Questions Asked on
December 7, 2012

  1. MATH

    1. Terre Haute to Indianapolis to Bloomington measures 3 cm on the map. What is the actual distance? 100 km 150 km 200 km 250 km 2. Fort Wayne to Richmond to New Albany measures 6 cm on the map. What is the actual distance? (1 point) 300 km 250 km 350 km

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  2. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    1. 3w – 10w (1 point) 13w –7w –7 7w 2. y + 1.2y +1.2z (1 point) 2.4yz 1.3y + 1.2z 1.2y2 + 1.2z 2.2y + 1.2z 3. 6r + r – 5r (1 point) 2r 1r + r 0r 7r – 5r 4. 5x + 2(x + 6) (1 point) 7x + 6 7x^2 + 12 7x + 12 7x (x + 6) 5. –3m + 3(m + 6) (1 point)

    asked by Delilah
  3. Physics

    Glycerin is poured into an open U-shaped tube until the height in both sides is 20 {\rm cm}. Ethyl alcohol is then poured into one arm until the height of the alcohol column is 20 {\rm cm}. The two liquids do not mix. What is the difference in height

    asked by Amanda
  4. Chemistry - Photons

    Water is exposed to infrared radiation of wavelength 2.5×10−4 cm. Assume that all the radiation is absorbed and converted to heat. How many photons will be required to raise the temperature of 2.5 g of water by 2.5 K? -------------------------- I tried

    asked by Amy
  5. chemistry

    How much 10.0 M HNO3 must be added to 1.00 L of a buffer that is 0.0100 M acetic acid and 0.100 M sodium acetate to reduce the pH to 5.00? pKa of acetic acid= 4.75

    asked by Victoria

    what are the missing reasons in the 2 column proof? Given: JM = ML and m m KL Statements Reasons 1. JM = ML 1. Given 2. KM = KM 2. ? 3. m m KL 4. ? I think 2 is reflection but im not positive. and I have no clue about 4.

    asked by Anonymous
  7. 8th grade math

    Jerome, Kevin, & Seth shared a submarine sandwich. Jerome ate 1/2 of the sandwich, Kevin ate 1/3 of the sandwich and Seth ate the rest. What is the ration of Jerome's share to Kevin's share to Seth's share? 1. 2:3:6 2. 2:6:3 3.3:1:2 4.3:2:1 5.6:3:2 please

    asked by jake
  8. French help please!!!

    Match the correct form of the ver être with the subject pronoun. A. sont B. êtes C. es D. suis E. est F. sommes 1. nous 2. tu 3. vous 4. ils 5. on 6. je 24. Nous sommes intelligents. This sentence tells us: I am smart. He is smart. We are smart. You are

    asked by BaileyBubble
  9. chemistry

    what are the equilibrium concentrations of Pb2+ and F- in a saturated solution of lead (II)flouride if the Ksp for PbF2 is 3.2*10^-8?

    asked by Victoria
  10. Physics

    A compact 60-kg object is attached to one end of horizontal 40-kg uniform steel tube 2.4m long. What is the distance from the loaded end to the center of gravity of the object-tube system?

    asked by Kaitlin
  11. physics

    A 605-kg racing car completes one lap in 14.3 s around a circular track with a radius of 40.0 m. The car moves at constant speed. (a) What is the acceleration of the car? (b) What force must the track exert on the tires to produce this acceleration?

    asked by Noah
  12. Math

    ABC has vertices A(0, 6), B(4, 6), and C(1, 3). Sketch a graph of ABC and use it to find the orthocenter of ABC. Then list the steps you took to find the orthocenter, including any necessary points or slopes you had to derive.

    asked by Bob
  13. Physics HW, Help Please

    A turtle ambles leisurely–as turtles tend to do–when it moves from a location with position vector r1,x = 1.53 m and r1,y = -2.25 m in a lettuce garden to another location, with position vector r2,x = 3.91 m and r2,y = -4.65 m, where the lettuce

    asked by Michael
  14. Pysics

    A wooden bucket filled with water has a mass of 59 kg and is attached to a rope that is wound around a cylinder with a radius of 0.071 m. A crank with a turning radius of 0.29 m is attached to the end of the cylinder. What minimum force directed

    asked by joshua
  15. Chemistry

    A 7.83 g sample of NaCl is dissolved in 90.00 mL of ethyl alcohol solution. Calculate the molar concentration of the solution.

    asked by Monica
  16. physics

    The load-bearing piston in a certain hydraulic system has an area 20 times as large as the input piston. If the larger piston supports a load of 2000N, how large a force must be applied to the input piston? A certain boat displaces a volume of 4.5m3 of

    asked by michele
  17. Physics-science

    A football player weighing 75 kg running at 2 m/s toward west tackles a 70 kg player running 1.5 m/s in the opposite direction. What is the decrease in kinetic energy during the collision?

    asked by Daryl
  18. Bio Help

    Suppose two suspects in a crime have DNA profiles that match the one DNA fragment tested. What should happen next? A)Both suspects must be guilty and should be charged with the crime. B)The test should be repeated because a mistake must have occurred. C)A

    asked by BaileyBubble
  19. math

    Eye color is determined by genetic combination. Let R represent the gene for brown eyes and l represent the gene for blue eyes. Any gene combination including R results in brown eyes. Consider the offspring of a parent with a homozygous brown-eyed, RR gene

    asked by Paige L.
  20. Physics

    A person's body is producing energy internally due to metabolic processes. If the body loses more energy than metabolic processes are generating, its temperature will drop. If the drop is severe, it can be life-threatening. Suppose a person is unclothed

    asked by Confused
  21. pharmacy tech

    KCI supplements are most often used in combination with?

    asked by cleondra
  22. Spanish

    Can someone plz fill in the blanks for me i can't find the cd and its due tomorrow??!!!!!!PLZZZZ En la 11.________ te llamé. De la oscuridad me llamaste. Reconocí tu 12.______. Reconociste la mia. "Vente para acá,"13.______. Respondiste: "¿Dónde

    asked by Molly
  23. physics

    A 250-g block of ice is removed from the refrigerator at 􏰀8.0°C. How much heat does the ice absorb as it warms to room temperature (22°C)? The heat of fusion of water is 3.34􏰁105 J/kg.

    asked by yasir
  24. Statistics

    The amount of soda a dispensing machine pours into a 12 ounce can of soda follows a normal distribution with a standard deviation of 0.12 ounces. Every can that has more than 12.30 ounces of soda poured into it causes a spill and the can needs to go

    asked by Allison
  25. physics

    If the torque required to loosen a nut that is holding a flat tire in place on a car has a magnitude of 44 N · m, what minimum force must be exerted by the mechanic at the end of a 20 cm-long wrench to loosen the nut? Answer in units of N

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Chemistry

    You are planning an experiment that requires 0.0610 mol of nitrogen monoxide gas (NO). What volume would you need at STP? Answer in units of L

    asked by Tanner
  27. calculus

    I really hate to dump a problem like this on the teachers here, but I really need to get an answer to this. Thank you and I'm sorry. A Norman window is constructed by adjoining a semicircle to the top of an ordinary rectangular window. Find the dimensions

    asked by jimmy
  28. Chemistry

    How is the intercept of the Rydberg plot related to the Rydberg constant?

    asked by Sarah
  29. algebra

    Eye color is determined by genetic combination. Let R represent the gene for brown eyes and l represent the gene for blue eyes. Any gene combination including R results in brown eyes. Consider the offspring of a parent with a homozygous brown-eyed, RR gene

    asked by Paige L.
  30. History

    Which of the following statements about Herbert Hoover is not true? A. He had been an engineer and businessman. B. He had been the governor of New York. C. He had helped provide food to starving people after WWI. D. He managed a gold mine in the Australian

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  31. ECE

    1.when a child hits another child because he is angry, the best way to handle the situation is to? A.send the hitter to a time-out chair B.intervine immediately and ask each child what happened C.tell the second child to hit the first child back D.make the

    asked by Leeann
  32. Pysics

    A mother and daughter are on a seesaw in the park. How far from the center must the 127 lb mother sit in order to balance the 49 lb daughter sitting 7 ft from the center?

    asked by joshua
  33. Physics

    How far is the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system from the center of the Earth? The Earth's mass is 5.97e24 Kg, the Moon's mass is 7.4e22 Kg, and the distance between their centers is 3.8e8m.

    asked by Osamudiamen
  34. Calculus

    A rectangular microprocessor chip is designed to have an area of 121mm^2.What must its dimensions be if its perimetar is to be a minimum?

    asked by Dimitri
  35. 7th Grade Art

    1. This is the process of gathering facts and information from works of art in order to make intelligent judgments about them. There are four steps to this process. (1 point) aesthetics art criticism principles of art elements of art 2. The study of the

    asked by Eliana
  36. chemistry

    What is the pH of a saturated solution of silver hydroxide, given Ksp =1.56*10^-8

    asked by Victoria
  37. MATH

    Evaluate by writing it as a sum of two integrals and interpreting one of those integrals in terms of an area.

    asked by LUNG
  38. Reading

    Choose the option that correctly identifies the words in () in each sentence. 5. (Stretching for 210 miles) , the Thames is in England. (1 point) prepositional phrase gerund phrase participial phrase appositive phrase 6. (Eating flesh with razor-sharp

    asked by Lily
  39. Math

    The Johnstown inclined plane in johnstown, pennsylvania, is a cable car that transports people up and down the side of a hill. during the cable car's climb, you move about 17 feet upward for every 25 feet you move forward. at the top of the incline, the

    asked by Anon
  40. 8th Grade Math

    A ship leaves the East Coast for California. It is traveling at a constant speed of five knots and takes 200 days to reach California. The ship arrives in California at the exact time of day that it left the East Coast. How far did the ship travel? Please

    asked by Chris
  41. math

    The management of Ditton Industries has determined that the daily marginal revenue function associated with selling x units of their deluxe toaster ovens is given by the following, where R'(x) is measured in dollars/unit. R'(x)=-0.1x+40 (a) Find the daily

    asked by britney
  42. Social Studies

    What questions would you ask a Pharaoh?

    asked by Jay
  43. math

    What fraction = .40625

    asked by noah
  44. Grade 11 MAth

    Determine the equation of a sine function that would have a range of {y| -4 ≤ y ≤ 1, y ε R} and a period of 45o. Determine the cosine function that results in the same graph as the function above. Deter

    asked by sarah
  45. pharmacy math

    hiow many grams of 2% silver nitrate ointment will deliver 1 g of the active ingredient?

    asked by cleondra
  46. fractions

    If you have eight cookies and you give one fourth away, how many cookies are left?

    asked by dana
  47. CRJ303-Statistics question

    Re-worded from the "Study Questions" part of Chapter 5 from this site: "Student Study Site for Essentials of Social Statistics for a Diverse Society" Please show the steps for each question "When the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) - now known as the

    asked by Michael
  48. Spanish

    R these correct??plz help En la 11. ___________ te llamé. De la oscuridad me llamaste. Reconocí tu 12. ___________. Reconociste la mia. “Vente para acá,” 13. ___________. Respondiste: “¿Dónde estás, papá? No te 14. ___________ .” “ 15.

    asked by Molly
  49. ECE

    the child development checklist is an observation tool that? A.can only be used by one observer for the same child B.omits references to childrens emotions. C.includes space to record non-objective data. D.focuses on sequences of child development

    asked by Leeann
  50. 7th grade science help

    3. Which is a possible genotype of a child of parents with blood types O and AB? (1 point) AO; BO AB; BO BO; OO CO; AB 4. You are looking at four tall pea plants. What are their phenotypes and genotypes, respectively? (1 point) tall; Tt or TT short; tt Tt

    asked by Delilah
  51. physics

    What must be the magnitude of the force of static friction between the surface and the bottom of the crate?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Chemistry

    How many moles of Br2 are present in 500mL of vapor when Br2(l) and Br2(g) are in equilibrium at 33 degrees celcius? (Pvap Br2 at 33C = 299 mm Hg)

    asked by Jason
  53. chemistry

    (a) Certain alloys such as LaNi5 can store hydrogen at room temperature. A plate of LaNi5 containing no hydrogen is placed in a chamber filled with pure hydrogen and maintained at a constant pressure. At what depth from the surface will the concentration

    asked by kiril
  54. physics

    I need a 1.00 W motor to push a garbage compactor so that it squishes some garbage. The garbage has a spring constant of 49.7 N/m. If I am going to squish it 30 cm, determine how much time the compactor takes.

    asked by Anna
  55. world history

    During the 16th to 19th centuries, Europeans a) retreated from political dominance of the world b) exerted political dominance over much of the world c)possessed an innate cultural superiority that aided their conquest of territories d)both exerted

    asked by marie
  56. Basic Geometry

    Are these quadrilaterals with the following characteristics parallelograms? (quadrilateral ABCD with diagonals intersecting at E) 1. AB is congruent to AD and AB is parallel to DC 2. AB and DC are congruent and parallel 3. DE and BE are congruent (I'm

    asked by sl
  57. algebra 2

    given the zeros, write a polynomial equation in factored -5,9,12 show all the step please

    asked by lisa
  58. Chemistry

    The ionization energy of hydrogen is 1313 kJ/mol. Covert this energy to: wavelength (nm) 1/wavelength, reciprocal wavelength (cm^-1) spectral region? (IR, visible, UV, etc.) I know E=hv=hc/wavelength h=6.62 x 10^-34 J-s c= 3x10^8 v=c/wavelength But for

    asked by Sarah
  59. ECE 203

    I have a power point presentation and need some help. Focus of the Final Project The summative assignment is to develop a PowerPoint presentation designed for a parent meeting. The goal is to inform parents of how your program aligns curriculum plans with

    asked by Donna
  60. Probability Statistics

    a manufacturing plant uses 3000 light bulbs whose lifetimes are independently normally distributed with mean 500 hrs, and standard deviation 50 hrs. to minimize the number of bulbs that burn out during production hours, all bulbs are replaced after given

    asked by Liza
  61. physics

    Two pipes, equal in length, are each open at one end. Each has a fundamental frequency of 475 Hz at 297 K. In one pipe the air temperature is increased to 304 K. If the two pipes are sounded together, what beat frequency results?

    asked by Emily
  62. Physics

    A person standing close to a railroad crossing hears the whistle of an approaching train. He notes that the pitch of the whistle drops as the train passes by and moves away from the crossing. The frequency of the distant approaching whistle is 540 Hz; it

    asked by Emily
  63. The Age Of Jefferson To The American Expansion

    1. Which of the following utopian communities was founded and established in New York State? A. Shaker Village B. Spiritualist C. Oneida D. New Harmony 2. The first fully developed American factory system emerged in the _______ industry. A. textile B.

    asked by tasha
  64. Geometry

    The lengths of the sides of a triangle are 3,5, and 7 inches. How many inches long is the shortest side of a similar triangle that has a perimeter of 75 inches? F.10 G.12 H.14 H.15 k.22

    asked by Lisa
  65. 7th grade math

    Simplify each expression. 1. 2z - 3y - 8z + y 2. 9 - 7t + 1 + 4t 3. For the summer, Tia buys 3 T-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts. Her brother buys 4 T-shirts and 1 pair of shorts. Define and use variables to represent the total cost. I have no idea how to do

    asked by Delilah
  66. chemistry

    Need to find info about chemical reaction of lemon juice and baking soda. Doing experiment where gas produced will inflate balloon hopefully. Will outcome be a lot different than if I had used vinegar?

    asked by Kay
  67. math

    A lender gives you a choice between the following two 30-year mortgages of $200,000: Mortgage A: 6.65% interest compounded monthly, one point, monthly payment of $1283.93 Mortgage B: 6.8% interest compounded monthly, no points, monthly payment of $1303.85

    asked by Logan
  68. Biology help please

    For which of the following organisms would you expect the DNA sequence to be least similar to the housefly’s? A)butterfly B)grasshopper C)monkey D)beetle im pretty sure its monkey but if someone else from connections could verify or help me out that

    asked by BaileyBubble
  69. algebra 2


    asked by eve
  70. physics

    A 14.8 kg box is being dragged 12.5 m across the floor using a rope held at a 32 degree angle from the floor. the force being used is 146 N. Determine the work that has been done.

    asked by April
  71. Grammar

    Identify the parts of speech the this sentence. When they raise me to a high position, then ill get a raise

    asked by Nikki
  72. chemistry

    what are the boiling point and freezing point of a 3.17 m solution of naphthalene in benzene

    asked by Anonymous
  73. math

    Over a period of 5 games a basketball team made exactly 44% of their shots. the number of shots taken was more than 310 and less than 350. How many shots were made?

    asked by Bob
  74. pharmacy math

    into what size bottle will a prescription for 180ml of cough syrup best fit?

    asked by cleondra
  75. pharmacy math

    if 500 ml of a 15% solution is diluted to 1500 ml, how would you label the final strength of the solution?

    asked by cleondra
  76. math

    The demand function for a certain brand of CD is given by the following equation where p is the wholesale unit price in dollars and x is the quantity demanded each week, measured in units of a thousand. p-0.01x^2-0.1x+6 Determine the consumers' surplus if

    asked by britney
  77. Writing

    Can you proofread my essay? Be Yourself “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” In the stories, “Not Poor, Just Broke,” by !@#$%^& Gregory, “Salvation,” by Langston

    asked by Mattea
  78. ECE

    Which of the following is the most important reason for assessing young children? A. To prove the effectiveness of the program B. To comply with federal standards C. To evaluate children's development D. To qualify for federal funding

    asked by leeann
  79. science

    You freeze 92g of water, and it becomes a cube of ice. a. What is the mass of the ice cube? b. The cube's volume os 100cm3. What is it's density? c. Will the ice cube float or sink in water?

    asked by Max
  80. pharmacy tech

    the recommended dose for gentamicin is 5mg/kg/ day in threee divided doses.If a patient weighs 164lb, how many milligrams should that patient receive for each dose? which of the following drugs is classed as an h2 antagonist?

    asked by cleondra
  81. chemistry

    The average pH of open ocean water is 8.1. What is the maximum value of [Fe3+] in pH 8.1 seawater if the Ksp of Fe(OH)3 is 1.1*10^-36?

    asked by Brunette
  82. ECE

    Teachers need to strengthen their powers of observation when assessing young children. Which one of the following statements about observing is correct? A. The more each of us knows about child development, the more different our observations of the same

    asked by leeann
  83. Anthropology

    What are economic aspects of globalization?

    asked by Bo
  84. physics

    You press down on the gas on your car and accelerate through the mob of zombies in front of you. As you move 65 m through the swarm to get out of the place you've been hiding in, you estimate that the force of your car increases from 200 N to 780 N.

    asked by Able
  85. math

    A sports car is on sale at the local dealership.The price discounted is $12,595 .With 5% down, you can pay $249.34 a month for 60 months to pay for the car which includes interest.What is the total cost of this car if you bought on the installment plan?

    asked by Liala
  86. pharmacy tech

    what is the total volume of D5W needed for a 24 hr period if the infusion runs at a rate of 125 ml/hr?

    asked by cleondra
  87. Chemistry

    Consider a 9.5e-10 M solution of HClO4 at 283 K. What is the pH of the solution?

    asked by Chris
  88. physics

    A charge of +3c is located 50cm from a charge of -6c A what is the magnitude of the force exerted on each charge? B on a drwing indicate the directioon of the forces acting on each charge

    asked by marsha
  89. Chemistry

    Titration of 25.00 mL of a monoprotic acid solution with 0.2269 M NaOH is: Initial NaOH = 3.96 mL Final NaOH = 38.84 mL (dif is 34.88mL) Based on data what is the molar concentration of acid? I did V x M = 0.03488L NaOH x 0.2269 = 0.079143 Not sure if I

    asked by Terry
  90. algebra 2

    given the zeros,write a polynomial equation in factored form.zeros: -45,99,127,358 show all the step please.

    asked by lisa
  91. maths..plse helppppppp

    Please help me to find the separate equations of the line represented by following equations: a) x^2+2(cosec a)xy-y^2=0 b) x^2+2xy. tan a-y^2=0

    asked by ragini
  92. linear programming math

    A man owns two building supply stores, one on the east side and one on the west side of the city. Two customers order some 1/2 inch plywood. Customer A needs 50 sheets and customer B needs 70 sheets. The east side store has 80 sheets and the west side

    asked by abc
  93. Chemistry

    Assume that gas mileage is proportional to the total energy released upon combustion of fuel. Use your results in question 2 (Ethanol=88,800 kJ/gal n-Octance=105,000 kJ/gal) to determine the ratio of ethanol /n-Octane required, in gallons to drive equal

    asked by Jenifer
  94. Science

    Hello I'm looking to do easy and fast science fair projects? Something environmental Science fair project if you can just suggest some websites that's fine also c:

    asked by Anonymous
  95. pharmacy tech

    when measuring liquid in a graduated cylinder, where is the volume of liquid read?

    asked by cleondra
  96. Probability(math)

    How many computer passwords can be created with three digits followed by three letters if the first number cannot be 0 or no number or letter can be repeated?

    asked by M.
  97. College Algebra and Finance

    Please help! Just need the answer... A lender gives you a choice between the following two 30-year mortgages of $200,000: Mortgage A: 6.65% interest compounded monthly, one point, monthly payment of $1283.93 Mortgage B: 6.8% interest compounded monthly, no

    asked by Logan
  98. Algebra Two

    Write the expression in simplified radical form. 2-2Square root 3 over 7+ square root 3

    asked by Josh
  99. Chemistry

    Two liquids A and B have vapor pressures of 71.3 and 131 mmHg, respectively, at 25 degrees Celsius. What is the total vapor pressure of the ideal solution made up in the following concentrations? 1.00 mole of A and 1.00 mole of B 2.00 moles of A and 5.00

    asked by Vivian
  100. physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the force required to cause an anterior dislocation of the glenohumeral joint given that he force has a lever arm of 52 cm, the maximum magnitude of the resistance force is 1080 N and the resistance force has a lever arm of 4.3

    asked by dmkp
  101. English cheack answer

    4. Which of the following sentences is a compound sentence? Charlie said it’s cold outside but hot in his bedroom. Jared enjoys eating eggs and bacon for breakfast. Sierra can’t decide between the blue and the black shoes. Thomas is meeting us at the

    asked by Jman
  102. pharmacy tech

    kci supplements are most often used in combination with what drug? how much neomycin powder must be adde3d to fluocinolone craem to dispense an order for 60 g of fluocinolone cream with 0.5% neomycin? which of the following drugs is most likely to cause

    asked by cleondra
  103. chemistry

    the pressure of 3moles of an ideal gas in a container is reduced from 1.0 atm to 0.50 atm against a constant pressure of 0.50 atm at a constant temperature of 273K..what is the change of heat (in J) for the process??Assume that internal energy change at

    asked by Emin
  104. Chemistry

    when 20 ml of a .10 M silver nitrate solution is mixed with 25 ml of a 0.080 M solution of sodium sulfide, producing a precipitate of silver sulfide, what is the final concentration of sulfide ion?

    asked by Helga
  105. English

    I have an essay due Sunday, so could someone read my writing? If there are any unclear points, please ask questions for clarity. You may also point out spelling/grammar errors, but please to not tell me what to rewrite to fix the errors. Thanks! Throughout

    asked by Anonymous
  106. science

    The Paleozic Era This era followed the Precambrian time What made it deffernt? What events orrcured. 1 2 3 4 5

    asked by Anonymous
  107. science

    If 1600cals of heat are added to 50g of water initally at a temperature of 10c what is the final temperature of the water?

    asked by linece
  108. Physics

    A pendulum with a length of 2.0 m has a period of 2.8 sec. What is the period of a pendulum with a length of 8.0 m?

    asked by Kayla
  109. pharmacy math

    if a patient should receive a medication at 15mg/kg/day in three equally divided doses what will be the approximate dose if the patient weighd 142lb?

    asked by cleondra
  110. math

    A boat travels down the river in 2.6 hours. The return trip up river takes 3.9 hours. A one way trip down or up river is a distance of 21 miles. If the boat is traveling at maximum speed, what is the boats speed measured in waters with no current? You need

    asked by Anonymous
  111. chemistry

    An undesirable consequence of welding steel by acetylene torch is the rise in hydrogen concentration in the metal. That hydrogen contamination embrittles the steel. The metal is typically subjected to a vacuum heat treatment to restore ductility. A steel

    asked by lisa
  112. ECE

    3. In preschool, teachers who want to foster children's emotional development should focus on learning A. how to use discipline appropriately. B. how to help children develop appropriate emotional responses. C. what teachers should do when children act

    asked by leeann
  113. math

    in order to increase the mean of 6 numbers by 3, what would the total sum of the increase be? A. 3 B.9 C.12 D.16 E.18

    asked by jess
  114. English

    In whick of the following sentences is the underlined word and object pronoun? A. You really should apologize to her B. I would like you to listen to me. C. I gave her a gift for her birthday. D. We returned our books to the library I think the answer is

    asked by Sandia
  115. physics

    3.54 x 10^2 J of work is done to speed up a 1.22 x 10^2 kg log rolling along the ground. If the log was originlly moving at 2.3 m/s, determine how fast it ends up going.

    asked by Abby
  116. language

    Churches best seats were reserved for members of the gentry.

    asked by Anonymous
  117. chemistry

    "Carburization" of pure iron (Fe) is carried out at 950∘ C. It is desirable to achieve a carbon content of 0.9% at a depth of 0.1 mm below the surface. A constant supply of carbon at the surface maintains a surface concentration of 1.2%. Assuming the

    asked by lisa
  118. English

    What are some flaws of Cassie Logan from the book let the circle be unbroken? I can tell that she's strong willed but I don't know if that's really a flaw

    asked by Alley
  119. Spanish

    What's the correct way to say Then I was mistaken In Spanish?

    asked by Molly
  120. Physics

    A spring has a a constant of 650 N/m. How far must it be compressed to push a 4kg object on a friction-less surface to 3 m/s?

    asked by Alice
  121. Math

    Craftsmen install 500 sq ft of ceramic tile and 100 sq ft of vinyl tile in one day. An apprentice installs 100 sq ft of ceramic tile and 200 sq ft of vinyl tile in one day. The firm has a job that requires 2000 sq ft of ceramic tile and 1600 sq ft of vinyl

    asked by Andrew
  122. pharmacy math

    what is the total volume for a 24hr period if the infusion rate of 125 ml/hr?

    asked by cleondra
  123. chemistry

    You wish to remove nitrogen from the near-surface region of a plate of cobalt which is 1.0 cm thick. The plate is placed in a furnace at 417∘ C where an atmosphere of H2 and NH3 reacts with the nitrogen in the cobalt and fixes the surface concentration

    asked by lisa
  124. chem

    A 0.050 L solution of H2SO4 requires 200.0 mL of 4.0 M NaOH for phenophthalein to turns pink to colorless. What is the molarity of the original H2SO4 solution? I got 4M but my instructor said it's 8M how did he get that? Pls need help figuring it out.

    asked by Tricia
  125. Economics

    1. Your country faces the following In the product market: IS = 6,752 - 37Y In the money market: LM = 1.75 In the BOP market: BP = -684 + 62Y a. Graph the above conditions. Is this an example of the classical case? If yes, explain. If no, show how it would

    asked by Eric
  126. Spanish

    Which is he correct way to rite this sentence in Spanish We lost the game Perdimos el juego OR Perdimos el partido

    asked by Molly
  127. Chemistry Check

    I just want to make sure I did the following problem right, and don't have to convert any further. What is the frequency of light whose frequency is 6.4 x 10^15 sec^-1? c= wavelength x v wavelength= c/v 3 x10^8 divided by 6.4 x 10^15 =4.69 x 10^-8?

    asked by Sarah
  128. hydraulic

    a cylinder has a 3" diameter and a 1-7/8" diameter rod with 800psi. what is the force output of the cylinder extending and retracting

    asked by john R.
  129. algebra 2

    What is the axis of symmetry for y=x^2-8x+8 equation ? Be sure to use correct notation

    asked by kiyanna
  130. maths --plse help me..

    Let a,b,c be positive integers such that a divides b^2 , b divides c^2 and c divides a^2 . Prove that abc divides (a + b + c)7 .

    asked by Anamika
  131. math

    find the differential of dy of the given function. y=3x-4sec(2x-1) The answer i got was dy=(3-8sec(2x-1)tan(2x-1))dx I am not entirely certain i got this correct. if you could check this for me, it would be a big help. :)

    asked by charles xavier
  132. pharmacy tech

    the federal law enacted in 1970 that requires the use of a child resistant caps on all dispensing containers unless otherwise desired by the patinet is known as?

    asked by cleondra
  133. beginning algebra

    A line passes through (4,-8/3) and (-4/5, -2). What is the slope of this line?

    asked by tmouery
  134. Calculus

    Find the slope of the tangent line to f(x)=x/x^2+1 at (2,f(2)).

    asked by Dimitri
  135. Math

    Chemistry of Life Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following form the main components of our body cells? carbohydrates and proteins fat and phosphorous proteins and iron nucleic acids and calcium 2. Organic compounds always contain______. water oxygen

    asked by Briana T
  136. calculus

    If (a,-12)is a point on the graph of y=x^2+7, what is a?

    asked by Holly
  137. MATH

    Chemistry of Life Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following form the main components of our body cells? carbohydrates and proteins fat and phosphorous proteins and iron nucleic acids and calcium 2. Organic compounds always contain______. water oxygen

    asked by Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fast its urgent Please!!!!!!!!!
  138. calculus

    I have two questions please 1.for the given equation list the intercepts and test for symmetry 49x^2+y^22=49 2. for the midpoint of the line segment from p_1 to P_2 is (-5,4). if P_1=(-2,2) what is P_2? Please show work

    asked by spazed out
  139. physics

    for a man of mass 75kg and height 185 cm claculate the following using standard anthropometric data. 1. length of his upper arm 2. mass of his upper arm 3. position of the centre of mass of his upper arm relative to the glenohumeral joint 4. radius of

    asked by dmkp
  140. Physics

    You shoot a rocket straight into the air from the ground.It takes 8.0 seconds to come back down to the ground.What was its initial velocity ? Vf^2=Vi^2+2ax 0=vi^2+2(-9.8)(8.0)

    asked by Anonymous
  141. Chemistry

    In which energy level would the f orbital make their first apperance? ( use quantum mechanical proof your answer) Please help, I don't get what's the question asking! Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  142. ICP

    Mike is swinging at the playground. At one point, he is moving at 2 m/s. His mass is 72 kg, and he is 0.6 m off the ground. What is his mechanical energy?

    asked by jasmine
  143. physical science

    calculate the change in thermal energy when 120kg of sand warms from 10 degrees celcius to 90 degrees celcius

    asked by Anonymous
  144. Urgent! MATH

    Can some one please explain to me how to do this??? You are walking across a field to get to a hiking path. Use the graph below to find the shortest distance you can walk to reach the path. Explain how you know you have the shortest distance. In the graph,

    asked by Anonymous
  145. chemistry

    You wish to remove nitrogen from the near-surface region of a plate of cobalt which is 1.0 cm thick. The plate is placed in a furnace at 417∘ C where an atmosphere of H2 and NH3 reacts with the nitrogen in the cobalt and fixes the surface concentration

    asked by lisa
  146. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.050 mol/L sulfurous acid sample taken from an acid lake? The answer should come to 1.7 but I'm not sure how to get to it.

    asked by Anonymous
  147. Financial

    Jenny has a part time job and her net take-home income is $2000 per month. She needs to allocate her funds to reflect a balanced monthly budget. Jenny's main categories of expenses include rent, utilities, and groceries.

    asked by Ann
  148. Fourth grade science

    Students are conducting an investigation that tests the force of a magnet by using one magnet to repel a second magnet. Which tool would be needed to measure the distance the second magnet moves? A thermometer,A spring scale, A ruler, or A compass

    asked by Alex
  149. physics

    a person is standing at the top of a 58 m tall hill. He stumbles and falls. As he rolls down the hill, magically friction has no effect on him! when he is still 25.0 m above the base of the hill determine how fast he is moving.

    asked by Ann
  150. Math

    how do I explain how to solve the following problem 2 X 10 square + 3 X 10 to the first + 5 X 10 to the zero +7 X 10 to the negative one

    asked by Mattie
  151. Chemistry

    Write equatios for the ionization of the following acids. (a)HF , (b)H2SO3 , (c)CH3COOH , (d)HNO3.

    asked by Chemistry
  152. english

    Which sentence is the gerund used as an appositive? A) Catering is a great way to show off your talent as a cook. b) The best part of catering is making a special occasion a tasty event. c) The girl has a new job, catering. d) Mr. Lane gives all of his

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Algebra 2 Modulus

    what would the modulus be for -6+ 4i and write it in simplified radical form?

    asked by Ashley
  154. pharmacy tech

    which of the following conditions is the drug rifampin used used to treat?

    asked by cleondra
  155. pharmacy math

    what is the total volume for a 24hr period if the infusion rate of 125 ml/hr?

    asked by cleondra
  156. Math

    Consider a curve lying on the cylinder x^2 + y^2 = 1 and given by the vector function r(t) = (cost,sin t, t^2), for t ≥ 0. Find equations of normal planes at the points (1, 0, 0) and (1, 0, 4π^2) Hi, I don't really know how to start this. I know the

    asked by A.
  157. Math

    John has 11 more quarters than dimes. He has a total of $7.65. How many quarters and dimes does he have?

    asked by Sammy
  158. English

    I need to make a thesis that uses stranger in a strange land and its backed up by the Handmaids tale. Like I could talk about how religion causes oppression in stranger in a strange land and the handmaids tale. Right now im trying to use this thesis:Robert

    asked by Alexis
  159. hr

    I tend to stay with my original opinion even after a discussion with others.

    asked by kim
  160. Child Psychology

    What is meant by resilient and fragile properties of behavior? Choose an example of your own experience that illustrates how a behavior can contain both resilient and fragile properties.

    asked by Dolores
  161. calculus

    Sasha is in the park with her friend megan. They are separated by 50 ft. megan lets go of his red ballon and it goes straight up in the air. At what rate is sasha's eye angle changing if he is watching the ballon rise at a rate of 4 ft per sec, the moment

    asked by Bell
  162. Math 10-3

    the work i got from my math teacher says Determine the surface area of each right rectangular prism to the nearest square unit. Any Help with that?....

    asked by David
  163. math

    A customer needs 88, 2-inch pipe connectors to complete a project. How many bags of connectors would you recommend the customer purchase if each bag includes 25 connectors? 2 4 25 88 100 176

    asked by kim
  164. math

    What is 4 1/8 times 3 1/4 in of area or what is 429 ÷ 32

    asked by Anonymous
  165. math

    make a 5 by 5 tile uisng 5 different colors. None can be in the same row nor be diagional.

    asked by Lisa
  166. maths-binomial theorem--plse help

    find the greatest term in the expansion of (1+x) raised to thepower of10, x=2/3

    asked by angad
  167. chemistry

    You wish to remove nitrogen from the near-surface region of a plate of cobalt which is 1.0 cm thick. The plate is placed in a furnace at 417∘ C where an atmosphere of H2 and NH3 reacts with the nitrogen in the cobalt and fixes the surface concentration

    asked by lisa
  168. chemistry

    You wish to remove nitrogen from the near-surface region of a plate of cobalt which is 1.0 cm thick. The plate is placed in a furnace at 417∘ C where an atmosphere of H2 and NH3 reacts with the nitrogen in the cobalt and fixes the surface concentration

    asked by lisa
  169. gg

    If a¯,b¯ are non collinear unit vectors, |a¯+b¯|=2 , then (2a¯+5b¯).(3a¯+b¯) =

    asked by Anonymous
  170. calculus

    Plot the points and determine the slope of the line containing them (-7,-4);(8,-4) please show work

    asked by Holly
  171. math

    how do you work this problem: 16^(1/2) on paper, without using a calculator. Ans. is: 4 Thanks, Edna

    asked by Edna
  172. chemistry

    The fictitious compound, arrhenium fluoride (AhF), reacts with itself to form a dimer with the formula Ah2F2. The value of the rate constant is 6.091*10^-3M^-1.s^-1. What is the initial rate of reaction in a reactor filled with AhF to a concentration of

    asked by cutie.....
  173. french

    how do you unscramble eiuocrrl in French?

    asked by bob
  174. chemistry

    You wish to remove nitrogen from the near-surface region of a plate of cobalt which is 1.0 cm thick. The plate is placed in a furnace at 417∘ C where an atmosphere of H2 and NH3 reacts with the nitrogen in the cobalt and fixes the surface concentration

    asked by lisa
  175. spinish

    express what people like to do using the verb gustar

    asked by Michael
  176. Algebra 2

    Solve the equation x-1= square root 3x+15

    asked by Ashley
  177. my personal problems

    if i was sexually assaulted, might i do it to someone else?

    asked by Anonymous
  178. Math

    Find the critical numbers of the functions: F(x) = x^(4/5)(x-4)^2 f(θ) = 2cosθ +sin^2(θ)

    asked by Anonymous
  179. math

    If I have 25 balls in a bowl 10 black,5 blue ,5 green ,5 red . what is the probability of me pulling out a red? 1/5 ,4/5,2/10,1/25 etc....

    asked by robert
  180. math

    The number of square feet of lawn Mitch can mow is described with the equation y = 700x - 50, where y is the number of square feet of lawn and x is the mowing time in hours. How many square feet can Mitch mow in 1.5 hours?

    asked by Anonymous
  181. pharmacy tech

    which of thr following drugs is classed as an h2 antagonist?

    asked by cleondra
  182. math

    Evaluate the definite integral. [0,1] √(7x(√(x)+√(7)dx

    asked by britney
  183. plse helppppp

    prove that 1/2 * 1/3 * 1/4 * ... ..... ... ..... ..... .... ....... .... ... ....1/99 < 1/2

    asked by sumit
  184. math

    I need to sketch the graph of t(x)=2x^2 +3x > or equal to 10x-x^2. How do I work out the points to plot on the graph?

    asked by lindsay
  185. math

    The function f:x =2x+1/x-3 and g:x =1-x/2 a. For what value of x is 'f' undefined? b. Find 'f' inverse and hence solve f(x) =1/3. c.Show that fg(x) -gh(x).

    asked by lindsay
  186. Science

    If the earth's rotation slowed down, how would that affect the winds in the US?

    asked by Anonymous
  187. math

    Find the range of values of 'c' for which g(x)= -3x^2-4x-c has complex roots

    asked by lindsay
  188. maths --plse help me..

    find the sum to infinity of the following series rn (1+1/n) -(1 - 1/1+n) - n square / (n+1)square + ...........

    asked by angel
  189. algebra 2

    find the number of zeros(x-intercept) y=a^2+a-56 show the step please.

    asked by lisa
  190. algebra 2

    check my answer please find the number of zeros(x-intercepts) y=3k^3-6k^2-45k=k(3k+9)(k-5)= k(3k^2-15k+9k-45)=k(3k^2-6k-45) or should i do it 3k(k-5) (k+3)=3k(k^2+3k-5k-15)=3k(k^2-2k-15) which on is the right one please let me know.thanks

    asked by lisa
  191. math

    a rectangular prism has l=6" & v= 144in^3. what are possible values for w & h?

    asked by sarah
  192. Life Science

    Name one plant and one animal that previously lived in Antarctica, but are now extinct throughout the entire world.

    asked by John
  193. maths --plse help me..

    find the sum to infinity of the following series rn (1+1/n) -(1 - 1/1+n) - n square / (n+1)square + ...........

    asked by angel