Questions Asked on
January 5, 2013

  1. Business math

    A $15,000, 6%, 50-day note, dated November 8, is discounted at 5% on November 28. The proceeds of the note would be __________.

    asked by Blndie
  2. chemistry

    A student has a solution with a mole fraction of 0.20 of chloroform in carbon tetrachloride. What is the molality of chloroform in the solution?

    asked by Anonymous

    Answer the questions below. 1. El apellido del cantante ciego que toca la guitarra y canta la cancion navidena; "Feliz Navidad." 2. El Santa Claus de Latinoamerica no es San Nicolas ni Santa Clo. Son los ——— ————. 3. El lugar donde la gente

    asked by Anonymous
  4. physics

    Ceres is a dwarf planet located in the asteroid belt between the orbits of mars and Jupiter. the radius of Ceres is 4.76 x 10^5 m. suppose an astronauts stands on the surface of Ceres and drops a 0.85 kg hammer from a height of 1.25 m. the hammer takes 3.0

    asked by sara
  5. fianance

    can you check my answers if they are correct thank you 1.) A convertible bond is currently selling for $945. It is convertible into 15 shares of common which presently sell for $57 per share. What is the conversion premium? A. $90 B. $45 C. 57 shares D. 13

    asked by Raj
  6. statistic

    A survey of drivers in the United States found that 15% never use a cell phone while driving. Suppose that drivers arrive at random at an auto inspection station. a. If the inspector checks 10 drivers, what is the probability that at least one driver never

    asked by sasha
  7. science

    A stone is dropped into a well of 80m deep. The sound of splash is heard 4.20 sec after the stone is dropped. Find the velocity of sound in air.

    asked by Abhay
  8. chemistry

    how do you know that Al(OH)3(s) is a base?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. physics

    high-speed stroboscopic photographs show that the head of a 215 kg golf club traveling at 55.0 m/s just before it strikes a 0.046 kg golf ball at rest on a tree. after the collision, the club travels (in the same direction) at 42.0 m/s. Use the law of

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Government

    The passage of the Civil War amendments—the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments—did not end discrimination of African Americans. However, the Supreme Court has relied on these amendments in deciding civil rights cases such as the case of

    asked by Anne
  11. Physics

    A force of 3.0 newtons applied to an object produces a change in velocity of 12 meters per second in 0.40 second. the mass of the object is? I am not sure how to solve this problem. Formula for momentum is p= mass times velocity impulse (J) = Fnet times

    asked by San
  12. Probability

    Mary took a 20 question multiple-choice exam where there are 4 choices for each question and only 1 of those choices is correct. Rather than reading the question, Mary simply puts a random choice of answer down for each question. Determine the probability

    asked by John
  13. math

    The grade 5 class sold cheese for a fundraiser. What fraction of the orders did each of the four students take?

    asked by sasuk
  14. calculus

    for 0

    asked by Anon
  15. design of rc structure

    1. Discuss the salient feature of working stress methods and ultimate load method?

    asked by rakesh
  16. chemistry help plz

    Le chatelier's principle? co(g)+cl2(g)=cocl2(g)is reversible and ,after a certain amount of time ,will reach equilibrium.Explain,using Le chatelier's principle,what effect: 1)increasing the pressure (at constant temperature) 2)increasing the temperature

    asked by centya
  17. Probability

    Suppose that a fair die is tossed. What is the expected number of spots on the uppermost face of the die when it comes to rest? Will this number of spots ever be seen when the die is tossed?

    asked by Mujtaba
  18. trigonometry

    A ship at A is to sail to C, 56km north and 258km east of A. After sailing N25°10’E for 120mi to P, the ship is headed toward C. Find the distance of P from C and the required course to mean C.

    asked by John
  19. physics

    A cart has a momentum of 10. kilogram meters per second east before a collision and a momentum of 5.0 kilogram meters per second west after the collision. The net charge in momentum of this cart is ? I am not sure how to solve.

    asked by Sunny
  20. trigonometry

    A ship at A is to sail to C, 56km north and 258km east of A. After sailing N25°10’E for 120mi to P, the ship is headed toward C. Find the distance of P from C and the required course to mean C.

    asked by John

    (c) Calculate the degree of polymerization n of polystyrene with a molecular weight of 3.091×106 g/mol.

    asked by lena
  22. Chemistry

    How many joules ar required to heat a frozen can of juice (360 grams) from -5 degrees C (the temp of an overcooled refrigerator) to 110 degrees C (the highest practical temp within a microwave oven)?

    asked by Tom
  23. Physics

    An arrow was shot vertically upward at a velocity of 50.0 m/s. What was its velocity after 2.00 seconds?

    asked by Sam
  24. Co-op

    I have been given a cooperative education placement and career research assignment... Basically I have to do research of my career by giving its information, where I work research, What I do research, What I learned research, Related course connection

    asked by Katelyn
  25. Math

    An artist had 45 pieces of turquoise and 60 cat's eye marbles.each sculpture she made contained the same number of each kind of stone and more than one of each. What is the greatest number of sculptures she could have made ?

    asked by dania
  26. chemistry

    (c) What is the value of the degree of polymerization n of isotactic PB with a molecular weight of 3.091×105 g/mol?

    asked by lena

    What is the mass of 1.75 x 10^24 molecules of NH3?

    asked by Joy
  28. pysics

    A ball is dropped from the roof of a building. How fast is it moving after 4.5 seconds? (Absolute value)

    asked by meagan
  29. math

    find the number of seat in a theater containing 30 rows if the first row has 14 seats and each row after that has 2 more seats than the previous row

    asked by sunil
  30. Differential Equation

    for 0

    asked by Anon
  31. Grade 3

    A grocery store shelf can hold 4 large boxes of laundry detergent. The store clerk put 25 boxes of laundry on the shelves. What is the least number of shelves needed for the display.

    asked by RJ
  32. Physics - forces acting at an angle

    The physics of tobogganing and forces at an angle: A child is tobogganing down a hillside. The child and the toboggan together have a mass of 50.0kg. The slope is at an angle of 30.0 degrees to the horizontal. Assume that the positive y-direction is

    asked by Leo
  33. Math

    State the number of complex roots,possible number of real roots and possible rational roots for x^5 - x^3 - 11x^2+ 9x+18=0

    asked by Praphul
  34. solving equations by sibstitution

    -2x+6y=6 -7x+8y=-5

    asked by Anonymous
  35. mlit

    a plane at a height of 5000m is travelling ata constant speed of 300m.s. A heat seeking missile is fired at the plane when it is 5000m due east of an airbase. if the missile's speed is 350m.s, will the missile hit the plane before it reaches 9000m due

    asked by lizzy
  36. Discussion Board

    You are working with another student on a group project and the portion the classmate submitted to you does not meet the expected criteria. You are concerned because you have worked very hard on your portion and really want an "A". You are not comfortable

    asked by roya taylor
  37. mathematics

    find the product using suitable identity 1)(5u-6v)raise to 2

    asked by shabnam
  38. Probability

    Let S={s1,s2,s3,s4} be a sample space with probability distribution P, given by  P(s1)= 0.5, P(s2)= 0.25, P(s3)= 0.125, P(s4)= 0.125. There are sixteen possible events that can be formed from the elements of 'S'. Compute the probability and

    asked by Mujtaba
  39. mechanics - physics

    A bullet of mass 3.0g moving at 500m/!@#$%^&s a tree and pierced 20cm into the trunk of the tree.what is the resistimg force offered by the tree?

    asked by precious
  40. Pre-Cal.

    find all the zeros of f(x)=x3-3x2+4x-12

    asked by phyllys
  41. math

    i have 12 tens in me and my digits add to 12. who am i?

    asked by jim
  42. Calculus

    The function f(x) is defined as f(x) = -2(x+2)(x-1)^2 = -2(x^3 -3x + 2) on the open interval (-3,3). 1. Determine the x-coordinate of the absolute minimum of f(x) in the open interval (-3,3). Justify your answer. 2. Find all values of x for which f(x) is

    asked by Madeline
  43. math

    What is the simplified form of the square root of 8x^5?

    asked by Brenda
  44. Computers

    In vista and windows 7, which process allows you to display two documents side by side?

    asked by Linda
  45. Pre-Cal.

    find the domain, range and the asymptote(s), of each function on the same coordinates plane for this equation... f(x)= 3+ lnx and graph them.

    asked by phyllys
  46. maths

    find the surface area of a cuboidal box whose lenght breadth and height are 40cm 30cm and 20 cm respectively.

    asked by shabnam
  47. Social studies

    Why did the portuguese and other europeans want slaves??

    asked by Jessica
  48. maths

    A & B together have 132 horses. If 0.25 of the no. of A 's horses = 0.14285714285714.... of no. of B 's horses, how many horses each has?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. science

    please give me 10 examples of suspension

    asked by Bianca
  50. Pre-Cal.

    write f(x) in factored form.

    asked by phyllys
  51. Math

    Please help me ASAP!!!!!!!!! 32. For all pairs of real numbers M and V where M=3V+6, V=? Here are the choices F. (M/3)-6 G. ( M/3)+6 H.3m-6 J. M-6/3 K. M+6/3 34. If a=b-2,then (b-a)^4=? F. -16 G.-8 H.1 J.8 K.16

    asked by Phoebe
  52. mechanics-physics

    A lorry of mass 1000kg moving initially at 10m/s increases to 25m/s. In 5sec the on the lorry is 15,000Newtons; calculate: (a) Acceleration (b) The distance covered

    asked by precious
  53. math

    if x is not equal to negative 3/2, (2x^3-x^2-6x)/(2x+3)equals? a. x-2 b. 2x-2 c. x^2-2x d. 2x^2-2 e. 2x^2-2x

    asked by meep
  54. .physics

    correction of question. A lorry of mass 1000kg moving initially at 10m/s increases to 25m/s. In 5sec the impluse on the lorry is 15,000Ns; calculate 1. Acceleration 2.The distance covered.

    asked by precious
  55. math

    (8 x____) x 5 = 8 x ( 20 x 5).. third grade question please help me solve

    asked by devon
  56. response

    Should i agree or disagree that children under 14 should or should not play contact sports?

    asked by Anounmous
  57. econ

    economic summary report (plus income & expense report and balance sheet both with all appropriate ratios) presenting the economic viability of the Lemonade Stand Business.

    asked by Donna
  58. Math

    The question ask if there is 576 students and 1/9 of them are registered to graduate, how many are registered to graduate?

    asked by Tammy
  59. Math

    Please help me ASAP!!!!!! 22. What is the slope-intercept form of 8x-y-6=0? I know I move the 6 over and that I need to get y by itself but, what do I do with the 8x?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Chemistry

    ow many molecules are in 0.26 mol of CO2?

    asked by Joy
  61. math

    how do you simplify 15 over 27 ?

    asked by maria
  62. health

    What is the primary function of the skeletal muscle

    asked by Anonymous
  63. maths

    find the capacity of a cylindrical tank of radius 140cmand height 3m

    asked by shabnam
  64. math

    if vectors a+b+c=0 and modulus of the vectors a, b and c are 3 ,5 and 7 respectively. find the angle between the vectors a and b.

    asked by raja
  65. maths

    If O is the centre of a circle, PQ is a chord and the tangent PR at P makes an angle of 50 degree with PQ, then find angle POQ.

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Chemistry

    Right, for the reaction of hot sodium hydroxide plus chlorine , how come one of the products are 5NaCl and not Na5Cl seeing as we now know the oxidation state of cl is -5

    asked by Patel
  67. Math

    Hello i need help to factorize this calcul: ax^n*(1+(b/a)*1/(x^(n-p))) Thanks

    asked by Ricardo
  68. chemistry

    can anyone give me 2 example of chiral molecules structure plz

    asked by john
  69. algebra 1

    10x-7>4x+35 i got x>6 but i'm not sure if its right and8x-3 < or equal to 13 i got x< or equal to2

    asked by naomi
  70. grammar

    Which of the following contains a correct, standard use of a comma

    asked by lisa
  71. physics

    An object in launched directly upward at 54 feet per second (ft/s) from a platform 75 feet high. What will be the object's maximum height? When will it attain this height?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. physics

    An argon atom has a mass of 6.64 x 10 kg has 5.5x108 joules of kinetic energy. At What velocity is it moving?

    asked by precious
  73. math

    In simple words, what are the differences of simple interest, compound interest and annuity?

    asked by Jp
  74. math

    How will I know the equation of a sequence if it is not arithmetic nor geometric sequence?

    asked by mae
  75. School

    There are 7 cupcakes for the party. Each cupcake has 1 candle for each year of the birthday boy's age. There is also an extra candle on each cupcake for good luck. If 49 candles were used on the cupcakes, how old is the birthday boy? Explain.

    asked by Robbie
  76. Spanish

    I am writing a card to an adult so do I use Le deseo or la deseo? Normally te deseo would refer to a to be formal which do I use? Le is indirect object and se is direct object right? My answer: la deseo

    asked by Anonymous
  77. PHI 103

    1. What is Symbolic Logic 2. Why Study Logic

    asked by Jusus