tomas
  49. math

    There are fewer than 33 eggs in a basket. If they are counted out 6 at a time, there are 4 left over. If they are counted out 5 at a time, there are 3 left. How many eggs are in the basket? not just an answer

    asked by Tomas
  50. what is e-banking

    requirement for ebanking

    asked by mohd sms
  51. requirement for e-banking

    requirement for ebanking

    asked by mohd sms
  52. Acc/230

    Provide an example from the text or the Internet that demonstrates a situation in which a company’s net profits appeared good in the statements, but the gross or operating profits presented a different picture. Discuss how this might have occurred.

    asked by susan
  53. mult choice / accounting

    A department transferred 7,000 units to the finished goods storeroom during a month. There was no beginning work in process inventory, but 500 units were still in process at the end of the month. Equivalent production for the month was 7,400 units, and

    asked by dakota
  54. math

    Which number between 20 and 29 has 2 and 3 in its prime factorization?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Geometry

    The coordinates of the vertices of a quadrilateral are R(-1,3) S(3,3) T(5,-1), and U(-2,-1).Find the perimeter of the quadrilateral. Round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Jalea
  56. Algebra 2

    Factor each quadratic equation: 8x^2+10x-3 25x^2+10x-3 9x^2-15x-14 12x^2+17x-5 I don't get how to even start these! Help!

    asked by Mathmat
  57. math

    Jessica has a credit card from party bank and another from artic bank. she owes artic bank $150 more than party bank. party bank charges 16% simple interest per year and artic bank charges 17% per year. the yearly interest charge Jessica needs to pay is

    asked by tiffani
  58. Business/Finance

    When considering how profitably your company is operating, you examine: a) inventory turnover. b) sales and the return on your investment. c) depreciation and liquidity. d) tangible and intangible assets. e) the price of the Canadian dollar. I think the

    asked by Naomi
  59. math

    250 divided by 2187.50

    asked by tina
  60. GeometryHelp

    Compare and Contrast Describe the difference between saying that two segments are congruent and saying that two segments have equal length. I need help with the below question. When would you use each phrase?

    asked by Vanessa
  61. GeometryHelp

    Rs=8y+4 ST=4y+8 RT=15y-9 A. What is the value of y. B. What is Rs, ST, RT

    asked by Vanessa
  62. economic 100

    you have been hire as a staffing agency representative for a company that places individuals in temporary and permanent work positions. Explain the effect that the current unemployment rate may have on your clientele in the next couple of months and how it

    asked by sue
  63. English

    Im doing a project about a book and here is one of my instructions. In this third circle write four quotations from The Lightning Thief that relate to the center sketch. Document this quotation properly (The Lightning Thief, Riordan, pg. 84). What does

    asked by Luke
  64. Math

    Thete are 3 1/8 pizzas left from your summer party. How much would u and ur four friends get. Explain how u got ur answer.

    asked by mikil
  65. algebra

    Create your own quadratic equation that has an axis of symmetry of x = −1 and whose graph opens down. Then find the vertex, domain, range, and x-intercepts. Show all work to receive full credit.

    asked by Krystal
  66. math

    michael has a pair of hamsters. The hamsters have two babies. the babies grow up and have wo babies of their own. write the number of baby hamsters from the statement aboe as a numeral expression using exponential notation. How many baby hamsters are there

    asked by mikil
  67. math

    give an example of rational number in fraction form. write your rotational number in its decimal form.

    asked by mikil
  68. math

    if there are 28 students in a class and there are 13 girls, what percentage of the class is girls?

    asked by jessica
  69. english

    Could you pls check the grammar of the following sentence Many teenagers are determined to be policemen due to the mighty image of the policemen.

    asked by Aurelien
  70. what you read

    what word in the sentence is most clearly a loaded word?

    asked by jill
  71. math

    How many ordered pairs of integers solutions (x,y) are there to 2x^2+3xy+y^2+2x+y+18=0?

    asked by Steven
  72. world history

    What common problem did people in the American Southwest and the Norse of Greenland both face?

    asked by Pam
  73. College Accounting

    A light truck is purchased on January 1 at a cost of $27,000. It is expected to serve for eight years and have a salvage value of $3,000. Calculate the depreciation expense for the first and third years of the truck's life using the following methods. If

    asked by Mill
  74. math

    what is ONE+ONE=TWO? (each letter represents a number from 1 to 9)

    asked by Alesia
  75. putting it all together

    which one of the following statements is true concerning children and television? a.minimal viewing results in shifts in attitudes an unrivaled teacher for certain subjects c.t.v. has resulted in minor changes in the habits of children d.t.v. has

    asked by susue
  76. putting it all together

    conflicts between parents and children are least likely to occur when both are in the? a.child state b.parent state state d.ego state my answer is d

    asked by susue
  77. physisc

    why is nitrogen builds up into your system

    asked by Anonymous
  78. math

    The distance in feet that a skydiver is from the ground (t) seconds after jumping from an airplane flying at 17,000 ft above ground is given by the following equation: d(t)=-16t^2 +17000. a.) how many feet above ground is the skydiver above ground after 4

    asked by MIKE
  79. Chemistry

    What would be the product formed for electrolysis of copper sulphate between the electrodes (a) Platinum (b) Copper and NaCl (aq) between (a)Platinum and (b) Copper electrodes?

    asked by Shane
  80. French

    A short essay on "ma grand mere" using imperfait tense

    asked by Treasure
  81. Statistics

    Please help! I know that E is incorrect. Researchers conducted a case-control study to identify risk factors for kidney cancer. They asked 50 cases and 50 controls about 100 different exposures and personal characteristics, and calculated the odds ratio

    asked by Gunci
  82. language

    Either you can eat or talk, but you can't do both at the same time.

    asked by chelsea
  83. maths

    Find the sum and product of the roots of the following equation. x^2 - 4x + 1 = 0

    asked by Francois
  84. English

    I need help writing 2 paragraphs for one of the below. -a job report -your most unforgettable character -an analysis of the causes for some phenomenon or event -the consequences of a new discovery or event

    asked by Carlos
  85. microeconomics

    Question 7 of 20 5.0 Points Suppose that the elasticity of demand for a product is 0.5 and quantity demanded increases by 20%. What must the percentage decrease in price have been?

    asked by tg
  86. math

    Erma is paid $516.72 biweekly. What are her annual earnings?

    asked by william
  87. math

    Joan receives an annual salary of $22,768.68. What is the total amount of her gross pay each period if she is paid monthly?

    asked by william
  88. engineering

    A thermometer is used to measure the temperature of a gas flow through a pipe. The gas temperature is read at 500°C and the duct temperature is measured to be 350°C. The thermometer is cylindrical with a diameter of 1 mm and an intrusion length of 1 cm.

    asked by jim
  89. maths

    Find the product of roots of the following equation (4x + 7 )^2 =4x^2

    asked by Francois
  90. Life orintation 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community.Provide relevant source to support your claims and says choose the topic so i can choose HIV/AIDs

    asked by Mduduzi Masilela