Questions Asked on
July 26, 2013

  1. General Physics 1

    A force ~F = Fx ˆý+Fy ˆ| acts on a particle that undergoes a displacement of ~s = sx ˆý + sy ˆ| where Fx = 10 N, Fy = −4 N, sx = 6 m, and sy = 1 m. 1. Find the work done by the force on the particle. Answer in units of J 2. Find the angle between

    asked by Charles
  2. General Physics

    A 7453 N piano is to be pushed up a(n) 4.04 m frictionless plank that makes an angle of 25.9 with the horizontal. Calculate the work done in sliding the piano up the plank at a slow constant rate. Answer in units of J

    asked by Charles
  3. Calculus-HELP!!!

    Find the inverse Laplace transform of: F(s)=2/s^4

    asked by Elyse
  4. science

    On a hot summer day (30 degrees Celsius), a pesky little mosquito produced its warning sound near your ear. The sound is produced by the beating of its wings at a rate of about 600 wings beats per second. What is the frequency in Hertz of the sound wave?

    asked by trina
  5. Chemistry

    The complex [Co(ox)3]4- has a high-spin electron configuration. How many unpaired electrons are there in the complex? I know because it's a high-spin, it's tetrahydral shaped. But I don't know what (ox) is so, I'm stuck in finding the oxidation state of Co

    asked by Sara
  6. scince

    During a rain storm, rain comes straight down with velocity Vi =-15 m/s and hits the roof of a car perpendicularly. The mass of the rain per second that strikes the roof is 0.060 kg every second. Assuming that the rain comes to rest upon strikingthe car (

    asked by trina
  7. mathematics

    I am five digit number greater than 40,000 but less than 60,000.My ones digit is 3 more than my ten thousands digit.All my numbers are the same.The sum of my digit is 28.What number I am?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. chemistry

    balance half equations in basic solution ClO3- to ClO4- Zn to zn2+ BrO3- to Br- IO3- to I2 Sn2+ to Sn4+

    asked by roxy
  9. Chemistry

    1. Balance the following half reactions in basic solution. ClO3- (aq) ¨ ClO4- (aq) Zn (s) ¨ Zn2+ (aq) BrO3- (aq) ¨ Br- (aq) IO3- (aq) ¨ I2 (s) Sn2+ ¨ Sn4+

    asked by Jenny
  10. physics

    Calculate the net work output of a heat engine following path ABCDA in Figure 14.30, where horizontal axis is V and each unit is 0.5*10^-3 m^3, V1 = 1.0*10^-3 m^3 and V2 = 4.0*10^-3 m^3. The vertical axis is P(N/m^2); A is (1.0*10^-3,2.6*10^6), B is

    asked by Justin
  11. Psychology

    A fleet of large trucks arrived in the mall parking lot after Janelle parked her car. When she returned to the lot she could not find her small vehicle in the maze of huge trucks. It took her at least half an hour of searching before she located her car.

    asked by Mat
  12. science

    A motorcyclist is trying to leap across a canyon by driving horizontally of the cliff that is 70.0m high at 38.0m/s. Ignoring air resistance, use energy conservation to find the speed with which the cycle strikes the ground at a height of 35.0 on the other

    asked by trina
  13. General Physics

    A block sliding on a horizontal surface has an initial speed of 0.5 m/s. The block travels a distance of 1 m as it slows to a stop. What distance would the block have traveled if its initial speed had been 1 m/s? 1. 2 m 2. 1 m 3. more information is needed

    asked by Charles
  14. science

    A solution is prepared by mixing 100.0 mL of 0.0500 M AgNO3 with 75.0 mL of 0.0500 M CaCl2. What is the equilibrium concentration of Ag+ in solution? Ksp for AgCl is 1.6 x 10^-10

    asked by luna
  15. science

    One of Saturn's moons has an orbital distance of 1.87×100000000m. The mean orbital period of this moon is approximately 23hours. Use this information to estimate a mass for the planet Saturn.

    asked by trina
  16. math

    A piece of land with an area of .5 square kilometers is priced at $5700 Canadian. If there are 1.269 Canadian dollars per (US) dollar, then what is the price in dollars per square mile?

    asked by Shawnel
  17. scince

    A man pushes a 50N box across a level floor at a constant speed of 2.0m/s for 10s. Find the average power output by a man.

    asked by trina
  18. General Physics

    A 0.377 kg bead slides on a curved wire, starting from rest at point A(4.8 meters) as shown in the figure. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . A. If the wire is frictionless, find the speed of the bead at B(0 Meters). Answer in units of m/s B. Find

    asked by Charles
  19. science

    A 15kg object is pushed to the right with a net force of 60N. If a 5kg object experiences the same acceleration, how much force is it being pushed with?

    asked by trina
  20. General Physics

    A force Fx acts on a particle. The force is related to the position of the particle by the formula Fx = (5.9 N/m3) x3. Find the work done by this force on the particle as the particle moves from x = 0.9 m to x = 22 m. Answer in units of J

    asked by Charles
  21. General Physics

    A 4 kg block slides along a frictionless horizontal with a speed of 5.1 m/s. After sliding a distance of 7 m, the block makes a smooth transition to a frictionless ramp inclined at an angle of 13 degrees to the horizontal. The acceleration of gravity is

    asked by Charles
  22. math

    a small farm field is a square measuring 340 ft on a side. what is the perimeter of the field?

    asked by Erica
  23. asd

    mrs. lim buys 30 kg of cheese at a certain price.she finds that if she had bought some cheaper cheese costing 95 cents less she could have 32 1/2 kg for the same amount of moneyWhat is the price per kg of the more expensive cheese?

    asked by asd
  24. Discrete Mathematics

    Write the inverse, converse, and contrapositive of the following statement: upside down A x E R, if (x + 2)(x - 3) > 0, then x < -2 or x >3 Indicate which among the statement, its converse, ints inverse, and its contrapositive are true and which are false.

    asked by Joy
  25. Geometry

    a rectangular swimming pool has an area of double 1500ft. The rectangular pool is 50ft. The rectangular walkway that surrounds the pool is 4ft. How many feet of fencing do you need to surround the walkway?

    asked by chelsey
  26. Psychology

    Do you think John forgets the time of his appointments? Perhaps he is always late because it makes him feel powerful or, maybe he is just disorganized?" These questions are being asked in order to 
 A. determine whether John's tardiness is

    asked by Mat
  27. Physics

    When a 81.0 kg. person climbs into an 1400 kg. car, the car's springs compress vertically 1.5 cm. What will be the frequency of vibration when the car hits a bump? (Ignore damping.)

    asked by Brett
  28. chemistry

    pH = 3.89 calculate concentration of hydronium ion and hydroxide ion in solution.

    asked by shana
  29. chemistry

    5. Identify whether the following reaction is an oxidation or a reduction. a. Ni2+ + 2e- ¨ Ni b. 2Br- ¨ Br2 + 2e- c. O2 + 4e- ¨ 2O2- d. Zn ¨ 2e- + Zn2+ e. H2 ¨ 2H+ + 2e-

    asked by roxanne
  30. MIT 2.01x

    The shaft ABC is a solid circular cylinder of constant outer diameter 2R and length 3L. The shaft is fixed between walls at A and C and it is composed of two segments made of different materials. The left third of the shaft (AB) is composed of a linear

    asked by superman
  31. General Physics

    A spring with spring constant of 28 N/m is stretched 0.2 m from its equilibrium position. How much work must be done to stretch it an additional 0.06 m? Answer in units of J

    asked by Charles
  32. math

    Jill is planting a row of flowers 10 ft long in her garden. If she plants a flower every 1/3 ft, how many flowers can she plant?

    asked by sam
  33. interpersonal communication skills

    two components of oral communication include? A.proper volume and facial expressions B.pitch and eye contact C.enunciation and speaking rate D.eye contact and pronunciation my answer is c

    asked by susue
  34. Statistics

    Multiple Choice Which of the following statements is true about the 95% confidence interval of the average of a sample? A) 95 of 100 avgs of samples will be within the limits of the confidence interval. B) There is a 95% chance the avg of the population to

    asked by Andrew
  35. maths

    prove that 4cos36+cot15/2=1+4+9+16+25+36,ifcot15/2 is1+cos15/+sin15

    asked by edward
  36. Psychology

    A student who has never written a term paper and is frightened by the prospect of such an effort may avoid reading the directions for the paper. "No one writes papers in French," or "You never told us what to do," might be used to deal with the problem.

    asked by Matin
  37. General Physics

    A 35 kg block is pulled at a constant speed along a horizontal surface by a rope with tension FT . The rope is inclined at an angle from the horizontal as shown. The block moves a distance 15 m along the horizontal surface. What is the net work done by all

    asked by Charles
  38. physics

    (a) What is the best coefficient of performance for a heat pump that has a hot reservoir temperature of 50.0°C and a cold reservoir temperature of -20.0°C? (b) How much heat in kilocalories would it pump into the warm environment if 3.60 multiplied by

    asked by Justin
  39. Business Communications - English 101

    Please check numbers, dates, and commas, etc. for any grammatical errors. Thank you! On January 2 of next year, Great Lakes Associates in Radiology and Imaging will be relocating to a new, larger office complex. The move is necessary to accommodate the

    asked by MaryBeth
  40. **Chem | PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

    Divide 34700 by 0.00900 and enter the answer using the proper scientific "E" notation so that the result is within 1% of the exact calculation.

    asked by LILYYYYY
  41. chemistry

    ou weigh out Potassium Permanganate, Mass of KMnO4 (MW=158.034).......... 0.1569 g You dissolve it completely in water.......... 46.00 mL (a) Molarity of MnO4- solution........................... ________________ M You pipet out your UNKNOWN.............

    asked by faruk
  42. Psychology

    I have never been a good problem solver. I am not direct enough to be successful," the client complained. "You do not see yourself as a direct problem solver?" responded the therapist. This conversation is typical of _______________.  
A. dialectical

    asked by Mat
  43. General Physics 1

    A simple Atwood's machine uses a massless pulley and two masses m1 and m2. Starting from rest, the speed of the two masses is 4.8 m/s at the end of 5.5 s. At that time, the kinetic energy of the system is 33 J and each mass has moved a distance of 13.2 m.

    asked by Charles
  44. physics

    (a) How much heat (J) flows from 1.00 kg of water at 46.0°C when it is placed in contact with 1.00 kg of 18°C water in reaching equilibrium? (b) What is the change(J/K) in entropy due to this heat transfer? (c) How much work (J) is made unavailable,

    asked by Justin
  45. Statistic/Psychology

    Joe had a score of 72 on the Counseling Aptitude Scale, and the standard error of measurement of the scale is 3. Where would we expect Tom's true score to fall 99.5 percent of the time? a.71 to 73 b. 69 to 75 c. 66 to 78 d. 63 to 81

    asked by Crystal
  46. Statistic/Psychology

    If the correlation between one's interest in statistics and being a "fun date" was -0.70, it would mean that: a. The higher someone's interest was in statistics, the more likely it would be that he or she is a fun date b. The higher someone's interest was

    asked by Crystal
  47. MITx: 2.01x

    Q2_1: QUIZ 2, PROBLEM #1 The shaft ABC is a solid circular cylinder of constant outer diameter 2R and length 3L. The shaft is fixed between walls at A and C and it is composed of two segments made of different materials. The left third of the shaft (AB) is

    asked by mt
  48. Psychology

    Unfortunately I have a D in the class, but I am an A student." When there is a difference between what I believe and what I do, 
 A. cognitive dissonance will develop.
 B. social cognition will be less decisive.
 C. central route processing will

    asked by Mat
  49. Algebra

    True or False. The fifth root of a positive integer is sometimes irrational. Please give an example or a counterexample so that I can understand it fully.

    asked by Paula
  50. interpersonal communication skills

    which one of the following is a nonverbal tool that shows interest in a person? A.frown B.handshake C.hygiene D.eye contact my answer is d

    asked by susue
  51. Psychology

    27. An understanding of a person's personality enables one to _______________. 
 A. diagnose mental illness 
B. predict behavior
 C. insure success
 D. increase personal restraint Could it be B?

    asked by anonymous
  52. chemistry

    3.1×10−2 Molarity MgSO4. Express your answer numerically using two significant figures.

    asked by fatima
  53. Psychology

    Marvin collects things, not cars, or baseball cards, or even beer bottles. Marvin collects everything. He cannot seem to stop picking up "stuff" from the street or dumpsters. If he attempts to pass by a target for collection, he is overwhelmed with tension

    asked by karen
  54. english

    Hey I know it is long ago since I posted more of my text but there was so much else I had to do... I hope somebody can correct it :) Then I took a second look at each sentence, because it often is the case that the BNC has very long sentences in which it

    asked by Minnie
  55. Compund Interest

    Bobby needs to save $10,000 for school in the next two years. He found a bank that offers a 10% interest rate compounded annually. What does he need to deposit at the beginning of the year to have enough money for school?

    asked by Wendy
  56. Statistic/Psychology

    In using repression to predict an individuals performance on the criterion based on his or her score on the instrument, the prediction is least accurate when the correlation is: a.-1.00 b. 0.00 c 0.50 d. 1.00

    asked by Crystal
  57. statistic/Psychology

    According to classical test theory, if the observed variance of a test is 50 and the true variance is 40, what is the estimated reliability of the test? a. 0.40 b. 0.50 c. 0.80 d. 0.90

    asked by Crystal
  58. chemistry

    Molarity is to moles of solute over liters of solution as molality is to A. molar concentration over molal concentration. B. moles of solute over kilograms of solvent. C. molal concentration over molar concentration. D. moles of solute over moles of

    asked by arthur
  59. Calculus

    How can I prove this series alternating series converges(this is the answer)? (-1)^2*(2/3)^n I tried it this way: an = (2/3)^n, then i just broke it down. 2^n/(3^n) and i took the ratio of it and got 2/3 which does not equal to one which would mean the

    asked by Isaac
  60. MITx: 2.01x

    Q2_2: QUIZ 2, PROBLEM #2 The composite beam AB, of length L=2m, is free at A (x=0) and fixed at B (x=L) and is composed of a round cylindrical core of constant radius R0=1cm bonded inside a sleeve of thickness R0 (outer radius 2R0=2cm). The beam is loaded,

    asked by mt
  61. Math

    Q2_1: QUIZ 2, PROBLEM #1 The shaft ABC is a solid circular cylinder of constant outer diameter 2R and length 3L. The shaft is fixed between walls at A and C and it is composed of two segments made of different materials. The left third of the shaft (AB) is

    asked by AK
  62. Psychology

    Since you live in a tribal situation which views the piercing of the body with thorns as an indication of strength among men, women, children, and infants, the practice cannot be judged as abnormal." This statement is reflective of _______________. 

    asked by Matin
  63. Psychology

    It had been a confusing afternoon which Martin was embarrassed to share with anyone. About one o'clock, he suddenly realized that he was in a strange place with strange people who called him by name. Martin found himself in a town he had never heard of and

    asked by karen
  64. Psychology

    Nelda is fearful of public places and has managed to stay "at home" for the last three years. She and her therapist have developed a strategy. During the first week, she will go to the front door and open it and look outside. If she can remain calm, the

    asked by karen
  65. math

    One manufacturer needs to calculate the net price of an order with a list price of $300 and a trade discount series of 12/9/5. Use the net decimal equivalent to find the net price.

    asked by Tito
  66. math

    Sally cuts a piece of paper to make a greeting card. Two opposite sides are 8 inches long. The other two opposite sides are 4 inches long. All the sides meet at right angles. How can this shape be classified? Name all the ways from most specific to most

    asked by sam
  67. Discrete Mathematics

    Let p and q be propositions. Use Logical equivalences to show that (p ^ (~ (~ p V q))) V (p ^ q) = p

    asked by Joy
  68. Business Communications - English 101

    Last one.... please check grammar/punctuation. Thanks!!!! You need to know some important information regarding medication you’re currently taking. After we reviewed our records, we find that approval for coverage of your medication, Nexium 40MG, is

    asked by MaryBeth
  69. math

    1.Express (xe^x)^2=30e^(-x) in the form lnx=ax+b,and find the value of a and of b . 2.solve 4(3^2x)=e^x

    asked by Claudia
  70. Geometry

    ABC is an obtuse triangle with m

    asked by Chelsey
  71. chemistry

    1. In the following reactions, identify which reactants are the oxidizing agent and which are the reducing agents. a. 2S2O32- (aq) + I2 (s) ¨ 2I- (aq) + S4O62- (aq) b. NO3- (aq) + Zn (s) ¨ Zn2+ (aq) + NO2 (g)

    asked by Shane
  72. Psychology

    Most of us respond negatively if a spider walks across our arm while we are studying, but Cassandra cannot bear the thought of a spider. If she suspects that a spider lurks inside a building, she will not enter. She employs an exterminator to treat her

    asked by Matin
  73. Psychology

    One of the interesting aspects of family therapy is the "system" or roles which are assumed by family members. A good example would be _______________. 
A. the father sometimes comes home late
 B. the mother has difficulty making decisions

    asked by Mat
  74. physics

    While taking a plane flight to a meeting, a physicist decides to do a mental calculation of how much fuel the plane would consume in the absence of friction, assuming its engines have an efficiency of 22.0% and the mass of the plane is 200,000 kg. Each

    asked by Justin
  75. Discrete Mathematics

    Use a truth table to determine that "division into cases" rule of inference is valid.

    asked by Joy
  76. Discrete Mathematics

    Use Bubble Sort to sort the list: 7, 12, 5, 22, 13, 32 What is the maximum number of comparisons required for a list of 6 numbers? How many vcomparisons did I actually need?

    asked by Joy
  77. Linear Algebra

    Rosa ordered 120 pieces of jewelry. a number of bracelets for $10 each a number of necklaces for $12 each. She wrote check for $1400. How many bracelets and necklaces did she buy?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English

    After a while he fancied he would like to go faster, so he began to cluck with his tongue and cry "C'ck! c'ck!" The horse broke into a smart trot, and before Hans was aware he was thrown off—splash!—into a ditch which divided the highway from the

    asked by rfvv
  79. math

    solve 2y=7sqrt(y)-3

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Psychology

    Ralph was the third child born to a family of seven. At times his mother confused his name with those of his five brothers. His was never the tallest, the strongest, the fastest, or the smartest in school. He was also too little to do something or too old

    asked by Mark
  81. Statistics

    True or False Questions. Statistics' students of a class of Lyceum want to calculate the average number of chocolate pieces in a standard package of biscuits SANTAS. They choose a random sample of biscuits, measure chocolate pieces in each cookie and

    asked by Andrew
  82. Psychology

    Phyllis is anxious to ride the parachute drop at the park. Her friend, Betsy, feels faint at the thought and does not enjoy watching others ride. These different reactions demonstrate that _______________. 
 A. perception of stress varies among

    asked by Mark
  83. math

    y=-2x+2, 7x+4y=7

    asked by Anonymous
  84. calculus (please help steve)

    Evaluate ∬(x^2+y^2)^2/(x^2y^2) dx dy over the region common to the circles x^2+y^2=7x and x^2+y^2=11y.

    asked by andy
  85. MIT 2.01x

    Q2_1_2 Answers 1) (TCX+2Lt0)/(G0I) where TCx=-t0L/3 2) t0(3L-x))/(2G0I) 3) x=3L

    asked by superman
  86. math

    ED is making a scale drawing of a bridge on a shrrt of paper. The actual bridge is 200 feet long . To get the dimensions for the drawing, is ED multiplying by a number greater than 1 or a number less than 1 ? Explain

    asked by sam
  87. geometry

    asked by chelsey
  88. math

    What is the maximum number of 1-cm3 cubes that can fit into a box with a volume of 1,200 cm3

    asked by sam
  89. Psychology

    It was a test day, there were no oral reports due, and the class was getting ready to view a video. Regardless of the relaxed nature of the class, Baxter suddenly felt his muscles tighten and his heart rate increase as if he had had a sudden fright. It was

    asked by Matin
  90. Psychology

    I know I am not going to do such a thing, but the thought keeps moving through my mindDid I remember to get dressed?" Karen recognizes her thought as unrealistic, but she stops at each restroom to check in the mirror. She checks again when she passes a

    asked by Matin
  91. Geometry

    asked by chelsey
  92. General Physics

    Suppose that the force on the block FT is increased so that the block accelerates (starting from rest) at a = 2.2 m/s2. Now what is the net work done by all the forces acting on the block as it moves a distance of 15 m? 1. Wnet = −1968.75 J 2. Wnet =

    asked by Charles
  93. physics

    When 1.60 multiplied by 105 J of heat enters a cherry pie initially at 20.0°C, its entropy increases by 470 J/K. What is its final temperature (C)? Drwls answered: delta S = entropy change = 1.6*10^5*[1/293 - 1/T2] = 470 Solve for T2 But after I checked

    asked by Justin
  94. MAT LAB

    Q2_1: QUIZ 2, PROBLEM #1 The shaft ABC is a solid circular cylinder of constant outer diameter 2R and length 3L. The shaft is fixed between walls at A and C and it is composed of two segments made of different materials. The left third of the shaft (AB) is

    asked by StarofDavid
  95. Business Communications - English 101

    Should Dr. be spelled out in the inside address. Any other grammar/punctuation errors? Dr. Robert E. Grant Dental Care Associates 200 South Broad Street Charleston, South Carolina 29401 Dear Doctor Grant Retreatment has been completed on your patient,

    asked by MaryBeth