Questions Asked on
December 23, 2012

  1. Physics

    An attack helicopter is equipped with a 20- mm cannon that fires 198 g shells in the forward direction with a muzzle speed of 711 m/s. The fully loaded helicopter has a mass of 4810 kg. A burst of 75.3 shells is fired in a 6.27 s interval. What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. maths

    Robin says , 'If Jai gives me Rs. 40, he will have half as much as Atul , but if Atul gives me Rs. 20, then the three of us will all have the same amount. ' What is the total amount of money that Robin, Jai and Atul have between them ?? please explain

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    A certain antibioyic reducesthe number of bacteria in your body by 10% each dose a) if four doses of the antibiotic are taken, what percent of the original bacterial population is left. b) biologists have determined that when a person has a bacterial

    asked by Riana
  4. Math

    Weatherwise is a magazine published by the American Meteorological Society. One issue gives a rating system used to classify Nor'easter storms that frequently hit New England and can cause much damage near the ocean. A severe storm has an average peak wave

    asked by Alison
  5. physics

    In a particular crash test, an automobile of mass 1369 kg collides with a wall and bounces back off the wall. The x components of the initial and final speeds of the automobile are 10 m/s and 1.9 m/s, respectively. If the collision lasts for 0.18 s,

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    A bobcat jumps with a speed of 5m/s at an angle of 55 degrees. How long does the bobcat stay in the air?

    asked by Anna
  7. statistics

    a research wanted to test a new diabetes drug: what level of significance would she use in testing?

    asked by eve
  8. science

    A boy standing on top a building with a height of 500m throws a ball vertically upwards. The balls take 40s to reach to the ground. Neglecting the height of the boy throwing the ball, determine the velocity of the ball.

    asked by Pankaj kumar suman
  9. Math

    In the accompanying diagram, abcd is a rectangle with ab as a diameter of semicircle o. Diagonal bd is drawn in rectangle abcd. The length of bd exceeds the length of ab by 1, and ad=5. Please help thank you

    asked by Kiki
  10. Calculus

    Use the graph of f(x)=x^2/(x^2-4) to determine on which of the following intervals Rolle's Theorem applies. A) [0, 3] B) [-3, 3] C) [-3/2, 3/2] D) [-2, 2] E) None of these

    asked by Brian
  11. math


    asked by HELLLLPP
  12. maths

    Express sin 2x cos 4x as a sum of trigonometric functions.

    asked by laura
  13. statistics

    a. Compute the mean, median, and mode. b. Compute the variance, standard deviation, range, coefficient of variation, and Z scores. Are there any outliers? Explain. c. Are the data skewed? If so, how? d. Based on the results of (a) through (c), what

    asked by lou

    Find the lengths of the diagonals of this trapezoid. trapezoid on a graph with points (-a,0), (-b,c), (b,c), (a,0) negative a and b are on the left side (a is on bottom and b is on top) and positive a and b are on the right side (a is on bottom and b is on

    asked by Anonymous
  15. maths

    ABCD ia a parallelogram whose diagonals intersecting at E. AC is produced to F such that CF=AE. Prove that ar(BDF)=ar(parallelogram ABCD)

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Math

    If 20% of a number is equal to 3x, then the number is. Please help thank you

    asked by Kiki
  17. entrepreneur

    Explain the reasons that a small business might fail and explain the factors/characteristics that contribute toward small business success.

    asked by Huyen
  18. chemistry

    (c) What is the value of the degree of polymerization n of isotactic PB with a molecular weight of 3.091×105 g/mol?

    asked by danhil
  19. maths --plse help me..

    In a parallelogram ABCD, diagonals AC & BD intersect at O. E, F, G, & H be the midpoints of sides AO, DO, CO & BO. Find the ratio of (EF+GH+HG+EH) TO (AB+BC+CD+AD).

    asked by Anonymous
  20. survey of sciences

    1. Explain what happens to the G-force as the speed of the centrifuge increases.

    asked by shaquilla
  21. math

    The probability of event A is 5/8. The probability of event B is 2/5. Explain why A and B cannot be mutually exclusive events.

    asked by Rya
  22. Astronomy

    Consider the same asteroid initially in the asteroid belt at a distance 3 AU from the Sun, and 2 AU from Earth, which collides with Earth. As it falls towards Earth, it acquires kinetic energy (neglect its initial motion) both by being accelerated towards

    asked by sam
  23. chemistry

    (c) Calculate the degree of polymerization n of polystyrene with a molecular weight of 3.091×106 g/mol.

    asked by danhil
  24. Math

    The diameter of an atom is 2.3 x 10^ -8 centimeters. How many atoms can fit in a space .003 centimeters long, without exceeding it? Please help, thank you

    asked by Kiki
  25. Astronomy

    Saturn’s Moon Janus is observed to orbit the planet with period 0.695 days, grazing the planet with an orbital radius only 2.64 times the radius of the planet itself. Use this information to find the mass of Saturn. Express your answer as a multiple of

    asked by sam
  26. Math

    From a survey of 200 college students, a marketing research company found that 130 students owned iPhones, 70 owned cars, and 60 owned both cars and iPhones. (a) How many students owned either a car or an iPhone (but not both)? _______students (b) How many

    asked by Brian
  27. Math

    3sqrt(23) * 7sqrt(10) * sqrt(45)

    asked by isabella
  28. Physics

    A(n) 15 g bullet is fired into a(n) 116 g block of wood at rest on a horizontal surface and stays inside. After impact, the block slides 15 m before coming to rest. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . If the coefficient of friction between the

    asked by Anonymous
  29. maths

    There are three mixtures of equal capacity and all are completely filled with acid and water mixtures in diferent ratios. The ratio of acid to water in the first container is 2:3 ,in second 3:7 and third 4:11. If the mixtures of all the containers are

    asked by angel
  30. Astronomy

    At opposition, Saturn is observed to subtend an angular radius of 9.16 arcseconds (not including the rings). Use this and the conversion factors in our Table of Constants to find the radius of Saturn in km, rounded to three significant digits.

    asked by sam
  31. Astronomy

    Consider an asteroid of radius 2 km and density 2,500 kgm3 impacting the Earth. When it collides with the surface its kinetic energy is, to a large extent, dumped into the environment, some as heat vaporizing rock and some as mechanical energy throwing

    asked by sam
  32. Music

    How are the sounds turned into notes? A) By increasing the amount of air blown into the blow hole B) By decreasing the amount of air blown into the blow hole C) By changing the position of the mouth on the blow hole. D)By pressing the keys My answer is D

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math

    The math problem is set up as a fraction in parenthesis 6 over 4. Evaluate the expression (6/4)

    asked by Brian
  34. Algebra

    Suppose the modified quota is 2.77. Fill in the blanks, and round your answers to two decimal places. (a) Find the lower quota. (b) Find the upper quota. (c) Find the arithmetic mean of the lower and upper quotas. (d) Find the geometric mean of the lower

    asked by Casey
  35. maths --plse help me..

    a circle enclose a rectangle of side 6cm and 8cm. what is the perimeter of the circle?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    Evaluate the following expression. (Note, I'm not sure how to write this in mathematical form)but the P is slightly raised above both numbers. 210 P 1 = ______

    asked by Brian
  37. Comp Hardware

    Your neighbor gives you his old computer. The memory modules in it have 184 pins and two notches. What type of memory is this? A. DDR2 B. DDR3 C. SIMM D. Direct RDRAM the ext is pretty ambiguous but I am leaning toward C. SIMM

    asked by Chy
  38. maths stats

    For each day of the 5-day working week Tom can choose any one of 6 newspapers to read at the lunchtime. (i) How many different choices are possible in a week? (ii) If Tom wants to read a different title each day, then how many different choices are

    asked by tom
  39. Astronomy

    We observe that oppositions of Saturn repeat every 378 days. Use this information to find the sidereal period of Saturn. Express your answer in years and round to two significant digits.

    asked by sam
  40. Astronomy

    The volume of a ball is given in terms of its radius by V=4π3R3. Use this to find the average density of Saturn, i.e. the mass per unit volume. Use Earth’s mass in kg from the Table of Constants to express your answer in kgm3. Note for comparison that

    asked by sam
  41. Astronomy

    Suppose the Moon is at a (center-to-center) distance D from Earth. Find an exact expression for the magnitude of the tidal force applied by Earth to our rock of mass m in terms of D, m, the mass of Earth Me (input as M_e), and the lunar radius Rm (input as

    asked by sam
  42. English

    Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1)Is it correct to use -ing form in the sentence: "The aim of the group is creating a new strategy" or is it "the creation" or only "to create"? 2)Do you think it's OK to use the word "target" instead of "aim" in

    asked by Ilma
  43. Math

    Suppose the modified quota is 7.47. Fill in the blanks, and round your answers to two decimal places. (a) Find the lower quota. (b) Find the upper quota. (c) Find the arithmetic mean of the lower and upper quotas. (d) Find the geometric mean of the lower

    asked by Derrick
  44. Astronomy

    Darwin proposed that the Moon formed far closer to Earth than it is now. Let’s see just how close it could possibly be to Earth and survive. In particular, in the next 4 problems you will find the distance from Earth at which the tidal force due to Earth

    asked by sam
  45. Math

    Find the probability whose odds against are given in the problem. Odds against are 5 to 7. Answer is ________.

    asked by Brian
  46. Math

    Use the definition of logarithm to simplify each expression. (a) log6b (6b) (b) log9b ((9b)^5) (c) log10b ((10b)^-8)

    asked by Brian
  47. Urgent Math

    f(x)=(x+2)^3-4. The point (-2, -4) is which of the following? A) An absolute maximum B) An absolute minimum C) A critical point but not an extremum. D) Not a critical point E) None of these I think the answer is C, am I right?

    asked by Brian
  48. Math

    Suppose the modified quota is 7.47. Fill in the blanks, and round your answers to two decimal places. (a) Find the lower quota. (b) Find the upper quota. (c) Find the arithmetic mean of the lower and upper quotas. (d) Find the geometric mean of the lower

    asked by Derrick
  49. maths --plse help me..

    if the no. of bacteria doubles everyday and on the 16th day , a jug becomes full . then on which day was it half filled?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Science

    A student weighs 36.4kg suppose his entire body is made of electrons. How many electrons are present in his body. What would be charge in his body.

    asked by Raju singh
  51. math

    Suppose an insurance agent offers you a policy that will provide you with a yearly income of $190,000 in 30 years. What is the comparable annual salary today, assuming an inflation rate of 3%?. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

    asked by Anonymous
  52. music

    What is the diameter of the head joint of the flute?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math 116

    five times a number decreased by twice the same number

    asked by Gayle
  54. Math

    Find the standard divisor for the given population and number of representative seats. Assume the population is equal to 190,000 and the number of seats is 8. d = ______

    asked by Tina
  55. Math116

    Can someone help me with the answers for my final exam in Math 116?

    asked by Gayle
  56. math

    47 lbs=kgs give answer in decimal form

    asked by brooke