Questions Asked on
February 8, 2013

  1. probability

    In a recent survey, 35 percent indicated chocolate was their favorite flavor of ice cream. Suppose we select a sample of ten people and ask them to name their favorite flavor of ice cream. (b) What is the probability exactly four of those in the sample

    asked by Tonya
  2. science

    List the five conditions that can disturb genetic equilibrium in a population I think Infinite population size, no mutation, no selection against a certain homozygous gene, random mating, no immigration/emigration Mutations. can someone let me know if this

    asked by corie
  3. maths

    find the missing value to the nearest hundredth Tan ___ = 73 I just don't get these!

    asked by corie
  4. chemistry

    If 50.0 mL of 0.150 M magnesium bromide is combined with 200 mL of 0.110 M sodium bromide what is the molarity of the bromide ion in the resulting solution? (assume volumes are additive)

    asked by jj
  5. Physics

    A uniform rod of mass 100g has a length of is supported horizantally on two knife edges placed 10cm from it end. What will be the reaction at these supports when a 50g mass is suspended 30cm from one of the knife edges?

    asked by Usman
  6. math

    calvin buys 3/5 pound of ground beef. he divides the beef into 6 equal portions. a)find the weight of 1 portion of beef. b)fin the weight of 4 portions of beef.

    asked by Shohanur
  7. Physics please help desprate

    A basketball player throws the ball at a 38° angle above the horizontal to a hoop which is located a horizontal distance L = 5.6 m from the point of release and at a height h = 0.4 m above it. What is the required speed if the basketball is to reach the

    asked by Kaila
  8. Physics

    The force required to stretch a Hooke’s-law spring varies from 0 N to 63.5 N as we stretch the spring by moving one end 5.31 cm from its unstressed position. Find the force constant of the spring. Answer in units of N/m

    asked by Ted
  9. biology

    a boy inherits genes for tallness,but his growth is limited as a result of poor nitrition. this is an example of 1)an inherited disorder. 2)environmental influence on gene expression . 3)expression of a hidden trait 4)a characterstic controlled by more

    asked by tania sharmin
  10. Math

    A box contains a one-dollar bill, a five-dollar bill, a ten-dollar bill, and a twenty-dollar bill. Two bills are chosen in succession without replacement. Use a tree diagram to list the sample space for this experiment and then answer the following

    asked by Kyle
  11. Algebra

    suppose you invest $1100 at an annual interest rate of 4.3% compounded continuously. How much will you have in the account after 15 years?

    asked by John
  12. principles of macroeconomics

    The following is a list of figures for a given year in billions of dollars. Using this data, compute: (a) GDP; (b) NDP; (c) NI; (d) PI; (e) DI; (f) Net exports. Transfer payments $ 16 Government purchases 80 Personal taxes 38 Corporate income taxes 28

    asked by princess
  13. Physics

    You shine your laser pointer through the flat glass side of a rectangular aquarium at an angle of incidence of 45 degrees. The index of refraction of this type of glass is 1.55. A. At what angle from the normal does the beam from the laser pointer enter

    asked by Cassie
  14. probability

    Listed below is the population by state for the 15 states with the largest population. Also included is whether that state's border touches the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, or the Pacific Ocean (coastline). Rank State Population Coastline 1

    asked by Tonya
  15. physics

    A toboggan approaches a snowy hill moving at 15.0 m/s. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the snow and the toboggan are 0.460 and 0.350, respectively, and the hill slopes upward at 41.0 above the horizontal. Find the acceleration of

    asked by Alex
  16. physics

    Suppose a piano tuner hears 2 beats per second when listening to the combined sound from her tuning fork and the piano note being tuned. After slightly tightening the string, she hears 1 beat per second. Should she loosen or continue to further tighten the

    asked by clf
  17. physics

    While moving in, a new homeowner is pushing a box across the floor at a constant velocity. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the floor is 0.25. The pushing force is directed downward at an angle θ below the horizontal. When θ is

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Chemistry

    At a certain temperature, the solubility of gas in water at 2.04 is 48.0 . Calculate the solubility of gas in water, at the same temperature, if the partial pressure of gas over the solution is increased from 2.04 to 6.00 .

    asked by Sam
  19. math

    in a mathematics class, half of the students scored 91 on an achievement test. with the exception of a few students who scored 47, the remaining students scored 71. which of the following statements is true about the distribution of the scores? a: the mean

    asked by Taylor
  20. probability

    An internal study by the Technology Services department at Lahey Electronics revealed company employees receive an average of 6.4 emails per hour. Assume the arrival of these emails is approximated by the Poisson distribution. (a) What is the probability

    asked by Tonya
  21. English

    -------------------- This poem is by Diana Chang and i reallly really have no idea what she is talking about. Im suppose to TPCASTT it paraphase, connotation, The attitude of the poem, and the shift , the theme, and the meaning of the title. please

    asked by Stephy
  22. accounting

    Which of the following statements is incorrect? a. The normal balance of accounts receivable is a debit. b. The normal balance of an expense account is a credit. c. The normal balance of the owner's capital account is a credit. d. The normal balance of

    asked by ashton
  23. probability

    During the second round of the 1989 U.S. Open golf tournament, four golfers scored a hole in one on the sixth hole. The odds of a professional golfer making a hole in one are estimated to be 3,708 to 1, so the probability is 1/3,709. There were 155 golfers

    asked by Tonya
  24. Physics

    A uniform rod of mass 100g has a length of is supported horizantally on two knife edges placed 10cm from it end. What will be the reaction at these supports when a 50g mass is suspended 30cm from one of the knife edges?

    asked by Usman
  25. math

    How many prime numbers p are there such that 29^p+1 is a multiple of p?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Physics

    The only two forces acting on a body have magnitudes F1 and F2 and directions that differ by an angle θ. If the resulting acceleration has a magnitude a, what is the mass of the body?

    asked by Patricia
  27. Physics

    The blood speed in a normal segment of a horizontal artery is 0.166 m/s. An abnormal segment of the artery is narrowed down by an arteriosclerotic plaque to 1/5 of its normal cross-sectional area. What is the difference in blood pressure between the normal

    asked by Ashley
  28. Physics

    A person who weighs 506 N is riding a 94-N mountain bike. Suppose the entire weight of the rider plus bike is supported equally by the two tires. If the gauge pressure in each tire is 6.70 x 105 Pa, what is the area of contact between each tire and the

    asked by Ashley
  29. science

    Newton’s Second Law of Motion is expressed as F = ma. If you are pushing a lawn mower in your backyard and suddenly double the pushing force, what will happen to the lawn mower's rate of acceleration? The mass of the lawn mower is constant. A. The

    asked by katie
  30. physics

    A football player runs the pattern given in the drawing by the three displacement vectors A, B, and C. The magnitudes of these vectors are A = 5.0 m, B= 15 m, and C = 18 m. Using the component method, find the magnitude and direction è of the resultant

    asked by james
  31. probability

    In a binomial distribution,n=8 and π=.35. Find the probabilities of the following events. (Round your answers to 4 decimal places.) (a)x=1 (b)x≤4 (c)x≥5

    asked by Tonya
  32. MAth

    A model length of 12 cm. represents an actual length of 102 feet. What is the scale model?

    asked by James
  33. Math

    Mr. Brown needs to buy some fencing for his garden (too many rabbits have been getting in and eating the vegetables). If his garden is twenty-three meters by thirty-four meters and is in the shape of a rectangle, what length of fence does he need to build?

    asked by Isabel
  34. Physics

    An ore car of mass 37000 kg starts from rest and rolls downhill on tracks from a mine. At the end of the tracks, 9.9 m lower vertically, is a horizontally situated spring with constant 3.9 × 10 5 N/m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . Ignore

    asked by Ted
  35. Physics

    A meter stick lies on the bottom of a 100 cm long tank with its zero mark against the left edge. You look into the tank at an angle of θ = 30°, with your line of sight just grazing the upper left edge of the tank, and height of the tank is 50cm. (a) What

    asked by Cassie
  36. Chemistry

    How much 2 M KOH must be added to 0.5 L of 0.2 M glycine at pH 8 to bring its pH exactly to 10?

    asked by Vince
  37. Elmentary Math for Teachers II

    A spinner containing 8 numbers is spun. What is the probability of the event that the spinner A.) lands on an odd number? B.)lands on a number divisible by 3? C.)does not land on 5,6, or 7? D.)lands on a number less than 4?

    asked by Tracy

    10. "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!" –during a debate in the Senate, 1830 Following the War of 1812, regional issues brought conflict to the American political scene. Which eloquent speaker defended national interests in this

    asked by Anonymous
  39. math

    Find an equation of the line (in slope-intercept form) that passes through the point (7,5) and is perpendicular to the line 7x + 10y - 17 = 0 y=?

    asked by ashley
  40. MATH

    if 5 times a certain integer ìs subtracted from twice the square of the integer the result is 63. find the integer

    asked by GRACE
  41. Physics

    A catapult on a cliff launches a large round rock towards a ship on the ocean below. The rock leaves the catapult from a height H = 35.0 m above sea level, directed at an angle theta = 45.9° above the horizontal, and with a speed v = 32.3 m/s. Assuming

    asked by Anonymous
  42. social studies

    how can we say that the democracy is the only best system of good governance for a country.

    asked by Irfan
  43. Please translate from spanish to english

    La familia Gutierrez tiene dos hijos. Ramón tiene 15 años. Es el hijo mayor. Su cumpleaños es el veinte de agosto. Rogelio tiene 13 años. Es el hijo menor. El cumpleaños de Rogelio es el 1 de diciembre. Ramón y Rogelio tienen dos primas. Ellas se

    asked by Jack
  44. Physics

    An airplane is flying in a horizontal circle at a speed of 104 m/s. The 88.0 kg pilot does not want the centripetal acceleration to exceed 6.15 times free-fall acceleration. Find the minimum radius of the plane’s path. The acceleration due to gravity is

    asked by Dave
  45. algebra

    Why did the ghost decide to haunt city hall?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. PHYSICS 2

    Near San Francisco, where the vertically downward component of the earth's magnetic field is 6.8 x 10-5 T, a car is traveling forward at 17 m/s. The width of the car is 2.1 m. Find the emf induced between the two sides of the car. If positive charge

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  47. Elmentary Math for Teachers II

    From a set of eight marbles, five red and three white, we choose one at random. What are the odds in favor of choosing a red marble?

    asked by Tracy
  48. biology

    Will someone please check my answers? 1. Which process results in an individual inheriting the incorrect number of chromosomes? a.)mutation b.)nondisjunction

    asked by Angela
  49. Biology

    What is one negative effect of indirect artificial selection?

    asked by Jay
  50. Spanish

    4. If you have one brother and one sister, which term(s) could you use to talk about both of them? mis hermanas *mis hermanos Please Help Thank You

    asked by Cassie
  51. math

    Find an equation of the line (in slope-intercept form) that passes through the point (7,5) and is perpendicular to the line 7x + 10y - 17 = 0 y=?

    asked by joy
  52. physics

    A bicycle wheel has a diameter of 57.7 cm and a mass of 2.66 kg. The bicycle is placed on a stationary stand and a resistive force of 156 N is applied tangent to the rim of the tire. Assume that the wheel is a hoop with all of the mass concentrated on the

    asked by Joey
  53. Physics

    4 kg mass is placed on the smooth horizontal tabke.two light inextansible strings are connected to it and two masse 2kg and 5kg are attached to the free ends of the strings. Find the accelaration of each objects and the tension of the strings

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Calculus

    Use the intermediate value therom to show that there is a root of the given equation in the specified interval. x^5-7=2(25-x); (2,3) Please explain for understanding and show work, Thank you in advance :)

    asked by Tori
  55. Algebra

    Evaluate e^0.1 to four decimal places

    asked by Rob
  56. physics

    A phone cord is 3.55 m long. The cord has a mass of 0.200 kg. A transverse wave pulse is produced by plucking one end of the taut cord. The pulse makes four trips down and back along the cord in 0.775 s. What is the tension in the cord?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Chemistry

    How many grams of Ca3(PO4)2 can be formed from 206 g of calcium nitrate and 140 g of phosphoric acid?

    asked by Lee
  58. Social studies ASAP

    Which of the following helped to increase the populations of northeastern cities more diversity successful cotton crops growth of factories and trade building of the Erie Canal i chose building of the erie canal

    asked by alex
  59. Physical Science

    Predict the shift of equilibrium for each of the following conditions in the following reaction involving gaseous reactants and products: N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3 + heat

    asked by Ed
  60. Physical Science

    Predict how each of the following changes will affect the following reaction involving gaseous reactants and products: 2NO2 = N2O4 + heat a. the temperature is increased. b. the pressure is increase. c. N2O4 is removed from the equilibrium mixtur. d. NO2

    asked by Ed
  61. Physics

    A projectile is fired at 65.0° above the horizontal. Its initial speed is equal to 37.5 m/s. Assume that the free-fall acceleration is constant throughout and that the effects of the air can be ignored.At what time after being fired does the projectile

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Physics please help im DESPERATE

    A small steel ball bearing with a mass of 17.0 g is on a short compressed spring. When aimed vertically and suddenly released, the spring sends the bearing to a height of 1.23 m. Calculate the horizontal distance the ball would travel if the same spring

    asked by Robert
  63. math

    in a mathematics class, half of the students scored 91 on an achievement test. with the exception of a few students who scored 47, the remaining students scored 71. which of the following statements is true about the distribution of the scores? a: the mean

    asked by Taylor
  64. chemistry

    Ethylene glycol (antifreeze) has a density of 1.11 {\rm g/cm^3}.What is the mass in G of 435mL of this liquid?

    asked by kylie
  65. math

    if a Ferris wheel with a radius of 22 feet takes 25 seconds to turn 4(pi)/5 radians, find the angular speed of the wheel! please help asap

    asked by carlee
  66. physics

    A particle moves along a circular path over a horizontal xy coordinate system, at constant speed. At time t1 = 4.60 s, it is at point (4.30 m, 6.20 m) with velocity (3.30 m/s) and acceleration in the positive x direction. At time t2 = 13.0 s, it has

    asked by hi
  67. College Algebra

    The distance, d, in feet that an object falls in t seconds is modeled by the formula d=16t(2) if you dive from a height of 128 feet, how long will it take to hit the water? (answer may be in simplified radical form).

    asked by Anonymous please help! :)
  68. Applied Calculus......

    Rewrite the expression using positive exponents only. (Simplify your answer completely.) (x^3-y^3)(x^-3+y^-3)

    asked by Jacob
  69. accounting

    what is the future value of $500 invested at 8 percent for one year?

    asked by felicia
  70. Writing

    What types of appeals does King use in his speech? Which of the types of appeals that he uses are most effective? Use specific evidence from the speech to support your claims. King was an activist, but he was also a preacher. How does his job as a preacher

    asked by Susie
  71. science

    Hi...I am having trouble on one last science question. Which statement supports the fact that Earth rotates about its axis from West to East? a. only one face of the moon is visible from earth b. the moon's phases change every day over the course of 29

    asked by Brandi
  72. Chemistry

    If 16.9 g of CO2 was produced from the thermal decomposition of 41.83 g of CaCO3, what is the percentage yield of the reaction? CaCO3(s) > CaO(s) + CO2(g)

    asked by Lee
  73. math

    Given the equation 2x + 10y = 10, answer the following questions: If x decreases by 2 units, what is the corresponding change in y? ? units

    asked by ashton
  74. Elmentary Math for Teachers II

    In a class of seven students, a teacher spins a seven-sectored spinner (with equal-sized sectors) to determine which students to ask questions. Determine about how many times a student can expect to be called on when 100 questions are asked.

    asked by Tracy
  75. Physical Science

    Predict the shift of equilibrium for each of the following conditions in the following reaction involving gaseous reactants and products: N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3 + heat A. the pressure is increased. b. the temperature is decreased.

    asked by Ed
  76. org. chem

    How to start these problems out: Please help thank you Use the Henderson-Hasselbach equation: pH = pKa + log [A-]/[AH], where A- is the conjugate base and AH is the weak acid. Calculate the pH of an acetate buffer in which the acetate concentration

    asked by meghan
  77. physics

    A positive test charge of 6.47 × 10^−5 C is placed in an electric field of 50.12 N/C intensity. What is the strength of the force exerted onthe test charge? Answer in units of N

    asked by Bob
  78. math

    Given the equation 2x + 10y = 10, answer the following questions: If x decreases by 2 units, what is the corresponding change in y? ? units

    asked by ashton
  79. Physics

    Imagine a fender bender between a large truck and a small car. During the impact, Choose one answer. a. the truck exerts a greater amount of force on the car than the car exerts on the truck b. the car exerts a greater amount of force on the truck than the

    asked by Kirk
  80. calculus

    use implicit differentiation to find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point. 9x^2+xy+9y^2=19, (1,1) (ellipse)

    asked by lori
  81. English

    1. I (hurridely) dressed in my uniform. 2. The runner beside me looked (serious). 3. The crowd cheered (enthusiastically) for all the runners. 4. Our team is so (excited) about the 400-meter relay. 5. Pedro jumped (easily) and cleared the bar. 6. Coach

    asked by Hayley
  82. urgent urgent urgent

    what is the chemical make up of actin and myocin

    asked by zachary
  83. physics

    A phone cord is 3.55 m long. The cord has a mass of 0.200 kg. A transverse wave pulse is produced by plucking one end of the taut cord. The pulse makes four trips down and back along the cord in 0.775 s. What is the tension in the cord?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. MATH


    asked by KATHERYNE
  85. College Algebra

    The base of a 28 foot ladder is placed 12 feet from the house. How far up house does the ladder reach? (The answer to the nearest tenth of a foot

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Science

    Explanation of the digestion of protein in the human body.

    asked by Sasha
  87. math

    Reduce 27/54 to lowest terms.

    asked by mikaylen
  88. College Algebra

    If the length of molding to create the frame is 96 inches. If the frame surrounding the picture is 3.5 inches wude and the length is 6 inches longer than the width, what are the dimensions (length and width) of the picture that could be placed inside?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. organic chem

    oxidation product for 3-methyl-1-heptanol

    asked by meghan
  90. math

    If the line passing through the points (a, 1) and (5, 7) is parallel to the line passing through the points (8, 8) and (a + 2, 1), what is the value of a? a =?

    asked by ashton
  91. Social studies

    how was the metis'list of rights different from the charter rights and freedom?

    asked by Paula
  92. maths

    The numbers 1,2,…,17 are divided into 5 disjoint sets. One set has 5 elements, one set has 4 elements, two sets have 3 elements and the last set contains the 2 remaining elements. Two players each choose a number from 1 to 17 at random. The probability

    asked by Anonymous33
  93. calculus 1

    Differentiate. f(x) = 8 − x^ex/x + ex f '(x) =

    asked by monic
  94. English

    Hello. I will be grateful for some grammar help. 1)Which tense is correct in the context: "they will get the documents ready by Friday" or "they will have got the documents ready by Friday"? Are both structures possible? 2)Is it possible to use "after" in

    asked by Ilma
  95. College Algebra

    The length of a rectangular carpet is 6 feet greater than twice its width. If the area is 72 square feet, find the carpet's length and width.

    asked by Anonymous please help! :)
  96. Chemistry

    How much energy as heat is removed from the hand when 5.00 grams of Ga initially at 20 degrees C melts? The value of Heat Fusion is 5.576 kJ-mol and the specific heat of Ga is 0.374 J-g-K. Take the final temp to be 29.76 degrees C.

    asked by Student
  97. physics

    The launching speed of a certain projectile is 3.0 times the speed it has at its maximum height. Calculate the elevation angle at launching

    asked by julia
  98. Chemistry

    When a fuel that contains sulfur is burned,the sulfur is converted to SO2. Suppose all of this SO2 is then oxidized in the atmosphere to SO3. The SO3 dissolves in atmospheric moisture to form sulfuric acid (H2SO4) contributing to acid rain. A particular

    asked by Lee
  99. physics

    A golfer hits a shot to a green that is elevated 3.00 m above the point where the ball is struck. The ball leaves the club at a speed of 16.1 m/s at an angle of 52.0¢ª above the horizontal. It rises to its maximum height and then falls down to the green.

    asked by Joe
  100. math

    Identify the transformation for the function y = (x – 10)2 – 4. Make sure to include and describe and horizontal/vertical shifts, stretching/shrinking, and reflections.

    asked by rushi
  101. adult education

    Outline five characteristics of life long education

    asked by faith ogbidi
  102. Physics

    1An object is thrown upward at an initial velocity and caught at the same level as it was thrown. What should the maximum height be if the hang time is 6.4? (please report numerical value to 2 decimal places- unit will not be necessary to report) 2An

    asked by Kirk
  103. maths

    Let σ(n) be the sum of the positive divisors of an integer n and ϕ(n) be the number of positive integers smaller than n that are coprime to n. If p is a prime number, what is the maximum value σ(p)ϕ(p)?

    asked by Anonymous1
  104. math

    A polynomial f(x) has degree 8 and f(i)=2^i for i=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Find f(9).

    asked by Anonymous
  105. math

    Find the number of solutions to the equation 1/a+1/b+1/c+1/d=1 where a, b, c, d are positive integers and a≤b≤c≤d.

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Calculus

    Find the horizontal asymptotes of the curve. y=-6x/squareroot (4x^2-160

    asked by Tori
  107. programming

    Write a program that asks for and reads the price of a book (it may have a decimal part), multiplies it by 7% sales tax and displays both the sales tax and final price of the book on the screen.

    asked by Caren
  108. physics

    A positive test charge of 8.33 × 10−5 C is placed in an electric field of 53.54 N/C intensity. What is the strength of the force exerted on the test charge? Answer in units of N

    asked by EMily
  109. Math

    What is another way to figure out the area of a complex figure?

    asked by Ryan
  110. Physics

    Two particles of masses 6kg and 3kg are attached to the two ends of an inextensible string passing over a pulley.the string is kept taut and the masses are released.. Calculate the common velocity of the particle and the distancetravelled after 5s

    asked by Shazra
  111. philosophy

    I am to write a eight to ten page research paper based upon a current event/ pressing social issue that is relevant in my community. I want to write about crime but crime is not very prevalent in my town until recently we had like 4 murders in the last

    asked by ANGELA
  112. Physics

    An elevator is lifted up by a thick steel cable. While the elevator is moving upwards with a decreasing velocity, a. the upward force on the elevator by the cable is greater than the downward force of the Earth b. the amount of upward force due to the

    asked by Kirk
  113. physics

    forces of and are applied at the same point. the angle between F1 and F2 is 60.0◦ and the angle between F2 and F3 is 80.0◦. find the resultant force.

    asked by resultant force
  114. Math

    I need help finding the unit rate for 3/5meter divided by 3/8 second? And how do I get he answer?

    asked by Rak
  115. 7th grade language arts Ms. Sue please

    1. Which of the following is not a part of evaluating sources? (1 point) checking the author's credentials questioning possible bias making sure the information is current agreeing with the author's opinions 2. Which of the following websites would you

    asked by Delilah
  116. math

    The percent of homes with digital TV services, which stood at 6% at the beginning of 1999 (t = 0) was projected to grow linearly so that at the beginning of 2003 (t = 4) the percent of such homes was projected to be 28%. (a) Derive an equation of the line

    asked by ashton

    P + 5C2H5OH + 5/2 I2 ---> 5C2H5I + H3PO4 + H2O m(P)=4.14g m(C2H5OH)= 27.5g m(I2)=63.5g m(C2H5I)= 73g Whats the percent yield of the reaction? (Can someone more precisely explain how to solve the problem please)

    asked by Anonymous
  118. maths

    A farmer has a farmyard containing both cows and chickens numbering 54legs. How many chickens and cows does he have?

    asked by faith ogbidi
  119. math

    Find an equation of the line that passes through the point and has the indicated slope m. (7,8);m=-7/2 y=?

    asked by ashley (please help)
  120. physics

    A transverse pulse moves along a stretched cord of length 7.14 m having a mass of 0.120 kg. If the tension in the cord is 10.2 N, find the following. a)wave speed b)time to travel length of cord

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Biology Difference b/w Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke

    I want to know the causes of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. I cant seem to find separate causes for the two, finding very different answers online :|

    asked by Shreya
  122. Algebra

    Tell whether the equation is a function: 1) y = x-3 ; 2) y = -3/4x ; 3) x = -11 ; 4) x = 8 ; 5) y = 2(x+1)

    asked by Maria
  123. algebra

    Katie says that if the coefficients of each variable are identical, then she does not need to solve the system since it will always have infinite solutions. Is she correct?

    asked by betsy
  124. math

    While warming up for track meet,Anna jogged for 17/20 of a mile. Katie jogged for 3/5 of a mile. How much farther did anna jog?

    asked by JR
  125. math

    Simplify the third root of 4 over the fifth root of 8

    asked by amber
  126. physics

    A car of mass 2000kg is travelling at 84m/h when a force of 500N beings to oppose the motion.Find the required to bring the car to rest.

    asked by Anonymous
  127. math

    a pizza has a diameter of 18. what is the best estimate of the area of the pizza?

    asked by logan
  128. health

    What effects or potential effects do technologically based communication modalities—between patients and health care providers and between health care providers only—have on health care costs

    asked by donna
  129. Probability

    A woman at the mall sees flats, 2’heels, and 3’ heels. The shoes come in two shades of beige(light and dark) and black. What is the probability that she will pick the following combinations? shoe has a heel and black- no heal and beige shoe has a heel

    asked by Betty
  130. Calculus

    How do I answer these questions. Please show work. The answers are through the link as a png image. THanks! h t t p : //

    asked by Madeline
  131. Solving linear equations

    Is there a formula to following or pattern. This is very new to me and I am having issues with these type of problems, please help

    asked by heybaby
  132. Spanish please translate from spanish to english

    1.) ¿Cuál es la prima mayor? 2.) ¿Cuál es la prima menor? 3.) Es el doce de mayo. Es el 20 de agosto. Es el primero de diciembre. Es el uno de diciembre. 4.) Tiene doce años. Tienes doce años. Tengo doce años. Thank You so much

    asked by Jack
  133. math

    wendy is making two different recipes for nut bread. One recipe call for 1/8 cup of nuts the other call for 3/4 cup of nuts. How many cups of nuts will wendy need in all?

    asked by Jr
  134. ISLAMIC

    I refer to the verse 22:78. “And make jihad in God’s cause with true jihad. It is He who has chosen you, and has laid no hardship on you in religion; the creed of your forefather Abraham. It is He who has named you Muslims, in bygone times and in this

    asked by ASMA89
  135. marketing

    Develop and describe the packaging necessary for your product or service in a one- to two-page paper. Your description must include the market research done (or necessary) to arrive at the packaging. Identify the product concepts you used in determining

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Chemistry

    If I titrate a sample containing Ammonium Sulphide with a 0.05m Cadmium chloride until an end point is reached, how do I calculate the % sulphide in the sample

    asked by David
  137. english (theses writing)

    hello! :) I am a freshman college student and I am looking for a thesis topic about civil engineering.Can you give me a topic on my thesis about civil engineering? thanks :)

    asked by Anonymous
  138. physics

    You walk 1160 m east and then 1000 m south in a total time of 20 min. compute your displacement. Enter the east and south components of the displacement separated by a comma. then Compute your average velocity in m/s. Enter the east and south components of

    asked by Anonymous
  139. Math

    nate owes michael 5.00 nate expressed how much he owes as an integer Michael expressed how much nate owes him as an integer what do the two integers have in common

    asked by Josh
  140. physics

    A charge moves a distance of 1.4 cm in the direction of a uniform electric field having a magnitude of 244 N/C. The electrical potential energy of the charge decreases by 108.3 × 10−19 J as it moves. Find the magnitude of the charge on the moving

    asked by EMily
  141. Math

    Farmer Bob is considering buying a new field that is next to one he already owns. The field he is considering is a perfect square. The fence along each side of this square field is made of old logs and is a third of a mile lone. If he can walk at a rate of

    asked by Isabel
  142. math

    ms.joliet gave a math quiz to see how her small group was doing. what score would make the median 90, the mode 85, and the range 20 if she had the numbers listed below 85,85,90,?,100,85,80,100,90

    asked by karla
  143. math

    Zach is walking to his best friend's house, which is 5 1/3 blocks away, so far he has walked 2 5/6 blocks. How many more blocks does he need to walk?

    asked by Jr
  144. chemistry

    How many grams of copper can be dissolved by 20.0 mL of a 69.6% (by mass) nitric acid solution that has a density of 1.41 g/mL?

    asked by G.A
  145. math

    Anthony's older brother is 5 1/6 feet tall, Anthony's younger brother is 2 6/7 feet tall, about how much taller is Anthony's older brother than his younger brother. I got 2 feet?

    asked by JR
  146. Chemistry

    If you mix 10 mL of 6M HCl (aq) and 2o mL of 3M NaOH, will the solution be acidic, neutral, or basic?

    asked by Alexandria
  147. Fractions

    A sales representative earns 4 times as much in the the 4th week of January as in each of the other 3 weeks. What part of his income was earned in the 4th week

    asked by Cliff
  148. geometry

    Circle A has radius 6. Circle B has radius 10. They cross at two points that are 5 apart. What is the overlapping area?

    asked by priyanka
  149. MAth

    a garden 40 by 50 meters wide is to be surrounded by a 5 meter wide fence how is it that the side are now 50 by 60?

    asked by Jay
  150. math

    Jerome is 1.5 meters tall, and at a certain time of day, he casts a shadow that is 2 meters. His friend measures the shadow formed by a nearby flagpole at the same time of day and finds it to be 24 meters. What is the height of the flagpole?

    asked by Jacob
  151. MATH

    A seismograph 300 km from the epicenter of an earthquake recorded a maximum amplitude of 4.3 102µm. Find this earthquake's magnitude.

    asked by TONYA
  152. Algebra

    find least common denominator for these fractions 5/7 and 4/6

    asked by Corey
  153. geometry

    a poster art exhibition is to display a square picture with a white border around it. The border must be 10 in. wide at the bottom, 5 in. wide at the top, and 3 in. wide on each side. Using x to represent the length of a side of the picture. A) Write a

    asked by Sam
  154. MATH

    heres my equation: c(coat)+s(shirt)+t(tie)=$300 c=2s s=2t+40 i need to know how to solve this to get the cost of each item?

    asked by alice
  155. math help please urgent

    the difference of two numbers is 27. the first number is equal to one more than twice the value of the second number. find both numbers. please show work.

    asked by ellis
  156. math

    5 6/9 - 2 2/5= I need to show work I really have a hard time with these ones not sure what to do

    asked by Jared
  157. english (theses writing)

    Can you give us a topic on our thesis about civil engineering?

    asked by Anonymous
  158. Elementary Algebra

    the width of a garden is 4 times it width the wall of her house forms one width of the triangle he uses 45 feet of fencing for the other 3 sides of his garden what are the length and width of his garden. what is the answer

    asked by Dena
  159. Science

    Having trouble with the question below. Clouds form when air is: a. swirled by wind b. heated by the sun c. turned into ozone Thanks.

    asked by Brandi
  160. Physics question

    A boy intend to move an mkg crate across the floor by applying a constant force p newton on it.the coeficient of friction between the floor and crate is ü.which of these is the best option for his task?

    asked by Physics
  161. physics

    a boy throws a ball from the top of a tower with velocity 20 m/s in horizontal direction. The speed of the ball after 2 seconds is?

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Math

    An advisor offers 8 mutual funds in the high risk category, 7 moderate, 10 in low risk. The investor decides to invest in 3 high risk, 4 moderate risk, and 10 low risk. How many ways can he do this?

    asked by Betty
  163. Statistics

    An Adviser has 9 products he wants to tell a client about, but only has time to tell him about 4. How many different ways can he give the details on 4 different products to the customer?

    asked by Betty
  164. Venn Diagrams

    P(Z)= .40, P(Y)=.30, P(Z ⋃Y)=.58 Find the following: P(Z’ ⋂Z’) P(Z’⋃ Y’) P(Z’⋃ Y) P(Z⋂ Y’)

    asked by Betty
  165. Algebra2

    Factor the polynomial p(x)=x^4-x^3-6x^2+4x+8

    asked by Asia
  166. Physics

    The coal car for a train has a mass of 1796 kg when it is empty. The track exerts a friction force of 3132. What force should the be exerted on it by the locomotive, to produce an acceleration of 1.3? (please report the numerical value to 2 decimal places-

    asked by Kirk
  167. world history

    Explain the importance of Roman technology and engineering? Cover two separate kinds of Roman technology and engineering.

    asked by Evs


    asked by SwaGa777
  169. Chemistry

    If you mix 10 mL of 6 M HCl (aq) and 10 mL of 3M NaOH, will the solution be acidic, neutral, or base?

    asked by Alexandria
  170. BCOM/475

    what makes the six principles of dynamic, continuous, circular, unrepeatable, irreversible, and complex so unique?

    asked by Anita
  171. Analogies

    Fifteen:five::nine:_________ please help?

    asked by Haylee
  172. math

    How do you evaluate i to large powers such as i^1992, i^1993, and i^2000 without a calculator?

    asked by alicia
  173. College Algebra

    for the sets {1,3,5,7,9} and {1,2,3,4,5} Define the ¿ and the U.

    asked by Anonymous please help! :)
  174. Business Need Help ASAP

    What can I use as key words to search for information regarding REI's SCM? I have been on this assignment forever and trying to think of some more important information regarding REI's SCM.

    asked by Tim
  175. Physics

    The condensing pressure is 260psig and the metering device inlet temperature is 100 degrees for R-22 what is the total subcooling in the system?

    asked by Danny
  176. math

    how many square feet are there in an area of 1.00 square meters(1 ft=0.305)

    asked by sam
  177. English

    1. The distance to the finish line seemed (endless). 2. I have ever ran so (fast). 3. Eli ran a surprisingly (fast) time in the trial. 4. He walked (confidently) to the starting blocks. 5. Is the high jump the first (field) event? 6. We looked (exhausted),

    asked by Hayley
  178. Grammar

    Is "is" an adverb?

    asked by Sal
  179. math

    in a rectangular field adjacent sides differ by 17 cm.its diagonal length is 25 cm.find the cost of fencing the field at rs 5 per metre

    asked by pradyumna
  180. social studies

    could you pl let me know the distinction between galaxy and milkyway in solar system

    asked by r s telagathoty
  181. maths

    Two trains A and B 50kms apart are approaching each other at 30km/hr and 20km/hr respectively. A bee travelling at 80km/hr continually hovers betweenthe two trains. How many km will d bee cover before d two trains collide?

    asked by faith ogbidi
  182. math-trig


    asked by joe
  183. math

    isosceles triangle base length 21cm and side length 32cm

    asked by Anonymous
  184. algebra


    asked by michael
  185. Ms. Sue

    can you do me a favor and look at my science question? please?

    asked by corie
  186. Math

    solve by the elimination method 5u+3v=-17, 2u+v=-7 would there be a solution or not?

    asked by tootles
  187. math

    5 6/9 - 2 2/5 =

    asked by Jared
  188. Math


    asked by Tisha
  189. finances

    if you have $10,000.00 in credit card debt with a 14% interest rate when is it beneficial to pay off the debt versus putting the money is a savings account?

    asked by denise
  190. english

    I have a data story to write on employment and in my city unemployment for blacks is double the amount it is for whites.. I'm suppose to speak with employment agencies and speak with them about this issue. Do you guys have any suggestions of any

    asked by Yoshie
  191. math

    837divied 31

    asked by Anonymous
  192. math

    8 2/6 + 7 1/4 = 15 1/6 not sure this is right?

    asked by Jared
  193. math

    7 2/5 - 2 3/4 =

    asked by Jared
  194. math

    2 2/3 + 7 3/4 =

    asked by Jared