Questions Asked on
July 4, 2013

  1. trig

    Find all solutions in the interval [0,2pi]. sin 2x + sin x = 0

    asked by Trig
  2. math 3

    Solve the following system using the elimination method: 10x - 6y = -16 5x + 2y = 22

    asked by hunter
  3. Chemistry

    I am having trouble getting the Net ionic equation for: 1)MgSO4 + Na3PO4= 2)Na2CO3 + ZnCl2= 3)Na2CO3 + Na3PO4= 4) Na3PO4 +ZnCl2=

    asked by Chris
  4. math

    The markup on a restaurant mean is 250%. A meal costs $7.25 to produce. How much will the customer be charged, after markup and 5% GST are applied?

    asked by alyssa
  5. Montessori

    What is the greatest number that will produce 1220 when rounded off to the nearest tens?

    asked by Blue
  6. phy

    An engine absorbs 2000j of heat from a hot reservoir and expels 750j to a cold reservoir during each poerating cycle, (i)what is the efficiency of the engine (ii)How much work is done during the cycle? (iii)What is the power output of the engine if each

    asked by kate
  7. COM200

    Is interpersonal communication, when two people are talking face to face, the channel is the air around them that carries the message? True or False. I believe the answer is true.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physics

    Jim is 100m(S) of Paul. Paul begins to walk east at 2.0m/s the same time Jim begins to walk west at 3.0m/s. what is the displacement of Jim from Paul 20 seconds later? Please explain steps Answer is 141(SW)

    asked by jacob
  9. physics

    A boat sails 5.0(45 degrees W of N). It then hanges direction and sails 7.0km(45 degrees S of E) where does the boat end up with reference to its starting point.? Please explain steps answer is 2km(45 degrees S of E)

    asked by gary
  10. calculus

    The demand for your hand-made skateboards, in weekly sales, is q=-5p+600 if the selling price is $p. You are prepared to supply q=5p-400 per week at the price $p. What price should you sell your skateboards for so that there is neither a shortage nor a

    asked by jimmy
  11. english

    how i celebrate my birthday?

    asked by vidya
  12. statistics

    The makers of the MAGNETIZER Engine Energizer System (EES) claim that it improves gas mileage and reduces emissions in automobiles by using magnetic free energy to increase the amount of oxygen in the fuel for greater combustion efficiency. Following are

    asked by Katie
  13. physics

    In the following figure m_1 = 20.0kg kg and á alpha = 50.9 ∘ ^\circ. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is ì k = 0.40 What must be the mass m 2 of the hanging block if it is to descend 9.00m m in the first 3.00s s

    asked by Bob
  14. Eth/125

    10.Chavez’s labor union efforts have had the lasting effect of a.improved working conditions for agricultural workers. b.increased awareness of the plight of migrant workers. c.migrant workers developing a sense of solidarity. d.all of these

    asked by beckylynn
  15. algebra1 Help pleASE

    A gardener wants to create a rectangular vegetable garden in a backyard. She wants to have a total area of 13 square feet, and it should be 12 feet longer than it is wide. What dimensions should she use for the vegetable garden? width = feet length = feet

    asked by lisa
  16. Physics (Thermodynamics)

    27.300kg of Copper at 35.000 degrees Celsius receives 460.000kJ of heat. Calculate the final temperature of the metal. ANS = degrees Celsius Copper specific heat = 0.39kJ/kg degrees Celsius. Q = mc (t2 - t1) Q = 460.000kJ m = 27.300kg c = 0.39kJ/kg t1 = 35

    asked by Danny
  17. physics

    A student runs through a field 100m(E) then 200m(S) and finally 50(45 degrees S of E find his final position relative to his starting point? please explain steps Answer is 272(60 degrees S of E)

    asked by jacob
  18. math

    Solve the following system using the elimination method: -3x + 4y = 6 9x - 12y = -18

    asked by hunter
  19. statistics

    population with a mean of 110 and a standard deviation of 6, what is the likelihood of a score of 100 or lower

    asked by carole
  20. Math

    what property is being shown in ab+ bc=24 and AB =10, then 10+BC=24 symmetric addition subtraction substitution

    asked by Chase
  21. Trig

    Multiply and Simplify. ( 1 + cot θ )^2

    asked by Trig
  22. Math

    what property is being shown in ab+ bc=24 and AB =10, then 10+BC=24 symmetric addition subtraction substitution

    asked by Chase
  23. French

    How do I say "is she your sister?" in French?

    asked by Anonymous

    A truck of mass 3000 kg is harnessed to a trailer (Trailer A) of mass 1000 kg. The trailer is hooked to ANOTHER trailer (Trailer B) of mass 500 kg. The truck begins to accelerate to the right at 1 m/s2, pulling the trailers along. What is the ratio of the

    asked by GT
  25. qualitative chemistry

    calculate the percent w/v, mole fraction of components, molarity and normality of the solution containing 13 g nahso4 dissolved in water upto total volume of 250 ml

    asked by maggie valle
  26. Math

    what is f(x)=x^3-9x^2+15x+2 function max and how to do that if u could explain

    asked by Lamblia
  27. contemporary math

    To determine the compound amount of an investment of $10,000 with an interest rate of 6% compounded monthly after 4 years requires you to use a table factor that goes beyond the Compound Interest Table. Calculate the new table factor for this investment.

    asked by Trish
  28. contemporary math

    Quinn and Julius inherited $50,000 each from their great-grandmother’s estate. Quinn invested her money in a 5-year CD paying 1.6% interest compounded semiannually. Julius deposited his money in a money market account paying 1.05% compounded monthly. How

    asked by Trish
  29. contemporary math

    Bob and Joy Salkind want to save $50,000 in 5 ½ years for home improvement projects. If the Bank of Aventura is paying 8% interest compounded quarterly, how much must the couple deposit now to have the money for the projects?

    asked by Trish
  30. contemporary math

    You are the owner of a Jani-King cleaning service franchise. Your accountant has determined that your business will need $27,500 in new equipment in 3 years. If your bank is paying 6% interest compounded monthly, how much must you invest today to meet this

    asked by Trish
  31. contemporary math

    Compute the amount of compound interest earned in 1 year for an investment of $1,000,000 with a nominal interest rate of 8% compounded quarterly. Then Compute the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for the investment in the previous question. (Round APY to the

    asked by Trish
  32. Science

    If you lost some metal while transferring it from the balance to the evaporating dish, how would your empirical formula be affected?

    asked by Lela
  33. Europe

    What is unique about the geography of Spain compared to other European countries?

    asked by Susan
  34. math 2

    Solve the following system using the elimination method: -6x + 2y = 5 12x - 4y = -20

    asked by hunter
  35. Statistics

    The distribution of heights of adult American men is approximately normal with a mean of 68 inches and a standard deviation of 2 inches. What percent of mean are at least 72 inches tall?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Eth/125

    1.What primary objection did Americans have to permitting the arrival of the boat people? a. concerns over increased unemployment b. the Communist background of the refugees c. the large numbers of orphaned children arriving d. all of these

    asked by beckylynn
  37. statistics

    1. Are there more broken bones in summer or winter? We get records about the number of fractures treated in January and July at a random sample of 25 emergency rooms. The 95% confidence interval for the mean change ( μd = μJan - μJuly )in the numbers of

    asked by Katie
  38. trig

    Find all real numbers in the interval [0,2pi) that satisfy the equation. cos^2 x+2 cos x+1 = 0

    asked by Trig
  39. algebra

    how do you Solve the following system using the elimination method: 2x - 4y = 2 -4x + 6y = -4

    asked by terrie
  40. Math

    A simply supported beam is 6 meters long and has a mass of 15 kg/m of length. It carries loads = 180 N and 270 N at points 1.2 meters and 3.6 meters from the left end respectively. Find the reactions.

    asked by Todd
  41. 104 HIS Civilization

    I need a help response to classmate about posting

    asked by Anonymous
  42. social studies

    Which country arrived at the South Pole, the center of Antarctica?

    asked by fvv
  43. help please

    Cosmetic surgery is more likely to lead to disappointment if a person is ________. A. Seeking surgery with the hope of influencing a change in oneself B. Seeking surgery with the hope of influencing a change in someone else C. Seeking surgery with the hope

    asked by barbara
  44. socials 11

    Why did entering no mans land come to mean almost certain death?

    asked by alyssa
  45. socials 11

    what would happen if troops managed to capture the enemy's front line?

    asked by alyssa
  46. Eth/125

    A range of negative feelings toward Muslims and their religion that ranges from generalized intolerance to hatred is a. Arabaphobia. b. racial profiling. c. Islamophobia. d. Muslimaphobia I think the answer is A

    asked by beckylynn
  47. socials 11

    although the German troops met with success against the invading Russian troops, in what way did these battles hurt the Germans?

    asked by alyssa
  48. Thermodynamics

    Calculate the amount of expansion occurring when a steel rail 920.000 meters in length is heated from -10.000 to 410.000 degrees Celsius. ANS = m Steel = 12 * 10 ^-6 = 0.000012 Change in length = Original length * Coefficient of linear expansion *

    asked by Danny
  49. Computers

    Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? #include #include using namespace std; int main() { //.... //Constants for adult and child ticket costs const double cost_per_child_tix = 3; const double cost_per_adult_tix = 6; //Variables double adult,

    asked by Thomas
  50. Math Calculus

    f(x) = (x^3+5x^2-28x-32)/(x^3-18x^2+105x-196) which can be written as f(x) = [(x+1)(x-4)(x+8)]/[(x-7)^2(x-4) The domain of the function f(x), in interval notation from left to right, is ____ U ____ U ______. The root(s) of f(x), in increasing order,

    asked by Maude
  51. Spain

    Who were the Visigoths and what was their most important contribution to Spanish culture?

    asked by Susan
  52. Physics

    Mary walks west at 2.0m/s for 15 seconds, then north at 3.0m/s for 2o seconds and then east at 4.0m/s for 0 seconds. What is her displacement answer is (108m(N56 DEgrees E)

    asked by Ivan
  53. spanish

    ¿Qué comerás esta noche, Pepe? Comerá pizza. Comere un sandwich. Comerás espagetis. Comeré lo que prepara mamá.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. philosophy

    Argument Evaluation # 1 – Is morality universal? Instructions: In your own words, identify the argument or arguments in the following passage. Be certain to clearly identify the premise(s) and the conclusion for any argument. Indicate whether the

    asked by christine