Questions Asked on
January 1, 2013


    A feature article about a plane crash would be more likely than a hard news article to include ? A)the date, time, and location of the crash. B)a profile of one of the survivors of the crash. C)statistics about other crashes involving the same airline.

    asked by Corie
  2. the science of the mind (psychology)

    2. which of the following statements regarding depth perception is true? a. texture gradient is a monocular cue b.experience teaches us to perceive relative size as an indicator of the color of an object c.motion parallax is detected because we perceive

    asked by lady bug
  3. math

    At a festival, 2/7 of the number of girls was equal to 3/5 of the number of boys. There were 165 fewer boys than girls. How many children were at the festival in all?

    asked by Tyler
  4. math

    Madison spent 5/8 of her savings on a microwave oven & a refrigerator. She used 4/7 of the amount she spent to buy the refrigerator. The refrigerator cost $280 more than the microwave oven. How much savings did Madison start with?

    asked by Tyler
  5. Chemistry

    5. A student has the following data: V1 = 822 mL, T1 = 75°C and T2 = -25°C. He calculates V2 and gets -274 mL is this value correct? Explain why or why not.

    asked by Evie
  6. Chemistry

    5. A student has the following data: V1 = 822 mL, T1 = 75°C and T2 = -25°C. He calculates V2 and gets -274 mL is this value correct? Explain why or why not.

    asked by Evie
  7. math

    bricks are stacked in 20 rows such that each row has a fixed number of bricks more than the row above it. the top row has 5 bricks and the bottom row 62 bricks. how many bricks are in the stack?

    asked by Riana
  8. 7th grade social studies

    1. To pinpoint the absolute location of a place, geographers use (1 point) nearby landmarks. the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. the North and South poles. latitude and longitude. 2. What does the theme of movement help geographers to understand? (1 point) a

    asked by Delilah
  9. earth science

    How does the wavelength of the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum differ from that of the visible portion of the spectrum?

    asked by Shiny
  10. Chemistry I HN

    If 720.0 grams of steam at 400.0 degrees Celsius absorbs 800.0 kJ of energy, what will be its increase in temperature?

    asked by Cary
  11. physics

    If an object is thrown in an upward direction from the top of a building 160 ft. high at an initial speed of 21.82 mi/h., what is its final speed when it hits the ground?(Disregard wind resistance. Round answer according to significant figures and do not

    asked by Anonymous
  12. science

    Describe and show your calculations on how you would prepare 1.00L of a 0.50M solution of each of the following a.) HCl from "concentrated" (12M) reagent. b.) Sodium Carbonate from the pure solid PLEASE SO LOST(explanation of why you did of what woulp help

    asked by Ashok
  13. physics

    a ball of mass 4 kg falls to the floor; it lands with a speed of 6 m/s. it bounces off with the same speed. show that its momentum has changed by 48 kg m/s

    asked by yoseph
  14. Physics

    a store owner wishes to hang a sign weighinh 750N so that cable A attached to the store makes a 30 degree angle from the vertical wall. cable B is attached horizontally to an ajoining building. calculate the necessary tension on cable B |.\ |30\ |...\ A

    asked by Lia
  15. physics

    what is the magnitude of the resultant of a 6.0n force acting vertically upward and a 4.0n force acting horizontally

    asked by bridget
  16. math

    an element has a BCC structure with cell edge of 288pm. the density of the element is 7.2g/cm3. how many atom are present in 208g of the element?

    asked by ahamad sultan
  17. Physics

    On a frictionless table, a 3kg block moving 4m/s to the right collides with an 8kg block moving 1.5m/s to the left. If the blocks stick together, what is the final velocity? How much mechanical energy is dissipate in the collision?

    asked by ABC
  18. Physics

    1. Suspend the meter stick by a string from its center. 2. Notice carefully where it balances. It probably will not balance exactly at 50 cm. All distances must be measured to this point (called the fulcrum). 3. Hang a 200 g mass on one side and a 50 g

    asked by Marilyn
  19. Chemistry

    Pharmacists sell tablets containing magnesium hydroxide, Mg(OH)2, to combat indigestion. A student carried out an investigation to find the percentage by mass of Mg(OH)2 in an indigestion tablet. The student reacted the tablet with dilute hydrochloric

    asked by Youtube
  20. math

    answer the following for the given quadratic function. f(x)=x^2+x^2-8 a. what is the vertex (h,k) of f? (h,k)=? simplify your answer and type the answer in an ordered pair b. what is the axis of symmetry?

    asked by Heather
  21. physics

    A shell is fired from the ground with an initial speed of 1.54 103 m/s at an initial angle of 46° to the horizontal. (a) Neglecting air resistance, find the shell's horizontal range.

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    given that vectors(p+2q) and (5p-4q) are orthogonal,if vectors p and q are the unit vectors,find the product of vectors p and q?

    asked by bhawani
  23. math

    Which of the following equations is true? 1. (3 + 4)2 + 23 = 57 2. (3 + 4)2 + 23 = 53

    asked by Anonymous
  24. us history

    Based on this account, what would historians be most likely to disagree on regarding the story of the Tuscarora? the history of the Iroquois nation the duration of the Tuscarora War the exact cause of the Tuscarora War the location of the Tuscarora tribal

    asked by aliyah
  25. calculus

    Find the distance d(P1,P2)between the points P1 and P2. P1=(-5,2) P2=(2,1) d(P1,P2)=? *all the 1's and 2's are to be lower down.* Please show work

    asked by Lisa
  26. Geometry

    in triangle ABC, BD bisects

    asked by Arooj
  27. Trigonometry

    1.Solve tan^2x + tan x – 1 = 0 for the principal value(s) to two decimal places. 6.Prove that tan y cos^2 y + sin^2y/sin y = cos y + sin y 10.Prove that 1+tanθ/1-tanθ = sec^2θ+2tanθ/1-tan^2θ 17.Prove that sin^2w-cos^2w/tan w sin w + cos w tan w =

    asked by Alonso
  28. chemistry

    One chirality of CH3CHClCOOH is shown below. Identify the image(s) below that exhibit the opposite chirality. Select all that apply.

    asked by cristie
  29. Physics

    you are riding your bike on a path. you see a fallen tree blocking your way 42 meters ahead. if the coeffiient of friction between your bikes tires ad the ground is .36 and you are traveling at 50km/hr how much stopping distance is required? the total mass

    asked by Lia
  30. chemistry

    8.058g x 10-2 kg of washing soda na2co3 10h20 is dissolved in water to obtain 1L of a solution of density 1077.2kg/m3. Calculate the molarity, molality and mole fraction of na2c03 in the solution? who helps

    asked by Fai
  31. physics

    A spy in a speed boat is being chased down a river by government officials in a faster craft. Just as the officials' boat pulls up next to the spy's boat, both reach the edge of a 4.2 m waterfall. If the spy's speed is 20 m/s and the officials' speed is 24

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Asworth college

    which of the sentences uses modifiers correctly? a. Kurt and his hockey teamm ates nearly cooked two hundred pancakes for the breakfast fundraising event. b. Rudolph enjoys eating curries from the indian delicatessen with a lot of spices. C. on the phone

    asked by Rochelle
  33. Chemistry..

    Can you check my answer?When sodium chloride reacts with silver nitrate, silver chloride precipitates. What mass of AgCl is produced from 75.0 g AgNO3? My answer: 63.3g AgCl

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Art

    How can lines in a painting lead your eyes

    asked by Alex
  35. geometry

    What is the area of a triangle if the base is 12 inches and the height is 18 inches?

    asked by Phil
  36. triangle inequality - altitudes help plz

    hi guys ive be struggling on this problem for a couple of days, so please help if you can Problem:Two altitudes of a triangle have lengths 12 and 14. What is the longest possible length of the third altitude, if it is a positive integer? Thanks in advance

    asked by Knights
  37. math

    the function f is defined as the follows f(x)={x+6 if -5 less than or equal to x < 1 {9 if x = 1 {-x+5 if x > 1 a. find the domain of the function f is? b. locate any intercepts; if any please show work

    asked by Heather
  38. American Government

    True or False: The U.S. "Superior" Court is the Nation's most powerful court? (is Superior and Supreme one in the same?)

    asked by Phil
  39. Math

    Total goals is 253, how many did each top player score. Erin scored the least. Macy 4 times as many as Erin. Carly scored 2 less than Macy. Shelly scored one half as many goals as Carly. Molly scored 1more than Macy.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    Two isosceles triangles have perimeters of 8 and 15 centimeters, respectively. They have the same base length, but the legs (the non base sides) of the larger triangle are twice as long as the legs of the smaller triangle. For each triangle, what is the

    asked by Bay
  41. Maths

    The circumference of the base of a cylindrical oil drum is 204cm. Calculate the diameter of the drum.

    asked by Iain
  42. Chemisty I HN

    How much heat (in kJ) is given when 85.0 grams of lead cools from 200.0 degrees Celsius to 10.0 degrees Celsius? (Cp of lead = 0.129 J/g)

    asked by Cary
  43. Math.....

    This is a riddle: It is night time in your bedroom and the light has broken. You are getting dressed and need a pair of socks. You have got 10 red, 8 white and 12 grey socks in a drawer- how many do you have to pull out in the dark before you know you have

    asked by Anonymous
  44. maths

    a horse is tied to a pole by a rope if the horse moves along a circular path keeping the rope tight and describe 176 m when it has traced out 72degree at the pole find the length of the rope

    asked by faizel
  45. calculus

    solve the equation Inx+In(x+4)=3 x= ?

    asked by Breanna
  46. Social Studies

    A study of the causes of the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, and the Russian Revolution of 1917 best supports the generalization that revolution is most likely to occur when?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Medical Biology

    Which of the following condition could result from years of smoking? a) tuberculosis b) emphysema c) empyema d) atelectasis

    asked by Rina
  48. calculus

    solve the following exponential equation 9^x=6 I get In6/In9 what is the answer approximated three decimal places?

    asked by Austin
  49. Math inequalities

    18-2x>6x-6 I added +2x to each side 18>8x-6 then add 6 to both sides 24>8x 24/8>8x/8 3>x answer x

    asked by B6
  50. calculus

    solve the logarithmic equation. be sure to reject any value of x that is not in the domain of the orginal logarithmic expression. In square root x+7=2 what is the exact solution? a.)the solution set is ? b.)there are infinitely many solutions c.)there is

    asked by Brock
  51. calculus

    solve the following equation Log1/3(x2+x)-log1/3(x2-x)=2 the 1/3 should be lowered and the (x^2-x) should be higher. Can someone tell me what tools to use to make them like this when posting? x= ?

    asked by Kyrstal
  52. for Knights

    have been looking at your post ... interesting question... let the altitude of 12 hit base a let the altitude of 14 hit base b then (1/2)(12)a = (1/2)(14)b 6a = 7b a = 7b/6 let the third side be c and its

    asked by Reiny
  53. physics student

    A tank holds 2.85 L of oxygen at 22.1 Celsius and 235 atm. (A) how many moles of gas does the tank contain? (B) what is the average kinetic energy per molecule ? the answer in the text book is (a) 27.7 moles (b) 2.381x10^7pa i just want the formula so i

    asked by physics student need help
  54. Math

    Total goals is 253, how many did each top player score. Erin scored the least. Macy 4 times as many as Erin. Carly scored 2 less than Macy. Shelly scored one half as many goals as Carly. Molly scored 1more than Macy.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Algebra

    True or False: If an agebraic expression calls for Y=8, that means that you will use the number 8 to replace the letter Y in order to solve the expression?

    asked by Phil
  56. math

    interest is 67.50 and rate is 3%, and time is 3 years. What is the principal?

    asked by valerie
  57. math

    the 10th term is 34 of arithmetic series and the sum of the 20th term is 710.what is the 25th term?

    asked by Riana
  58. Calculus

    Find the extreme value(s) of the function f(x)=1/(1-x^2). I tried, and for the first derivative I got -1/(2*sqrt((1-x^2)^3)). I then found critical values of the function to be -1 and 1. However, the textbook says that the minimum value is 1 at f(0), and I

    asked by Leasha
  59. science

    The output of a laser is 3.000 W when pumped at 7 times the threshold. The optical mode in the laser is a cylinder with a diameter of 0.8 mm, and the output mirror transmission is 0.25 %. Determine the saturation intensity of the laser transition

    asked by qweasd
  60. physics

    If the hockey puck lies on the ice and is struck by a hockey stick with a force of 2.60e+03 N, what is the acceleration of the hockey puck

    asked by b
  61. Math

    Total goals is 253, how many did each top player score. Erin scored the least. Macy 4 times as many as Erin. Carly scored 2 less than Macy. Shelly scored one half as many goals as Carly. Molly scored 1more than Macy.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Chemistry 1 HN

    Find the mass of iron heated to 85 degrees celcius that was added to 54.0 grams of water. The temperature of the water changed from 20 degrees celcius to 60 degrees celcius. The specific heat of the iron is 0.045 J/g degrees celcius

    asked by Gray
  63. physics

    calculate the initial acceleration of a rocket of mass 3*10^6kg if the rocket is sitting on its launch pad with weight 3*10N and upward thrust of 3.5*10^7

    asked by magie
  64. math help!

    48,36,27,81/4........... general term?

    asked by Riana
  65. calculus

    for the given functions f and g, find the following and state the domain of each. f(x)=square root x; g(x)=5x-1 a. (f*g)(x)= ? what is the domain of f*g? b. (f/g)(x)=? what is the domain of f/g? please show work

    asked by anonymous
  66. calculus

    Find the midpoint of the line segment joining the points P1 and P2 P1=(-1,5); P2=(2,0) m=(x,y)=? type an ordered pair Please show work

    asked by Lisa
  67. maths

    a trader marks his goods 20% above the CP .He then sells them at a discount of 20% .If his CP is 550 what is his gain or loss and its percentage

    asked by manpreet
  68. Accounting

    Hi, When delivery eqipment is purchased on account, the transaction to be recorded by the purchaser inclues debiting: A: Delivery Equip & crediting AP B: Delivery Equip & crediting Cash C: Delivery Expense & crediting AP D: Delivery Expense & crediting

    asked by NeNe
  69. physics

    A person standing at the edge of a seaside cliff kicks a stone over the edge with a speed of vi = 16 m/s. The cliff is h = 60 m above the water's surface, as shown below. How long does it take for the stone to fall to the water? With what speed does it

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    t11=19 and t17=61.then what will be S12? arithmetic series question

    asked by Riana
  71. history

    in the 1920s, literature played a huge roll in people's lives. however, when the great depression struck in 1929, people were unable to purchase literature and books were focused on the downfall of society and how the glitz and glamour of the 1920s

    asked by Gregg
  72. chemistry

    What is the value of the degree of polymerization n of isotactic PB with a molecular weight of 3.091×105 g/mol?

    asked by cristie
  73. MATH

    If I deposit $3500.00 into an account with a annual rate of 4.5 compounded monthly how long would it to reach $5000.00

    asked by CINDY
  74. math

    What is the order from least to greatest of the fractions 4/8, 1/4, 2/6, 2/3?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. writing

    do you think that life on earth could become this difficult during your life time?what factor could cause to take place ?a story about that shows what life might be like in the world?

    asked by Eduarda
  76. Algebra

    What is the value of 20x when x = 10. (Thank you in advance and Happy New Year! :)

    asked by Phil
  77. Algebra

    Simplify: 2 + 3 . 10 Devided by 5 . 3 - 9 (Thanks and Happy New Year!)

    asked by Phil
  78. Math

    What is the sequence to this 2, 10, 10

    asked by Kevin Yang
  79. College

    Tmrw my exm plz give me soon reply ,about Measurment of viscosity and viscosity.

    asked by Simran kaur
  80. College

    Difference between analytical and other instrumentation ? I want atleast 10points

    asked by Simran kaur
  81. calculus

    solve the following exponential equation. 8^x=3 what is the exact answer? a. x= ? b. there is no solution what is the answer approximated to 3 decimal places? a. x= ? b. there is no solution

    asked by Kyrstal
  82. math help!

    the 10th term is 34 of arithmetic series and the sum of the 20th term is 710 i.e S20=710.what is the 25th term?

    asked by Riana
  83. calculus

    solve the exponential equation. Express the solution in terms of natural logarithms. e^x=9.2 a. whats the solution in terms of natural logarithms? **is the answer e^9.2 or just e^9 b. type a decimal rounded to 3 decimal places.

    asked by Brock
  84. Calculus

    Is this statment true? Please explain. At a relative extrema, f'(x) = 0

    asked by Lost One
  85. math

    A right triangular field has its hypotenuse is fifty cm and one side is forty cm find the aarea of it triangle

    asked by nisha
  86. trigonometry

    14. Solve sin 2x + sin x = 0 for 0 ≤ x ≤ 2π. 21. Write 2sin37°sin26° as a sum (or difference).

    asked by george
  87. Algebra

    What is the value of 3a when a = `4. (Thank you in advance & Happy New Year!)

    asked by Phil
  88. Algebra

    What is the evaluation of: a - 13 when a = 33. Thanks & Happy New Year :)

    asked by Phil
  89. algebra

    how do i simplify 16^1/2 in steps and explanation?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. calculus

    solve the following logarithmic equation. Be sure to reject any value of x that is not in the domain of orginal expression. then in the solution set round to two decimals places. Inx=8 I get e^8 But am having a hard time with rounding two decimal places.

    asked by Jennifer
  91. stats

    if i have a sample size of 200, 16% are poor, what is my mean and standard deviation. my answers do not make any sense

    asked by gary
  92. chemistry

    Calculate the degree of polymerization n of polystyrene with a molecular weight of 3.091*10^6 g/mol.

    asked by cristie
  93. math

    solve This seems pretty easy but I always want a second eye for my work. x+1>6 -1 to each side x>5 Is this right?

    asked by es
  94. maths

    two circles of radii 10 cm and 17 cm intersect at two points and distance between their centers is 21 cm.find length of common chord

    asked by anshika
  95. programming

    what will be the c++ source code of finding the largest value among the N numbers? translate the algorithm: 1. the largest number is: 2. the smallest number is: 3. display all the numbers inputted: 4. show the final output.

    asked by criss
  96. calculus

    solve the following equation. log 1/6 (x^2+x)- log 1/6 (x^2-x)=2 **the 1/6 is lowered on both sides and the (x^2+x) and (x^2-x) should be higher on both sides**

    asked by ladybug
  97. calculus

    solve the following exponential equation. 5^x=4 a. what is the exact answer? **I think it is In4/In5 b. what is the answer approximated to 3 decimal places.

    asked by Paul
  98. physics

    Mode spacing and gain coefficient: A Nd microchip laser has an index of refraction 1.78 and a cavity length of 3.20 mm. Mirrors of reflectivity 0.997 and 0.975 are mounted directly on the faces of the chip. The emission lineshape of the laser transition

    asked by qweasd
  99. Mock Trial

    Hi all, I belong to a education group, and we practice Mock Trial. Where can I find a video of a real trial going on so I can learn from it? Thanks all and Happy New Year!

    asked by Knights
  100. algebra

    What are the steps to figuring out x and y in 3x + 5y = 39.89 and what does x and y equal in the end?

    asked by N/A
  101. Advanced Statistics

    What is Conceptual Framework...?

    asked by Matt
  102. calculus

    solve the logarithmic equation. Be sure to reject any value of x that is not in the domain. In square root x+7=1 x= ? What is the decimal approximation to the solution? x= ?

    asked by NayNay
  103. Physics

    You slide your friend with a mass of 65 kg out of the way as they are blocking the exit and keeping you from escaping from physics class where you have been tormented by problems for the last hour and a half. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the

    asked by Bart
  104. calculus

    solve the equation. Inx+In(x+8)=3

    asked by ladybug
  105. math

    How to multiply both the sides with two and add them i mean it is not possible

    asked by nisha
  106. math

    1,1,2.3,5....... what can be the general term for this?

    asked by Riana
  107. math

    A client comes to you for investment advice on his $500,000 winnings from the lottery. He has been offered the following options by three different financial institutions and requests assistance to help understand which option would be the best for his

    asked by yolanda johnson
  108. math

    division with fraction 2/7 divided by 3/10

    asked by anette
  109. physics

    derivation of prism formula

    asked by maneet
  110. history

    i need a hypothesis for the 19th amendment

    asked by junior
  111. math

    interest is $1104, principal is $4600, and time is 4 yrs. What is rate?

    asked by valerie
  112. maths

    'A ' person gives gift to another person 'B 'on an occasion, 'B ' gives the same gift to 'C ', and so on. What is the probability that the gift returns to the person 'A ' again

    asked by faizel
  113. Can you please revise this?

    Dear Wiesel, It is a huge pleasure for me to write this letter to you. My name is name, a current high school senior at school name located in the city of city's name. I want you to know that I am a very faithful fan of yours. I enjoy your writings,

    asked by Anonymous
  114. History

    Should environmental policy focus on developing more oil resources or on developing renewable energy sources? Or, is there another, better way to frame the discussion?

    asked by Erika
  115. math

    Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are four cm and five cm find the perimeter of the parallelogram

    asked by nisha
  116. math

    how can i find the product of this number 3 x 16 by breaking it ?

    asked by nobody
  117. math

    A client comes to you for investment advice on his $500,000 winnings from the lottery. He has been offered the following options by three different financial institutions and requests assistance to help understand which option would be the best for his

    asked by yolanda johnson
  118. math

    find the equation of a line that is parallel to the line x= -1 and contains the point (-7,5) the equation of the parallel line is ? *type an equation*

    asked by anonymous
  119. Financial management

    ABC Construction and Leasing Company are interested in investing in the residential real estate market due to a relatively low interest rate environment. The Company appointed you to be in charge of the project feasibility study. You have just visited a

    asked by Mike
  120. math

    1+2+3+...+100 how to find the sum of it.

    asked by Riana
  121. math

    how would i solve this function y=4x

    asked by javon
  122. maths

    find the value of k on which the line (k-3)-(4-k)^2*g+k^2-k+6=0.

    asked by Anonymous
  123. math

    sam has purchased 4 sections of fences that measure 22 1/2 feet long.he needs 2 sections that measure 19 3/4 for the length and 2 sections that measure 15 3/4 feet each for the width how much fence will he have left.

    asked by mc
  124. programming1

    please help me in my school assignmnt. Write the algorithm and the c++ source code: 1. Electronics Loading Machine. (Smart,Globe,etc)

    asked by nath
  125. Pre-Cal

    Solve the following logarithmic equation. Exact words only: log 3(x+4) = 2+log3(x-20) the 3 in the part of log (3)should be lower just didn't know how to type it in here

    asked by phyllys
  126. maths-calculus

    mean value theorem prove sq root 9.1 is less than or equal to 3+1/60

    asked by jen
  127. math

    which integer is equal to the product of -7 and the sum of 5 and -1?

    asked by jarell