Questions Asked on
May 12, 2013

  1. Trig

    The postal service places a limit of 84 inches on the combined lenght and girth (distance around) of a package to be sen parcel post. What Dimensions of a rectangular box with square cross-section will contain the largest volume that can be mailed?

    asked by Meg
  2. applications of vectors

    Two people are carrying a box. One person exerts a force of 150 pounds at an angle of 62.4 degrees with the horizontal. The other person exerts a force of 114 pounds at an angle of 54.9 degrees. Find the weight of the box.

    asked by Anonymous
  3. physical chemistry

    The system N2O4 2NO2 maintained in a closed vessel at 60º C & a pressure of 5 atm has an average (i.e. observed) molecular weight of 69, calculate Kp. At what pressure at the same temperature would the observed molecular weight be (230/3)

    asked by kriti
  4. Physics

    Calculate the power of a hair dryer that operates on 120V and draws a current of 10 A.

    asked by jamya
  5. Precalc

    Find a formula for the nth term if... a)the 8th term is 8 and the 20th term is 44 b) the 8th term is 4 and the 18th term is -96 thanks!! I am just confused how you do this if you don't know what n is.

    asked by Rebekah
  6. chemistry

    write a balanced net ionic equation for the overall reaction represented by the cell notation below. Pt/ Fe2+, Fe3+ // I-/AgI/Ag

    asked by Lana
  7. math

    a square sheet of tin 30cm on a side is to be used to make an open - top box by cutting a small square of tin from each corner and bending up the sides. how large should be the square cut from each corner to make the box's volume as large as possible

    asked by irma
  8. math

    Part 1: Write two conditional statements for which the converse is true. 1. Statement: 2. Converse: 3. Statement: 4. Converse: Part 2: Write two conditional statements for which the converse is false. 5. Statement: 6. Converse: 7. Statement: 8. Converse:

    asked by allie
  9. Maths

    The second term in the expansion of (1-x)(1+2x)Λn is 19x. Find the value of n

    asked by Natasha
  10. ashford

    16. Functional foods are those containing nutritional supplements in addition to natural nutrients. Examples include orange juice with calcium and eggs with omega-3. Kolodinsky, et al. (2008) examined attitudes toward functional foods for college students.

    asked by lisa
  11. physics

    A small airplane loses a bolt while traveling at a speed of 150 meters/second in the horizontal direction. The bolt follows a parabolic path and lands on the ground after 25 seconds. How far will the bolt have traveled horizontally from the point where it

    asked by Anonymous
  12. physics

    You can paddle at 4.5 km/h and the river is flowing at 3 km/h. How far downstream will you be in 44 min? Answer in units of km

    asked by matt
  13. algebra

    Find the number of decibels for the power of the sound given. Round to the nearest decibel. A rocket engine,2.44 cross 10^(−5)watts/cm2.

    asked by Tierra
  14. Pre-calculus

    What is the general expression in degrees for the measure of all angles coterminal with alpha when alpha=173 degrees?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Chemistry

    If it takes 54 mL of 0.1 M NaOH to neutralize 125 mL of an HCI solution, what is the concentration of the HCI?

    asked by Crystal
  16. statistics

    Consider a normal distribution with mean 20 and standard deviation 3. What is the probability a value selected at random from this distribution is greater than 20?

    asked by erin
  17. financial alg

    Forrest purchased a car for $20,640. He made a down payment of $2,440. He applied for a five-year installment loan with an interest rate of 10.4%. What is the total cost of the car after five years?

    asked by Janae
  18. Chemistry

    Two gases effuse through a hole. Gas A has 9 times the molecular mass of gas B. What is the ratio of the two molecular speeds?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. math

    a fair coin is tossed in the air 4 times. if the coin lands heads up the first three tosses, what is the probability the coin will land heads up the fourth toss? I think it is 1/2 because the coin has 2 sides and 50% it will land on heads. My friend thinks

    asked by Ellie
  20. science physics

    a boy is runnig on a striaght road he runs 500 m towards north in 2 m 10 s and then turns back and runs 200m in1 m calculate the average speed

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    write as an equivalent decimal or a decimal approximation. 4 12/19

    asked by John
  22. Math

    I made a 95 on a test of 20 questions, but it took 35 tries. What is my real grade?

    asked by Jerome
  23. life orientation

    Provide recommendation on how to address the topic that you identified in the previous question

    asked by Anonymous
  24. life orientation

    two institutions/community organizations that are involved in redressing teenage pregnancy

    asked by emanuel
  25. College algebra

    Use the properties of logs to write the expression as one log: 8log(base 5)4th square root of x minus 4log(base 5) x

    asked by Taylor
  26. College algebra

    The radioactive element has a half-life of about 28 years and sometimes contaminates the soil. After 47 years, what percentage of a sample of the elements remain?

    asked by Taylor
  27. College algebra

    The population P of a city has been increasing at an annual rate of 1.4%. It's population was 173 thousand in 1992. A. Find a formula for P(t), where t is the year and P is in thousands. B. Estimate the population in 2010, to the nearest thousand. C. In

    asked by Taylor
  28. physics

    a man pulls a log of mass 45 kg along level ground by means of a rope at constant speed. If the applied force is at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal and the force of friction is 36N find the work done by him pulling the log through a distance of

    asked by maham
  29. financial accounting

    If Kennedy has a net loss of $1,600 cash and then liquidates, what amount of cash will the creditors receive? What amount of cash will the investors receive?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. chemistry

    calculate the heat energy required to raise the temperature of a 500. gram iron pipe from 25 degress celcius to 100 degrees celcius. the specific heat for iron is .45 J/g degrees celcius

    asked by andrea
  31. Macroeconomics

    If the government imposes a price ceiling of $100 on a market, what would happen in the market as a result of protests of price gauging by the sellers? What would happen to the price and quantity in the market?

    asked by Ellen
  32. geometry

    write and equation of a line perpendicular to the line y=1/2x+10 and passes through (0,3)

    asked by Jay
  33. math

    Stacey used her 20% discount card to buy 7 cans of tomatoes and 15 cans of mushrooms for $10.64. The next day Brian spent $ 7.21 on 17 cans of tomatoes and 5 cans of mushrooms in a "30% off" sale. Find the undiscounted pre- sale price of each type of can.

    asked by Tom
  34. Mechanics

    The cylindrical bar in the figure has a total length L=1.2 m, a diameter d=15 mm, and is confined by fixed supports at the walls A and B. A concentrated axial load FC=30 kN is applied to the bar at point C as indicated in the figure, with LAC>LBC. The bar

    asked by AMK
  35. Physics- Simple machines

    A wheel and axle arrangement has an axle with a diameter of 25cm. A rope is wrapped around the axle and is supporting a load of 2 tonnes. 1) If the mechanical advantage of the system is 30, determine the diameter of the wheel___________m. 2)Determine the

    asked by Danny
  36. Chemistry

    how many grams of phosphorus pentachloride are needed to produce 49 grams of phosphoric acid.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Chemistry

    2.76 grams of silver carbonate produced a 50 percent yield of silver oxide. what is the actual mass of this reaction

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Philosophy

    Since Jessica’s participation in local politics increased significantly after she joined her school’s political science club, it is clear that her involvement in that club led her to take an interest in politics. The argument above is flawed because

    asked by John
  39. Math

    if cosx equals square root 3 over 2, find sinx

    asked by Bailey
  40. Physics-Change in Angular Momentum

    What is the change in angular momentum of a planet with radius R if an asteroid mass m and speed v hits the equator at an angle from the west, 40 degrees from the radial direction?

    asked by Anthony
  41. statistics

    A vending machine dispenses coffee into a twelve-ounce cup. The amount of coffee dispensed into the cup is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 0.07 ounce. You can allow the cup to overfill 2% of the time. What amount should you set as the

    asked by Mary
  42. Pre-calculus

    Given that alpha=(14pi/3) what is the least positive angle coterminal with alpha?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. science

    A form of energy that is always transferred from a warmer substance to a cooler one.

    asked by john
  44. math

    Find the number of 6 -term strictly increasing geometric progressions, such that all terms are positive integers less than 1000.

    asked by steven lou
  45. math

    A clock is 4 minutes fast when the correct time is 10am,but it is losing 2 minutess every half hour.What time will it show when the correct time is 4pm.the same day?would u please show me how to work it out,thanks

    asked by lien
  46. Body systems and related conditions

    Report for HIV/AIDS

    asked by CNA
  47. Science

    Metals used in the home and classification. Uses and how they may be cared.

    asked by Juanita
  48. language

    can soemone help me please ? what is one diffrence between the credentials of Jerrilyn Jacobs and Zlata Filipovic a) Jerrilyn Jacobs a younger b) Jerrilyn Jacobs provides a firsthand account c) Jerrilyn Jacobs is a communication expert d) Jarrilyn Jacobs

    asked by isabella
  49. Math

    How many outcomes are there for rolling a number cube with faces numbered 1 through 6 and flipping 2 quarters?

    asked by Terrell Styles
  50. PreCalculus

    PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I really need to remember on how to do this equation. Solve the system algebraically. y=25x^2+x 9x+y=3

    asked by Phoebe
  51. Math

    Adam and Bob went apple picking in an orchard. At the end of the day, they counted the number of apples they picked. They realized that if Adam picked 39 more apples, he would have picked twice as many as Bob picked. Also, if Bob picked 39 more apples, he

    asked by Arnau
  52. physics

    A typical baseball has mass of 150 grams. Suppose a batter hits a fastball pitched to him at 92 mph (which is about 40.89 m/s). After contact, the ball's speed is measured as 104 mph (which is about 46.22 m/s) directly back at the pitcher (who is able to

    asked by Anonymous
  53. physics

    A helium balloon has a mass of 0.022 kg, which includes both the helium and the balloon itself. On this balloon, there is 0.290 N of buoyant force pushing the balloon upward. If I let go of the balloon, find the balloon's acceleration rate in the upward

    asked by Nick
  54. Finance

    What would be the initial offering price for the following ( assume semiannual compounding), a 15-year zero coupon bond with a YTM of 12 percent

    asked by Virgo
  55. Math

    The terminal side of an angle alpha (in standard position) contains the point (-3,-4). Find sec alpha.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. physics

    Three identical conducting spheres are located at the vertices of an equilateral triangle ABC. Initially the charge the charge of the sphere at point A is q A =0 and the spheres at B and C carry the same charge q A =q B =q. It is known that the sphere B

    asked by steven lou
  57. Calculus

    ç1 0 x^2dx=1/3. Use this and the properties of integrals to evaluate ç1 0 10−2x^2dx

    asked by Brian
  58. Pre-calculus

    The length of the radius of a circle is 12 cm at the measure of a central angle, alpha, is 5pi/6. What is the length of the intercepted arc?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    6(y²-2) + y < 0

    asked by Nikki
  60. Chemistry

    An 800-mg sample containing sulfate was treated with slight excess of barium chloride, yielding a precipitate that contained 4.3 mg of co precipitated CaCO3. after ignition and cooling, the precipitate weighed 277.0 mg. Calculate the a.) apparent % SO4 b.)

    asked by Jay-jay
  61. Symbolic Logic

    Even if you know only some of them please help! 1. Give a proof of the following: (∀F)( (P)( [ιxGx][Px] ⊃ F(P) ) ⊃ F(G)) (∃F)( (P)( F(P) ≡ [ιxGx][Px]) Therefore, E!(ιxGx) 2. Prove the following: [ιxMx][Thales believed that Bx]

    asked by Kim
  62. Maths

    Thanks Mr Reiny

    asked by Gibbs
  63. statistics

    a basketball scout randomly selected 144 players and timed how longeach player took to perform a certain drill. The times in the sample were distributed with a mean of 8 mins. The population standard deviation was known to be 3 minutes. Using a 95%

    asked by mary
  64. Physics

    Susie weighs 100lbs. Sam weighs 150. The seesaw is 20ft long. The seat on one side only is movable in one foot increments. At what distance from the axis should the seat be placed in order for them to balance? Where should each person sit?

    asked by Anna
  65. l.o

    3 environmental health hazards

    asked by sinnah
  66. Calulus

    Use the Midpoint Rule with n =3 to approximate the integral ç−1−8(10x−9x2)dx

    asked by Ryan
  67. Calculus

    Estimate ç4 1 ln(x)−3dx using 6 midpoint rectangles

    asked by Bryan
  68. life orientation

    name two organisation that are involed in helping peaple affected by flood

    asked by maduna vuyolwethu
  69. chemistry

    consider a iodometric titration. why we add starch indicator just before the end point????. why cannot we add it before we start the titration???

    asked by Tharusha
  70. advertisement

    how would you explain the redeeming value of sexual appeals in advertising? if sexual appeals are considered okay by the targeted audiences, what responsibily does the advertiser have for indirect targets such as children and how can advertisers protect

    asked by tenzing
  71. science

    assign oxidation numbers to each atom in the following compounds : Hi Pbr3 Ges2 Kh AS2O5

    asked by Noureldin
  72. math

    How many of the first 1001 Fibonacci numbers are divisible by 3? I know the correct answer is 250....... but i need solution of how it comes out to be 250........ kindly hellp me sooooooooooon

    asked by jamesbond
  73. Life Oriantation

    Topic: poverty in the community /in schools, five ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.

    asked by Evodia Zanele Matenje
  74. chemistry

    14. The reaction H2S (aq) = HS-(aq)+ H+(aq) has pK = 7 at 298 K, 1bar. Consider a solution in which total dissolved sulfur is 10^-5 molal. At pH = 3, pH2S =

    asked by Anonymous
  75. math

    what is 9.8 convert to ml

    asked by sabhyata
  76. Math

    Need help setting up the problem: If you deposited $800 into a savings account with an interest rate of 3.8%, what will be your balance at the end of 1 year. I was thinking the overall answer is 830.40 but you are supposed to use a percent equation and a

    asked by Brandi
  77. phoenix

    Each sample has n= 5 scores with s2 =38 for the first sample and s2 = 42 for the second. (Note: Because the two samples are the same size, the pooled variance is equal to the average of the two sample variances.)calculate how much difference should be

    asked by diana
  78. Life orientation

    Ways in which smoking impacts on your community

    asked by Brandon
  79. life orientation

    Name two intitutions/community organizations that are involved in supporting or giving redress to teenage pregnancy.explain how these organizations are involved in providing a safe and healthy environment.

    asked by unique
  80. physics

    the greatest accerlation or decerlation that a train may have is a.the minimum time in which the train can start from one station from other is > i need it with steps..

    asked by archa
  81. Chemistry

    How many grams of nitric acid (HNO3) must be dissolved in 740 mL of water to make a solution with a pOH = 8.3?

    asked by Natasha
  82. Physics

    What is the change in angular momentum of a planet with radius R if an asteroid mass m and speed v hits the equator at an angle from the west, 40 degrees from the radial direction?

    asked by Anthony
  83. Math (Algebra) (Distance Between 2 Lines)

    If real numbers a and b satisfy a^2 + b^2 = 64, what is the distance between the lines ax + by = 1 and ax + by = 417 ?

    asked by Tom
  84. Statistics

    A simple random sample of 50 students is taken from a class of 300 students. In the class, * the average midterm score is 67 and the SD is 12 * there are 72 women Let W be the number of women in the sample, and let S be the average midterm score of the

    asked by Din123
  85. Math (Algebraic Manipulation)

    An operation produces A−1/A from a fraction A= m/n, where m ≠ n and m ≠ 0. If the initial value of A is 24/47 and the operation is repeated 2012 times, the final output is a/b, where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is a+b?

    asked by Tom
  86. Statistics

    City A has 1,000,000 people; City B has 4,000,000 people. Suppose the goal is to try to predict the percent of Purple Party voters in a sample. Other things being equal, a simple random sample of 1% of the people in City A has about the same accuracy as a

    asked by Din123
  87. Math (Calculus) (Implicit Differentiation)

    The equation of the line tangent to (x^2+y^2)^4=16x^2y^2 at (x,y)=(−1,1) is ay = bx + c, where a, b and c are positive integers. What is the value of a+b+c?

    asked by Tom
  88. math

    Which fraction is greater than one whole? a. 1/7 B. 6/5 C. 9/9 d. 13/15

    asked by Debbie
  89. life orientation

    critically discuss five ways in which water pollution impacts on the community,provide relevant sources to support your claims.

    asked by Abosh
  90. Math

    Wich fraction is less than one whole? a. 12/11 b. 3/3 c. 13/7 d. 7/8

    asked by Debbie K
  91. math

    Lori has 3 red balloons, 1 white balloon, and 6 blue balloons. Which balloon color is 3/4 of the group? a. white b. blue c. green d. red

    asked by Debbie K
  92. math

    Witch fraction represents the same amount as 1/2 ? a. 1/4 b. 2/4 c. 2/1 d. 3/2

    asked by Debbie K
  93. math

    Which fraction represents the same amount as 5/5 ? a. 10/5 b. 5/1 c. 10/10 d. 1/5

    asked by Debbie K
  94. math

    Which equivalent fraction makes this number sentence true? 2/3=4/6=? a. 5/7 b. 8/12 c. 6/12 d. 10/5

    asked by Debbie K
  95. math

    Which sign goes in the box to make the number sentence true? 7/8 ? 1 a. = b. + c. > d.

    asked by Debbie K
  96. life orientation

    In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impact on the community

    asked by Anonymous
  97. math

    Which sign goes in the box to make the number sentence true? 3/4 ? 6/8 a. > b. < c. = d. +

    asked by Debbie K
  98. math

    Which number sentence is true? a. 5/14=5/9 b. 5/14>5/9 c. 5/9>5/14 d. 5/9=5/14

    asked by Debbie K
  99. math

    Which number sentence is true? a. 5/14=5/9 b. 5/14>5/9 c. 5/9>5/14 d. 5/9=5/14

    asked by Debbie K
  100. Physics

    What is the net upward force on an airplane wing of area 22.0 m2 if the speed of air flow is 315 m/s across the top of the wing and 270 m/s across the bottom?

    asked by a
  101. math

    Doyle,Lena, and Juan played checkers 12 times. Doyle won 1/2 of the games, Lena won 5/12 of the games, and Juan won 1/12 of the games. Who won the least number of games? a. Lena b. Juan c. Doyle d. Cannot besolved

    asked by Debbie K
  102. math

    Elijah draws shapes on his graph paper.He draws a square with sides 1/2 inch long. He draws an equilateral triangle with sides that are 1/4 inch long. What is another measurement that describes the length of the triangle's sides ? a. 2/1 inch b. 2/2 inch

    asked by Debbie K
  103. math for laboratory science

    Determine the quantity of stock 75.0% v/v EtOH required to prepare 300ml of a 25.0% v/v EtOH solution

    asked by mikela
  104. music

    HOW DO I IDENTIFY INTERVALS???? I need to know major, minor, augmented, diminished, and perfect. so here is what I kind of understand so far: PU: 0 half steps P4: 5 half steps P5: 7 half steps P8: 12 half steps, and for any one of these to be diminished,

    asked by Anna
  105. physics

    What is the temperature of 0.54{\rm mol} of gas at a pressure of 1.3{\rm atm} and a volume of 10.9{\rm L} ?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Math

    Alice writes an addition problem, adding two 2-digit counting numbers to get a sum of 134. Bob erases the tens digit of one of Alice's addends, adds again, and gets a sum of 84. What is the smallest possible value for the larger of Alice's two addends?

    asked by Nate Williams
  107. Math

    Malia puts together six 4-by-4-by-1 inch square layers with 1-inch cubes, then stacks them up to form a rectangular prism. This prism rests on a wooden table, on its square base. All the 1-inch cubes Malia used are white except one, which is red. As a

    asked by Nate Williams
  108. chemistry (ionic eq.)

    what mass of Pb^2+ ion is left in solution when 50 ml of 0.2M PbCl2 is added to 50ml of 1.5 NaCl?[Ksp for PbCl2= 1.7* 10^(-4)]

    asked by piyush
  109. math probability-PLEASE HELP -thanks

    thanks for helping me! You spin the spinner twice. draw a tree diagram and list sample spaces to show the possible outcomes. From that answer questions 1,2 and 3. The spinner is 4 equal parts for a, b, c ,d I know the tree diagram- you Have a,b,c,d, and

    asked by B6
  110. Happy mother's day

    To Ms Sue and Ms Reiny, who have helped me with homework questions in the past Happy mother's day. To all the other tutor's who are also mother's that have not helped me yet, happy mother's day to you too. Enjoy!

    asked by B6
  111. Life Orientation

    In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which HIV/AIDS impacts on the community.Provide relevant sources to support your claims

    asked by Halalisani
  112. Math

    There are 6 members in a club and only 4 computers.Club meets for 60 minutes. Each member wants equal computer time. How much time should each student have?

    asked by Megan
  113. social studies

    In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which HIV/AIDS impacts on the environment.Provide relevant sources to support your claim

    asked by Halalisani
  114. chemistry

    Calculate Ecell forthe following electrochemical cell at 25 C Pt(s) |H2(g, 1.00 bar) |H + (aq, 1.00 M) || Pb2+(aq, 0.150 M) | Pb(s)

    asked by Lana