Questions Asked on
March 22, 2013

  1. Physics

    A ball is projected upward at time t= 0.0s, from a point on the roof 10m above the ground. The ball rises, then falls until it strikes the ground. The initial velocity of the ball is 58.5 m/s. At time t=5.97s, what is the approximate velocity of the ball?

    asked by Renay
  2. math check answer

    1. Which line models the data points better and why? blue, because the data points are all close to the line red, because it goes through one of the points i think that is A

    asked by batman
  3. chemistry

    2. What is the reduction half-reaction for the following unbalanced redox equation? Cr2O72– + NH4+ Cr2O3 + N2 A.) Cr2O3 -> Cr2O7^2– *B.) Cr2O72– -> Cr2O3 C.) NH4+ -> N2 D.) N2 -> NH4+ 3. Which oxidation-reduction reactions are best balanced by the

    asked by jack
  4. Statistics

    A national caterer determined that 87% of the people who sampled their food said that it was delicious. A random sample of 144 people is obtained from a population of 5000. The 144 people are asked to sample the caterer's food. If sample proportion, P^, is

    asked by Grace
  5. maths-binomial theorem

    how can we show that there is no constant in the expansion of [2x – (x^2/4)]^9

    asked by anoynomous
  6. Algebra (word problems)

    Studying help! Flights of leaping animals typically have parabolic paths. The figure illustrates a frog jump superimposed on a coordinate plane. The length of the leap is 9 feet, and the maximum height off the ground is 3a feet. Find a standard equation

    asked by John
  7. Physical science

    Help Please . Aisha drops an antacid tablet in water and times how long it takes to dissolve. Which of the following will decrease the reaction rate? A.increasing water temperature B.decreasing water temperature C.using more water

    asked by Brittany
  8. Statistics

    A car rental agency currently has 41 cars available, 28 of which have a GPS navigation system. Two cars are selected at random from these 41 cars. Find the probability that both of these cars have GPS navigation systems

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Chemistry

    The amount of energy released by burning a fuel source, measured in energy per mass, is called the fuel value. If all the energy obtained from burning 1.25 pounds of butane (fuel value is 10.85 kcal/g) is used to heat 120.0 kg of water at an initial

    asked by Lara
  10. Chemistry

    What is the reduction half-reaction for the following unbalanced redox equation? Cr2O7^2– + NH4^+ Cr2O3 + N2 A.Cr2O3--> Cr2O7^2– B.Cr2O7^2– --> Cr2O3 C.NH4^+ --> N2 D.N2 --> NH4^+ I think this is D...?

    asked by cassie
  11. math

    Let the total cost function C(x) be defined as follows. C(x) = 0.0008x3 - 0.04x2 + 99x + 4400 Find the average cost function C. C(x) = ?? Find the marginal average cost function C '. C '(x) = ??

    asked by Kaleia
  12. physics

    Lora (of mass 42.8 kg) is an expert skier. She starts at 2.3 m/s at the top of the lynx run, which is 114 m above the bottom. What is her final kinetic energy at the bottom of the ski run? Answer in units of J

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math

    Uncle Ritchie has some $10 bills in his wallet. He shares all of them equally among his 4 nieces and nephews. Each of the nieces and nephews then donates two $10 bills to charity. They then each have five $10 bills. How many $10 bills did Uncle Ritchie

    asked by Cherie
  14. Chemistry

    2. What is the reduction half-reaction for the following unbalanced redox equation? Cr2O72– + NH4+ Cr2O3 + N2 A.) Cr2O3 -> Cr2O7^2– *B.) Cr2O72– -> Cr2O3 C.) NH4+ -> N2 D.) N2 -> NH4+ 3. Which oxidation-reduction reactions are best balanced by the

    asked by jack
  15. Crocket

    A 143m wire is cut into three pieces. The second is 3m longer than the first. The third is 4/5 as long as the first. How long is each piece?

    asked by Sandy
  16. math

    An object that is falling or vertically projected into the air has it height, in feet, above the ground given by the formula below, where s is the height in feet, Vo is the original velocity of the object, in feet per second, t is the time the object is in

    asked by pam
  17. University Physics

    A hollow copper wire with an inner diameter of 0.60mm and an outer diameter of 1.8mm carries a current of 15A. What is the current density in the wire?

    asked by Wolf
  18. Geometry

    The length of one base of a trapezoid is 19 inches and the length of the median is 16 inches. Find the length of the other base.

    asked by Alice
  19. algebra

    factor f(x)=4x^(3)+19x^(2)-149x+36 into linear factors if f(x)=-9

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Physics

    A rectangular conducting homogeneous (which means the material is the same throughout) block has dimensions 1cm×2cm×3cm . A voltage V is applied between all opposite faces of the block and the corresponding currents were recorded. What is the maximum

    asked by Jack
  21. chemistry

    how do i calculate the NaOH molarity from a titration of KHP and NaOH after preparing KHP to standardise NaOH. KHP mass was 2.0378g dissoveld in distilled water to fill up a 100ml volumetric flask and only 10ml of this solution was used to in titration

    asked by k
  22. Math Ms. Sue please

    7. Which of the following types of information is NOT suited for display on a scatter plot? (1 point) relationship between age and number of books read in a year relationship between height and shoe size relationship between calories consumed and body

    asked by Delilah
  23. physical

    A basketball player who is 2.0m tall is standing on the floor 10.0m from the basket,If he shoots the ball at a 40.0¤ angle witi the horizontal,at what initial speed must he throw so that it goes through the hoop without striking the backboard?The basket

    asked by yenebeb
  24. Math

    "If Tom buys a red skateboard, then Anne buys pink in-line skates." Which statement below is logically equivalent? A. If Anne does not buy pink in-line skates, then Tom does not buy a red skateboard. B. If Tom does not buy a red skateboard, then Anne

    asked by Amy
  25. Math

    I REALLY NEED HELP PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS JUST CHECK IF THERE RIGHT IF NOT THEN GIVE ME THE RIGHT ANSWER PLEASE PLEASE !!!!! :( :( 1) The length of a room is 5 . 048 ×102 cm. Which number is equivalent to this length? A 0.005048 cm B 0.05048 cm C

    asked by Destiny
  26. Statistic

    200 tickets are sold to a raffle. It costs $5 to buy a ticket. There is one first prize winner and one second prize winner. First prize is $500. Second prize is $250. What is the value of playing this game?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math check answer

    4. Which of the following is true about a trend line for data? The minimum data point always lies on the trend line. Every data point must lie on the trend line. The trend line describes the pattern in the data if one exists.*** The trend line includes the

    asked by batman
  28. My last three questions. please.

    opposition to the constitution came from substantial majorities in which of the following three states populous states? A) North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania b) Virginia, Massachusetts, New York c) Massachusetts, pennsylvania, georgia d) North

    asked by Anyone who is good in history?
  29. math

    an aquarium holding african cichlids is 2 inches higher than it is wide. Its length is 29 inches and its volumne is 3480 cubic inches. what is the height and width inches.

    asked by toni
  30. Chemistry: check answers

    Please check. Thank you. 2. What is the reduction half-reaction for the following unbalanced redox equation? Cr2O72– + NH4+ Cr2O3 + N2 A.) Cr2O3 -> Cr2O72– B.) Cr2O72– -> Cr2O3 C.) NH4+ -> N2 D.) N2 -> NH4+ 3. Which oxidation-reduction reactions are

    asked by Jack
  31. Chemistry

    A gas in a discharge tube consists entirely of ions of the same element, of the same charge. Each ion has only one remaining electron. The voltage between the electrodes of the gas discharge tube is increased from zero. Electrons are accelerated across the

    asked by Sam Chem
  32. calculus

    Find the slope of the graph of the function at the given point. (If an answer is undefined, enter UNDEFINED.) x^3 + y^3 = 14xy, (7, 7)

    asked by akash
  33. Chemistry

    The value of Kc for the reaction below is 1.6 C(s)+CO2(g)=2CO(g) What is the equilibrium concentration of CO when [CO2]=.50M? The usual ICE table doesn't work for me. C(s)+CO2(g)=2CO(g) I - 0 C -x +2x E .50 +2x 1.6=[2x]^(2)/(.50) That's how I did it but

    asked by Ezra
  34. Thermodynamic

    During a spontaneous chemical reaction, it is found that δSsys < 0. This means __________ a. δSsurr < 0 and its magnitude is < δSsys. b. δSsurr < 0 and its magnitude is > δSsys. c. δSsurr > 0 and its magnitude is < δSsys. d. δSsurr > 0 and its

    asked by Flavia
  35. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solution that is 2.00M HF, 1.00M NaOH, and 0.393M NaG (Ka=7.2 x10^-4). The answer I got was 4.76 ..

    asked by Jill
  36. Chemistry -Please Help

    2. What is the reduction half-reaction for the following unbalanced redox equation? Cr2O7^2– + NH4^+ Cr2O3 + N2 A.) Cr2O3 -> Cr2O7^2– B.) Cr2O7^2– -> Cr2O3 C.) NH4^+ -> N2 D.) N2 -> NH4^+ I think it is B...? 3. Which oxidation-reduction reactions are

    asked by cassie
  37. quantitative chemistry

    Determine [Zn2 ], [CN–], and [HCN] in a saturated solution of Zn(CN)2 with a fixed pH of 1.78. The Ksp for Zn(CN)2 is 3.0 × 10–16. The Ka for HCN is 6.2 × 10–10. I know the following is what needs to be done, but im unsure of how to go about it. 1.

    asked by Jackie
  38. physical science

    What physical quantities are governed by the quantum numbers of an atomic electron?.

    asked by Dee
  39. Science

    If the half-life of a radionuclide is 1 month, is a sample of it completely decayed after 2 months?

    asked by Dee
  40. AP Physics

    A small block with mass 0.035 kg slides in a vertical circle of radius 0.425 m on the inside of a circular track. During one of the revolutions of the block, when the block is at the bottom of its path, point A, the magnitude of the normal force exerted on

    asked by Hannah
  41. quantitative chemistry

    Consider a solution made by mixing 500.0 mL of 0.04182 M Na2HAsO4 with 500.0 mL of 0.03645 M NaOH. Complete the mass balance expressions below for Na and arsenate species in the final solution. There are 4 arsenate species, but I only got three of them. I

    asked by Jackie
  42. Physics

    Lighting strike: Storm clouds build up large negative charges that dwell in a charge center. Suppose a storm cloud has -25 C in a charge center located 10 km above the ground. The negative charge center attracts an equal amount of positive charge that is

    asked by Cassie
  43. physics/math

    Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational force between the Earth and an m = 6.00 kg mass on the surface of the Earth. The distance to the center of the Earth from the surface is 6.37×103 km and the mass of the Earth is 5.98×1024 kg.

    asked by HP
  44. Chemistry

    What is the hydrogen-ion concentration of a solution that is 0.016M in acetic acid and 0.016M in sodium acetate at 25 Celsius? The Ka for acetic acid is 1.8x10^-5

    asked by Viv
  45. health

    Mark is a 30yo businessman who was diagnosed with Crohn’s dz over ten years ago; otherwise, he’s a healthy guy. He’s been free of flare-ups for the past couple of years, but a recent business trip to Thailand (stress, new foods) may have been the

    asked by Anonymous
  46. physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational force between the Earth and an m = 6.00 kg mass on the surface of the Earth. The distance to the center of the Earth from the surface is 6.37×103 km and the mass of the Earth is 5.98×1024 kg. B)Calculate the

    asked by Sara
  47. Chemistry

    What is the hydronium ion concentration of a buffer solution that is 0.10M NaHPO4 and 0.50M NaH2PO4? For H3PO4,Ka1=6.9x10^-3, Ka2=6.2x10^-8, Ka3=4.8x10^-13

    asked by Viv
  48. math

    The total weekly cost (in dollars) incurred by Lincoln Records in pressing x compact discs is given by the following function. C(x) = 2000 + 2x - 0.0001x2 (0 x 6000) (a) What is the actual cost incurred in producing the 1011st and the 1821st disc? (Round

    asked by Kaleia
  49. math

    For the function f(p) an input of 3 yields an output value of 6. What value of p would you use to have f(5p) = 6?

    asked by Katie
  50. Western Civilization

    Please suggest some good cites to complete the following essay assignment: In your short essay assignment you need to analyze how the new enlightened worldview would lead people to challenge traditional notions of society, the state, politics and religion.

    asked by BL
  51. Chemistry

    What is Kc for the following equilibrium? For phosphoric acid, Ka1=6.9x10^-3, Ka2=6.2x10^-8 and Ka3=4.8x10^-13 HPO4^-2 + OH^- PO4^-3 + H2O

    asked by Sara
  52. Chemistry

    what is the hydronium-ion concentration in a 0.35m solution of NaCO3? For carbonic acid, Ka1=4.2x10^-7 and Ka2=4.8x10^-11. (Kw=1.0x10^-14)

    asked by Sara
  53. Lang. Arts

    Identify the simple sentence. A.In 1970, my mother graduated from Point Pleasant Boro High School. B.The gymnast swung around the bar, and the coach stepped on the mat. C.The tornado bypassed the town, but the townspeople remained in their shelters. D.The

    asked by Cassie
  54. Math

    Which statement represents the inverse of the statement, "If it is snowing, then Paul wears a sweater"? A. If Paul wears a sweater, then it is snowing. B. If Paul does not wear a sweater, then it is not snowing. C. If it is not snowing, then Paul does not

    asked by Amy
  55. physics

    1. Air flowing through a vent pipe of cross-sectional area 21[m^2] is traveling 0.89[ms^-1]. What is the flowrate? [18.7 m3s-1] Answer with three significant figures (don't forget to round!) or N/A if there is not enough information to answer the question.

    asked by Sean
  56. stats

    sample of n=64 scores is obtained from population with standard deviation =15 sample mean is 10 pts greater than the poulation mean what is zscore for sample mean

    asked by tita
  57. Math

    Suppose there is a bag containing 25 envelopes and 10 of the envelopes contain prizes. You reach in, without looking, and select 2 envelopes, without replacement. a) What is the probability that both of your picks are winner? b) What is the probability

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Algebra

    factor by grouping: 3X^2 + 7X -6 ? Please walk me through this

    asked by Brieson
  59. Math

    200 tickets are sold to a raffle. It costs $5 to buy a ticket. There is one first prize winner and one second prize winner. First prize is $500. Second prize is $250. What is the value of playing this game?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. western civilizations

    Thank you Ms. Sue for your two suggested sites. I have reviewed them both and can definitely use them as resources. I have chosen Francis Bacon (1561–1626)as the individual to write about. Would you have suggested sites for info about him? Thanks again!

    asked by BL
  61. Algebra 2

    Find a value(s) that makes the expression y^2 - 16 ---------- undefined. y^2 + 16 y=4i?

    asked by Lily
  62. English; Help..

    Persuasive Writing Assignment: Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. You want to be the person responsible for putting the book on the shelf. Any

    asked by Unknown
  63. Algebra 2

    Solve 12^x = 14^3x. I know I need to make the bases the same, but I don't know how.

    asked by Lily
  64. maths-Linear inequations

    Find the solution (feasible) of following inequations x+ 4y ≤ 24; 3x +y ≤21 ; x+ y ≤9; x≥0 and y≥0

    asked by anoynomous
  65. maths


    asked by Anonymous
  66. Geometry

    Abcd is an isosceles trapezoid with a(10,-1) b(8,3) and c(-1,3). Find the coordinates of d

    asked by Alice
  67. stat

    200 tickets are sold to a raffle. It costs $5 to buy a ticket. There is one first prize winner and one second prize winner. First prize is $500. Second prize is $250. What is the value of playing this game?

    asked by Kudu
  68. classical physics

    Question 14 Give reasons for the answers to each of the following questions: a) Can a normal force be horizontal? b) Can a normal force be directed vertically downward? c) Consider a tennis ball in contact with a stationary floor and with nothing else. Can

    asked by Pritesh
  69. physics

    A small 0.533-kg object moves on a frictionless horizontal table in a circular path of radius 1.10 m. The angular speed is 6.41 rad/s. The object is attached to a string of negligible mass that passes through a small hole in the table at the center of the

    asked by cody
  70. physics

    The real image produced by a concave mirror is found to be 0.303 times the size of the ob ject. If the distance from the mirror to the screen on which the image appears is 1.14 m, what is the focal length of the mirror? Answer in units of m

    asked by kevin
  71. chemistry

    Suppose you have 19.2 g of Cu. What number of moles of Cu is present? Report your answer to 3 signifiant figures.

    asked by kenya
  72. college

    A solid is known to be either BaCO3 or CaCO3. It is dissolved in 6 M acetic acid. A pale yellow precipitate forms when K2CrO4 solution is added. The subsequent flame test with that precipitate shows an orange-red color. Which cation is present? Briefly

    asked by Anonymous
  73. History

    While Robert Moris's tax proposal didn't take effect and the bank of north america did not resuciate the economy in the 1780's, the confederation still had the potential to obtain wealth through... a) Sale of the huge territory ceded by Virginia, which in

    asked by Anyone who is good in history?
  74. World History

    Why did Muhammad find the religion of Islam. How and why was the religion able to spread so rapidly?

    asked by Gregory
  75. statistics

    the average proportion of red candies in a pakage is 20% and an 8 oz package contains about 250 candies.What is the probability that a randomly selected 8 oz bag contains less than 45 red candies?

    asked by john
  76. maths

    What is the length of the curve, y=1/3(x^2+2)^(3/2), from x=0 to x=9?

    asked by rohit1
  77. maths

    Let P=(p1,p2,…,p7) be a permutation of the integers 1,2,…7. For how many permutations P are all seven sums S1=p1,S2=p1+p2,…,S7=p1+p2+⋯+p7 not multiples of 3? Details and assumptions A permutation is a rearrangement of the entire set of objects.

    asked by rita
  78. maths

    The angles in triangle ABC satisfy 6sin∠A=3√3sin∠B=2√2sin∠C. If sin^2∠A=ab, where a and b are coprime positive integers, what is the value of a+b?

    asked by rita
  79. Algebra

    Please help I can't figure out these two. Express f(x) in the form a(x − h)2 + k. f(x) = −4x2 + 24x − 9 Find the standard equation of a parabola that has a vertical axis and satisfies the given conditions. vertex (0, −7), passing through (3, 38)

    asked by Eric
  80. maths

    a and b are positive numbers that satisfy the equation 1/a−1b=1/a+b. Determine the value of a^6/b^6+b^6/a^6.

    asked by rita
  81. physics

    A rectangular conducting homogeneous (which means the material is the same throughout) block has dimensions 1cm×2cm×3cm . A voltage V is applied between all opposite faces of the block and the corresponding currents were recorded. What is the maximum

    asked by rita
  82. Math/Physics

    If 55034.175 kJ of heat are transferred to 150 kg of ice at a temperature of -12.15 degrees C, calculate the temperature of the resulting water. I know my formulas for sensible and latent heat but don't know how to approach this.

    asked by Dylan
  83. science

    If an airplane directly north at 2000 km/hr and there are 50 mph/hr winds blowing west. whis is the actual path of the plane seen from someone on the ground? What is the ground speed of the plane in mph?

    asked by janaki

    Estimate the length of venusian year using the fact that the earth is 1.49*10'8km and venus is 1.08*10'8km from the sun on average.

    asked by JOY
  85. physics

    n this problem, we will carry out some steps of the quantum factoring algorithm for N=15. (a) What is the period k of the periodic superposition set up by the quantum factoring algorithm if it chooses x=2? (b) Assume that we found this k using period

    asked by s
  86. physics

    Alice has a very important piece of information, which is encoded as an integer k. She is storing this number in a quantum state |ψ⟩=∑xαx|x⟩ of n qubits in such a way that if you apply QFT2n to |ψ⟩ and then measure in the standard basis, you get

    asked by s
  87. physics

    In Problems 1-5, we will work through an example of QFTM for M=6 What is ω? You can use e, pi, and M in your response. Please do not subtitute 6 for M. What is QFT6 of 12√(|0⟩+|3⟩)? Specify the probability amplitudes. You should use w to denote ω,

    asked by s
  88. math

    imgur[dot]com/jpORgtf This is wayy to hard to type. What is the simplification of this question. Thanks.

    asked by Adam
  89. calculas

    At time t=0 s, the radius of a circle is equal to 15 cm. The radius of the circle increases at a rate of 0.5 cm/s. The rate of change of area at t=20 s is equal to mπ cm^2/s, where m is a positive integer. What is the value of m?

    asked by stranger
  90. guilan

    1-Use Taylor series expansion (degree 0 to 6) about x’=pi/4 to find an approximation for f(x) = cosx at point x=pi/3 and then compare the result with the exact data.(show the results in a table).

    asked by payam
  91. Physics

    The sun goes around the center of our galaxy once every 250 million years. The sun is also 2.55×10^20 m from the center of our galaxy. What is the acceleration of our sun towards the center of the galaxy in m/s^2? Details and assumptions You may assume

    asked by Jack
  92. Chemistry

    At constant volume the heat of combustion of a particular compound is -3378.0 kj/mol.When 1.563 g of this compound ( molar mass of 126.88 g/mol )was burned temp rose 6.991 C. What's the heat capacity of the calorimeter(calorimeter is constant)?

    asked by Raul
  93. English

    What is Positive Adverbs

    asked by Jeff
  94. urgent urgent algebra / precalculas

    rewrite each in exponential expression as a logarithmic expression log, x=4 log 5=2 log b=x

    asked by zachary
  95. Calculus 2

    Hello, I don't know what test to use for this series: Determine the sum of the following series: inf E n=1 (2^n + 9^n) / 12^n thank you!

    asked by Tom
  96. chemistry

    why is it necessary to try and keep the temperature constant during an experiment of determining pKa by pH measurements?

    asked by k
  97. urgent urgent algebra / precalculas

    For # 1, im getting stuck on this problem i don't understand this 1.4 = e ^ (0.03k) Now take the natural logarithm of both sides to solve for , ln 1.4 = ln e ^ (0.03k) ln 1.4 = 0.03k * ln e Recall that ln e = 1. ln 1.4 = 0.03 k Solve for k. Then try part

    asked by zachary
  98. physical science

    Help please. Aisha drops an antacid tablet in water and times how long it takes to dissolve. Which of the following will decrease the reaction rate?

    asked by Brittany
  99. statistics

    A countrywide estate agency specializes in selling commercial ventures. Their records show that the mean selling time is less than 90 days. Because of recent economic conditions, they believe that the mean selling time is now greater than 90 days. A

    asked by general
  100. Minimum Concentrations - Urgent help!

    What is the minimum concentration? Determine the minimum concentration of the precipitating agent on the right to cause precipitation of the cation from the solution on the left. 8.0 x 10^-2 CaI2, K2SO4 1.5 x 10^-3 AgNO3, RbCl The Ksp values for both are

    asked by Amy
  101. Math

    If you are riding a bike and your front sprocket (the one with the pedals) has 40 teeth and the rear sprocket (the one connected to your back tire) has 20 teeth, and you are pedaling at a rate of 50 rpm, how fast are you going if your bike has 27 inch

    asked by Jordan
  102. maths

    What is the value of e^i(pi)? where i^2 =-1 ,e =exponential

    asked by black_widow
  103. physics

    Calculate the mass needed in order to suspend the leg shown in the figure(Figure 1) . Assume the leg (with cast) has a mass of 14.0 , and its CG is 34.0 from the hip joint; the sling is 81.5 from the hip joint.

    asked by Megan
  104. maths

    Given the the instantaneous voltage across a capacitor is VC=40(1-e -t/CR) Volts When being charged by a 40 volt DC supply, find the time, t for VC to reach 18 volts after the charging process has started if C = 100ìF and R = 20kÙ

    asked by Rachael
  105. Macroeconomics

    Can I get answers from questions assigned from the text book?

    asked by LEW
  106. psychology

    2. Last week, Roger suddenly quit his job. He told his family he had decided to learn carpentry. He purchased a truckload of wood and nails, which now sits in his driveway because he changed his mind and decided to enroll in a school for massage therapy.

    asked by bookie
  107. CHEM HELP!!!

    The solubility of AgCl(s) in water at 25 C is 1.33x10^-5 M and its deltaH of solution is 65.7 kJ/mol . What is its solubility at 60.1 C ? Please explain how to solve for this!!

    asked by Lena
  108. Indian Removal act question

    How much was Andrew Jackson going to pay the indians if they left their land

    asked by Mr.Brain
  109. phiycis

    when 12ohm resistance joint in triangle caculate 1arm resistance

    asked by vinod
  110. Math, Algebra

    Solve for y: 5x+7y=23

    asked by Faye
  111. Life Orientation

    What are the environmental health hazards that cause ill health,accidents,crises,and disasters within my community or any other community within south africa and globally and a good describtion of each

    asked by Karabo
  112. Discrete Math

    (2) Suppose A is the set of students currently registered at the University of Calgary, B is the set of professors at the University of Calgary, and C is the set of courses currently being offered at the University of Calgary. Under what conditions is each

    asked by Sue
  113. Chemistry

    what is Kc at 25 celsius for the following equilibrium? CH3BH3^+ +H2O CH3NH2 + H3O^+ Kb=4.4x10^-4 I got 4.0x10^4 / 1.0x10^-14 = 4.0x10^-10 (correct)?

    asked by Bb
  114. Math

    Mark found out that his profit varies as the product of the amount spent for production and the square root of the amount spent for advertising. If his total available budget for these expenses is P1.5 million, how should he allocate his funds to maximize

    asked by May Ann Pascual Aragon
  115. Forces (Science)

    What slope would a person have on a distance-time graph if they were speeding, slowing down, or not moving at all?

    asked by Angie
  116. Chemistry

    How many liters of ammonia gas can be formed from 11.3 L of hydrogen gas at 93.0 C and a pressure of 42.4 kPa?

    asked by Venus
  117. Chemistry

    Atoms of ionized lithium gas (Li2+) are struck by neutrons moving at a velocity of 1.46e5 m/s. Calculate the shortest wavelength in the emission spectrum of Li2+ under these circumstances. You can assume that all electrons start in the ground state.

    asked by Sam Chem
  118. Chemistry

    2M +6HCl–>2MCl+3H2 Delta H= -638.0 Kj HClg—>HCl aq= Delta H -74.8 Kj H2+Cl2–>2HCl Delta H -1845.0 Kj MCl3s–> MCl3 aq Delta H -249.0 Kj Use the information above to determine the enthalpy of the following reaction. 2M +3Cl2–>2MCl3 Delta H =???

    asked by Raul
  119. Fundamentals of

    OBSERVATION REPORT PROJECT of earlly child hold

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Forces (Science)

    Describe 2 contact and 2 non-contact force examples. Please and thank you very much. :)

    asked by Angie
  121. English

    1. Application means to: A. memorize the concepts, ideas, or vocabulary learned. B. judge the merit or value of the information. C. use the knowledge learned to understand actual situations. D. breaking the idea down to component parts. is it C 2.

    asked by Amy
  122. English

    A diagram showing the relationships among concepts and ideas used for organizing information is called: A. visualization. B. concept map. C. outline. D. organizational chart. is it C

    asked by Amy
  123. Chemistry

    Calculate the molarity of the nitrate ion in a 0.111 M solution of calcium nitrate? so would I have to find the number of moles of (NO3)2 and then divide it by the 0.111 M to get the molarity of the nitrate ion I am so confused please explain the set up I

    asked by Amber
  124. Chemistry

    What is the percent ionization of a solution prepared by dissolving 0.0286mol of chloroacetic acid, in 1.60L of water?for choloroacetic acid, Ka=1.4x10^-3

    asked by Bb
  125. calculus

    Find dy/dx. y^3 = 8x^3 + 4x

    asked by akash
  126. calculus

    Find dy/dx. 7xy^3 − x^2y = 6

    asked by akash
  127. Math

    Please help!!! Scott bought 54m of fencing to enclose a rectangular plot of land. The width of the rectangular plot is 12m. Assume Scott uses all the fencing. What is the length of the rectangular plot of land? a) choose a variable to represent the length

    asked by Cherie
  128. Psychology/Math

    What are significance/alpha levels and how does using a one versus a two tailed test affect significance levels?

    asked by Carson
  129. Physics

    A ship maneuvers to within 2500 m of an island's 1800 m high mountain peak and fires a projectile at an enemy ship 610 m on the other side of the peak, as illustrated in Figure 3-29. If the ship shoots the projectile with an initial velocity of v = 248 m/s

    asked by Nicola
  130. Physics

    A ship maneuvers to within 2500 m of an island's 1800 m high mountain peak and fires a projectile at an enemy ship 610 m on the other side of the peak, as illustrated in Figure 3-29. If the ship shoots the projectile with an initial velocity of v = 248 m/s

    asked by Nicola
  131. Science 8th grade

    what gets hot and cold faster, solid or gas and why?

    asked by Anon
  132. Psychology/Math

    What are significance/alpha levels and how does using a one versus a two tailed test affect significance levels?

    asked by Carson
  133. Science

    Are compounds chemical or physical changes of matter?

    asked by Anon
  134. algebra

    I have a couple questions I need help on. Which model is most appropriate for the data set? (-1,20),(0,10),(1,5),(2,20) And How many real-number solutions does the equation have? -8x^2-8x-2=0 Thanks for the help

    asked by Kristine
  135. Chemistry

    What coefficient of H+ balances the atoms in the following half-reaction? H^+ + MnO2 Mn^2+ + H2O A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4 I think this is B...?

    asked by cassie
  136. Physics

    Car A passes Car B on the highway. Rlative to car A's movement, Car B is moving at a rate of 9 mph backward. If the speed of Car A is 98 mph, what us the speed of Car B?

    asked by Renay
  137. maths

    eight into the power fi ve over seven divide by three into the power five over fourteen

    asked by tlou lucy
  138. physics

    Near San Francisco, where the vertically downward component of the earth's magnetic field is 4.7 10-5 T, a car is traveling forward at 26 m/s. The width of the car is 1.7 m. (a) Find the emf induced between the two sides of the car. V (b) Which side of the

    asked by purplegoddess
  139. Chemistry

    A tank contains exactly 10^(6)liters of pure water. 1.0*10^(-6) moles of HCl (g) is bubbled into this tank. What is the resulting pH? The answer is 7, but I was only able to deduce that based on the fact that water has a neutral pH, but there's a

    asked by Jonah
  140. physics

    At the surface of a freshwater lake the pressure is 102 kPa. (a) What is the pressure increase in going 34.7 m below the surface? b) What is the approximate pressure decrease in going 33 m above the surface? Air at 20° C has density of 1.2 kg/m3.

    asked by ray
  141. douglass

    which is a typical behavior of a successful interviewee?

    asked by sandra
  142. Chemistry

    what is the pH of a solution prepared by adding 0.259g of ammonium chloride to 115mL of water? Kb of NH3 is 1.8x10^-5

    asked by Jill
  143. Chemistry (2 questions)

    1. What kinds of bonds will most likely form from groups 1,2,3,6,7, and 8 on the periodic table? 2. What kinds of bonds will most likely form from group 4 on the periodic table?

    asked by Angie
  144. physics

    A leaf frozen into a pond in winter is 40mm below the surface of the ice. How far does the leaf seem to be ?(n=1.31)

    asked by Susan
  145. chemistry

    draw all possible z isomers for an alkene with the formula C4H7Br. im having some difficulty, please help

    asked by maura
  146. physics

    A coin is placed at a focal point of a converging lens. Is an image formed? If yes, is it real or virtual , erect or inverted, larger or smaller than the object?

    asked by Susan
  147. Energy Transfer and Heat flow

    1. What is entropy? 2.With every energy transfer, what form of energy is always released? I think 2 is Heat?

    asked by Stephanie
  148. Math

    Find the area of a circular segment of a circle of radius 7cm that sub tends a central angle of 35 degrees?

    asked by Anna
  149. physics

    A birthday candle 4 cm high is 10 cm from a converging lens whose focal length is 15cm. Use a ray diagram on a suitable scale(say,1/3 full size) to find the location of the image, its height,and whether it is erect or inverted, real or virtual.

    asked by Susan
  150. physics

    A hypodermic syringe is attached to a needle that has an internal radius of 0.303 mm and a length of 3.02 cm. The needle is filled with a solution of viscosity 2.00 10-3 Pa · s; it is injected into a vein at a gauge pressure of 16.1 mm Hg. Ignore the

    asked by ray
  151. elctronic communication

    how many calories would liberated when one mole of steam at 100c condenses to H2O at 100c?

    asked by harun
  152. Physics!

    At an instant when a soccer ball is in contact with the foot of the player kicking it, the horizontal or x component of the ball's acceleration is 860 m/s2 and the vertical or y component of its acceleration is 930 m/s2. The ball's mass is 0.38 kg. What is

    asked by Christina
  153. social studies

    Which of the resolutions at Seneca Falls Convention was most inspired by women’s inability to own property? (1 point)

    asked by social studies
  154. Chemistry;HELP

    How would you do this problem? /: 1. Calculate the density of a material that has a mass of 52.497grams and a volume of 18.5cm^3?

    asked by Unknown
  155. maths-binomial theorem

    coefficient of x^39 in the expansion of [(1/x^2) + x^4)]^18

    asked by anoynomous
  156. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a .0035 M Ba(OH)2 solution. I did -log(.0070) to find pOH So 14-2.15=11.85 pH? Just want to double check.

    asked by Sarah
  157. Graphs

    What type graph does not show the number of times a response was given box-and-whisker plot line plot stem-and-leaf plot bar graph is it a line plot?

    asked by Mr.Brain
  158. physics

    a river flows due south with a speedof 2.0m/s.a man steers a motorboat across the river:his velocity relative to the river is 4.2m/s due east.the river is 800m wide.what is his velocity relative to the earth?

    asked by kuhle
  159. Physics!

    The steel I-beam in the drawing has a weight of 9.03 × 103 N and is being lifted at a constant velocity. What is the tension in each cable attached to its ends? With both angles being 70 degrees

    asked by Christina
  160. Math

    Solve equation. -5(s-7) = 15

    asked by Cherie
  161. Physics

    A ball is fired from the ground with an initial speed of 1.36 103 m/s (approximately four times the speed of sound) at an initial angle of 49.0° to the horizontal. Neglect air resistance.

    asked by Nicola
  162. statistics

    two spot available and there is 6 men and 4 women what is the probability that a women will be picked?

    asked by justin
  163. English

    I have to create a character sketch of nernard from aldous huxley's brave new world. Please help me with the topic sentence the three traits and quotations!! Please!!! Your help is very much appreciated!!!

    asked by Krysten
  164. chemistry

    how many phases do suspensions have?

    asked by m1m2m3m4
  165. Math

    The beginning tennis class has twice as many students as the advanced class. The intermediate class has three more students than the advanced class. How many students are in the advanced class if the total enrollment for the three tennis classes is 39? A.

    asked by Amy
  166. Chemistry

    Please help me solve this question: A layer of peat beneath the glacial sediments of the last ice age had a carbon-14 content of 25% of that found in living organisms. How long ago was this ice age?

    asked by Mon
  167. Math?

    How do you convert "ml" to grams. 1. 135.0ml to grams

    asked by Unknown
  168. algebra

    Simplify 2/root 3(49) I solved it as 2 root 3(49) over 49. the system that I entered it in says this is incorrect. Help I need to understand how to do this problem with steps. I am so confused. Thanks

    asked by sally
  169. Algebra.

    Three times the square of a number minus twice the same number is 8. Find all such numbers.

    asked by Haelin
  170. math

    surface area of a rightcircular cylinder. The area of a right circular cylinder is given by the polynomial 2pierh^2 where h is the height and r is the radius of the base. Suppose that a beverage can has a height of 6.2 inches and a radius of 1.3 inches.

    asked by pam
  171. Math

    I've read over it, but I still don't understand how to add together bulbs from the Mandelbrot sets. Please help? I need to know how to add the 1/4 bulb to the 1/6 bulb and the 1/8 bulb to the 1/6 bulb. Thank you!

    asked by Sam
  172. Math

    What is the mathematical expression for 80 is 20 times as many as 5?

    asked by Zack
  173. physics/math

    A puck of mass m = 1.10 kg slides in a circle of radius r = 16.9 cm on a frictionless table while attached to a hanging cylinder of mass M = 2.20 kg by means of a cord that extends through a hole in the table. What speed keeps the cylinder at rest?

    asked by HP
  174. maths-

    find first three terms in the expansion of ( 1 –x )^-1/4

    asked by anoynomous
  175. Legal aspects of health Information management

    Case Discussion Dr. Pearson has recently been hired into the Central City Internal Medicine Group as its fifth physician. He has recently completed his residency and is eager to enter private practice. Dr. Pearson is introduced to Meredith and Dawn, two

    asked by Iuliana Pop