Questions Asked on
September 26, 2012

  1. Chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation of reaction of MgCl2 with NaOH? I got the equation and then balanced it and then omitted the spectator ions and ended up with: Mg(OH)2(aq)--->Mg(OH) (s) I wanted to confirm to see if that was correct, thanks.

    asked by M
  2. 7th grade math

    1. The area of Greenland is 840,000 square miles. What is this number in scientific notation? (1 point) 840 x 105 84 x 10–5 8.4 x 105 8.4 x 10–5 2. What answer represents this number in scientific notation? 0.00000916 (1 point) 916 x 10–8 9.16 x

    asked by Delilah
  3. math

    Suppose you are managing 16 employees, and you need to form three teams to work on different projects. Assume that all employees will work on a team, and that each employee has the same qualifications/skills so that everyone has the same probability of

    asked by bballer
  4. calculus

    Find y'' by implicit differentiation. 3x3 + 4y3 = 1

    asked by Anonymous
  5. physics

    Two tugboats are towing a ship.Each exerts a force of 6000 N and the angle between two ropes is 60 degrees.What is the resultant force on the ship?

    asked by anil
  6. physics

    Anonymous answer rating percentage100% Figure 22-21 shows two square arrays of charged particles. The squares with edges of 2d and d are centered at point P and are misaligned. The particles are separated by either d or d/2 along the perimeters of the

    asked by rawand
  7. physics

    A shuffleboard disk is accelerated to a speed of 5.6 m/s and released. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the disk and the concrete court is 0.29, how far does the disk go before it comes to a stop? The courts are 15.7 m long.

    asked by Karl
  8. Physics

    The person in the drawing is standing on crutches. Assume that the force exerted on each crutch by the ground is directed along the crutch, as the force vectors in the drawing indicate. If the coefficient of static friction between a crutch and the ground

    asked by Justin
  9. chemistry

    When californium-249 is bombarded by oxygen-18, a new isotope and four neutrons are produced. Express your answer as a nuclear equation.

    asked by Shay
  10. Microeconomics

    8. Assume that the United States is an importer of televisions and there are no trade restrictions. U.S. consumers buy 1 million televisions per year, of which 400,000 are produced domestically and 600,000 are imported. (Worth 2 points) a. Suppose that a

    asked by Gabby
  11. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.50 M solution of NaNO2 if the Ka of H20x = 4.5 x 10^-4. I know that you use the Ka to find Kb and solve from there, but why?

    asked by Valerie
  12. 7th grade math

    5. Taylor completed the problem below. Describe and correct the error in the problem. 2–4 = –2 • –2 • –2 •–2 =16 (1 point) 1. Taylor changed the negative exponent to a negative base. 2. (0 pts) Taylor did not multiply correctly. The answer

    asked by Delilah
  13. math


    asked by GRANT
  14. chemistry

    Radon-222 undergoes alpha decay.what is the nuclear equation

    asked by Shay
  15. Chemistry

    Convert 3.01 x 10^23 atoms of silicon to moles of silicon. on my paper i have the equations moles S = 3.01 x 10^23 atoms x 1 mole/6.022x10^23 atoms but i'm not sure how to do this. help?

    asked by John
  16. chemistry

    The half-life for the radioactive decay of calcium-47 is 4.5 days.If a sample has an activity of 4.00uCi after 13.5 days, what was the initial activity of the sample?

    asked by Shay
  17. Physics

    A gray kangaroo can bound across level ground with each jump carrying it 8.4 from the takeoff point. Typically the kangaroo leaves the ground at a 23 angle. What is its takeoff speed? What is its maximum height above the ground?

    asked by Senko
  18. Physics

    An airplane is flying in a horizontal circle at a speed of 514.8 km/h. The plane is banked for this turn, its wings tilted at an angle of 41.6° from the horizontal. Assume that a lift force acting perpendicular to the wings acts on the aircraft as it

    asked by Tara
  19. math

    If a permutation is chosen at random, what is the probability that it begins with at least 2 A's?

    asked by bballer
  20. 7th grade socal studies

    1. According to Confucius, a society will be healthy if people (1 point) choose a ruler who inspires fear. obey their rulers without question. treat each other with respect. give each other money. 2. Two key products China traded with other countries were

    asked by Delilah
  21. algebra

    making linear equation from word problem At low altitudes, the altitude of a parachute and time in the air are linearly related. A jump at 2,880 ft use the US army T-10 parachute system last 120 sec. (A) find a linear model relating altitude a (in feet)

    asked by mary
  22. math grade 10

    A cube has a volume of 1280 cubic feet. Determine the edge length of the cube as a radical in simplest form.

    asked by Slarlett
  23. physics

    A beam of protons is moving toward a target in a particle accelerator. This im trying to study for my exam by doing problems, however im stuck with this one. any help is appreciated beam constitutes a current whose value is 0.39A. (a) How many protons

    asked by Luis
  24. Math

    A factory has 3 machines that produce the same item. Machines 1 and 2 each produce 30% of the total output, while machines 3 produce 40%. It is known that 6% of Machine 1's output is defective, while machine 2 produces 5% defective items and machine 3

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Chemistry

    What is the temperature change in celsius when 29.5L of water absorbs 2.3 kwh of heat?

    asked by Selena
  26. Physics

    A block of mass 3.00 kg is pushed up against a wall by a force P that makes an angle of  = 30.0° angle with the horizontal as shown below. The coefficient of static friction between the block and the wall is 0.25. (a) Determine the possible values for

    asked by Abraham
  27. business

    If you think that your bill is wrong, you should first: A. contact the local credit bureau and inform it of the billing error. B. complain to the Better Business Bureau. C. contact your state consumer protection agency. D. notify the creditor in writing

    asked by clara
  28. chemistry

    Technetium-99m is an ideal radioisotope for scanning organs because it has a half-life of 6.0 {\rm hr} and is a pure gamma emitter. Suppose that 280{\rm mg} were prepared in the technetium generator this morning. How many milligrams would remain after the

    asked by Shay
  29. chemistry

    KCl(s) → K+(aq) + Cl‾ (aq) Solid KCl dissolves as shown in the above equation. A 6.60 g sample of KCl was dissolved in 42.3 g of water. The initial temperature of the water was 21.90°C. After the compound dissolved, the temperature of the water was

    asked by sam
  30. Chemistry

    A student dried a wet crucible with a kimwipe. A piece of kimwipe was left clinging to the inside wall of the crucible. The student did not see the piece of kimwipe when adding the NaHCO3-KCl mixture to the crucible. The crucible and its contents were

    asked by Avi
  31. physics

    a baseball is thrown at an angle of 24 degrees relative to the ground at a speed of 23.4m/s. the ball is caught 41.4798m from the thrower. how long is it in the air?

    asked by gaby
  32. physics

    A pendulum bob of mass -m is suspended at rest a constant horizontal force f= mg starts acting on it . Find thecmaximum deflection of the string and the maximum tension in the string

    asked by twinkle
  33. physics

    A woman with a mass of 41 kg runs at a speed of 7 m/s and jumps onto a giant 30 kg skateboard initially at rest. What is the combined speed of the woman and the skateboard?

    asked by megan
  34. physics

    4) How many forces act on an upwardly tossed coin when it gets to the top of its path

    asked by Anonymous
  35. College Physics

    Vector subtraction (F1 - F2) is a special case of vector addition, since F1- F2 = F1 + (-F2). Use the data (magnitude and direction) of F1 and F2 obtained in measurement 1 to find out the magnitude and direction of the resultant vector of F1 - F2. The data

    asked by Ashley
  36. Calculus 2

    integral of xarctanxdx using integration by parts.

    asked by Heather
  37. organic chemistry

    Why is steam distillation rather than a simple distillation used to isolate eugenol? My answer is because the temperature goes nowhere near their boiling points, which minimises the risk of decompostion. Is it that right? If not then don't you mind if you

    asked by Ashley
  38. Physics. Please help. Thanks

    in the last three years, Fred's basketball team won 30 more games than they lost. if they won 150 games, what was their ratio of wins to losses? What are three different ways to show the ratio? what is the unit rate if Ramon drives his car 180 miles in 3

    asked by sk8rgurl
  39. chemistry

    Prepare 1.5 liters of 0.25 M Tris buffer, pH 7.5. Useful information: pKa Tris = 8.1 Formula weight of Tris (hydroxymethyl aminomethane) base = 121.1 Formula weight of Tris hydrochloride (acid form) = 158.0

    asked by steven
  40. AP Chem

    Complete and balance the following equations and identify oxidizing and reducing agents. S+HNO3---->H2SO3+N2O

    asked by Rina
  41. physics

    A sack of flour has weight of 19.8N. what is its weight in pounds?

    asked by rose
  42. Chemistry

    What volume of 0.200M of aqueous solution of formic acid, a weak monoprotic acid (KA = 1.78x10-4) and 0.200M aqueous solution of NaOH would you mix to prepare a 500mL of a buffer solution of pH = 4.0.

    asked by Sam
  43. science

    use the following terms to create a concept map: ecology,ecosystem,producer,decomposers, carrying capacity,consumers, and food web

    asked by alandra
  44. physics

    Fairgoers ride a Ferris wheel with a radius of 5.50 m, the bottom of which is 1.75 m above the ground. The wheel completes one revolution every 32.0 s. If a rider accidentally drops a stuffed animal at the top of the wheel, where does it land relative to

    asked by Kabe
  45. chemistry

    Use demensional analysis to convert 4.68 grams of boron to cubic centimeters of boron. The density of boron is 2.34 grams per centimeters cubed

    asked by ange
  46. math

    The sum of two decimal numbers is 5.3. Their differences is 1.7, and their product is 6.3. what are the two numbers?

    asked by lily
  47. geometry

    PM is the median of trapezoid KLNO. If ON = 24 centimeters and KL = 12 centimeters, which is the length of PM

    asked by brittany
  48. Physics

    A woman driving at a speed of 23 m/s sees a deer on the road ahead and applies the brakes when she is 210 m from the deer. If the deer does not move and the car stops right before it hits the deer, what is the acceleration provided by the car's brakes?

    asked by James
  49. Science

    (1)A geologist was studying rocks in a mountain range. She found a layer of sedimentary rock that had formed in the ocean. Hypothesize how this could happen. My (Answer) Sedimentary rocks forms when sediments have been pressed or cemented together , or

    asked by Raven
  50. Chem

    Carbon disulfide (CS2) reacts with excess chlorine (Cl2) to produce carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) and disulfur dichloride (S2Cl2). If 67.1 g of CS2 yields 45.2 g of CCl4, what is the percent yield? (Hint, you must first write the balanced equation.) 67.36 I

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Physics

    As a civil engineering intern during one of your summers in college, you are asked to design a curved section of roadway that meets the following conditions: When ice is on the road, and the coefficient of static friction between the road and rubber is

    asked by Tara
  52. Physics

    A Ping-Pong ball has a mass of 2.3 g and a terminal speed of 8.2 m/s. The drag force is of the form bv2 What is the value of b?

    asked by Tara
  53. writing algebriac expression

    The total amount of money (in cents) in y quarters, 7y dimes, and (2y - 1) nickles.

    asked by Sheila
  54. Physics

    A 84.0-kg airplane pilot pulls out of a dive by following, at a constant speed of 163 km/h, the arc of a circle whose radius is 312.0 m.

    asked by Tara
  55. physics

    a race car can be slowed with a constant acceleration of -11m/s2. a.if the car is going 55m/s,how many meters will it travel beofre it stops? many metes will it take to stop a car going twice as fast?

    asked by ashaly
  56. 7th grade Art

    1. This element of art is used to create depth in a picture. (1 point) shape pattern space texture 2. This technique is used to angle the lines of roads and buildings in a picture. (1 point) aeriel perspective vanishing point linear perspective atmospheric

    asked by Delilah
  57. Physics

    A crate of mass 50.0 kg rests on a flat surface, and there is a coefficient of static friction of 0.200 between the crate and the surface. A person pushed on the crate with a force of 5.00 N at an angle of 25.0 degrees below the horizontal. Will the crate

    asked by Tiffany
  58. music

    Explain what Rhythm, Structure, Melody, Harmony, and Timbre is.

    asked by elements of music
  59. Physics

    The velocity of the transverse waves produced by an earthquake is 7 km/s, while that of the longitudinal waves is 11.41 km/s. A seismo- graph records the arrival of the transverse waves 51.1 s after that of the longitudinal waves. How far away was the

    asked by Evelyn

    Find the second derivative for the function 5x^3+60x^2-36x-41 and solve the equation F(X)=0 i got to the second derivative but what do we do next to be able to get one of these answers.. F(x) = 5x3+60x2−36x−41 1. derivative of F(x) with respect to x =

    asked by Herosugar
  61. physics

    astronaut weighs 175Ib. what is his weight in newton?

    asked by rose
  62. maths

    A certain nine digit number has only ones in ones period,only two’s in the thousand period and only threes in millions period .Write this number in words in the Indian system

    asked by jalaja
  63. Math

    Wesley estimated 5.82-4.21 to be about 2. Is this an overestimate or an underestimate? Explain

    asked by Anonymous
  64. 6th grade math

    Which shape does not have two pairs of parallel sides? A. rectangle B. square C. parallelogram D. trapezoid

    asked by luv history
  65. english

    Identify the appositive or complete appositive phrase. Sam, our cat, is too lazy to catch mice.

    asked by adrian
  66. physics

    a cat chases a mouse across a 1.6m high table. the mouse steps out of the way and the cat slides off the table and strikes the floor 2.0m from the edge of the table. what was the cat's speed when it slid off the table?

    asked by gaby
  67. science

    a solution made from 35 mL of ethanol and 65 mL of water produces by what percent concentration of volume

    asked by frances
  68. social studies

    what is the definition of canopy road

    asked by Issac
  69. science

    1. Force exerted on an area is called _____. (1 point) pressure temperature gravity mass 2. The composition of the atmosphere is changing due to _____. (1 point) smog ozone depletion increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide) all of the above 3. The _____ is the

    asked by Delilah
  70. Precalc/Trig

    wave is modeled by the function ... h(t) = 3cos(p/10)*t What is the period of the wave (T) *frequency (F) is defined as the number of cycles of the motion per second. What is the relationship between F and T? Find the wave height (H) which is the vertical

    asked by George
  71. Algebra

    3 identical pens for dogs are to be enclosed with 120 fet of fence. if the length of each pen is twice its width plus 2 feet, find the dimensions of each

    asked by Nici
  72. phy101

    Calculate the velocity needed for an object starting at the Earth's surface to just barely reach a satellite in a geosynchronous orbit. Ignore air drag and assume the object has a speed of zero when it reaches the satellite. (The orbital radius of a

    asked by lee
  73. Physics

    A 150-g block is projected up a ramp with an initial speed of 5.6 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the ramp and the block is 0.23.

    asked by Tara
  74. algebra

    Your salary after a 3% salary increase if your salary before the increase was S, what is the algebric expression?

    asked by chris
  75. business

    Debt-to-equity ratio is: A. calculated by dividing total liabilities by net worth. B. calculated by dividing monthly debt payments by net monthly income. C. determined by dividing your assets by liabilities. D. rarely used by creditors in determining

    asked by clara
  76. chemistry

    which temperature is colder: 50F or 50C???

    asked by mandy
  77. homework help

    which temperature is colder? a) 50F b) 50C

    asked by robbie
  78. Physics

    A car is towing a boat on a trailer. The driver starts from rest and accelerates to a velocity of +14 m/s in a time of 25 s. The combined mass of the boat and trailer is 401 kg. The frictional force acting on the trailer can be ignored. What is the tension

    asked by Justin
  79. social studies

    Why did Spain attack, England in the late 1500's? {2 reasons} How did Spain's defeat lead to the weakening of the Spanish Empire?

    asked by Aisha
  80. math

    Sarah is making poster by hand to advertise her school play, but her posters are not the same length as a standand sheet of paper (the width is the same, though). She has three and a half sheets of paper left over, which she says is enough to make two and

    asked by jimmy
  81. statistics

    Thomas needs a b in his class. his current test scores are 88, 83, 86 and 72. his final exam is worth 3 test scores. In order to ear a b Thomas average must lie between 80 and 89 inclusive. what range of scores can Thomas receive on the final to earn a b

    asked by Peter
  82. algebra

    The NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament begins each year with 64 teams. After each round, a team is eliminated, reducing the number of teams by half. Write an equation to model this scenario.

    asked by Nation
  83. business

    If creditors give you no credit for payments made during the billing period, this is called the: A. APR method. B. discount method. C. previous balance method. D. adjusted balance method. My choice is A, but Im a little confused.

    asked by clara
  84. 7th grade Science help

    1. _______ is energy that flows from an object with a higher temperature to an object with a lower temperature. (1 point) Heat Radiation Potential Chemical 2. The transfer of energy that occurs when molecules bump into one another is called _____. (1

    asked by Delilah
  85. English

    In the story "By the waters of Babylon" what are 9 archetypes in the story. Give examples from the story

    asked by Kisha
  86. physics

    A 6.0-kg object undergoes an acceleration of 2.6 m/s2. (a) What is the magnitude of the resultant force acting on it? N (b) If this same force is applied to a 12.0-kg object, what acceleration is produced? m/s2

    asked by Anonymous
  87. child psychology

    early childhood practitioners now know that in addition to cognitive factors there are social factors that impact school readiness. Describe at least two social factors that impact school readiness.

    asked by kiesha
  88. chemistry

    Iodine-131, a beta emitter, has a half-life of 8 days.How many grams of a 10.0g sample of iodine-131 would remain after 56.0 days?

    asked by Shay
  89. Physics

    A battery has an internal resistance of 0.42. A number of identical light bulbs, each with a resistance of 31.500, are connected in parallel across the battery terminals. The terminal voltage of the battery is observed to be one-half the emf of the

    asked by Luis
  90. physics

    a pelican flying a horizontal path drops a fish from a height of 5.0m. the fish travels 8.1m horizontaly before it hits the water below. what was the pelicans initial speed?

    asked by gaby
  91. Physics

    In the figure below, m1 = 3.8 kg, m2 = 5.2 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the inclined plane and the 3.8-kg block is μk = 0.3. Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the masses and the tension in the cord.

    asked by Tara
  92. Science

    True or false: light travels in straight lines if the medium it travels doesn't change

    asked by Sam
  93. physics

    A 36 kg child steps on a scale in an elevator that starts at rest. The elevator then accelerates downward at 0.6 meters per second squared for 1.9 seconds. What is the reading on the scale (in kg)?

    asked by john
  94. Social studies

    How were the ideas of Louis XIV and Philip II similar? How were they different?

    asked by Josh
  95. math

    Suppose that a department contains 11 men and 19 women. How many ways are there to form a committee with 6 members if it must have strictly more women than men?

    asked by bballer
  96. Language Arts

    1. Identify whether the capitalized word in the sentence below is used as a participle or verb. I really need to get a WORKING charger for my phone. 2. What is the participle in the participial phrase capitalized in the sentence below? REFUSING TO SETTLE

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Chemistry

    How would I calculate the mass of 20ml of a 3% hydrogen peroxide from a 30% H2O2 solution?

    asked by John
  98. chemistry

    Technetium-99m is an ideal radioisotope for scanning organs because it has a half-life of 6.0 {\rm hr} and is a pure gamma emitter. Suppose that 280{\rm mg} were prepared in the technetium generator this morning. How many milligrams would remain after the

    asked by Shay
  99. math ALG 2!


    asked by tyneisha
  100. Chemistry

    how would you prepare 500 ml of .2M solution starting with solid NaH2PO4*H20?

    asked by Cristian
  101. math30

    Determine the sum of the following geometric series. Round your answers to 4 decimals if necessary. a) 50 over sigma k=1 8(.5)^k-2

    asked by alejandro
  102. Calculus

    A hot air balloon headed due east at a speed of 20 miles per hour and at a constant altitude of 180 feet passes directly over an intersection. Find an expression for the balloon's distance d (measured in feet) from the intersection t minutes later.

    asked by Elizabeth
  103. Calculus

    The drag on an airplane traveling at velocity v is D=av^2+(b/v^2) where a and b are positive constants. At what speed does the airplane experience the least drag. I have so far that D'=-2b/v^3 do i set this equal to zero then i get 0=-2 don't think that is

    asked by kieran
  104. Physics

    A rod extending between x = 0 and x = 17.0 cm has uniform cross-sectional area A = 7.60 cm 2 . It is made from a continuously changing alloy of metals so that along its length its density changes steadily from 2.00 g/cm 3 to 18.7 g/cm 3 .(a) Identify the

    asked by Abraham
  105. business

    An account at a commercial bank designed for people who want to earn a higher savings rate is a(n) __________ account. A. regular savings account B. regular checking C. share draft D. money market account My answer is D. Am I right?

    asked by clara
  106. World Geo

    which of the following natural hazards is not common to new zealand ability to produce goods in sufficient numbers to reduce the unit cost the first people to settle in new zealand wheat is australias most important export australia became a commonwealth

    asked by randomchik
  107. critical thinking

    2. If the library has The Lord of the Rings, you won’t find it on the first floor. This is because all fantasy novels are fiction and all works of fiction are housed on the second floor of the library. Of course, I am assuming that all the books are

    asked by frog
  108. algebra

    making linear equation from word problem An airspeed indicator on aircraft is affected by changes in atmospheric pressure at different altitudes. A pilot can estimate the true airspeed by observing the indicated airspeed and adding it about 2% for every

    asked by mary
  109. science

    fill in the blank:the ____, the force acting on an object, the greater the acceleration of the object. It is 6 letters and the third letter is R

    asked by amanda
  110. math Algerba 1

    A maple syrup producer would like to increase production by 500 gallons per year with a goal of producing at least 20,000 gallons of syrup over the first period of production. If the fist years's production, in gallons is given by x, write expressions for

    asked by Rondio
  111. Physics

    An automobile and train move together along parallel paths at 21.8 m/s. The automobile then undergoes a uniform acceleration of −4 m/s 2 because of a red light and comes to rest. It remains at rest for 19.1 s, then accelerates back to a speed of 21.8 m/s

    asked by Chimera
  112. Algebra

    how do you solve xp-yp=z

    asked by S
  113. Science

    Which of these statements concerning the interaction of light waves with the glass of a greenhouse is correct? A. Infrared is transmitted through the glass and is changed to heat B. The glass reflects ultraviolet waves C. Visible light is transmitted

    asked by Hannah
  114. science

    a solution that is composed of 5g of salt for every 95g of water produces by what percent concentration of mass?

    asked by frances
  115. math

    Divide 332 by 2 (base 4)

    asked by Pat
  116. Stats

    A class of 85 students writing an exam had a mean mark of 74.2 write down the total sum of the 85 grades.

    asked by Rachael
  117. Math

    What is the independent and dependent variable in the situation. And what is the rate of change for the situation? Hannah delivered 12 newspapers after 20 minutes and 36 papers after 60 minutes

    asked by Carly
  118. Pre-Calculus

    Graphing Polynomials Decide whether each of the following is sometimes true, always true, or never true and explain reasoning. A. A cubic function has 2 different x-intercepts ^Never true, has to have 3? B. A cubic function has 3 x-intercepts ^ Always true

    asked by Shreya
  119. English 11

    The motorist, confused by conflicting directions, lost his way. Verbal phrase: Gerund Being used as: Adverb?

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Physics

    Given the displacement vectors A = (7.00 - 1.00 + 3.00 ) m and B = (6.00 + 5.00 - 3.00 ) m, find the magnitudes of the following vectors and express each in terms of its rectangular components. (a) C = A - B (b) D = 3A + B

    asked by Abraham
  121. Chemistry

    Lab: Titration of NaOH (0.1 molar)to unknown solid acid. Trying to determine the equilivent weight of the unknown acid in the experiement. I am trying to figure out if I add too much base solution by accident to an unknown acid during titration would it

    asked by Dee
  122. Social studies

    How were the ideas of Louis XIV similar? How were they different?

    asked by Josh
  123. AP Chemistry

    A 34.05 gram liquid sample of an unstable compound is deposited in a metal piston assembly that has a cylinder with a diameter of 20.0 cm. After the sample is added, the piston is placed in contact with the liquid and the piston vent is closed. This

    asked by Jack
  124. us history

    Evaluate the extent to which the Articles of Confederation were effetive in solving the problems that confronted the new nation. Does anywone know where I can find the answer to this? I have to type a whole page on it so I need a lot of information...

    asked by Andrea
  125. Ella Minnow Pea

    I read the book Ella Minnow Pea for school... And I actually enjoyed it! But I have to answer some questions about it and I'm not quite sure what I am suppose to be answering. Do you understand these questions better than me? Here they are! Identify the

    asked by Andrea

    The main reason self-confidence is important in human relations is because

    asked by kristine
  127. Math

    How many combinations of hamburgers can you have with 12 toppings?

    asked by Brendan
  128. math

    Tami wrote the even numbers between 325 and 337.the sum of the hundreds digit and tens digit equals the ones digit.what is Tami number?

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Math

    Let f(x) = 2x-1 and g(x) = 4-x. Find all values of x for which f(x) < -1 or g(x)

    asked by Peter
  130. general chemistry 2

    How many grams of urea [CO(NH2)2] would be required to prepare 200 mL of a 5.0 x 10-3 molar solution? Answer

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Math

    Which one of these five words does not belong and why: Acupuncture Puppet Corpuscle Juniper Repulsion

    asked by Emily
  132. Physics

    Given a wooden sign that is held up by two ropes. One rope at a 37.0 degrees to the horizontal has a tension of 2.00N and the other at an angle of 153.5 degrees to the horizontal feels a tension of 1.785N. How much does the sign weight?

    asked by Tiffany
  133. Physical science

    What happens to a ballon as it rises up into the atmosphere? A) increases in volume B) decreases in volume C) the outside atmosphere really makes no differences to the balloons volume

    asked by Darcy
  134. AP US History

    How did the compromises made when writing and ratifying the Constitution encourage the development of political factions? Compare and Contrast the effectiveness of Washington?s and Adams' presidencies in obeying and promoting the Constitution during their

    asked by Andrea
  135. Math

    The perimeter of a square is f feet. How long in yards is each side of the square?

    asked by Tanya
  136. physics

    A football punter accelerates a football from rest to a speed of 9 m/s during the time in which his toe is in contact with the ball (about 0.22 s). If the football has a mass of 0.50 kg, what average force does the punter exert on the ball?

    asked by Anonymous
  137. Chemistry

    What volume of 0.200M of aqueous solution of formic acid, a weak monoprotic acid (KA = 1.78x10-4) and 0.200M aqueous solution of NaOH would you mix to prepare a 500mL of a buffer solution of pH = 4.0. I know I need to use the H-H equation, I'm just not

    asked by Sam
  138. Math

    It is less than 60 and greater than 55 if you add the digits the sum is 13 what is the number

    asked by Crystal
  139. Chemistry

    A student reacted 5.33 grams of cobalt with oxygen gas and obtained 7.50 grams of cobalt oxide. Determine the empirical formula of this cobalt-oxygen compound based upon this experiment.

    asked by Timothy
  140. public finance

    Your annual income is $50,000. You want to take out a mortgage loan to buy a house. The rule on mortgage loan requires that your annual mortgage payment cannot exceed 30% of your annual income. If the current interest rate is 5% for a 30-year mortgage

    asked by Jamie
  141. Physics

    im trying to study for my exam by doing problems, however im stuck with this one. any help is appreciated In doing a load of clothes, a clothes drier uses 16 A of current at 240 V for 59 min. A personal computer, in contrast, uses 2.3 A of current at 120

    asked by Jorge
  142. Economic

    Who controls what is sold in a free enterprise system? it is Producers Government or Consumers

    asked by Lisa
  143. 6th grade Math

    Having a problem on a proportion question. The problem is you have surveyed 30 people on their favorite song. 21 females and 9 males. The most popular genres are pop, country, and hip hop. The ratio for females who picked pop is 18 to 21 and the raio of

    asked by Brandi
  144. math

    Is 4,564,282 a prime or composite number?! Seriously, I have absolutely no idea!!!!!!

    asked by jess
  145. Math

    You are attending a loud concert. To avoid ear damage, you decide to move father from the stage. Sound intensity is given by the formula I= k/d2, where k is the constant and d is the distance in meters form the listener to the source of the sound.

    asked by Anonymous
  146. History Help?

    How did the compromises made when writing and ratifying the Constitution encourage the development of political factions? Compare and Contrast the effectiveness of Washington's and Adams' presidencies in obeying and promoting the Constitution during their

    asked by Andrea
  147. Physical science

    Why does pressure increase as depths increase?

    asked by Darcy
  148. Order of Operations

    As you simplify each expression below, which one requires finding the quotient of 80 divided by 2 A.4+6x8/2 B.2x5x8/2 C.(2+5)x8/2 D.4+(6x8)/2 B?

    asked by Lance
  149. math

    roger has three employees who earn $500, $550, and $700, respectively. How much does roger owe for SUTA and FUTA in the first 12 weeks? Assume a SUTA rate of $5.3% and a FUTA rate after the company's credit for state unemployment tax of .8%.

    asked by kiesha
  150. Math

    1. What is a ratio? a. What is the difference between a ratio and a fraction? b. What are the similarities between ratios and fractions? c. Remember that order is important! d. How do you simplify ratios?

    asked by Fatima
  151. us history

    Can you help me on this? How consistent were the republican principles applied by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison during their presidencies? How did their policies affect the Federalist Party during Jefferson's and Madison's administrations? I can't

    asked by Andrea
  152. us history

    what are the political and social trends from westward expansion

    asked by liz
  153. chemistry

    calculate the volume in milliliters of a 5.55g sample of solid with density of 3.67g/ml

    asked by nikki
  154. geography

    Why was the hoover dam built?

    asked by Mahogany
  155. phycology

    Money management refers to: A. preparing personal financial statements. B. day-to-day financial activities. C. storing financial records for easy access. D. spending money on current living expenses.

    asked by clara
  156. Geometry

    A rectangular garden has an area of 55m2 and a perimater of 32 m. If its length is doubled, what is the % of increase on the new area and perimeter?

    asked by Bryan
  157. History

    Plato and Aristotle both argued that political life should reflect humans' aspirations to live in a genuinely "good" society. However, their visions and ideas were very distinct. How were these "good societies" similar, and how were they different? Whose

    asked by Cat
  158. Science

    When light passes into the eye, what is it focused by? Is it the cornea and pupil or the retina and cornea? Please help thankss

    asked by Sunny
  159. Math

    22:2 tens;2 ones;1 tens; 12 ones. Name the word that describes what was done to show the number in different ways.

    asked by Asheley
  160. 7th Science

    the addition of 50 g of salt to a sample of pure water causes its freezing point to be reduced from 0.0 degrees Celsius to -3.15 degrees Celsius. determine how many degrees the freezing point dropped for every 10 g of salt added. Thank ya, randomchik.

    asked by randomchik
  161. English

    while doing sentence pattern I'am unable to identify which is complement and object clearly. I know that complement is the one which completes the sense of the sentence but for example "floods cause destruction". in this sentence which is complement or

    asked by nanbala
  162. Physics

    An airplane is flying with an air velocity of 850 km/h at 34 degrees n of e. The wind is blowing at 100 km/h at 20 degrees s of e. Find the ground velocity of the airplane.

    asked by Taylor
  163. Concordia

    All costs shown are on a per unit of product sold basis. Sales = $18/unit Direct Materials = $2/unit Direct Labor = $2/unit Variable Manufacturing Overhead = $2/unit Variable selling and administrative expenses = $2/unit Fixed Manufacturing Overhead =

    asked by Dawn
  164. Chemistry

    I Posted this question the other day: A 1.00 g sample of enriched water, a mixture of H2O and D2O, reacted completely with Cl2 to give a mixture of HCl and DCl. The HCl and DCl were then dissolved in pure H2O to make a 1.00 L solution. A 25.00 mL sample of

    asked by Adam-- Dr Bob, Help!
  165. statistics

    Calculate the variance version of standard error for each sample in Exercise 10.18—for the liberals (2, 1, 3, 2) and then for the conservatives (4, 3, 3, 5, 2, 4).

    asked by susan
  166. AP US History help?

    I know this is really long... but I can't figure it out for the life of me. If you don't want to answer the whole question that is fine. I'm greatful for whatever I can get. Also links to websites with the information is also helpful. Thanks!! Directions:

    asked by Andrea
  167. Adams

    Sorry I am completly lost on this one and it is my last homework problem. Due in a couple of hours if someone could help. I would greatly appreciate it. A block is placed on an inclined plane. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What force is

    asked by Carrie
  168. Physics

    Sorry I am completly lost on this one and it is my last homework problem. Due in a couple of hours if someone could help. I would greatly appreciate it. A block is placed on an inclined plane. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What force is

    asked by Carrie
  169. math ALG 2!

    7F-9>3F-1 SOLVE

    asked by tyneisha
  170. math

    how many squares with sides that are 6 inches long and needed to cover a aquare with a side length of 30 inches without over lappigng i put 1 am i correct?

    asked by James
  171. Statistic

    Final averages are typically approximately normally distributed with a mean of 78 and a standard deviation of 11. Your professor says that the top 6% of the class will receive an A; the next 24%, a B; the next 41%, a C; the next 18%, a D; and the bottom

    asked by Bibi
  172. geometry

    i have to proof that segment ad is congruent to segment ce. my givens are that segment ab is congruent to cb, that fd bisects ab and that fe bisects cb. the shape is a triangle

    asked by Benjamin
  173. Algorithms

    Help Please: I need some help and guidance to solving this problem Week 4 CheckPoint – Repetition and Decision Control Structures In one of the week 3 discussion questions we discussed the algorithm that would be required to make a peanut butter

    asked by Christy
  174. Pre-Calculus

    Operations with Functions write the function below as either a sum/difference/product/quotient of 2 r more functions a. h(x) = x^2+3x+9 How Would I do this? My teacher just did this f(x) = x^2 g(x) 3x+9 ^I don't really understand h(x)=(x+5)(x-3) how would

    asked by Shreya
  175. vocabulary

    what does vain mean in simple words please?

    asked by Aisha
  176. 6th grade math

    in a pet store, 1/6 of the puppies are black and 1/4 are white. what fraction of the puppies are black or white?

    asked by lisa
  177. English

    "The cat is on the roof." Is it SVC or SVA?(sentence pattern).why "we painted the wall green." what is the sentence pattern used here. why?

    asked by nanbala
  178. physics

    A robot probe drops a camera off the rim of a 437 m high cliff on Mars, where the free-fall acceleration is 3.7 m/s 2 . Find the velocity with which it hits the ground. Answer in units of m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  179. Calculus

    The efficiency E of a screw is given by E=T(1-0.35T)/T+0.35 where T is the tangent of the pitch angle of the screw and 0.35 is the coefficient of friction . For what value of T>0 is the efficiency the greatest?

    asked by kieran
  180. Calculus

    By Kirchoffs voltage law the sum of the voltage in the circuit. Consider the circuit with variable resistor R. 5V 10ohms R A. find a relationship between I and R in the circuit using E=I R and kirchoffs voltage law. B. the power to a resistor is given by

    asked by kieran
  181. geomatry

    the length of the radius of th dartboard is 9in. the diameter is represented by the expression 3x+3 write an equation that you cansolve for x then solve for x the x=5 but how do you work it out

    asked by shea
  182. Chemistry

    a solid mixture is 3.00 grams and 65.0% NiCO3. How much nickel carbonate was lost if the sample was dissolved in 20.0 mL of water and washed with an additional 50.0 mL of water? I just don't know how to set up the problem..I don't need it solved, just set

    asked by KR1108
  183. 6th grade math

    still having problems on probability question with ratios and percents. If you surveyed 30 people (21 girls and 9 boys) and they picked differnt song genre's as their favorite. 3 out of the 21 girls picked country and 0 of the 9 boys picked country. The

    asked by Brandi
  184. physics

    a motorboat is heading across a river at 6km/h in a direction making an angle 60 degree to the current. current is moving boat downstream at 3 km/h. what is the resultant velocity?

    asked by sindy
  185. Calculus

    a property owner wants to build a rectangular enclosure around some land that is next to the lot of a neighbor who is willing to pay for half the fence that actually divides the two lots. If the area is A, what should the dimensions of the enclosure be so

    asked by kieran
  186. Physics

    Marcy and joe are racing on their bikes. Starting from rest, if Marcy has an average acceleration of 5.7 m/s? for the first five seconds how fast was he traveling at the end of those five seconds?

    asked by Larry
  187. maths

    Daniel has a rabbit, a ferret, a gerbil, and a turtle. He feeds them in a different order each day. in how many different orders can Kelvin feed his pets?

    asked by laura
  188. science

    explain the role of warm and cold air in the formation of tornadoes?

    asked by yesi
  189. Algebra

    How do I find the domain and range of the functions? 1. f(x)=2/3x - 4 2. f(x)= x^3-3x+2 3. f(x)= 1/2 l x-2 l 4. f(x)= l x-1 l / x-1

    asked by Sira
  190. Physics

    If you suddenly multiplied the mass of Earth by a factor of 4, how would the period of a satellite change, if the radius of its orbit did not change? 4 times as long 1/4 as long 2 times as long 1/2 as long Unchanged

    asked by StressedStudent
  191. math

    what is the least number of tiles that are needed to completely cover a rectangular center piece 3 yards by 5 yards if a rectangular decorative tile is 2 inches by 3 inches respectively?

    asked by herralyn
  192. math

    Get the number right. *None of the digits repeat. *It is between 20,000 and 77,777 *The digit in the thousands place is 3 times the digit in the ten thousands place *The ones digit is a prime number *The hundred digit is half the sum of the ones,

    asked by Tori
  193. math

    it takes the planet Neptune about 164.8 years to revolve once around the sun. What is the least and the greatest numbers written in hundredths that could round to 164.8?

    asked by natalya
  194. statistics

    An insurance firms wants to examine the relationship between text messages per day and insurance claims. The following data is a sample of 5 participants: Cellphone Texts per day (X) Insuance Claims ($$) (Y) 4 800 18 2600 12 2800 26 0 20 6000 Choose the

    asked by Anonymous
  195. English

    I writing a compare/contrast essay on movie i watched that be smke signals. i got my thematic statement done, and i have to do thesis now, this is what teacher say Thesis: introduce the story and tag it. I not get how to start thesis? do i say In the

    asked by Mohammad
  196. Physics

    lightning strikes a tower 4 km away. how long after the strike will you hear the thunder? the speed of sound is 344 m/s

    asked by Carrington
  197. Math

    You and a friend roll a pair of dice. The game is over either when you receive a sum of nine or when your friend receives a sum of six. Assume that you start first. What is the probability that you win. Note: For any round, if you receive a sum that is not

    asked by Corey
  198. math

    An initial-value problem is given by the differential equation, f(x,y)=x(1-y^2), y(1)=0.07 Use the Euler-trapezoidal method with a step-size h = 0.1, to obtain the approximate value of y(1.1). Give your answer to 4 decimal places.

    asked by enigma
  199. math

    it is required to make an open box of gregreatest possible volume from a square piece of tin,whose side is one metre' by cutting equal squares out of the corners and then folding up the tin to form the sides, what should be the length of a side of the

    asked by nithiya nithyananthan
  200. math ALG 2!

    SOLVE |5A|=10......WITH STEPS! PLZ

    asked by tyneisha
  201. math

    A bag of apples weighs 22.3 ounces and costs $1.80. What is a good estimate of the price per ounce of the bag of apples? A.$1 B.10 cents C.$4 D.40 cents I think its either B or D. I divided

    asked by Lance
  202. Calculus

    Determine the limit of the trigonometric function: Limit as x approaches pi/4 of (1-tanx)/(sinx-cosx) I need step by step help using the special trignometric limits theorem.

    asked by Kayla
  203. grade12 bio

    Some genes are said to be “linked”. Explain this term and the implications it has as to the inheritance of certain traits. Provide 2 (human) examples of linked genes?

    asked by jane
  204. math

    if a company's total assets are $510,000 and its total liabilities are $420,000 what is the amount of its stockholders equity?

    asked by kiesha
  205. homework help

    which of the following are in the correct size order? a) nm, um, cm, mm, m b) m,um,cm, nm, mm c) um,nm,mm,cm,m d) nm,um,mm,cm,m e) none of the above

    asked by robbie
  206. Algebra

    Simplify (Can you explain because I'm clueless) 3y+2y+y^2+5+y

    asked by Sarah Marie
  207. Economic

    Which economic term describes a service with a price elasticity of demand of 0.25?

    asked by Lisa
  208. physics

    When Maggie applies the brakes of her car, the car slows uniformly from 15.4 m/s to 0 m/s in 2.19 s. How far ahead of a stop sign must she apply her brakes in order to stop at the sign? Answer in units of m

    asked by Anonymous
  209. Algebra

    Can you check 2z - 3y -8z + y I got : 2z-8z-3y +y = -6z -4y =. -2y

    asked by Marco
  210. physics

    if I drop a camera 40m high,how long before it hits the floor? G= 9.81

    asked by leslie
  211. Math

    I forget how to do these type of word problems. Assume you working on the house pictured below. The length of the house is 50 feet, the width is 30 feet, and from the ground to the gable (the height of the rectangle) is 10 feet. The height of the

    asked by Alisa
  212. Honors English

    I'm totally stuck on 1-5. Help?

    asked by Jessica
  213. Math

    Is The Set {cos1,cos2,cos3,cos4,...} under usual topology closed??? whatbiis its closure????

    asked by Itrat abbas mirza
  214. Math

    The number N of state and federal inmates in millions during year x, where x>2002 can be approximated by the following formula. N = 0.05x - 98.45 Determine the year in which there were 1.9 million inmates.

    asked by Dawn
  215. math

    Philip makes $11.40 an hour plus time and a half for over time. Calculate his gross pay if he works 45 hours in a week.

    asked by kiesha
  216. Physics

    Suppose you throw a 0.058-kg ball with a speed of 11.0 m/s and at an angle of 31.5° above the horizontal from a building 12.3 m high. (a) What will be its kinetic energy when it hits the ground? (b) What will be its speed when it hits the ground?

    asked by Ray
  217. math

    Consider the initial value problem, f(x,y) = y(18.06 - y), y(0) = 12. The exact solution of the problem increases from y(0) =12 to y = 18.06 as x increases without limit. Determine the minimum upper bound of h for the classical 4th-order Runge Kutta method

    asked by enigma
  218. math

    If the start time is 8:36 elapsed time is 3 hr 27 min What is the end time

    asked by dawn
  219. math

    An initial-value problem is given by the differential equation, f(x,y) = x + y, y(0) = 1.64 The Euler-midpoint method is used to find an approximate value to y(0.1) with a step size of h = 0.1. Then use the integrating factor method, to find the exact

    asked by enigma
  220. chemistry

    a typical E coli is 2um in length, how long is the E coli in nanometers??

    asked by mandy
  221. chemistry

    about how many bacteria (e coli) would you have to line up to stretch 1mm??

    asked by mandy
  222. algebra

    Solve for y, xy + x = -3 How do you do this? I can't seem to come up with the correct answer...

    asked by Andrea
  223. math(please help)

    tony borrowed some money from Joe. he spent $5.50 of it on lunch and half of the on a movie ticket. To repay, he borrowed $10 from art.If tony started and ended with no money, how much did he borrow from Joe

    asked by lidia
  224. Visual Literacy in Business

    how do you fix this story using typography? Hi Danielle. I hope you’re doing great. I made a lot of progress on updating those pricing sheet documents yesterday, and have just a few more items that I need to address before they can be considered

    asked by Quita
  225. chemistry

    order Se, S, As, by increasing atomic radius? explain why?

    asked by alex
  226. Psychology

    According to Erikson the first psychosocial crisis or conflict in life involves the:

    asked by Sharon
  227. Science

    If a beam of blue light was shone through a glass prism, you would expect to see A. The beam pass straight through, unaltered B. The beam bent and split into a spectrum of colors C. The beam bent, but continue as a blue beam Or D. The beam absorbed and

    asked by Dave
  228. PE

    what is the common objectives between science curriculum and PE curriculum ?

    asked by Salah
  229. Physics

    A satellite sitting on the ground has a weight of 5000 N. When it is placed in orbit 500 km above the surface of the Earth (which has a radius of 6380 km), which choice best describes its weight? Very small but slightly greater than zero. Zero. Still 5000

    asked by StressedStudent
  230. Math

    Suppose an odd function f has an inverse g. Prove that g is also odd.

    asked by don
  231. business math

    Hello,I'm just confuse with this problem: Find the due dates of each of the following notes. 1.) Date of loan: October 16, 2001; Time: 120 days. My answer is February 14, 2002.. Im just wondering if my answer is correct.? Thanks.

    asked by suzy
  232. Phyichs

    How are solutions different from colloids and suspensions? Thank ya, sk8rgurl13

    asked by sk8rgurl
  233. biology

    What structure in the moss is like the spore case in ferns?

    asked by Nina
  234. Chemistry

    How to do significant values in Chemistry? I am totally stuck; I have no idea what to do? My teacher gave me C due to the significant value error. Please help

    asked by Chris
  235. Physics

    You are driving to the grocery store at 11.9m/s. You are 169.0m from an intersection when the traffic light turns red. Assume that your reaction time is 0.730s and that your car brakes with constant acceleration. How far are you from the intersection when

    asked by Sarah
  236. math

    A function of three variables is given by, f (x,y,t) = x3y2sin t + 4x2t + 5yt2 + 4xycos t Find ft (3.44,0.58,8.1) giving your answer to 3 decimal places.

    asked by enigma
  237. bussiness math

    what is the effective rate of $18,000 invested for one year at 8.0%,compounded semiannually?

    asked by smam
  238. Math

    How do you do ratios? And whats the easiest steps i can follow that will help me do and understand ratios? please help.

    asked by Pl Help me :)
  239. history

    during the colonial 1580-1776 which physical feature presented the greatest obstacle to colo nists who wanted to move westward

    asked by kendra
  240. Pre Algebra

    simplify the following expression x+4(y+8x) Write the property that justifies each step

    asked by Bryan
  241. Physical scince please help

    What happens to the particles inside the balloon?do the... A) increase in speed B) decrease in speed C) the particles increase in size D) the particles decrease in size E) increase in number F) decrease in number G) something else happens like_____________

    asked by Darcy
  242. algebra

    I'm not really getting this. complete the table. Linear system: 4x+4y=-4 x: 0,1,2

    asked by Zack
  243. CIS 312 Information systems for managers

    What is the best way for a company to stay current in its computing? Is it even possible? What would be a safe strategy for an organization to use?

    asked by yolanda
  244. diffrential

    show that s(t)=exp(-kt) can be written in the form s(t)=2^(-kt/ln(2))

    asked by armut
  245. business

    Most people pay federal income tax by: A. paying the total amount owed by April 15. B. filing quarterly tax payments. C. having amounts withheld from income. D. earning tax credits for various deductions. I chose d. But I am not sure

    asked by clara
  246. Math

    A bag of apples weigh 22.3 ounces and costs $1.80 What is a good estimate of the price per ounce of the bag of apples A.$1 B.10 cents C.$4 D.40 cents D?

    asked by Lance
  247. math

    jade and isis are designing a soccer uniform they want use two colors on the shirt, their choices are green , orange, yellow, purple, blue silver. how many ways can they choose two colors?

    asked by laura
  248. Physical Science

    The static frictional between a 500 kilogram box of bricks and the floor is 500 Newton’s. The kinetic frictional force in only 220 Newton’s. How many Newton’s of force must a worker exert to get the moving?

    asked by Tala
  249. biology

    draw digrams of phases of meiosis in a cell with 2N=. include with both divisional sequence, but not draw any of the subdivision of the phase e.g early prophase. distinghish between chromosomes from each parent, and detail the event of synapsis,

    asked by marina
  250. HELP

    I am writing and essay for social studies and i only have a conclusion left please help!!!! The essay is about the war of England and Spain in the 1500's their war about cultures and i want to finish this essay so i need help with the conclusion!

    asked by Aisha
  251. math

    number sense does the expression d-12 have a greater value when d=42 or when d=46

    asked by belinda
  252. Calculus-math

    Find an equation of the line that is tangent tothe graph of f and parallel tothe given line. Function: 1/square root of x Line: x+2y-6=0

    asked by Anonymous
  253. Geometry

    what are the next to terms in the pattern 7, 2, 5, -3, 8, -11

    asked by Donna
  254. algebra

    what is the least number of tiles that are needed to completely cover a rectangular center piece 3 yards by 5 yards if a rectangular decorative tile is 2 inches by 3 inches respectively?

    asked by herralyn
  255. PE

    list the common objectives between science curriculum and PE curriculum ?

    asked by Salah
  256. physics

    Why should we add a the value 273 to change a celcius value in to kelvin.?

    asked by nanbala
  257. Language arts

    Which is cause and which is effect? Truck hit her or Sandy hurt?

    asked by Gabby
  258. physics (graphs)

    Hi, i'm doing a graph for density of an element as a function of atomic number. i'm trying to calculate the slope and it's asking me to include units. if density as a unit: g/cm^3, how would i write the units of the slope? which is basically density over

    asked by josh
  259. math

    A function is given by, f(x)=e^-3x write down the third-order Taylor approximation for f(x) about x =0. Hence, evaluate f(0.258) giving your answer to 4 decimal places.

    asked by enigma
  260. math

    An initial-value problem is given by the differential equation, f(x,y)=-20xy^2, y(1)=1. Use the classical fourth-order Runge-Kutta method with a step-size of h=0.02, to obtain the approximate value of y(1.02). Give your answer to 6 decimal places.

    asked by enigma
  261. math

    A function of two variables is given by, f(x,y) = e^2x-3y Find the tangent approximation to f(0.989,1.166) near (0,0), giving your answer to 4 decimal places.

    asked by enigma
  262. Physics

    Locomotive A travels 100km/hr and locomotive B travels 140km/hr. Locomotive B starts 15 kilometers Behind locomotive A and travels on the same direction. Find the time elapsed and how far each traveled before they meet.

    asked by Steph
  263. physics

    An outfielder throws to the second baseman, a distance of 120ft at a 20degree angle. Whats the min velocity he has to throw the ball to get it to the base?

    asked by abs
  264. Physics

    two locomotives start at the SAME place but Locomotive A gets a half hour head start. Locomotive A travels at 100 km/hr and Locomotive B travels at 140 km/hr.Find the time elapsed and how far each traveled before they meet.

    asked by Steph
  265. physics

    two masses one on an inclined plane at 30 degrees the other suspended

    asked by k
  266. Biology

    Some genes are said to be “linked”. Explain this term and the implications it has as to the inheritance of certain traits. Provide 2 (human) examples of linked genes? PLEASE HELP ITS A REQUEST

    asked by jane
  267. chemistry

    whats an example of hydrogen bonding?

    asked by alex
  268. Physic

    Can someone help me with this problem please. An indoor running track is square-shaped with rounded corners; each corner has a radius of 6.00 m on its inside edge. The track includes four 1.0 m wide lanes. What is the design speed on the innermost lane of

    asked by Janet Nguyen
  269. chemistry

    a buffer is a substance which? a) accepts OH- in basic solution b) accepts H+ in acid solutions

    asked by alex
  270. College algebra

    Find the maximum value of: y=-3x^2 -15x +1

    asked by Jamie
  271. English

    Which one does not belong o? On April. December. November. June

    asked by Adriana
  272. Chemistry 011

    what does Molar Mass mean?

    asked by Lisa
  273. Synonym

    A synonym for "contrivance" will be spontaneity penance or strategy?

    asked by Dylan
  274. calculus

    Find an equation of the line that is tangent to the graph f and parallel to the given line Function: f(x)= 1/ square root of x Line: x+2y-6=0

    asked by Anonymous
  275. 2nd grade math

    ____= 8+2?

    asked by todd
  276. College Physic

    I am having problem with this one physic problem. I am not sure where to start can someone help me? Thank You! A 15.0 kg box falls out of an Jet at an altitude of 3000 meters. It reaches a terminal speed of 50 meters per second in 3.20 seconds. Calculate

    asked by Monet Nguyen
  277. Math

    A function of 2 variables is given by, f(x,y) = exp(2x-3y) Find the tangent approximation to f(1.155,0.632) near (0,0). Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  278. math

    Prime & composite numbers explain

    asked by jamie
  279. Algebra

    Maya has some group of stones. Then she throws 6 stones into the lake. Write an expression for the number of stones Maya has now. Tell what the variable represents.

    asked by Charly
  280. chemistry

    why should we add 273 to convert a given celcius value in to kelvin?

    asked by nanbala
  281. Math

    Write a 4-digit number where the value of one digit is ten times more than the value of another.

    asked by Brendon
  282. math

    A function is given by, f(x,y) = x^4 - y^2 - 2x^2 + 2y - 7 Using the second derivative test for functions of two variables, classify the points (0,1) and (-1,1) as local maximum, local minimum or inconclusive.

    asked by enigma
  283. math

    When i am rounded to the nearest tens I am 1,000. I am the same when read forward or backward, I can be two different numbers. Who am I?

    asked by ethan
  284. Math

    Sophia has $1.00 in coins. 1/5 is dimes. 2/15 are nickels. 2/3 are pennies. How many of each coin does she have?

    asked by Alexis
  285. math

    When I am rounded to the nearest hundred, I am 3,300. The diiference between my ones and thousands digits is 1. My tens digit is the same number as my ones digit. I can be two different numbers. Who am I?

    asked by sam
  286. math

    i need help in math but i don't get it

    asked by elizabeth
  287. math

    help from the same class!! When I am rounded to the nearest hundred, I am 3,300. The diiference between my ones and thousands digits is 1. My tens digit is the same number as my ones digit. I can be two different numbers. Who am I?!

    asked by 4th grade nightmare!
  288. exponents

    3 to the zero power

    asked by Anonymous
  289. ALG 2

    |X-8|is greater than but equal to 3...solve

    asked by tyneisha
  290. chemistry

    how do you name halogens as a functional group. like CH3-Cl

    asked by rebekah
  291. math

    what are the two smaller arrays for 15x7

    asked by ms.brooks
  292. Algebra can u help

    Word problem. You buy 6 lb turkey 3 lb coleslaw 4 lb cheese 4 lb turkey 2 lb coleslaw 3 lb cheese. Define and use variables to represent total cost I got.; 6 t + 3t + 4c + 4t +2s + 3c * x Is this right ??

    asked by Marco
  293. earth Geology

    This is just a question that I was curious about, why do mountain belts run parallel to coastlines? Thanks

    asked by Leah
  294. adverb

    She will always see the truth an adverb is "always" or "will always"? please help

    asked by jake
  295. Geometry

    what are the next to terms in the pattern 7, 2, 5, -3, 8, -11

    asked by Donna
  296. math

    1/3 + 5/14 divided by 5/7 Any help?

    asked by Carter
  297. Maths

    What Is The closure of the set {cos1,cos2,cos3,cos4,...} under usual topology????

    asked by Itrat Abbas Mirza
  298. geometry

    Úc ≅ Úd, mÚc = 5x - 7, and mÚd = 3x + 25, how many degrees are in Úc

    asked by lacresha
  299. Algebra

    Ted plans to share some canteens equally among 5 of his friends. Before he shares them, he buys 3 more canteens.Write an expression to represent how many canteens Ted gives each of his friends. Tell what the variavle represents.

    asked by Charly
  300. math


    asked by Anonymous
  301. geography

    Is there a danger of creating one global culture

    asked by Aaron
  302. math

    A function of two variables is given by, f (x,y) = 4x^3 + 7xy^4 - 5y^2 + 8 Determine, fxx + fyx at x = 4.25 and y = 3.69, giving your answer to 3 decimal places.

    asked by enigma
  303. business math

    everweek a store buys 30 gallons of milk at a cost of $1.58 per gallon. The store owner anticipates a 15% spoilage order to achieve a 20% markup based on selling prive what is the selling price per gallon

    asked by smam
  304. math

    3B216 + 2B316 =

    asked by Pat
  305. Government

    What is a simple definition of The Voting Rights Act of 1965?

    asked by Vicky
  306. Chemistry

    Round this to two sig figs: 4025000 Is the correct answer 4.0 x 10^6?

    asked by Anonymous
  307. algebra

    four pounds of a[[;es cpst $1.96 what i the unit rate

    asked by Anonymous
  308. Social Studies

    I have to create an ad based on my knowledge of 1610 o get more settlers to come to the new world

    asked by Jake
  309. algebra

    how do i complete the table with 4x-y=5 x: 0 1, 2 and im trying to find 'y'

    asked by Andrea
  310. public finance

    If the current interest rate is 5% for a 30-year mortgage loan, what is the maximum amount one can borrow for a house?

    asked by Jamie
  311. Economic

    It is true when industries that cannot easily alter production levels have inelastic supply? thanks,

    asked by Lisa
  312. math

    how do u multiply a positive number and a negitave number

    asked by sara
  313. physics

    A car accelerates uniformly from rest to a speed of 21.2 km/h in 8.3 s. Find the distance it travels during this time. Answer in units of m

    asked by jen
  314. math

    6d - 3d + 2d = 35 d = ?

    asked by dana
  315. math

    5a - a - 2a = 18 a = ?

    asked by dana
  316. Math

    find the difference quotient when given f(x)= -2x^2+4x-1

    asked by Emma
  317. science

    when wechange the axis of rotation in torque then what will be physical interpretation?

    asked by nusrat
  318. chemistry. urgent!

    where woudl i put the propyl in 2-propyl benzoate? i thought the propyl had to be attactched to the O and wouldnt that just be 1-propyl not 2?

    asked by rebekah
  319. Math algebra

    Word problem. You buy 6 lb turkey 3 lb coleslaw 4 lb cheese 4 lb turkey 2 lb coleslaw 3 lb cheese. Define and use variables to represent total cost I got.; 6 t + 3t + 4c + 4t +2s + 3c * x Is this right ??

    asked by Marko
  320. Order of operatios


    asked by Lance
  321. Order of Operations

    85/5+14x(12-8) 82?

    asked by Lance
  322. Geo

    what has been the most significant event that happen in the world?

    asked by Maria
  323. math

    number sense does the expression d-12 have a greater value when d=42 or when d=46

    asked by belinda
  324. principles of algebra

    Translate to an equation: r $2 roses and t $2.50 tulips total $30

    asked by zuly
  325. Algebra 2


    asked by Anonymous
  326. math


    asked by karen
  327. math

    what is 2056 less than 22010

    asked by logan