Questions Asked on
January 21, 2013

  1. Physics

    Two springs are attached side by side to a green box of mass M. Determine an expression that describes the period of motion of the box attached to this combination of springs. The two individual springs have spring constants K1 and K2 respectively.

    asked by Rose
  2. chemistry

    calculate the wavelength (in nm) of the red light emitted by a neon sign with a frequency of 4.74 x 10^14 Hz. i have no idea how to even set this up. please someone help.

    asked by savannah
  3. algebra

    A pharmacist has 40% and 60% iodine solutions on hand. How many liters of each iodine solution will be required to produce 4 liters of a 50% iodine.

    asked by juan
  4. Discrete Math

    Find z so that 5% of the area under the standard normal curve lies to the right of z. the answer according to the book is 1.645, anyone got any ideas on how to get this?

    asked by Jessica
  5. Chemistry

    Thyroxine, an important hormone that controls the rate of metabolism in the body can be isolated from the thyroid gland. If 0.455 g of thyroxine is dissolved in 10.0 g of benzene, the freezing point of the solution could be measured as 5.144°C. Pure

    asked by Emma
  6. Math

    The region bounded by the given curves is rotated about the specified axis. Find the volume V of the resulting solid by any method. y = −x^2 + 14x − 45, y = 0; about the x-axis

    asked by Em
  7. ss

    1. To the north, Canada borders the (1 point) Atlantic Ocean. Pacific Ocean. Arctic Ocean. North Sea. 2. Volcanoes produced the Cascade Mountains of Washington and Oregon. What is the name of the peak that had a powerful eruption in 1980? (1 point) Mount

    asked by tesj
  8. Algebra 2

    The Formula s= sqrt 30fd can be estimated the speed of s, in miles per hour that a car is traveling when it goes into a skid, where f is the coefficient of friction and d is the length of the skid marks in feet. Kody skids to a stop on a street with a

    asked by Ana
  9. solid mensuration

    the perimeter of an ellipse with an area equal to 12pi square units if the non opposite vertices are 5units apart

    asked by alysa
  10. Physics

    I've been stuck on this equation for a while and I don't know if i'm missing a key part to the equation.. i just need help! If the gravitational field strength at the top of Mount Everest is 9.772 N/kg, approximately how tall (in feet) is the mountain? F=

    asked by Larry
  11. chemistry

    Determine the mass of CO2 gas that has a volume of 7.10 L at a pressure of 1.11 atm and a temperature of 31.0°C.

    asked by Abi
  12. chemistry

    An analysis for copper was performed on two pure solids. One solid was found to contain 43.0% copper; the other contained 32.0% copper. Could these solids be samples of the same copper-containing compound? Please help.

    asked by Anonymous
  13. College Algebra

    The load L a horizontal beam can safely support varies jointly as the width w and the square of the depth d and inversely as the length l. If a 12-foot beam with width 6 inches and depth 8 inches safely supports 600 pounds, how many pounds can a 14-foot

    asked by Audrey
  14. Chemistry

    Suppose a student started with 128 mg of trans-cinnamic acid and 0.52 mL of a 10% (v/v) bromine solution, and after the reaction and workup, ended up with 0.184 g of brominated product. Calculate the student's theoretical and percent yields. what are the

    asked by UCI KID
  15. Chemistry

    The nuclide 96Nb decays by a first-order process with a rate constant of 2.96 × 10-2 h-1. How long will it take for 85% of the initial amount of 96Nb to be consumed? I believe it is 5.07 hrs...

    asked by Jeremy
  16. Spanish

    Les vas a dar muchos regalos a tus padres. Quiero comprarles unos guantes a mis sobrinos Clara va a venderle sus libros de literatura francesa a su amiga. Los clientes nos pueden pagar con tarjeta de crédito

    asked by Anna
  17. Algebra 1

    You have $6000 to invest in two stock funds. The first fund pays 5% annual interest and the second account pays 9% annual interest. If after a year you have made $380 in interest, how much money did you invest in each account?

    asked by Mbaintu
  18. physics

    After landing safely on the target the cat tries another projectile apparatus. This time the cat is shot out of a cannon over a 30 m high wall. The cat is launched at an angle of 55º0 and can be assumed to be at ground level during launch. With what speed

    asked by luellen
  19. physics

    An aircraft flying at a steady velocity of 70m/s eastwards at height of 800m drops a package of supplies a)express the initial velocity of the package as vector. B)how long will it take for the package to reach the ground? C)how fast will it be going as it

    asked by Minte
  20. Science

    A 35 kg child starting from rest slides down a hill with a vertical height of 20m. What is the child's speed at the bottom of the hill? How do you solve this???

    asked by Pascha
  21. Physics

    A ball thrown horizontally at 22.76 m/s travels a horizontal distance of 46.81 m before hitting the ground. From what height was the ball thrown?

    asked by Student
  22. algebra

    A pharmacist has 40% and 60% iodine solutions on hand. How many liters of each iodine solution will be required to produce 4 liters of a 50% iodine. 1. iodine1 = 2, iodine2=2 2. iodine1 = 21, iodine2 = 21 3. iodine1 = 41, iodine2 = 41 4. iodine1 = 41,

    asked by juan
  23. Physics

    A 2kg object is attached to a spring and undergoes simple harmonic motion. At t=0 the object starts from rest, 10 cm from the equilibrium position. If the force constant of the spring k is equal to 75 N/m, calculate a. the max speed b. the max acceleration

    asked by Mary
  24. chemistry

    Calculate the molarity and molality of 37.0%(w/w) HCI with a density of 1.19 g mL-1.The molecular mass of HCI is 36.46 g mol-1.

    asked by rohaya
  25. Physics

    Two particles are fixed along a straight line, separated by a distance 6.0 cm. The left one has a charge +2.0 nC and the right one has a charge of +6.0 nC. You must try to locate a point where the electric field is zero. (a) What is the location of the

    asked by John
  26. Math

    How do I write four equivalent expressions for 50+225

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Chemistry

    In the first order, reaction A yields products, A=0.400M initially and 0.250M after 15.0 min. What is the value of the rate constant, k?

    asked by Jeremy
  28. math

    Express Courier Service has found that the delivery time for packages is normally distributed with mean 14 hours and standard deviation 2 hours. What should be the guaranteed delivery time on all packages in order to be 95% sure that the package will be

    asked by Jessica
  29. Physics

    Car A with mass of 1250 kg is traveling at 30 m/s to the east. Car B is a truck with mass of 2000 kg, traveling to the west at 25 m/s. Assume these two vehicles experience an inelastic collision but do not stick together and car a goes off 10 m/s to the

    asked by Mauro Dar
  30. Physics

    During 200 meter and 400 meter races, runners must stay in lanes as they go around a curved part of the track. If runners in two different lanes have exactly the same speed, will they also have exactly the same centripetal acceleration as they go around a

    asked by Kayla
  31. american government

    judicial review is the power of the american courts to:

    asked by melissa
  32. solid mensuration

    find the area of a regular pentagram if one of the sides of inner pentagon is 3cm

    asked by alysa
  33. History

    which term suits this sentence: --------- often led to corruption, as some officeholders helped themselves to public money. Fill in the blank with one of these terms: labor unions, Grover Cleveland, Patronage, Chester Arthur, wealthy men, or James Garfield

    asked by Rebecca
  34. Math

    What are three differences between an inconsistent system and a consistent and independent system? Explain.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physics

    A bat emits a sound whose frequency is 83.6 kHz. The speed of sound in air at 20.0 oC is 343 m/s. However, the air temperature is 36.0 oC, so the speed of sound is not 343 m/s. Assume that air behaves like an ideal gas, and find the wavelength of the sound

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Chem

    If a 930cm3 piston compresses the air in the cylinder to 1/8 its total volume, what is the pressure after the gas is compressed?

    asked by Ashley
  37. College Algebra

    I need some help with a handful of questions. I need to see the steps on how to get to the final answers. I would also appreciate if you can explain how you got to those steps. Rationalize each expression by building perfect nth root factors for each

    asked by Krissy
  38. Physics

    A football punter accelerates a football from rest to a speed of 9.1 m/s during the time in which his toe is in contact with the ball (about 0.247 s). If the football has a mass of 484 g, what average force does the punter exert on the ball?

    asked by Lindsey
  39. Physics

    A sailor climbs to the top of the mast, 12.55 m above the deck, to look for land while his ship moves steadily forward through calm waters at 4.63 m/s. Unfortunately, he drops his spyglass to the deck below. Where does it land with respect to the base of

    asked by Student
  40. Math 7A

    Use the function rule, y = 2x + 5, to find the values of y when x = 1, 2, 3, and 4. Write the answers as ordered pairs that would be used to graph the function. can someone help me i'm stuck on this question

    asked by katie
  41. Math

    Find the volume V of the described solid S. The base of S is a circular disk with radius 4r. Parallel cross-sections perpendicular to the base are squares.

    asked by Em
  42. chemistry help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Identify 4 functional group: HO-HO-BENZENE RING-CH2-CH-NH2-C=O-OH 1)carboxylic acid functional group 2)amine functional group 3)alcohol functional group i only know three is anyone can tell me the last functional group.please

    asked by john
  43. physic 108

    A charged nonconducting rod, with a length of 3.83 m and a cross-sectional area of 5.69 cm2, lies along the positive side of an x axis with one end at the origin. The volume charge density ρ is charge per unit volume in coulombs per cubic meter. How many

    asked by k
  44. urgent i need help within an hour!

    Ascorbic acid (vitamin C, C6H8O6) is a water-soluble vitamin. A solution containing 83.3 g of ascorbic acid dissolved in 210. g of water has a density of 1.23 g/mL at 55°C Calculate the molarity of ascorbic acid in this solution. i got 2.77 but its wrong

    asked by Samantha
  45. math

    Which of the following numbers are equivalent to 20%? Choose all that apply. Which of the following numbers are equivalent to 35%? Choose all that apply. Which of the following numbers are equivalent to 8%? Choose all that apply Select the answer that

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Analytic Geometry

    What are the equations of the circles tangent to the x-axis, of radius 4 and whose center is at (-2,y) Please help, how do I solve this problem?

    asked by Lance
  47. English

    How would you reword this sentence to make it easier to understand? In other words, giving up results in goals much harder to achieve, thus persevering really makes a difference.

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    mary is x years old. it is her birthday today. her sister, sherry is 4 years older than she is. after 7 years their combined age will be 24 years write a liner=ar equation for their combined age after 7 years

    asked by Anonymous
  49. History

    What changes in England were steps toward representative government?

    asked by Karen
  50. Math

    Kathy drove from Dry Creek to Cactus, a distance of 250km. She increased her speed by 10km/h for the 360km trip from Cactus to spur. If the total trip took 1 hours, what was her speed from Dry creek to Cactus.

    asked by Emme
  51. physics

    What is the apparent weight of a lead brick 2.0 in x 2.0 in x 8.0 in if placed in oil with density p=0.93 g/cm^3 (Ppb=11.4 g/cm^3)(1 in. = 2.54 cm)

    asked by Shane

    Suppose you won a contest at 9th grade start that deposited $3,000 in an account that pays 5% annual interest compounded continuously. You go to college for four years (four years later). How much will you have then?

    asked by Chencho el chancho choncho
  53. English (APA)

    How do I cite APA style when you don't have the author or when you don't have the date? I need help with this I don't feel like the citation machine I am working is doing it right and I want to know how to do it. Thanks!

    asked by Amy
  54. algebra

    Jill is 2 years older than Mike. in 5 years, 5 times Mike's age will be 4 times Jill's age. how old is Mike? Write an equation that models how old in years each of you will be, when your ages add up to 150 years old. For example, if x = your age and the

    asked by Anonymous
  55. History

    One major concern people had was that --------- were controlling politics at the expenseof the public good. Fill in the blank with one of these terms: Labor unions, Grover Cleveland, Chester Arthur, wealthy men, or James Garfield. I think that it is either

    asked by Rebecca
  56. social studies

    In what ways are a KNights code of chivalry similar to an oath of allegience?

    asked by bethany
  57. Physics

    A 250 g object attached to a spring oscillates on a frictionless horizontal table with the frequency of 4 Hz and an amplitude of 20 cm. Calculate a) maximum potential energy of the system b) the displacement of the object when the potential energy is

    asked by Rose
  58. Physical Science

    The distance from earth to the sun is 1.5x10 to the 11th power minutes and light travels at a speed of 3.0x10 to the 8th power m/s. How long does it take sunlight to reach the earth? Give answer in minutes and seconds.

    asked by Belaune
  59. Chemistry

    calcium carbonate decomposes if heated to form calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. if 24.5 grams of calcium carbonate decompose how many moles of calcium carbonate reacted?

    asked by Channon
  60. Physics

    A football punter accelerates a football from rest to a speed of 9.1 m/s during the time in which his toe is in contact with the ball (about 0.247 s). If the football has a mass of 484 g, what average force does the punter exert on the ball?

    asked by Lindsey
  61. Spanish Check??

    A. Choose between the preterite or the imperfect. We wanted to buy the car. QuisimosQuer�amos comprar el auto. � The man refused to speak. El hombre no quisono quer�a hablar. � They found out the news yesterday. SupieronSab�an las noticias ayer.

    asked by Victoria
  62. physics

    A 25 mF capacitor is connected to a source of potential difference 100V. What is the resulting charge in the capacitor?

    asked by rubi
  63. Chemistry

    A 45kg sample of water absorbs 364kJ of heat. If the water was initially at 28.2 Celcius, what is its final temperature? How do I figure this out....HELP!

    asked by Final Water Temperature
  64. Chemistry

    This problem is 1st order for half life. How long would it take for the concentration of cyclopropane to decrease to 50% of its initial value? to 25% of its initial value? Rate constant is 9.2/s I set up like this... t1/2= 0.693/9.2/s= 0.075s at 50% I

    asked by Chris
  65. chemistry

    You have 37.0 mL of a 3.00 M stock solution that must be diluted to 0.500 M. How much water should you add?

    asked by Brianna
  66. Physics

    A GPS satellite orbits at an altitude of 2.0 x 10^7 m and a speed of 3.9 x 10^3 m/s, Earth’s radius is 6.4 x 10^6 m, and a point at its equator has tangential speed of 460 m/s, By approximately what fraction must the time be adjusted to account for both

    asked by Katie
  67. Statistics

    does some one mind checking my work? it's real simple Stats vocab. thank you! Determine whether the given description corresponds to an observational study or an experiment: (just as a refresher, observational means passive and experiment means active)

    asked by Gavin
  68. physics

    A 95 kg fullback is running at 7.5 m/s to the east and is stopped by a head-on tackle by a tackler running due west a 12.4 m/s. What is the mass of the tackler?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. chemistry help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asked by john
  70. Structure

    no one would have attended the lecture if you told truth about the guest speaker

    asked by sari
  71. chemistry

    Biphenyl, C12H10, is a nonvolatile, nonionizing solute that is soluble in benzene, C6H6. At 25 °C, the vapor pressure of pure benzene is 100.84 torr. What is the vapor pressure of a solution made from dissolving 19.9 g of biphenyl in 34.3 g of benzene?

    asked by Brianna
  72. Math

    The algebraic relation d= 0.0056s2 +0.14s models the relation between a vehicle's stopping distance d, in metres and its speed s, in km/h. a) What is the fastest you could drive and still be able to stop within 80m? b) What is the stopping distance for a

    asked by Emme
  73. AP Chemistry

    how much heat is produced when the body metabolizes a gram of trioleylglycerol? I know that the combustion of triolelglycerol is exothermic with an enthalphy change of 9 calories per gram of trioleylglycerol molecules, so the combustion will release heat

    asked by Timofey
  74. Math

    Erika eat 1/3 of a chocolate bar and gave the remaining 2/3 of the chocolate bar to her 8 friends to share equally. How much chocolate bar will each friend get?

    asked by Cherl
  75. Physics

    A football punter accelerates a football from rest to a speed of 9.1 m/s during the time in which his toe is in contact with the ball (about 0.247 s). If the football has a mass of 484 g, what average force does the punter exert on the ball?

    asked by Lindsey
  76. English

    I have to do a paragraph due Wednesday. Could someone please read it and point out any unclear, vague, or wordy points? Throughout Langston Hughes' poem "Mother to Son," the speaker sympathizes with the reader regarding the difficulty of life. For example,

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Math

    I need to translate to an algebraic expression. The product of two numbers multiplied by 3.

    asked by Irene
  78. probability

    suppose that the times taken to complete an online test are normally distributed with a mean of 45 minutes and a standard deviation of 12 minutes. find the probability a. that for a randomly selected test, the time taken was more than 1 hour. b. that the

    asked by Jennifer
  79. 2 Stats Questions

    Which of the following statements is not true about samples that can be treated as matched pairs data? I. Data collected on these samples is analyzed by calculating the differences between paired observations and using that data in one sample tests. II.

    asked by Meep.
  80. algebra

    Solve the problem. During a hurricane evacuation from the east coast of Georgia, a family traveled west. For part of the trip, they averaged but as the congestion got bad, they had to slow to If the total time of travel was 7 hours, how many miles did they

    asked by Anonymous
  81. need help for chemistry

    Account for the following observation: 1)Ammonia is exceptionally soluble in water. 2)Hydrogen fluoride ,HF, has a higher boiling temperature than methane, CH4. 3)The boiling temperature of ammonia (NH3)is -33˚C but that of phosphine (PH3) is -88˚C

    asked by Danial
  82. Physics

    (a) Find the speed of a satellite moving around the earth in a circular orbit that has a radius equal to five times the earth's radius of 6.38 106 m. (b) Find the satellite's orbital period. Please Help!

    asked by Mike
  83. Math

    Solve each equation. 2x + 1 = 7 4t + 5 = 21

    asked by Anonymous
  84. math

    a cylindrical soup can has a radius of 4.1 inches and a height of 2 inches. find the volume of this can in terms of pi

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Physics

    Why does the volume of air bubble increase as it rises toward the surface?

    asked by Shane
  86. Physics

    True or false?equal masses of two different gases placed in containers of equal volume at equal temperature must exert equal pressures

    asked by John
  87. math ugh"

    A class has 21 students . 10 boys and 11 girls . What fraction of the class is made up of boys

    asked by Anonymous
  88. chemistry help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Benzoic acid react with NH2 group Draw the product of this reaction, name the new functional group produced, state the type of reaction that has occurred, name any other products of the reaction and briefly explain how you arrived at your answer.( one or

    asked by john
  89. organic chemistry

    I really need help with this question. It is located at the link below. Question #2. I understand the general reaction but I need help with the actual mechanism. Olopatadine is a drug used topically to treat the itching associated with conjuctivitis It is

    asked by ha
  90. algebra

    graph the following linear equations and determine the correct classification: L1:y=-x+5 and L2:y=-2x+1

    asked by juan
  91. social studies

    why did the shipbuilders choose coastal locations such as Portsmouth for shipbuilding?????? HELP!!!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Computer Science

    I need help with this question please! Please write me step by step instructions or how should I begin the problem. Thank you for your time ;) Write a function that takes an array and returns true if all the elements in the array are positive, otherwise,

    asked by nutz
  93. fractions !

    In a neighborhood 10 houses are for sale and 53 are not for sale. Write a fraction representing the portion of houses that are for sale

    asked by Anonymous
  94. 8th Grade History

    which group best fits this sentence: groups: African Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans Sentence: Many members of this group turned dry, barren lands into profitable farms. Others worked in lumber mills, canneries, and mines

    asked by AnnE
  95. geometery

    please walk me through this I am having a hard time with this A survey of 500 showed the following 15 had only camping 20 had only hiking trails 35 had only picnicking 185 had camping 140 had camping and hiking trails 125 had camping and picnicking 210 had

    asked by carol
  96. math

    Which set of integers is not closed under what operation? + - x Division I thought it was division but I don't understand , can you please explain this. Thanks

    asked by b6
  97. Physics

    A body of mass m is attracted toward a 10.7 kg mass, 29.7 cm away, with a force of magnitude 6.54 10-8 N. Find m. Please Help!

    asked by Mike
  98. Chemistry

    Can someone please help with this problem and explain it please? If soil has a density of 1.32 g/cm cubed, then what does 1.0 cubic yards of soil weigh in pounds?

    asked by Sally
  99. chemistry-redox

    Can two elements both be oxidized in a reaction? 2FeS + 4.5O2 +2H2O==> Fe2O3 + 2H2SO4 I see Fe is oxidized, going from Fe+2 to Fe+3 However, Isn't S going from S-2 to S+6? making sulfur ixidized too, and not reduced?

    asked by Sushmitha
  100. matH

    casper bought some pencils at .50 cents each. he had $3.00 left after purchase. if he wanted to buy the same number of notep[ads at .80 cents each he would be short $1.50 write a linear equation for the number of pencils he purchased. Solve

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Logic

    Situation 1: You have eight billiard balls. One of them is "defective," meaning that it weighs more than the others. How do you tell, using a balance, which ball is defective in two weighings? Situation 2: You have five jars of pills. All the pills in one

    asked by Sarah
  102. lpu collage

    An urn contains 7 red and 3 white marbles. Three marbles are drawn from the urn one after another. Find the probability that first two are red and third is white if, a) Marbles drawn are replaced after every draw. b) Marbles drawn are not replaced after

    asked by sunil
  103. physics

    A car starts from rest and travels for 7.0 s with a uniform acceleration of +2.3 m/s2. The driver then applies the brakes, causing a uniform negative acceleration of -1.0 m/s2. If the brakes are applied for 2.0 s, how fast is the car going at the end of

    asked by Anonymous
  104. social studies

    A)How did corruption in city government grow? B) How did people react to this corruption? PLEASE HELP! i have a test tommorrow and this is our essay question and i cant find it in the book!!!

    asked by MS. SUE PLEASE HELP!
  105. Math

    Chas used 3 1/4 cups more cranberry juice than grape juice to make a fruit drink. He planned to make a total of 9 1/4 cups of the drink. How much did Chas use of each juice?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. social studies

    Whatsocial changes came as a result of increased trade? - I already have a few like towns, new powers, new freedoms, and weakening of feuldalism. Is there anything else I missed?

    asked by bethany
  107. English

    Can you explain to me what this means: "First thoughts are also unencumbered by ego, by that mechanism in us that tries to be in control, tries to prove the world is permanent and solid, enduring and logical."

    asked by Wade
  108. Math

    Write an equation: x varies directly as y and inversly directly to the cube of Z

    asked by Sara
  109. ENGLISH !(:

    Which of the following is an independent clause? Where Juan lived. Because Juan was brave. Juan's favorite adventure. Juan explored the cave. Which of the following groups of words is a clause? to learn a new language around the corner waiting for the bell

    asked by Anonymous
  110. science

    Is hot cocoa considered thermal energy when it is really hot with steam coming out?

    asked by Harry Please Helppp
  111. Science

    How do you create a bar graph for science?

    asked by Jessica
  112. Physics

    A thin rectangular piece of aluminum (density is 2700 kg/m3) is designed to pivot about a pin that smoothly slides into a small hole. Where should the hole be drilled in order to minimize the period of harmonic motion? The aluminum has dimensions of 2 cm x

    asked by Derrick M.
  113. Chemistry/Normal Distributions/Math

    I'm confused on how to calculate the standard deviation for this... The 95% confidence limit for calcium in control sera is reported as 9.2-10.2 mg/dl. Calculate the value for one standard deviation and the coefficient of variation for this data.

    asked by Maranda
  114. Finance

    A trust has the purpose of:

    asked by Raymond
  115. Science

    Please compare and contrast the electrochemical events involved in the initiation and propagation of an action potential with the electrochemical events involved with the initiation of muscle contraction in skeletal muscle. Be sure to describe the

    asked by Jack
  116. statistics

    Using the central limit theorem, construct a 95% confidence interval for the average total cry time for infants in the control group and infants in the intervention group. For this question only, assume that the standard deviation of cry time within each

    asked by Gavin
  117. Physics

    A car rounds a 1.35km radius circular track at 93 km/h. Find the magnitude of the car's average acceleration after it has completed one-fourth of the circle.

    asked by Hillary
  118. physics

    The speed of a car moving in a straight line increases every second. It goes from 30 km/hr (about 19 mi/hr) to 35 km/hr (about 22 mi/hr) in the first second. The next second, it goes from 35 km/hr to 40 km/hr (about 24.8 mi/hr). What is its acceleration?

    asked by Anonymous
  119. english

    I am to create a timeline that illustrates the history of children's literature in western culture using five key milestones of children's literature. Can you please tell me if these milestones I have chosen would be correct to use: 1-invention and

    asked by m
  120. Statistics

    I have another Stats question i'm confuesed on. classify the sample as random, systematic, covenience, stratified, or cluster. A marketing executive fo General Motors finds that its public department has just printed envelopes with the names and addresses

    asked by Gavin
  121. math

    2x^3+4x^2-3x^2-6x when x=3 I did2(3)^3+4(3)^2-3(3)^2-6(3) 2(27)+4(9)-3(9)-6(3) 54+36-27-18 90-27-18 63-18 45 is this correct? Thanks

    asked by b6
  122. science

    When can the constellation puppis be seen in the night sky?:) i really need the answer to this ?:) thanks

    asked by korrine
  123. Math

    If the surface area of a certain body of water is 200 ft ^2 and the surface area to volume ration is 1:13; what is the volume of the body of water? I can't figure out the formula and answer to this problem.

    asked by Diana M
  124. Math

    1. Find the area of a segment of height 22.1 inches in a circle of radius 6.42 ft. Draw a rough sketch of a circle showing the height and radius. Consider significant digits.

    asked by Prince
  125. Math

    2. A propeller on a gas turbine rotates 64° every 2.70 minutes. What is the angular velocity in rev/s? What is the linear speed of a point at the tip of the blade if the diameter of the blade is 5.37 ft?

    asked by Prince
  126. Algebra II

    Which of the following is a function? A) -x^2 + 2y^2 - 4 = 36 B) {(6, -5), (-1, -5), (-4, -5)} C) {(-5, -4), (-5, -3), (-3, 6)} D) x = y^2 - 3

    asked by Piggy
  127. Chemistry

    Can someone please help me out here? I've tried several times and i keep getting the wrong answer :( lol A small crucible is filled with 100.00 mL of n-hexadecane (MW (226.44 g/mol), density (0.7703 g/mL)) and 2.10 L of 7-octenyltrichlorosilane (MW (245.65

    asked by Tawnya
  128. clinical chemistry

    how many militers of a 2.0M solution is required to prepare 50ml 0f a 0.3M solution

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Physics.

    A roller-coaster car speeds down a hill past point A where R1 = 8.6 m and then rolls up a hill past point B where R2 = 16.0 m. (a) The car has a speed of 18.4 m/s at point A. if the track exerts a normal force on the car of 2.21 104 N at this point, what

    asked by A roller-coaster car
  130. math

    the length of a rectangle is 100 inches more than the width. if the perimeter of the rectangle is 1320 inches, find the dimensions

    asked by lori
  131. Physics

    A jeep has a speed of 50 m/s at a given instant and 10 m/s later. fin its retardation, assuming it to be constant.

    asked by Matt
  132. Acceleration

    A toy car moves down an incline with an acceleration of 20 cm/s/s. what will its velocity be in 5 sec? what distance will it have traveled..?

    asked by Matt
  133. Politics

    what is significance of Machiavelli in politics ?

    asked by luellen
  134. goemetry

    Determine AU(C'UB') U= {a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k} A= {a,c,d,f,g,i} B={b,c,d,f,g} C={a,b,f,i,j)

    asked by carol
  135. Math

    Explain how to find 14 x 19 by breaking apart the factors in tens and ones and finding the sum of the four parts

    asked by Prince
  136. Statistics

    I have a question about one of my Stats vocab questions. any help is great. thanks! Identify the type of observational study as either Cross-sectional or retrospective (just a reminder, Cross-sectional is data measured at one point in time, retrospective

    asked by Gavin
  137. Anatomy

    why is enzymatic catalysis essential for life? Describe in detail the mechanism for enzyme mediated anabolic and catabolic reactions. include in your answer various modes of inhibition.

    asked by Ally
  138. social studies

    What is Delaware home to?

    asked by Anonymous

    Find h(t) + k(t) if h(t) = {(-4,5), (-2,-3), (0,5), (1,3), (3,-1), (5,5)} and k(t) = {(-3,-2), (-2,6), (-1,0), (1,0), (2,-6), (3,5), (4,0), (6,-2)}. (2 marks)

    asked by Anonymous
  140. Chemistry

    Please help.Any type of help would be nice. 1.Explain the spectrum of 1-methylstyrene. 2.Explain the gaseous and solid state PCl5 from its IR and Raman spectra.

    asked by Anonymous
  141. Physics

    A chartered airplane flies 100 km east, then 350 km northwest, and then 150 km at 30° west of south. After an additional displacement, the plane is back where it started. Find the magnitude and the direction of the last leg of the journey.

    asked by Spike
  142. College Algebra

    How would figure out the slope and intercepts: 1.4x= -14y

    asked by Anonymous
  143. Physics

    How far above the surface of the earth would you have to be before your weight is reduced by 12.89%? Please Help !

    asked by Mike
  144. math

    3x^2+5x-1 can any1 solve this by partial factoring?

    asked by Anonymous
  145. Analytic Geometry

    Give the equation of the circle tangent to both axes of radius 5 and in the 1st quadrant. Can you help me solve this?

    asked by Lance
  146. Computer.....

    Is there a way to erase something on the computer when for example there is a huge word lying across something?

    asked by Anonymous
  147. chemstry

    Classify six kinds of amino acids according to the functions that they serve in the human body, stating an example for each class.

    asked by zachary
  148. real estate

    Mile and Rosalyn borrow $70,000 to purchase a home. If the monthly interest payment is $787.50. What is the rate of interest?

    asked by kristina
  149. English

    I am reading an article about Britney Spears leaving the X-Factor. On of the lines says "she wasn't a great judge, but she didn't shave her hair off or anything, so she proved herself capable of keeping together." I feel like this might be a logical

    asked by Jackie
  150. Physics

    A simple pendulum of the length 0.350 m starts from rest at a max displacement of 10 degrees. from equilibrium position. a) At what time will the pendulum be located at an angle of displacement of 8 degrees? b) When will the pendulum return to its starting

    asked by Derrick M.
  151. algebra 2


    asked by bernie
  152. algebra 1


    asked by back
  153. Math

    If it snowed 7 days in the month of December in Wisconsin, what percent of the days in December did Wisconsin get snow?

    asked by Wade
  154. Physiology

    How are Lower Body Negative Pressure and hemorrhage similar and different?

    asked by Lindsey
  155. Math

    Compute the following special functions. Keep the correct number of significant figures. 10^5.4 Can somewhere help me with this? Is it as simple as putting it into my calculator just like that? if so, how do I know what the correct number of sig figs are

    asked by carl
  156. Math

    For a binomial distribution with n=20 trials and probability of success p=.05, we let r= number of successes out of 20 trials. Use the normal approximation to estimate P(6

    asked by Leanne
  157. math

    translate and simplify"six less than twice the sum of a number and three" choices are A)-2x b)2x c)-2x+9 d)2x-3 I set it up 2(x+3)-6 2x+6-6 answer=2x Is this correct Thanks

    asked by ES
  158. College Algebra

    I'm wondering how to answer this. The conjugate of 2-Square root 3 is?

    asked by Krissy
  159. Math

    Draw the graph of the following function on the given interval. [4 marks] y=1.8cos⁡(2x+〖30〗^o ) -〖180〗^o≤x

    asked by Prince
  160. Physics

    How close would the masses 0.545 kg and 0.109 kg have to be in order for the gravitational force between them to have a magnitude of 1.03 N? Please Help!

    asked by Mike
  161. Religion

    Debate topic: "Virtue is only beneficial to the one being virtuous." Me and my group members are on the Affirmative side, therefore must agree that this resolution is true and must stand. I've done some brainstorming with my group and researched online

    asked by Myu
  162. math

    This is for Ms. Sue ! 0.002,1/4,0.20,1/5 my answer 1/5 and 0.20 7/20,6/20,3.5,0.35 my answer 3.5 0.008,0.08,2/25,1/12 my answer 0.08 14%,1/8 , 0.065, 0.03 0.065, 0.03,1/8 , 14% 0.03, 0.065, 1/8 , 14%, my answer C 0.03, 0.065, 14%, 1/8 7/14,2/5 , 32%, 0.25

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Anatomy and physiology

    1)Why is enzymatic catalysis essential for life? Describe in detail the mechanism for enzyme mediated anabolic and catabolic reactions. What are the various modes of inhibition. 2) "every energy transfer increases the entropy of the system" .why? (hint-

    asked by Heather
  164. algebra 2 trig HELP TEST TOMMAR

    sam and nikki lie 206 km apart. at 8:00 am. sam started driving to nikki's house at 60km/hr. at 10:00 am nikki started driving to sam's house at 82 km/hr. at what time will they be 15 km apart?

    asked by river
  165. science

    Is hot cocoa considered thermal energy when it is really hot with steam coming out?

    asked by Harry Please Helppp
  166. Chemistry

    Dr. Bob222, Please see my additional posts on Jan 20 at 2:26pm and Jan 21 at 12:33 am. This is in reference to the redox reactions: 1) Fe goes from +2 to +3, and S goes from -2 to +6. They both appear to be oxidized because they increased. Is it possible

    asked by Sushmitha
  167. Physics

    A car starts from school gaining a speed at the rate of 2 km/min/sec. how long will it take to nave a speed of 50 km/min?

    asked by Matt
  168. math

    How would I write 2 inequalities that describe in basketball that 2 points = field goal and 1 point = free throw and I have scored at least 3 points in every game this season and 15 points for the most points in one game? Please Explain! I don't

    asked by Katie
  169. chemistry

    What would be the concentration of dinitrogen pentoxide after 6.00 X 10(2) seconds and how long would it take for the concentration of N2O2 to decrease to 10.0% of its initial value in the following equation... N2O5 to NO2 and O2 initial concentration is

    asked by Chris
  170. algebra

    The difference between two numbers is 18. If the sum of three times the smaller number and half the larger number is 2, find the smaller number.

    asked by juan
  171. alg/trig

    9/x + 9/x-2= 12

    asked by christina
  172. ALGEBA 1B


    asked by bernie
  173. Math

    Find the no. of terms 1. 3,5,7...33 2.-5,-1,3,...75 Solve each problem. 1. In the Arithmetic sequence 5,8,11,14.... what is n if a sub n is 32? 2.Find the sum of the first 20 terms of the arithmetic sequence -15,-7,31,43...

    asked by Aliza
  174. maths-urgently needed

    the simple interest of certain amount for a period of 2 years is 400 . the compound interest for the same amount for the same period is 410. find the principal and rate of interest?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. math

    Ms. Sue im the person that posted at 1:58 ! Can you please explain, instead of wrong or right,

    asked by Anonymous
  176. Math

    What acceleration will cause a bus to travel a distance of 200 meters in 10 sec if it starts from rest

    asked by Matt
  177. math

    Daniel needs to purchase 5.6 meters of tape for a project. If each roll of tape contains 80cm andcosts $2.50, what is the total cost of the tape Daniel must buy? x=cost of tape meters of tape/cost 5.6/x=.8/2.5 x=17.5 I have the cost is $17.50 Is this

    asked by b6
  178. Algebra

    Write a piecewise function that is equivalent to (x)= -2/x-2/

    asked by Alexys
  179. chemistry

    An ideal gas CANNOT be what?

    asked by Anonymous
  180. math

    income 1000 2000 3000 taxes 200 350 450 what percentage of income is paid in taxes at each level?

    asked by karen
  181. social studies

    what are craft guilds similar to today?

    asked by bethany
  182. algebra 1

    what steps someone would take to use your method (substitution) and a clear argument stating the reason why your method is better than the other ones. (in other words, come up with a few good sentences that explain why you choose your method and why others

    asked by da
  183. Science

    Could mechanical energy be when you throw something? Pleaseeee help me.

    asked by Angie Please Help Me!
  184. Math

    Find the volume V of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified line. y = (64 − x^2)^(1/4), y = 0, x = 6, x = 7; about the x-axis

    asked by Em
  185. math

    48 alegators if 5/6 were asleep how many wera awake

    asked by Anonymous
  186. RE: Math Urgent

    I posted this earlier but I think I phrased it in a confusing way Find g(x) + g(x) if g(x) = {(-4,5), (-2,-3), (0,5), (1,3), (3,-1), (5,5)} and g(x) = {(-3,-2), (-2,6), (-1,0), (1,0), (2,-6), (3,5), (4,0), (6,-2)}. I don't need the whole thing done i'm

    asked by Anonymous

    Both reciprocal and redistributive exchanges exist in modern industrial society.

    asked by Anonymous
  188. Math

    Find h(t) + k(t) if h(t) = {(-4,5), (-2,-3), (0,5), (1,3), (3,-1), (5,5)} and k(t) = {(-3,-2), (-2,6), (-1,0), (1,0), (2,-6), (3,5), (4,0), (6,-2)}. (2 marks)

    asked by Anonymous
  189. College Chemistry

    a mixture contains two crystalline solid X and Y. Decide if pure X can be obtained by a proper recrystallization using solvent A. Include the exact volumes of solvent used and the amount of pure X obtained. GIVEN: Solubility of X in boiling A :200mg/ml

    asked by Anonymous
  190. College Algebra

    The expression x^2-7 is not factorable using integer values. But the expression can be written in the form X^2-(Square root7)^2 enabling us to factor it as a “binomial” and its conjugate: (x+square root 7)(x-square root 7) Use this idea to factor the

    asked by Krissy
  191. math

    Ok ! Hi Ms. Sue can you explain to help me with this ! Please....

    asked by Anonymous
  192. Math

    2x-3y=6 I did +3y 2x=6+3y 1/2 to both sides(2x=3y/2+6) x=3/2y+6 or does the 1/2 go under the hole equation 0f3/2y+6 making the answer x=3/2y+3 Thanks

    asked by Liz
  193. physics

    what countries use both metric and non-metric system

    asked by metric and non-metric system
  194. biology

    how can u investigate sugars or starch in a banana

    asked by leah
  195. Mathematics

    Solv.A (-5,3) B (-9,7)

    asked by Cordelia
  196. math

    A 6ft man stands next to a 100ft. tall building. the man's shadow is 8ft. long. How long is the building's shadow?

    asked by veronica
  197. Pre-Algebra

    For an account that earns interest compounded annually, find the balance on the account to the nearest cent.

    asked by Anonymous
  198. algebra 1

    what steps someone would take to use your method (substitution) and a clear argument stating the reason why your method is better than the other ones. (in other words, come up with a few good sentences that explain why you choose your method and why others

    asked by da
  199. algebra2

    Step by step explainations on how to graaph a parabola using a table of values.

    asked by Ziah
  200. Math

    Find h(t) + k(t) if h(t) = {(-4,5), (-2,-3), (0,5), (1,3), (3,-1), (5,5)} and k(t) = {(-3,-2), (-2,6), (-1,0), (1,0), (2,-6), (3,5), (4,0), (6,-2)}.

    asked by Anonymous
  201. algebra/trigonometry

    x+5 over 7 divided by 4x+20 over 9

    asked by Mary
  202. algebra

    approximately how far can bobby drivein 2,3,4,and 5 hours

    asked by fred