Questions Asked on
June 16, 2013

  1. Statistics

    The lifetime of a certain type of automobile tire (in thousands of miles) is normally distributed with mean 43 and standard deviation 7. Find the percentile corresponding to p = 29% of the tire lifetimes.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physics

    The free-fall acceleration on the surface of Jupiter is about two and one half times that on the surface of the Earth. The radius of Jupiter is about 11.0 RE (RE = Earth's radius = 6.4 106 m). Find the ratio of their average densities, ρJupiter/ρEarth.

    asked by Josie
  3. Physics 11th

    a body moves for a total of 9 seconds starting from rest with uniform acceleration and then with uniform retardation which is twice of value of acceleration to stop .what is the duration of uniform acceleration

    asked by anonymous
  4. science

    0.63 gm of oxalic acid (COOH)2 2H20 are dissolved in 500 ml of solution. Calculate the molarity of the solution?

    asked by aarti
  5. Statistics

    Suppose that the weight of male babies less than 2 months old is normally distributed with mean 11.5 pounds and standard deviation 2.7 pounds. What proportion of babies weigh less than 11.00 pounds?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    what is the wavelength of neutron (m=1.67x10^-27kg) travelling at 3.0x10^4 m/s?

    asked by ceci
  7. algebra

    A basketball player makes an average of 10 points for every 15 shots taken. Each shot made by the player is a 2-point shot. The variables in this situation are the number of 2-point shots taken and the number of points made. What is the independent

    asked by lu
  8. scie

    A bottle of concentrated sulphuric acid (Density =1.80 gcm/cm cube) is labelled as 86% by weight. What is the molarity of the solution?

    asked by aarti
  9. algebra

    The length of a spring is a linear function of the mass of the object hanging from it. For a particular spring, the length was 12 centimeters when a 2-kg mass was attached to it. When a 5-kg mass was hung from it, it stretched to a length of 18 cm. Which

    asked by w
  10. Statistics

    Electricity bills in a certain city have mean $120.08. Assume the bills are normally distributed with standard deviation $14.40. Find the value that separates the lower 52% of the bills from the rest.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. English

    1. Please call at 123-4567. 2. Please call 123-4567. 3. Please call me at 123-4567. (Which expressions are right?)

    asked by rfvv
  12. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of 2.00 M HCl(aq) are required to react with 7.55 g of an ore containing 36.0% Zn(s) by mass?

    asked by Jessica
  13. matha school.alleppey

    300 is divided into 2 parts so that half of one part may be less than other by 48.then the parts are?find the linear equation

    asked by jennath
  14. Programming

    I need help with debug Debug06-02 // Program lets user input scores on four tests // Average is computed and letter grade is determined // Letter grades are based on 90 for an A, 80 for a B, and so on start string name num score num NUM_TESTS = 4 num

    asked by Stephen
  15. Chemistry

    Determine the theoretical and percent yield of hydrogen gas if 80.5 g water undergoes electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen and 2.81 g hydrogen is collected. theoretical yield

    asked by Ben
  16. Chemie

    for the reaction at 20 C NH3 (aq) + H+ (aq) NH4+(aq) the equilibrium constant is calculated to be K=4.5 x 108

    asked by Brigitte
  17. computing maths

    Determine whether the relation R on the set of all real numbers is reflexive, symmetric or transitive? where (x,y) is an element of R Explain why and why not by proving and giving examples. (a) x=1 (b) xy ≥ 0 (c) x-y is a rational number (d)x+y = 0 I

    asked by janice123
  18. algebra

    If Jenny's car uses less gas per mile driven than Sandra's truck, how does the graph representing the rate of change of Sandra's truck compare to the graph representing the rate of change of Jenny's car?

    asked by q
  19. algebra

    A submarine kept a constant rate of ascent upon rising after a dive. After 5 minutes it was 360 feet below the surface of the water, and after 25 minutes it was 140 feet below. How long after starting its ascent was the submarine 250 feet below the

    asked by e
  20. Physics

    A syringe which has an inner diameter of 0.6 mm is attached to a needle which has an inner diameter of 0.25 mm. A nurse uses the syringe to inject fluid into a patient's artery where blood pressure is 140/100. Assume the liquid is an ideal fluid. What is

    asked by Maria
  21. Chemistry

    What is the reaction for 2NH4I+Cl2=2NH4Cl+I2

    asked by Pat
  22. algebra

    Simone rented a truck to move to a new apartment last month. The rental company charges a rental fee of $25.00 plus $0.50 per mile. Which of the following best represents the y-intercept in this situation? numbers of days of rentals numbers of gallon of

    asked by lucy
  23. Physics

    the distance between two successive crests in waves is 1.50m, and the source generates 25 crests and 25 troughs in 5.00sec. what is the speed of the waves?

    asked by Riana
  24. Math

    Set up the problem and then multiply. Write zeros as needed. 419.2 x 2.54 . What would the answer be?

    asked by Kelli
  25. Chemistry

    Describe how to prepare a 0.0100M Solution of oxalate using solid sodium oxalate and a 500mL volumetric flask and water.

    asked by Jessica
  26. Precalc

    what is the inverse tangent of negative root3/3

    asked by Anonymous
  27. chemistry

    15. Liquid elemental iron is produced in the thermite reaction because enough heat is generated to melt the iron: 2 Al(s) + Fe2O3(s)----> Al2O3(s) + 2 Fe(l) What mass of aluminum is needed to produce 750 grams of iron?

    asked by dennis
  28. Physics

    A 50 kg piston with a radius of 50 cm floats on a cylinder that is filled with air. The air in the cylinder fills the entire volume, and begins at a height of 1 m. The cylinder is then heated, so that the column rises to a height of 2 m. What is the work

    asked by Anonymous
  29. algebra

    Alejandro is the manager of a catering business for private parties. The business charges a set-up fee of $40.00 per event and $8.00 per plate served at the party. Let c represent the total charges for the catering services and p represent the number of

    asked by lucy
  30. science

    4l of water is added to 2L of 6M HCL.What is the molarity of the final solution

    asked by aarti
  31. math help

    Two hundred fish caught in Cayuga Lake had a mean length of 14.1 inches. The population standard deviation is 2.9 inches. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) (a) Find the 90% confidence interval for the population mean length. Lower Limit

    asked by Tom 81
  32. math

    Alicia Eastman deposited $2,000 in a savings account at the Biltmore Bank paying 6% ordinary interest. How many years will it take for her investment to amount to $2,600?

    asked by cc
  33. ph 411

    a baloon is rising at a constant speed of 10m/s. when the balloon is 1400 m above the ground a bullet is fired from a gun at ground level straight up at the balloon with a speed of 200 m/s. a) does the bullet hit the balloon? b)if so how high above the

    asked by adesh
  34. science

    a bottel contains 500 ml of 2.4 M HCL. How much water should be added to dilute it to 1.6 M HCL. Solution

    asked by aarti
  35. physics

    A 1300-N uniform boom at phi = 64.0° to the horizontal is supported by a cable at an angle θ = 26.0° to the horizontal as shown in the figure below. The boom is pivoted at the bottom, and an object of weight w = 2250 N hangs from its top.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. English

    Now, let's do some role play. You should rold play with the dialogue I gave before. Do you have the handout? Take it out and practice the role play in pairs. I will call your number. If I call a number, the person of the number should come up with his

    asked by rfvv
  37. pre calculus

    Hi, I am having a problem trying to find and understanding how to find the extreme values. I have a problem which I can't do. Will someone please explain for me how to do it. I would like to be able to do other similar problems. This is the problem I am

    asked by Cat
  38. Chemistry 11

    calculate the mass of impure KOH needed to make up 1.20 L of 0.60 mol/L KOH(aq)? Assume the impure KOH is 84% KOH by mass and 16% water.

    asked by LG
  39. algebra

    karas custom tees experienced fixed costs of $200 and variable costs of $5 a shirt. Write an equation that can determine the total expenses encountered by kara custom tees . let x be number of shirts, c be cost of producing x shirts

    asked by jack
  40. chemistry

    What is the pH of a buffer solution that is made by adding 21.0 grams of sodium fluoride to 1.00 Liter of 0.15M hydrofluoric acid? (see the Table above for the Ka of hydrofluoric acid; calculate the pH to 2 decimal places) hint: you will have to find the

    asked by dennis
  41. chemistry

    What is the pH of a buffer solution that is made by adding 21.0 grams of sodium fluoride to 1.00 Liter of 0.15M hydrofluoric acid? (see the Table above for the Ka of hydrofluoric acid; calculate the pH to 2 decimal places) hint: you will have to find the

    asked by Dennis
  42. English

    1. Why don't we take a tennis? - Sounds good. 2. Why don't we take a tennis lesson? - Sounds good. 3. Why don't we take a tennis class? - Sounds good. (Which dialogue is grammatical and common? Thank you.)

    asked by rfvv
  43. physics

    An Australian emu is running due north in a straight line at a speed of 13.0 m/s and slows down to a speed of 9.80 m/s in 3.10 s. (a) What is the magnitude and direction of the bird’s acceleration? (b) Assuming that the acceleration remains the same,

    asked by louis aaaaa
  44. math help

    Consider the approximately normal population of heights of male college students with mean ì = 69 inches and standard deviation of ó = 4.6 inches. A random sample of 25 heights is obtained (e) Find P(x > 70). (Give your answer correct to four decimal

    asked by Sue 7
  45. physics

    A jogger accelerates from rest to 5.64 m/s in 3.36 s. A car accelerates from 24.6 to 39.8 m/s also in 3.36 s. (a) Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the jogger. (b) Determine the magnitude of the acceleration of the car. (c) How much further does

    asked by louis aaaaa
  46. Mathematics

    Triangle ABC has ∠A=40∘, ∠B=60∘, ∠C=80∘. Points M,N trisect the side BC and points P,Q trisect the side AC. The lines AM,AN,BP,BQ intersect at the points S,T,U,V as shown in the figure below, dividing the triangle into 9 regions. Determine the

    asked by Steve
  47. math help

    Do you drink the recommended amount of water each day? Most Americans don't! On average, Americans drink 5.9 eight-oz servings of water a day. A sample of 50 education professionals was randomly selected and their water consumption for a 24-hour period was

    asked by Tom 816
  48. Math help

    Could someone work one of these out so I can use as example. A sample of 59 night-school students' ages is obtained in order to estimate the mean age of night-school students. x = 25 years. The population variance is 20. (a) Give a point estimate for ì.

    asked by DeeDee 89
  49. pre calculus

    Hi, I am having a problem trying to find and understanding how to find the extreme values. I have a problem which I can't do. Will someone please explain for me how to do it. I would like to be able to do other similar problems. This is the problem I am

    asked by Cat
  50. chemistry

    A 0.194 g sample of compound is vaporized to fill a 100.0 mL vessel at 750. torr and 100.C. What is the molar mass and molecular formula?

    asked by Valentina
  51. English

    1. I'm interested in swim. 2. I'm interested in a swim. 3. I'm interested in swimming. (Which one is grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  52. calculus

    find a point on the curve x^3 + y^3 =2xy other than the origin at which tangent line is horizontal

    asked by susan
  53. Finite Math

    Two balls are drawn from a bag with 4 black balls and 2 white balls. Find th probability distribution got drawing 2 black balls.

    asked by Ericka
  54. math

    How much interest will be gained on a $3700 investment invested at 5.6% per year, compounded monthly for 3 years?

    asked by Courtnie
  55. Math

    Calculate the present value for $1400 needed in 4 years, invested at 4.2% per year compounded semi-anually

    asked by Courtnie
  56. Math

    Calculate the present value for $1400 needed in 4 years, invested at 4.2% per year compounded semi-anually

    asked by Courtnie
  57. Chemistry

    0.125g of sodium dichromate is to be reacted wtih 0.025M potassium iodide. How many mLs of the potassium iodide solution will be needed.

    asked by Jessica
  58. chemistry

    Liquid elemental iron is produced in the thermite reaction because enough heat is generated to melt the iron: 2 Al(s) + Fe2O3(s)----> Al2O3(s) + 2 Fe(l) What mass of aluminum is needed to produce 750 grams of iron?

    asked by Dennis
  59. physics

    Suppose a car is traveling at +24.1 m/s, and the driver sees a traffic light turn red. After 0.366 s has elapsed (the reaction time), the driver applies the brakes, and the car decelerates at 8.00 m/s2. What is the stopping distance of the car, as measured

    asked by louis aaaaa
  60. college algebra

    What degree change is there when the temperature climbs from - 20degree fahrenheit to 15degree Fahrenheit?

    asked by rhove
  61. math

    Triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle with side length AB=22. Place a point D on the line segment BC. Extend BC to the point E such that BD=CE. point E is defined as lying on BD and satisfying BD=CE.What is the value of DE?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Trigonometry

    In a triangle ABC, if 2sinB=sinA+sinC and sides a+c=70, what is side b?

    asked by Tony
  63. maths

    The sum of odd squares can be expressed as 1^2+3^2+5^2+…+(2n-1)^2=An^3+Bn^2+Cn+D. The value of A can be expressed as a/b, where a and b are positive co-prime integers. What is the value of a+b?

    asked by Abhishek
  64. Physic

    a steel ball dropped from a helicopter, and after 4s its acceleration is 8m/s. with freefall given iirs physics definition, the body A. Definitely not free falling B. is likely free falling but there's insufficient information given C. It's not likely free

    asked by Amy
  65. life orientation

    mention factors that that contribute to the behaviour of lack of physica fitness and proper nutrition in adolescence

    asked by Bongiswa
  66. d

    given piles of identical red, blue and green balls where each pile contains at least 10 balls, how many ways can 10 balls be selected such that exactly two green balls are selected and at most one red ball is selected?

    asked by Anonycmous
  67. calculus

    estimate change in f using the linear approximation and compute both error and the % error f(x)= (3+x)^1/2 a=1 change in x=0.5

    asked by jack
  68. physics

    You need to fill a football with air to play with it. You know that your pump expels air at 10 ft/s. The needle of your pump has a radius of 5 micrometers. What is the volume flow rate of the air being pumped into the football?

    asked by Aaron
  69. algebra

    Last spring Steve joined a health club. The club charges a one-time enrollment fee of $150.00 plus a $25.00 monthly fee. Which of these best represents the independent variable in this situation?

    asked by lucy
  70. English

    1. When you use soap, don't turn the water on. 2. When you use a soap, don't turn the water on. (Which one is right, 'soap' or ' a soap'?)

    asked by rfvv
  71. physics

    A motorcycle has a constant acceleration of 4.06 m/s2. Both the velocity and acceleration of the motorcycle point in the same direction. How much time is required for the motorcycle to change its speed from (a) 39.4 to 49.4 m/s, and (b) 69.4 to 79.4 m/s?

    asked by louis aaaaa
  72. radicals


    asked by rt
  73. physics

    (a) What is the magnitude of the average acceleration of a skier who, starting from rest, reaches a speed of 11.3 m/s when going down a slope for 3.72 s? (b) How far does the skier travel in this time?

    asked by louis aaaaa
  74. math

    if the width of a rectangle is 5 inches shorter than the length and the perimeter of the rectangle is 80 inches. how do you set up the equation for the perimeter involving only L and how do you solve this in a linear equation algebraically to find the

    asked by me
  75. college algebra

    CRITICAL THINKING : Without grouping symbols,the expression 2.3³ + 4 has a value of 58.Insert grouping symbols in the expression 2.3³ + 4 to produce the following values : 1. 65 2. 220 3. 4374 4. 279,936 Please help me. Show all how you solve it..

    asked by rhove
  76. calculus

    estimate change in f using the linear approximation and compute both error and the % error f(x)= (3+x)^1/2 a=1 change in x=0.5

    asked by jack
  77. English

    1. I like playing games on my smart phone. 2. I like chatting in Kakao Talk, which is a mobile messenger application used on smartphones. 3. I like sending and receiving messages on Kakao Talk. 4. I like talking wit my colse friends on Kakao Talk. 5. I

    asked by rfvv
  78. Math Help

    I have no ideal how to work this. I need help please. A sample of 30 of 178 funded projects revealed that 12 were valued at $17,360 each and 18 were valued at $20,280 each. From the sample data, estimate the total value of the funding for all the projects.

    asked by Sue 8
  79. Bush

    Determine the Value of a $1800 investment after six years at 9.3% per year, simple interest

    asked by Courtnie
  80. Math

    Solve for the interest acured on a 520 investment after 4 years that has an interest rate of 4.9% per year, simple interest.

    asked by Courtnie
  81. math

    a rectangular table top measures 7/9 of a meter long by 1/8 of a meter wide. What is the area?

    asked by Santina
  82. Algebra


    asked by Monica
  83. social studies

    in medieval europe, the power of kings and nobles were often held back by what powerful group?

    asked by Kitty
  84. math help

    A random sample of size 26 is to be selected from a population that has a mean ì = 46 and a standard deviation ó of 15. (f) What is the probability that the sample mean will be within 6 units of the mean? (Give your answer correct to four decimal

    asked by Sue 6f
  85. physics

    Two soccer players start from rest, 33 m apart. They run directly toward each other, both players accelerating. The first player’s acceleration has a magnitude of 0.58 m/s2. The second player’s acceleration has a magnitude of 0.50 m/s2. (a) How much

    asked by louis aaaaa
  86. trig

    Find cos(A+B). cos A=1/3 and sin B=-1/2, with A in quadrant I and B in quadrant IV.

    asked by tony
  87. college algebra

    1.the temperature dropped 12 degree below a previous temperature of 37.5degree C.What was the resulting temperature? 2.What is the value of thirty-two more than a nine-fifths of the Celsius reading (degreeC),if the value of degree Celsius is 85?

    asked by rhove
  88. Physics

    (a) In the LC circuit shown in the figure, the current is in the direction shown and the charges on the capacitor have the signs shown. At this time, a) the current is increasing and the charge on the positive plate is increasing. b) the current is

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Maths

    what is the value of "a" if the equation (9+i)x^2+(a-i)x+36-2i=0 has real roots?

    asked by Mary
  90. Algebra 2 ..

    Please explain step by step.... Evaluate. (-16)^1/4 I don't get how the answer is 2√i.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    Sandra scored 60 on a test. The test scores were normally distributed, with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10? What would Sandra's score be?

    asked by Wayne
  92. calculus

    estimate ln(e^2+0.1)-ln(e^2)

    asked by jack
  93. accounting

    The following information relates to Vice Versa Ventures for calendar year 20XX, the company’s first year of operations: Units produced 20,000 Units sold 15,000 Selling price per unit $30 Direct material per unit $5 Direct labor per unit $5 Variable

    asked by mont
  94. calculus

    find equation of tangent line for x^(1/3) + y^(1/2)=2 at point (1,1)

    asked by jack
  95. math

    how to draw a right triangle with one acute angle measuring 75 degrees and a leg of 5cm on a side of the 75 degree angle

    asked by colleen
  96. eng225

    If a film depicts the bungling efforts of army officers and soldiers in order to demonstrate the absurdity of military behavior and values, it is employing what literary technique?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Algebra


    asked by Monica
  98. Art

    i have to make a cave for art but i need ideas what to put in it. There's four rooms in the cave, i have bones,skeleton,stalagmites,stalactites,webs what eles?

    asked by Sally
  99. math check and help

    A certain population has a mean of 472 and a standard deviation of 40. Many samples of size 46 are randomly selected and the means calculated. (a) What value would you expect to find for the mean of all these sample means? (Give your answer correct to

    asked by Sue 72
  100. physics

    A tourist being chased by an angry bear is running in a straight line toward his car at a speed of 5.31 m/s. The car is a distance d away. The bear is 18.6 m behind the tourist and running at 8.01 m/s. The tourist reaches the car safely. What is the

    asked by louis aaaaa
  101. Physics

    What is the circular force of a 150 g yoyo swung around on a 1.00 m string at a velocity of 5.0 m/s (in Newtons)?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. mathematics

    The number of positive integers satifying x+ln(2x+1)=x ln5 +ln6 are?

    asked by phase
  103. Geometry

    Find the minimum possible value of 2cos4θ+8cos3θ+32cos2θ+56cosθ+100

    asked by Abhishek Ranjan
  104. Algebra

    Express 8E–06 in scientific notation.

    asked by Korie
  105. Mathematics

    The squares of a 2×60 chessboard are coloured black and white in the standard alternating pattern. At random, exactly half of the black squares are removed from the board. The expected number of white squares that have no neighbours after this process can

    asked by Steve
  106. physics

    Suppose a ball of mass m is thrown vertically upward with an initial speed v, its speed decreases continuously till it becomes zero. Thereafter, the ball begins to fall downward and attains the speed v again before striking the ground. It implies that the

    asked by Anonymous
  107. HSM/220

    I need to see a picture of the line and functional budget can you help me?

    asked by shiela