Questions Asked on
May 25, 2013

  1. physics

    The average speed of a bicycle, an athlete and a car are 18 km/hr, 7 m/s and 2 km/min respectively. Which among these is the fastest and the slowest one?

    asked by param
  2. power dissipation

    What is the power dissipated by resistor R1 of the following circuit: two batteries in series (with values V1 = 20 volts and V2 = 20 volts) connected across three resistors in series with values R1 = 10k, R2 = 10k, and R3 = 20k im getting the answer 4 but

    asked by Adam
  3. How to get quick responses to your math questions

    Math is a wide subject, ranging from K to 11, college and university. Then there is algebra, trigonometry, geometry, arithmetic, calculus, number theory, ... etc. Not all teachers answer all math questions (many do). If you would give a little more detail

    asked by MathMate
  4. Physics

    A body at equilibrium is under the action of three forces. One force is 10N acting due east and one is 5N in the direction 60 degree north-east. What is the magnitude and direction of the third force?

    asked by Adigun
  5. trig

    A hiker walks 900m east and 500m south .Find the bearing of the finishing position from the staring point?

    asked by x
  6. Statistics

    The relationship between the number of games won during one season by a minor league baseball team and the average attendance at their home games is analyzed. A regression analysis to predict the average attendance from the number of games won gives the

    asked by Katie

    A biased coin is tossed 5 times where p(t) = .6. determine the probability that if you have 2 tails, you have 3 tails.

    asked by Ann
  8. Physics

    2-A 10.0 Kg block is released from point A in the figure below. The block travels along a smooth frictionless track except for the rough 1 m long portion between points B and C. At the end of the track, the 10 kg block hits a spring of force constant (k) =

    asked by Maryam
  9. Healthcare Finance

    A firm that owns the stock of another corporation does not have to pay taxes on the entire amount of dividends received. In general, only 30 percent of the dividends received by one corporation from another are taxable. The reason for this tax law feature

    asked by Chris
  10. law

    __________ refers to the convicted offender's personal statement to the court prior to imposition of sentence. A. The agreement of submission B. Voir dire C. Retribution D. Allocution is it D 2. When the framers of the Constitution incorporated the ban

    asked by Amy
  11. child daycare

    A common misconception among managers is that _______ play is more important, but it's actually more important for children to have _______ play. A. structured, unstructured B. unlimited, limited C. unstructured, structured D. limited, unlimited My answer

    asked by Anonymous
  12. english

    I am working on my English presentation for Wuthering Heights the novel. I have to create and present a comparison between a theme from Wutering Heights and a contemporary issue. For example, if the novel deals with the topic of alienation it could be

    asked by Mercy
  13. scientific notation am i doing it right?

    write in scientific notation 1) 400,000 = 4x10^5 2) 5412= 5.412x10^3 3) 0.00056= 5.6x10^-4 4) 0.0000814= 8.14x10^-5

    asked by anonymous
  14. statistics

    Can someone work this out for me, so I can use as an example to do the other ones. Does it pay to study for an exam? The number of hours studied, x, is compared to the exam grade received, y. x 4 4 6 1 1 y 75 90 95 60 80 (a) Find the equation for the line

    asked by Sue
  15. expressions

    A tank is filling with water from a natural spring. two days ago the water was 10 feet deep. yesterday the water was 12 feet deep. Assume that the water depth continues to rise at the same rate after today. How do you write this expression

    asked by Anonymous
  16. multiplying and diving scientific notation

    1)(2.3x10^2)(4.5x10^-7)= 1.035x10^-6 2) 4.8x10^2/1.2x10^5= 4.8x10^-3

    asked by anonymous
  17. algebra equations

    1) 3x(4x-9)= 12x^2-27x 2) 4x^2(x+6)= 3) 2x^2(15x^3-10)

    asked by anonymous
  18. statistics


    asked by Sue
  19. Statistics

    How do I figure out the answer to this ? It's been a while since I came across one like it; On a test, 6.25% of the questions are answered incorrectly. If 5 questions are answered incorrectly, how many questions are on the test ?

    asked by Jana
  20. Math

    Ned’s Sheds purchases building materials from Timbertown Lumber for $3,700 with terms of 4/15, n/30. The invoice is dated October 17. Ned’s decides to send in a $2,000 partial payment. By what date must the partial payment be sent to take advantage of

    asked by Faith
  21. Physics

    3- A 5.0 Kg block is released from point A in the figure below. It travels along the smooth surface A  E except for the part B  C where the surface is rough. Point A is 3 m above the lowest point C. The block continues in its motion up the surface

    asked by Maryam
  22. Chemistry

    If 10g of NO react with 20g of O2, what is the maximum amount of NO2 that can be produced? My answer is Mol NO = 10/30 = 0.333 mols Mol O2 = 20/32 = 0.625 mols To react all the O2 you would need 2 NO*0.625 moles of NO/1mole O2 =1.25 O2? but, we just have

    asked by Timofey
  23. chrmistry

    Can someone explain me this question: What assumption must we make about the dissolving of a gas in water for the solubility evidence to be valid? what does the question really wants to ask??? I mean is it the observations when the gas dissolves in the

    asked by lg
  24. physics

    a man walks 5 km due North east, then 4 km due 30 degree N of E and finally 60 degree due S of E for 2 km. What is his final displacement with respect to his starting point ?

    asked by aritrika
  25. Math

    A biased coin is tossed 5 times where p(t) = .6. determine the probability that if you have 2 tails, you have 3 tails.

    asked by Ann
  26. Healthcare Finance

    Great Forks Hospital reported net income for 2007 of $2.4 million on total revenues of $30 million. Depreciation expense totaled $1 million. a. What were total expenses for 2007? b. What were total cash expenses for 2007? (Hint: Assume that all expenses,

    asked by Chris
  27. s.s

    who created the first fascist state in the world

    asked by eduarda
  28. Chemistry

    what is the molarity of 28.9 g of cacl2 dissolved in water to make 0.78 l of solution

    asked by Fred
  29. algebra

    write the function whose graph is the graph is the graph of y=(x+4)^2, but is reflected about the y- axis y=____

    asked by sharday
  30. life orientation

    Describe the life style disease/behaviour and explain facts factors that contribute to the disease

    asked by Anonymous
  31. English

    Hello. I will be very grateful if you help me with a few problems. 1)Do you think it's possible to use the present perfect continuous tense with the phrase "until now / until today", for example "Until today, this job has been giving me a lot of

    asked by Ilma
  32. grammar

    Calipers were set and verified at 5 mm. What are the verbs

    asked by rae
  33. Statistics

    X Y 0 23 2 27 2.3 29 4.1 32 5 35 What is the correlation for this data set? 10) Find the regression line for this data set.

    asked by Ana
  34. French

    What is the English translation of: Que veut dire VTT?

    asked by Erika
  35. Law

    The speedy trial clause is in the __________ Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. A. Sixth B. Eighth C. Tenth D. Fourteenth i'm confused between A & D

    asked by Amy
  36. Law

    A sentence of 7 to 15 years is an example of a/an __________ sentence. A. determinate B. fixed C. indeterminate D. indefinite is it C

    asked by Amy
  37. Physics

    Obtain symbolic expressions for the maximum tensile and compressive stresses ( ómax,Tn and ómax,Cn )and their locations (coordinates xmax,T and xmax,C ) in terms of ñ, g, L (with ñ written as rho). (Note: enter the expressions for the stresses with

    asked by Anonymous
  38. law

    The practice known as "judge-shopping" is a result of: A. plea bargaining. B. sentencing disparities. C. statutory sentencing guidelines. D. mandatory sentence structures. is it B

    asked by Amy
  39. math

    If the hour hand of a clock is 7 inches long, how many inches does the tip travel between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM?

    asked by Emma
  40. law

    1. Specific deterrence differs from general deterrence in that the former: A. seeks to discourage others from committing crimes. B. is designed to prevent a particular offender from committing future criminal acts. C. seeks to prevent violation of specific

    asked by Amy
  41. Science

    Search for a Psychology journal that investigates the relationship between sleep and memory. It should include specific variables. The article must be an empirical study and peer reviewed.

    asked by Sitara
  42. health care

    How does the system of health care provision in the U.S. support goals of public health? Provide an example.

    asked by Ann
  43. Physics

    A yo-yo with an axle diameter of 2.00cm has a 80.0cm length of string wrapped around it many times in such a way that the string completely covers the surface of its axle, but there are no double layers of string. The outermost portion of the yo-yo is 4.00

    asked by seth
  44. economics

    To save on gasoline expenses, Edith and Mathew agreed to carpool together for traveling to and from work. Edith preferred to travel on I-20 highway as it was usually the fastest, taking 25 minutes in the absence of traffic delays. Mathew pointed out that

    asked by sugar
  45. math

    If = sin-10.398, then =_____o_____' _____". Round to the nearest second.

    asked by Olivia
  46. Science

    A car of mass 1200kg accelerates from rest at a rate of 2m/s^-2. Calculate how long it should take to reach a velocity of 50m/s.

    asked by OHara
  47. math

    Given two similar triangles, find a' to two significant digits if a = 8.6 * 10^4, b = 1.5 * 10^5, and b' = 1.3 * 10^4.

    asked by Jayden
  48. chemistry

    how much heat would be required to warm the earth's oceans by 1 degree celcius if the volume of the earths oceans is 137x100000000km3 and the density of the seawater is 1.03g/cm3

    asked by Kay
  49. math

    If an equilateral triangle has an altitude of 4.12 cm, how many cm long is one of its sides?

    asked by Emma
  50. Spanish

    1. Vamos ______ para comprar comestibles. A. a la tienda de regalos B. al almacèn C. a la cocina D. al supermercado I said D 2. Para ______ una tarjeta postal, necesito poner ______. A. sacar / un sello B. poner / mi nombre C. enviar / un sello D. llevar

    asked by Eri
  51. MATH

    1- increase 1000 dollars by 10% then decrrese ur answer by 10% wat do u notice? 2- my parents increased my pocket money by 10% then 3 months later increased it by further. 10%'. My father said there was an increase of 21% , can u explain this?

    asked by Kate
  52. Physics

    1- A mass m is pushed against a spring of spring constant k = 12000 N/m. The mass slides on a horizontal smooth surface except for a rough one meter long section, and then it encounters a loop of radius R as shown in the figure. The mass just barely makes

    asked by Maryam
  53. French

    What is the translation of "Comment s'appelle ce terrain de camping"? I know that the literal translation is, "How do you call camping"? but that makes no sense to me.

    asked by Erika
  54. Physics

    3- A 5.0 Kg block is released from point A in the figure below. It travels along the smooth surface A  E except for the part B  C where the surface is rough. Point A is 3 m above the lowest point C. The block continues in its motion up the surface

    asked by Maryam
  55. Math

    I am having a hard time simplifying problems can anyone help. Example; 8.4x+14-9.2x-8.1

    asked by Stressed
  56. Calculus

    Intergrate the following. y = cos(x)(2sin(x)-1)^6

    asked by Dave
  57. math

    Natureland Garden Center buys lawn mowers that list for $679.95 less a 30% trade discount. What is the dollar amount of the trade discount?

    asked by pauline
  58. math

    Equilateral triangle ABC has a circumcircle Γ with center O and circumradius 10. Another circle Γ1 is drawn inside Γ such that it is tangential to radii OC and OB and circle Γ. The radius of Γ1 can be expressed in the form ab√−c, where a,b and c

    asked by Mathslover
  59. math

    Let ABCD be a rectangle such that AB=5 and BC=12. There exist two distinct points X1 and X2 on BC such that ∠AX1D=∠AX2D=90∘. Suppose that d is the distance from X1 to X2. What is d2?

    asked by Mathslover
  60. math

    If a room is 13 feet wide and 18 feet long, how many feet is it from one corner to the opposite corner? Round to one decimal place.

    asked by Emma
  61. Grade 11 english

    I have to compsre revenge in Wuthering Heights by Emily bronte and the contemporary issue of politics. I am doing a powerpoint presentation and it should be 5 minutes long. So what do you suggest my slides be and howmany. Please help me I really don't know

    asked by Mercy
  62. math

    Find the number of ordered pairs of distinct positive primes p, q (p≠q) such that p^2+7pq+q^2 is the square of an integer.

    asked by Sambit
  63. Financial Accounting

    I really need help please !!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. Accounting for payroll. Jimmy Paycheck earned $1,500 per month as the manager of a recording studio. Jimmy has 25% of his earning withheld for federal income taxes. There are no other amounts withheld except for

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Maths

    Given circle Γ and a point P outside of Γ, 2 lines l1 and l2 are drawn such that both pass through P. l1 intersects Γ at A and B, and l2 intersects Γ at C and D, with C between D and P. If PA=44,PB=294 and PC=56, what is PD?

    asked by Sambit
  65. Physics

    A body at equilibrium is under the action of three forces. One force is 10N acting due east and one is 5N in the direction 60 degree north-east. What is the magnitude and direction of the third force?

    asked by Adigun
  66. chemistry

    How much hydrogen gas (mL) would be rpoduced at 25 degreez C and 1.34 atm if 5.5 grams of zinc reacts with 25mL of 0.05 M hydgrchloric acid? Please respond with how u found the answer

    asked by mb
  67. healthcare

    Identify and discuss at least 2 specific sources of health care statistics. These sources can be examples of either primary or secondary data sources.

    asked by Denese

    Obtain symbolic expressions for the maximum tensile and compressive stresses ( ómax,Tn and ómax,Cn )and their locations (coordinates xmax,T and xmax,C ) in terms of ñ, g, L (with ñ written as rho). (Note: enter the expressions for the stresses with

    asked by AMK
  69. mathematics

    How many functions f from the reals to the reals are there, such that f(f(x))=x^2−2?

    asked by Sambit
  70. math

    41 degrees, 20 minutes, 26 seconds - 23 degress, 39 minutes, 56 seconds = ?degrees, ?minutes, ?seconds

    asked by Emma
  71. math

    A sector in a circle of radius 8.1 m has an area of 53.5 m^2. The central angle in a sector must be _____o. Round to one decimal place.

    asked by Emma
  72. math

    A 45 foot long driveway goes uphill from the street to the garage of a house with a 5 degree angle of elevation. The garage must be _____ inches higher than the street. Round to the nearest whole number. (Watch the units!)

    asked by Emma
  73. accounting

    On February 1, 2010, Par5 paid property taxes on its warehouse for the calendar year 2010 in the amount of $385,000. In the first week of June 2010, Par5 made unanticipated major repairs to its warehouse at a cost of $3,000,000. These repairs will benefit

    asked by kelli
  74. math

    A carpenter is adding a sun room to the back of a house. If the width of the room is 15 feet, the distance from the house to either obtuse corner of the room is 13 feet, and the distance from the house to the point of the room is 18 feet, then angle =

    asked by Emma
  75. polynomials am i doing it right?

    1) (x^4+7x^3+7)-(2x^4-4x^3+1) = -x^4+3x^3+6 2) (3n^3+n^2-n-4)+(5n^3-4n^2+11) = 8n^3-3n^2-n+11

    asked by anonymous
  76. acct HELP!!!

    In January 2010, Rich Corporation estimated that its 2010 year-end bonus to executives would be $1,125,000 for 2010. This forecast was based on the actual amount paid for the bonuses in the previous year. The estimate for 2010 is subject to change as the

    asked by kelli
  77. Acct HELP!!!!

    1. Quarter Corporation had the following transactions during the quarter ended June 30, 2010: Loss from tsunami damage (extraordinary) $985,000 Payment of fire insurance premium for the period April 1, 2010 - March 31, 2011 480,000

    asked by kelli
  78. scientific notation am i doing it right?

    write in decimal form (standard notation) 1) 8x10^4 = 80000. 2) 9.82x10^5 = 98,200,000. 3) 9x10^-3 = 0.0009 4) 7.24x10^-6 = 0.00000724

    asked by anonymous
  79. child daycare

    One can encourage children to engage in sociodramatic play by A. involving them in community development decisions. B. providing easels and paint. C. demanding that they pay attention to the rules. D. creating forts and other structures. I say its C, am i

    asked by Anonymous
  80. math

    A search and rescue plane flying at an altitude of 1000 feet spots a ship in the ocean with an angle of depression of 7 degrees. The pilot follows his line of site and flies directly toward the boat for 0.7 miles. At this point his altitude is _____ feet.

    asked by Emma
  81. Integral

    find indefinite integral [(sinx)^3]*[(cosx)^3] dx i got 1/192 * ((cos(6x)-9cos(2x)) + C but this isnt right. explain plz? thnx

    asked by Mikey
  82. Sequences

    Show full steps: 1a) Determine the formula for the nth term for 7,12,17... b) Determine the value of the 19th term,t19. 2) Determine the number of terms in the sequence 4,12,36...2125764. Show all necessary steps. There are 15 more questions but I think if

    asked by Mercy
  83. Math

    Natureland Garden centr buy lawn mowers that list for $679.95 less 30% trade discount. What is the dollar amount of the trade discount and what is the net price of each lawn mower? Trade discount: 679.95*.30+ 203.99 Net Price: 679.95 - 203.99= 475.96 Is my

    asked by Erica
  84. def integrals

    find value of def integral with a=-2 and b=2sqrt(3) for integral i get 1/15 *((4+x^2)^(3/2)) (-8+3x^2) for value i get [1536- 64sqrt(2)]/15 but its' wrong. help please

    asked by Mikey
  85. Math

    Fantasia Florist Shop purchases an order of roses with a list price of $2,375 less trade discounts of 15/20/20. What is the amount of trade discount and what is the net dollar amount of that rose order? Trade discount: .85*.80*.80=.544 2375*.544=1292

    asked by Erica
  86. Math

    What is the net price factor for trade discount of 25/15/10? .75*.85*.90=.57375 Is my answer correct?

    asked by Erica
  87. geography

    Which seismic waves are called transverse waves?

    asked by saheb
  88. child daycare

    Which of the following is one of the steps for successful inclusion? A. Provide every program requested. B. Modify appropriate environments and curriculum. C. Organize all children in an assigned, designated area. D. Use every inch of space in designated

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math

    Not sure how to ask my question? Need help on writing a formula for trapezoid A=h(B=+b) ____ 2 without parentheses and multiplication. Hope this makes sense. If it could be explained that would be great.

    asked by Help
  90. Statistics

    Scores on a mathematics examination appear to follow a normal distribution with mean of 65 and standard deviation of 15. The instructor wishes to give a grade of “C” to students scoring between the 60th and 70th percentiles on the exam. What score

    asked by Jimmy Smith
  91. MATH315 Elementry Statistics

    A researcher surveyed college students to study their opinion about the proposed change in smoking rules. The researcher asked a group of 30 students: 12 of them supported the change, 13 of them did not, and 5 had no opinion. This is not a binomial model

    asked by Austin Knight
  92. English

    Hello. Please help me to choose the article in the following context: "Yesterday parliament voted for a / the new speaker" (meaning: elected a new person). Thank you very much.

    asked by Ilma
  93. Geometry

    using the 8 steps in Sec 4.3 of your book, analyze the graph of the following function. R(x)= x^2+x-30/ x^2-x-20

    asked by Barby
  94. Statistics

    Using advertised prices for used Ford Escorts a linear model for the relationship between a car's age and its price is found. The correlation coefficient is - 0.933 Determine R2 and interpret this statistic. A) R2 = 93.3% which means that 93.3% of the

    asked by Katie
  95. Calculus

    If 6e^5x=23, then what does x equal?

    asked by Lukas
  96. math

    there are seven pieces of blue marbles and 43 pieces of red the blue marbles what percentage of the total?

    asked by reiou
  97. exponents

    simplify the following. leave answers with positive exponents 1) c^2 x c^7= c^9 2) (2w^2 x^4)^3= (2w^5 x^7) 3)(a^4)^12= a^16 4) 28x^2/ y^-9= i don't undestand this 5) (3b)^3= 3b^4 6) x^14/x^6= x^8 7) 977^0= 977 8) (x/y)^8= i don't understand

    asked by anonymous
  98. science

    Describe three potential extraneous variables in your experiment on whether prayer causes healing

    asked by science
  99. Statistics

    How do you fine the P-value?

    asked by Linda
  100. HealthCare Finance Bonds

    John Doe is in the 40 percent personal tax bracket. He is considering investing in HCA bonds that carry a 12 percent interest rate. a. What is his after-tax yield (interest rate) on the bonds? b. Suppose Twin Cities Memorial Hospital has issued tax-exempt

    asked by Chris
  101. simple interest and compund interest.

    1) What is the final amount when $3000 is invested at 3% per year simple interest for? Show all steps. The formula is A=P(1+rt) 2) What amount must be invested at an interest rate of 5% per year compounded monthly to obtain $15000 in 6 years? Show all

    asked by Mercy
  102. Chemistry

    If 1.20g of steam at 100.0 celcius condenses into 38.5 g of water, initially at 27 celcius what is final temperature of water

    asked by Rich