Questions Asked on
October 16, 2012

  1. calculus

    A street light is mounted at the top of a 6-meter-tall pole. A man 2 m tall walks away from the pole with a speed of 1.4 m/s along a straight path. How fast is the tip of his shadow moving when he is 16 m from the pole?

    asked by sara
  2. physics

    A 2100 car starts from rest at the top of a 5.0m long driveway that is sloped at 20 degrees with the horizontal. If an average friction force of 4000N impedes the motion find the speed of the car at the bottom of the driveway.

    asked by Edward

    A) The average power output of the human heart is 1.33 watts. How much energy does the heart produce in a day? B) Compare the energy found in part (a) with the energy required to walk up a flight of stairs. Estimate the height a person could attain on a

    asked by RoCu
  4. Chemistry

    1. For the reaction 2N2O(g) ⇋ O2(g) + 2N2(g), what happens to the equilibrium position if the pressure decreases? A. Shift to the right B. Shift to the left C. Doubles D. Does nothing E. Halves 2. if an equilibrium reaction shifts to the right when the

    asked by josh
  5. Geometry

    To approach a runway, a plane must began a 7 degree descent starting from the height of 2 miles above the ground. To the nearest mile, how many miles from the runway is the airplane at the start of this approach?

    asked by Amber
  6. Chemistry

    At a certain temperature and pressure, one liter of CO2 gas weighs 1.45 g. What is the mass of one liter of C4H10 gas at the same temperature and pressure?

    asked by Bill
  7. physics

    In a Broadway performance, an 80 kg actor swings from a 3.75 m long cable that is horizontal when he starts.? At the bottom of his arc, he picks up his 55.0 kg costar in an inelastic collision. What maximum height do they reach after their upward swing?

    asked by bob
  8. Geometry Student

    If m

    asked by Meme
  9. math

    waht multiplication fact can be found by using the arrays for 2x9 and 5x9

    asked by neeka
  10. English-Grammar

    Which of the following sentences does NOT contain a dangling modifier? A.Torn from its moorings, the high wind drove the boat onto the rocks. B.Imported in the last century, the people on Easter Island outnumber the horses. C.The Stanleys moved into the

    asked by Anon
  11. Chemistry

    Help writing complete ionic and net ionic equations.? Hg2(NO3)2 (aq) + CuSO4 ---> Cu(NO3)2 (aq) + Hg2SO4 (s) K2CO3 (aq) + MgI2 --> MgCO3 (s) + 2KI 3 NaCrO4 (aq) +2 AlBr3 ---> Al2(CrO4)3 (s) + 6NaBr i got down writing the formula equation but i would like

    asked by Drake
  12. Physical science

    A hot iron ball is dropped into 200g of cooler water. The water temperature increases by 2.0 degrees C and the temperature of the ball decreases by18.6 degrees C. What is the mass of the iron ball?

    asked by Savannah
  13. Chemistry

    A hot air balloon is filled with 1.39 × 106 L of an ideal gas on a cool morning (11 °C). The air is heated to 105 °C. What is the volume of the air in the balloon after it is heated? Assume that none of the gas escapes from the balloon.

    asked by Bill
  14. Physics

    The ACE towing company tows a disabled 10,500 N automobile off the road at a constant speed. If the tow line makes an angle of 10.0° with the vertical as shown, what is the tension in the line supporting the car?

    asked by Beatris
  15. chemistry

    what is the formula of iron III tannate?

    asked by peter
  16. TRIG

    An airplane flying at 550 miles per hour has a bearing of 53°. After flying for 2.5 hours, how far north and how far east will the plane have traveled from its point of departure? I'm having a REALLY hard time with this one. I don't know what I'm doing

    asked by Daisy
  17. physics

    Salmon often jump waterfalls to reach their breeding grounds. Starting 3.16 m from a waterfall 0.257 m in height, at what minimum speed must a salmon jumping at an angle of 37.9◦ leave the water to continue upstream? The acceleration due to gravity is

    asked by t
  18. math

    maria bought two fans for rs. 3605. she sold one at the profit of 15% and the other at the loss of 9%. if maria got same amount for each fan ,find the cost price of each fan ??

    asked by TUHITUHI
  19. Chemistry

    A spaceship from another planet travels at a speed of 4.27 googs/mulm. There are 256 googs in a meter and 8000 mulum in one hour. What is the spaceship speed in meters per second?

    asked by Kevin
  20. Chemistry

    what is the mass in grams of 1.32 x 10^20 uranium atoms

    asked by Kid
  21. physics

    Salmon often jump waterfalls to reach their breeding grounds. Starting 1.77 m from a waterfall 0.253 m in height, at what minimum speed must a salmon jumping at an angle of 44.8 leave the water to continue upstream? The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81

    asked by scott
  22. Physics- Elena please help!

    In a Broadway performance an 80.0 kg actor swings from a 2.05 m long cable that is horizontal when he starts. At the bottom of his arc he picks up his 47.0 kg costar in an inelastic collision. (a) What is the velocity of the swinging actor just before

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Trig

    A baseball diamond is a square with sides 22.4m The pitchers mound is 16.8m from home plate on the line joining home plate and second base. How far is the pitchers mound from first base?

    asked by Nikki
  24. physics

    A baseball player hits a home run over the left-field fence, which is 104 m from home plate. The ball is hit at a point 1.04 m directly above home plate, with an initial velocity directed 28.5° above the horizontal. By what distance does the baseball

    asked by Anthony
  25. 3rd grade

    erica counted 45 fingers when the students were asked who wants to play many hands went up?

    asked by josh
  26. Physics.

    A block of mass 3m is placed on a frictionless horizontal surface, and a second block of mass m is placed on top of the first block. The surfaces of the blocks are rough. A constant force of magnitude F is applied to the first block. a) Identify the

    asked by Kelsey
  27. physics

    The current-density magnitude in a certain circular wire is J = (2.75 × 10 10 ⁄ )r 2 , where r is the radial distance out to the wire’s radius of 3.00 mm. The potential applied to the wire (end to end) is 60.0 V. How much energy is converted to

    asked by smiley
  28. Chemistry.

    To calculate the air pressure, the volume occupied by the air is assumed constant. Why is this assumption incorrect? Explain how the vapor pressure calculated and the resulting Clausius-Clapeyron plot are affected?

    asked by Shardae.
  29. CVP Analysis - Business Math

    Engineering estimates show that the variable cost of manufacturing a new product will be $35 per unit. Based on market research, the selling price of the product is to be $120 per unit and variable selling expense is expected to be $15 per unit. The fixed

    asked by Steph
  30. Calc II

    A worker on scaffolding 65 ft above the ground needs to lift a 390 lb bucket of cement from the ground to a point 20 feet above the ground by pulling on a rope weighing 5 lb/ft. How much work is required?

    asked by Liz
  31. chemistry

    How many atoms are in 11 molecules of sulfur hexafluoride?

    asked by Diane
  32. Calculus

    A rectangular play area is to be fenced off in a person's yard and is to contain 108 yd^2. The next-door neighbor agrees to pay half the cost of the fence on the side of the play area that lies along the property line. What dimensions will minimize the

    asked by Kiana
  33. physics...PLZ HELP! =)

    A constant force acts on a moving object. The object makes a fixed magnitude of displacement in some direction. In general, in what direction is the displacement that will result in the object traveling with the least kinetic energy after the displacement

    asked by Elizabeth
  34. Chemistry

    According to the following reaction, how many grams of nitrogen gas will be formed upon the complete reaction of 22.2 grams of hydrogen gas with excess nitrogen monoxide? nitrogen monoxide (g) + hydrogen (g) nitrogen (g) + water (l)

    asked by Kaitlin
  35. history

    After the Revolution, the practice of a.enslaving African Americans was b.eliminated in the North. [c].restricted in the North and the South. d.encouraged in the North. abolished in the South

    asked by jay
  36. Physics- Elena please help!

    A 20.0 g bullet is fired horizontally into a 85 g wooden block that is initially at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface and connected to a spring having spring constant 156 N/m. The bullet becomes embedded in the block. The bullet block system

    asked by Megan
  37. Chemistry

    A 0.528 gram sample of a metal, M, reacts completely with sulfuric acid according to: M+H2SO4 -> MSO4+H2 A volume of 205 mL of hydrogen is collected over water; the water level in the collecting vessel is the same as the outside level. Atmospheric pressure

    asked by Bill
  38. english

    Which of the following phrases best defines rhythm? Repeated sounds across lines of poetry a poem's cadence, pace, or ongoing momentum A collection of lines in a poem The regular of irregular rhyme scheme in a poem

    asked by jay
  39. Physics

    an object is punted at 25m/s [40 degrees North of East] on G's home planet. What is the range of the object on level ground? (use g= 18 m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math Trig

    Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of an angle in standard position if the point with coordinates (12, 5) lies on its terminal side? Please explain how!

    asked by Laytin
  41. algebra

    What are the steps to show the quotient in simplest form? 0.000027 ÷ 0.000009

    asked by belle
  42. 6th grade Math

    Action movies make up to 85% of Devon's movie collection if he has 20 movies how many action movies are in Devon's collection? I am not good with story problems!

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Chemistry.

    To calculate the air pressure, the volume occupied by the air is assumed constant. Why is this assumption incorrect? Explain how the vapor pressure calculated and the resulting Clausius-Clapeyron plot are affected?

    asked by Shardae.
  44. Chemistry

    1. According to the collision theory of chemical reactions: A. High energy collisions result in few successful reactions as there isn’t sufficient time for the products to react. B. High energy collisions lead to the successful formation of products. C.

    asked by Ken
  45. math

    There were 510 people at a play. The admission price was $3 for adults and $1 for children. The admission receipts were $970. How many adults and how many children attended

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Chemistry

    Please help me on this for my Midterm Review thank you very much... 1.For the reaction 2N2O(g) ⇋ O2(g) + 2N2(g), what happens to the equilibrium position if the pressure decreases? A. Shift to the right B. Shift to the left C. Doubles D. Does nothing E.

    asked by Jessie
  47. math

    how do i do this math problem ? what is my age ? add my age , plus half of it , plus a third of it , plus 3 times three . the results is 6 score and ten , what is my age ?

    asked by aoife
  48. Statics

    The right angle uniform slender bar AOB has mass m. Assuming a frely hinged pivot O, determine the magnitude of the normal force at A and the magnitude of the pin reaction at O.

    asked by Margaret
  49. Grammar

    Which of the following sentences displays a correct use of punctuation? A.The Dutch master, Rembrandt, is famous for his self-portraits. B.The Dutch master Rembrandt is famous for his self-portraits. C.The Dutch master Rembrandt, is famous for his

    asked by Lil
  50. Physics

    How much greater is the energy of a photon of ultraviolet radiation (λ = 3.00 × 10-7 m) than the energy of an average photon of sunlight (λ = 5.60 × 10-7 m)?

    asked by Heather
  51. Physics HELP!

    A 20.0 g bullet is fired horizontally into a 85 g wooden block that is initially at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface and connected to a spring having spring constant 156 N/m. The bullet becomes embedded in the block. The bullet block system

    asked by Megan
  52. Science

    How do meteorologists combine data from weather radar and weather satellites to gather information about the atmosphere?

    asked by SoccerStar
  53. math

    Karl Malone made 474 out of 621 free throws attempts and John Stockton made 237 out of 287 free throws attempts. a. what fraction benchmark is near the number of free throws made by each player? b. Estimate the percent of free throws made by each player.

    asked by fanny
  54. Physics

    When you take your 1300-kg car out for a spin, you go around a corner of radius 57.8 m with a speed of 15.2 m/s. The coefficient of static friction between the car and the road is 0.82. Assuming your car doesn't skid, what is the force exerted on it by

    asked by Alyssa
  55. health

    This 82 year old female was admittd for acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The progress notes indicate that the patient received a transfusion for anemia. The discharge diagnoses state acute exacebation of chronic obstructive

    asked by Anonymous
  56. programming

    1. Write a structured algorithm that prompts the user to input two numbers. The algorithm should calculate and print the sum & product of the two numbers [21/2]

    asked by alethia benney
  57. Chemistry

    An ideal gas is allowed to expand from 6.00 L to 45.0 L at constant temperature. By what factor does the volume increase? ? Number The pressure will Increase by that factor or decrease by that factor? If the initial pressure was 105 atm, what is the final

    asked by Bill
  58. math

    A group medical practice has 40,000 patients. Charts vary in thickness from 1/4 to 1 inch thick. The average of all charts is 1/2 inch thick. Using the average 1/2 inch thickness, how many inches of shelf space will be required for 40,000 charts?

    asked by Tracy
  59. elementary

    gabriella and 4 friends shared a pack of 15 glue sticks many giue sticks did each person get?

    asked by josh
  60. physics

    A uniform rod 8m long weighing 5kg is supported horizontally by 2 vertical parallel strings at P and Q and at distances 2m and 6m from one end. Weights of 1kg, 1.5kg ,and 2kg are attatched at distances of 1m, 5m, and 7m respectively from the same end. Find

    asked by tj
  61. math

    Rewrite the expression as an algebraic expresion in x: tan(sin−1x)=

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Physics

    A car travels in a flat circle of radius R. At a certain instant the velocity of the car is 24 m/s west,and the acceleration of the car has componets of 2.4 m/s^2 east and 1.8m/s^2 south. Find the total displacement of the object (from t=0 to 25)

    asked by Alex
  63. PLZ!!

    An object undergoes a displacement while being acted on by a constant force directed to the north. The work done on this object by the force is positive during the displacement. Which statement is necessarily true about the average velocity of the object

    asked by Elizabeth
  64. physical

    what is the tension in the biceps tendon if the hand is holding a 10 kg ball while the forearm is held 45 degrees below horizontal

    asked by Anonymous
  65. PHYSICS!!

    A Mountain bar has a mass of 6.7×10−2 kg and a calorie rating of 270 cal. What speed would this candy bar have if its kinetic energy were equal to its metabolic energy? [Note: The nutritional calorie, 1 Cal , is equivalent to 1000 calories (1000 Cal )

    asked by RoCu
  66. statistics

    A group of 200 students takes the Kaplan course in hopes that it will improve their SAT scores above the national mean of 500 on the math section. The population standard deviation of the SAT is known to be 100. Use an alpha level of .05 when answering the

    asked by sarah
  67. trig

    two trains leave Kansas City at the same time. Train A is traveling due north at 55 mph, train B is traveling west at the rate of 65 mph. Find the distance between the two trains two hours later and the bearing of train B from train A.

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Chemistry

    2.05 g of an unknown gas at 45 °C and 1.00 atm is stored in a 1.15-L flask. What is the density of the gas?

    asked by Bill
  69. chemistry

    Using data from the following reactions and applying Hess's law, calculate the heat change for the slow reaction of zinc with water (answer must be in kJ/mol Zn): Zn(s) + 2 H2O(l) ----> Zn^2+(aq) + 2 OH-(aq) + H2(g) (ΔHrxn = ?) H+(aq) + OH-(aq) ---->

    asked by stephon
  70. math

    Two cards are drawn in succession without replacement from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that the first card is a spade given that the second card is a club? (Round your answer to three decimal places)

    asked by paul
  71. Math HELPPP

    In a survey of 2000 adults 50 years and older of whom 40% were retired and 60% were pre-retired, the following question was asked: Do you expect your income needs to vary from year to year in retirement? Of those who were retired, 33% answered no, and 67%

    asked by Bill
  72. history

    Loyalists believed Patriots were breaking the law. should return to England. should support British taxation. were too aristocratic. i think its c im not sure

    asked by sam
  73. math

    The scale factor for two similar retangles is 3. If the area of the smaller rectangle is 8m^2, what is the area of the larger rectangle.

    asked by Hank
  74. geometry

    one side of an equilateral triangle is 7 dm shorter than one side of square.the sum of the perimeter of the two figure is 49 dm . find the perimeter of each figure.

    asked by junior
  75. Physics

    A m1 = 4.20-kg block on a smooth tabletop is attached by a string to a hanging block of mass m2 = 2.70 kg, as shown in the figure. The blocks are released from rest and allowed to move freely. a) Find the acceleration of the blocks. ___m/s^2 b) Find the

    asked by Alyssa
  76. Physics

    Four forces act on a hot-air balloon, shown from the side in the figure below. Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant force on the balloon if F1 = 5050 N, F2 = 1450 N, F3 = 950 N, and F4 = 4200 N. _______ N at ________ ° clockwise from F2

    asked by Dakota
  77. grammar

    their are children waiting in the lobby what is the simple subject

    asked by Liz
  78. Chemistry

    calculate the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 0.750 grams of Na2SO4 in enough water to form exactly 850 mL of solution.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. chem

    How do you prepare a solution of 12 M HCl and want to prepare 500 mL of a 0.4 M solution. Assume you have a 500-mL volumetric flask

    asked by maggie
  80. Calculus

    Water is leaking out of an inverted conical tank at a rate of cubic centimeters per min at the same time that water is being pumped into the tank at a constant rate. The tank has height centimeters and the diameter at the top is centimeters. If the water

    asked by Shayla
  81. physics

    A certain elevator cab has a total run of 204 m and a maximum speed is 321 m/min, and it accelerates from rest and then back to rest at 1.21 m/s2. (a) How far does the cab move while accelerating to full speed from rest? (b) How long does it take to make

    asked by LIN
  82. math

    Write equation and solve. Hell eleven less than five times a number is19

    asked by Micaela
  83. physics

    A uniform rod 8m long weighing 5kg is supported horizontally by 2 vertical parallel strings at P and Q and at distances of 2m and 6m from one end. Weights of 1kg, 1.5 kg, and 2kg are attatched at distances of 1m, 5m, and 7m respectively from the same end.

    asked by tj
  84. english

    Which literary movement consists of honest and open descriptions the setting and characters? I say B. A. American Modernism B. American Realism C. American Romanticism D. American Transcendentalism

    asked by shana
  85. physics

    An eagle (m1 = 5.2 kg) moving with speed v1 = 6 m/s collides with a second eagle (m2 = 4.8 kg) moving with speed v2 = 5.6 m/s in a direction at right angle to the first one. After the collision, they hold onto one another. With what speed are they moving

    asked by Anonymous
  86. English

    In the third scaffold scene of The Scarlet Letter, it is said that Dimmesdale regains his soul, Pearl gains humanity, Chillingworth loses his victim, and Hester loses her dreams. Can you please explain how the events take place in depth?

    asked by Karissa
  87. Math Trig

    Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of an angle in standard position if the point with coordinates (12, 5) lies on its terminal side? Please explain how!

    asked by Laytin
  88. LAW421

    How does the strict liability doctrine apply to the practice of accounting? Provide examples.

    asked by akt0921
  89. English

    Imagine his (plight,ingratitude) penniless unemployed and with a large family to support ingratitude? After so many years of (strife strand) in business,politics, and the family he wants only to retire to the peace and quiet of his ranch strife? I knew

    asked by Jerald
  90. us history

    why is the information available to archaeologists about early native american cultures very limited?

    asked by enniah
  91. math

    in a rectangular with a perimeter of 30 inches two parallel and equally spaced creases are made the cardboard is then folded to make a triangular prism with open ends that are equilateral triangles you will maximize the volume

    asked by Anonymous
  92. math foundation 2 semester 1

    melissa is looking for a fish. she swims for 12 minutes, and rises upward by 15 meters. what is her final depth at the end of the 12 minutes?

    asked by gakivia
  93. Geometry

    2.Write a flowchart Given: STV congruent TVU,STU congruent UVS Prove: SVT congruent UT

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Physics

    An asteroid with mass m = 1.85*10^9 kg comes from deep space, effectively from infinity, and falls toward Earth. How much work would have to be done on the asteroid by friction to slow it to 550 m/s by the time it reached a distance of 1.50*10^8 m from

    asked by Kaitlyn
  95. math

    what is the distributive property of 43 x 82

    asked by Anonymous
  96. math

    The total weekly cost (in dollars) incurred by Lincoln Records in pressing x compact discs is given by the following function. C(x) = 2000 + 2x - 0.0001x^2 (0≤x≤6000) (a) What is the actual cost incurred in producing the 1071st and the 1891st disc?

    asked by tee
  97. Pre-Calculus

    Laws of Logarithms Without using a calculator use the change of base rule to evaluate 1. a) log(subscript8)32(hint use base 2) =log(subscript2 32)/log(subscript2 8) = 5/3 b) log(subscript36)1296. This one doesnt even give you a hint, so how do you know

    asked by Shreya
  98. Physics

    You are pulling a 60-kg crate across a level floor with a rope. If a force of 200 N on the rope gives the crate an acceleration of 2 m/s2, what is the force of friction that the crate exerts on the floor?

    asked by Frustrated
  99. MATH

    Urn A contains six white balls and three black balls. Urn B contains seven white balls and five black balls. A ball is drawn from Urn A and then transferred to Urn B. A ball is then drawn from Urn B. What is the probability that the transferred ball was

    asked by Jon
  100. physics

    A block is released from rest at the top of an incline which makes a 30 degree angle with the horizontal. The incline is 12 m long and it takes the block 25 seconds to reach the bottom. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction, between the block and the

    asked by Jacob
  101. programming

    3. Write a structured algorithm that prompts the user to input the name and the price of an item and the quantity purchased. It should print the name, price, quantity and amount due with appropriate labels.

    asked by alethia benney
  102. Honors Physics

    A plane traveling at 300.0 km/h attempts to land on a 500 m runway. The plane’s engines and brakes accelerate uniformly at –5.0 m/s2. Will the plane be able to land safely?

    asked by Jonathan
  103. Math

    Two cards are drawn in succession without replacement from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that the first card is a spade given that the second card is a club? (Round your answer to three decimal places Wondering why I keep getting

    asked by Paul
  104. Math 5th grade (decimals)

    how do u write dcimals in expanded form

    asked by Regan Cook
  105. algebra

    Write a formula that relates temperature t in degrees Fahrenheit at altitude h (in thousands of feet) and a ground temperature of 65ºF. State any restrictions on h. b. Find the temperature at 11,000 ft above Earth’s surface.

    asked by Hailey
  106. physics

    A football is kicked 66.6 meters. If the ball is in the air 5.39 s, with what initial velocity was it kicked?

    asked by Anthony
  107. Science

    A perfectly square ice cube measures 3cm on each side.It has a mass of 24.6g.Whatcis the density of the ice cube.

    asked by Anonymous
  108. chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 63.0 g NaF in enough water to make 250.0 mL of solution?

    asked by Gloria
  109. math

    The total weekly cost (in dollars) incurred by Lincoln Records in pressing x compact discs is given by the following function. C(x) = 2000 + 2x - 0.0001x^2 (0≤x≤6000) (a) What is the actual cost incurred in producing the 1071st and the 1891st disc?

    asked by tee
  110. cal

    A(t) is the amount of the investment at time t for the case of continuous compounding, write a differential equation satisfied by A(t).

    asked by Anonymous
  111. Help please!! History

    The earlier years of the Middle Ages began with A. the Crusades. B. the collapse of the Roman Empire. C. the Renaissance. D. the search for new trade routes

    asked by kelly k
  112. Chemistry

    In an exothermic reaction, is the heat of the reation less than, greater than, or equal to zero? In an endothermic reaction, is the heat of reaction less than, greater than, or equal to zero?

    asked by Steven
  113. Math 8 - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Multi-Step Equations Solve: 2(4-d+2d) = 12 please help me!!!! I'm struggling in this question a lot!

    asked by Laruen
  114. chemistry

    what is the molarity of a h2so4 solution if 18.5ml of naoh are needed to neutralize 25.0 mL of the sample?

    asked by sandra
  115. English

    Word bank acquit deem devastate discredit elusive generate idolize ingratitude keepsake mortal ovation petty plight repent reverie revocation scan strand strife topple Since I sincerely appreciate all my parents have done for me how can you accuse me of

    asked by Jerald
  116. Physics relationship

    Let W1 represent the work required to accelerate an object on a frictionless horizontal surface from rest to a speed of v. if W2 represents the work required to accelerate the same object on the same surface from a speed of v to 2v, then which one of the

    asked by Cody
  117. physics

    A basketball player 1.9 m tall wants to make a basket from a distance of 7.8 m. The hoop is at a height of 3.05 m.If he shoots the ball (from a height of 1.9 m) at a 23.5 angle, at what initial speed must he shoot the basketball so that it goes through

    asked by scott
  118. chemistry... HELPP

    Chemistry Equilibrium Constant PLEASE Help!? In an experiment, equal volumes of 0.00150 M FeCl3 and 0.00150 M NaSCN were mixed together and reacted according to the equation: Fe3+ (aq) + SCN– (aq) Fe(SCN)2+ (aq) The equilibrium concentration of FeSCN

    asked by LS
  119. math

    Five More than the product of a number and -3 is -2

    asked by Micaela
  120. Social Science Capstone

    Ethical Research in the Social Sciences Find the most interesting, bizarre, or blatant example of a violation of good ethical conduct in research in the social sciences. Explain the experiment. What theories, ideas, behaviors, or phenomena were being

    asked by Leonard Shackleford
  121. Finance

    A 6% six-year bond yields 10.5% and a 10% six-year bond yields 8.5%. Calculate the six-year spot rate. Assume annual coupon payments.

    asked by Anonymous
  122. physics

    A particular trophy has a solid 0.2m radius base with a mass of 1.2kg. Rising up from the center is a 0.01m radius solid rod with a mass of 0.4kg. Centered on top of this is a hollow sphere with a radius of 0.15m and a mass of 0.8kg. Calculate the total

    asked by taryn
  123. physics

    A fox fleeing from a hunter encounters a 0.630 m tall fence and attempts to jump it. The fox jumps with an initial velocity of 7.20 m/s at an angle of 45.0°, beginning the jump 2.18 m from the fence. How far does the fox clear the fence

    asked by Anthony
  124. English

    Word bank acquit deem devastate discredit elusive generate idolize ingratitude keepsake mortal ovation petty plight repent reverie revocation scan strand strife topple She richly deserved the audience's ____ for her brilliant performance ovation? Since I

    asked by Jerald
  125. Psychology

    The impact of drug x on fertility rates in young women A.Potentially rendering young women unable to have children B.Potential birth defects if the women should become pregnant during the study C.Exposing young women to an untested drug D.There is no

    asked by Anon
  126. Physics

    A package of dishes (mass 50.0 kg) sits on the flatbed of a pickup truck with an open tailgate. The coefficient of static friction between the package and the truck's flatbed is 0.330, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.230. (a) The truck

    asked by Kira
  127. Energy

    Find the KE of a 60-kg runner who covers 400 m in 45s at constant speed.

    asked by Donna
  128. Physics

    Which of the following is not a good example of uniform circular motion? a) a person riding on a ferris wheel that is turning at a constant rate b) a person taking off on an airplane to fly around the world on a path defined by the equator c) a race car

    asked by Lewis
  129. physics

    A plane drops a hamper of medical supplies from a height of 5750 m during a practice run over the ocean. The plane’s horizontal velocity was 109 m/s at the instant the hamper was dropped. What is the magnitude of the overall velocity of the hamper at the

    asked by Anonymous
  130. Math

    Janice wants to know the total number of games won by the Denver Nuggets basketball team over the three seasons shown in the table. What expression should she simplify? Explain how she can use mental math and the properties (Associative, Commutative,

    asked by Bobby
  131. Finance

    A corporation has bonds on the market with 13.5 years to maturity, a YTM of 7.6 percent, and a current price of $1,175. The bonds make semiannual payments. What must the coupon rate be on these bonds?

    asked by Anonymous
  132. English

    Which of the following sentences containing an appositive phrase is punctuated correctly? Mr. Jones, the man who lives next door to us, is taking care of our dog while we are on vacation. Mr. Jones, the man who lives next door to us is taking care of our

    asked by ^
  133. Northwest H.S

    Physics: A car is parked on an icy hill inclined at 10°, when it begins to slide. What is the car's speed at the bottom of the 155-m hill?:

    asked by Jimmy
  134. Math

    Which subway could be evenly broken into sections of 5 miles each?

    asked by Shion
  135. Physics

    Two blocks rest on two frictionless ramps. They are connected at the apex of each ramp by a string and pulley. The angle of ramp A with the ground is 45 degrees. Mass of Block B (on Ramp B) is 2 times that of Block A. What does the angle of Ramp B with the

    asked by Neil
  136. Early Child Care

    All of the following statements about the brain are correct EXCEPT: A) the brain is strongly run by patterns rather than facts. B) the brain runs better when food intake is irregular. C) stress and threat effect the brain in many ways. D) all learning is

    asked by anna
  137. Health care Information System 2

    Discuss ways that information systems could assist in preventing the problems. Provide specific examples to support your response

    asked by Anita
  138. Finite Math- help wanted. Super hard!

    In a past presidential election, it was estimated that the probability that the Republican candidate would be elected was 2/3, and therefore the probability that the Democratic candidate would be elected was 1/3 (the two Independent candidates were given

    asked by Lance
  139. calculus

    An airplane is cruising at 340 km/h at an altitude of 4000 m. If the plane passes directly over an observer on the ground, how fast is the distance from the plane to the observer changing when it is 3000 m away from the point directly above the observer?

    asked by Lori
  140. Physics

    A very strong 100kg man is having a tug-of-war with a 1500kg elephant. The coefficient of static friction for both on the ground is 0.9. Find the force that would be needed to move the elephant.

    asked by RJ
  141. math

    6 thousand 38 hundreds =

    asked by elijah
  142. Health

    Empty calories are defined as ________. A. Calories from dairy products only B. Calories from low-fat foods and/or fruits and vegetables C. Calories from water and other foods or beverages that have zero calories D. Calories from solid fats and/or added

    asked by Madison
  143. English

    Word bank acquit deem devastate discredit elusive generate idolize ingratitude keepsake mortal ovation petty plight repent reverie revocation scan strand strife topple Though that actress's name and face are all but forgotten today, she used to be ____ by

    asked by Jerald
  144. programming

    4. Write a structured algorithm to prompt the user to enter the prices for two different pay-per-view movies. Calculate the amount due and output it with the following message: “Amount due BBC Television Ltd”. [5]

    asked by alethia benney
  145. Calculus

    What is the derivative of 7e^(3sin^(4x+5))?

    asked by Bill
  146. Math

    21 is (66 and 2/3)% of what number? I believe the answer is 14. is it right?

    asked by Sarah
  147. chemistry

    'electrolysis of dilute aqueous solutions kcl,cucl2,kl,agno3'?

    asked by derin
  148. math

    The principal is choosing between 2 field tripS. The firt costs 600 dollars. The 2nd costs $240 plus $40 per students. For wat # of students is the 1trip less expensive?

    asked by jr
  149. English

    From what elements of a story can you make inferences? characters setting theme all of the above I would say, all of the above..

    asked by :3
  150. maths

    what is the equllibrium constant of KI + I2 reaction at 35 c?

    asked by tharindu
  151. Physics

    If an artificial earth satellite is in an orbit around the earth’s equator with a period of exactly 1 day, how does its motion look to an observer on the rotating earth if it orbits in the same direction as the earth turns? (Such an orbit is said to be

    asked by abc321
  152. Physics

    Two carts of identical mass (500 kg). One is traveling south and the other is traveling east. They collide (inelastic collision) and slide 3 meters, 30 degrees south of the east. The total friction force is 10,000N. Calculate the initial velocities of

    asked by Neil
  153. Math

    The position vectors A and B with respect to the origin O,(-8,5) are (12,-5)and respectively. Point M is the midpoint of AB and N is the midpoint of OA. (a) Find: (i) The coordinates of N and M; (ii) The magnitude of NM, (b) Express vector NM in term OB.

    asked by Anonymous
  154. College Algebra

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify if possible. Assume any factors you cancel are not zero. s/(s^2-5s-24)-4/(s+3)

    asked by Spencer
  155. math

    Phone company A charges $28.25 a month plus $0.18 per minute for local calls. Company B charges $19.85 a month plus $0.32 per minute for local calls. Find the number of minutes for whitmch the companies plans cost the same

    asked by Micaela
  156. PHYSICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the height from where the water bomb will be released on the overpass is 4.5 m and the target student is 170 cm tall. the student realises that, as his target will be moving, he must release the water bomb when his friend is a certain horizontal distance

    asked by NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
  157. Algebra

    "If 3 people can do a job in 5 days, how many days will be needed if 4 people do the same job?"

    asked by Bob
  158. math

    maria bought two fans for rs.3605 .she sold one at the profit of 15% and the other at a loss of 9%. if maria got the same amount for each fan ,find the cost price of each fan ??

    asked by TUHITUHI
  159. English

    I need help with writing a thesis sentece for rising of autism for a research paper.

    asked by Equilla
  160. Astronomy

    Which one support the solar nebula theory of the origin of the solar system?

    asked by Irlanda Robles
  161. Health care Information System 4

    "Quality Improvement and Measurement" Discuss the challenges associated with measuring the quality of health care data and ways that those challenges may be addressed. Provide specific examples to support your response.

    asked by Anita
  162. statistics

    Will is convinced that there is a relationship between a woman's age and how old she acts. In order to test this , I asked the women in my family their ages and then gave them an age acting test. Check to see if wills hypothesis is true using p value 0.5.

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Math

    What is the ratio in simplest form from 16 to 20

    asked by Jasmine
  164. CHEM LAB Help

    Weight of the mustard package Sample: 3.02 (g) Weight of the mustard package Solution: 33.3 (g) Trial #1 Trial #2 Trial #3 Weight of Mustard Package Solution Delivered (g) : 1.09 .948 .909 Weight of NaOH Solution Delivered (g) : .354 .304 .269

    asked by Den
  165. Math

    Derek made 85% of his free throws. Shawn made 6/8 of his free throws. Who has the better avarage? Why?

    asked by Anonymous
  166. us history

    the eisenhower administration's major domestic legislative accomplishment in the 1950s was the passage of a law ____?

    asked by lolita
  167. Chemistry

    If a solute is very soluble in a solvent (ethanol), why doesn't crystallization occur? I attempted to recrystallize 14 g of solute A in 30 mL of ethanol, but crystallization didn't occur. Why? Is it because a) the solution is supersaturated or b) because

    asked by hellp
  168. Algebra

    Can you please help me understand this? Thanks Find the value of y so that the passing line through the two points has the given slope. 1. (2,y) (3,3) ;m=2

    asked by Emma
  169. physics

    a marble dropped from rest falls freely until it hits the ground with a speed of 35 meters per second. the time during which the marble is in free fall is approximately

    asked by delilah
  170. Principles of Public Speaking

    This type of listening is usually needed when we need to make a critical decision about something.

    asked by Anonymous
  171. social studies

    Listening is as important as this in the communication process.

    asked by Anonymous
  172. english

    What word best describes the Realist's and Modernist's perspective on the world? A. Objective B. Passionate C. Subjective D. Unemotional

    asked by shana
  173. Physics

    A block of 1.0 kg rests on the gap between two boards. Putty is throw from the underside of the block and makes contact with it. The Putty has a velocity of 15 m/s and weighs 0.3kg. Calculate the max height the block travels after contact with the putty,

    asked by Neil
  174. Finance

    . You are given the following two sets of prices of European options as a function of the strike price, for a stock with S = 100. Assume that all options mature in 6 months, and that the interest rate (continuously compounding, annualized) is 10%. (1)

    asked by Anonymous
  175. Futures &Options

    1. You are given the following two sets of prices of European options as a function of the strike price, for a stock with S = 100. Assume that all options mature in 6 months, and that the interest rate (continuously compounding, annualized) is 10%. (1)

    asked by Anonymous
  176. Pre-Calculus

    Exponential Functions A=P(X)^t/n A-final amount P-initial amount X-growth rate t-time n-number of growth periods The teacher had this question as an example and did it however i do not understand one thing: The Ebola virus double every 30 min. If there are

    asked by Shreya
  177. Science

    a 2000-kg car traveling at 8 m/s strikes a stationary car whose mass is the same. The two cars stick together after the crash. What is their speed just afterward?

    asked by Donna
  178. Physics

    I don't know the answer

    asked by tj
  179. English

    What words help you understand the definition of musket-ball? “fall” and “bridge” “lying dead” and “Pierced” “Pierced” and “British” “safe” and “asleep” I'm not sure if the answer is "lying dead" and "Pierced" or if it is

    asked by ^
  180. Physics HELP!!

    What is the acceleration due to gravity at 7220km above the Earth's surface? Take the radius of the Earth to be 6.37e6m and the mass of the Earth to be 5.972e24kg.

    asked by LS
  181. maths

    How to divide equally a 6cm line into 7 equall parts?

    asked by nanbala
  182. Physics

    A school bus take 0.530h to reach the school from your house. If the average velocity of the bus is 19.0km/h to the east, what is the displacement ?

    asked by Briana
  183. chemistry

    how many moles of N are in 78.0g of N2O

    asked by bekki
  184. english

    The following sentence shows what element of poetry? Her fiery eyes swept away his heart. A. Imagery B. Figure of speech C. Personification D. Simile

    asked by shana
  185. Physics

    A block (weight= 10kg) is sitting on a surface with friction (coefficient= 0.5). A force (push) is applied to the end of the block, 35 degrees below the horizontal. Calculate the magnitude of the force to move the block.

    asked by Frederic
  186. Health care Information System 3

    "Quality Improvement and Measurement" Analyze the AHIMA characteristics of data quality and discuss what additional factors could be brought into the model to improve the quality of health care data even further.

    asked by Anita
  187. Language Arts

    Is this a simple sentence. Graphic artists can choose a percentage of red,blue,or yellow.

    asked by Renee
  188. math

    if there are 16 marbles in a bag and 8 are red red with 6 green and 2 blue what is the probability of getting matching marbles in 2 draws from the bag

    asked by jon apples
  189. algebra

    solve quadratic equation x2 + x + (sqrt 3/4)i = 0 complex roots

    asked by dave
  190. Physics HELP!!

    Three charges, q1=+45.9nC q2=+45.9nC and q3=+91.8nC are fixed at the corners of an equilateral triangle with a side length of 3.70cm. Find the magnitude of the electric force on q3.

    asked by LS
  191. chemistry

    What is an open and closed sytem refer to in chemistry? thanks!

    asked by Donald
  192. algebra

    Solve the equation for y. Then graph the equation. 5x – 4y = 12 A.y=-5/4x-3 B.y=4/5x+3 C.y=5/4x-4 D.y=-4/5x+3

    asked by Ally
  193. Math

    My median answer is 19 for the ages of houses. How do I explain this represents the ages of the houses best? having trouble wiht explaining it.

    asked by Sam
  194. algebra

    At local ball park team charges $4 for each ticket and expects to make $1100 in concessions. Teams must pay its players $1300 and pay all other workers $1200. Each fan gets a free bat that costs the team $3 per bat. How many tickets must be sold to break

    asked by terry
  195. Calculus integral

    evaluate the integral: integral from -pi/4 to 0 for the function 6sec^3x dx. it has to be an exact answer and i did it and keep getting it wrong. I got 4sqrt(2)-4ln(-sqrt(2)+1)

    asked by kajri
  196. Math

    Which city's subway has a length that is a prime number of miles? New York, U.S. = 247 Mexico City, Mexico = 111 Paris, France = 125 Moscow, Russia = 152 Seoul, South Korea = 83 Tokyo, Japan = 105

    asked by Shion
  197. Chemistry

    We had a lab where the standard solution was potassium hdrogenphthalate. In this we added 3 drops of phenolphtalein indicator and then we ran sodium hydroxide into the solution. We did four different flasks and the final readings for these then were 26.00

    asked by Amanda
  198. Math

    Which subways length is divisible by 4 miles?

    asked by Shion
  199. maths

    find volume and curved surface area of a cone of radius 6.00cm and perpendicular height 8.00cm

    asked by mark
  200. statistics

    First graders who misbehave in school may be more likely to be regular smokers as young adults according to a new study presented in the July 2004 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology. After following a group of U.S. first graders for 15 years, it

    asked by Anonymous
  201. Math

    240 is 60% of what number

    asked by Anonymous
  202. elementary

    explain it josh says that if he divides 50 by 5,he will get 10.jeff says he shhould get 9.who is correct?explain.

    asked by josh
  203. MATH

    WHAT IS 150% OF $16.00 $16.00 X 1.50 = 24? (solution)

    asked by booker
  204. Math

    A golf tournament is five rounds. Katie shot -1 in two rounds, -2 on one round, and +1 on the other two rounds. The winning score was five under par. What was Katie's final score? Did Katie win the tournament ? Explain

    asked by Cherie
  205. College Discrete

    An urn contains n > 0 white balls and m > 0 black balls. Consider the experiment where two balls are drawn without replacement. What is the probability that the balls are of the same color? What is the probability of this event, if the balls are drawn with

    asked by Anonymous
  206. chem

    What mass of H2C2O4 can react with 35.0 mL of 1.50 M KMnO4 according to following equation?

    asked by Gloria
  207. English

    Word bank acquit deem devastate discredit elusive generate idolize ingratitude keepsake mortal ovation petty plight repent reverie revocation scan strand strife topple Instead of telling us how much you ____ your outrageous conduct why don't you sincerely

    asked by Jerald
  208. chemistry --

    What determines whether 2 or 3 electrons will be removed from Fe when it reacts with another chemical or element?

    asked by John
  209. chemistry

    From which sublevel are the first 2 electrons for Fe removed from ______ From which sublevel is the next electron for Fe removed from _________ Why does the removal of electrons stop at this subleval and number of electron?? Please help me !!!

    asked by John
  210. math

    I have to make an array graph for 11 x 17

    asked by juile
  211. Math

    What is the difference between counting the spaces between whole numbers and counting the tick marks?

    asked by Mary
  212. Math

    Find the functional values requested in the problem; h(x)=5x-4 (a) h(0)= (b)h(-11)=

    asked by Ms. Jackie
  213. health

    How often should children and teenagers be physically active? A. For at least 100 minutes each day or almost everyday B. For no less than 20 minutes each day or almost everyday C. For no less than 30 minutes each day or almost everyday D. For at least 60

    asked by Anonymous
  214. mathematics

    how do I cope with intermediate mathematics e.g log rhythms?

    asked by Aron
  215. math

    Wat is the number sequence for 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42

    asked by jose
  216. physics

    plz tell me a website which explains the working of Nd-YAG laser with its energy level diagram.or if u know about them explain them to me.

    asked by nanbala
  217. Math

    4 members of a relay team each ran one lap of a race. THeir times were 58.4 seconds 58.07 seconds 57.8 seconds and 58.46 seconds. Put the numbers in order from fastest time to slowest time 57.8 58.07 58.40 58.46

    asked by Jerald
  218. science

    Also is did cassini send out a space probe or satellite?

    asked by Slippy
  219. physics

    a teniss ball thrown vertically upward reaches a maximun height of 33 meters above the surface of earth. at its maximun height the speed of he tennis ball is

    asked by delilah
  220. Math

    24 (6-)-1 divided by-5. There is a big space between the 24 and the -6. I don't know if I multiply 24x-6 or do I multiplying-6x-1and then times it by 24. Please help

    asked by Cherie
  221. Pre-Calculus

    Laws of logarithms combine, write as a single logarithm Need help on this question please, Im stuck, don't know where to go abouts from here: I did it on paint and uploaded it onto this website because I don't know how to do the subscript numbers, so it

    asked by Shreya
  222. math

    how do i write measurements in centimeters in the simplist form

    asked by joey
  223. chemistry

    How many moles are there in 5 moles of Tungsten(V)oxalate tetrahydrate?

    asked by Diane
  224. Science

    How do you find the volume of hydrogen gas produced?

    asked by Genie
  225. Math

    What is the value of y. Y-4/5=11/20

    asked by Quentin
  226. Math

    4 3/4 + v = 17 1/8 What is v

    asked by Quentin
  227. Math

    3(-2/3 + 4/9) The 2/3 and 4/9 are fractions. How do I figure this out?

    asked by nj
  228. Physics

    A 50kg object is moving at 25m/sec. How many calories are generated when the object brakes to a stop?

    asked by Sarah
  229. math

    if your exponents are the same but your base's are differnt how do you simplify that? example : (-3)^2 * -5^2

    asked by kylee
  230. Calculus

    y = 1/2x^2-x + 3 for 0_

    asked by Anonymous
  231. math

    A cube has a side length of 3 units and vertex A at A (0,0,0). Identify the coordinates of the other vertices.

    asked by Anonymous
  232. Math

    Is there a trick or formula or easy way to figure out square root mentally?

    asked by Square root
  233. chemistry

    obtanin a piece of comcentrated acetic acid and 10 ml of di- water . bring the content of this beaker to a gentle boil using a low flame on the Bunsen burner . boild for about 3minutes , alow to cool and then remove the steel wool ball . what's happened in

    asked by John
  234. Health care Information System

    Analyze the causes of poor quality health care data and determine the single most significant cause, as well as an innovative solution that is addressed in the text.

    asked by Anita
  235. Calculus

    What is the derivative of 2^(5x)tan(x^2)

    asked by Bill
  236. pysics

    if 15 grams of iron combines with 6.5 grams of oxygen, how much rust is formed

    asked by dave
  237. fractions

    the lappans buy three large sandwich wraps to serve at a picnic nine people in all will be at the picnic show three different ways to cut the sandwiches so that each operson gets an equal share

    asked by lupe
  238. math

    tomatoes are selling for $1.95 per pound.can you buy 2 1/4 pounds if you only have $ 4.00?

    asked by sunny
  239. chemistry

    if the mass of a metal is 127.70 grams, what is number of moles on the metal in the cube?

    asked by Tracy
  240. math

    a giant truck use tires with a diameter of 12.5 feet, find the area of a wheel with this tire.

    asked by sunny
  241. math

    N/4+4=-8 Please help me I'm nit good with fractions/:

    asked by Micaela
  242. physics

    plz tell me in which website can I get free engineering notes for first year B.E?

    asked by nanbala
  243. Math

    Susie's best long jump this season was 4.02 meters. her worst long jump for the season was 3.72 meters. Which of the following could not be the distance of any of her long jumps during the season A.4 meters B.4.81 C.3.79 D.3.7 D?

    asked by Jerald
  244. Algebra; simplifying expressions

    Can anyone help me simplify this expression? I am unsure of the proper steps. Thank you for your time. 2j+6 --------- j^2-6j-27

    asked by Jessica
  245. English (MLA)

    In my essay I want to quote a character saying something. And I just want to confirm that this is how I would do this: "'I married him-and he is a good man'" (Ross 180). I just want to know if the three quotations are supposed to be there? I cant find in

    asked by Dawn
  246. bus 115

    How is the Web affecting the way business is conducted? Are there changes

    asked by lisa
  247. language art

    what topic can i write about on national news?

    asked by Cathy
  248. math

    the turning point for y= x^2-8x+2 is: A (2,-16) B (16,2) C (8,-2) D (-8,2) E (4,-14)

    asked by josh
  249. Calc

    Evaluate the following indefinite integral integral of the funtion (x^3)/(x^2-49)dx

    asked by kajal
  250. math

    jones bought 3 1/8 pounds of candies, she gave away 3/5 of the candy,how much candy was left over?

    asked by sunny
  251. math

    Ms Cunningham has 7 packages of m&ms and 23 other m&ms. let n = the number of m&ms in one package. a. write an expression to show how many m&ms Ms. Cunningham has b. Each package cointains 57 erasers. Use substitution to show how many erasersMs. Cunningham

    asked by daniel guerrero
  252. math

    tom had 7/8 of a cup of lemon juice.after making a pie he had 1/2 cup of lemon juice much lemon juice did he use in the pie?

    asked by sunny
  253. maths

    for the graph y= -(x-2)squared +1: Find the x intercepts please show all working :)

    asked by josh
  254. maths

    the turning point for y=x^2-8x+2 is: A: (2,-16) B: (16,2) C: (8,-2) D: (-8,2) E: (4,-14)

    asked by josh
  255. social studies

    how far is jamaica from cuba in latitude and longitude

    asked by jaheim
  256. real-life step function

    So if I wanted to do a step-function graph for gas prices, how would that work? I'm a little confused. Could someone give me examples please? That would be so helpful (: Thanks!

    asked by Claire
  257. English

    words or phrase for things that one might find in a pirate treasure chest?

    asked by Tameka
  258. MATH

    How can i know the result ofdivision 3x^2+6x-4 with 5x+2 in factor theorom

    asked by BISWAJEET
  259. Coll Discrete math 2

    The four players in a game of bridge are called North, South, East, and West. What is the probability that East and West have no diamonds? (I.e., what is the probability that all of the diamonds are held by North and South?)

    asked by Anonymous
  260. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  261. Calculus

    Find the d^3z/dydx^2 partial derivative of: ln[sin(x-y)] The answer is supposed to be 1/2; however, I cannot figure out how to get this answer. Any help is appreciated.

    asked by James
  262. Math

    Fill on th blank with >, < or = 4/5 _____ 30%

    asked by Anonymous
  263. math

    reduce 16/180 to lowest terms

    asked by mark
  264. chemistry


    asked by tharindu
  265. math

    How to solve 13 is 10 percent of what number?

    asked by lindsay
  266. math


    asked by Kayla
  267. Math

    determine if 12/18 and 24/32 form a proportion. explain your reasoning

    asked by Quinn
  268. science

    Did Cassini complete his mission to go around saturn?

    asked by Slippy
  269. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  270. 5th grade math

    what percent of the total population believed if the population was 136,800,000

    asked by Anonymous
  271. math

    2x+5y=10 , -7x-4y=16

    asked by ale
  272. Mathematics


    asked by Anonymous
  273. Math

    24% of tennis rackets costs 50$ or more what percent costs less then $50

    asked by Anonymous
  274. math

    40% of what number is 12?

    asked by booker
  275. math

    5 1/4 % of what number is 42 ?

    asked by booker
  276. math

    simplify the expression 3(x-2)-9(x^2+7x+4)-5(x+8)

    asked by missfubu-c