Questions Asked on
July 19, 2013

  1. physics

    The same amount of heat entering identical masses of different substances produces different temperature changes. Calculate the final temperature when 1.25 kcal of heat enters 1.25 kg of the following, originally at 20.0°C. (a) water (b) concrete (c)

    asked by Eric
  2. quantitative methods for business

    Metropolitan Bus Company purchases diesel fuel from American Petroleum Supply. American Petroleum Supply charges $250.00 to cover delivery expenses. The lead time for a new shipment from American Petroleum is 10 days and the cost of holding a gallon of

    asked by trai
  3. physics

    Rubbing your hands together warms them by converting work into thermal energy. If a woman rubs her hands back and forth for a total of 12 rubs a distance of 7.50 cm each and with a frictional force averaging 30.0 N, what is the temperature increase? The

    asked by Eric
  4. Math 140

    To help pay for a class trip at the end of the senior year, the junior class at a high school invests $1800 from a fund-raiser in a 18-month CD paying 2.6% interest compound monthly. Determine the amount the class will receive when it cashes in the CD

    asked by Pamela
  5. Calculus

    Find f(x) by solving the initial value problem. f '(x) = 3ex - 4x; f(0) = 10 f(x) =

    asked by Anonymous
  6. quantitative methods for business

    Cress Electronic Products manufactures components used in the automotive industry. Cress purchases parts for use in its manufacturing operation of different suppliers. One particular supplier provides a part where the assumptions of the EOQ model are

    asked by trai
  7. Chemistry

    You dissolve 1.05 grams of an unknown diprotic acid in 200.0 mL of H2O. This solution is just neutralized by 5.00 mL of a 1.00 M NaOH solution. What is the molar mass of the unknown acid?

    asked by Tayla
  8. quantitative methods for business

    El Computer produces its multimedia notebook computer on a production line that has an annual capacity of 16,000 units. The cost to set up the production line is $2345, and the annual holding cost is $20 per unit. Current practice calls for production runs

    asked by trai
  9. Calculus

    Find the amount of an annuity if $210/month is paid into it for a period of 20 yr, earning interest at the rate of 8%/year compounded continuously. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) $

    asked by Anonymous
  10. physics

    An ice bag containing 0°C ice is much more effective in absorbing heat than one containing the same amount of 0°C water. (a) How much heat in kcal is required to raise the temperature of 0.700 kg of water from 0°C to 27.0°C? (b) How much heat is

    asked by Eric
  11. quantitative methods for business

    A product with an annual demand of 1000 units has Co = $25.50 and Ch = $8. The demand exhibits some variability such that the lead-time demand follows a normal probability distribution with μ = 25 and σ = 5. 1. What is the recommended order quantity? 2.

    asked by trai
  12. physics

    A lumberjack (mass = 98 kg) is standing at rest on one end of a floating log (mass = 200 kg) that is also at rest. The lumberjack runs to the other end of the log, attaining a velocity of +4.0 m/s relative to the shore, and then hops onto an identical

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Calculus

    The management of Lorimar Watch Company has determined that the daily marginal revenue function associated with producing and selling their travel clocks is given by R '(x) = -0.003x + 12 where x denotes the number of units produced and sold and R '(x) is

    asked by Anonymous
  14. physics

    A 2.60 kg steel gas can holds 15.0 L of gasoline when full. What is the average density of the full gas can, taking into account the volume occupied by steel as well as by gasoline? Please show the steps, thanks.

    asked by Eric
  15. Chemistry

    Which statement about resonance structures is TRUE: 1) There can never be more than two resonance structures for any molecule. 2) Only ionic compounds use resonance structures 3) The real structure of a molecule is an average or hybrid of the resonance

    asked by Michelle
  16. quantitative methods for business

    A perishable diary product is ordered daily at a particular supermarket. The product, which cost $1.19 per unit, sells for $1.65 per unit. If units are unsold at the end of the day, the supplier takes them back at a rebate of $1 per unit. Assume that daily

    asked by trai
  17. Calculus

    The management of the Titan Tire Company has determined that the quantity demanded x of their Super Titan tires/week is related to the unit price p by the relation p = 144 − x^2 where p is measured in dollars and x is measured in units of a thousand.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Calculus

    Find f (x) by solving the initial value problem. f '(x) = 6x^2 - 10x; f(2) = 5 f(x) =

    asked by Anonymous
  19. chem 2

    A buffer solution is made using a weak acid, HA. If the pH of the buffer is 1.0 × 101 and the ratio of A– to HA is 10, what is the pKa of HA?

    asked by Brianna
  20. science

    The separation of homologous chromosomes is called: A. synapsis. B. segregation. C. mitosis. D. fertilization. im confused between B n C

    asked by Amy
  21. physics

    A 3.00 g lead bullet traveling at 640 m/s strikes a target, converting its kinetic energy into thermal energy. It's initial temperature is 40.0°C. (a)Find the available kinetic energy of the bullet.(J) (b)Find the heat required to melt the bullet.(J)

    asked by Eric
  22. english

    "There's four kinds of folks in the world. There's the ordinary kind, like us and the neighbours, there's the kind like the Cunningham's out in the woods, the kind like the Ewell's down at the dump, and the Negroes." what rhetorical device or fallacy is

    asked by sarah
  23. Science

    The separation of homologous chromosomes is called: A. synapsis. B. segregation. C. mitosis. D. fertilization. is it C 2. In humans, the genes for blood type A and B show lack of dominance to one another and both dominate O. Two type O people would be able

    asked by Amy
  24. science

    3. The sex of mammals is determined by: A. the autosomes they receive. B. the type of sex chromosomes received. C. the number of recessive chromosomes received. D. None of these answers is or may be a factor. is it B

    asked by Amy
  25. MATH

    A frustrated office worker throws his laptop out of his business’s high-rise office building. The height, h, in meters of the laptop above the ground at t seconds can be modelled by 2 h(t) 125 5t . Estimate the instantaneous rate at which the laptop hits

    asked by ROBIN
  26. english

    The older you grow the more of it you’ll see. The one place where a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom, be he any color of the rainbow, but people have a way of carrying their resentments right into a jury box. As you grow older, you’ll

    asked by sarah
  27. algebra

    y=(v/u)x+(g)/(2(u^2))*x^2 where y is the object's vertical distance (in feet) above from where it was thrown x is the object's horizontal distance (in feet) away from where it was thrown and u is the objects' initial horizontal velocity v is the object's

    asked by Geoff
  28. quantitative methods for business

    A manager of an inventory system believes that inventory models are important decision-making aids. Even though often using an EOQ policy, the manager never considered a backorder model because of the assumption that back orderes were “bad” and should

    asked by trai
  29. math

    use mathematical induction to prove -1/2^n = 1/2^n - 1

    asked by o
  30. physics

    The formation of condensation on a glass of ice water causes the ice to melt faster than it would otherwise. If 7.40 g of condensation forms on a glass containing water and 210 g of ice, how many grams will melt as a result? Assume no other heat transfer

    asked by Eric
  31. MATH

    2tan^2x-tanx-1=0 0

    asked by ROBIN
  32. MATH

    A frustrated office worker throws his laptop out of his business’s high-rise office building. The height, h, in meters of the laptop above the ground at t seconds can be modelled by h(t)=125=125-5t^2 Estimate the instantaneous rate at which the laptop

    asked by ROBIN
  33. english

    “Boys don’t cook.” What type of rhetorical device or fallacy is this? :“…what are you doing in those overalls? You should be in a dress and camisole, young lady!” what type of rhetorical device or fallacy is this?

    asked by sarah
  34. physics

    A clock is made out of a disk of radius R=10 cm which is hung by a point on its edge and oscillates. All of a sudden, a circular part right next to the hanging point of radius R2 falls off, but the clock continues oscillating. What is the absolute value of

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Science

    __________ describes how a cell makes a protein from the protein coding sequence of a gene. A. Transcription B. Gene expression C. Translation D. Gene phrasing i'm confused between A and C

    asked by Amy
  36. Calculus

    Mathematica Project - Position, Velocity, and Acceleration? A rocket is fired vertically upward into the air from a launching platform 100 ft above the ground. The platform is then retracted, and the rocket is allowed to fall to the ground. The height (in

    asked by Ken
  37. MAT LAB

    HW9_1: AXIAL AND TRANSVERSE STRAINS - THE POISSON'S RATIO When no loads are applied, the isotropic elastic block depicted below is a cube of side L0=200 mm. When the distributed load (surface traction) q=200 MPa is applied as shown below, the side length

    asked by AMK
  38. experimental psychology

    If science depends on observation of empirical data, how can social scientists study non observable phenomena, such as though patterns or imagery?

    asked by Me
  39. math

    The area of a rectangle is 72 square inches and the perimeter is 44 inches. Find its dimensions.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. vivekanand H s SCHOOL

    the difference of ages between 2 sisters is 10 years, 15 years ago elder 1 was twice as old as younger age. find the both present age?

    asked by shankar
  41. Calculus

    In a study conducted by a certain country's Economic Development Board, it was found that the Lorentz curve for the distribution of income of college teachers was described by the function f(x) = 13/14x^2 + 1/14x and that of lawyers by the function g(x) =

    asked by Anonymous
  42. physics

    In 0.511 s, a 13.1-kg block is pulled through a distance of 3.13 m on a frictionless horizontal surface, starting from rest. The block has a constant acceleration and is pulled by means of a horizontal spring that is attached to the block. The spring

    asked by Anonymous
  43. psychology

    critical thinking involves being to:

    asked by mek
  44. Statistics Help !!!!

    Are my answers here correct ? Research questions for z test, t test for independent samples and t test for dependent samples : z test: "An investigator is interested in finding out whether the particular sample of college students is similar to or

    asked by Tise
  45. physics

    Telephoto lenses allow one to "zoom in" on distant objects, making them bigger. A particular telephoto lens consists of a combination of two thin lenses having focal lengths of f1=20 cm and f2=−8 cm, respectively. The lenses are separated by a distance

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    How would you show the work for this. Bills locker is 30 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 14 inches deep. If his books take up 1,545 in. of space, how much space does he have left to hang his coat and bookbag? Thank you

    asked by sam
  47. math

    Which point is located on the y-axis of a coordinate plane? 6,0 3,2 6,6 0,6

    asked by sam
  48. Finance

    Consider the following information and calculate the required rate of return for the Winkler Investment Fund. The total investment fund is $2 million. Stock Investment Beta ----- ---------- ---- A $ 200,000 1.50 B 300,000 -0.50 C 500,000 1.25 D 1,000,000

    asked by ahmad
  49. english

    Ms sue please check and correct whst I have wriiten

    asked by kirat
  50. Statistics

    A research article reports the results of a drug test. This medicine used to reduce vision loss in people suffering from macular degeneration. The article state p = 0,04 section findings. The following issues are of three different interpretations of this

    asked by Andrew
  51. MATH

    Create a graph of a function given the following information: The instantaneous rate of change at x = 2 is zero. The instantaneous rate of change at x = 3 is negative. The average rate of change on the interval 0

    asked by ROBIN
  52. Geometry

    The area of a rectangle is 72 square inches and the perimeter is 44 inches. Find its dimensions.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Algebra

    True or False. 1. If the radicand is a multiple of a perfect square number, then the radical is not in its simplest form. 2. The value of the cube root of -1/8 is not a real number because the radical is negative. 3. The fifth root of a negative number is

    asked by Paula
  54. bio

    is about blood flow. if i start in the superior mesenteric vein vein to finish in the left anterior circumflex humeral artery by the way of the hepatic portal vein and the heart. what is the right way?

    asked by mary
  55. Math

    What is the volume of the structure bounded by the regions x^2+2y^2+z≤16, 0≤x≤2, 0≤y≤2 and z≥0?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Science

    __________ reproduces many varieties of fruit trees and other plants by making cuttings of the plant and rooting the cuttings. A. Cloning B. Sexual reproduction C. Meiosis D. Somatic cell transfer is it A

    asked by Amy
  57. english

    Imagine you are a tainted cricketer exposed for your role in the match fixing scandal.Write a diary entry highlighting your regret ,reasons why you got tempted and the lesson you have learnt . (80-100 words)

    asked by kirat
  58. Global history

    How did the use of machines brings about a major change in the lives of people in great people?

    asked by Simran
  59. english

    Ms sue you mean to say its correct ? Is there anything else I write in addition to it or improve what I have written

    asked by kirat
  60. MATH

    f(x)=3x+2 g(x)=-2x+1 a) Write an equation for ( f+ g)(x) b) Determine (f+g)(6) c) Determine (fg)(6) d) Determine the domain of (f/g)(x)

    asked by ROBIN
  61. Statistics

    An environmentalist do a study to investigate the effects of a specific herbicide in fish. Has 60 healthy fish and randomly distributes any fish or in the experimental group or the control group. The fish in the experimental group have higher indices

    asked by Andrew
  62. math

    The perimeter of a fence is 84 meters. If the width is 2 meters less than the length, find the width

    asked by jerry
  63. math

    What percent of the total number of states does each of the 50 states represent?

    asked by vincent
  64. English

    Why is it a little odd to say "I work at nights"?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. princ

    A modulating wave has a peak value of 2 volts while the carrier wave equation for the voltage is 1.2 sin (20t + 15°).Determine the modulating index.

    asked by principles of communication
  66. algebra

    A poll was taken of 100 students at a commuter campus to find out how they got to campus. The results were as follows: 28 said they drove alone. 37 rode in a carpool. 27 rode public transportation. 8 used both carpools and public transportation. 8 used

    asked by mary
  67. Physics

    What is the formula to find magnetic field at the centre of the solenoid of hollow iron core??

    asked by Anonymous
  68. chem

    waht is the kinetic energy in joules of 780-lb motorcycle moving at 54 mph?

    asked by sam
  69. math

    what is the quotient of 3/4 divided by 3?

    asked by sam
  70. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass (in grams) of sugar, C12H22O11, in 166.4 mL of a 1.79 M solution of sugar.

    asked by Leigh
  71. math

    f(x) and f′(x) are continuous, differentiable functions that satisfy f(x)=x^3+4x^2+∫(from 0 to x)(x−t)f′(t) dt. What is f′(5)−f(5)?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. socials 11

    what did the automotive products agreement change between canada and the us?

    asked by alyssa
  73. Media/Social Science

    What is the theory of Habermas? How would you explain the theory of communicative rationality? How do you think the thoughts of Habermas apply to the real world?

    asked by Karen
  74. calculus (point me in the right direction please?)

    f(x) and f′(x) are continuous, differentiable functions that satisfy f(x)=x^3+4x^2+∫(from 0 to x)(x−t)f′(t) dt. What is f′(5)−f(5)?

    asked by andy
  75. MATH


    asked by ROBIN
  76. english

    Ms sue. Please write the article for the earlier mentioned topic

    asked by kirat
  77. coleje

    find the domain of range of integer f(x)=int (x)+3

    asked by ardalan
  78. marleting

    which of the following trends is causing marketers to place more emphasis on competitive differention

    asked by Jasmine