Questions Asked on
September 29, 2012

  1. math

    Janet Home went to Citizen Bank. She borrowed $7,000 at a rate of 8 percent. The date of the loan was September 20. Janet hoped to repay the loan on January 20. Assuming the loan is based on ordinary interest, Janet will pay back interest on January 20:

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physics

    How high will a 1.85 kg rock go if thrown straight up by someone who expends 80.0 J of energy on it?

    asked by tracy
  3. Science

    A gun fires a shell at an angle of elevation of 30 degrees with a velocity of 2*10^3m/s. What is the horizontal and vertical component of the velocity? What is the range of the shell? how high will the ball rise

    asked by Joshua
  4. chemistry

    For each of the following bonds, indicate the positive end with \delta^{+} and the negative end with \delta^{-}. Write an arrow to show the dipole for each. 1. Si-Cl 2. Se-F 3. Br-F 4. N-H 5. N-P

    asked by shay
  5. physics

    Ilya and Anya each can run at a speed of 7.80 and walk at a speed of 3.20 . They set off together on a route of length 5.00 . Anya walks half of the distance and runs the other half, while Ilya walks half of the time and runs the other half. Part A How

    asked by sammy
  6. Chemistry

    Use activity coefficients to find the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution of 70.0 mM butanoic acid and 0.1 M NaCl. The ionization constant of butanoic acid is Ka = 1.52 × 10-5. Take the size of C3H7COO– to be 500 pm.

    asked by amanda1012
  7. science

    A bullet of mass 50g is fired from a gun of mass 6kg with a velocity of 400m/s. calculate the recoil velocity of the gun?

    asked by hemnath
  8. Science

    A hydraulic lift office chair has its seat attached to a piston with an area of 11.2 cm2 . The chair is raised by exerting force on another piston, with an area of 4.12 cm2 . If a person sitting on the chair exerts a downward force of 219 N, what force

    asked by Alexis
  9. Physics

    A bicyclist makes a trip that consists of three parts, each in the same direction (due north) along a straight road. During the first part, she rides for 22 minutes at an average speed of 6.50m/s. During the second part, she rides for 36 minutes at an

    asked by Angie
  10. accounting

    During Denton Company’s first two years of operations, the company reported absorption costing net operating income as follows: Year 1 Year 2 Sales (@ $64 per unit) $ 1,216,000 $ 1,856,000 Cost of goods sold (@ $32 per unit) 608,000 928,000 Gross margin

    asked by Anonymous
  11. physics

    A 2.00 kg block is held in equilibrium on an incline of angle θ = 75° by a horizontal force applied in the direction shown in the figure below. If the coefficient of static friction between block and incline is μs = 0.300, determine the following. (a)

    asked by Anonymous
  12. college math

    Find the measures of angles 1 through 5 in the figure shown. if the angles are 78 degrees and 42 degrees.

    asked by phillip
  13. Math Statistics

    In general, what is the relationship between the standard deviation and variance? a. Standard deviation equals the squared variance. b. Variance is the square root of standard deviation. c. Standard deviation is the square root of variance. d. These two

    asked by Misty
  14. accounting

    Frieden Company's contribution format income statement for the most recent month is given below: Sales (46,000 units) $ 966,000 Variable expenses 676,200 Contribution margin 289,800 Fixed expenses 231,840 Net operating income $ 57,960 The industry in which

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Physics

    Larry leaves home at 2:08 and runs at a constant speed to the lamppost. He reaches the lamppost at 2:12, immediately turns, and runs to the tree. Larry arrives at the tree at 2:28. What is Larry's average velocity during his trip from home to the lamppost,

    asked by Sarah
  16. Liberal Arts Math

    How do I find the indicated values of these? a. xP1 b. xC2

    asked by Dawn
  17. French

    Are my answers correct? 1 Elle voit le film au cinéma. Elle _____ voit. le-my choice lui pour me 2 Nous parlons souvent à nos professeurs. Nous _____ parlons souvent. les leur-my choice y en 3 Elle va en Chine. Elle ____ va pour étudier la culture. lui

    asked by Mark
  18. Managerial Economics

    8. Calculate the price elasticity demand, given Q1=500 , Q2=1000 , P1=55,P2=50

    asked by Anonymous
  19. physics

    Three identical blocks connected by ideal strings are being pulled along a horizontal frictionless surface by a horizontal force . (Figure 1) The magnitude of the tension in the string between blocks B and C is = 3.00 . Assume that each block has mass =

    asked by sammy
  20. accounting

    Shastri Bicycle of Bombay, India, produces an inexpensive, yet rugged, bicycle for use on the city’s crowded streets that it sells for 717 rupees. (Indian currency is denominated in rupees, denoted by Picture.) Selected data for the company’s

    asked by Anonymous
  21. physics

    If the coefficient of friction between the tires of a car and the road is 0.101, what is the minimum stopping distance of a car traveling at 78.4 km/hr?

    asked by Demis
  22. Chem.

    2KClO3 (s) ---> 2KCl (s) + 3O2 (g) For every mole of KClO3 that decomposes in the above experiment, how many grams of oxygen gas are produced? A.) 3 B.) 16 C.) 48

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Earth Science

    Two different areas of the United States receive the same amount of rainfall during a day. Area A has soil that contains many large pores and rocks made of sandstone. The soil in Area B is mainly heavy clay. Area A is a desert. Area B is a swamp. For each

    asked by Nuvola
  24. Liberal Arts Math

    Find the indicated value: a. 4C2 b. List all of the permutations of {a,b,c,d} when the elements are taken two at a time.

    asked by Dawn
  25. World History

    I don't get what the question is asking? Question: How were the evils of the Industrial Revolution addressed in England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. pre-calculus

    R(x)=x^2+x-6 ________ x-3 1. find the domain and y-intercepts 2. find the x-intercepts 3. find the real solution of the equation 4. find the horizontal or oblique asymptotes 5. find the x-axis 6. plot the points

    asked by ladybug
  27. pre-calculus

    solve the the following inequality. write your solution in interval notation. x^3-49x

    asked by ladybug
  28. english

    Therefore do not deceive yourself. Of all deceivers fear most yourself. what does this mean.

    asked by John
  29. physics

    A crate of mass 45.0 kg is being transported on the flatbed of a pickup truck. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the truck's flatbed is 0.360, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.160. (a) The truck accelerates forward on

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    A rocket shoots straight up from the launch-pad. Five seconds after lift-off, an observer 2 miles away notes that the rocket's angle of elevation is 3.5 degrees. Four seconds later the angle of elevation is 41 degrees. How far did the rocket rise during

    asked by Lianne
  31. Physics

    A driver of a car traveling at 16.6 m/s applies the brakes, causing a uniform deceleration of 3.0 m/s^2. How long does it take the car to accelerate to a final speed of 12.1 m/s? Answer in units of s part 2- How far has the car moved during the braking

    asked by neko alice
  32. Algebra grade 7

    one day victor was riding in the car with his dad and saw a sign that read 500 km to Indianapolis. about how many hours did it take to get to Indianapolis if the car was traveling at 60 mph. 1 mi = 1.61 km

    asked by randomchik
  33. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of a 0.81 M HCl solution are needed to react completely with 2.2 g of zinc to form zinc(II) chloride?

    asked by Emily
  34. math

    on her first two math tests, Gracie has an average score of 86. If she got a score of 92 on the first test, what is her score on the second test?

    asked by jaime
  35. physics

    A 1.3 kg mass accelerates at 8.2 m/s2 in a direction 23 degrees north of east. One of the two forces acting on the mass has a magnitude of 7.85 N and is directed north.Determine the magnitude of the second force. Im in need of serious help I only have one

    asked by Joe Rogers
  36. English

    Limburg cheese smells very (bad, badly). Is the correct answer bad because it modifies cheese? "The leading lady in the play," she said, "is feelin (sick, sickly)." Is the correct anwer sickly because it modifies is feeling?

    asked by Mark
  37. geography

    Name the plate that lies under Australia.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. physics

    A boy throws a stone straight upward with an initial speed of 12.0 Part A What maximum height will the stone reach before falling back down?

    asked by sammy
  39. math

    a rectangular garden has a length of 9 meters and a width of 7 meters. inside the garden is a square patch of roses. the patch is a square with sides of 4 meters. what is the area of the part of the garden NOT covered by roses?

    asked by jean
  40. language

    Steve`s home and Ann`s home are both in the same building.-predicate

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    how do i put 3.00x10 to the 8th into a calculator

    asked by alan
  42. collEge math


    asked by Angela
  43. physics

    Two forces of magnitude 80n and 60n are inclinde to each other at angle 90 calculate the resultant force and obtain it direction draw the system forces.

    asked by jimye jackson
  44. colleGe math

    y=-2|x| Will someone please explain how I'm supposed to graph this?

    asked by Angela
  45. physical chemistry

    piston whose area is 60 cm2 moves through a distance of 20 cm against a pressure of 3 atm. calculate the work done in joules and calories

    asked by lyn
  46. Physics

    A jet plane is cruising at 225.0m/s when suddenly the pilot turns the engines up to full throttle. After travelling 2.26km, the jet is moving with a speed of 392.0m/s. What is the jet's acceleration, assuming it to be a constant acceleration?

    asked by Sarah
  47. math

    5-(T-3)= -1+2(T-3)

    asked by JR
  48. Math

    For the given cost function 16 sqrt x+x^2/3375 The marginal cost at the production level 1700 The minimal average cost

    asked by Jonathan
  49. College math

    (-30a^14b^8/10a^17b^-2)totally lost on me??

    asked by Angela
  50. Calculus

    A trough is 3 feet long and 1 foot high. The vertical cross-section of the trough parallel to an end is shaped like the graph of x^2 from -1 to 1 . The trough is full of water. Find the amount of work required to empty the trough by pumping the water over

    asked by Ryan
  51. cOllege math


    asked by Angela
  52. Calculus

    A chain 64 meters long whose mass is 20 kilograms is hanging over the edge of a tall building and does not touch the ground. How much work is required to lift the top 3 meters of the chain to the top of the building?

    asked by Ryan
  53. social studies

    Ashley is very bold, outgoing, sociable, agreeable, and open to trying new things. Her sunny personality can probably be attributed: A. more to environment than heredity. B. more to intelligence than to any other factor. C. more to heredity than

    asked by phia
  54. coLlege math


    asked by Angela
  55. physics

    Two separate seismograph stations receive indication of an earthquake in the form of a wave traveling to them in a straight line from the epicenter and shaking the ground at their locations. Station B is 60 due east of station A. The epicenter is located

    asked by sammy
  56. Physics

    While you are sitting on a park bench with your friend, you grab his hat and start running in a straight line away from him. Over the first 49.7m, you accelerate at 1.00m/s^2 up to your maximum running speed. You then continue at you maximum running speed

    asked by joane
  57. physial chemistry

    a weight of 1000g falls freely to a platform from a height of 10 meters. What amount of heat will be evolved when the weight strikes the platform?

    asked by lyn
  58. math

    if you live 71 mi from a river, does it make sense to say you live about 80 mi from river? explain

    asked by tina
  59. Math (Linear Systems)

    28 N + T2 sin 12 = T1 sin 42 T2 cos 12 = T1 cos 42 T2 sin 12 + T3 sin 54 = W2 T2 cos 12 = T3 cos 54 Im solving for T1,2,3 and W2 I just cant seem to get the system to work

    asked by Joe Rogers
  60. Math

    In my math book I got a question saying 1\5 times 8/9. My answer is 1\5 am I correct.THANKS

    asked by Americal
  61. basic maths

    how to factorize x^3-18x^2+31X-o=0

    asked by nanbala
  62. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 48.5m/s. What is the ball's velocity after 1.50s? b) What is the ball's height after 1.5s?

    asked by joane
  63. physical chemistry

    2 liters of N2 at 0 degree Celsius and 5 atm pressure are expanded isothermally against a constant pressure of 1 atm until the pressure of the gas is also 1 atm. Assuming the gas to be ideal, what are the values of work,delta E, delta H, and q for the

    asked by lyn
  64. college algebra

    The grocery stocks yougurt in 2 refridgerators and sells them for 2.20 per container. Overnight one refridgerator malfunctions and ruins 15 containers of yogurt. The leftover yogurt sold for $3.98 each. How many containers did the store have to begin with

    asked by Pam
  65. physics

    Let the radius of the circular segment be 92 m, the mass of the car 2393 kg, and the coefficient of the static friction between the road and the tire 0.9. Find the magnitude of the normal force N which the road exerts on the car at the opti- mal speed (the

    asked by mark
  66. Algebra grade 7

    find a ratio equivalent to each ratio. then use the ratios to write a proportion 8/14 4/18.. I am so confused. Pleasse help me???? Thank ya'll.

    asked by randomchik
  67. chemistry

    Ariel found the density of an unknown solid to be 24.3 g/cm3. Her teacher told her that something must have gone wrong with her measurements because her percent error was 30.0% too high. What was the actual or accepted density of her unknown solid?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math Statistics

    A sample has a mean of M = 25. If one person with a score of X = 25 is added to the sample, what effect will it have on the sample mean?

    asked by Misty
  69. college algebra

    how do I solve this: (17x^3-5x^2+4x-3)-(5x^3-9x^2-8x+11) and putting the resulting polynomial in standard form?

    asked by Joe
  70. History

    so i have to make a picture based on this Lesson where learning about New France an from the textbook there's this sentence i`m supposed to draw about but i have no clue how i can draw it its --> "reported to the king on colonial activities and ensured

    asked by Please and Thank you :D
  71. Finance

    Given: Jay Letterman has just (year: 2012) become product manager for Avenir. Avenir is a consumer product with a unit retail price of $1.00. Retail margins on the product are 33%, while wholesalers take a 12% margin. Avenir and its direct competitors sell

    asked by Andrea
  72. Statistic

    Submit your answers to the following questions using the ANOVA source table below. The table depicts a two-way ANOVA in which gender has two groups (male and female), marital status has three groups (married, single never married, divorced), and the means

    asked by Bee
  73. Math Statistics

    A sample has a mean of M = 25. If one person with a score of X = 25 is added to the sample, what effect will it have on the sample mean? Why and how is there no effect on the sample mean? I am not really understanding this?

    asked by Misty
  74. World Hisory

    I need to find a current event about war/peace. Please post link below.

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Physics

    Two trains travel on the same railway in opposite direction. The initial distance between the trains is 20 km. The speeds of the two trains are 108 km/h and 162 km/h. After how many seconds will the crash occur?

    asked by Clemont
  76. algebra

    in solving the equation (x +2)(x - 2) = 32 eric stated the solution to be x + 2 = 32 => x = 30 or x- 2 = 32 => x = 34. however at least one of these solutions fails to work when plugged back into the equation. why is that? please help eric to understand

    asked by Theresse
  77. chemistry

    How to solve titration problem for HC2H3O2 + NaOH= NaC2H3O2 + H2O The M of NaOH= 0.427 The volume of NaOH= 17.30mL 10.00mL of acid The second titration calculation is: The M of NaOH= 0.427 The volume of NaOH=34.60mL 20.00mL of acid

    asked by Anonymous
  78. science

    What force is needed to move a 200.00 neuton chair 1.7 meter?

    asked by Kelsy
  79. physics

    A 69-kg man standing on a scale in an elevator notes that as the elevator rises, the scale reads 823 N. What is the acceleration of the elevator? m/s2 upward

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Physics

    (a) A 10 kg box of candy rests on a floor with a coefficient of static friction of 0.30. What force is needed to move the box? b) What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between a rubber tire and the road if a 2000 kg car needs 1.57 × 104 N to keep

    asked by Hanu
  81. physics

    Two forces are applied to a car in an effort to move it, as shown in the following figure, where F1 = 443 N and F2 = 372 N. (Assume up and to the right as positive directions.) (a) What is the resultant of these two forces? magnitude N direction ° to the

    asked by Anonymous
  82. physics

    An object falling under the pull of gravity is acted upon by a frictional force of air resistance. The magnitude of this force is approximately proportional to the speed of the object, which can be written as f = bv. Assume b = 16 kg/s and m = 58 kg. (a)

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Physics

    A 19000 kg sailboat experiences an eastward force 16400 N due to the tide pushing its hull while the wind pushes the sails with a force of 55200 N directed toward the northwest (45 ◦ westward of North or 45 ◦ northward of West). What is the direction

    asked by Joe Rogers
  84. physiscs

    A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 53.0 m/s. It acceler- ates with a constant upward acceleration of 3.21 m/s2 until its engines stop at an altitude of 230 m. What is the maximum height reached by the rocket? The

    asked by juan
  85. definition

    what is a word that you don't choose when making a choice?

    asked by Matt
  86. Economic

    can someone give an example of a good or service that has provided additional goods or services to society?

    asked by Lilly
  87. gas or liquid?

    is MgCl_2 a gas or a liquid?

    asked by rebekah
  88. chemistry

    How many hydrogen atoms are present in 1.02 mg of aspartame? I already got that there are 2.08e18 molecules of aspartame in 1.02mg of aspartame but i am not sure how to find how many atoms of hydrogen there are

    asked by rebekah
  89. Math riddles for 4th grade

    divide me by 10 and 3 remians. a square number my first digit be. My second digit is the product of1 and 3. All together I am greater than 50.

    asked by Kathy
  90. math/ compounded

    Scenario: A client comes to you for investment advice on his $500,000 winnings from the lottery. He has been offered the following options by three different financial institutions and requests assistance to help understand which option would be the best

    asked by carol
  91. health

    For adults, which ranges below reflect an accurate BMI category? A. If your BMI is 30 or higher, it falls within the overweight category B. If your BMI is 18.5-24.9, it falls within the normal or healthy weight category C. If your BMI is less than 18.5, it

    asked by Haley
  92. physics

    An F-14 jet fighter flies horizontally at 200m/s at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizon when it drops parcel from 2400m above the ground. a) How long does it take the parcel to hit the ground? b) How far does the parcel travel in the x-direction, from

    asked by Jeff
  93. childcare

    Discuss the responsibilities that a teacher has to volunteer parents when these parents are invited to particpate in learning activities. Include five responsibilties and an examplae of each

    asked by Maria
  94. Compensation Management

    Forrest just gave his assistant a 3% raise because his assistant just took on the responsibility of department budgeting. Which of the following policy choices did he make? The answer is eluding me...internal alignment, external competitiveness, management

    asked by Diane
  95. Physics

    an ambulance starts its motion from rest at a hospital and accelerates at a rate of 1.60 m/s^2 for 14.0 s. after that, it travels at constant speed for 70.0 s, and it the slows down at a rate of 3.5 m/s^2 until it stops (vf=o m/s) at the accident seen.

    asked by 010203
  96. physics

    A car starts from rest and travels for 5.6 s with a uniform deceleration of 1.3 m/s 2 . What is the final velocity of the car? Answer in units of m/s I know the answer for this is -7.28 but I cant figure out how to the second part. How far does the car

    asked by neko alice
  97. Math

    Suppose f and g are continuous functions such that g(3) = 2 and the limit as x approaches 3 of [3f(x) + f(x)g(x)] = 15. Find f(3).

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Chemistry

    The rate constant for a certain reaction is = 8.00×10−3 . If the initial reactant concentration was 0.400 , what will the concentration be after 16.0 minutes?

    asked by Dab353
  99. stor

    Suppose that you flip a fair coin (P(H)=P(T)=1 2 ) three times and you record if it landed on heads, H, or tails, T. (a) What is the sample space of this experiment? What is the probability of each event? (b) [1 pt] Let X be the number of times that you

    asked by ami
  100. stor

    Recall the Prisoners problem from class. We have three prisoners (A, B, and C) on death row. The Governor will pardon one of the prisoners, and he tells the Warden who he chose, but the warden is not allowed to reveal who was pardoned. Lets switch things

    asked by ami
  101. Math

    during the softball season, judy had 35 hits. Among her hits were one home run, 1 triple and 5 doubles. the rest of her hits were single ?

    asked by Lily
  102. Math

    If the limit as x approaches 1 for (f(x) - 7)/(x-1)=8, evaluate the limit as x approaches 1 for f(x)

    asked by Anonymous
  103. physics

    A car with an initial speed of 21.9 km/h accelerates at a uniform rate of 0.89 m/s 2 for 3.7 s. Find the final speed of the car. Find the displacement of the car after that time. Answer in units of km

    asked by Anonymous
  104. algebra

    What is a simpler form of the radical expression? ^4sqrt 81x^20 y^8 A, 3|x^5|y^2 B. 9|x^25|y^4 C. 9x^25|y^4| D. 3x^5|y^2|

    asked by Ann
  105. Math

    A surface ship is moving in a straight line (horizontally) at 8km/hr. At the same time, an enemy submarine maintains a position directly below the ship while driving at an angle that is 20 degrees below the horizontal. How fast is the submarines altitude

    asked by Sean
  106. Chemistry

    A block of metal has a width of 3.2 cm , a length of 17.1cm , and height of 5.8cm . Its mass is 1.5kg . Calculate the density of the metal.

    asked by Rae
  107. Physics

    a) What is the total force of friction on a wagon’s wheels if it takes 30 N to move it at a constant speed across a bumpy path? b) Where on a bicycle do you want to reduce friction? How is this done? c What is meant by the coefficient of kinetic

    asked by Hanu
  108. physics

    A ball is thrown straight upwards at a speed of 32.3 m/s and from a height of 1.5 m above the ground. How fast is it traveling when it hits the ground? (m/s)

    asked by selvi
  109. Physics

    a) The coefficient of kinetic friction between a steel block and an ice rink surface is 0.0100. If a force of 24.5 N keeps the steel block moving at a steady speed, what is the force of gravity on the block? b)A copper block has dimensions 1 cm × 2 cm ×

    asked by Hanu
  110. Physics

    a) Why are there no units attached to values of μ? b)A force of 120 N is needed to push a box along a level road at a steady speed. If the force of gravity on the box is 250 N, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the road?

    asked by Hanu
  111. Physics

    A 48 N cart is pulled across a concrete path at a constant speed. A 42 N force is required to keep the cart moving. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the path and the cart?

    asked by Hanu
  112. physics

    two stones with initial speeds of 13 m/s and are thrown at an angle 30 degrees, one below the horizontal and one above the horizontal. What is the distance between the points where the stones strike the ground?

    asked by James
  113. physics

    two stones with initial speeds of 13 m/s and are thrown at an angle 30 degrees, one below the horizontal and one above the horizontal. What is the distance between the points where the stones strike the ground?

    asked by James
  114. physics

    The acceleration due to gravity near a planet's surface is known to be 3.20 . Part A If the escape speed from the planet is 9.54 , determine its radius. Part B Find the mass of the planet. Part C If a probe is launched from its surface with a speed twice

    asked by sammy
  115. physics

    A regional airline flight consists of two legs with an intermediate stop. The airplane flies 380 due north from airport A to airport B. From there, it flies 260 due east to its final destination at airport C. Part A What is the magnitude of the plane’s

    asked by sammy
  116. physics

    At the Indianapolis 500 time trials, each car makes four consecutive laps, with its overall or average speed determining that car’s place on race day. Each lap covers 2.5 (exact). During a practice run, cautiously and gradually taking his car faster and

    asked by sammy
  117. physics

    A bullet traveling horizontally at a speed of 350 hits a board perpendicular to its surface, passes through and emerges on the other side at a speed of 230 . If the board is 3.80 thick, how long does the bullet take to pass through it?

    asked by sammy
  118. English

    "She is resting ( comfortable, comfortably) backstage." Is the correct answer comfortably even if it follows the linking verb is

    asked by Mark
  119. social studies

    Frick and Frack are 35-year-old identical twins separated in infancy and reared apart. Frick and Frack were recently reunited for the first time since birth. They have discovered that they have many things in common. Both twins have high IQs, both have

    asked by phia
  120. math

    How to find the value of y in a fraction

    asked by jennah
  121. chemistry

    A solution of ethanol (C2H50H) in water is prepared by dissolving 76.9ml of ethanol (density0.79g/cm3) in enough water to make 0.25L of solution. What is the molarity of ethanol in this solution Who helps me

    asked by Fai
  122. Chemistry

    The Ka of a monoprotic weak acid is 3.39 × 10-3. What is the percent ionization of a 0.125 M solution of this acid? I just do not know where to even start...

    asked by amanda1012
  123. Physics

    A 1500 kg car moves along a horizontal road at speed v0 = 21.9 m/s. The road is wet, so the static friction coefficient between the tires and the road is only µs = 0.302 and the kinetic friction coefficient is even lower, µk = 0.2114. The acceleration of

    asked by Cody
  124. physics

    Unless otherwise stated, all objects are located near the Earth's surface, where = 9.80 . A 3000 truck tows a 1500 car by a chain. Part A If the net forward force on the truck by the ground is 3500 , what is the acceleration of the car? Part B What is the

    asked by sammy
  125. physics

    Total mechanical energy of a flying rubber ball is 2000 J. It has a velocity of 151 ms-1 and is 3.1 m above the ground. Find the mass of the ball. (2dp)

    asked by Simon
  126. physics

    A skier travelling at 14 m s-1 reaches the foot of a steady upward 14° incline and glides 21 m along this slope before coming to rest. What was the average coefficient of friction?

    asked by Simon
  127. chemistry

    A STUDENT STUDYING THE FE+3- HSCN equilibrium put into a test tube 10.00ml of 2.00 x 10-3 M Fe(NO3)3 with 10.0 mL of 2.00 x 10-3 M HSCN.THE H+ in the resulting solution was manteined at 0.500.By spectrophotometric analysis of the equilibrium solution, the

    asked by Christina
  128. physics

    Calculate the power required of a 1190 kg car as it climbs a 11° hill at a steady 103 km h-1. The total friction and air resistance is 700 N. Answer in kW, to the nearest whole number.

    asked by Simon
  129. physics

    During liftoff, a hot-air balloon accelerates upward at a rate of 2.5 . The balloonist drops an object over the side of the gondola when the speed is 12 . a)What is the magnitude of the object’s acceleration after it is released (relative to the ground)?

    asked by sammy
  130. physics

    two stones with initial speeds of 13 m/s and are thrown at an angle 30 degrees, one below the horizontal and one above the horizontal. What is the distance between the points where the stones strike the ground?

    asked by James
  131. human resources

    I do not understand the assignment my teacher gave me if possible can you find me an article so i can do my presentation that meets the standards that my teacher wants. You are required to report on one (1) What’s News article this semester. Five minutes

    asked by Jesus
  132. business math 0

    what are the other terms in discount series

    asked by love lia
  133. Geometry

    Given triangle ABC, AD bisects angle BAC,and AE=ED Prove AE/AC=BD/BC Because I cant draw it I will explain. Its a triangle, A is the point at the top, B is the point at the bottom left and C is the point at the bottom right.There is a line going right down

    asked by Teisha
  134. Physics

    A spy satellite is in circular orbit around Earth. It makes one revolution in 6.01 hours. (a) How high above Earth's surface is the satellite? [Answer in Km] (b) What is the satellite's acceleration? [Answer in m/s^2] I see this posted over and over again

    asked by Brenda
  135. International Relations

    I want to write a thesis statement on the topic "China is not going to be the next superpower" How am i supposed to write it?

    asked by Sona
  136. HIstory

    "reported to the king on colonial activities and ensured harmony among his parishes". is actually suppossed to be François de Laval

    asked by I Gave Wrong Info Ms.Sue
  137. physics

    Unless otherwise stated, all objects are located near the Earth's surface, where = 9.80 . A block of mass 23.0 slides down a frictionless surface inclined at 35. Part A To ensure that the block does not accelerate, what is the magnitude of the smallest

    asked by sammy
  138. chemistry

    Identify a haloalkane and describe the manner in which it functions as an anesthetic.

    asked by Becky
  139. physics

    A Superball is dropped from a height of 2.4 and rebounds off the floor to a height of 1.9 . Part A If the ball is in contact with the floor for 0.70 , determine the direction of the ball’s average acceleration due to the floor. If the ball is in contact

    asked by sammy
  140. Chemistry

    This is a question I am presently doing right now which I found in my homework. I am quite sure that in (a) I have to use the Hasselbach equation though I am not sure how to work it out. If anyone knows any of the answers, and how you got to them, please

    asked by Matthias
  141. Chemistry

    This is a question I am presently doing right now which I found in my homework. I am quite sure that in (a) I have to use the Hasselbach equation though I am not sure how to work it out. If anyone knows any of the answers, and how you got to them, please

    asked by Matthias
  142. physics

    Unless otherwise stated, all objects are located near the Earth's surface, where = 9.8 . A hockey puck with a weight of 0.80 is sliding freely across a section of very smooth (frictionless) horizontal ice. Part A When it is sliding freely, how does the

    asked by sammy
  143. Chemistry

    I have had this question in my homework, and honestly I got stuck in these questions. I managed to convert 5.3g of Na2CO3 into moles, but then I got stuck and do not know what to do next to solve the question. If anyone knows how to work this out, help

    asked by Matthias
  144. English

    Thank You, Ms. Sue I understand it better now

    asked by Mark
  145. statistics

    For a particular sample of 63 scores on a psychology exam, the following results were obtained. First quartile = 57 Third quartile = 72 Standard deviation = 9 Range = 52 Mean = 72 Median = 68 Mode = 70 Midrange = 57 Answer each of the following: I. What

    asked by Dawn
  146. physics

    A 125 object is taken to a height of 210 above the Earth's surface. Part A What is the object's mass at this height? Part B What is the object's weight at this height?

    asked by sammy
  147. physics

    Unless otherwise stated, all objects are located near the Earth's surface, where = 9.80 . When a horizontal force of 340 is applied to a 68.0 box, the box slides on a level floor, opposed by a force of kinetic friction of 150 . Part A What is the magnitude

    asked by sammy
  148. Math

    Divide 64 bundles of newspapers into two groups so the ratio is 3 to 5.

    asked by Sam
  149. statistics

    . In terms of the mean and standard deviation: - What does it mean to say that a particular value of x has a standard score of +1.5? - What does it mean to say that a particular value of x has a z-score of -2.6? Please show all work.

    asked by Anonymous
  150. physics

    Four identical masses of 3.5 each are located at the corners of a square with 1.8 sides. Part A What is the net force on any one of the masses?

    asked by sammy
  151. math

    you are taking a 10 question essay test. How many ways can you answer the test?

    asked by Eddie
  152. college algebra

    (x+5y)(7x+3y)How do I solve this. I know I have to somehow combine the x and y but can't remember.

    asked by Joe
  153. College algebra

    How do I solve this?(7x+5y)^2

    asked by Joe
  154. Mythology

    I wonder if this is a good example of magical realism for my own etiological myth: Theodoreus carries a big sack, then opens it in front of Cyclopes after he says, "What are you going to do with that big sack?" This idea may need to expand.

    asked by Alex L.
  155. geometry

    Draw and label the following: segment AB intersects segment CD at point M. M is the midpoint of both segments. If AM = x2 + 8x + 17 and MB = 12x + 14, find AB.

    asked by ana
  156. early childhood

    i need help with understanding observation and behavoior test can some one please help me with some answers plese.

    asked by Anonymous
  157. College algebra


    asked by Joe
  158. chemistry

    In industrial plants, what specific type of oil is used as heating medium?

    asked by Namie
  159. statistics

    . In terms of the mean and standard deviation: - What does it mean to say that a particular value of x has a standard score of +1.5? - What does it mean to say that a particular value of x has a z-score of -2.6?

    asked by Anonymous
  160. statistics

    A student scored 30 percent on a test, and was in the 24th percentile. Explain these two numbers! Please show work!

    asked by Anonymous
  161. statistics

    In each of the four examples listed below, one of the given variables is independent (x) and one of the given variables is dependent (y). Indicate in each case which variable is independent and which variable is dependent. I. Rainfall; Crop yield II.

    asked by Anonymous
  162. statistics

    A sample of purchases at the local convenience store has resulted in the following sample data, where x = the number of items purchased per customer and f = the number of customers. x= 1,2,3,4,5 f=8, 20, 8, 8, 7 What does the 20 stand for in the above

    asked by Anonymous
  163. statistics

    Suppose we have a set of body temperatures with a mean of 98.6 degrees, and a sample standard deviation of 1.0 degree. Assuming a normal distribution of body temperatures in the larger population, between what two values should 95% of all temperatures lie?

    asked by Anonymous
  164. statistics

    SAT I scores around the nation tend to have a mean scale score around 500, a standard deviation of about 100 points, and are approximately normally distributed. What SAT I score within the population would have a percentile rank of approximately 97.5? Show

    asked by Anonymous
  165. algebra

    (2x+3)^2 is 25x right?

    asked by Joe
  166. Accounting

    Shirts Unlimited operates a chain of shirt stores that carry many styles of shirts that are all sold at the same price. To encourage sales personnel to be aggressive in their sales efforts, the company pays a substantial sales commission on each shirt

    asked by Anonymous
  167. Math

    A cardboard manufacturer wishes to make open boxes from square pieces of cardboard of side 12 in. by cutting equal squares from the four corners and turning up the sides. Let x inches be the length of the side of the the square to be cut out. Express the

    asked by Kamille
  168. accounting

    Shastri Bicycle of Bombay, India, produces an inexpensive, yet rugged, bicycle for use on the city’s crowded streets that it sells for 930 rupees. (Indian currency is denominated in rupees, denoted by Picture.) Selected data for the company’s

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Ethics

    Is there a difference between decisions based on law versus decisions based on ethics?

    asked by stacey
  170. colLege math


    asked by Angela
  171. Ethics

    What are two examples of how personal values interact with an ethical theory?

    asked by stacey
  172. English

    Underline the verb phrase and circle the main verb. Mandy is reading about different languages. Verb Phrase: is reading Main Verb: Reading?

    asked by Emma