Questions Asked on
August 3, 2013

  1. Analytical chemistry

    The iron in a 0.6656 g ore sample was reduced quantitatively to the +2 state and then titrated with 26.753 g of KMnO4 solution. Calculate the percent Fe2O3 in the sample. the mass i get for fe2o3 is too big, but i don't know how else to do this problem,

    asked by Gloria
  2. Analytical chemistry

    Below i wrote a few problems, i did them all but in the book i don't have results, so i don't know if i did them right or not. I would really appreciate if someone would go through the problems and tell me if i got the right results. If i made a mistake

    asked by Gloria
  3. Health Care

    I cannot figure out the GAAP and the relevance of each GAAP that is being used to create the financial plan for Patton-Fuller Hospital. I did complete the following budget projections necessary to help answer the question Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

    asked by Linda
  4. Physics Normal force

    When an object exerts a normal force on a surface, the force is My answer is perpendicular to the surface. Am i correct?

    asked by xavier
  5. math

    How many 5-digit even numbers can be made using the digits 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8, if digits cannot be repeated?

    asked by vincent
  6. physics

    1. A 100 lb body is pulled up an inclined plane making an angle of 37 degrees with the horizontal by the rope that passes over the pulley at the top of the plane and is fastened to a 70lb. weight. Neglecting the effect of friction, find the acceleration of

    asked by pao
  7. Math

    Lincoln Memorial hospital has just been informed that private donor is willing to contribute $5 million per year at the beginning of each year for fifteen years. What is the current dollar value of this contribution if the discount rate is 9 percent?

    asked by April
  8. Math

    Compare the results of the present value of a $6,000 ordinary annuity at 10 percent interest for ten years with the present value of a $6,000 annuity due at 10 percent interest for eleven years. Explain the difference.

    asked by April
  9. maths

    solve the equation express the answers in p and q x(square) - (p+q)x + (p+1)(q-1)=0 Then x=? or x=?

    asked by Jayden Haddy
  10. programming concepts

    Write a menu driven program using a conditional structure.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. college

    Regarding the punctuation of quotations, which of the following sentences is correct?

    asked by ok
  12. ctu math

    calculate the interest charge on a $5.000 balance with the visa student card annual interest rate of 10.8%

    asked by simone
  13. human resources

    What is the difference between executive pay and non executive pay and controversies are associated with the disparity between them?

    asked by becca
  14. Microtomy

    I need to infiltrate a sample block of wood for sectioning on a microtome. The formula for the infiltrating media is 70% Ethylene Glycol 1500 and 30% Lauric acid. Both components are in a powder form. The instructions don't indicate whether this is

    asked by Ed
  15. Math

    Stillwater hospital is borrowing $1,000,000 for its medical office building. The annual interest rate is 5 percent. What will be the equal annual payments on the loan if the length of the loan is four years and payments occurs at the end of each year?

    asked by April
  16. Math

    In the future value annuity table at any interest rate for one year, why is the future value interest factor of this annuity equal to 1.00?

    asked by April
  17. Math

    Boulder City Hospital has just been informed that a private donor is willing to contribute $10 million per year at the beginning of each year for fifteen years. What current dollar value of this contribution if the discount rate is 14 percent?

    asked by April
  18. physics

    a man stand on the top of the building 490 m above the ground.he throws a stone horizontally with speed15 m/s.find the time taken by the stone to reach the ground &the speed with which it hits the ground

    asked by harsha ojha
  19. Stats

    A statistical test is performed, and its P-value turns out to be about 3%. Which of the following must be true? Pick all that are correct. a) The null hypothesis is true. b)There is about a 3% chance that the null hypothesis is true. c) The alternative

    asked by Helen
  20. Stats

    In a simple random sample of 1000 people taken from City A, 13% are senior citizens. In an independent simple random sample of 600 people taken from City B, 17% are senior citizens. Is the percent of senior citizens different in the two cities? Or is this

    asked by Helen
  21. math

    The sum of second term and fourth term of G.P is 30 and difference between sixth term and second term is 90,how to find third term

    asked by suma
  22. adolescents and other problems

    the notion that much behaviour is internal has been specifically championed by all the following except? a.freud b.pavlov c.skinner d.bandura my answer is a

    asked by susue
  23. Algebra 1

    9 less than the product of 7 squared and a number is 6

    asked by Sean
  24. Finite Math

    True or false. P (n, r) = r! C (n, r). explain why please, thanks

    asked by Keith
  25. English

    D. Secondary Research

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Finite Math

    True or false. [A ¿ (B ¾ C)]c = (A ¿ B)c ¿ (A ¿ C)c

    asked by keith
  27. math

    Find the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle if it exceeds each base angle by 30 degree.

    asked by vincent
  28. natural product 2

    : Chloral hydrate solution is prepared by dissolving ____gms of solid chloral hydrate in 20ml water

    asked by ravi avaiya
  29. math

    To obtain a final average of 80 % in a certain subject, what grade must a student earn in a test after having an average of 77.5 % in four examinations ?

    asked by vincent
  30. maths

    solve the following equation by completing square x(square) + 5x - 84 Pls show steps x= or x=

    asked by Jayden Haddy
  31. math

    The number of washers 3/32 inch thick that can be cut from a piece of stock 25 1/2 inches long, allowing 1/16 inch for waste for each cut is (A) 160 (B) 163 (C) 260 (D) 272 (E) 408 not just answer, please tell me how to do it

    asked by vincent
  32. maths

    solve the following equation by completing the square x(square) - 4(square root 5)x =6 = 0 Then x= or x=

    asked by Jayden Haddy
  33. Discrete Mathematics

    Sort with Insertion Sort and Selection Sort algorithms the following list: 329, 364, 373, 334, 320 Give the intermediate lists at each step.

    asked by Joy
  34. Discrete Mathematics

    Consider the complete graph with 5 vertices, denoted by K5. A. Draw the graph. B. How many edges are in K5? How many edges are in Kn? C. Find an isomorphic representation (graph) of K5. Give the isomorphism mappings. D. Does K5 contain Eulerian circuits?

    asked by Joy
  35. maths

    solve the following equation by completing the square x(square) -13x + 21 = 0 Then x= or x=

    asked by Jayden Haddy
  36. Discrete Mathematics

    Let G be a graph with vertex set V = {v1, v2, v3, v4, v5}. A. Is it possible for the degrees of the vertices to be 3, 6, 2, 1, 5, respectively? Why or why not? B. If the degrees of the vertices are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, respectively, how many edges are in G? C.

    asked by Joy
  37. Discrete Mathematics

    Using Fleury's Algorithm in the graph to the bottom left, I deleted three edges and I got the graph to the bottom right. If I am currently at the starred vertex, list all possibilities for the edge I should travel next.

    asked by Joy
  38. Percy Jackson:Lightning Theif

    I have to print some pictures about or from the book "Lightning Theif" Does anyone know some pictures? *It cannot be from the movie.

    asked by Ericka
  39. science

    the incandescent bulb is hot to touch when it has been switched on for a while .why

    asked by jagat
  40. science

    why do we use symbols to draw circuit diagrams?

    asked by jagat
  41. science

    do you think the current flowing through every portion is same in a circuit?

    asked by jagat
  42. science

    why do you think only solar cells and not dry cells or automobile batteries are used in satellites?

    asked by jagat
  43. math

    if you have 4350 gallons of 80 degree water and add 60 gallons of 125 degree water how warm would the water temp get.

    asked by ja cle
  44. life orientation

    provide recommendation on how to address poverty?

    asked by gift
  45. Computer Science Java

    Alright I have these strings String domain1 = ". com"; String domain2 = ". edu"; String domain3 = ". org"; I want to make sure that when the user puts in their username (their email) that the domain will be the last four characters. How do I get this to

    asked by Joel Borja
  46. math

    If digits cannot be repeated, how many four-digit numbers can be made using the digits 1, 3, 5,7, and 9 ?

    asked by vincent
  47. math

    if 8 men can do a job in days, what is the percentage increase in number of days required to do the job when 2 men are released? not just an answer please. A.16 2/3% B.25% C. 33 1/3% D.40% E.48%

    asked by vincent
  48. math

    If in the number 4315 the digits representing tens and thousands were interchanged, the value of the new number formed in relation to the original number would be... explain it out please A.unchanged B.280 more C.280 less D.2970 more E.2970 less

    asked by vincent
  49. math

    which of the following sets is a subset of A? A:5,25,15,10,20,30 not just and answer A.5,15,60 B.10,20,50 C.5,10,20 D.15,30,60 well i got the answer C

    asked by vincent
  50. bio 152

    Describe a series of small habitats that exist within 10 or 20 kilometers of your house and which might be subject to MacArthur and Wilson’s theory of island biogeography.

    asked by abdul
  51. Math Geometry

    Four circles of unit radius are drawn with centers (1,0), (-1,0), (0,1), and (0,-1). A circle with radius 2 is drawn with the origin as its center. What is the area of all points which are contained in an odd number of these 5 circles? (Express your answer

    asked by 3.1415926...
  52. math

    x + 2y = 1 1/3 +x - y =+1/3 3y = ? not just and answer A.0 B.- 1/3 C.1/3 D.1 E.1 2/3

    asked by vincent
  53. math

    The fraction 5Y3X/2Y8, in which x and Y stand for two unknown digits, represents a division which results in a quotient that is a whole number. Which of the following is (are) true? 1. X may equal 2. 11. X may equal 6 or 0. 111. X may equal 4. not just and

    asked by vincent
  54. Child Care

    Increasing numbers of communities are addressing the need for out-of-school care due to the relationship between A. teen pregnancy and inadequate care of infants. B. inadequate supervision of teens and teen pregnancy. C. working mothers and juvenile

    asked by Brenna
  55. Math

    Boulder City Hospital has just been informed that a private donor is willing to contribute $10 million per year at the beginning of each year for fifteen years. What current dollar value of this contribution if the discount rate is 14 percent?

    asked by April
  56. Maths- Calculus

    a sheet of cardboard is to be folded up to make a closed box. If the cardboard measures 55 cm by 80cm calculate the maximum volume of the box that can be made from this sheet of cardboard

    asked by Daksh
  57. Math

    How should the future value equation be modified if compounding occurs more frequently than annually?

    asked by April
  58. Computer Science

    Which abstract function(s) should be used to design: A function that consumes a non empty list of images and produces the image with the smallest area. If the function passed to the built-in abstract function is a closure, check the "use a closure" option.

    asked by Anonymous