Questions Asked on
June 15, 2013

  1. trig

    if 5sin theta + 12cos theta is equal to 13 find the value of tan theta

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Math

    Consider a right circular cylinder whose total surface area (top, bottom, side) is 300 pi; what must its radius be in order that the volume be as large as possible

    asked by John
  3. physics

    A monkey of mass m climbs a rope slung over a light frictionless pulley.The opposite end of the rope is tied to a block of Mass M lying on a smooth horizontal plane.Find the acceleration of the block and tension in the rope in the following cases 1)the

    asked by raven
  4. Math

    Find the sum to 5 terms of the geometric progression whose first term is 54 and fourth term is 2.

    asked by Fadhlur Rahmah
  5. Statistics

    An engineer is going to redesign an ejection seat for an airplane. The seat was designed for pilots weighing between 140 lb and 181 lb. The new population of pilots has normally distributed weights with a mean of 146 lb and a standard deviation of 28.9 lb.

    asked by Jana
  6. math check and help

    A random sample of the amount paid (in dollars) for taxi fare from downtown to the airport was obtained. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) 16 17 22 13 21 23 22 18 13 22 19 20 19 22 16 (a) Use the data to find a point estimate for the mean.

    asked by Tom 81
  7. mATHS

    Vladimir builds 3 legged stools and 4 legged tables. Last month he used 72 legs to build 3 more stools than tables. How many stools and how many tables did he build?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Trigonometry..

    During high tide the water depth in a harbour is 22 m and during low tide it is 10m(Assume a 12h cycle). Calculate the times at which the water level is at 18m during the first 24 hours. My solution: first I found the cos equation: H(t)=-6cos(π/6t)+16

    asked by Lg
  9. Accounting

    A company had stock outstanding as follows during each of its first three years of operations: 2,500 shares of $10, $100 par, cumulative preferred stock and 50,000 shares of $10 par common stock. The amounts distributed as dividends are presented below.

    asked by Ant
  10. STATS

    I have done parts of this question (they are capitalized)which I was hoping someone could double check, and there are other parts that I need help on. 1. The manager of a fitness center is interested in the average weight-to-height ratio of the center's

    asked by mysterychicken
  11. Accounting

    The equity method of accounting for investments a. requires a year-end adjustment to revalue the stock to lower of cost or market b. requires the investment to be reported at its original cost c. requires the investment be increased by the reported net

    asked by Ant
  12. Physics

    We have an infinite, non-conducting sheet of negligible thickness carrying a uniform surface charge density +σ=7.00e-6 C/m2 and, next to it, an infinite parallel slab of thickness D=17 cm with uniform volume charge density ρ=−4.94e-5 C/m3 (see sketch).

    asked by Annoyingmous
  13. Accounting

    Solar Company has 600,000 shares of $75 par common stock outstanding. On February 13, Solar declared a 3% stock dividend to be issued April 30 to stockholders of record on March 14. The market price of the stock was $90 per share on February 13. Journalize

    asked by Ant
  14. Accounting

    On January 2, Todd Company acquired 40% of the outstanding stock of McGuire Company for $205,000. For the year ending, December 31, McGuire earned income of $48,000 and paid dividends of $14,000. Prepare the entries for Todd Company for the purchase of the

    asked by Ant
  15. Finance

    AQ&Q has EBIT of $2 million, total assets of $10 million, stock holder’s equity of $4 million, and pretax interest expense of 10 percent. a) What is AQ&Q’s indifference level of EBIT? b) Given its current situation, might it benefit from increasing or

    asked by Anonymous
  16. maths

    Find two geometric progression having: 2 as second term and 1458 as eight term,

    asked by Shane
  17. Physics

    The electric and magnetic fields of a plane electromagnetic wave are given by the formulas below, where and are both in meters and is in seconds. This wave is traveling through a medium whose index of refraction is 1.3. Reminder: The "x.xxenn t" notation

    asked by P
  18. math

    A textbook search committee is considering 11 books for possible adoption. The committee has decided to select 3 of the 11 for future consideration. In how many ways can it do so?

    asked by michael
  19. math

    On May 23, Samantha Best borrowed $40,000 from the Tri City Credit Union at 13% for 160 days. The credit union uses the exact interest method. What was the amount of interest on the loan?

    asked by keionna
  20. math

    Tell whether each of the following is true for all sets A, B, or C. If false, give a counterexample.? a. A-B=A- ∅ b. (A ¾B) ̅=(A ) ̅¾B ̅ c. A ¿(B¾C)=(A¿B)¾C d. (A-B)¿A=A e. A-(B¿C)=(A-B)¿(A-C)

    asked by abby
  21. Math check

    The middle 69% of a normally distributed population lies between what two standard scores? (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.)0.31 and 1.69 was my answers and they are wrong????. .

    asked by Tom 6
  22. Macroeconomics

    (Monetary Policy and Aggregate Supply) Assume that the economy is initially in long-run equilibrium. Using an AD–AS diagram, illustrate and explain the short-run and long-run impacts of an increase in the money supply.

    asked by Mike
  23. Accounting

    On April 1, 10,000 shares of $5 par common stock were issued at $22, and on April 7, 5,000 shares of $50 par preferred stock were issued at $104. Journalize the entries for April 1 and 7. For a compound transaction, if an amount box does not require an

    asked by Ant
  24. Accounting

    Treasury stock shares are a. issued shares that have been reacquired by a corporation b. part of the total outstanding shares but not part of the total issued shares of a corporation c. unissued shares that are held by the treasurer of the corporation d.

    asked by Ant
  25. Statistics

    In a survey of 1233 people, 917 people said they voted in a recent presidential election. Voting records showed that 72% of eligible voters actually did vote. Given that 72% of eligible voters actually did vote, find the probability that among 1233

    asked by Jana


    asked by RAJET
  27. calculus

    which number should be subtracted from each of the three numbers 5, 15, and 50 so that the resulting three numbers form a geometric progression?

    asked by nomee
  28. physics

    a person travels 1.5 m east then 2 m south then finally 4.5 m east what is the total displacement

    asked by yadhu
  29. Physics

    An infinite straight wire carrying a current I=5 A flowing to the right is placed above a rectangular loop of wire with width w=11 cm and length L=27 cm, as shown in the figure below. The distance from the infinite wire to the closest side of the rectangle

    asked by Annoyingmous
  30. math

    A dog is standing at the bottom left corner of a grid of 46×46 streets. The dog is trying to get to the top right corner of the grid, where it knows there is some food. As the dog runs, between the corners, it will only ever run up and to the right. Any

    asked by urgent answer needed
  31. Physics

    A circuit is composed of a capacitor C=2 μF, two resistors both with resistance R=11 Ohm, an inductor L=4.00e-2 H, a switch S, and a battery V=5 V. The internal resistance of the battery can be ignored . Reminder: The "L=x.xxenn H" notation means

    asked by Annoyingmous
  32. physics

    A rocket accelerates straight up from rest for 20 seconds with an acceleration of 8 m/s2. After 20 seconds the rocket motor shuts off and the rocket continues to coast upwards. How high does the rocket go in meters? Details and assumptions You may take the

    asked by urgent answer needed
  33. English

    1. Add some soil at the bottom. 2. Add some soil in the ground. 3. Add some on the floor. 4. Add some soil in the hole. (Are the sentences grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv
  34. English

    I won first place in the writing contest. - I'm so happy for you. (In this dialogue, what is the meaning of 'for'? What else can we use instead of 'for'?)

    asked by rfvv
  35. math


    asked by michael
  36. maths

    If the nth term of a sequence is 3 x 2^n-1, Write down the first three terms.

    asked by Shane
  37. Physics

    A circuit is composed of a capacitor C= 3 micro F, two resistors both with resistance 69 Ohm, an inductor 6.00e-2 H, a switch , and a battery 25 V. The internal resistance of the battery can be ignored . Reminder: The " L=x.xxenn H" notation means " L=x.xx

    asked by P
  38. st.paul

    the sum of the three digits in the billions period is 4

    asked by reyviene
  39. math

    the sum of the three digits in the billions period is 4

    asked by Anonymous
  40. math

    the ones digit and the billions digit are twiced the difference of 7 and 5

    asked by Anonymous
  41. chemistry

    What causes a tip that allows us to see the precessional period in NMR?

    asked by ChemicalCro
  42. grid problem (geometry)

    The squares of a 2×60 chessboard are coloured black and white in the standard alternating pattern. At random, exactly half of the black squares are removed from the board. The expected number of white squares that have no neighbours after this process can

    asked by john
  43. Government

    In 1938, President Cardenas of Mexico oversaw the ____ of all United States oil companies in his country, acquiring them for public use.

    asked by Brooke Miller
  44. math trigonometry

    if 5sin theta + 12cos theta is equal to 13 find the value of tan theta

    asked by salina
  45. maths

    if sec Q = 5/4 verify that tanQ/1+tanA sin Q/A

    asked by aloo
  46. science

    a body covers a distance of l metre along a semicircular path. calculate the magnitudeof displacement

    asked by harini
  47. Rounding

    Round 164 to nearest hundreth. How did they get 12.81?

    asked by Sarah Lee
  48. medicine

    3.6gm na2hpo4 + 1gm nah2po4

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Humanities

    What gave rise to democracy in Athens? Explain why Plato did not favor democracy as the best form of government in his Republic? Are there any good online sources where I can find the above questions? Thanks.

    asked by Kathleen
  50. hcc

    What are some objects that width is 5.50 mm

    asked by jey
  51. Biology

    Calculate the % change in concentration of oxygen when the water temperature rises from 10degree C to 15degree your working?

    asked by simona
  52. Maths

    How to find Geometric mean if arithmetic and harmonic mean is given, The question is AM = 2700 and HM = 75, then find GM ?

    asked by Steve
  53. Physic

    Me and my friend are playing on a Ferris wheel which has Radius of 20 Meter and had an constant angular velocity of 0.2 rad/s . Then, When I'm at the very top of the Ferris wheel i'm going to drop a tennis ball( dropping without initial velocity). How far

    asked by Dave
  54. math

    What is the maturity value of the following loan? Use MV = P(1 + RT) to find the maturity. Principal=$120,740, Rate=11¾ and Time= 7 months

    asked by keionna
  55. math

    Alicia Eastman deposited $2,000 in a savings account at the Biltmore Bank paying 6% ordinary interest. How many years will it take for her investment to amount to $2,600?

    asked by keionna
  56. math

    Varsity Press, a publisher of college textbooks, received a $70,000 promissory note at 12% ordinary interest for 60 days from one of its customers, Reader’s Choice Bookstores. After 20 days, Varsity Press discounted the note at the Grove Isle Bank at a

    asked by keionna
  57. math

    You are the accountant for Suite Dreams, a retail furniture store. Recently, an order of sofas and chairs was received from the manufacturer with terms of 3/15, n/45. The order amounted to $230,000, and Suite Dreams can borrow money at 13% ordinary

    asked by keionna
  58. Statistics

    A Youth Correction Center completed a study to explore the proportion of delinquent behaviour, according to birth order, among two groups of teenagers (males and females, age 12-17). The data are given in the table below. Determine whether there is a

    asked by Jess
  59. maths

    a sum of money trebles in 9years 4 how many years will it double

    asked by sara
  60. Geometry

    A diver is currently at the surface of the water out at sea. If he descends into the ocean at an angle of depression of 32 degrees, what will be his depth to the nearest tenth of a foot after swimming for 5 minutes

    asked by Darren
  61. stats

    Usin7) An employer polled its employers to see if they agree with the proposed new store hours and whether or not their present shift made a difference in their answers. The customers answered 1 for agree, 2 for don't know, and 3 for disagree. Nine first

    asked by cam
  62. Chemistry

    2C6H6+X -> 12CO2+6H20 Find x Is x 30O?

    asked by Diana
  63. Math For Educators

    A homeowner empties her hot water heater every 36 days and changes the filter in the heat pump every 48 days. She did both on Friday September 17th, 2012. When will she do both on the same day? ( give the day of the week, date, month and year. also the

    asked by Kelly
  64. Math Help and check

    The weights of ripe watermelons grown at Mr. Smith's farm are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 2 lb. Find the mean weight of Mr. Smith's ripe watermelons if only 5% weigh less than 18 lb. (Give your answer correct to one decimal place.)

    asked by Tom 6
  65. physics PLEASE HELP!

    what are three possible thicknesses that a soap film should be to transmit yellow light ? (Lambda=590nm)

    asked by david
  66. physics

    orange light (lambda=630nm) hits diffraction grating which has a line spacing of (mu)m. The interference pattern is seen on a screen that is 4.0m away. what is the distance between the central bright spot and the first order bright spot on the screen.

    asked by jake
  67. Algebra

    Question Part Points The diameter of an electric cable is normally distributed, with a mean of 0.6 inch and a standard deviation of 0.02 inch. What is the probability that the diameter will exceed 0.62 inch? (You may need to use the standard normal

    asked by Grizz
  68. statistics

    It is known that for a certain firm specializing in manufacturing female T-shirts, the ‘Small’ sizes have a shoulder size of 14 inches or less. If these T-shirt shoulder sizes are normally distributed with a mean of 16 inches and a standard deviation

    asked by Shanae
  69. math

    how do you convert miles to feet in the u.s.customary system? a.multiply by 12 b.divide by 12 c.multiply by 5,280 d.divide by 5,280

    asked by babyc36
  70. Statistics help

    Suppose that you are in a class of 32 students and it is assumed that approximately 9% of the population is left-handed. (Give your answers correct to three decimal places.) (a) Compute the probability that exactly five students are left-handed. Incorrect:

    asked by Kim5
  71. Physics

    If a rifle is shot at a target that is 300 yards away. the bullet travels through the air at 2800 feet per second. how many feet above the target should the shooter aim to hit the bullseye?

    asked by Brita
  72. statistics help

    The number of ships to arrive at a harbor on any given day is a random variable represented by x. The probability distribution of x is as follows. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) x 10 11 12 13 14 P(x) 0.38 0.1 0.07 0.12 0.33 (a) Find the

    asked by Kim5
  73. Summer Creek

    An isosceles triangle has legs that are each x inches long a base that is y inches long. The perimeter of this triangle is 38 inches. The base is 8 inches shorter than the length of a leg.

    asked by Heaven
  74. Math check

    Consider the following. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) (a) Determine the value of the confidence coefficient z(á/2) for 1 - á = 0.87. Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. . 0.44

    asked by Tom 8
  75. math

    how do you solve this can you do this with the steps do I an understand them,please. (x-9)^2=81

    asked by Anonymousab
  76. math

    how do you solve this can you do this with the steps do I an understand them,please. square root start 5x-4 square root end = 7- square root start 13-x square root end thanks for your time and help

    asked by Anonymousab
  77. math

    how do you solve this can you do this with the steps do I an understand them,please. (square root start) 4x-8 (square root end)=-8

    asked by Anonymousab
  78. math

    how do you solve this can you do this with the steps do I an understand them,please. 3 outside the square root like a cube. (square root start) 64x^6/27 (square root end)

    asked by Anonymousab
  79. Algebra 2 ..

    Evaluate. (-16)^1/4

    asked by Anonymous
  80. English

    It is okay if I post my essay, so you can give me feedback?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. math

    find the number of 8 units to the right of -3

    asked by lea