Questions Asked on
July 7, 2013

  1. Physics

    A 1.0 x 10^3 kg elevator carries a maximum load of 800.0 kg. A constant frictional force of 4.0 x 10^3 N retards the elevator's motion upward. What minimum power, in kilowatts, must the motor deliver to lift the fully loaded elevator at a constant speed of

    asked by K
  2. physics

    Microwave ovens typically cook food using microwaves the a frequency of about 3.00 GHz (gigahertz 10 to the nine Hz). Show the wavelength of these microwaves traveling at the speed of light is 10cm.

    asked by bubba1
  3. chem

    Which of the following diatomic species are paramagnetic and which are diamagnetic? A blank molecular orbital diagram (Figure 2) has been provided to help you.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. probability

    Assume that there is an urn containing seven $50 bills, six $20 bills, five $10 bills, four $5 bills, and one $1 bill and that the bills all have different serial numbers so that they can be distinguished from each other. A person reaches into the urn and

    asked by sarah
  5. Statistics/Probability

    1. Two roommates, roommate A and roommate B, are about to go cruising with a mutual friend and are arguing over who gets to sit in the front seat. Roommate A suggests a game of rock-paper-scissors to settle the dispute. Consider the game of

    asked by y912f
  6. Statistics/Probability

    2. Two roommates, roommate X and roommate Y, are expecting company and are arguing over who should have to wash the dishes before the company arrives. Roommate X suggests a game of rock-paper-scissors to settle the dispute. Consider the game of

    asked by y912f
  7. physics

    a football is thrown to a moving receiver .the football leaves the quarterback's hands 1.75m above the ground with a velocity of 17.0m/s[25deg]if the receiver starts 12.0m away from the quarterback along the line of flight of the ball when is is thrown ,

    asked by jake
  8. physics

    At the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Dwight Phillips won the gold medal in men’s long jump with a jump of 8.59 m. If the angle of his jump was 23°, what was his takeoff speed? (Treat the jumper as an object; ignore that his legs are in front of him when

    asked by jake
  9. Math


    asked by Sally
  10. math

    A card is drawn from an ordinary deck of 52 cards, and the result is recorded on paper. The card is then returned to the deck and another card is drawn and recorded. Find the probability that the following occurs: a) the first card is a diamond b) the

    asked by Annonymous
  11. physics

    Participants in a road race take water from a refreshment station and throw their empty cups away farther down the course. If a runner has a forward speed of 6.20 m/s, how far in advance of a garbage pail should he release his water cup if the vertical

    asked by Ivan
  12. Statistics

    At 100 college campuses, 1200 full-time undergraduate students were surveyed on their credit card usage. Among juniors, 65% reported that they didn't have a credit card in their own name, and 23% reported that they had at least one credit card in their own

    asked by y912f
  13. help please

    Two six sided dice were rolled, and a friend tells us that the numbers that came up were identical. Find the probability that the sum of the numbers was as follows: a) 4 b) 11 c) an even number d) an odd number

    asked by Annonymous
  14. algebra 2

    The capacity of the gas tank in a car is 16.5 gallons. The car uses 10.5 gallons to travel 178.5 miles. After driving 85 more miles, only 1 gallon of gasoline remains in the tank. Which linear equation and graph model the amount of gas g left in the tank

    asked by me
  15. Chemistry help

    Average human blood serum contains 18 mg of K+ Calculate: a) the molar concentration for each of these species; use 1.00 g/mL for the density of serum. I have worked as of this (18 mg K+/100 mL)(1mL/1g)(1 mmol/39.10mg)(1g/1000mg). But it seems that some

    asked by xavier
  16. Statistics/Probability

    3. On a given evening, two roommates, roommate A and roommate B, are arguing over who should control the television remote. Roommate A suggests a game of rock-paper-scissors to settle the dispute. It's the first time that the roommates have played each

    asked by y912f
  17. algebra

    A computer repair shop has estimated the probability that a computer sent to the shop has a bad modem is 1/8, the probability that the computer has a bad CPU is 1/5, and the probability that it has a bad drive is 1/3. If we assume that modems, CPUs, and

    asked by Eliza
  18. math

    John has 2 coins, one fair and the other unbalanced so that the probability of its coming up heads is 2/3. He picks one of the coins at random, tosses it, and it comes up heads. What is the probability that he picked the unbalanced coin?

    asked by Annonymous
  19. physics

    a particle a of mass 2kg and particle b of mass 1kg are connected by alight elastic string c, and initially held at rest 0.9m apart on a smooth horizontal table with the string in tension. they are then simultaneously released . the string releases 12j of

    asked by isaac
  20. Statistics - Help!

    I really really need help with this. Can someone please look at it and let me know. At 100 college campuses, 1200 full-time undergraduate students were surveyed on their credit card usage. Among juniors, 65% reported that they didn't have a credit card in

    asked by y912f
  21. ethnics

    What challenges does the United States face due to the diversity of its people?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math

    The purchases made by customers at a convenience store are normally distributed, with a mean of $5.50 and a standard deviation of $3.50. What is the probability that a randomly chosen customer makes a purchase between $2.00 and $9.00?

    asked by Laurin
  23. probability

    A stock market analyst figures the probabilities that two related stocks, A and B, will go up in price. She finds the probability that A will go up to be 0.6 and the probability that both stocks will go up to be 0.4 What should be her estimate of the

    asked by sarah
  24. Spanish

    1) Mi padre le compró a mi madre algo ________: una pulsera muy bonita con su nombre. A. encantada B. fascinante C. divertida D. personal I said D 2) Muchos _____ fueron al baile. A. trajes B. aretes C. invitados D. initaciones I said C 3) Pienso llevar

    asked by Eri
  25. english

    What is the author referring to in this reading passage? Thus early had that one guest,--the only guest who is certain, at one time or another, to find his way into every human dwelling, --thus early had _______ stepped across the threshold of the House of

    asked by q
  26. chemistry

    calculate the de broglie wavelength of He atom at 27 degree celsius & v=2.4*1000

    asked by adi
  27. Statistics

    Examples please!Create a drawing or plan for a 2 x 3 experimental design that would lend itself to a factorial ANOVA. Be sure to identify the independent and dependent variables.

    asked by Ethel
  28. Statistics

    A researcher reports an F-ratio with df= 2, 12 for a repeated measures of ANOVA. a. How many treatment conditions were compared in the study? b. How many individuals participated in the study?

    asked by Ethel
  29. Math

    The purchases made by customers at a convenience store are normally distributed, with a mean of $5.50 and a standard deviation of $3.50. What is the probability that a randomly chosen customer makes a purchase between $2.00 and $9.00?

    asked by Laurin
  30. medical coding

    While running, a 10-year-old boy began choking on a small latex ballon and was rushed from the amusement park to the emergency deparmtent. The balloon is lodged in the trachea just past the larynx and threatening to obstruct her breathing. The piece of

    asked by kim
  31. algebra

    The radius needed to create a sphere with a given volume V can be approximated by the equation r = 0.62(V)1/3. Find the radius of a sphere with a volume of 216 cubic meters. Round the answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Physics

    A roller in a sheet-metal processing plant has a diameter of 1.77 m and a mass of 5871 kg. Assume the roller is a solid cylinder. a) What is the moment of inertia of the roller? b) What is the kinetic energy of the roller when it spins at 4.28 rad/s?

    asked by Tina
  33. physics

    a football is thrown to a moving receiver .the football leaves the quarterback's hands 1.75m above the ground with a velocity of 17.0m/s[25deg]if the receiver starts 12.0m away from the quarterback along the line of flight of the ball when is is thrown ,

    asked by jake
  34. statistics

    A researcher reports an F-ratio with df= 2, 12 for a repeated measures of ANOVA. How many treatment conditions were compared in the study?

    asked by Ethel
  35. chemisry

    Q2. Distinguish between the following- 1. CH3OH and C2H5OH 2. Phenol and methanol 3. 1-Propanol and 2-Methyl-2-propanol 4. Ethenol and 1-propanol 5. Propanol and propanone 6. Acetaldehyde and benzaldehyde 7. Benzaldehyde and benzoic acid 8. Propanoyl

    asked by neha
  36. Chemistry

    In accordance with Hess's Law, manipulate the following equations and their change in Hrxn to calculate change in Hrxn's for the reaction HClO4 + NH3 N NH4ClO4... HClO4(aq)+ LiOH(aq)¨ LiClO4(aq)+H2O(l) CH3COOH(aq)+ NH3(aq) ¨

    asked by Angela
  37. Physics

    A 2.2-kg baseball is pitched to you at 21 m/s. You hit the ball back along the same path, and at the same speed. If the bat was in contact with the ball for 0.17 s, what is the magnitude of the average force the bat exerted on the ball? Please show all

    asked by Selina
  38. American government

    I am to draft a paper that critically analyzes a current domestic or foreign political issue of importance to the United States. I want to write about the war on terror after the September 11, attacks. Does anyone think this would be a good topic. If not

    asked by angela
  39. math

    Three boxes, labeled A,.B. C, contain 1 red and 2 black balls, 2 red and 1 black balls, and 1 red and 1 black ball, respectively. Compute the terminal probabilities by using the multiplication technique. Then add the terminal probabilities for all the

    asked by Annonymous
  40. math

    after 12 years manoj will be 3times as old as he was 4 years ago. find his present age

    asked by snehil
  41. Calculus

    Find the absolute maximum and the absolute minimum values of f(x)=x−7cos(x) on the interval [−ð,ð).

    asked by Robin
  42. heeeeeelp math

    In a tetrahedron ABCD, the lengths of AB, AC, and BD are 6, 10, and 14 respectively. The distance between the midpoints M of AB and N of CD is 4. The line AB is perpendicular to AC, BD, and MN. The volume of ABCD can be written as a√b, where a and b are

    asked by lin
  43. Math

    The sum of 3 numbers is 45. The first number is 4 times the second, while the third is 9 more than the second. Create an equation and solve.

    asked by Samantha
  44. physics

    A object of height 50cm is placed 100cm in front of a plane mirror.find (.A)the image distance. B)the distance between the object and the image . C)the height of the image

    asked by sherrif
  45. Psychology

    I would like for someone to confirm that my choice of answers for these three questions are correct. If there is a incorrect answer out of the three questions that I chose please advise me to the right choice. Thank you! 1). Dr. Casey is evaluating a

    asked by Diane
  46. chemistry

    Suppose that 50mL of a solution of sulfuric acid of unknown concentration was titrated with a 0.100M solution of sodium hydroxide. If it took 45.5 mL of titrant to reach the equivalence point, what was the concentration of the unknown solution of sulfuric

    asked by Coach
  47. (pls help) physics

    (Q1)How much work is done when a bucket of mass 1.5kg with 10g of water in it is pulled up from the bottom of a well 8m deep? Take g=9.8m/s2 (a)100.3j(b)2000.5j(c)901.6j(d)453.7j (Q2) A 65kg sprinter completes a 100m race in 9.83s. Calculate the average

    asked by ikye
  48. Spanish

    1. Generalmente el autobus llega a las tres, pero estan mañana llegó a las tres y diez. ¿Por qué llegó _____? A. temprano B. tarde C. anoche D. esta noche I said B 2. Necesito comprar unos libros en español. Vamos _________ . A. a la biblioteca B. a

    asked by Eri
  49. physics


    asked by Anonymous
  50. Physics

    Two equal masses(1 and 2) are connected by an ideal rope across a pulley. This system is on a larger block A; 1 is on top of A, while 2 is hanging off the side, and the pulley rests on the corner of A. The question is what is the minimal acceleration of A

    asked by Kuen
  51. Finance

    The payment structure of a corporate bond is best thought of as: an annuity of interest payments. an annuity of principal and interest payments. an annuity of principal payments. an annuity of interest payments and a single principal payment at maturity

    asked by Neisha
  52. Statistics

    An analysis of variance was used to evaluate the mean differences from a repeated-measures research study. The results were reported as F(3,24)=6.40. a. How many treatment conditions were compared in the study? b. How many individuals participated in the

    asked by Ethel
  53. physics

    if a bus travels north with a constant velocity of3m/s, what is the displacement after 15 seconds?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. algebra

    A coin is tossed 3 times. Find the probability of obtaining the following: a) heads on the first and last toss, and tails on the other toss b) at least 2 heads c) at most 2 heads

    asked by Eliza
  55. Chemistry

    In accordance with Hessfs Law, manipulate the following equations and their ƒ¢Hrxnfs to calculate ƒ¢Hrxn for the reaction HClO4 + NH3 ¨ NH4ClO4... HClO4(aq)+ LiOH(aq) ¨ LiClO4(aq)+H2O(l) CH3COOH(aq)+ NH3(aq) ¨ NH4CH3COO(aq)

    asked by Angela
  56. Finance

    (Weighted average cost of capital) The target capital structure for QM Industries is 38% common stock 7% preferred stock, and 55% debit. If the cost of common equity for the firm is 18.2%, the cost of preferred stock is 10.6% the cost of debt is 8.2%, and

    asked by atrick
  57. Finance

    Assume a stock has just paid a $2.00-per-share dividend. Analysts believe that future dividends will grow at a 4% rate forever, and investors require an 11% return on their investment in this stock. What should the stock’s price be? $18.18 $28.57 $29.71

    asked by Neisha
  58. Calculus

    A spherical fish tank of radius 8 meters is being filled with at a constant rate of Rπ meters cube of water per second. At height 3 meters, the rate of change of the height is 1 meter per second. What is the value of R?

    asked by Mark
  59. speech

    A hypothetical example is: A. a false example. B. not real but can happen. C. an example used to prove a hypothesis. D. has no place in a speech.

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Finance

    The present value of $1,000 to be received in 1 year with annual compounding at a 10% per year rate, would be: $900.00. $909.09. $990.90. $1,100.

    asked by Neisha
  61. (pls help) Trig

    point P and Q are respectively 24m north and 7m east of point R. What is bearing of Q and P to the nearest whole degree.(a)52(b)164(c)134(d)159

    asked by david
  62. Finance

    In an amortized loan, the principal portion: increases with every payment and is zero with the last payment. increases with every payment and completely repays the loan with the last payment. increases with every payment but at a decreasing rate. does not

    asked by Neisha
  63. math

    uncle tom's age is 7 years less than 6 times his nephews age. the sum of their ages is 70 .

    asked by Samantha
  64. Calculus-HELP PLZ !!!!

    Find a general solution to the first – degree ODE. If an initial condition is given, find the corresponding particular solution. Write solution explicitly if possible. (9x^2+y-1)dx-(4y-x)dy=0, y(1)=0

    asked by Sara
  65. Math (Geometry)

    In triangle ABC, ∠A=20∘ and ∠B=80∘. Let D be a point on line segment AB such that AD=BC. What is the measure (in degrees) of ∠ADC?

    asked by Drake
  66. physics

    a car manufacturer claims that his car, starting from rest, can attain a speed of 28m/s in a time of 20s. find the average acceleration of the car and the distance it travels in this time?

    asked by ag161
  67. iconomics

    what are the cost and consequences ofproviding the subsidies and welfare

    asked by lichaba
  68. heeeeeelpm math

    A strip of 41 squares is numbered 0,1,2,…,40 from left to right and a token is placed on the square marked 0. Pinar rolls a pair of standard six-sided dice and moves the token right a number of squares equal to the total of the dice roll. If Pinar rolls

    asked by lin
  69. Calculus

    Evaluate ∬R xy dA, where R is the region bounded by x^2+y^2≤36, x≥0 and y≥0.

    asked by Max
  70. Calculus

    Let V be the volume of the three-dimensional structure bounded by the region 0≤z≤1−x^2−y^2. If V=a/bπ, where a and b are positive coprime integers, what is a+b?

    asked by Mark
  71. math

    How do I find the sum of 1+2+3+4+5...all the way to 1000?

    asked by Celest
  72. Intro to Criminal Justice

    Since grand juries are either investigating or accusing bodies and do not determine guilt or innocence: a. they are of little value to contemporary criminal procedure. b. they foster prejudice and corruption. c. most prosecutors bypass them. d. many of the

    asked by Erica Chaviano
  73. health supports

    discomfort in a rib injury comes mainly from? B.changes in atmospheric pressure C.ising the arms D.sudden expansion of the chest my answer is d the most common type of hernia in a male is? A.umbilical B.strangulated C.inguinal D.femoral my

    asked by susue
  74. finance

    Based on the following information, calculate the required return based on the CAPM: Risk Free Rate = 3.5% Market Return =10% Beta = 1.08

    asked by jose
  75. socials 11

    what war-related issue affected French and English relations in Canada for years to come?

    asked by alyssa
  76. Math

    Quinn and Julius inherited $50,000 each from their great-grandmother’s estate. Quinn invested her money in a 5-year CD paying 1.6% interest compounded semiannually. Julius deposited his money in a money market account paying 1.05% compounded monthly. How

    asked by Missy
  77. chemistry

    wha are the two factors affecting the amount of heat

    asked by mijkaella
  78. heeeeeelp math

    x)=x ^2 +bx+c , b and c real .Find the minimum of (max|f(x)|)for x∈[−10,10]?

    asked by lin
  79. chemistry

    what is brandy's solution in chemestry?

    asked by dorothy
  80. math

    A triangle has two sides with equal length and a third side 16 meters long. If the perimeter is 42 meters, what is the length of each of the equal sides?

    asked by madison
  81. Math

    how do I work this problem step by step? 3yd5ft + 6yd2ft This is how I worked the problem 3 yd 5ft +6 yd 2ft 9yd 7ft

    asked by barbara
  82. Calculus

    There are two points P=(a,a^2) and Q=(b,b^2) (a

    asked by Mark
  83. math

    a 5000lb. truck traveling at 30 miles per hr. hits a herd of horses bring the truck to a dead stop what is the force of impact?

    asked by jeff
  84. American Government

    public opinion is ordinarily used in reference in the whole society. this perspective is:

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Finance

    Common stock that pays cash dividends can be viewed as: an annuity—regularly spaced payments of the same dollar amount for a fixed number of periods. a perpetuity—regularly spaced payments of the same dollar amount that continue

    asked by Neisha
  86. math

    How many ways can the number 30 be written as an ordered sum of 2s and 5s?

    asked by 000
  87. socials 11

    explain why the issue of conscription helped to further divide English and French relations in Canada.

    asked by alyssa
  88. Government

    What is the procedure of voter identification intended to help prevent fraudulent voting and keep the process organized? A. Registration B. Precinct Divisions C. Political Socialization D. Franchising E. Gerrymandering

    asked by Brock
  89. Computer pls help

    A Harshad Number in a given number base is an integer that is divisible by the sum of its digits when written in that base. For example, the number 11 in base 5 (which is 6 in base 10) is divisible by 1 + 1 = 2 in base 5. It is therefore a Harshad number

    asked by lin
  90. algebra

    How often do you engage in regifting? In a survey of 5544 persons, 143 said very often, 811 said every now and then, 1754 said not very often, 2808 said never, and 28 said not sure. If one of the persons is selected at random, what is the empirical

    asked by Anonymous
  91. venns diagrams

    From a survey of 100 college students, a marketing research company found that 50 students owned iPods, 50 owned cars, and 20 owned both cars and iPods.

    asked by josh
  92. Calculus

    Let R be the region bounded by y=−3(x−1)(x−3) and the x-axis. Let S be the solid obtained by rotating R about the y-axis. The volume of S is given by Nπ. What is the value of N?

    asked by Mark
  93. finance

    Based on the following information, calculate the coefficient of variation and select the best investment based on the risk/reward relationship. Std Dev. Exp. Return Company A 10.4 15.2 Company B 14.6 22.9

    asked by jose
  94. Early childhood education

    which one of the following examples is the first step in the cognitive process called categorization

    asked by Deborah
  95. math

    I have to add 1+2+3+4+5.....all the way to 1000. What method should I use to solve it?

    asked by Celest
  96. government

    General Revenue Sharing offers states and localities even greater flexibility than block grants because they

    asked by mary
  97. American Government

    dramatic change in public opinion on the basic issues is uncommon and is almost always a consequence of:

    asked by Anonymous
  98. physics

    a 1000 kg car with an average power of 100 kw accelerates from 0 to 50 m/s. how long does it take to accomplish this

    asked by larry
  99. phi 103

    A new campaign finance reform bill being considered by Congress would limit the amount of campaign contributions that political candidates can receive. However, a survey of candidates running for mayor, governor, and senate seats shows that not one of them

    asked by Jimmy
  100. math

    If only the 1,+,-,x,/,(,), worked, how can you get a result of 75 if you can only push the keys fewer than 20 times.

    asked by Celest
  101. Organic Chemistry

    Which odor will be detected first if both containers are opened simultaneously, NH3 or H2S vapors?

    asked by Donna
  102. college algebra

    The following rational function describes blood concentration of a certain drug taken via IV over time: f(x)=x+1/x Find: a.the horizontal or oblique asymptote(s), if any, b.the vertical asymptote(s),if any, c. describe their possible meanings.

    asked by charisse
  103. liberal art math

    slope intercept form of x + 3y + -6

    asked by charles
  104. math

    1. - 2/3 ( C - 12 ) 2. - 8 ( t/2 + 6 )

    asked by cindy
  105. american government

    which region of the has the highest concentration who call themselves liberals?

    asked by Anonymous