Questions Asked on
August 11, 2013

  1. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight upward and rises to a maximum height of 23 m above its launch point. At what height above its launch point has the speed of the ball decreased to one-half of its initial value?

    asked by Has
  2. physics

    a 3200-lb elevator cab is supported by a cable in which the maximum safe tension is 4000 lb. (a)what is the greatest upward acceleration the elevator cab can have? (b) the greatest downward acceleration?

    asked by esther
  3. Maths-Help

    A silicon ingot, which should contain 10^16 boron atoms/cm3, is to be grown by the Czochralski technique. What concentration of boron atoms should be in the melt to give the required concentration in the ingot ? If the initial load of Si in the crucible is

    asked by Shawn
  4. geography

    The river which carries the most traffic in Europe and is the continent's most important inland waterway is the: Is it the Rhine river or the Danube River not sure. i think it is the Danube River am i correct?

    asked by Robby
  5. Math

    Can I get some help with this question please? Calculating break-even. Jasmine Gonzales, administrative director of Small Imaging Center, has been asked by the practice members to see if it is feasible to add more staff to support the practice’s

    asked by Faith
  6. math

    what is the cost of 3 notebooks at 20% discount, a binder at 25% discount, and 2 pens. 1 notebook: $1.79 1 pen: $2.89 1 Binder: $3.19

    asked by Emily
  7. Chemistry

    0.300 moles of bromine gas (Br2) and 0.500 moles of chlorine gas (Cl2) react to for tribromochlorine (Br3Cl). how many moles of this product will form ?

    asked by kate

    1. I took a sample of the grade point averages for students in my class. For 25 students, the standard deviation of grade points was 0.65 and the mean was 2.89. The standard error for the sample was: (3 marks) 2. The heights (in inches) of adult males in

    asked by CHIMI
  9. ***Chemistry!!!!

    Carry out the following operations, and express the answer with the appropriate number of significant figures. 1.)[(285.3 multiplied by 105) - (1.500 multiplied by 103)] multiplied by 2.8948 2.) 874 multiplied by [1267 - (3.50 multiplied by 128)] *I know

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math/Statistics

    A statistics teacher believes that the final exam grade for her elementary stats class have a normal distribution with a mean of 82 and a standard deviation on 8. Find the score which separates the top 10% of the scores from the lowest 90% of the scores.

    asked by Sean
  11. math

    Michael Reeves, an ice cream vendor, pays $17.50 for a five-gallon container of premium ice cream. From this quantity he sells 80 scoops at $0.90 per scoop. If he sold smaller scoops, he could sell 98 scoops from the same container; however, he could

    asked by trudy

    You are a marketing manager interviewing for a new job at several different firms simultaneously. You expect to be asked the same questions in each interview dealing with what you think are some good new marketing opportunities for each firm to pursue. You

    asked by TASHA
  13. CIS

    Chocolate Delights Candy Company manufactures several types of candy. Design a flowchart using Visual Logic for the following: A program that accepts a candy name (for example, “ chocolate-covered blueberries”), price per pound, and number of pounds

    asked by Rose
  14. statistics

    1. I took a sample of the grade point averages for students in my class. For 25 students, the standard deviation of grade points was 0.65 and the mean was 2.89. The standard error for the sample was:

    asked by CHIMI
  15. C#

    Create an application that determines the total due including sales tax and shipping. Allow the user to input any number of item prices. Sales tax of 7% is charged against the total purchases. Shipping charges can be determined from the following chart.

    asked by C#
  16. MaThS

    Determine wether or not the following lines are parallel A. Y+2x=1 and -2x+3=y B.y/3+x+5=0and 2y+6x=1

    asked by reneilwE
  17. chemistry

    Compound X is 2-propanol. When compound X is heated with a strong acid, it dehydrates to compound Y (C3H6). When compound X is oxidized, compound Z is forms which cannot be oxidized further. Draw the condensed structural formula and give the IUPAC names

    asked by veronica, rena, joshua
  18. Short story "Standard of Living" by Dorothy Parker

    In "Standard of Living", little is said about the store clerk or his thoughts about Annabel and Midge. His character is briefly described through his actions and the character in which he speaks to the girls. As well, "his neat face showed no astonishment

    asked by Steve
  19. maths

    prove that if m is not equal to n, the equation (m^2+n^2)x^2 - 2(m+n)x + 2=0 has unreal roots.

    asked by Jayden Haddy
  20. chem

    1. Suppose that a recipe calls for an oven temperature of 189°F. Convert this temperature to degrees Celsius and to kelvins. --I found that Celsius is 87.2, plug it in K=C+273, got 360.2 but it was wrong. (e) Neon, the gaseous element used to make

    asked by Lily
  21. algebra for business

    As an entrepreneur, there are going to be many decisions that you need to make, such as the price to charge your customers for your goods and services. You have just graduated from college and recently opened a specialty pizza restaurant. Based on surveys

    asked by Amanda
  22. englsih

    As my english is not good, could you please check the grammar of the following sentence. Thank you!!! What they care about most are money, stock prices and problems concerning about finance. They may never notice that there are lots of social problems

    asked by russian pilot
  23. math

    An investor has 7000 to invest in two accounts. The first account earns 8% annual simple intrest, and the second account earns 13% annual simple intrest .How much money Should be invested in each account so that the simple intrest earned is 500?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Chemistry

    suppose 8.00 g of CH is allowed to burn in the presence of 9.00 g of oxygen. how much (in gram) CH4 , O2 and H2O remain after the reaction is complete ?

    asked by kate
  25. Chemistry

    3.00 g of Zn is allow to react with 1.75 g CuSO4 . calculate how many grams of Zn will remain after the reaction is complete ?

    asked by kate
  26. Statistics

    Bob takes an online IQ test and finds that his IQ according to the test is 134. Assuming that the mean IQ is 100, the standard deviation is 15, and the distribution of IQ scores is normal, what proportion of the poulation would score higher than Bob? Lower

    asked by Opal
  27. maths

    x^2 - 20x +c =0 one of the root of the equation is the three times the other, find the values of c and the roots

    asked by Jayden Haddy
  28. math

    please explain in deatail- a tube has a outside diameter of 2" and wall thickness of 3/16". what is the inside diameter?

    asked by jay
  29. Math

    Maria rode her bicycle for 33 minutes to get to her grandmothers house. She stopped for a snack when she was 5/11 of the way there. How many minutes did she rode her ride before stopping for a snack

    asked by Kristen
  30. English

    kindly answer this unscramble word - ornowdsu

    asked by Emerson
  31. maths

    If alpha beta are the roots of a^2 +bx + c = 0. find the values of (beta/alpha^2)+ (alpha/beta^2)

    asked by chiew poh
  32. ns

    how did they find the answer of 15 atoms if the question is 5(nh4)2 so4

    asked by ayanda
  33. Physics

    Which has the higher specific heat capacity: an object that cools quickly or an object of the same mass that cools more slowly?

    asked by Tracee
  34. MATH

    The average of two numbers is x. If one of the numbers is 3m-1, then the other number, in terms of x and m, is... Is this how you do it? Please explain how and show work...... (3m-5)+(?)/2=x

    asked by Anonymous
  35. maths

    if a, b,c are real numbers and not all equal, prove that the equation (c-a)x^2 -2(a-b)x + (b+c) = 0 has unequal real roots

    asked by Jayden Haddy

    If m and n are integers such that mn is even, then m is even or n is even. how can i prove this using contraposition?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Calculus

    Find the limit of the function as x approaches -3 (2x^2 +4x+1) I'm not sure if you would break it apart using te theorems or direction substitue -3 into the equation?

    asked by Me
  38. Introduction to physical science

    I am not understanding this because I thought ice ruins the fruit. Could you please help. Why does spraying fruit trees with water before a frost help protect the fruit from freezing?

    asked by Aundrea
  39. Business

    Tribke Enterprises collected the following data from its financial reports for 2012.........

    asked by Robin
  40. Management and Organizations

    Organizational skills and planning

    asked by Destiney
  41. Reading

    Can you please write this into terms easier to understand? Thanks! Private life was infected with impurity to which licentiousness of the Catholic clergy appeared like innocence.

    asked by Sandy
  42. maths

    given that a,b,c are real numbers and c is bigger than 0, prove that the roots of the equation (x-a)(x-b)=c are real.

    asked by Jayden Haddy
  43. MATH......

    Please show your work... How do you do this? I do not get how the answer is c(m)=0.9+0.6(5m-1) especially where 5m-1 comes from...please explain. A taxicab charges $.90 for the first 1/5 mile and $.60 for each additional 1/5 mile. If a customer rides in

    asked by Anonymous
  44. maths Please help!!!!!

    if a, b,c are real numbers and not all equal, prove that the equation (c-a)x^2 -2(a-b)x + (b+c) = 0 has unequal real roots

    asked by Jayden Haddy
  45. physics £££

    according to einstein's mass energy relation M= m'/root[1-(v^2/c^2)] Where M is mass of particle when it moves with velocity 'v' And m' is its initial mass. When particle moves with velocity of light i.e. When 'v=c' then M= m'/0 =infinity i.e. Infinite

    asked by edward
  46. math

    What is 7,000 decreased by 62%?

    asked by trudy
  47. marketing

    Michael Soles--owner of Soles Shoe Store--recently discovered that shoe stores in his trading area have an average markup of 40%. Upon investigation, Michael found that his average markup is $15 on shoes that he sells for $45. This suggests that:

    asked by joe
  48. MATH.

    The average of two numbers is x. If one of the numbers is 3m-1, then the other number, in terms of x and m, is...

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math

    Does the equation y=x^2-x have y-axis, x-axis, or origin symmetry?

    asked by Taylor
  50. MGT 361 Managerial Research Design and Analysis

    I need help with what data tool or test to use in excel for this problem. The county commissioner needs to cut the budget and wants to know if there is any significant feeling among the constituents regarding where the cuts should be made. Two hundred

    asked by Yolanda
  51. Physics (pls help!)

    why is the pressure on the front tyres is higher than the pressure on the rear tyres in a car but the pressure of the front tyre is lower than the pressure on the rear tyre in a bicycle?

    asked by Benta
  52. chem

    Is the condensed (noble has core) configuration of Ag.....[Kr] 4d^10,5s^1??

    asked by Rebekah biel