Questions Asked on
December 8, 2012

  1. Chemistry

    Use the data given below to construct a Born - Haber cycle to determine the electron affinity of Br? DH°(kJ) K(s) → K(g) 89 K(g) → K⁺(g) + e⁻ 419 Br2(l) → 2 Br(g) 193 K(s) + 1/2 Br2(g) → KBr (s) -394 KBr(s) → K⁺(g) + Br⁻(g) 674 I know

    asked by Rob
  2. Chemistry

    On another planet, the isotopes of titanium have the following natural abundances. Isotope 46Ti Abundance 70.900% Mass(amu) 45.95263 Isotope 48Ti Abundance 10.000% Mass(amu) 47.94795 Isotope 50Ti Abundance 19.100% Mass(amu) 49.94479 What is the average

    asked by Anon
  3. thermodynamics

    if a pump discharges 75 gpm of water whose specific weight is 61.5 lb/ft^3(g=31.95fps^2). find a) the mass flow rate in lb/min, and b) and total time required to fill a vertical cylinder tank 10ft in diameter and 12ft high.

    asked by 18ms
  4. Chemistry

    To treat a burn on your hand, you decide to place an ice cube on the burned skin. The mass of the ice cube is 16.0 g, and its initial temperature is -11.4 °C. The water resulting from the melted ice reaches the temperature of your skin, 31.0 °C. How much

    asked by Anon
  5. Chemistry

    The equation for photon energy, , is where = 6.626×10−34 (Planck's constant) and = 3.00×108 (the speed of light). What is the wavelength, , of a photon that has an energy of = 3.99×10−19 ? How do go about solving this? I multipled the constant w/

    asked by Trina
  6. Margaret

    ____1__ young people may be able to list the many accomplishments of the Reverend Dr. Marting Luther, King jr. They may know that he was a civil rights leader who aspired to achieve racial harmony and was an __2__ of peaceful but direct action. They may

    asked by english
  7. Chemistry

    Iron crystallizes in a body–centered cubic structure. The volume of one Fe atom is 9.38 x 10–24 cm3, and the density of Fe is 7.874 g/cm3. Find an approximate value for Avogadro’s number.

    asked by Ian Palen
  8. Math

    Three people who work full-time are to work together on a project, but their total time on the project is to be equivalent to that of only one person working full-time. If one of the people is budgeted for one-half of this time to the project and a second

    asked by Gloria
  9. English

    Which of the following sentences contains an abstract noun? A. I hope that we are not late. B. Respect must be earned. C. They did a good job planning the party. D. She thought we should have left earlier. I think the answer is "B" "Respect" must be

    asked by Sandia
  10. English

    Which of the following sentences is the underlined verb is the the future perfect tense? A. By that time, he "will have been" gone for three days. B. Jean's daughter "has begun" to drive. D. She really should "begin" to pack C. They "will take" the dog to

    asked by Sandia
  11. Physics

    A box is sliding up an incline that makes an angle of 15.0 degrees with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the surface of the incline is 0.180. The initial speed of the box and the surface of the incline is

    asked by Matoro
  12. English

    Which one of the following sentences contains an abstract noun? A. She handed him the dishtowel B. His skill was legendary. C. The vase was quite expensive. D. Logic is easily understood. I think the answer is "D"

    asked by Sandia
  13. Physics

    While stationary on a boat you are measuring the time it takes for the coin to leave your hand and hit the water.In order to measure that time you are tuned to the sound of the coin hitting the water. You know that it takes 5.5 seconds for the coin to

    asked by Katie
  14. psychology

    According to Freud, a boy's identification with his father is usually the result of the overwhelming power of a) !@#$%^& envy. b) ovarian envy. c) moral anxiety. d) castration anxiety.

    asked by allee
  15. Physics

    A rapidly changing magnetic field in any region of space induces a rapidly changing A.Magnetic field or B.Electric field? which in turn induces a rapidly changing A.Magnetic field B.Electric field?

    asked by Katie
  16. thermodynamics

    the mass of a fluid system is .311 slug, its density is 30lb.ft^3 and g is 31.90fps^2. a) find the specific volume, b) the specific weight, and c) total volume

    asked by 18ms
  17. Intro to health care mgmt

    Select one of the following as your department/issue. • Surgery Unit: The surgery unit is consistently starting surgery late, which is causing delays in all subsequent procedures. • Environmental Services: It is taking an excessive amount of time to

    asked by Norma
  18. skyiline college

    A compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen was burned in oxygen, and 2.00g of the compound produced 2.868 g CO2 and 1.567 g H2O. In another experiment, 0.1107 g of the compound was dissolved in 25.0 g of water. This solution had a freezing point of -0.0894

    asked by sevag
  19. Chemistry

    Write a balance equation for the reaction of nitric acid (HNO3) with each base solution : [1]. NaHCO3, [2]. MgCO3. ( Please include the phases of the substance)

    asked by Jennifer
  20. Finding the Molecular Formula

    A certain compound containing only carbon and hydrogen was found to have a vapor density of 2.550 g/L at 100 degrees C and 760 mm Hg. If the empirical formula of this compound is CH, what is the molecular formula of this compound? I had some ideas as to

    asked by Amy
  21. Physics

    A car weighing one ton is moving at 50km/hr and a truck weighing two tons is moving at 25km/hr. Both are moving in the opposite direction, which has more momentum? I think they are the same, but want to make sure

    asked by Katie
  22. Math

    Acton choose from two loans offersS: 12,000 at 8% simple interest for 9 months: or a 12,000 9 month discounted loan at 7% discount. Based on the actual interest paid and the true rate on the discounted loan, which of the two loan offers will Acton choose?

    asked by Queen
  23. English

    I have an essay due Sunday, so could someone read my writing? If there are any unclear points, please ask questions for clarity. You may also point out spelling/grammar errors, but please to not tell me what to rewrite to fix the errors. Thanks! Throughout

    asked by Anonymous
  24. problem solving

    Assuming that you breathe once in every 12 seconds, how many breaths do you take in 4 weeks? You must show the use of units.

    asked by ben
  25. Physics

    A 400 kg baby grand piano is raised to the roof of a 100 m building. If the cable breaks as it reaches this height, what will its velocity be the instant prior to impact? Use energy considerations and verify using kinematics.

    asked by BA
  26. Physics

    Brain buster: A laser sends red light of wavelength 650 nm from air into water in a swimming pool. The index of refraction of the water is 1.33. (a) What wavelength will the light have in the water? (b) What colour would light of this wavelength appear if

    asked by Hanu2012
  27. Chemistry

    KF has the same type of crystal structure as NaCl. The unit cell of KF has an edge length of 5.39 Å. Find the density of KF in g/cm3

    asked by Ian
  28. psychology

    Ed, who suffers from dementia, has enormous difficulty getting dressed in the morning because he cannot plan and organize the behaviors necessary to complete the task. Ed's difficulty is in the area of A) executive function. B) agnosia. C) apraxia. D)

    asked by ashley kay
  29. Chemistry

    TRUE OR FALSE? 1) A solution that is made out of 1.00mol/L ammonia and 0.50mol/L of ammonium chloride is a basic buffer. 2) The pH at the equivalence point of a weak base with a strong acid is expected to be less than 7 because the acid that is added is

    asked by Lorenzo
  30. chemistry

    how many liters of ammonia are required to react with 1 mole of oxygen gas at 850 degrees centigrade and 5 atm in order to produce nitrogen monoxide and water vapor at the same conditions

    asked by amanda
  31. Physics

    I calculated tan and sin (theta) for a physics lab experiment -- two-slit interference I had to use this equation y = L tan (theta), with y = 0.25 and L = 2 and tan (theta) came out to be 7.12 in degrees and 0.1243 in radians. I found sin (theta) by using

    asked by Anna
  32. physics- please explain

    Why is the following situation impossible? A librarian lifts a book from the ground to a high shelf, doing 20.0 J of work in the lifting process. As he turns his back, the book falls off the shelf back to the ground. The gravitational force from the Earth

    asked by Anya
  33. Physics

    A crate, which has a mass of m= 45 kg, is being accelerated at 3.2m/s^-2 up an frictionless inclined plane, which meets the horizontal at an angle of 35 degrees, by a rope. What is the magnitude of the normal force acting on the crate? What is the tension

    asked by Antonio
  34. maths

    the area of a triangled triangle is 40 times its base.what is its height?

    asked by vaibhav
  35. Applied Behavioral

    Orlando and Inez never really exercise.. Research tells us that they are ast lower risk for 1. diabetes 2. mental impairment 3. bone fracture due to osteoporosis 4. none of these; they have a higher a risk of diabetes, mental imparment, and osteoporotic

    asked by Regina
  36. English

    Which of the following statements is true regarding sentence components? A. Often the subject will act upon the object B. The predicate can be a noun or a verb. C. Every sentence must have an object. D. The object can be a noun or a verb. I think the

    asked by Sandia
  37. chemistry

    The fictitious compound, arrhenium fluoride (AhF), reacts with itself to form a dimer with the formula Ah2F2. The reaction is second order in AhF. The value of the rate constant is 2.091×10−3 M−1s−1. What is the initial rate of reaction in a reactor

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    Anna Cavanaugh loaned her friend Jason 1,000 for 6 months at 6% simple interest. what is the future value of the loan and how much finance charge will Jason pay?

    asked by Queen
  39. Real Estate Finance

    A $100,000, 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 8% interest has monthly principal and interest payments of $733.76. What is the loan balance after the first payment?

    asked by tmouery
  40. English

    In which of the following sentences is the underlined word a pronoun? A. "Those" are James' favorite shoes. B. "These" apples are rotten. C. Making "these" cookies wasn't easy. D. We must return "those" books to the library. Note the underlined words are:

    asked by Sandia
  41. maths

    vinit sold a watch to alex at a gain of 12%and alex sold it to Priya at a loss of 5%. if Priya paid rs.1330 for it,how much vinit pay for the watch?

    asked by tuhituhi
  42. Physics

    If one drops a sphere and a piece of paper from the same height of 10 meters(H=10m) and the sphere hits the ground in 1.4 secs and the paper in 2 secs, what is the gravity associated with the sphere and why did the impact time change between the paper and

    asked by Katie
  43. maths

    the difference between the two selling prices of a shirt at profits of 4% and 5% is rs, 6.find the c.p. of the shirt and 2 s.p. of the shirts?

    asked by tuhituhi
  44. English

    In which of the following sentences is the underlined word an object pronoun? A. "You" really should apologize to her. B. I would like you to listen to "me". C. I gave "her" a gift for her birthday. D. We returned "our" books to the library. Note: the

    asked by Sandia
  45. pre calculus

    How many gallons of gas is in a cylindrical tank (that is laying on it’s side, the circular bases are vertical, the diameter of the bases are 5 feet, the length of the tank is 8 feet, the gas is at a 2 ft level)?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Re: chemistry

    The average pH of open ocean water is 8.1. What is the maximum value of [Fe3+] in pH 8.1 seawater if the Ksp of Fe(OH)3 is 1.1*10^-36? chemistry - DrBob222, Friday, December 7, 2012 at 10:14pm Fe(OH)3 ==> Fe^3+ + 3OH^- pH = 8.1 pH + pOH = pKw = 14

    asked by Brunette
  47. math

    help me with missing number input 1 2 3 4 5 output, 2 , 5, 10, ?,26

    asked by jo
  48. statistics

    Ramdom sample of 41 car owners results in a mean of 7 years. Population standard deviation of 3.75 years. Find a 95% confidence interval for the true population mean..My answer is (5.9, 8.1) but having problems with margin of error

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Applied Behavioral

    Jordan and Dominique met at work and it appears aht they are falling in love. /for the last few months they have usually had lunch together .. They both express a feeling of tingles when ever they are together. Stembert would describe them as experiencing

    asked by Regina
  50. physics

    A loaded truck can accelerate at 4.1 m/s 2 . It loses its load so that it is only 0.8 as massive. By what factor must the acceleration change for the same driving force?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    estimate the percent of the number 17% of 23

    asked by Brandon
  52. urgent -plsee

    the cost of 6 cows are same as cost of 8 goats. if cost of 9 cows and twice numbered goats is rs. 9000, then find the cost of 3 cows and 6 goats?

    asked by Anahad
  53. -plse help me..

    ABCD and ABDE are parallelograms, the value of ar[ABCD] /ar[ABC]+ar[ABD]+ar[ABE]

    asked by Angad
  54. Science

    Define heat in science terms

    asked by Lance
  55. problem solving

    Suppose water flows from a shower at a rate of 0.38 cubic feet per minute. Do you use more water by taking a 14-minute shower or by filling a bathtub with 0.6 cub yards of water, and by how much? Demonstrate strep-by-step solution.

    asked by ben
  56. Math

    Find the equation of the line that passes through the pair of points. Write your answer in slope-intercept form (2,-5)(2,-1)

    asked by Cynthia
  57. economics

    Consider the following news headline....Canadian minister of defence announces $9million purchase of 65 new fighter jets. Assuming that aggregate out put is demand determined and that the f-35 jets are purchased domestically what will be the effect of this

    asked by bettie
  58. Math

    Please help!!!!!! cosx-sin^2x-1

    asked by Phoebe
  59. math

    calculate the area of a triangle with side lengths 83.75, 110.65, and 90

    asked by claire
  60. Physics

    If a sphere and paper are dropped from 10 meters and the sphere hit the ground in 1.4 seconds and the paper hit in 2 seconds, why did the impact time in case of the piece of paper change in comparison to the sphere? A. a=(Wt-R)/m;a=g B. a=(Wt-R)/m;a>g C.

    asked by Eric
  61. statistics

    Compare the 95%(6.214,7.686) and 99% 95.944,7.956)confidence intervals for the hours of sleep a student gets. Explain the difference between these intervals and why this difference occurs.

    asked by Lisa
  62. math

    i told some of my classmates about this site and they said it really help but they also added that you all shall show examples when you are finished and an explanation and then give the person a sum similar to that.

    asked by ADRIAN
  63. math

    2 boats left the harbour at the same time. One travelled at 10km/h on a course of 47 degrees. from the north. the other travelled 8km/h on a course of 79 degrees. how far apart were the boats after 45 minutes to th nearest tenth of a kilometre.

    asked by claire
  64. Physics

    You are travelling in your car at 50km/hr, your friend is traveling at 25 km/hr, both have the same mass. What distance do you need to travel to stop compared to the distance that your friend needs to stop? How will the stopping distance change if you and

    asked by Eric
  65. Bio 101

    hw diversification impedes in the way organisms are classified

    asked by kemzy
  66. problem solving

    Suppose that two current exchange rates are US $1= 117.9 Japanese yen and 1 Cuban Peso= $.0476. What is the value of 1 peso in Japanese yen?

    asked by ben
  67. Physics

    There is an attractive force between all objects. Do you feel yourself gravitating towards massive buildings in our vicinity? I believe the force is negligible because it's so weak, is that correct?

    asked by Eric
  68. problem solving

    Suppose your car gets 36 miles per gallon of gasoline, and you are driving 45 miles per hour. Using unit analysis, find the number of hours it takes to use 1 gallon of gas. I got 48 minutes but I'm not sure.

    asked by ben
  69. Physics

    If your own mass is 70kg and the mass of a building is 4x 10^6kg and the distance between you and the building is 1m, in comparison to your own weight, estimate the force of attraction between you and the building.

    asked by Katie
  70. physics (coulombs law)

    a charge +6 C experiences a force of 2mN in +x direction. a)what was the electric field there before charge was placed ? b)describe the force which a -2c charge would experience if it is located at the point in place of the +6c for a) i assumed the charge

    asked by lola
  71. Physics

    In a vacuum, which colour of light travels fastest  red, blue, or green? Explain. Which colour travels fastest in a block of glass?

    asked by Hanu2012
  72. Chemistry

    KF has the same type of crystal structure as NaCl. The unit cell of KF has an edge length of 5.39 Å. Find the density of KF in g/cm3

    asked by Ian
  73. math

    convert 5/8 to a decimal

    asked by jean
  74. Cultural Anthropology 101

    Typical characteristics of Band societies include dependence on outside populations to acquire resources. (****) exploitation of local plants and animals. development of permanent settlements. accumulation of material wealth. my answer(****)

    asked by Anonymous
  75. problem solving

    You need to put a carpet in a rectangular room that measures 13 feet by 22 feet as a cost of $19.50 per square yard. Assuming that you can buy precisely the amount of carpet you need, how much will the carpet for the room cost? Demonstrate step-by-step

    asked by ben
  76. History (Industrial Revolution)

    Can you give me an outline of the Industrial Revolution?

    asked by Jacob
  77. Chemistry

    Methyl salicylate, C8H8O3, the odorous constituent of oil of wintergreen, has a vapour pressure of 1.00 torr at 54.3oC and 10.0 torr at 95.3oC. a) What is its vapour pressure at 25oC? b) What is the minimum number of liters of air that must pass over a

    asked by xavier
  78. physics

    a 3.5 kg bowling ball is 6.5 m above the ground. How much potential energy does it possess?

    asked by Fatimah
  79. Astronomy

    Enter the expression for kinetic energy ( ) below. Use m_1 for mass and v for velocity.

    asked by LaV ern
  80. math

    find the value of G in the equation G/5-13=42

    asked by tim
  81. Math

    Which is greater 5.71 or 5.2453? Explain

    asked by Ryan
  82. statistics

    Compare the 95%(6.214,7.686) and 99% 95.944,7.956)confidence intervals for the hours of sleep a student gets. Explain the difference between these intervals and why this difference occurs.

    asked by Lisa
  83. immunology

    - Case scenario: explain why the likelyhood of allergies can be inherited from parent to child but the type of allergy (e.g. peanuts) cannot. I am a bit confused, any one can help me solved thanks.

    asked by write2khin
  84. Chemistry

    For a reaction: AB arrow A+B, rate=k[AB]^2and k=0.2L/mol.s a)how long it will take for [AB] to reach its initial concentration of 1.5M

    asked by Anonymous
  85. chemistry

    what is the concentration of the hydroxide ion in a solution if .12 mol of strontium hydroxide are dissolved in water and the final solution volume is 500. mL?

    asked by samantha
  86. English

    Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  87. English

    In which of the following sentences is the underlined word an object pronoun? A. "You" really should apologize to her. B. I would like you to listen to "me". C. I gave "her" a gift for her birthday. D. We returned "our" books to the library. Note: the

    asked by Sandia
  88. please help if you CAN I DONT UNDERSTAND!

    An equilateral triangle of side 14 centimeters is revolved about an altitude to form a cone. What is the number of cubic centimeters in the volume of the cone? Express your answer to the nearest whole number, without units. how do we do this?!

    asked by ADVANCED GEOM
  89. music

    do all double-reed and single-reed instruments belong to the woodwind family?

    asked by Anonymous
  90. math

    divid the fraction 14/27 by the fraction 2/3 and reduce your answe to the lowest terms

    asked by tim
  91. Pressure and Molecular Formula

    2. How much potassium chlorate is needed to produce 20.0 mL of oxygen at 670 mm Hg and 20 degrees C. 3. A certain compound containing only carbon and hydrogen was found to have a vapor density of 2.550 g/L at 100 degrees C and 760 mm Hg. If the empirical

    asked by Amy
  92. ECE

    To become a successful obeserver of young children, which of the following techniques is most effective?

    asked by Shanice
  93. Cultural Anthropology 101

    Could some one PLEASE check my answers Competition among co-wives in a polygynous household is reduced when: ****(a) Sororal polygyny is practiced. co-wives all live in the same household and share the same kitchen. the wives all live together. the

    asked by mandy
  94. Computer Science

    I need some help about Turing Machines, and prove by reductions. Here are the 2 questions: 1. Sketch the construction of a Turing Machine that decides the language L = a^i where i is not prime. 2. Show that the language 2Strings is not recursive by

    asked by Yu
  95. ABNORMAL psychology 220

    Tommy is a 43-year-old man who has Down syndrome. Recent research indicates that he is likely to develop A) Parkinson's disease. B) Alzheimer's disease. C) Pick's disease. D) multiple sclerosis.

    asked by G. KAY
  96. math

    convert the mixed number 14 5/7 to a mixed decimal. round to the nearest hundreth

    asked by tim
  97. math

    round the number 43,678.426785 to the nearest ten thousand

    asked by vickie
  98. English

    To show emphasis, what helping verb would you use to fill in the blank in this sentence? I _______ think I have master French prounciation. A. might B. must C. do D. can I think the answer is "C" I do think I have master French prounciation.

    asked by Sandia
  99. maths

    integrate -sinx/ã4+cos^2x dx

    asked by Jess 1
  100. Math

    Are these quadrilaterals parallelograms? (quadrilateral ABCD with diagonals intersecting at E) 1. AB is congruent to AD and AB is parallel to DC 2. AB and DC are congruent and parallel 3. DE and BE are congruent

    asked by sl
  101. Math

    Find the ages of John and Mary if four times John's age equals three times Mary's age, and Mary is ten years older than John.

    asked by Ryan
  102. Social Studies

    How did mining help the west grow?

    asked by Hailey
  103. Social studies

    What were boomtowns and ghost towns?

    asked by Hailey
  104. math

    A 154-lb person burns 420 calories per hour riding an exercise bicycle at a rate of 15 mi/h. Write a function rule to represent the total calories burned over time by that person. Explain how the information in the problem relates to the function. Thank

    asked by Christine
  105. World Cultures

    What role did Greeks play in the Maurya Empire creation? How did Ashoka develop Maurya power and prestige?

    asked by Hi
  106. math

    convert 5/8 to a decimal

    asked by jean
  107. english 11

    What surprising action does Locust take at the end of the story? (1 point)He scratches on the eight ball. He shows up at the Lemon Tree Billiards House.*** He turns himself in to the local authorities. He sets Mitch up with his daughter. help? not sure if

    asked by brandon
  108. statistics

    The latest in the "You may be a redneck if . . . " genre has produced a simple questionnaire. If more than 80% of the questions are answered in accordance with redneck"philosophy" (e.g., "You may be a redneck if grade 4 was the best 5 years of your life")

    asked by simone
  109. statistics

    5) The lifetime of a medical device s a normally distributed rv with standard deviation of 2 years. An experiment is conducted to test 15 medical devices and find their lifetimes to be: a. If the population mean is known to be 15 years, what is the

    asked by nur
  110. Accounting

    1. A manager is considering the following investment: Initial capital investment $180,000 Estimated useful life 3 years Estimated disposal value in 3 years 0 Estimated annual savings in cash operating costs $80,000 Minimum desired rate of return 10% The

    asked by Pi
  111. math

    find the maximum area of a rectangle whose perimeter is 50 yards

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Social Studies

    In what ways did China And Europe parallel each other in their development until the sixth century CE? How did they diverge after that?

    asked by Jess
  113. chemistry

    supposthat the surface area of the box reduced by half , what effects this will has on the coeficint of kintic and static friction

    asked by sano
  114. chemistry

    supposthat the surface area of the box reduced by half , what effects this will has on the coeficint of kintic and static friction

    asked by sano
  115. math

    a lumberyard makes picnic tables for $87.00 and sells them for $127.89. what is the percent markupbon each picnic table based on cost?

    asked by jean
  116. English

    Which of the following sentences contain a verb in the future tense? A. By that time, he will have been gone for three days. B. Jean's daughter has begun to drive. C. She really should begin to pack D. They will take the dog to the park with them. I think

    asked by Sandia
  117. Economics

    Opera CD buyers are located in New York and Los Angeles. At the current price for a CD, $25 in both New York and Los Angeles, aggregate demand for Opera CD is 10,000 units (i.e. the sum of the demand in New York and Los Angeles); and the price elasticity

    asked by Ron
  118. chemistry

    0.0386mol glucose in 88.0ml of solution

    asked by cynthia
  119. science

    Consider a single electron in a 1dimensional box with size a, What is the expected position of the electron at the second excited state? What is the expected value of linear momentum at the ground state ?

    asked by john
  120. Cell Biology

    1. Which molecule is the major contributor to the increase in mass observed in a full grown plant (i.e. tree) compared to a plant seed? I'm thinking it could be either of these three: D-glucose, C02, or H20.. help?

    asked by Ali
  121. physics

    a Geiger ionization chamber contains 60 cubic cm of air and records 500 mR/min. calculate (a). the current produce by the chamber (b). the total number of ion pairs produced per hour of exposure. please answer, thank you!,

    asked by nitz
  122. ETH 125

    Discuss the ways that white ethnics have encountered prejudice and discrimination. Provides Specific examples.

    asked by Amy
  123. physics

    a radiation survey meter observed gamma radiation of 150 mR/hr. The air field ionization chamber has a volume of 580 cubic cm. If the electron generated by the radiation in the chamber are swept out by an electric field, what is the current produced?

    asked by nitz
  124. chem

    As little as 1.oomg of Arsenic in 1-L of water can kill you. Calculate the following. Assume the density of the solution is 1.00g/cc. a.) How many moles of arsenic in 1 mg? b.) What is the mass percent of the solution? c.) What is the concentration in ppm

    asked by Tricia
  125. chemistry 101

    If 15g of NaOh is dissolved in 285 g of water, calculate the following. Assume the density of the solution is 1.06 g/cc. a) Calculate the moles of NaOH in the solution? My answer is 15gNaOH/40g NaOH= .0375 mole NaOH b) Waht is the mass % w/w of the

    asked by Tracy
  126. physics please help!

    A bat moving at 6.5 m/s is chasing a flying insect. The bat emits a 37 kHz chirp and receives back an echo at 37.65 kHz. At what speed is the bat gaining on its prey? Take the speed of sound in air to be 336 m/s. Answer in units of m/s

    asked by maura
  127. chemistry pls help

    If 10.0 mL of 1.0M HCl is added to 90 mL water, what is he concentration of the new solution? What is the pH of this solution? If the solution is titrated by 0.500M Ca(OH)2, how much volume (ml) of NaOH necessary? Need help pls.

    asked by Emmy
  128. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a berb in the present tense? A. Jessica "enjoys" running. B. Grandma had "sent" us cookies. C. We "left" early. D. They are "walking" around the lake. Note" The verbs in the sentences are A. enjoys B. sent C. left

    asked by Sandia
  129. English

    What is the theme of The Corporal by Richard Brautigan? I said that it was "it is sad to grow up," but my teacher says to be more sophisticated and specific

    asked by Lun
  130. English

    In which of the following sentences is the underlined word a past participle? A. We "helped" Joan to pack her things. B. Jenna has "driven" this route mulitple times. C. I was "working" overtime for about six months. D. She would "like" to join us. Note:

    asked by Sandia
  131. english

    How can the A Plan of Action help you address a current problem or challenge you are having with school?''

    asked by teisha
  132. Applied Behavioral

    According to your text, jarjuana has been successfully used to treat 1. nausea and glaucoma 2 depression and nausea 3 alcoholism and stomach ulcrs 4 nausea and stomach ulcers my answer is nausea and glaucoma

    asked by Regina
  133. algebra

    A weather balloon is directly west of two observing stations that are 10 miles apart. The angles of elevation of the balloon from the two stations are 17.6 degrees and 78.2 degrees. How high is the balloon?

    asked by judy
  134. Physics

    A spring has an equilibrium length of 20.0 cm and a spring constant of 57.9 N/m. The spring is connected to the underside of the roof of a car and a 0.294 kg block suspended from it. How long (in cm) is the spring when the car is at rest? How long is the

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Chemistry

    27) What volume of benzene (C6H6, d= 0.88 g/mL, molar mass = 78.11 g/mol) is required to produce 1.5 x 103 kJ of heat according to the following reaction? 2 C6H6(l) + 15 O2(g) ¨ 12 CO2(g) + 6 H2O(g) ƒ¢H‹rxn = -6278 kJ

    asked by Jennifer
  136. statistics

    Imagine that the probability of answering this question correctly is only p = .4, and on tests in which it is used, only 8 people attempt it. On what proportion of such tests will fewer than 3 people answer the question correctly?

    asked by rashida
  137. chemistry

    How many grams of sodium hydroxide is needed to react with 100 ml of a 1.4 M nitric acid for complete neutralization to happen.

    asked by maria
  138. Math

    How do you write "3 more than the sum of x and y"

    asked by Morgan
  139. Applied Behavioral

    which is the laragest preventable cause of death in the united states 1 smoking 3 alcoholiosm .3 methamphetamine use 4 Opiate ues My answer is smoking

    asked by Regina
  140. harvard

    6. For Design 3, consider the probability of a random individual in South Dorchester being sampled; and the probability of a random individual in Harbor Islands being sampled. These probabilities are approximately the same as the probabilities calculated

    asked by jasonsie
  141. physical

    At what age does exercise begin to result in strength in boys and girls?

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Algebra

    8s+ 12 = 16, 6s+ 9t = 12 solve by substitution

    asked by Sara
  143. health

    Which the following should be used to clean in educational or child care facilities?

    asked by Anonymous
  144. economics

    Using the saving and investment identities from the national Income Accounts to answer the following questions. Suppose the following values are from the national income accounts of a country with a closed economy. Y=$900 billion T= $200billion C=$500

    asked by BETTIE
  145. Cps

    HCl+CaCO3 --> CaCl+H3O balanced?

    asked by Bob
  146. maths

    c=√d/ab ,make d the subject.

    asked by vanya
  147. English

    At what point does abigail first begin feeling cold

    asked by Kiana
  148. math

    add the fractions 2/3, 3/8, and 5/12 and reduce your answer to the lowest terms

    asked by jean
  149. urgent -plsee

    Let a,b,c be positive integers such that a divides b^2 , b divides c^2 and c divides a^2 . Prove that abc divides (a + b + c)7 .

    asked by Anamika
  150. Physics

    Five Forces act on an object: 1. 60 N at 90 degrees 2. 40 N at 0 degrees 3. 80 N at 270 degrees 4. 40 N at 180 degrees 5. 50 N at 60 degrees What are the magnitude and direction of a sixth force that would produce equilibrium?

    asked by Michael
  151. math

    subtract the fraction 74/5 from the fraction 18 6/15 and reduce your answer to the lowest terms.

    asked by jean
  152. general

    Which of the following would you use to sort through slides for a slide presentation? a. camera b. opaque projector c. copy machine d. light box

    asked by kan
  153. Physics

    An airplane has an effective wing surface area of 17 m2 that is generating the lift force. In level flight the air speed over the top of the wings is 63.9 m/s, while the air speed beneath the wings is 58.0 m/s. What is the weight of the plane? Answer in N

    asked by Jessica
  154. harvard health

    4. True or False: Using this design, a relative who served as a control cannot be included as a case if he later develops the cancer of interest. T/F???

    asked by anonymous
  155. business analysis

    Jacksonville Technical College received 3,445,553 in state aid on September 15 for the fall semester, 2,000,000 was invested on a 2 month investment that pays 11.5% interest. How much interest will be earned?

    asked by Queen
  156. science

    Urbium (Ur ) is an upscale element found in big cities. Its oxide UrO2 is not very stable and decomposes readily at temperatures exceeding 66 degree celsius. The figure below shows how the rate of reaction varies with the concentration of UrO2 at 75 degree

    asked by cutie.....
  157. science

    A steel cable 10 m long is pulled in tension with a stress of 350 MPa. Assume that the Young's modulus of the steel cable is about 200 GPa. If only elastic deformation occurs, what is the resultant elongation in cm?

    asked by cutie.....
  158. Speech

    Contemporary communication studies now refer to public speaking as a form of __________ communication. A. group B. organizational C. public D. interpersonal

    asked by Anonymous
  159. accounting

    The balance in the allowance for doubtful account is $30,000 credit. You write off $18,000 on a specific invoice to Bob. Later, Bob pays you $2000 on these written off invoices. At year-end, you estimate that $25,000 of invoices will not be collectible.

    asked by Kimmie
  160. accounting

    You issue a $120,000 bond at par on March 31 due in 10 years that pays 11%. You pay interest on September 30. You pay off the bond ten years later. Assume that the company makes no adjusting entries. What journal entries should be recorded to issue the

    asked by Kimmie
  161. accounting

    On March 3, a customer gives you $1800 cash for services not yet performed. At the end of the month, only $600 of services are performed. In preparing the March statement, all $1800 was listed as revenue. What errors would this cause? What principles are

    asked by Kimmie
  162. English

    Which one of the following sentences contains a predicate adjective? A. Several students failed the test. B. Ancient stones are found nearby. C. The air feels damp. D. This time I will not fail I think the answer is "C"

    asked by Sandia