Questions Asked on
November 15, 2012


    What is the probability that a randomly selected divisor of 720 is a multiple of 4? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by failureinmath
  2. English

    i need help with english article, it say find irony, but i not get what irony be in here? i know there be three types of irony and this one be verbal irony which mean author of article mean to say opposite of what she means, but then do she not like

    asked by Mohammad
  3. help me pls :(

    1. m – 7 < 6 (1 point)m < –13 m < 1 m < –1 m < 13 2. n – 8 > 5 (1 point)n > 13 n > 3 n > –3 n > –13 3. p + 5 < 10 (1 point)p < –15 p < 5 p < 15 p < –5 4. The science class is taking a trip to the Science Center. There are 20 students and an

    asked by :(
  4. statistics

    A researcher used an analysis of variance to compare three treatment conditions with a separate sample of n = 8 participants in each treatment. The results of the analysis are shown in the following summary. Fill in all missing values in the table. (Hint:

    asked by Robbie
  5. Chemistry: Dr. Bob, can you check my work?

    In the "Methode Champenoise," grape juice is fermented in a wine bottle to produce sparkling wine. The reaction is given below. C6H12O6(aq) 2 C2H5OH(aq) + 2 CO2(g) Fermentation of 712 mL grape juice (density = 1.0 g/cm3) is allowed to take place in a

    asked by Zachary
  6. physics PLEASE HELP

    A source emits sound uniformly in all directions. There are no reflections of the sound. At a distance r1 from the source the sound is 6.5 dB louder than it is at a distance r2 from the source. What is the ratio r1/r2?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. physics

    EXERCISE 4.9 (a) Suppose a hockey puck slides down a frictionless ramp with an acceleration of 5.00 m/s2. What angle does the ramp make with respect to the horizontal? (b) If the ramp has a length of 6.00 m, how long does it take the puck to reach the

    asked by hisham
  8. calculus

    1)A function g is defined for all real numbers and has the following property: g(a+b) - g(a) = 4ab+2b2 find g'(x) A)4 B)-4 C)2x^2 D)4x E)does not exist not so sure where to start 2)If d/dx[f(x)] = g(x) and d/dx[g(x)] = f(3x, then d^2/dx^2 [f(x^2)] is

    asked by Kevin
  9. Chemistry

    A solution has a pH of 3.90. What is the hydroxide ion concentration? I know that I need to find H30+ first but my teacher doesn't allow calculators on the test. So how would I find the answer WITHOUT a calculator?

    asked by Chels
  10. math

    a particle starts at time t = 0 and moves along the x - axis so that its position at any time t is greater than or equal to zero is given x(t) = (t-1)^3(2t-3) A. Find the velocity of the particle at any time t greater than or equal to 0. B. For what values

    asked by Joe
  11. Chemistry

    An unknown salt is either NaF, NaCl or NaOCl when 0.050 moles of the salt is dissolved in water to form 0.500 L of solution, the pH of the solution is 8.08? is the solution NaF, NaCl, or NaOCl, I think its NaF?

    asked by Josh G.
  12. Statistics

    One event A is _________________ of another event B if the probabilty of event A has occurred given event B is the same as the probability that A will occur with no knowledge of B. disjoint mutually exclusive dependent independent

    asked by John
  13. physics pre-ap

    A(n) 1100 kg car is parked on a 4 incline. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Find the force of friction keeping the car from sliding down the incline. Answer in units of N

    asked by madison

    Barrett Industries invests a large sum of money in R & D; as a result, it retains and reinvests all of its earnings. In other words, Barrett does not pay any dividends and it has no plans to pay dividends in the near future. A major pension fund is

    asked by Yinka
  15. chemistry

    Part A 6.00×10−3 mol of HBr are dissolved in water to make 16.0L of solution. What is the concentration of hydroxide ions,[OH-], in this solution? Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked by Deane
  16. math

    jose can read 7 pages of his book on 5 minutes. at this rate, how long will it take him to read the entire 175-page book

    asked by DaisyMae
  17. physics

    A child bounces a 54 g superball on the side- walk. The velocity change of the superball is from 23 m/s downward to 19 m/s upward. If the contact time with the sidewalk is 1 800 s, what is the magnitude of the average force exerted on the superball by the

    asked by victor
  18. 4th grade math

    387,422 round to the nearest thousand 124,607 round to the nearest ten thousand 111,022 round to the nearest hundred 276,431 round to the nearest ten thousand

    asked by Lourane
  19. math

    approximately how many times as much money does the smith family spend on miscellaneous item as it spends on utilities? 1] 4 2] 5 3] 9 4] 15 5] 50 please help me please

    asked by nerline 2
  20. science

    Jai-Anna, who has a mass of 45 kilograms, climbed 3 meters up a ladder to rescue her cat from a tree. How much work against gravity did she do?

    asked by cristopher
  21. Chemistry

    How much heat (in kJ) is required to warm 12.0g of ice, initially at -12.0C, to steam at 111.0?C The heat capacity of ice is 2.09J/(g*C) and that of steam is 2.01J/(g*C). I got 5.64 but I did something wrong apparently.

    asked by NeedHelp
  22. physics

    A child’s toy consists of plastic attached to a spring. The spring is compressed against the floor a distance of 2.41 cm, and the toy is released. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . If the toy has a mass of 66 g and rises to a maximum height of

    asked by Anonymous
  23. math

    A cylindrical gasoline can is 18 inches across and 20 inches tall.which expression represents the approximate volume in cubic inches? (1)(3.14)(9)2(20) 2) (3.14)(9)(202)2 3) (3.14)(18)(20) 4) (3.14(18)2(20) 5) (3.14(36)2(20)

    asked by nadia
  24. math

    I look at a random time of day at a digital clock (that shows times from 1:00 through 12:59). What is the probability that (ignoring the colon) I see a palindrome such as 8:08? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by bob
  25. Science growth

    Which of the following statements best describes the response of finches to drought on the Galapagos Islands? During drought, individual finches saw that large, hard seeds were the only available food. To crack these harder seeds, individual finches grew

    asked by Katt13unknownchika
  26. math

    The estimated monthly profit (in dollars) realizable by Cannon Precision Instruments for manufacturing and selling x units of its model M1 digital camera is as follows. p(x)=-0.07x^2+322x-96,000 To maximize its profits, how many cameras should Cannon

    asked by Britney
  27. Math

    On Monday, it snowed a total of 15 inches. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it snowed in additional 4 1/2 inches and 6 3/4 inches respectively. A weather forecaster says that over the last three days, it snowed over 2 1/2 Feet. Is this a valid claim? Justify you

    asked by Savanna
  28. math

    A bulletin board is 56 in wide and 36 in high. How many 3 1/2 in columns can be created?

    asked by gary
  29. math

    a large elm tree died after it was struck by lightning.the property owner thinks he can remove it himself,but is concerned that it will fall on his greenhouse.he takes several measurement before attempting to cut it 3 p.m. he measures the shadow of

    asked by nadia
  30. geometry question proof needed

    Medians AX and BY of Triangle ABC are perpendicular at point G. Prove that AB=CG.

    asked by geometrygeeeeek
  31. probability

    A bowl contains only red marbles, blue marbles and green marbles. The probability of selecting a red marble from the bowl is 3/13. The probability of selecting a blue marble from the bowl is 2/5. There are fewer than 100 marbles in the bowl. What is the

    asked by chocolateman
  32. Physics

    The diagram below shows a large cube of mass 25 kg being accelerated across a frictionless level floor by a horizontal force, F. A small cube of mass 4.0 kg is in contact with the front surface of the cube. The coefficient of static friction between the

    asked by Bob
  33. Math

    A culture contains 12,000 bacteria. After an hour the count is 25,000. Find the number of bacteria after 3 hours.

    asked by Leyla
  34. Physics

    an object has a charge of -2.0 microcoloumbs, how many electrons must be removed so that the charge becomes +3.0 microcoloumbs? I'm not sure of which formula to use

    asked by K
  35. math

    two circles intersect at point T.if the small circle has a raduis of 4 and C is the center of the larger circle,then the diameter of the larger circle must be 1]4 2] 8 3] 12 4]16 5] not enough information is given

    asked by pierre
  36. Chemistry

    Determine the end value of n in a hydrogen atom transition, if the electron starts in n=4 and the atom emits a photo of light with a wavelength of 486 nm. *The answer given is 2, but I don't know how they got there.

    asked by Danya
  37. Math

    Sandy works at a clothing store. She makes $9 per hour plus earns 10% commission on her sales. She worked 78 hours over the last two weeks and had a total of $2,340 in sales before taxes. Which of the following is closest to how much she will earn in

    asked by Allison
  38. math

    Approximately how long will it take an investment of $300 to triple, if the interest rate is 3.5% per year compounded continuously?

    asked by Leyla
  39. Physics

    Workers have loaded a delivery truck in such a way that its center of gravity is only slightly forward of the rear axle, as shown in the drawing. The mass of the truck and its contents is 8340 kg. Find the magnitudes of the forces exerted by the ground on

    asked by Elizabeth
  40. Physics

    Taking a decibel to be an increase in pressure of 12.2%, by what factor has the pressure changed when the sound level has fallen by 8.00 decibels?

    asked by Steeve
  41. math

    it take 1 3/8 yards of material to make one many shirts can be made from 16 1/2 yards of material? 1]1 2]3 [ 3] 6 [4] 12 5] 24

    asked by hudson
  42. Math

    What is the domain of y = sqrt(5 - x)

    asked by Steph
  43. math

    peggy wants to give piano lesson at her home.she has 10 students per week for a half-hour leson,and 5 students per week for a full-hour lesson.which expression below represents how many dollars she will earn per week at a rate of $10 per half-hour lesson

    asked by hudson
  44. math

    in the figure above,about how much did the sales of the product increase from 1979 to 1980? 1] 900 2] 2,500 3] 90,000 4]160,000 5] 250,000 please help me

    asked by nerline 2
  45. math,,,ASAP

    On a globe of radius 60cm,find the length in cm the parallel of lat 67 degrees N

    asked by adewuyi
  46. math

    a couple goes out to dinner,wchich costs $ the nearest dollar,what should they pay in total,if they tip 15% on the bill? 1] $45 2] $50 3] $51 4] $52 5] $53

    asked by nelson
  47. math

    on a drive through allegheny county,natalie drove due west for 9 miles,then turned left and proceeded to drive due south.after traveling 12 miles south,what was the straight 12 miles line distance between where natalie startd and where she ended her drive?

    asked by pierre
  48. Science

    3. Which of the following physical features are caused by plate tectonics? mountains and volcanoes rift valleys and mid-ocean ridges strike-slip faults all of these

    asked by Jman
  49. Physics

    A rotational axis is directed perpendicular to the plane of a square and is located as shown in the drawing. Two forces, 1 and 2, are applied to diagonally opposite corners, and act along the sides of the square, first as shown in part a and then as shown

    asked by Elizabeth
  50. social studies

    when choosing a name for a child,how could a parent best use this study to help ensure the child's normal social development? 1]keepin mind that other characteristics are more important than the name. 2]try not to choose an ethnic name. 3] consider an

    asked by mirlaine
  51. Math

    A restaurant has x number of tables that seat four people and 5 tables which seat two people. The restaurant can seat N number of people. Write a linear equation for N, number of people, in terms of x. Then, solve for x in terms of N and find x when N

    asked by Brigette
  52. physics

    A coin is placed 33 cm from the center of a horizontal turntable, initially at rest. The turntable then begins to rotate. When the speed of the coin is 100 cm/s (rotating at a constant rate), the coin just begins to slip. The acceleration of gravity is 980

    asked by Anonymous
  53. math

    Lehen Vinters imports a certain brand of beer. The demand, which may be assumed to be uniform, is 450,000 cases/year. The cost of ordering a shipment of beer is $500, and the cost of storing each case of beer for a year is $2. Determine how many cases of

    asked by Britney
  54. math

    what is the average weekly food expense of the johnson family during a 4-week period in which they spent $72.84,$61.20,$75.48,and $68.76 for their weekly grocery shopping? 1] $69.07 2] $69.57 3] $71.07 4] $72.51 5]$73.04 please help me please

    asked by hudson
  55. physics

    A coin is placed 33 cm from the center of a horizontal turntable, initially at rest. The turntable then begins to rotate. When the speed of the coin is 100 cm/s (rotating at a constant rate), the coin just begins to slip. The acceleration of gravity is 980

    asked by Anonymous
  56. social studies

    which tribe was is the largest and controlled the northeastern part of Florida

    asked by lol
  57. chemistry

    Balance each of the following neutralization reactions. Part A HBr(aq)+Mg(OH)2(s)-->MgBr2(aq)+H2O(l) Part B H3PO4(aq)+NaOH(aq)-->Na3PO4(aq)+H2O(l)

    asked by Deane
  58. Science questions

    A few questions I have about darwin and evolution/fossils. Thx!! Why did Darwin call species like the coelacanth living fossils? On a branching tree diagram, where would the coelacanths be placed? What can animals... no species like the coelacanth tell

    asked by Katt13unknownchika
  59. Physics

    a 65 kg male skater pushes a 45 kg female skater causing her to accelerate at a rate of 2.0 ms ^2 at what rate will the male skater accelerate?

    asked by tionne
  60. physics

    When archer pulls an arrow back in his bow.He is storing potential energy in his bow What avg force must the archer exert if he pulls the string back a distance of 30 cm?

    asked by john
  61. physics

    A 1,600 kg car is traveling at a speed of 12.5 m/s. What is the kinetic energy of the car?

    asked by austin
  62. Chemistry

    it takes 37.50 mL of 0.152 M sodium chromate to titrate 25.00 mL of silver nitrate. what is the molarity of the silver nitrate solution

    asked by Kendra
  63. physics

    A coin is placed 33 cm from the center of a horizontal turntable, initially at rest. The turntable then begins to rotate. When the speed of the coin is 100 cm/s (rotating at a constant rate), the coin just begins to slip. The acceleration of gravity is 980

    asked by Anonymous
  64. statistics

    An urn contains white and red balls. Four balls are randomly drawn from the urn in succession, with replacement. That is, after each draw, the selected ball is returned to the urn. What is the probability that all balls drawn from the urn are white? Round

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    The expression (-2a^2b^3)(4ab^5)(6a^3b^2) can be simplified to what exponential espression

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    there are twice as many woman as men in the union at global products altogether 84 workers at the plant are union many of them are woman? 1]28 2]32 3]47 4]56 5]61

    asked by nelson
  67. STAT

    To determine the relative effectiveness of different study strategies for the SAT, suppose three groups of students are randomly selected: One group took the SAT without any prior studying; the second group took the SAT after studying on their own from a

    asked by Anonymous
  68. 7th grade science Ms. Sue please

    1. What steps in meiosis are similar to steps of mitosis? (1 point) meiosis I prophase meiosis I anaphase meiosis I metaphase all of the above 2. A cell that has two of every kind of chromosome is _____. (1 point) haploid diploid an egg a sperm 3. Haploid

    asked by Delilah
  69. Physics

    A 1.500m long uniform beam of mass 30.00 kg is supported by a wire as shown in the figure. The beam makes an angle of 10.00 degrees with the horizontal and the wire makes and angle of 30.00 degrees with the beam. A 50.00 kg mass, m, is attached to the end

    asked by Sharon
  70. trig

    A certain species of tree grows an average of 0.5 cm per week. Write an equation for the sequence that represents the weekly height of this tree in centimeters if the measurements begin when the tree is 200 centimeters tall.

    asked by Ping
  71. Math

    Mrs. Willy bought 3.5 pounds of ground turkey and 2.5 pounds of white fish. The white fish is $4.60 per pound cheaper than the ground turkey. If she paid a total of $51.50 what is the price per pound she paid for the ground turkey and the white fish?

    asked by Brigette
  72. wierd math question

    Two people agree to meet at a coffee shop. They each independently pick a random moment in time between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and show up exactly at their selected time. But they are very impatient, and only stay for 10 minutes after when they arrive. What is

    asked by zamanofdoom
  73. Chemistry

    A monoprotic acid with a Ka of 2.92 × 10-5 has a partition coefficient of 4.2 (favoring octanol) when distributed between water and octanol. Find the formal concentration of the acid in each phase when 100 mL of 0.10 M aqueous acid is extracted with 31 mL

    asked by Avery
  74. Math - Pre algebra

    Help!!! 1. which of the following is greater than 4.3 x 10>9? a 2.1 x 10>9 b 3.2 x 10>9 c 5.3x 10>9 d 7.4 x 10>8 2. which of the following is less than 6.5 x 10>-5? a 1.4 x 10>-3 b 2.5 x 10-4 c 7.8 x 10-5 d 4.6 x 10>-6 according to the 2010 census the

    asked by E.M
  75. social studies

    base on the results of the studies,what should an elementary school teacher do to ensure that a child with an unusual name develops normal intellectual ability? 1] make a special effort to ignore the child. 2]try to give the child a more acceptable

    asked by mirlaine
  76. statistics

    A researcher uses an analysis of variance to test for mean differences among three treatment conditions using a sample of n = 8 participants in each treatment. What degrees of freedom (df) would the F-ratio from this analysis have? a. df = 23 b. df = 2, 23

    asked by Robbie
  77. chemistry

    2. When 0.354 g of an unknown nonelectrolyte compound was dissolved in 12.5 g of benzene a solution was formed that froze at 4.46°C. (a) Calculate the molar mass of the unknown compound. The freezing point of benzene is 5.48°C, and the Kf of benzene is

    asked by Helen
  78. math

    Three cards are drawn without replacement from a well-shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. What is the probability that the third card drawn is a diamond?

    asked by eric
  79. Chemistry

    For acids of the same general structure but differing electronegativities of the central atoms, acid strength decreases with increasing electronegativity of the central atom. True or false

    asked by Josh G.
  80. physics

    A coin is placed 33 cm from the center of a horizontal turntable, initially at rest. The turntable then begins to rotate. When the speed of the coin is 100 cm/s (rotating at a constant rate), the coin just begins to slip. The acceleration of gravity is 980

    asked by Anonymous
  81. math

    marie purchased a 2-pound of dog food with a 75-cents-off coupon.she also mailed in the box top to receive a company rebate for $1.00.if p represents the original cost,what did she pay for the dog food after receiving all rebates? 1]p-$1.00-$0.75 2] p+

    asked by nerline 2
  82. Physics

    The maximum pressure most organisms can survive is about 1000 times atmospheric pressure. Only small, simple organisms such as tadpoles and bacteria can survive such high pressures. What then is the maximum depth at which these organisms can live under the

    asked by Anonymous
  83. math

    an investor receive a check in the mail that was for 6 percent of the amount invested.if the amount invested was $450,what was the amount of the check? 1] $24.30 2]$27.00 3]$27.30 4] $75.00 5] 270.00

    asked by hudson

    A portfolio manager is managing a $10 million portfolio. Currently the portfolio is invested in the following manner: Investment Dollar Amount Invested Beta Electric Utility $2 million 0.6 Cable Company $3 million 0.8 Real Estate Development $3 million 1.2

    asked by Yinka
  85. Physics

    A square, 0.36 m on a side, is mounted so that it can rotate about an axis that passes through the center of the square. The axis is perpendicular to the plane of the square. A force of 14.4 N lies in this plane and is applied to the square. What is the

    asked by Elizabeth
  86. math

    Three men and three women are waiting to be interviewed for jobs. If they are all selected in random order find the probability of each event. All the women will be interviewed first. No man will be interviewed until at least two women have been

    asked by Andrew
  87. math

    Terry makes and sells necklaces. He has observed over time that when the price is $12 each, he sells an average of 20 per day. If he increases the price, then his average sales fall by 2 per day for each dollar increase. The materials for each necklace

    asked by beth
  88. math

    a map has the scale of 1 inch =80 miles.what is the actual distance,in miles between two towns that are 4 1/2 inches apart on the map? 1] 280 2] 320 3]324 4] 360 5] 400

    asked by hudson
  89. physics

    A block of mass 3.62 kg lies on a frictionless horizontal surface. The block is connected by a cord passing over a pulley to another block of mass 7.8 kg which hangs in the air, as shown. Assume the cord to be light (massless and weightless) and

    asked by alice
  90. statistics

    An urn contains white and red balls. Four balls are randomly drawn from the urn in succession, with replacement. That is, after each draw, the selected ball is returned to the urn. What is the probability that all balls drawn from the urn are white? Round

    asked by Anonymous
  91. math

    which of the following expressions shows the equation to use in finding the dimensions of a cube n by n by n with a volume of 125? 1]n3=125 2]n2=125 3]3n=125 4]n=125-3 5] not enough information is given.

    asked by nerline 2
  92. physics

    A 50.0-g sample of a conducting material is all that is available. The resistivity of the material is measured to be 11~ 10-8 ƒ¶m and the density is 7.86 g/cm3. The material is to be shaped into a solid cylindrical wire that has a total resistance of

    asked by Amber
  93. Physics

    The wheel of a car has a radius of 0.390 m. The engine of the car applies a torque of 282 N · m to this wheel, which does not slip against the road surface. Since the wheel does not slip, the road must be applying a force of static friction to the wheel

    asked by Elizabeth
  94. Physics

    If 9.30 x 10^5 J of energy are transferred to 2.00kg of ice at 0 deg C, what is the final temperature of the system?

    asked by S
  95. math

    vickie earns $20,000 a year as a bookkeeper.if she receive a raise of 2%,how could her new total alary be represented? 1] 0.02[$ 20,000] 2] $20.000/0.02 3] 0.02[$ 20,000] + 0.02 4] 0.02[$ 20,000]+ $20,000 5] $20,000-0.02 + $20,000

    asked by pierre
  96. 7th grade English

    Explain whether the following statement is a fact or an opinion: "Capitalism is a better system of government than communism." Give reasons for your answer. Isn't this sentence an opinion because it uses the word "better"?

    asked by Delilah
  97. math

    which of the following expresses 374,274 in scientific notation? 1] 3.74274 x 105 2] 3.74274 x 106 3] 37.4274 x 106 4] 374.274 x 105 5] 3742.74 x 103

    asked by pierre
  98. chemistry

    How to find moles given oxidation numbers and chemical formula? Trying to do my chemistry lab but i'm super duper stuck. please help me i'm gonna die. this is the part i'm stuck on: The overall charge on the complex, [Ni(en)(H2O)]^2+ * SO4^2- * H2O is

    asked by dr bob's number one fan
  99. math and numbers

    What is the probability that a randomly selected three-digit number has the property that one digit is equal to the product of the other two? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by arenasmath
  100. STAT

    Grain is fortified with vitamins at the factory when processed. But, before the product reaches the consumer, some of the vitamins may degrade due to time, heat during storage, etc. Suppose the vitamin contents (in milligrams per pound) of five bags of

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Statistics

    An airline experiences a no-show rate 6%. What is the maximum number of reservations that it a capacity 160, if it wants the probability of accommodating all reservation holders to be at least 95?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Physics

    How long would it take a 1.00 x 10^3 W heating element to melt 2.00kg of ice at -20 deg C, assuming all energy is absorbed by the ice?

    asked by S
  103. math

    If exactly 198 people sign up for a charter flight, Leisure World Travel Agency charges $308/person. However, if more than 198 people sign up for the flight (assume this is the case), then each fare is reduced by $1 for each additional person. Hint: Let x

    asked by Ashley
  104. math but also probability

    Three people play a game of "nonconformity": They each choose rock, paper, or scissors. If two of the three people choose the same symbol, and the third person chooses a different symbol, then the one who chose the different symbol wins. Otherwise, no one

    asked by homeworkgenius
  105. Physics

    If the time taken to melt 10g of ice at 0 degree Celsius is 1 minute, how long will it take to vaporize 10g of water at 100 degree celsius using the same heater? Pls show the solution clearly. Thanks

    asked by Da S
  106. ENGLISH


    asked by CHE
  107. math

    if prizes for a carnival are priced at 5 for 80 cents,how much would 250 prize [1] $4.00 [2]$ 8 00 [3] $40.00 [4] $80.00 [5] not enough information i given. help please

    asked by hudson
  108. statistics

    Which of the following is NOT true with respect to the properties of probability? 0 < x < 1 P(S) = 1, where S is the sample space P(A) + P(Ac) = 0 If two events are independent then P(A and B) = P(A) * P(B)

    asked by joey
  109. Physics

    A horizontal segment of pipe tapers from a cross sectional area of 50.0 cm^ 2 to 0.500 cm^2. The pressure at the larger end of the pipe is 1.20x 10^5 Pa, and the speed is 0.040 m/s. what is the pressure at the narrow end of the segment?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. math

    if the diameter of a quarter is about many centimeters is that

    asked by jalia
  111. Physics

    (a) what Is the density of an object that is 14% submerged when floating in water at 0 degrees Celsius? (b) what percentage of the object will be submerged if it is placed in ethanol at 0 degrees Celsius?

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Physics

    A 13.6-m length of hose is wound around a reel, which is initially at rest. The moment of inertia of the reel is 0.40 kg · m2, and its radius is 0.151 m. When the reel is turning, friction at the axle exerts a torque of magnitude 3.42 N · m on the reel.

    asked by Elizabeth
  113. World History

    Hinduism evovle form the beliefs and practices of the ________, an early Indian society.

    asked by Rachel
  114. counting and probability

    A fair, six-sided die is rolled eight times, to form an eight-digit number. What is the probability that the resulting number is a multiple of 8? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by zamanofdoom
  115. AP Chemistry

    We were given a 12 cm by 12 cm area of aluminum foil (it weighed 0.60 g) and were told to calculate the atomic mass of Aluminum atoms given that the radius of 1 aluminum atom is 143 picometers and the density is 2.7 grams per centimeter cubed, without

    asked by BadatChem
  116. math question

    Write the next two numbers in this sequence. 80,40,20,_,_

    asked by Anonymous
  117. physics

    An autographed baseball rolls off of a 0.67 m high desk and strikes the floor 0.37 m away from the desk. How fast was it rolling on the desk before it fell off? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 . Answer in units of m/s

    asked by Anonymous

    Alpha Corporation has outstanding an issue of preferred stock with a par value of $100. It pays an annual dividend equal to 8 percent of par value. If the required return on Alpha’s preferred stock is 6 percent, and if Alpha pays its next dividend in one

    asked by Yinka
  119. math

    Lehen Vinters imports a certain brand of beer. The demand, which may be assumed to be uniform, is 450,000 cases/year. The cost of ordering a shipment of beer is $500, and the cost of storing each case of beer for a year is $2. Determine how many cases of

    asked by Ashley (Ms. Sue Please help!!!)
  120. Math

    the measure of an angle is 27 less than twice the measure of it complement.Find the measure of each angle what would the equation be

    asked by chen
  121. Analytical Chemistry

    Solute S has a partition coefficient of 4.3 between water (phase 1) and hexane (phase 2). (a) Calculate the concentration of S in hexane if [Swater] is 0.030 M (b) If the volume of water is 71.0 mL and the volume of hexane is 16.0 mL, find the quotient

    asked by Anthony
  122. statistics

    An airline experiences a no-show rate 6%. What is the maximum number of reservations that it a capacity 160, if it wants the probability of accommodating all reservation holders to be at least 95?

    asked by Anonymous

    Two years ago, Gamma Inc. sold a $250 million bond issue to finance the purchase of new jet airliners. These bonds were issued in $1,000 denominations with an original maturity of 14 years and a coupon rate of 12% with interest paid semiannually. Determine

    asked by Yinka

    Write a balanced equation for the neutralization of each of the following: H2SO4(aq) and NaOH(aq) HCl(aq) and Fe(OH)3(s) H2CO3(aq) and Mg(OH)2(s)

    asked by Bailey
  125. Algebra II

    A runner completes a 16 mile trip, running 8 miles uphill and 8 miles downhill in a total of 4 hours, if his uphill speed is 3 mph slower than his downhill speed, find his downhill speed.

    asked by John
  126. math

    Lehen Vinters imports a certain brand of beer. The demand, which may be assumed to be uniform, is 450,000 cases/year. The cost of ordering a shipment of beer is $500, and the cost of storing each case of beer for a year is $2. Determine how many cases of

    asked by Britney
  127. Math

    A local animal shelter houses only cats and dogs. This week of all the baby animals, there are 16 kittens and 7 puppies. What is the ratio of kittens to all the baby animals? 16 to 23? A box contains three types of fruits: apples bananas and pears. There

    asked by Jerald
  128. math

    Some female butterflies lay their eggs in clusters .if one kind of butterfly lays 12 eggs at a time and another kind lays 18 eggs at a time ,how many eggs would 8of each kind of butterfly lay?

    asked by Yahir
  129. math

    which expression below shows how much paul would collect in a week if he had 40 clients receiving daily plus sunday delivery,and 25 clients receiving sunday delivery only 1] 40[$2.25]+25[$1.00] 2] 40[$1.00]+25[$2.25] 3] 40[$1.25] +25[$2.25] 4] 65[$2.25] 5]

    asked by hudson
  130. Statistics

    The average amount of time people spend on facebook each day is 71 minutes, with a standard deviation of 4.7 minutes. Are you more likely to select a random person that spends less than 68 minutes per day, or a group of 35 people that spend on average less

    asked by Ashley
  131. Physics

    Estimate the number of h20 molecules in a human body of mass 80.2 kg. Assume that, on average, water makes up about 62 % of the mass of a human body.

    asked by Anonymous
  132. Physics

    An object with a mass of 20.1 kg is hung from two identical springs vertical. The springs both stretch 0.23 meters from equilibrium with the attached mass. One of the those springs is placed on a horizontal surface without friction and the mass of 20.1 kg

    asked by Chelsea
  133. Physics

    In a hudraulic lift, the radii of the pistons are 2.50 cm and 10.0 cm. A car weighing 10.0 kN is to be lifted by the force of the large piston. (a) what force must be applied to the small piston? (b) when the small piston is pushed in by 10.0 cm, how far

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Math

    What is the difference between 500 thousandths and 5 tenths. I thought you could drop extra zeros to the right of the decimal? .500 vs .5

    asked by Lee
  135. operation mangement

    Annual demand for the notebook binders at Andrew’s stationary shop is 10,000 units. Andrew operates the business 300 days per year and finds that deliveries from his supplier generally take 5 working days.

    asked by Honey
  136. math

    Set up 2 equations that can be used and solve. Phil reported that the receipt from a recent concert totaled $916 furthermore he announced that 560 people attended the concert. Students were charged $1.25 each for admission to the concert and adults were

    asked by keyla
  137. Pre Cal

    What is the phase shift of F(x) = 3 sin (2x - 2)?

    asked by Candace
  138. Last science question

    2. A tall volcano, sometimes as high as 10,000 feet, composed of lava, ash, and other volcanic material and that can have explosive eruptions is best known as a__________. cindercone volcano composite volcano shield volcano all of the above

    asked by Jman
  139. cards and prob

    A card is randomly drawn from a standard deck. An ace of hearts wins the grand prize; any other ace or heart wins a small prize. What is the probability of winning a small prize? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by homeworkgenius
  140. Geometry

    Help I need help to find the coordinates of the circumcenter of each triangle. Isosceles triangle CDE with vertices C(0, 6), D(0, –6), and E(12, 0)

    asked by Zach
  141. math

    6+4=10 six and four are called?

    asked by torry
  142. Physics

    A rifle fires a 2.25 10-2-kg pellet straight upward, because the pellet rests on a compressed spring that is released when the trigger is pulled. The spring has a negligible mass and is compressed by 8.37 10-2 m from its unstrained length. The pellet rises

    asked by Jim
  143. math

    jim and alice moore decided to plant a garden with 3 hosta plants,6 lavender plants,60 tulips,and a dogwood.the cost of the plants is as follows. hosta: $3.00 each or 3 for $8.00 lavender:$ 1 00 each or 3 for $2.00 tulips:10 for $4.00 dogwood:$14.00 each

    asked by nelson
  144. physics

    The maximum possible efficiency of a heat engine which exhaust its heat at a temperature of 46.0o is 39.0 percent. What is the minimum value of the temperature at which the engine takes in heat? *I think I keep doing a step wrong in here so step by step

    asked by Emma
  145. math

    Assuming boy and girl babies are equally likely, find the probability that it would take a) at least three births to obtain two girls b) at least four births to obtain two girls c) at least five births to obtain two girls

    asked by Andrew
  146. Physics

    How long would it take a 1.00 x 10^3 W heating element to melt 2.00kg of ice at -20 deg C, assuming all energy is absorbed by the ice?

    asked by S
  147. math

    Therese Felser manages a grocery warehouse which encourages volume shopping on the part of its customers. Therese has discovered that, on any given weekday 70 percent of the customer sales amount to more than $ 100. That is any given sale on such a day has

    asked by Andrew
  148. Physics

    Calculate the ratio of the kinetic energy to the potential energy of a simple harmonic oscillator when its displacement is 1/8 of its amplitude. (The answer is an integer.) Approach: Choose a specific trigonometric form for the position function x(t). It

    asked by Alphonse
  149. math

    n a probability experiment, the spinner landed on the red section 3 out of 8 spins. Which decimal represents the number of times the spinner landed on the red section?

    asked by timaa backer
  150. biology

    explain how single celled organisms that live in freshwater adapted to living in a hypotonic environment

    asked by karen
  151. math

    one angle of a triangle is 90 degrees.if the ratio of the legs is 1:1,what are the measures [in degrees] of the two remaining angles? [1] 30 and 30 [ 2] 30 and 60 [ 3] 45 and 45 [ 4] 60 and 60 [5] 45 and 30

    asked by nadia
  152. Statistics

    If you roll a fair die 100 times and 35 of the rolls result in a six, what would be the probability of the outcome of a 2, P(2)? P(2) = 0.02 P(2) = 2 P(2) = 35 P(2) = 0.35

    asked by John
  153. psycology

    What approach to personality assumes that human nature is basically good?

    asked by Anonymous
  154. chem

    3. Given a chemical reaction and H associated with the reaction: stoichiometry and limiting reactant problem involving gases. Why would we need delta H for a stoichimetry or limiting reactant problem? And can i get an example pleasE?

    asked by greeny
  155. Math

    Explain how you can determine whether a system of two linear equations will be consisten, dependent, or inconsistent?

    asked by Chris
  156. math

    if paul pays the newspaper company 70% of what he collects,how much he keep for himself in a mounth when he collected $450.00? 1] $315.00 2] $145.00 3] $135.00 4] $13.50 5] not enough information is given.

    asked by hudson
  157. Grade 7 Geo Questions thx!!

    why is the Midwest is sometimes referred to as the breadbasket? What is the importance of the Mississippi River to the Midwest region??? what is the most important-y major-ish region? oh and thx in advance-- :)

    asked by rawr... im a dinosaur.... rawr
  158. Health 8R - help!

    Place the letter of the correct reaction (A, B, C, D, or E) A. Speed up brain messages (Stimulants) B. Slow down brain messages (Depressants) C. Block pain messages (Narcotics) D. Scramble or confuse brain messages (Hallucinogens) E. Destroy brain cells

    asked by Laruen
  159. US history

    What were the strengths of the Article of Confederation and what were the weakenesses?

    asked by Lily
  160. Chemistry

    If ions O^2- are added to water, what reaction, if any, occurs?

    asked by Josh G.
  161. math

    Roberto has walked 3 miles almost every day in the past four years, with a total of 4,320 miles walked. How many more miles does he need to walk to reach 10,000 miles walked?

    asked by tynetta
  162. Statistics

    In a three-channel queuing system, the arrival rate is 1 unit per time period and the service rate is 0.6 unit per time period. Determaine the probability that an arriving unit does not have to wait.

    asked by Ellis
  163. Math

    Write the fraction in simplest form. 14. 18/48 15. 42/81 16. 32a / 8a squared 17. 15 b / 39b ( little 4)

    asked by Tiffany
  164. World History

    In India, the birthplace of Buddhism, curiously, Buddhism all but vanished, as it was ___________.

    asked by Rachel
  165. Math

    A tank initially contains 50 liters of water. A hose adds water to the tank at a rate of 2 liters per minute. Write a linear equation for the amount of water in the tank, W, liters in terms of t, minutes. Then use your equation to find how much water is in

    asked by Brigette
  166. math

    1. find the corresponding temperature in degrees fahrenheit for a. 10C b. 15C c. 20C

    asked by gold
  167. math

    what is the least amount they could spend to purchase the plants they have chosen? 1]$62.00 2]$53.00 3]$50.00 4]$36.00 5]$28.00

    asked by nelson
  168. Math 10

    The degree measure of an angle is 15 more than twice the measure of its complement. Find the measure of the angle and its comlement.

    asked by bernadette Begley
  169. English 8R - It Happened in the Country

    wind·mill A building with sails or vanes that turn in the wind and generate power to grind grain into flour. or Move (one's arms) around in a circle in a manner suggestive of the rotating sails or vanes of a windmill. i think it's the second one, am i

    asked by Laruen
  170. sosgal studdies

    What enabled people of northern Italy to sponsor learning? (1 point)Martin Luther's ideas a mild climate wealth from trade help from the Germany government 2. What did German leaders want during the Reformation? (1 point)to increase the pope's power to

    asked by me
  171. Physics

    Incandescent lightbulbs are filled with and inert gas to lengthen the filament life. With the current off ( at t= 20.0 degrees Celsius), the gas inside a lightbulb has a pressure of 115kPa. When the bulb is burning, the temperature rises to 70.0 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  172. geography

    Which continent have the oldest fossils been found?

    asked by alyssa
  173. Physics

    A lead rod and a common glass rod both have the same length when at 20 .0 degrees Celsius. The lead rod is heated to 50.0 degrees Celsius. To what temperature must the glass rod e heated so that they are again at the same length?

    asked by Anonymous
  174. math word problems

    In the Finn family each girl has the same number of brothers as sisters. Each boy has twice as many sisters as brothers. How many children are in the family?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. physics

    A large grinding wheel in the shape of a solid cylinder of radius 0.330 m is free to rotate on a frictionless, vertical axle. A constant tangential force of 260 N applied to its edge causes the wheel to have an angular acceleration of 0.795 rad/s2. (a)

    asked by Shane
  176. calculus

    Use a double integral to find the area of the smaller region bounded by the spiral rtheta=1, the circles r=1 and r=3, and the polar axis. I just need help with setting up the integral.

    asked by siddh
  177. Verb Agreement

    Select the sentence that has correct subject-verb agreement. There are several forms that you need to complete when you adopt a pet. There is several forms that you need to complete when you adopt a pet.

    asked by Jackie
  178. statistics

    Calculate the probability of meeting a scheduled time of 50 units for the PERT network shown below:

    asked by ELlis
  179. chemistry 21a

    List two medals besides magnesium and zinc that will react with HCl to produce hydrgen gas.

    asked by Anonymous
  180. physics

    a ball rolls off a 1.7m high desk and lands 1.35m away from the desk. how fast was it rolling?

    asked by Ashley
  181. Physics

    A lead rod and a common glass rod both have the same length when at 20 .0 degrees Celsius. The lead rod is heated to 50.0 degrees Celsius. To what temperature must the glass rod e heated so that they are again at the same length?

    asked by Anonymous
  182. Math-5th grade

    a map distance of 2 inches represents 12 miles of actual distance. Suppose the distance between two cities on the map is 6 inches. What is the actual distance between the two cities. Can you please tell me what is the RULE? Thank you!!

    asked by Sandra
  183. Language

    For each sentence, underline the action verb in the parentheses that creates a more vivid picture. 1. We (sit, lounge) on the big chairs near the pool..I underlined lounge. 2. The horses (go, gallop) across the field. I underline gallop. 3. Minna and Max

    asked by Faith
  184. Hcc

    A heuristic can be very helpful in solving a problem because

    asked by Anonymous
  185. probability

    The digits 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8 are each used once in a random order to form a five-digit number. What is the probability that the resulting number is divisible by 4? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by bob
  186. Math

    Bernice paid $192 in interest on a loan she took out at a rate of 6% for a period of one year. How much did she borrow?

    asked by Cassie
  187. Algebra II

    Five years ago, Jane was 1/5 the age of her mother. Now she is 1/3 the age of her mother. Find their ages. Please also tell me the steps to solving this. Thanks!

    asked by Jim
  188. english

    i am writing a literary research paper on the book robinson crusoe. my thesis is In "Robinson Crusoe" Daniel Defoe uses the protagonist to show the sporadic but guiding relationship between God and man. I am having trouble coming up with a title. So far I

    asked by hannah
  189. chemistry

    Potassium nitrate weighing 15 g was dissolved in water volume of 200 cm3. Calculate the mass fraction of KNO3 in solution.

    asked by michelle
  190. Health

    The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that in managing one’s weight, a person should balance calories with…?

    asked by Jason Turner
  191. Psychology

    A heuristic can be very helpful in solving a problem because

    asked by Anonymous
  192. math

    One problem encountered by developers of the space shuttle program is air pollution in the area surronding the launch site. Acertain direction from the launch site is considered critical in terms of hydrogen chloride pollution from the exhaust cloud. It

    asked by Andrew
  193. Check my precalc

    1. find without a calc log base 5 of cubed root of 25. I got x=(2/3) 2. ln base e of 3 I got 3 3. find the domain of y= log base 3 of (x/x-1) I got (negative infinity, 0)union (1, infinity) 4. y= (1/ln x) find the domain i got ( negative infinity, 1) but

    asked by Rebekah
  194. 7th grade Math

    The following proportion could be used to change from feet to which measure. 1/12 = 2/x customary length: 1 mile=1760 yards 1 mile=1285280 feet 1 yard=3 feet 1 foot=12 inches A. ounces B. pints C. quarts D. gallons

    asked by ducky momo
  195. Science 7 HELP!!!!

    1. violent storms usually form along? 2. areas of low pressure usually have? 3.what does figure 5-2A show? ps Connexus quiz!! 4. which of the following explains what is happening in figure 5-2B? 5.tornadoes can form when wind at different ? blows in a

    asked by E.M
  196. math

    let f(x)=x^3+3x^2-2x+4 What are the critical values? Where are the relative extrema, if they exist?

    asked by britney
  197. Physics

    Sadly you have become trapped inside the gravity well of a star of mass M = 6.435×10^30kg. At a distance of r0 = 7.543×10^10m from the center of the star you find yourself moving directly towards it at 5.876×10^4m/s (relative to the star). How fast are

    asked by Alphonse
  198. physics

    A NON-UNIFORM board of length L and mass M has a center of mass at 5/6L. If the fulcrum is placed at the center of the board and a block of mass m is placed at the right of the board, then where must a block of mass 3m be placed to balance the board? I

    asked by min
  199. medical

    8g of hydrogen and oxygen will have kinetic energy in what ratio at 27 celsius?

    asked by aamira
  200. Math Calculus Help

    A population grows exponentially. If the population is 0.5sqrt(e) at one year and 0.5e at two years, what is it at 4 years?

    asked by Anonymous
  201. Math

    Use Newton's method to find a value of x that satisfies: e^x- (x^2/2) = 0 Use the starting value x0=0. Display answer in 4 significant figures

    asked by Michael
  202. Math

    Use linear approximation to show that each function below can be approximated by the given expression when |x| is small i.) sinx ~ x ii.) e^x ~ 1+x iii.) ln(1+x) ~ x

    asked by Shawn

    Let R be the region bounded by y=e^x, y=2. and the y-axis. Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the y-axis.

    asked by Sarah
  204. Physics

    Mass 1 with a mass of 28.5 kg starts at rest at the top of a frictionless from a height of 17 meters. It then slides down the incline and moves over a horizontal frictionless surface and collides inelastically (head on) with mass 2 which is of unknown

    asked by Chelsea
  205. math URGENT!!!!!!

    a 12x12-inch square is divided into n^2 congruent squares by equally spaced lines parallel to its sides. circles are inscribed in each of the squares. find the sum of the areas of the circles... please answer and explain how you got this answer!!!

    asked by dss

    a) Discuss General Motors in the context of the forces considered in performing an environmental scan. b) Discuss the risks that General Motors needs to consider in conducting its operations c) Explain whether you believe that GM can take on more debt. Use

    asked by Yinka
  207. g

    Brunei is located on the island of __________. A. Borneo B. Irian Jaya C. Java D. Sumatra

    asked by dfxgtf
  208. Physics

    Neglect the gravity of the Moon, neglect atmospheric friction, and neglect the rotational velocity of the Earth in the following problem. A long time ago, Jules Verne, in his book From Earth to the Moon (1865), suggested sending an expedition to the Moon

    asked by Tarbela Damme
  209. ^th grade math,

    using mental math and distributive property solve: 25(12)

    asked by Ann
  210. science

    what will cold air moving over a warm body of water create? A)a rain shadow affect B)lake effect snow C)an urban heat island D)higher temp. My answer is B, am i right of not please tell me your answer

    asked by May
  211. Chemical Reaction Engineering

    The following elementary first-order reactions occur at constant density: k1 k2 A --> B --> C k1 = 5 hr-1 k2 = 4 hr-1 CA0 = 1 mol/lit CB0 = CC0 = 0 v0 = 20 m^2/min Find the maximum production rate of B in moles per minute and the optimum  for (a) a plug

    asked by Susan
  212. math

    Do you know any websites that I can use to make a shape that. Also that it shows the number of cm also shows the the area.

    asked by Anonymous
  213. Health 8R help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Place the letter of the correct reaction (A, B, C, D, or E) A. Speed up brain messages (Stimulants) B. Slow down brain messages (Depressants) C. Block pain messages (Narcotics) D. Scramble or confuse brain messages (Hallucinogens) E. Destroy brain cells

    asked by Laruen
  214. MATH

    distance = 100 miles and time = 1 hour & 45 minutes. what is the rate? I divided 100 by 105 is that correct?

    asked by Amy
  215. art

    Assess impact of photography on the 19 th century political and social landscapes show did it affect paintings

    asked by Blessed
  216. 7th grade Literature help

    Hi, I need to pick one of the options below, but they are hard. Option One seems like it will take forever because I need to turn this in today and it takes me forever to research things. Option Two seems hard because I don't know what the main character

    asked by Delilah
  217. math

    what is 2+x/5x-x-2/5x expressed in the simplest form?

    asked by Anonymous
  218. science

    What is the acceleration of a 50kg person is pushed with a force of 4N

    asked by Marcus
  219. chemistry

    Determine the molality 0.8 mol/dm3 solution of Fe2 (SO) 4. Density equal to 1 g/cm3.

    asked by michelle
  220. english

    i need help on writing an outline. the outline is so we can write our speech as follows. Please any website or ideas. How long does it take for you to write your outline.

    asked by #####rena
  221. physics

    A 1.53×10 3 kg car accelerates uniformly from rest to 13.6 m/s in 2.44 s. What is the work done on the car in this time interval? Answer in units of J

    asked by Anonymous
  222. Algebra II - Word Problem

    A convenience store clerk can wait on 6 customers per minute. If customers arrive at an average rate of x people per minute, the time T spent in line is T = 1/(6-x), where 0

    asked by John
  223. chemistry

    . What is the mass concentration (titer) is a solution of sulfuric acid with the molar concentration equivalent 0.5 mol/dm3?

    asked by michelle
  224. Algebra II - Word Problem

    If a car is traveling downhill at 45 miles per hour on dry pavement, then the braking distance B is B = 45/(0.4+m), where m

    asked by John
  225. Physics - Astronomy

    A hypothetical moon is orbiting Saturn in a circular orbit that has exactly 3 times the period that an object orbiting in one of one of the gaps in Saturn's rings would have. As measured from the center of Saturn at what fraction [to 3 decimal places] of

    asked by Leslie
  226. Physics

    A baseball player throws a baseball up at 24.3 m/s. How long must he wait before he can catch the baseball on its way down?

    asked by Chris
  227. physics

    A projectile is launched off of a 18.6 m high cliff with a velocity of 12.8 m/s. If the projectile is launched at an angle of 20° above the horizontal, how far did it travel horizontal before it hit the ground below?

    asked by hannah
  228. english

    im reading a book called " The berlin boxing club" and i need to answer some questions for hw. theres one question that i need help with which is what is the background of the author? What prompted him/her to write this book? the authors name is robert

    asked by matt
  229. all subjects

    my name is sandhya i think my daughter is having a exam phobia .recent exams she failed . but before monthly tests she got b+ grade .i think she is not adull child but she 's is afraid of exams .plz suggest how to remove this fear.

    asked by suprita
  230. geometry

    Write a paragraph proof for the following given- AD bisects CB and AD is perpendicular to CB. Prove- triangle ACD = triangle ABD

    asked by sherianna johnson
  231. Science

    Maddy hits a golf ball up into the air with an initial velocity of (20m/s, 49m/s). Record the horizontal velocity, & vertical velocity at each second for 10 seconds.

    asked by Anonymous
  232. Math

    Pages are being printed for a brochure. Four out of every 20 are in color. What is the ratio of noncolor pages to color pages? A.20:4 BB.4:16 C.16:4 D.16:20 A? What is the ratio of Ms to all the letters in the word MATHEMATICS? A.2/9 B.2/11 C.11/9 D.11/2

    asked by Jerald
  233. geometry

    Calculate the area of a circular patio that has a radius r = 3 yd. Use Ð= 3.14

    asked by dayna
  234. math

    A 3 cm cube is painted on all its faces.It is then cut into 1 cm cubes.How many cubes will have paint on exactly two faces ?

    asked by wan

    The real risk-free rate of return has been estimated to be 2 percent under current economic conditions. The 30-day risk-free rate (annualized) is 5 percent. Twenty-year U.S. government bonds currently yield 8 percent. The yield on 20 year bonds issued by

    asked by Yinka
  236. statistics

    Suppose the correlation between two variables is -0.57. If each of the y-values is multiplied by -1, which of the following is true about the new scatterplot? It slopes up to the right, and the correlation is -0.57 It slopes up to the right, and the

    asked by joey
  237. algebra

    y = 5x, solve for x

    asked by Melinda
  238. college algebra--need help please!!

    (Using the seven steps to analyzing the rational function of R), analyze the graph of the following function. R(x)=x^2-49/x^4-16

    asked by ladybug
  239. math

    use transformation to rescue animals, start out at the x. the animal is at the bull's eye (-4,2) translate 1 unit rotate 90 degree counterclockwise about the origin rotate 180 degree translate 3 units down reflect in the y-axis find the right order

    asked by zane
  240. physics

    A body of mass m is attracted to a 11 kg mass 31.2cm away with a force magnitude of 6.42 x 10^-8 Find m? I am having trouble with the algebra getting m by it self just show me the steps if you can

    asked by john
  241. English ms. sue

    ms. sue i still writing the compare and contrast essay. teacher say that holden be seeking closure, what do that mean?

    asked by Mohammad
  242. math

    Mrs. Brock's class has 23 students. Each student has 8 markers. Which describes how to find the total number of markers in the class? a) Multiply the ones. Record; b) Multiply the tens. Record; c) Multiply the tens. Record. Multiply the ones. Record. Add

    asked by ana
  243. Chemistry

    Ag(NO3)+ CaClYields to AgCl + (NO3)Ca KI + Pb(NO3) yields to K(NO3)+ IPb What is the precipitate in both??

    asked by Emily
  244. Chemistry

    560 mL of Xe will equal how many moles @ STP?

    asked by Jessica
  245. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume of a gas @ 20 degrees C and 640 mm Hg if it's volume is 1500 mL when collected @ STP.

    asked by Jessica
  246. chemistry

    What is the mass of dry NaCl sample should be taken for 100 cm3 of 0.5 mol/dm3 aqueous solution?

    asked by michelle
  247. Psychology

    Algorithm are helpful in finding solutions to problems because although we may not understand them, they

    asked by Anonymous
  248. Psy

    Creative thinking tends to be

    asked by Anonymous
  249. math

    A winner of the Florida Lotto has decided to invest $500,000 per year. Two possible considerations are an international stock with an estimated return of 12% and a mutual fund with an estimated return of 6%. The estimate risk index for the international

    asked by Anonymous
  250. Physics - Astronomy

    What (decimal) fraction of a hypothetical spherical planet's volume does a planetary core with a radius of 70% of that planet's radius have? Round off answer to three decimal places. [Hint: the volume of a sphere is equal to 4/3 pi times the radius cubed]

    asked by Leslie
  251. Science

    if 500Watt of energy is supplied, how long does it take to heat up 100 cc of water from 20C to 75C? Thank you for your assistance,

    asked by CM
  252. science

    My apology. I posted the previous question in correctly. Here is the question again: To bring 100cc of water from 20C to 75C, in 1min 25 sec, with 650Watt of energy input, what is the temperature required?

    asked by CM
  253. algebra

    the length of a rectangle is 2 less than twice the width. the perimeter is 50. what is the length

    asked by jay
  254. algebra

    the length of a rectangle is 2 less than twice the width. the perimeter is 50. what is the length

    asked by jay
  255. 7th grade

    The story that I read for school (At Her Father's And Her Mother's Place) takes place in 1923 in Russia. What was life like during that time in terms of the politics and economics in Russia? Can you give me links to find these answers?

    asked by Delilah
  256. Physics

    A hydrogen balloon

    asked by Anonymous
  257. Math

    Write each ratio Number of white boxed number of striped boxed + and number of black boxes There are 17 white boxes 14 striped boxes + and 11 black boxes What is the ratio? 17 to 25?

    asked by Jerald
  258. Writing

    How to use surt in a compound sentence

    asked by Vanessa
  259. STAT

    If ì1 and ì2 represent the mean depression score for male teens and female teens respectively, which of the following is the appropriate pair of hypotheses in this case? (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Both (c) and (d) are correct.

    asked by Anonymous
  260. chemistry

    wh at is prtoplam

    asked by sherry
  261. chemstry

    What mass of sucrose must be taken for solution weight of 200 g, which is equal to molality 0.05 mol / kg?

    asked by michelle
  262. 5th grade math

    Given 257 sec, 15,000 feet per second Find the acceleration due to earth's gravity.

    asked by confused dad
  263. Math

    My number is greater than 10 but less than 70. The number has 2 in the tens place. The number is 10 less than 45. What is my number?

    asked by Ashley
  264. college algebra

    use the remainder theorem to find the remainder when f(x) is divided by x-2. Then use the factor theorem to determine whether x-2 is a factor of f(x). f(x)=4x^3-10x^2+13x-13

    asked by ladybug
  265. trig

    given that 1/2pi

    asked by Sarah
  266. math

    Write a quadractic equation having given equations? -9,9i

    asked by tan
  267. health

    Help need with scenario what reflects quality practice in palliative care? caro has noted that mrs camillero's nausea and vomiting has increased. she reports and decuments her obwervation and adds that mrs camillero has lost further weight and has

    asked by jessica
  268. Electronics

    I CANNOT find an answer to this anywhere in the book or online PLEASE HELP. A circuit has 40 V and a parallel resistor with 3 100 ohm resistors in place. How much power is dissipated from the circuit?

    asked by Cassie
  269. World History

    The Middle Way charted a course between the extremes of the worldliness of Hinduism as some practiced it, and the _________ self-discipline that left people ill in mind and body.

    asked by Rachel
  270. math

    Mrs. Brock's class has 23 students. Each student has 8 markers. Which describes how to find the total number of markers in the class? a) Multiply the ones. Record; b) Multiply the tens. Record; c) Multiply the tens. Record. Multiply the ones. Record. Add

    asked by ana
  271. World History

    Like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam,both Hinduism an Buddhism got their starts on the continent of ________.

    asked by Rachel
  272. math help me pls

    1. m – 7 < 6 (1 point)m < –13 m < 1 m < –1 m < 13 2. n – 8 > 5 (1 point)n > 13 n > 3 n > –3 n > –13 3. p + 5 < 10 (1 point)p < –15 p < 5 p < 15 p < –5

    asked by Anonymous
  273. persusasive essay

    i need help on writing a 5 paragraph essay on new parents must have to earn a parenting license to have a child.

    asked by carmela
  274. science

    Imagine the bird is sitting on the post in the water. If the portion of the wave bewteen 2 crests passes the post every scond what is the speed of the wave ?

    asked by timera
  275. Math

    Im trying to help my daughter with some math homework and Im stuck can you help me please this is the problem Jeremy has been home sick with the flu for the last 7 days. While absent from school, he got 31 get well cards from friends. there were 5 more

    asked by Jay
  276. 5th grade

    How can I do distributtive property to break apart each multiplication 5*13=5*(6+_)=(5*_)+(_*7)

    asked by Jamila
  277. math

    You paid $26696.5 for a new car. This includes the 7% sales tax. What was the original cost of the car?

    asked by keyla
  278. US Gov

    Please help, I'm really stuck on these 1. Which court tries cases involving US citizens who have been accused of breaking federal laws? 2. What are the permanent bodies in Congress that review new bills related to issues of recurring importance called? 3.

    asked by mysterychicken
  279. chemistry

    What mass of sucrose must be taken for solution weight of 200 g, which is equal to molality 0.05 mol / kg?

    asked by michelle
  280. physics

    A length of wire has a radius of 3.00 ~ 10-3 m and a resistance of 0.200 ƒ¶. When the potential difference across the wire is 10.0 V, the electron drift speed is found to be 2.98 ~ 10-4 m/s. On the basis of these data, calculate the density of free

    asked by Stacey
  281. Chemistry

    560 mL of Xe will equal how many moles @ STP?

    asked by Jessica
  282. math

    let f(x)=x^3+3x^2-2x+4 What are the critical values? Where are the relative extrema, if they exist?

    asked by britney
  283. Science

    How do connective tissue cells differ from nerve cells

    asked by Many
  284. Scoial Studies

    As a general rule, homeowners should carry property damage insurance on their structures amounting to at least ____ percent of their value (the cost of rebuilding them). A. 50 B. 60 C. 70 D. 80

    asked by Hannah
  285. math

    ms ganston bought donuts to share with the other teacher there are 25 other teacher if the teacher ate 21 out od 24 of the donuts what fraction of the donuts remain

    asked by Anonymous
  286. math

    katy is designing a rug. she wants equal row of blue, green and yellow. she wants the blue area to be 6 inches long. she wants to repeat the pattern 2 times. how long will her rug be?

    asked by mythreyee
  287. arithmetic

    If you have 3.14 lbs of a food and it costs .88 a lbs. then how much money would that 3.14 cost?

    asked by Alice
  288. PHYSICS Urgent help please

    A red ball is thrown up off the edge of a building 10 m tall with an initial speed of 4 m/s. A) how long does it take for the red ball to strike the ground below? B) If a black ball is dropped off the edge of the same building, how many seconds after the

    asked by Dave
  289. algerbra

    what is the right way to set up a formula in finances for a simple interest word problem: P=6853 down pymt=853 monthly pymt = 163.00 per month for 48 months.

    asked by Kathy
  290. Algebraic. Expressions


    asked by Ted
  291. English 8R - help!!!!!

    what is nature (please define it in an 8th grade level)

    asked by Laruen
  292. calculus

    can anyone help me simplify this problem? ln(x-3)(x+2)-ln(x+2)^2-ln7

    asked by dino
  293. math

    what is the prime numbers more than 25 but less than 30 is?

    asked by fonzy
  294. math

    whats 2 plus 2 i thinks its zero but im not 100 percent sure

    asked by bob migilicuddy
  295. math

    for each rhombus find each angle measure or segment lengh

    asked by rosebie romualdo
  296. Math

    1 1/4 mi=___ft

    asked by Anonymous?
  297. World History

    Generally peasants and the lower castes had a more positive reaction to the teachings of the Buddha, since Buddhists did not support the concept of a ________.

    asked by Rachel
  298. english(quotes)

    The identity you stand up for can enslave you and close you to the rest of the world. -Murathan Mungan What does this quote mean?

    asked by john
  299. Math-Correct Please

    Did I do this problem right? Rewrite the equation in slope-intercept form. y+4=5(x+2) y=5x+6

    asked by Emma
  300. grammar

    Is at an article adjective in the sentence, Call me at my office

    asked by ashley
  301. math

    From hundreds chart,what % of the numbers are multiples of 3 ?

    asked by wan
  302. math

    use the hundreds chart to answer this question; what percent of the numbers are multiples of 3 ?

    asked by charlie
  303. 4th grade math

    111,022 = 111,000 276,421 = 280,000 is this correct sue

    asked by Lourane
  304. math

    i don't get input output help pls

    asked by Anonymous
  305. English 8R - It Happened in the Country

    what is ranch

    asked by Laruen
  306. English 8R - It Happened in the Country

    what's a tumbleweed??????? to be honest i really don't know what it is

    asked by Laruen
  307. English

    what do the word anti-climactic mean?

    asked by Mohammad
  308. math- unit rate

    what is the unit rate for 18:1.25

    asked by kayla
  309. Science

    Before the test, I had a 97 average. I got a 92 on the test. What would my average an my grade be?

    asked by Abril
  310. physics

    at the totale flight time

    asked by Anonymous
  311. physics

    at the total flight time.

    asked by Anonymous
  312. college algebra

    find all the zero's of the followig polynomial. write the polynomial in form. f(x)=x^2-256

    asked by ladybug
  313. Math

    3 3/8 T =____lb

    asked by Anonymous?
  314. 7th Grade Math!!

    Help!!! How to find the dimensions on a house after its built if it is 18 feet by 16 feet. The only info they give me is that 1/2 in = 10 feet?? What formula do I use?

    asked by Celeste
  315. Ms. Sue my response to question about the river

    The riveris good for shipping goods. OH, over the river.... And through the woods! Lol sorry the second part was a joke. that song was on my cd.. sorry

    asked by rawr... im a dinosaur.... rawr
  316. Origin stuff

    us states with a british origin??? just curious thx

    asked by Katt13unknownchika