Questions Asked on
August 4, 2013

  1. Chemistry

    how do i write the complete electron configuration for Ga3+ and Mg2+????????????

  2. Physics Angular Motion

    a 5.0 kg mass attached to the end of a string swings in a vertical circle (radius 2m) when the mass is at its lowest point on the circle the speed of the mass is 12 m/s. What is the tension of the string at this point?

  3. Chemistry

    Why is ionization energy for calcium greater than that for potassium?

  4. Math

    How many different combinations can you make with 3 types of ice cream, 2 types of sauce and 2 types of toppings?

  5. chemistry

    A chemical reaction produced a 0.311 g sample of gas which occupied 225 mL at 55 C exerting a pressure of 886 mm Hg. What is the molar mass of the gas?

  6. chemistry

    2SO2(g) + O2(g) >2SO3(g). If 96g SO2 is added to 2 moles of oxygen at STP, calculate the mass of SO3 that is formed

  7. Physics

    In grandpa’s time automobiles were previously manufactured to be as rigid as possible, whereas autos are now designed to crumple upon impact. Why?

  8. Chemistry-Oxidation

    What is the oxidation state of V in each of the following compounds? V2O3 & V2O5

  9. Math

    Express x=e^(-2t), y=4e^(3t) in the form y = f(x) by eliminating the parameter.

  10. Physics

    Show that 480 W of power is expended by a weightlifter when lifting a 60-kg barbell a vertical distance of 1.2 m in a time interval of 1.5 s.

  11. maths

    Consider the equation x(square) + 4px + 2q = 0 where p and q are real constants. a) by completing square, show that (x+2p)square =4P(SQUARE)-2q b) Hence show that x= -2p +/- square root(4 p(square) -2p ) c) Use the above results to solve the equations 1)

  12. chemistry

    how many covalent bonds are there in methane molecule

  13. Le Cordon Bleu

    What is 8 + 4(n) - 2(4n) = 12

  14. chemistry

    A chemical reaction produced a 0.311 g sample of gas which occupied 225 mL at 55 C exerting a pressure of 886 mm Hg. What is the molar mass of the gas?

  15. math

    chris put $1,500 in a savings account at an annual interest rate of 5%. If chris does not deposit or withdraw any money, what is the amount of interest chris will earn the first year her money is in the savings account? use the formula i=prt

  16. math

    Jeffrey's dogs ate 42 pounds of food during July. At that rate, how many days would a 100 pound bag of dog food would last? Round to the nearest whole day.

  17. Physics Angular Motion

    A wheel with a radius of 1.5m rotates at uniform angular speed. If a point on the rim of the wheel has a centripetal acceleration of 1.2 m/s/s whats the points tangential speed?

  18. Organic Chem

    adding one equivalent of sulfuric acid to 2,4-hexadiene gives 2 possible products. Give the structure and write all steps in the reaction mechanism that explains how each product is formed

  19. adolescents and other problems

    how old must a child be before intelligence testing is likely to have a valid predictive value? a/3 years b.5 years c.7 years d.10 years my answer is c

  20. Statistics

    The distribution of cholesterol levels of the residents of a state closely follows the normal curve. Investigators want to test whether the mean cholesterol level of the residents is 200 mg/dL or lower. A simple random sample of 12 residents has a mean

  21. math

    Three candidates Alice, Bob, and Calvin are up for election. The number of votes for Bob is greater than or equal to 50% of the votes for Calvin, and is less than or equal to 20% of the votes for Alice. The sum of the votes for both Bob and Calvin is

  22. Math

    Simplify. Remember to use absolute-value notation when necessary. If a root cannot be simplified, state this. 4ã(6a)^4

  23. Account

    Journal : purchase goods from neupane worth Rs. 30000 and partial payment of Rs. 20000 was made

  24. physical sciences

    how are the structural formulas of water,, acetone,ethanol and methylated spirit written?

  25. science

    A bicyclist is in a 50-km race. He says he had an average velocity of 35. What is missing in the cyclist’s velocity? A. units only B. units and distance C. direction only D. units and direction

  26. Pre Calculus 2

    A ship regularly travels between two ports that are 350 miles apart. When traveling directly from A to B, the ship sails on a bearing of . However, to avoid a storm, one day the ship leaves A on a bearing of and travels for 6 hours at 17mph. When the bad

  27. On the first three downs, the local high school fo

    On the first three downs, the local high school football team had the following gains and losses: 6 yard gain, 10 yard loss, and a 12 yard gain. What is the total gain or loss, and did they manage to get another set of downs?

  28. pol 125 - American National Government

    what extent the war on terror justifies the President's indefinite detention of "enemy combatants" without the possibility of the minimal judicial review protected by habeas corpus?

  29. English

    GOP, Democrats Support Closing US Embassies (How do we read GOP? 1. Grand Old Party 2. G.O.P.)

  30. math

    The fraction 5Y3X/2Y8, in which X and Y stand for unknown digits, represents a division which results in a quotient that is whole number. Which of the following is (are) true? not just and answer please I. X may equal 2. II. X may equal 6 or 0. III. X may

  31. Math

    -7(2a2-4) Multiply

  32. Introduction to Physical Science

    When a cannon with a longer barrel is fired, the force of expanding gases acts on the cannonball for a longer distance. What effect does this have on the velocity of the emerging cannonball? (Do you see why long-range cannons have such long barrels?)

  33. Maths

    Two aircraft are flying toward each other , both are flying at a spped of 450 mph. With a distance of 45 miles between them, how long will it take before the aircraft meet? The answer is apparently 2 minutes 30 seconds. Though I don't know how this was

  34. Chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 55mL mL of a 13M M stock HNO 3 solution to obtain a 0.140M M HNO 3 solution?

  35. Chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 55mL mL of a 13M stock HNO 3 solution to obtain a 0.140M M HNO 3 solution?

  36. Writing

    Please grade, correct,and give feedbacks. Prompt: Colleges reward professors,who have significant research and teaching experience, with tenure. Once tenured, a professor holds his or her job without review and with little danger of being fired or

  37. Math

    Ben has 8 square tiles. Each tile has a width of 9 inches. He lays the tiles down in a long row. What is the perimeter of the rectangle of tiles?

  38. statistics

    Identify the type I error and the type II error that is a hypothesis. The percentage of households with more than 1 pet is equal to 65%

  39. math30

    The number of three digit or four digit even numbers that can be formed from the numbers 2, 3, 5, 7 is A.72 B.120 C.144 D.5040

  40. Chemistry

    Briefly outline a procedure you could use to determine the HC2H3O2 concentration in a vinegar sample. What would the pH be at the equivalence point of the titration? Briefly explain

  41. algebra

    the sum of four consecutive integers is -72. write an equation to model this situation and find the values of the four integers

  42. Math

    Use the formula for slope of a line tangent to a parametric curve to find dy/dx for the curve c(s) = (s^-1-6s, -7s^3) at the point with s=-4

  43. economics

    he following is a cost function for clinic visits in a small inner city clinic: Quantity of Visits Total Cost per Week 0 $10 1 15 2 25 3 45 4 75 5 115 6 165 If the price per visit is given to be $25, at what level of visits will the maximum profit position

  44. social studies

    identify and describe at least two ways you can structure and design the classroom environment to enhance anti-bias education and culturally relevant learning

  45. History

    Passed in 1935, Roosevelt's most significant reform measure was the

  46. math

    The length of the rectangle is 20 m and the width of the rectangle is 10 m. Inside the rectangle have two circle, If we know that both circle are the same and they are tangent to the rectangle? What is the shaded area? A. 200 - 20 pi m^2 B. 200 - 50 pi m^2

  47. Writing

    This is regarding to the tenure prompt. So you are saying that my essay is incorrect...or the prompt? Please clarify.

  48. math

    What are the last three digits of N=(2^(1!)!) + (2^(2!)!) + ... + (2^(1000!)!)? please help..

  49. Writing

    Writeacher,when is the best time for me to post this so that you are available? Prompt: New laws are being proposed that would require schools to accommodate students who wish to transfer to a different school if the school falls below a certain level on

  50. Writing

    How can you create an outline for an essay?

  51. chemistry

    Mole fraction of NaOH is aquous sol 0.15 Find molarity of the solution, %w/w, if the density of solution is 1.25 g/ml

  52. Maths

    Two aircraft are flying toward each other , both are flying at a spped of 450 mph. With a distance of 45 miles between them, how long will it take before the aircraft meet?

  53. physics

    After several large firecrackers have been inserted into its holes, a bowling ball is projected into the air using a homemade launcher and explodes in midair. During the launch, the 5.33-kg ball is shot into the air with an initial speed of 11.3 m/s at a

  54. Chemistry

    What mass of hydrochloric acid (in grams) can be neutralized by 2.3g of sodium bicarbonate(Hint: Begin by writing a balanced equation for the reaction between aqueous sodium bicarbonate and aqueous hydrochloric acid.)

  55. Physics

    From a helicopter rising vertically with a velocity of 9 m/s a weight is dropped and reaches the ground in 18 seconds. how high above the ground was the helicopter when the the weight dropped striked the ground.

  56. Statistics

    A statistical test is performed, and its P-value turns out to be about 3%. Which of the following must be true? Pick all that are correct. The null hypothesis is true. There is about a 3% chance that the null hypothesis is true. The alternative hypothesis