Questions Asked on
June 19, 2013


    Which of the following statements is true of persuasive messages? A. Messages that offer a remedy for a person's fears tend to be effective. B. Messages presenting a one-sided argument tend to be more effective than "he said; she said" messages. C. People

    asked by Minh Turley
  2. Chemistry

    Determine the enthalpy of the following reaction. 2M(s) + 3Cl2(g) ---> 2MCl3(s)

    asked by Jessica

    Social psychology can best be defined as the study of A. interactions between individuals. B. attitude perception and formation. C. individual responses to group expectations. D. society formation.

    asked by Minh Turley
  4. Math 6th Grade Level

    A baker bought 680,000 oz. of flour and packed the flour into 200 bags of equal size. He used some flour and had 100 bags left. He decided to repack the remaining flour bags into bags of 5,000 oz. bags. How many bags of flour did he have in the end?

    asked by Julia

    5. Evaluation apprehension is related to social facilitation in the same way that _________ is related to the Ringlemann effect. A. social loafing B. proximity C. effort loss D. diffusion MY ANSWER: D THAT IS WRONG, FIX IT

    asked by Minh Turley
  6. math

    A triangle has points A(2, 3), B(2, 6), and C(7, 3) and is reflected over the x-axis and then over the line y = x. A"B"C" are the coordinates of the reflected image. What is the A" coordinate?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Psychology

    If motivation consists only of drive-reduction, what is the perfect state of a human being? A. Competitive, hard driving B. Not hungry, thirsty, no pain, absence of fear, basically a coach potato C. Constant change, always re-establishing homeostasis D.

    asked by Angela
  8. Chemistry

    Consider a 67-g chunk of ice (∆Hfus = 6.0 kkJ/mol) in a beaker immersed in a water bath. To produce just enough heat to melt the ice, how many moles of solid NaOH (∆Hsoln = -445.1 kJ/mol) must you dissolve in the water bath? Please show all work.

    asked by Stacie
  9. statistics

    In 1980 (before the era of in-vitro fertilization), there were 3,612,258 births in the United States (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), of which 68,339 births were to twins and 1,337 births were to triplets or more. What was the probability of having

    asked by f
  10. College Accounting 211

    A company's predetermined overhead rate is $19.00 per direct labor hour and its direct labor wage rate is $16.00 per hour. Job A100 direct maerials cost is $280 and Direct Labor $240. 1. What is the total manufacturing cost assigned to Job A100? 2. If Job

    asked by Glen
  11. Psychology

    When applying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs it is important to understand which of the following? A. Lower level needs must often be met before higher levels can be considered. B. Lower level needs can be inserted at any point. C. Self-actualization is

    asked by Angela

    Ralph hears that his neighbor's son was stopped and ticketed for speeding. Without knowing the facts of the case, he tells his wife what he thinks. "That boy was always reckless," he says. "I expect he was speeding down the road without a thought for

    asked by Minh Turley
  13. science

    4.4 g of CO2 contains how many liters of CO2 at STP ? a) 2.4 litre b) 2.24 litre c) 44 Litre d) 22.4 litre

    asked by raul
  14. Psychology

    Verbal skills and muscular coordination have been observed to improve in women when: A. estrogen levels are relatively high. B. they are exposed to experiences requiring high level skills. C. pressure to perform is reduced. D. calcium levels are increased.

    asked by Angela
  15. Psychology

    Sexual arousal in human beings is different from that of animals. It is clear that human sexual arousal can occur: A. only as the result of specific hormone changes. B. only during female ovulation. C. frequently in males, but seldom in females. D. as the

    asked by Angela
  16. Psychology

    "I just can't make myself study ahead for a test. I work better under pressure. Perhaps it is the fear associated with waiting until the last minute that gets me going." This approach to motivation is best explained by: A. incentive approaches. B.

    asked by Angela
  17. Psychology

    Some children require a "carrot on a stick" to get them to clean their room, behave well in public places, or make good grades. This suggests that: A. the incentive approach pulls the child toward the goal. B. the drive-reduction approach guides the child

    asked by Angela
  18. Psychology

    Expectation plays an important role in: A. cognitive approaches to motivation. B. drive-reduction approaches to motivation. C. incentive approaches to motivation. D. arousal approaches to motivation. D

    asked by Angela
  19. Psychology

    Sandra is not really good at painting and drawing, but she loves to spend her spare time "dabbling" as she calls it. If her products are not successful according to aesthetic standards, why does she continue to draw and paint? A. She is attempting to

    asked by Angela
  20. Psychology

    Donnie was on the verge of experiencing road rage. The teenagers in front of him were reckless and disrespectful. Suddenly he realized that one of the boys was his brother and he began to laugh. Donnie's emotional response is best explained by: A. the

    asked by Angela
  21. Math

    Katie Chalmers borrowed money from her credit union at 13.2% simple interest to buy furniture. If the loan was repaid in 2½ years and the amount of interest was $1,320, how much did Katie borrow?

    asked by Tee

    Evaluation apprehension is related to social facilitation in the same way that _______ is related to the Ringlemann effect. A. proximity B. diffusion C. effort loss D. social loafing

    asked by Minh Turley
  23. Business Math

    Varsity Press, a publisher of college textbooks, received a $70,000 promissory note at 12% ordinary interest for 60 days from one of its customers, Reader’s Choice Bookstores. After 20 days, Varsity Press discounted the note at the Grove Isle Bank at a

    asked by Tee
  24. Psychology

    Verbal skills and muscular coordination have been observed to improve in women when: A. estrogen levels are relatively high. B. they are exposed to experiences requiring high level skills. C. pressure to perform is reduced. D. calcium levels are increased.

    asked by Angela
  25. chemistry

    Analysis of aluminum-zinc alloy Mass of gelatin capsule 0.1284 g ambient temp. 22c mass of capsule plus alloy sample 0.3432g ambient temp_________K mass of alloy sample, m__________g barometric pressure 745 mm Hg mass of empty beaker 144.5g Vapor pressure

    asked by niki
  26. statistics

    A woman and her son are debating about the average length of a preacher's sermons on Sunday morning. Despite the mother's arguments, the son thinks that the sermons are more than twenty minutes. For one year, he has randomly selected 12 Sundays and found

    asked by dean
  27. statistics

    mortgage broker is offering home mortgages at a rate of 9.5%, but the broker is fearful that this value is higher than many others are charging. A sample of 40 mortgages filed in the county courthouse shows an average of 9.25% with a standard deviation of

    asked by Rald
  28. statistics

    A human resources manager wants to determine a confidence interval estimate for the mean test score for the next office-skills test to be given to a group of job applicants. In the past, the test scores have been normally distributed with a mean of 74.2

    asked by Rald
  29. physics

    Every few hundred years most of the planets line up on the same side of the Sun

    asked by Anonymous

    A planning committee has decided to determine the zoning of a particular area based on data provided by the town engineer. Which social decision scheme has the committee adopted? A. Majority-wins scheme B. First-shift rule C. Objective analysis scheme D.

    asked by Minh Turley

    Deindividuation is related to mobs in the same way that _______ is related to groups. A. diffusion of responsibility B. social prejudice C. attitude D. persuasion

    asked by Minh Turley
  32. Please help in triangle

    ABC is an isosceles triangle with AB=BC and ∠ABC=123∘. D is the midpoint of AC, E is the foot of the perpendicular from D to BC and F is the midpoint of DE. The intersection of AE and BF is G. What is the measure (in degrees) of BGA?

    asked by Mathslover
  33. chemistry

    The specific heat of aluminum is 0.214 cal/g·°C. Calculate the heat necessary to raise the temperature of 47.9 g of aluminum from 18.9°C to 62.2°C

    asked by joslyn
  34. physics

    Explain why it would not make sense to use a full-size glass thermometer to measure the temperature of a thimbleful of hot water?

    asked by joshen
  35. business math

    You are the accountant for Suite Dreams, a retail furniture store. Recently, an order of sofas and chairs was received from the manufacturer with terms of 3/15, n/45. The order amounted to $230,000, and Suite Dreams can borrow money at 13% ordinary

    asked by keionna
  36. Chemistry

    Hi, I am doing a practice test for my chemistry final and I do not understand one of the answer they gave for this thermochemical equation question. I do not understand how they got 400kJ. The question is: Butane has a deltaH of -2871 kJ/mol when it

    asked by Matilda
  37. computer

    You type in the value 56.4235 into the active cell. You then click Percentage Style Button. What will the cell show when completed? A 56.4235% B.56.4235% C.56.42% D.56%

    asked by TB
  38. Math

    Find the general expression of the kth nonzero term in the taylor series for f(x)=3/(1+x) (exclude any zero terms in the series when finding this general expression)

    asked by Unknown
  39. Algebra

    A defective nuclear reactor is leaking radioactive iodine-131. The rate of decay of iodine-131is given by the function defined by A(t)=A_0 e^(-0.087t), where t is time in days. How long will it take any quantity of iodine-131 to decay to 25% of its initial

    asked by AZ
  40. statistics

    What sample size is required from a very large population to estimate a population proportion within 0.05 with 95% confidence? Don't assume any particular value for p. A. 271 B. 38 C. 385 D. 767

    asked by dean
  41. Math

    Mei packed 783 strawberries equally into 9 cartons. After giving 4 cartons to her neighbors, she decided to repack 5 strawberries into each carton. How many cartons of strawberries did she have in the end?

    asked by Julia
  42. math

    18. Exponential growth follows the formula y= a(1+r)^x and exponential decay follows the formula y= a (1-r)^x. False? 23. In controlled experiments, the researcher is able to find a casual relationship between the variables- True 27. The explanatory and

    asked by mysterychicken
  43. microprocessors

    The value 000001112 is sent to Port B of an Eblock system where an LED module is connected. Which LEDs are on?

    asked by Adam
  44. pre-cal

    The 3-point line in basketball is 23 ft 9 in away from the point on the floor vertically below the center of an 18-in diameter rim. The rim is 10 ft above the floor. Kim shoots a three pointer using a 9-in diameter ball from the 3-point line that just

    asked by Joe
  45. math

    Is this correct? 1. Write v as the sum of 2 vector components if v = 2i + j and w = 3i - 2j v = (12/13i - 8/13j) + (14/13i + 21/13j)

    asked by mysterychicken

    I am doing a teacher aide course online and I need you to correct my answers for me

    asked by JANE
  47. College Accounting 211

    A Corporation uses a predetermined overhead rate of $23.90 per direct labor hour. This predetermined rate was based on a cost formula that estmated $286,8000 of total manufacturing overhead for an estimated activity level of 12,000 direct labor hours. The

    asked by Glen
  48. English

    What are main qualities and characteristics of a person?

    asked by Jnr John
  49. physics

    A parallel-plate capacitor is formed from two 1.0{\rm cm} \times 1.0{\rm cm} electrodes spaced 2.8{\rm mm} apart. The electric field strength inside the capacitor is 1.0\times10^{6}{N/C}} part a What is the charge (in {\rm nC}) on positive electrode? part

    asked by holly

    According to the equation H2SO4+2NH3 @(NH4)2SO4. What mass of ammonium sulfate will result from the reaction of 5.00 g of NH3?

    asked by DEEDEE
  51. early childhood education

    children with experiences with stories

    asked by sylvia Ward Hanley
  52. Chemistry

    Reviewing for exams and completely forgot how to do this and looking back at my notes doesn't help for this one... Can you please explain how to assign oxidation numbers for Pb(OH)4^2- I guess what's confusing me is the hydroxide... I haven't come across

    asked by a Canadian

    The amount of fill (weight of contents) put into a glass jar of spaghetti sauce is normally distributed with mean ì = 843 grams and standard deviation of ó = 9 grams (d) Find the mean of the x distribution. (Give your answer correct to the nearest whole

    asked by TOM7
  54. Applied Geometry maths

    A Maths Applied student holidaying in Sydney notices that the Centrepoint tower has an angle of elevation of 15deg20'. After walking 400m directly towards the tower she now observes the elevation to be 24deg33'

    asked by Mandy
  55. Math Help

    A trucking firm delivers appliances for a large retail operation. The packages (or crates) have a mean weight of 306 lb. and a variance of 2209. (Give your answers correct to four decimal places.) (a) If a truck can carry 3940 lb. and 25 appliances need to

    asked by TOM7
  56. World Geography

    Moving from coastal to interior regions of sub-Saharan Africa, we discover that the dominant physical-geographic feature is A. many coastal inlets. B. lush rainforest. C. ascending plateaus. D. mountainous terrain.

    asked by Minh Turley
  57. World Geography

    A major objective of the South Pacific Forum founded in 1971 was A. expanding the copra trade. B. reconciling diverse cultural heritages. C. identifying and resolving human rights concerns in the region. D. stopping French nuclear testing in the region.

    asked by Minh Turley
  58. Physics (Intro)

    Initially, a spring-mass system completes 20.0 vibrations in 5.0 seconds, with a 2.0 cm amplitude. The same mass is pulled 5.0 cm away from the equilibrium position, then released. What will the frequency be?

    asked by Jim
  59. algebra

    a motorboat travels 22 mph with the current and 8 mph against the current. Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the current.

    asked by kia
  60. math

    in a math contest of 20 problems. 5 hpoints given each correct answer. 25 points are deducted for each incorrect answer. if janelle answered 20 problems and scored 72 points. how many correct answers did she had?

    asked by jamjam
  61. intermediate algebra

    how do you solve for f(x)=2x if

    asked by linette
  62. math

    Two teams play an extended series of 100 volleyball games. Team A wins the first game and then team B wins the second. The probability that a team wins each subsequent game is equal to the proportion of games that team has won so far. The probability that

    asked by anonymous
  63. Maths

    Let α and β be the roots of 3x^2+4x+9=0. Then (1+α)(1+β) can be expressed in the form a/b, where a and b are coprime positive integers. Find a+b.

    asked by Mathslover
  64. Math

    Euromart Tile Company borrowed $40,000 on April 6 for 66 days. The rate was 14% using the ordinary interest rate method. On day 25 of the loan, Euromart made a partial payment of $15,000, and on day 45 of the loan, Euromart made a second partial payment of

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Maths Please Helppp

    S=1+2*(1/5)+3*(1/5)^2+4(1/5)^3...... If S=a/b, where a and b are coprime positive integers, what is the value of a+b?

    asked by Mathslover
  66. Geometric Progression

    Integers a, b, c, d and e satisfy 50

    asked by Mathslover
  67. Math

    You are the accountant for Suite Dreams, a retail furniture store. Recently, an order of sofas and chairs was received from the manufacturer with terms of 3/15, n/45. The order amounted to $230,000, and Suite Dreams can borrow money at 13% ordinary

    asked by Erica
  68. Non linear equation

    The real numbers x and y satisfy the nonlinear system of equations 2x^2−6xy+2y^2+43x+43y=174, x^2+y^2+5x+5y=30. Find the largest possible value of |xy|.

    asked by Mathslover
  69. Physics (trig)

    The height of an outdoor basketball backboard is 12 1/3 feet and the backboard casts a shadow 19 1/5 feet. Find the angle of elevation of the sun (answer in units of degrees). Can someone help me with the formula? Thank you!

    asked by sara
  70. COM 156

    What aspect of writing an introduction do you anticipate may be a challenge for you? Why?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. English

    1. He won first place in the math contest. 2. He got first place in the speech contest. 3. He received first place in the science contest. (Are they all grammatical? Can we use all the verbs?)

    asked by rfvv
  72. Business Math

    You are the accountant for Suite Dreams, a retail furniture store. Recently, an order of sofas and chairs was received from the manufacturer with terms of 3/15, n/45. The order amounted to $230,000, and Suite Dreams can borrow money at 13% ordinary

    asked by Tee
  73. Physics tough

    If approximately 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, what is the order of magnitude for the number of raindrops in the world's oceans? Hint: The order of magnitude of 2478=2.478×10^3 is 3.

    asked by Mathslover
  74. English

    A: Hi, Mom. I'm home. B: _________________ (What will be suitable expressions for B? Thank you.)

    asked by rfvv
  75. Chemistry

    Which of the following substances have a standard heat of formation of zero? O2 at 25.O degrees C and 1 atm Fe at 1200 degrees C C2H6 at standard conditions Cl2 at 2 atm

    asked by Annie
  76. math

    How many positive integers less than 1000000 have the sum of their digits equal to 7?

    asked by adi
  77. math check

    A machine produces parts with lengths that are normally distributed with ó = 0.52. A sample of 16 parts has a mean length of 75.07. (a) Give a point estimate for ì. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) 75.07. (b) Find the 99% confidence

    asked by TOM7
  78. math

    there are balls of colors red, blue and green. 65 students of a class like exactly one color, 10 students like no color, 40 students like exactly 2 colors and 15 students like all the 3 colors 1. how many students are there in the class. many

    asked by anu
  79. general knowledge

    what is an intelligent skeleton?

    asked by hussain
  80. maths

    ABC is a triangle BD & CE are altitudes drawn from the vertex B & C. Prove that ABC is an isoceles triangle

    asked by karan
  81. Math

    Steve can kayak at 8 km/h in still water. On the river, Steve and the kayak travel slower upstream due to the current. It takes him 1.5 h for a trip downstream, but 3.25 h for the same distance upstream. Determine the speed of the river’s current.

    asked by Maggie
  82. maths

    What is the sum of all possible positive integer values of n, such that n^2+19n+130 is a perfect square?

    asked by adi
  83. maths

    What is the sum of all 2-digit positive numbers whose digits are either 1, 2, 3 or 4?

    asked by adi
  84. Math

    Find equations for a pair of lines M and N so R(sub n)compose R(sub m) is the given transformation. A. The translation that maps the origin onto (5,0) B. The rotation of 180o about a point (Xo, Yo) C. The rotation of 40o about the origin D. The translation

    asked by Stace
  85. math

    a three-digit number satisfies these condition: thedigits are consecutive whole numbers; the sum of the digits is greater than 10 and less than 20; and the tens digit is an odd number. what is the number

    asked by clarise ann penuliar
  86. chemistry

    for a particular isomer C8H18, the following reaction produces 5113.3 kj of heat per mole of C8H18 consumed under standard conditions c8h18(g) + 25/2 O2 (g) ---> 8co2(g) + 9h2o(g) what is the standard enthalpy of formation of this isomer of c8h18? o2= 0

    asked by Annie
  87. biology

    a woman whose father had hemophilia and whose mother was normal married a man whose father did not have hemophilia but whose mother did . if the couple's first child was a son what are the chances that he would show the trait of hemophilia?

    asked by gwen
  88. science

    Silvering of mirror is done by a) AgNO3 b) Ag2O3 c) Fe2O3 d) Al2O3

    asked by raul
  89. science

    A boat of mass 40 kg is at rest; A dog of mass 4 kg moves in the boat with a velocity of 10 m/s. what is the velocity of boat? a) 4 m/s b) 2 m/s c) 8 m/s d) 1 m/s

    asked by raul
  90. science

    The most malleable metal is a) Sodium b) Lead c) Steel d) Gold

    asked by raul
  91. science

    The heaviest naturally occurring element is a) Uranium b) Iron c) Silica d) Aluminum

    asked by raul
  92. science

    Hydraulic press is based on a) Archimedes principled b) Bernoulli’s solution c) Pascal/s law d) Reynold’s law

    asked by raul
  93. science

    Solar energy is mainly caused due to a) Burning of hydrogen in the oxygen b) Fission of uranium present in the sun c) Fusion of protons during synthesis of heavier elements d) Gravitational contraction

    asked by raul
  94. Chemistry

    What is the heat of combustion of ethane, C2H6, in kilojoules per mole of ethane?

    asked by Jessica
  95. I can solving my problem

    I'm a number grater than 45 but less than 90. I am an even number. i have 7 sets of the 16 ones. what number am I?

    asked by Iris
  96. English

    1. Please call me at 123-4567. 2. Please call at 123-4567. 3. Please call 123-4567. 4. Please dial me at 123-4567. 5. Please dial at 123-4567. 6. Please dial 123-4567. (Which ones are not grammatical? Which ones are grammatical? Thank you.)

    asked by rfvv
  97. English

    Rearrange into meaningful sentence: Sat/a/house/the/crest/hill/of low/on

    asked by Nisha
  98. Chemistry

    Calculate the [H], [OH], pH and the pOH of this solution; 0.0025 M NaOH

    asked by Shane
  99. English

    May I take your order? - Yes, I'll have one chicken salad. - Anything else? - 1) No, thanks. That's all. (Instead of 1), what other similar expressions can we use when we don't want to order more?)

    asked by rfvv
  100. English

    Rearrange into meaningful sentence: The river/see/could/from/and/the field/one ripe corn/the height/of

    asked by Nisha
  101. Boolean expression Help asap PLEASE

    Thinking in terms of a gate, how would you keep open a two-input OR gate? In other words, what should one of the lines be held at to allow the other signal line to propagate through?

    asked by Adam
  102. Boolean expression Help asap PLEASE

    A control system is needed to alert an attendant for the following situation. Which of the following is the Boolean equation expressing the electronics you would need? Either the tank is filled and the pump is on, or the tank is empty. (Use A = tank

    asked by Adam
  103. financial management

    I have to do a revenue and expense statement and balance sheet for 2 years I have find the dollar differences and the percentage rate. My mind is a blank I do not remember how to find the percent of financial statements. Is it the same as finding the

    asked by Mary
  104. Chemistry

    Calculate the standard enthalpy change for the following reaction at 25 °C. MgCl2(s) + H2o(l) ---> MgO(s) + 2HCl(g)

    asked by Matt
  105. Math check and help

    WageWeb is a service of HRPDI and provides compensation information on more than 170 benchmark positions in human resources. The October 2003 posting indicated that labor relation managers earn a mean annual salary of $88,000. Assume that annual salaries

    asked by TOM7
  106. science

    a car travels a distance of 20 km in 6 minutes calculate the speed in 1. km min 2. m/s

    asked by sneh
  107. math check

    A sample of 30 of 178 funded projects revealed that 12 were valued at $17,360 each and 18 were valued at $20,280 each. From the sample data, estimate the total value of the funding for all the projects. (Enter your answers to two decimal places.) $ 35.60

    asked by TOM8
  108. algebra

    $99 plus 5% tax whats the total price

    asked by jacquez
  109. Math check

    While writing an article on the high cost of college education, a reporter took a random sample of the cost of new textbooks for a semester. The random variable x is the cost of one book. Her sample data can be summarized by the following. (Give your

    asked by TOM95
  110. science

    a car travels a distance of 8 km from p to q then moves 6 km at right angle to PQ find its resultants 1.distance 2.displacement

    asked by sneh
  111. Math check

    Complete the following hypothesis test: Ho: ì = 52, Ha: ì < 52, á = 0.01 using the data below. 43 48 44 48 42 60 54 44 50 35 48 58 (a) Find t. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) -2.05 . (ii) Find the p-value. (Give your answer correct to

    asked by TOM912
  112. Chemistry

    When one gram of gas, is burned, 55.5kJ of heat are released. How many pounds of methane gas must be burned to release 2.578 x 10^3kJ of heat?

    asked by Tiffany
  113. English

    Which one of the following statements Is not characteristic of Edward Taylor? He was a minister in Westfield, Massachusetts. He was fired from a teaching position because he refused to take an oath contrary to his religious beliefs. He was probably a very

    asked by Lisa
  114. maths

    In a polygon the interior and exterior angles at each vertex are 5:1 how many sides does it have

    asked by rizaan
  115. tongue twister

    Can anyone give me a tongue twister with the word "DETERMINATION"... Thanks...

    asked by klarmaesen
  116. math

    what is the largest four digit odd number whose four digit are even

    asked by red
  117. maths


    asked by jennath
  118. Calculus

    Find the Taylor Polynomial of order 1 for the function f(x)=arctan(x/5) in powers of (x-5). Also find the remainder R1(x) as a function of x and c.

    asked by Nat
  119. maths

    The exterior and interoir angles of a regular polygon are in the ratio 2:7 how many sides does it have

    asked by rizaan

    In terms of the general adaptation syndrome, the body prepares for a long, drawn-out battle during the ______ stage. A. resistance B. fight-or-flight C. alarm D. exhaustion MY ANSWER: C THIS IS ALSO WRONG. IT IS NOT C

    asked by Minh Turley
  121. Math

    Weights of the vegetables in a field are normally distributed. From a sample Carl Cornfield determines the mean weight of a box of vegetables to be 180 oz. with a standard deviation of 8 oz. He wonders what percent of the vegetable boxes he has grouped for

    asked by sarah
  122. Math

    1/8(2sin2x-sin4x)= cosxsin^3x prove

    asked by Riley
  123. English

    What is the difference between antimetabole and chiasmus?

    asked by Jorge
  124. Math

    Find the general expression of the kth nonzero term in the taylor series for f(x)=3/(1+x) (exclude any zero terms in the series when finding this general expression)

    asked by Unknown
  125. maths

    80% of the students who attended a concert came from the city. Of these, 70% were girls. If 150 boys came from the city, how many students attended the concert?

    asked by alina
  126. math

    the value of cosecphi/14*cosec3phi/14*cosec*5phi/14

    asked by ayush
  127. logical

    Imagine someone asks you what you have learned in your logic class and what you found to be the most useful information you learned there

    asked by Anonymous
  128. stats

    An athletic director found that 31% of the football players have an A average in school. If 2% of the students at the school play football, what is the probability that a student chosen at random will be a football player with an A average? suppose a

    asked by dometrice
  129. English

    1. A __________ is a statement that seems contradictory but that is nevertheless true. A. puzzle B. definition C. tribulation D. paradox is it D 2. In Barbara Ehrenreich’s essay titled “The Cult of Busyness,” the word “acumen” means: A. dull. B.

    asked by Amy
  130. Math

    1. Find the angle between the vectors, approximate your answer to the nearest tenth. v= (-4, -3) w= (2, 6) Answer: 145.3 degrees 17. One type of data that is non linear in nature is the exponential function. -False? 19. Exponential data follows the

    asked by mysterychicken
  131. stats

    suppose a normal distribution has a true population mean of 18 and a true standard deviation of 2. what % of observations will be 18 or less, 18 or greater and in the range from 16 to 20?

    asked by dometrice
  132. English

    1. What novelist, playwright, screenwriter, actor, and political commentator wrote Burr, The Golden Age, and “Drugs”? A. Barbara Ehrenreich B. Natalie Angier C. Richard Rhodes D. Gore Vidal is it D 2. A/an __________ question is one asked by a writer

    asked by Amy
  133. English

    1. In Gore Vidal’s article titled “Drugs,” the word “exhortation” means: A. language intended to incite and encourage. B. deportation. C. depression. D. a sad facial expression. is it A 2. The purpose of a causal analysis essay is to: A. apply

    asked by Amy
  134. Algebra

    A mummy discovered in Egypt has lost 46% of its carbon-14. Determine its age.

    asked by AZ
  135. English

    1. In Richard Rhodes’ article titled “Hollow Claims about Fantasy Violence,” the word “marginal” means: A. limited in extent or significance. B. a butter-like spread. C. of great intelligence and skill. D. bright in color. is it A 2. In Richard

    asked by Amy
  136. pre cal

    Solve G(x) for the given domain. G(x) = 3x 2 - 2x - 1 G(6) =

    asked by tanya
  137. Calculus

    The radius of a circular disk is given as 51 cm with a maximum error of 0.04 cm. Use differentials to estimate the maximum error and percent error in the calculated area of the disk.

    asked by Tyler
  138. World Geography

    Moving from coastal to interior regions of sub-Saharan Africa, we discover that the dominant physical-geographic feature is A. many coastal inlets. B. lush rainforest. C. ascending plateaus. D. mountainous terrain.

    asked by Minh Turley
  139. english

    write a letter to your friend who affected from tsunami.inquiring and suggesting him about the matter.

    asked by arun
  140. Spanish 1

    1) ¿Crees que las fábricas son _____ para el medio ambiente? A. puras B. una amenaza C. contaminadas D. buenos I said D 2) El tigre es uno de los animales que está en ____ de extinción. A. un árbol B. un zoológico C. peligro D. una planta I said C 3)

    asked by Eri
  141. english

    write a report. how plastic are harmful to environment.suggest some ways to keep public places clean.

    asked by arun