Questions Asked on
December 26, 2012

  1. maths

    Maya , Madhura and Mhsina are friends studying in the same class. In a class test in geography Maya got 16 out of 25. Madhura got 20. Thier average score is 19. How much did Mohsina score

    asked by payal
  2. chemistry

    If 35.0 g H2O at 22.7 °C is combined with 65.0 g H2O at 87.5 °C, what is the final temperature of the mixture? The specific heat capacity of water is 4.184 J/g×K. Chemistry

    asked by gsdgsd
  3. Pre Calc 12

    Four consecutive integers have a product of 360 Find the integers by writing a plynomial equation that represents the integers and then solving algebraically.

    asked by Ellen
  4. chemist

    If 50.0 g of benzene, C6H6, at 25.0 °C absorbs 2.71 kJ of energy in the form of heat, what is the final temperature of the benzene? The specific heat capacity of benzene is 1.72 J/g ⋅K.

    asked by gsdgsd
  5. Statistics

    A lock on a bank vault consists of 3 dials, each with 30 positions. In order for the vault to open, each of the three dials must be in the correct position. How many different dial combinations are there for this lock?

    asked by Camela
  6. Math

    At a festival, 2/7 of the number of girls was equal to 3/5 of the number of the boys. There were 165 fewer boys than girls, how many children were at the festival in all?

    asked by Ana
  7. Math 8

    Isabelle has a choice of 3 colors of pants, 5 colors of shirts, and 3 kinds of shoes. How many different outfits can she wear? a. 12 c. 22 b. 11 d. 4

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math

    Jaden wants to cover the floor with square tiles the same size. The floo measures 315 inches by 108 inches. If she uses only whole tiles, find A) the greatest possible length of each tile B) the number of tiles needed to cover the floor.

    asked by Ana
  9. Math

    45 divided by 5/11 4/7 divided by 7/8 2 1/2 divided by 4 5/7x =140 Please help Thanks

    asked by Na
  10. bio check my answer plz???

    Ideally, sustainable development should ___________. A)put the protection of the environment ahead of human needs B)provide for human needs at the expense of the environment C)use more natural resources to make goods to meet human needs D)preserve

    asked by Bre
  11. Algebra 2 ..

    1)When Twinkle Toes Tony kicked a football, it landed 100ft from where he kicked it. It also reached a height of 125 ft. Write an equation that, when graphed, will model the path of the ball from the moment it was kicked until it first touched the ground.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    Each rabbit constume needs one and one half yards of white fur fabric. a yard of blue striped fabric, and a quarter of a yard of pink felt for the ears. If Gail has ten yards of white fur fabric, seven yards of blue striped fabric, and one and three

    asked by gary
  13. Child development

    A correlation coefficient can range in value from A. +1.00 to -1.00 B. -1.00 to 0 C. 0 to +1.00 -100 to +100

    asked by Sofia
  14. biology help please- check my answer???:)

    What happens during photosynthesis? A)Heterotrophs consume ATP. B)Heterotrophs produce ATP. C)Autotrophs consume carbohydrates. D)Autotrophs produce carbohydrates. I think its D.

    asked by MyChemicalRomance<3
  15. math problem triangle inequality help

    Two sides of a triangle are 11 and 17. How many possible lengths are there for the third side, if it is a positive integer? I tried listing them all but I get confused...Please help thank you!

    asked by Knights
  16. math

    13. A set of final exam scores in an organic chemistry course was found to be normally distributed, with a mean of 73 and a standard deviation of 8. What is the probability of getting a score higher that 71 on this exam?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Strategic Management

    Effective strategic management involves all levels of management. True of false

    asked by Jdub
  18. maths-Arithmetic progression

    A ladder has rungs 25 cm apart.The rungs decrease uniformly in length from 45 cm at the bottom to 25 cm at the top.If the top and the botom rungs are two nd a half metre apart, what is the length of the wood required for the rungs

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Business Communication

    The built~in purpose of each letter should be to:

    asked by Sandra
  20. physics

    three point charges-1*10^-6,-2*10^-6,3*10^ kept at corners of an equilateral triangle of side 1m.what is potential at centre

    asked by Anonymous
  21. chemistry

    Element x is composed of isotopes x-56 mass 56.0 u and x-59 mass 59.0 u. What is the percentage abundance of each of these isotopes if the atomic mass is 57.3 u?

    asked by Riana
  22. bio check my answers pretty please?

    If purple flower color is dominant and red flower color recessive, how many phenotypes are possible in offspring of homozygous purple crossed with homozygous red? 1 2 3 4 I put 1.

    asked by MyChemicalRomance<3
  23. Math

    Josie spent 4/7 of the money in her purse on some books, and the rest of the money on 18 markers. Each marker cost $1.20. How much money was in Josie's purse to begin with ?

    asked by Carina
  24. collage math

    f(x)=x^3+3x find the rate of change between the two stated values x:1 to 2

    asked by selina
  25. algebra

    12square root(-10)^12

    asked by sheila
  26. problem


    asked by Anonymous
  27. music

    What is the diameter of the head joint of the flute? 2 cm 1.7 cm 120 cm 1.2 cm

    asked by Anonymous
  28. English

    Three by clay Bennett. The editorial cartoonist uses images to help you

    asked by Funkymonkey
  29. math

    9(a+b)^2-(a-b)^2 how would you factor that?

    asked by Riana
  30. music

    How are the keys mounted? with pliers with a hammer with rubber bands with straight springs my answer is a

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Child development

    What is an advantage of a cross-sectional design?

    asked by Sofia
  32. English

    What public health issue starts the escalation of misery in "top of the food chain"?

    asked by Karla
  33. Statistics

    Please can some one help me with the following: A fisherman finds that approximately 17% of all his fish go bad by the time he takes them to the market. The fisherman catches 1,000 fish. A. How many will go bad by the time he takes them to the market? B.

    asked by Alia
  34. umt lahore pakistan

    a ball fired verticall an intial spedd of 30m\s At K=U K=u\4

    asked by jamal ahmed
  35. maths

    Find the mass of a hollow sphere of lead,with external diameter 10 cm and thickness 2 mm,if 1 cm^3 of lead weighs 11.4 gm.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. maths

    Add four to six times a number to get exactly six four.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. maths

    due to competition,a trader allows a discount of 15% on the marked price of his commodity and still makes a profit of 19% on the cost price.had he sold his commodity at the marked price,what would have been his profit percent

    asked by peehu
  38. Maths

    AB is a chord with centre O and radius 4 cm. AB is of length 4 cm and divides the circle into two segments. Find d area of minor segment. A chord PQ of length 12cm suntends an angle of 120 degree at the centre of a circle. Find the area of minor segment

    asked by Shruti katiyar
  39. Math

    A bicycle wheel, diameter 56 cm, is making 45 revolutions in every 10 seconds. At what speed, in kilometer per hour. Is the bicycle travelling?

    asked by Niraj Kasyap
  40. physics

    A person listening to a tone of 500 Hz sitting at a distance of 450m from the source of the sound. Calculate the time interval between successive compressive from the source.(velocity of sound=330m/s) [class 9th]

    asked by yogendra
  41. Math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Solve the following exponential equations. 8(6^2x+5)=7^3x-4

    asked by Nicole
  42. maths

    How can we find root of numerical numbers

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of grams of solid Mg(OH)2 that will dissolve in 650 mL of water. For Mg(OH)2, Ksp = 1.5 x 10-11. Assume no volume change for the solution when the solid is added. A. 0.0093 B. 0.0059 C. 0.012 D. 0.019 E. 0.060 I got 0.0059, but I'm not

    asked by Jessica
  44. chemysteryyy!!!!

    Rubbing Alchol often contains propanol, C3H7OH. Suppose that you have an 85.9g sample of propanol. a) Howmany carbon atoms are in the sample? b) Howmany hydrogen atoms are in the sample? C)Howmany oxygen atoms are in the sample? PLEASE!! explain the steps

    asked by Kristy
  45. Business Math

    Lee Corp. purchased 10 key chains on January 1, 2010 for $9.00 each and 5 key chains were purchased on December 1, 2010 for $10.00. Seven were sold. What would be the inventory amount for LIFO, what would be the inventory amount for FIFO

    asked by Jean
  46. math

    Twenty-seven greater than five divided by a number is eight.

    asked by Briana
  47. math

    in my math book i got a question that said order these number from least to greatest 0.09,3/25,8,0.1. My answer is 0.1,8,0.09,3/25 am i correct. Thanks.

    asked by Americal
  48. math

    20. Miguel is driving his motorboat across a river. The speed of the boat in still water is 11 mi/h. The river flows directly south at 2 mi/h. If Miguel heads directly west, what are the boat’s resultant speed and direction?

    asked by bre
  49. Algebra 2 ..

    Solve by completing the square. 5x^2+10x-7=0 My answer: x= -1+ or - 2sqrt.of 10 all over 5

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Algebra 2 ..

    Describe the transformations. 1. g(x)=(2x)^2 2. g(x)=-1/2x^2

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    Here is the other ones you didn't help me with ! 4/7 divided by 7/8 2 1/2 divided by 4 Thanks Please Help With All Of Them Thanks !

    asked by Anonymous
  52. math

    One bag contains 6 red chips and 5 yellow chips. Another bag contains 6 red chips and 4 yellow chips. A chip is drawn from each bag. What is the probability that both chips are yellow?

    asked by lisa
  53. computers

    sorry but do you know any fun websites that i could play educational games and games that are for fun?

    asked by anonymous
  54. Math 8

    Isabelle has a choice of 3 colors of pants, 5 colors of shirts, and 3 kinds of shoes. How many different outfits can she wear? a. 12 c. 22 b. 11 d. 4

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    Madison spent 5/8 of her savings on a microwave oven and a refridgerator. She used 4/7 of the amount she spent to buy the refrigderator. The refridgerator cost $280 more than the microwave oven. How much savings did Madison start with ?

    asked by Ana
  56. Question (plz read)

    When writing something for the school's newspaper (high school) can you write funny stories that can get the reader's attention??? Just curious...

    asked by Laruen
  57. Chemistry

    A mixture containing 0.5 mol of H2 (g) and 0.5 mol of I2 (g) was introduced into a 10L container at a temperature of 448 C. At this temperature the equilibrium constant Kp is 50. i. What is the total pressure in the container before the reaction starts and

    asked by Matt
  58. Chemistry

    A mixture containing 0.5 mol of H2 (g) and 0.5 mol of I2 (g) was introduced into a 10L container at a temperature of 448 C. At this temperature the equilibrium constant Kp is 50. i. What is the total pressure in the container before the reaction starts and

    asked by Matt
  59. English

    Literary Analysis: Character and Characterization Read the selection. Then, answer the questions that follow. People who don’t know Harry tend to underestimate him. They cast a skeptical eye on his typical outfit: ragged jeans and shirts that bear

    asked by RiRi
  60. math

    Y=192 +0.04

    asked by shahed
  61. math

    Y=192 +0.04y

    asked by shahed
  62. science

    who discovered the concept of density?

    asked by Eduarda
  63. math

    A crate weighing 400N rests on aplane inclined at an angle of 20 degrees to the horizontal. there is a force of friction of 120N acting up the ramp. Determine (i) the resultant force acting on the crate, (ii) the contact,or normal force between the ramp

    asked by Ameen
  64. cooking

    When making a birthday cake, how can I make the cream?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math Fractions

    Nadia 4/9 h to complete her Language Arts homework and 2/9 h to complete her mathematics homework. Which takes longer? How much longer? I just need to know am I right or wrong? I calculated Wednesday to have 3 inches of snow. Which is 2 inches more than

    asked by Matty
  66. Pharm Tech

    If you want to know what dose forms are available for a particular drug, you would look in this section of a drug monograph? A. Adverse Reaction B. Warnings C. Dosage and Administration D. How Supplied

    asked by Jacqui
  67. ACC/490

    I need a summary of mt hood furniture pps sampling problem

    asked by rebecca
  68. Math

    Eliza and Jamie are making cup ckaes for a bake sale at school. Eliza need 2 1/3 cup of flour for her recipe and Jamie needs 1 3/4 cup for her recipe. They have 4 cups of flour. Do they have enough flour for both recipes ? Do I turn them into decimals then

    asked by Matty
  69. APUSH

    Race relations were _____ during World War 1: a. improved thanks to the efforts of government programs b. had moments of violence, but predominately improved material wealth for blacks in the north c.were among Wilson's top priorities; he had strong

    asked by Student
  70. Business Math

    Being inventory of 12 sets of paints at a cost of $1.50 each. During the year the store purchased 4 sets at $1.60, 6 sets at $2.20, 6 sets at $2.50, and 10 sets at $3.00. By the end of the year, 25 sets were sold. Caculate the number of paint sets in stock

    asked by Jean
  71. Pre Calculus

    mx3-nx2+5x-1 is divided by x-2 the remainder is -39. When divided by x-1 the remainder is 3. What are the values of m and n. Didn't know how to do the superscript for mx3

    asked by Ellen
  72. 8th grade math for Ms. Sue

    How is an inequality different from an equation? Give a real-world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than an equation. I don't know how to solve this or what the answer is. Please help!

    asked by Destiny
  73. statistics

    Suppose that 50 identical batteries are being tested. After 8 hours of continuous use, assume that a given battery is still operating with a probability of .70 and has failed with a probability of .30. What is the probability that between 25 and 30

    asked by Camela
  74. Pre-Cal.

    find all the zeros of the following polynomial. Write the polynomial in fraction form. Show all the work. f(x)= x^4+3x^2-40

    asked by phyllys
  75. 8th grade math Ms. Sue

    How is an inequality different from an equation? Give a real-world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than an equation. I don't know how to solve this or what the answer is. Please help! You said: Denise has $50 and wants to buy two new

    asked by Destiny