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May 13, 2013

  1. Math~Polynomials

    1)6g+8k-9g+2k(1point) 3g+10k -3g+10k*** 17gk 10k-3 2)-4x+6x^2+5x(1point) 7x^3*** 6x^2+9x 6x^2-9x 6x^2+x 3)a^2+5a-3a^2(1point) 5a+2a^2 -2a^2+5a*** -3a^2+6a 5a-3a^2 4)3x^2+8x+7x(1point) 3x^2+15x*** 18x^3 3x^2+1 3x^2-x 5)Find the degree of

    asked by Gabby
  2. Bio

    In order to maintain homeostasis, human cells must have a higher concentration of sodium ions outside the cell than inside the cell. In addition, the concentration of potassium ions must be higher inside the cell than outside the cell. Which of the

    asked by Wyatt
  3. Physical Science

    Blood is pumped from the heart at a rate of 5L/min into the aorta of radius 2.0cm. Assuming that the density of blood 1x103 kg/m3 .Determine the velocity of blood through the aorta

    asked by Janaiby
  4. geometry

    To estimate the height of a flagpole, Marci, who is 5 feet tall stands so that her lines of sight to the top and bottom of the pole form a angle. What is the height of the pole to the nearest foot?

    asked by Stan
  5. Chemistry

    How much water, in grams, can be made from 6.82 × 1024 hydrogen molecules? Answer in units of g

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Calculus

    The acceleration due to gravity near the surface of Mars is 3.72ms^-2 . A rock is thrown straight up from the surface with an initial velocity of 23ms^-2 . How high does it go?

    asked by Grant
  7. HARD CHEM QUESTION- any help appreciated

    Phosgene (COCl2) is a poisonous gas that dissociates at high temperature into two other poisonous gases, carbon monoxide and chlorine with equilibrium constant Kp = 0.0041 at 600 K. Find the equilibrium composition of the system after 0.124 atm of COCl2 is

    asked by scilover
  8. college algebra I

    68 is the product of Vanessa's age and 4. use the variable v to represent Vanessa's age. How do I write this expression

    asked by topaz
  9. chem

    a grocery store sells vinegar in 1Lbottles. based on your results, how many grams of acetic acid are in a bottle?

    asked by b
  10. Chemistry

    Find the enthalpy for : 4Fe + 3O2 = 2Fe2O3 I got the following informations: Fe + 3H2O = Fe(OH)3 + 3/2H2 - Enthalpy is 160.9 kj H2 + 1/2O2 = H2O - Enthalpy is -285.8 kj Fe2O3 + 3H2O = 2Fe(OH)3 - Enthalpy is 288.6 I try using Hess Law but cannot solve it.

    asked by Shadow
  11. pre calculus

    Cot 495 degrees... a) -tan 135 degrees b) -cot 135 degrees c) cot 135 degrees d) -cot 315 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    We have an important chemsitry test due and I want to make sure that I do not mess up on my algebra. I am dealing with the integrated rate law, but my question is purely algebraically in nature. I hope, somebody can help me. 1) ln(A) = -kt+ln(B) solve for

    asked by Yasemine
  13. Chemistry

    How many grams of gas are present in a sample that has a molar mass of 70 g/mol and occupies a 2 L container at 117 kPa and 35.1C?

    asked by Dori
  14. Algebra 2

    Solve for x under the assumption that x > 0. Enter your answer in interval notation using grouping symbols. x - (10/x) < 9 I need someone to show me how to work through this type of problem, I don't understand it.

    asked by Tristan
  15. PreCalculus

    Sin5x cos2x + cos5x sin2x=

    asked by Becky
  16. history

    What does this quote mean? "It is honorable to be raised to a throne than to be born to one. Fortune bestows (gives) the one, merit obtains to other." -Francesco Petrarch

    asked by kate
  17. geometry

    A bicycle wheel is 56cm in diameter . How many complete turns does it make in travelling 1km ? Use the value ^ for( 22/7)

    asked by Ruth hirst
  18. Math

    Why did Airhead eat the dollar he brought to school

    asked by Emmanuel
  19. college Chemisrty

    at what kelvin temperature will 25.2 of xe occupy a volume of 645 L at pressure of 732 torr?

    asked by judy
  20. Physical Education

    Suppose that blood flows through the aorta with a speed of 0.35 m/s. The cross-sectional area of the aorta is 2.0x10-4 m2. (a) Find the volume flow rate of the blood (b) The aorta branches into tens of thousands of capillaries whose total cross-sectional

    asked by Janaiby
  21. Trigonometry

    Find all solutions between 0 and 2pi. Round to two decimal places. In radians. Find all solutions between 0 and 2 pi. Round to two decimal places for the final solutions. The answers should be in radian mode. If you can use exact values use them. At least

    asked by Taylor B
  22. Math

    A letter carrier can deliver mail to 112 homes per hour by walking and 168 homes per hour by driving. By what percent is productivity increased by driving? Answer: 56% Is my answer correct?

    asked by Ann
  23. chemistry

    what volume of carbon dioxide is formed when 11 of CS2 reacts with 18 L O2 to produce carbon dioxide gas and sulfur dioxide gas at STP?

    asked by danna
  24. chemistry - thank you:)

    What volume of H2SO4 0.04 M is required to completely neutralize 200 mL of Al(OH)3 0.02M?

    asked by lea
  25. chemistry

    The reaction of chlorine gas with solid phosphorus (P4) produces solid phosphorus pentachloride. When 63.5 g chlorine reacts with 28.5 g P4, which reactant is limiting?

    asked by Robin
  26. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of NO− 3 after mixing? Answer in units of mol/L

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    By what percent is a 100-watt light bulb brighter than a 60-watt light bulb? Round to the nearest tenth. 40/60 = 2/3 = 2 ÷ 3 = 0.666667 0.666667 x 100 = 66.6667% Answer: 66.7% Is this correct?

    asked by Ann
  28. physic

    an enemy spaceship is moving toward your starfighter with a speed of 0.4c, as measured in your reference frame. The enemy ship fires a missile toward you at a speed of 0.7c relative to the enemy ship. If you measure the enemy ship to be 8.0 x 10^6 km away

    asked by yanis
  29. Public speaking

    When conducting research for supporting materials, it is imperative to remember: A. there is one right source for certain information. B. always to take notes and record. C. always do a personal interview. D. use only the most current source of information

    asked by james
  30. Algebra (factorial)

    Evaluate gcd(19!+19,20!+19). Details and assumptions The number n!, read as n factorial, is equal to the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n. For example, 7!=7×6×5×4×3×2×1.

    asked by Mathslover
  31. linear algebra

    solve using gauss jordan 10y − 4z + w = 1 x + 4y − z + w = 2 3x + 2y + z + 2w = 5 −2x − 8y + 2z − 2w = −4 x − 6y + 3z = 1

    asked by DON
  32. macroeconomic

    Bill can paint either two walls or one window frame in one hour. In the same time, Frank can paint either three walls or two window frames. To minimize the time spent painting, who should specialize in painting walls, and who should specialize in painting

    asked by winnie
  33. Math

    Explain It How is adding and subtracting with money like adding and subtracting whole numbers?

    asked by Quan
  34. Math

    An airplane is flying at an altitude of 6 miles and passes directly over a radar antenna. When the plane is 10 miles away, the radar detects that the distance is changing at a rate of 240 mph. what is the speed of the plane? This is an implicit

    asked by Chloe
  35. Calculus

    At time t = 0, a seed is planted. After t weeks, the height of the plant is given by f(t) = 0.3t² = 0.6t = 0.5 inches. At what rate is the plant growing after

    asked by Joy
  36. Mathematics

    Ellen is 11 years older than Maja. Last year Ellen was twice as old as Maja. How old is Maja now?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    What are three ways to write 5^11 as a product of two powers

    asked by Batman
  38. Math - Probability

    in a primary school 70% of the boys and 55% of the girls can ride a bicycle. if a boy or a girl are chosen at random, what is the probability that both of them can ride a bicycle?

    asked by donald
  39. vocab

    __________ definitions are made up of the set of associations implied by a word in addition to its literal meaning. A. Connotative B. Direct C. denotative D. None of the Above.

    asked by cbaby
  40. Physics

    - The Mariana trench is located in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of about 11000 m below the surface of the water. The density of seawater is 1025 kg/m3. (a) If an underwater vehicle were to explore such a depth, what forces would the water exert on the

    asked by Janaiby

    B. A soft-drink vending machine is supposed to pour 8 ounces of the drink into a paper cup. However, the actual amount poured into a cup varies. The amount poured into a cup follows a normal distribution with a mean that can be set to any desired amount by

    asked by DON
  42. Math

    If 453 runners out of 620 completed a marathon, what percent of the runners finished the race? (Round percent to the nearest tenth.) Answer: 453/620= .731 Changing to percent 73.1% Is this correct?

    asked by Ann
  43. Physical Science

    A dentist’s chair with a patient in it weight 2100N. The output plunger of a hydraulic system begins to lift the chair, when the dentist’s foot applies of 55N to the input piston. Neglect any height difference between the plunder and the piston. What

    asked by Janaiby
  44. chemistry

    balance the equation and name the reaction taking place C3H5OH+O2 equals CO2+ H2O

    asked by patricia purnell
  45. Math

    Find the amount in each case. 8% is 56 kg.

    asked by Lana
  46. geography

    Under Communist leadership, North Korea has continued to evolve

    asked by Liberty
  47. Chemistry

    An unknown amount of water is mixed with 350 mL of a 6 M solution of NaOH solution. A 75 mL sample of the resulting solution is titrated to neutrality with 51.2 mL of 6 M HCl. Calculate the concentration of the diluted NaOH solution. Answer in units of M

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Biology

    What causes mutations in bacteria? and Can mutations affect plasmids?

    asked by Rebekah
  49. trig

    if 5cos A plus 3=0 and 180

    asked by patience morakile
  50. Math

    A movie theater charges $6 for each adult and $3 for each child. If the total amount in ticket revenue one evening was $1428 and if there were 56 more children than adults, then how many children attended?

    asked by Karin
  51. Chemistry

    The following data was obtained from titrating a solution containing 25 mL of 0.0100 M MgCl2 solution, 1 mL of NH3OH buffer, and 10 drops of Calmagite with EDTA. Calculate the concentration of EDTA. Report the answer with three sig figs. Please help it

    asked by shannon
  52. 5th grade math (dividing fractions)

    Can you check this problem? How many twelfths are in one sixth? work: 1/6 divided by 1/12 = 1/6 * 12/1 = 2 ans= 2

    asked by Alex
  53. Calculus-PLZ help!

    Given u=3i-2j+k,v=2i-4j-3k, w=-i+2j+2k, 1 Find a unit vector normal to the plane containing v and w. 2 Find the volume of the parallelepiped formed by u, v, and w. 3 Are any of these vectors parallel? Orthogonal? Why or why not?

    asked by Liz
  54. Thermodynamics

    In a multiple-device flow system, I want to determine a state property. Where should I look for information, upstream or downstream?

    asked by Kyle
  55. physics

    Three identical conducting spheres are located at the vertices of an equilateral triangle ABC. Initially the charge the charge of the sphere at point A is qA=0and the spheres at B and C carry the same charge qB=qC=q. It is known that the sphere B exerts an

    asked by stranger
  56. Chemistry

    .012 mol of solid NaOH is added to a 1 L solution of HCl 0.01 M. What is the pH of the solution?

    asked by scilover
  57. chemistry

    Physicain elects to re-hydrate the patient br intravenous(IV) administration of 2.0 L of 0.45% (w/v) of NaCl. 0.45%9w/v) = 0.45g/100ml A.How many grams of NaCl were given? B.How many moles of Nacl were given? C.What is the molarity of the NaCl solution?

    asked by Monica
  58. Maths

    If sin 23=p,write the following in terms of p cos 113,cos 23,tan 23

    asked by Dineo
  59. Physical Education

    (a) Calculate the average blood velocity in the major arties given that the aorta has a radius of 1.0 cm, the blood velocity is 30 cm/s in the aorta, and the total cross-sectional area of the major arties is 20 cm2 (b) What is the total flow rate? (c) On

    asked by Janaiby
  60. chemistry

    3.Suppose the innermost orbit an electron can occupy has an energy level of -19 eV. Based on the absorption spectrum shown below, what is the energy of energy level 4?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. science

    I need an example of an acrostic poem for the word kinetic please help!!!!!!

    asked by devon
  62. programming

    Write a program reads the city names and respective gas prices into 2 single-subscripted arrays in your program - one of type string, the other of type double. (We would call these "parallel arrays" - each corresponding location shows the city name and gas

    asked by George
  63. French

    i need to write a french conversation about going to places such as the cinema, library and do activities. i started off but i need help so far: A-Bonoujour Becca B- Salut Alex comment ca va? A- Ca va bien, et toi B-ca va tres bien A-Qu'est-ce que tu vas

    asked by Sam
  64. German grammar

    Decide if the following sentence is grammatically CORRECT or INCORRECT. Die Wellen haben sehr gross geworden. correct incorrect i feel like this is correct. i also feel like it could be written differently but i don't know if both ways are correct, or only

    asked by bubbie
  65. Maths - Probability q2

    Five cards are lettered A, B, C, D, E Three cards are chosen at random one after the other without replacement and are in the order shown below First, Second, Third What is the probability that the cards spell the word BED

    asked by donald
  66. Math

    Bess is making pillows to decorate her bed. she is going to make three square pillows that are each 2 feet by 2 feet. she wants to use the same trim around each many feet of trim will she need for all three pillow?

    asked by Klein
  67. Chemistry

    How many moles of sulfuric acid are required to neutralize 0.80 mol of sodium hydroxide? H2SO4 + 2NaOH -> Na2SO4 + 2H2O I got 0.40 mol. Is this right?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. math

    your school librarian has asked your class for some help on the purchase of some new bookcases with two shelves each. She has 300 new books she needs to shelve. One half of the books are half an inch thick. Ones third of them are one fourth of an inch

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Physics

    Jack and Jill are skating. Jill has a mass of 50 kg, Jack has a mass of 80 kg. At t=0 seconds Jill starts skating across a 50 m diameter rink at a speed of 3 m/s. After 3 seconds Jack skates after her with a speed of 5 m/s. When they meet, Jack scoops up

    asked by Hale
  70. math

    Rohnda is in charge of buying food for the school picnic, she found that hot dogs are in packages of 24, buns in packages of 18, ketchup in boxes of 12, and mustard in boxes of 15. what is the least number of students that can be feed if each student

    asked by marissa
  71. Language Arts

    Need help on the question below. On our hike, the rain (fell steady or fell steadily) for more than an hour. Thanks...

    asked by Brandi
  72. Math

    After a 15% pay raise, Scott Walker now earns $27,600. What was his salary before the raise? Answer: 27600=.15x*27600 x=4140 27600-4140=23,460 Is my answer correct?

    asked by Ann
  73. algebra

    You are using 0.05 gallons per mile of a SUV gas tank that holds 16 gallons. Note: this equation has a negative slope (m). Use x-values: 0, 160, and 320. I think the problem should be y=.05x+16 Confused since the teacher says it has a negative slope.

    asked by caitlin
  74. math

    Triangle LNK is isosceles and line LK is the base. use a paragraph proof to prove that triangle LNK is equal to triangle KNM

    asked by emilee
  75. math

    in a primary school 70% of the boys and 55% of the girls can ride a bicycle. if a boy or a girl are chosen at random, what is the probability that both of them can ride a bicycle?

    asked by donald
  76. Mathematics

    Sean is 20 and his brother is 12. How many years ago was Sean three times as old as his brother?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    Elijah draws shapes on his graph paper.He draws a square with sides 1/2 inch long. He draws an equilateral triangle with sides that are 1/4 inch long. What is another measurement that describes the length of the triangle's sides ? a. 2/1 inch b. 2/2 inch

    asked by Debora
  78. Fnance

    If a firm has a debt-equity ratio of 1.6, then its total debt ratio must be?

    asked by Lisa
  79. biology

    The nonliving matrix of the connective tissue through which the blood cells freely flow is the? A. plasma B. extracellular fluid. C. intracellular fluid. D. submucosa

    asked by Linda
  80. Math

    Sunshine Honda sold 112 cars this month. If that is 40% greater than last month, how many cars were sold last month? x=112*100/140 x= 80 Answer: 80 Is this correct?

    asked by Ann

    A. According to an estimate, 50% of the people in the United States have atleast one credit card. If a random sample of 30 persons is selected, what is the probability that 19 of them has atleast one credit card? PLIZ REALLY NEED HELP!! THANKS VERY MUCH..

    asked by DON
  82. MATHS

    Logan Academy students take part in four field trips during the school year. They visit a library, a museum, a park, and a zoo. How many different ways can the four trips be ordered for the school year?

    asked by BRYAN
  83. physics

    Adam can run a lap on a certain circular track in 50 seconds. Grampy Sampy can run a lap on this track in 90 seconds. They start at the same location at the same time and move in the same direction. If they each run at a constant speed, how many seconds

    asked by kathy wong
  84. Physical Education

    A solid object floats on ethyl alcohol, with 68.2%of the object’s volume submerged .Find the density of the object. Take density of alcohol =806 kg/m

    asked by Janaiby
  85. math (statistics)

    A manufacturing company produces 10,000 plastic glasses per week. This company supplies plastic glasses to another company, which packages the glasses as part of picnic sets. The second company randomly samples 10 glasses from the supplier. If at least

    asked by michin
  86. Calculus

    The marginal cost for a product is given by dC/dq = 1000/sqrt3q+20, in hundreds of dollars, where q is given in thousands of units. Determine the cost in dollars involved in increasing product from 10 to 15 thousand units. If R(0)= C(0)= 0, the marginal

    asked by Grant
  87. Math

    Graph and identify the coordinates of a rectangle with a length of at least 5 units and a width of at least 2 units. Each vertex of the rectangle must be in a different quadrant. Two of the points must have rational coordinates that are not integers.

    asked by Bell
  88. precalculus

    solve equation for solutionn over interval [0,360): cot(è)+4csc(è)=5

    asked by mike
  89. Math(combinations) Help

    Let Pn be the set of all subsets of the set [n]={1,2,…,n}. If two elements of P5 are chosen at random, the expected number of elements (of [n]) that they have in common can be expressed as a/b where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is the

    asked by Mathslover
  90. math

    Find the maximum and minimum of f(x; y) = 7x - 10y subject to the constraint x2 + 4y2 = 136. can someone tell me the final answer because my final answer has a lot of decimal point. Is it relevant?

    asked by ifi
  91. math

    I am a number with 2 more tens than one. I have 5 mores ones than hundreds. the sum of my digits is 18. What number I am?

    asked by kevin
  92. Chemistry

    In the titration of 14.0 mL of 0.10M acetic acid with 0.40 M NaOH, (A) How many mL of NaOH needed to completely neutralize the acid? Given the balanced equation: CH3COOH (aq) + NaOH (aq) 􏰀 CH3COO Na (aq) + H2O

    asked by Lisa
  93. Find the center (h,k) and radius

    Find the center (h,k) and radius r of the circle and then use these to (a) graph the circle and (b) find the intercepts, if any. 3x^2+36x+3y^2=0

    asked by Liz
  94. Chemistry

    Three solutions 56.0 mL of 0.6 M KNO3; 77.0 mL of 0.6 M Ca(NO3)2; and 42.0 mL of 0.29 M KCl were poured together to make one new solution. What is the concentration of Cl− after mixing? Answer in units of mol/L

    asked by Anonymous
  95. chemistry

    a sample of 15.00 g of an unkown metal chloride, MCl2 is dissolved in 75.0 mL water. the boiling point of the resulting solution is measured at 102.37 degrees C. what is the identity of the metal M.

    asked by alice
  96. math

    A car factory can produce 362 cars every 8 h. How many cars could the factory produce in 44 h?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. physics

    A resistor of resistance R is connected to a power supply of constant EMF E=12 V and internal resistance r=3 Ω . The energy dissipated in the resistor R is used to heat water. What resistance R in Ohms gives the maximum power dissipated in the resistor?

    asked by intermediate player PLEASE HELP
  98. precalculus

    solve equation for solutionn over interval [0,360): cot(è)+4csc(è)=5

    asked by mike
  99. physics

    Two point charges +q=1 μC and −q=−1 μC with mass m=1 g are fixed at the positions ±r⃗ 0 with |r0|=1 m. The charges are released from rest at t=0. Find the time τ in seconds at which they collide.Hint: Can you do it without integrating by using

    asked by stranger
  100. Finance

    Dan buys a new desk for $3,000. Miller will pay back $260 per month. Interest is 5% on the unpaid balance. Calculate balance outstanding after second payment (Use U.S. Rule)

    asked by Davoni
  101. college algebra i

    x is less than or equal to 1 and greater than -5. how do i write this

    asked by topaz
  102. investing

    A 5% coupon bond with 9 years to maturity has a yield-to-maturity of 7%. Assuming the coupons are paid semi-annually and the principal amount is equal to 100, what is the price of the bond?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. math30

    If loga(x + b) = c, then x is equal to where a is the base. a. x = a^c – b *this is the answer* why??

    asked by alejandro
  104. Math

    I have to find the apothem of a triangle. It's a 60-60-60 triangle with sides of 6. Help!

    asked by Tia
  105. algebra!!! please help...

    Let f(x) be a polynomial such that f(f(x))−x^2=xf(x). Find f(−100).

    asked by glo
  106. Cross-Multiply

    9. Explain the process of cross-multiplication.

    asked by Serena
  107. chemistry

    If something originally contained 32.0 g of Po-210, which has a half-life of 10.5 minutes, and was now 73.5 minutes old, how many grams would be left?

    asked by Mary
  108. math

    The cicircumference of a wheel is 2m how many times does the wheel turn in travelling 3km

    asked by terrall
  109. physics

    Name of physics book for 11 and catch engineering exam and other competetive exam

    asked by john
  110. Chemistry

    If I used 100% larger sample mass of an unknown substance what effect would that have on the empirical formula that would be obtained?

    asked by Kevin
  111. biology

    A researcher develops a new drug that kills cells by preventing transcription. The most direct effect of the drug is to prevent cells from? A. making new DNA. B. exporting substances to the cytoplasm. C. making protein. D. breaking down substances in the

    asked by Linda
  112. math

    Koley makes $4.00 per week for washing dishes. She pays her sister Amy $0.75 each time Amy does the dishes for her. Is that fair? Please explain how I get the answer because I don't understand it/

    asked by Celest
  113. College Algebra

    For the given functions f and g, find the following and state the domain of each result. f(x)=√x;g(x)=7x-2 (a)(f*g)(x)= What is the domain of f*g? (b) (f/g)(x)= What is the domain of f/g?

    asked by Alex
  114. Math - Maximizing Logarithm

    x and y are positive values satisfying x + y = 1/4. When ln(y^2+4xy+7) attains its maximum (subject to the given constraint), what is the value of 1/xy?

    asked by Dan
  115. math

    The greatest common factor of 2 numbers is 14, the least common multiple is 168. If the 2 numbers are not 14 and 168, what is the sum?

    asked by marissa
  116. chemistry

    What volume of 31.5 grams of molecular element,chlorine gas, occupy at a pressure of 1.29 atm and temperature of 20 degrees cesius, assuming that the behavior of chlorine gas is ideal?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Alegebra

    Solution A is 60% alcohol and Solution B is 30% alcohol. How much of each is needed to make 30 gallons of a solution that is 40% alcohol

    asked by Thomas
  118. Science

    Please for the classification of metals, their uses in the home and the care of each metal. Please help me!!!!!!

    asked by Divine
  119. Ms sue please help

    Hey ms sue can you please help me to simplify this paragraph? Raynaud's disease occurs when the small arteries (arterioles) that serve the fingers, toes, ears, or nose go into spasm. When arterioles go into spasm, they cut off blood supply and cause digits

    asked by Shreya
  120. language arts

    1. The word centuries contains the Latin root cent-, meaning "hundred." Which of the following words contains the same root? center accent decent percent 2. The word mark is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "boundary." Which of the following words does NOT

    asked by Delilah
  121. algebra!!!! please help me!!!!

    Find the number of real solutions of the system of equations. x^2−y^2=z y^2−z^2=x z^2−x^2=y

    asked by glo
  122. algebra -

    #21 -can you help me solve this equation: 3x^2 (2x - 2) i keep getting: 6x ^2 -6 #22 can you check this one: (2x ^2) (6x^2) i got 12x #23 can you check this one: (4m^2 + m -2) + (-m^2 - 3m) i got: -4m ^2 + 4m-2 #25 can you check this one: (3x^2 -x -1) +

    asked by marko
  123. science

    5 mL O.1 M HCL...How much 0.1 M NaOH is needed to neutralize the acid? Thank you

    asked by mae
  124. english

    Hey, as you know I'm German, but I love this clappping game (Hanky Panky). Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky Where the eeps, ops, sodapops Hey Mr. Lilypad and went kerplop Is there any meaning? I am not able

    asked by Minnie
  125. math

    anita earned $475.54 in 2 weeks have earned the same amount of money each hour that she worked if anita worked a total of 62 hours during those 2 weeks about how much did she earn each hour?

    asked by ally
  126. biology

    The scientific binomial name of a species is Canis vulpis. Which of the following is true? A. the species belongs in the family Canis. B. the species belongs in the genus vulpis. C. the species belongs in the genus Canis. D. the species belongs in the

    asked by Linda
  127. Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communications - 170

    • a room that would facilitate team interaction. How would this room look? • How would the room be arranged? • What would the seating arrangement look like? • What colors or decorating schemes would be used? • How would this setting communicate

    asked by MARY
  128. Algebra Please Help

    Find the sum of integers c for all triples of integers (a,b,c),a≤b≤c, that satisfy the system of equations a^2−bc=91 b^2−ac=91 c^2−ab=91 Details and assumptions If a number c appears in several different triples (a,b,c), it must be counted with

    asked by Mathslover
  129. Math

    Your parents allow you to play video games for no more than 8 hours a week. You have already played for 2.5 hours this week. Write and solve an inequality that represents how much more time you can play video games this week. Graph the solution on a number

    asked by Bell
  130. investing

    A 6% coupon bond with 7 years to maturity has a yield-to-maturity of 3%. Assuming the coupons are paid semi-annually and the principal amount is equal to 100, what is the Macaulay duration of the bond (in years)?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. math

    Simone would like to cover her patio with an outdoor carpet which costs $22.50 per square yard. If the patio measures 9 ft long and 14 ft wide, what would the total cost of the carpet be?

    asked by link
  132. Math (Algebra)

    If positive integers x and y satisfy the equation xy−5x−10y+43=0, the sum x+y is constant. What is the value of x+y?

    asked by Tom
  133. chemistry

    What is the molarity of the acetic acid if 0.5ml of a vinegar solution has been titrated with the 0.101M solution of NaOH and the volume of the NaOH solution at the equivalence point is 5.0mL?

    asked by RC
  134. math (2nd Try)

    A salesman gets paid on commission, and his commission is based on how many units he sells during the month. If the salesman sells $1500 worth of units or less, he makes a flat commission of $900 plus 10% of the sale. If he sells more than $1500 worth of

    asked by Jane
  135. Math

    By what percent is a 100-watt light bulb brighter than a 60-watt light bulb? I'm not sure the equation to use to solve this one.

    asked by Ann
  136. Polynomials

    Let f(x) be a polynomial such that f(f(x))−x^2 =xf(x). Find f(-100)

    asked by Mary
  137. math

    Rob is 2/3 of his dad height.If his dad is 6'3" tall how tall is Rob? Give the answer in feet and inches. Please help me I do not get this.

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Math

    5. The pet shop down the street owns 84 fish. The ratio of birds to fish is 3 to 7. How many birds are in the pet shop?

    asked by Alice
  139. physics/chemistry(kinetic ..gasses)

    How many degreed of freedom have the gas molecules,if under standard conditions the gas dendity is 1.3kg/m^3 and velocity of sound propagation on it is v=330m/s?

    asked by duke
  140. algebra.. HELP ME!!!

    Let f(x) be a polynomial such that f(f(x))−x^2=xf(x). Find f(−100).

    asked by flex
  141. Physical Science

    - What is the kinetic energy ,KE, per unit volume V of blood that has a speed of 0.5 m/s. Take density ofĉblood = 1.0x103kg/m3

    asked by Sara
  142. math

    how do i change 9 5/9 to an improper fraction

    asked by John
  143. Algebra Please Help

    What is the largest prime factor of 5^8+2^2?

    asked by Mathslover
  144. math

    How to tell 4/7 on a ruler

    asked by ethan
  145. physics

    a car weighing 14700N is moving at 20m/s. If the frictional force on it is 2160N , How fast would it be moving when it has travelled 50m

    asked by maham
  146. Physics

    An optical fiber is a flexible, transparent fiber devised to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber. Complete transmission of light is achieved through total internal reflection. This problem aims to calculate the minimum index of refraction n of

    asked by Rohan
  147. Physics

    At the upper surface of the earth's atmosphere, the time-averaged magnitude of the Poynting vector is referred to as the solar constant and is given by =1.35×103W⋅m−2 . (a) If you assume that the sun's electromagnetic radiation is a plane sinusoidal

    asked by Rohan
  148. algebra

    Find the largest possible integer n such that there exists a non-constant quadratic polynomial f(x) with integer coefficients satisfying f(1)∣f(2),f(2)∣f(3),…f(n−1)∣f(n). Details and assumptions: ~For (possibly negative or zero) integers m and k

    asked by flex
  149. Science

    Please for information on how to care each classification of metals.

    asked by Divine
  150. Science

    describe the changes in volume, motion, and energy that gas particles experience as heat is taken away

    asked by Anonymous
  151. Math

    What is the portion if the base is 900 and the rate is 12¾ %? P=RxB P=12.75x900 P=11,475 Is this correct?

    asked by Ann
  152. chemistry

    a sample of 15.00 g of an unkown metal chloride, MCl2 is dissolved in 75.0 mL water. the boiling point of the resulting solution is measured at 102.37 degrees C. what is the identity of the metal M.

    asked by lucy
  153. social studies

    An example of interstate cooperation required by the consitution would be

    asked by Anonymous
  154. math

    18 minutes can be expressed as ab of an hour, where a and b are positive, coprime integers. What is a+b?

    asked by jamesbond
  155. Mathematics

    Pam is 14 and her dad is 37. In how many years will Pam's dad be twice as old as she will be?

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Algebra Please Help

    Determine the last three digits of 2^5+3^5+4^5+......+10,000,000^5 + 2^7+3^7+4^7+......+10,000,000^7

    asked by Mathslover
  157. math

    Find the f''' of function f(x) = e2x6 + [lnx]2. Does we need to do by part? Can someone plz give me the final answer. I do this without using the by part formula..can it be correct?

    asked by ifi
  158. Writing

    Can you proofread my essay? The assignment was to write a problem-solution essay on a big social issue in our world. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” A

    asked by Monae
  159. Math (Algebra) Remainder Theorem

    What is the remainder when f(x)=x^2220 + x^2215 + x^2210 + … + x^10 + x^5 + x^0 is divided by x^4 + x^3 + x^2 + x + 1? Note that: x^0 = 1

    asked by Tom
  160. Calculus

    Given f(x)=1+2cos x , find the area under the curve y=f(x) between x = pi/2 and 2pi/3.

    asked by Grant
  161. life orientation

    describe the substance abuse of both legal and illegal drogs among the youth and explain the the factors that contribute to the disease.

    asked by Rabelani
  162. Math

    Three of every seven sales transactions at Dollar Discount are on credit cards. What percent of the transactions are NOT credit card sales? (Round percentages to the nearest tenth.) Answer: 57.1% Is this answer correct?

    asked by Sue
  163. Calculus

    Fuel is flowing into a storage tank which can be filled to a depth of 6 metres. When the fuel started flowing the tank was already filled to a depth of 2.5m. If the rate at which the depth of fuel in the tank is increasing, in metres per hour is given by

    asked by Grant
  164. Math

    What is the difference of temperature for the following readings 1)8.7 degree centigrade & 2)-5.6 degree centigrade

    asked by Nimra Atiq
  165. Geometry

    ABC is a triangle with a right angle at A. M and N are points on BC such that AM is the altitude, and AN is the angle bisector of A. If CN/NB=21, what is CM/MB ?

    asked by AA
  166. Math


    asked by Debora
  167. Math

    A person who weighs 130 pounds can burn about 300 calories per hour skateboarding. Write a function that relates the calories burned, c, to the number of hours, h, spent skateboarding. Identify the independent and dependent variable. Create a function

    asked by Bell
  168. Algebra PleaseHelppppppppp

    For how many positive integers 1≤k≤1000 is the polynomial fk(x)=x^3+x+k irreducible?

    asked by Mathslover
  169. Geaometry (Graph)

    A graph G has 200000 edges and for any 3 vertices v,w,x, at least one of the edges vw,wx,xv is not present in G. What is the least number of vertices that G can have?

    asked by Mathslover
  170. Math

    1. What is the total sales tax to be paid in 2012 on the purchase of a 2012 passenger vehicle with a selling price of $17,000 and a $2,000 trade-in allowance?

    asked by Mary
  171. math

    what is the input,if the output is 17?

    asked by nyya
  172. photo

    I have to write my Artist Statement on obsessions I am am kind of lost on what to write about.

    asked by Alicia
  173. helllllllp math

    How many positive integers n are there such that 10^n≤ n^10?

    asked by Anubhav
  174. Math (Algebraic Manipulation) Help me please

    An operation produces A−1/A from a fraction A= m/n, where m ≠ n and m ≠ 0. If the initial value of A is 24/47 and the operation is repeated 2012 times, the final output is a/b, where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is a+b?

    asked by Tom
  175. Math (Algebra) (Distance Between 2 Lines)

    If real numbers a and b satisfy a^2 + b^2 = 64, what is the distance between the lines ax + by = 1 and ax + by = 417 ?

    asked by Tom
  176. Algebra

    5/2 DIVIDED BY 4/15=

    asked by Anonymous
  177. algebra ----

    #27 can you check this: -5x (x-4) i got: -5x +20 #28 (y^2 - y -1) + (y^2 + Y + 3) i got: 2y ^2 + 2 #29 (x^2 + 1) - (2x^2 + x -1) i got: -x^2 - x +2

    asked by marko
  178. math

    How many positive integers less than 1020 have all their digits the same? also give the solution kindly,,,,,,,,,and thanx a lot for the last question's answer

    asked by jamesbond
  179. functions

    What is the rule for this function? Input 1 and output 1, input 2 and output 3, input 3 and output 6, input 4 and output 10

    asked by Anonymous
  180. investing

    You work for an insurance company. You have an obligation to pay $1 mln in exactly 1.5 years from today. Your goal is to provide the company with an immunized portfolio that would hedge the current obligation. The company is only interested in first-order

    asked by Anonymous
  181. Print

    How do you print something the size of your whole paper without it getting cut off

    asked by Anonymous
  182. math

    Tammy has 60 markers. 15 of the markers are blue. What percentage of her markers are blue? To make 0.25 a percent, how many decimal places do you move the decimal point?

    asked by 1234567890
  183. math algebra

    Determine the last three digits of 2^5+3^5+4^5+......+10,000,000^5 + 2^7+3^7+4^7+......+10,000,000^7

    asked by joydeep
  184. PreCalculus

    cotx + tanx=

    asked by Jess
  185. polynominals

    (6h+1)-(9h+4) don't tell me the answer just give me the formula

    asked by Alex
  186. Chemistry

    I am dealing with the integrated rate laws. Can somebody please help me with my algebra? First order ln(A)=-kt+ln(B) solve for t,and k and B Second order 1/(A) = kt+1/(B) solve for k and t and B

    asked by Agnes
  187. math

    18 minutes can be expressed as a/b of an hour, where a and b are positive, coprime integers. What is a+b?

    asked by jamesbond
  188. PreCalculus

    Given that alpha=30 degrees, a=6, and b=12. What is the number of triangles possible under these conditions?

    asked by Anonymous
  189. Calculus

    If polynomial functions f(x) and g(x) satisfy d/dx {f(x)g(x)}=2x , f(0)=−3 , and g(0)=3,what is f(10)g(10) ?

    asked by Tony
  190. math

    How to tell 4/7 on a ruler

    asked by ethan
  191. math

    what is a pentagon

    asked by andrew
  192. Math

    Michael Reeves, an ice cream vendor, pays $17.50 for a five-gallon container of premium ice cream. From this quantity he sells 80 scoops at $0.90 per scoop. If he sold smaller scoops, he could sell 98 scoops from the same container; however, he could

    asked by Ann
  193. Math

    If you can write 5 pages each hour, at that rate, how many min. would it take you to write 2?

    asked by Carl
  194. Math

    what is the difference of temperature for the below readings 1)-2.1 degree centigrade & 2)5.4 degree centigrade

    asked by Nimra Atiq