Questions Asked on
September 22, 2012

  1. calculus

    Find an interval of length 0.1 in [1, 2] containing a root of the equation. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) x7 + 7x − 10 = 0

    asked by patel
  2. college algebra

    Deshaun is going to rent a truck for one day. There are two companies he can choose from, and they have the following prices. Company A has no initial fee but charges .70 cents for every mile driven. Company B charges an initial fee of $50 and an

    asked by dawn
  3. physics

    A projected space station consists of a circular tube that will rotate about its center (like a tubular bicycle tire) as shown in the figure . The circle formed by the tube has a diameter of about 1.1 km. What must be the rotation speed (revolutions per

    asked by kim
  4. statistics

    The director of an alumni association for a university wants to look at the relationship between the number of years since graduation and the amount of monetary contribution an alumnus makes to the university. He collects data on 50 alumni who have made

    asked by David
  5. calculus

    Suppose f'(x) = xe^-x^2. a) On what interval is f increasing? On what interval is f decreasing? b) Does f have a maximum value? Minimum value? So should I assume that f'(x) > 0 since e has to be a positive number?

    asked by Travis
  6. physical

    Ricardo and Jane are standing under a tree in the middle of a pasture. An argument ensues, and they walk away in different directions. Ricardo walks 28.0 in a direction 60.0 west of north. Jane walks 16.0 in a direction 30.0 south of west. They then stop

    asked by raghad
  7. Chemistry

    How many moles of Fe3O4 are required to supply enough iron to prepare 0.442 mol Fe2O3?

    asked by Muhammad
  8. Chemistry

    Suppose a runner completes a 10K (10.0 km) road race in 44 minutes and 43 second. What is the runners average speed in miles per hour?

    asked by Anastasia
  9. CHEM

    Aluminum reacts with Chlorine gas to form AlCl3. [2Al(s)+3Cl2(g)=2AlCl3(s)] Given 11.0g of Al and 16.0g Cl2, if you had excess Al, how many moles of AlCl3 could be produced from 16.0g of Cl2?

    asked by leng
  10. algebra

    The length of a rectangle is 9.7cm more than 4 times the width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 9.1cm what are its dimensions? Could someone please explain, not looking for just answer, needing to know how to do it.

    asked by lilman
  11. Chemistry

    What are the products of Ba(NO3)2(aq)+K2CO3(aq)?

    asked by Heather
  12. physic

    On an otherwise straight stretch of road near Moffat, Colorado, the road suddenly turns. This bend in the road is a segment of a circle with radius 118 m. Drivers are cautioned to slow down to 45mph as they navigate the curve. you heed the sign and slow to

    asked by Amy
  13. physics

    To meet a U.S. Postal Service requirement, employees' footwear must have a coefficient of static friction of 0.5 or more on a specified tile surface. A typical athletic shoe has a coefficient of 0.870. In an emergency, what is the minimum time interval in

    asked by Anonymous
  14. AP Chemistry

    1.A compound consists of 65.45% C, 5.492% H, and 29.06% O on a mass basis and has a molecular mass of 110 g/mol. Determine the molecular formula of the compound. 2. What is the formula weight of iron (II) sulfate? Answer in units of g/mol. 3. What is the %

    asked by Timmy
  15. Biochemistry

    Acetylcholinesterase catalyzes the hydrolysis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine: Acetylcholine + H2O  actetate + choline The KM of acetylcholinesterase for its substrate acetylcholine is 9 x 10-5 M. In a reaction mixture containing 5 nanomoles/ml of

    asked by Robert
  16. Statistics

    On the daily run of an express bus, the average number of passengers is 48. The standard deviation is 3. Assume the variable is normally distributed. Find the probability that the bus will have Between 36 and 40 passengers

    asked by Darryle
  17. math

    a man walks 8km north and 5km in a direction east of north.find the distance from the starting point

    asked by etulan
  18. physics

    How long does it take the second hand of a clock to move through 4.00 rad?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Physics

    A certain freely falling object requires 1.50 seconds to travel the las 30.0 meters before it hits th ground. From what height above the ground did it fall?

    asked by Jen
  20. Math SL

    An Arithmetic sequence has a tenth term of 17 and a fourteenth term of 30, ind the general term PLEASE HELP!!!!

    asked by Britney OW
  21. AP chemistry

    which of the following aqueous solutions should not form a precipitate with aqueous ba(no3)? 1. KOH 2. K2CO3 3. K2SO4 4. K3PO4

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Physics

    A train consists of 50 cars, each of which has a mass of 7.2 × 103 kg. The train has an acceleration of +7.2 × 10-2 m/s2. Ignore friction and determine the tension in the coupling (a) between the 30th and 31st cars and (b) between the 49th and 50th cars.

    asked by StressedStudent
  23. chemistry

    How many moles of aluminum do 5.9×1024 aluminum atoms represent?

    asked by alex
  24. Chemistry

    I've seen the posts on solving this particular equation, and I know the answer is right in front of me. I'm still having trouble understanding why... a 42g piece of ice at 0.0 degrees C is added to a sample of water at 7.8 degrees C. All the ice melts and

    asked by Elliott
  25. statistics

    In a large class, there were 220 students who wrote both the midterm and the final exam. The standard deviation of the midterm grades was 14, and that of the final exam was 20. The correlation between the grades on the midterm and the final was 0.60. Based

    asked by ashik
  26. math

    Find the scale ratio of this map: 1 inch on the map represents 10 miles

    asked by Sam
  27. AP Chem need serious explanation

    Calculate the number of moles of carbon atoms present in 1.4 g of ethanol (C2H6O). i get that you calculate the number of moles of ethanol whic i got was .03039 but how do you get the moles of CARBON from that.

    asked by Joe King
  28. chemistry

    What is the amount of heat involved in each of the following?kilojoules to heat 240 of gold from 20 to 188

    asked by Anonymous
  29. chemistry

    what is the name of the compound C2H4?

    asked by bob
  30. Biology

    Explain the medical importance of brain-mapping experiments?

    asked by G
  31. Current Topics in Information Technology

    4. Internet has a big impact on firms and their information systems. Firms created new business models that were not possible before the internet. Select one those new business models and answer the following questions: 4.1. What was the original business

    asked by fawaz
  32. Chemistry

    What are the oxidation states for each element in the equation 3HCl(aq)+HNO3(aq)-> Cl2(g)+NOCl(g)+2H20(l)?

    asked by Heather
  33. maths

    The weather forecaster says that it is 200° C in London but only 0.7 as hot in New York. How hot is it in New York?

    asked by zai
  34. Statistics

    The retail price of 12-pack soda can be characterized as having a normal distribution with a mean of 3 dollars and a standard deviation of .25. Below what price do you find 30 % of all 12 packs?

    asked by Christine
  35. physics

    a 1.9kg ball of putty moving to the right has a head -on inelastic with 1.3 kg putty ball moving to the left , if the combined blob doens;t move just after the collision, what can you conclude about the relative speeds of the balls before they collide?

    asked by tere
  36. Math

    If a number is added to its reciprocal, the sum is 13/6, find the number.

    asked by Molly
  37. AP chemistry

    which of the following aqueous solutions should not form a precipitate with aqueous ba(no3)2?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. statistics

    Lilly collects data on a sample of 40 high school students to evaluate whether the proportion of female high school students who take advanced math courses in high school varies depending upon whether they have been raised primarily by their father or by

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Grammar

    Few people know about the (complex) science behind the construction of elevators. (my answer) demonstrative adjective interrogative adjective indefinite adjective proper adjective To be honest, I'm really not sure! I know (complex) is an adjective, I just

    asked by Anonymous
  40. maths

    Mr usher is 186.9cm tall and his sister sarah is 147.3cm.What is the difference between them?

    asked by zaina
  41. Calc 3

    Use the Chain Rule to find ∂z/∂s and ∂z/∂t. z = tan(u/v), u = 7s + 4t, v = 4s − 7t

    asked by Becky
  42. chemistry

    what is name of the compound P2S5? is it phosphorous pentasulfide?

    asked by bob
  43. science

    A running man has half the kinetic energy of that of a boy of half of his mass. The man speed up by 1 m/s so as to have same kinetic energy as that of boy . The original speed of man is ?

    asked by vijay
  44. physics

    A truck driver attempting to deliver some furniture travels 5 km east, turns around and travels 5 km west, and then travels 12 km east to his destination. What distance has the driver traveled?

    asked by Alex
  45. Math Ratios

    The ratio of the number of marbles Zali had to the number of marbles Muthu had was 3:4. Muthu gave half of his marbles to Zali. What was the new ratio of the number of marbles Zali had to the number of marbles Muthu had?

    asked by Dottie
  46. English-Grammar

    The interviewer (remained) speechless upon hearing about the senator’s revelations. Is remained a (I think this is the answer) linking verb action verb auxilary verb transitive verb Thanks for the help

    asked by Beth
  47. Physics

    A ball traveling horizontally leaves a 0.80 m high table and lands 1.1 meter away. A. Predict the time required for the pool ball to hit the ground. B. What was the initial velocity of the ball?

    asked by Krissy:)
  48. Chemistry

    What mass of electrons would be required to just neutralize the charge of 2.5 grams of protons?

    asked by Kaycee
  49. Language arts

    Her many hands reach out to us. Her many tongues are garrulous. These lines make use of A. Aliteration B. onomatopoeia C. Simile D. Personification

    asked by Meagieting
  50. chemistry

    What is the amount of heat involved in each of the following?kilojoules to heat 240 of gold from 20 to 188

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Physics

    A woman stands on a scale in a moving elevator. Her mass is 56.0 kg, and the combined mass of the elevator and scale is an additional 809 kg. Starting from rest, the elevator accelerates upward. During the acceleration, the hoisting cable applies a force

    asked by StressedStudent
  52. Physics

    The helicopter in the drawing is moving horizontally to the right at a constant velocity. The weight of the helicopter is W=59900 N. The lift force L generated by the rotating blade makes an angle of 21.0° with respect to the vertical. (a) What is the

    asked by StressedStudent
  53. Java

    You are to create an efficient OO application to be used by the wait staff at the Mason Inn. You will process one waiter/waitress at a time. The user will provide information for him or her, to include: their name, number of hours worked and hourly wage.

    asked by Johnny
  54. English

    The (rest) of the inheritance was given to charity. (my answer)noun pronoun adjective preposition Not too sure, it could also be an adjective. Thanks for the help!

    asked by Anonymous
  55. physics

    A box has a mass of 0.215 kg. It is on a very smooth (frictionless) horizontal surface and is acted upon by a force of 2.27 N at an angle of θ = 37.6° with the horizontal. What is the acceleration of the box?

    asked by Amy
  56. phyics

    A box of mass 0.385 kg slides down a very smooth (frictionless) ramp which is inclined at an angle of 56.6° above the horizontal. What is the acceleration of the box down the ramp?

    asked by Amy
  57. math

    Grossnickle Corporation issued 30-year, noncallable, 8.5% annual coupon bonds at their par value of $1,000 one year ago. Today, the market interest rate on these bonds is 6.5%. What is the current price of the bonds, given that they now have 29 years to

    asked by eric
  58. Spanish CHECK

    (On the contrary). Flor is describing the courses she is taking, but you have an entirely different point of view. Complete each sentence, using the opposite of the word in italics. ¡OJO! Remember that adjectives must agree in number and gender with the

    asked by Whitney
  59. math

    It takes the planet Neptune about 164.8 years to revolve once around the sun.What are the least and greatest numbers written in hundredths that could round to 164.8?

    asked by Jahzara
  60. maths

    a ship sails 27km due south then 16km due west. How far is the ship to the nearest 0.1 km ,from its starting point?

    asked by olive
  61. statistics

    Lilly collects data on a sample of 40 high school students to evaluate whether the proportion of female high school students who take advanced math courses in high school varies depending upon whether they have been raised primarily by their father or by

    asked by LWatson
  62. algebra

    A mechanic is working on a car that has a 10 Liter radiator that is currently filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze. thirty percent of the 10 liters is antifreeze and the rest is water. how much needs to be drained and replaced with pure antifreeze

    asked by Sarah
  63. Psychological Statistics

    Assume that GRE scores approximate a normal curve and have mean of 500 points and a standard deviation of 100. What proportion of the normal curve would correspond to each of the following situations? 1) A score more than 50 points above the mean? 2) A

    asked by Vidhi
  64. economic

    In a free market, which of the following is an accurate statement regarding price? A) Prices tend to increase. B) The price of a good or service helps to quantify its value to consumers. C) None of these statements are accurate. D) Sellers offer misleading

    asked by joe
  65. Precalculus SOH CAH

    how are the following relations true? S(theta + pi/2) = C(theta) and C(theta + pi/2) = -S(theta)?

    asked by Greg
  66. Physics

    Dan drops a stone down a well and sees it hit the water 1.2 sec later. A. how deep is the well (no air resistance) B. What is the speed of impact of the stone? c.If Dan drops an elephant down the well how long will it take to hit the water? Explain Thanks

    asked by Krissy:)
  67. English

    Sarah trained hard for the competition, but she did (not) win any of the trophies. (not is a(n) my answer)adjective adverb preposition noun

    asked by Anonymous
  68. health

    What physical symptoms often accompany social phobia?

    asked by ashton carr
  69. mathematics

    what is the domain and range of the function F(x)= 1/1-2cosx

    asked by edward
  70. AP Chemistry

    Find mass of liquid water required to absorb 3.94 X e4 of heat energy on boiling. Answer in units of g

    asked by Rohan
  71. physics

    You pull a 18 kg sled across the floor with a strap that is at an angle of 40° above the horizontal with a force 86 N. Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the sled, given that the coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled and the floor is

    asked by christina
  72. Calc 3

    If z = f(x, y), where x = r^2 + s^2 and y = 8rs, find ∂^2z/(∂r ∂s).

    asked by Becky
  73. physics 101

    A person in an elevator is holding a 15 kg block by a cord rated to withstand a tension of 180 N. When the elevator starts up, the cord breaks. What was the magnitude of the minimum acceleration of the elevator?

    asked by laura
  74. chemistry

    How many moles of Fe3O4 are required to supply enough iron to prepare 0.785 mol Fe2O3?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Math

    A man built a walk of uniform width around a rectangular pool. If the area of the walk is 429 square feet and the dimensions of the pool are 10 feet by 18 feet, how wide is the walk?

    asked by Aaron
  76. physics

    A box of mass 1.95 kg slides down a frictionless ramp inclined at an angle θ= 42.9 ° at constant speed. The force exerted on the box by the ramp is how many Newtons?

    asked by Amy
  77. chemistry

    how many grams of NaOH should be used to make 200 mL of a 0.24M solution starting with a .4M HCL solution

    asked by Tyler
  78. math/finance

    Assume that you are considering the purchase of a 30-year, noncallable bond with an annual coupon rate of 8.5%. The bond has a face value of $1,000, and it makes semiannual interest payments. If you require an 7.4% yield to maturity on this investment,

    asked by eric
  79. Math

    Tony's baby sitting service charges $2.50 per day plus $1.75 an hour. What is the cost of a seven hour babysitting job?

    asked by Homework girl
  80. Health care admin.

    What are the four functions of management?

    asked by toya
  81. Calculus

    I'm having problems with this one. Can't get the right answer. Differentiate the following using the chain rule. f(x) = squareroot(x^2+1)/(3x+1) I know that I can take the whole thing and put it to the (1/2) and differentiate that then use the quotient

    asked by Angie
  82. precalculus

    give an example of two increasing functions whose product is not increasing

    asked by fatima
  83. Math Ratios

    A sum of money is shared between Alice, Gayah and Sita in the ratio 3:2:4. If Gayah receives $4,287.50, how much money do Alice and Sita receive altogether.

    asked by Dottie
  84. Math Ratios

    A wire is bent into a rectangle. The ratio of the length of the rectangle to its breadth is 9:5. If the total length of the wire is 84 cm., find the area of the rectangle formed by the wire.

    asked by Dottie
  85. PHSICS

    1. How much kinetic energy does a 1 kg ball have if it has a velocity of 10 m/s? Choose one answer.and explain a. 100 J. b. 50 J. c. 10 J. d. 5 J. 2. You have the grand idea that the science building would be better situated if you moved it North by 4

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Physics

    The graph below represents the velocity of a ball thrown straight up by a strong pitcher as a function of time. In the first part of the graph ending at A, the ball is accelerated to 39.2 m/s in a time of 0.20 s. After the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand,

    asked by John
  87. history

    opposition to jay's treaty and other federalist acts led to

    asked by Anonymous
  88. college-chemistry

    How do you know when a base is weak or strong?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. chemistry

    Discuss in detail the healthcare applications of chemical reactions. Which chemical reactions would you consider to be of importance to healthcare professionals? Why? In which situations are these chemical reactions useful to healthcare professionals

    asked by sonwia
  90. Physics

    A man seeking to set a world record wants to tow a 110000-kg airplane along a runway by pulling horizontally on a cable attached to the airplane. The mass of the man is 70 kg, and the coefficient of static friction between his shoes and the runway is 0.76.

    asked by StressedStudent
  91. Physics

    In a flexible container when the temperature of a gas increases the volume of a gas will... increase decrease

    asked by sk8rgurl
  92. precalculus

    show that the sum of two increasing functions is increasing

    asked by fatima
  93. history

    what were some of the ways in which social darwinism or the idea of survival of the fittest shaped american thought in the past?

    asked by maria
  94. education

    Behavioral objectives clearly stated A. What the children will actually do B. How children should behave C. What children are interested D.the range of normal behavioral for children

    asked by phillip
  95. education

    Webbing Is A. Teacher created duck theme for classroom B.way to capitalize on children's ideal without enforcement a point to view on them c.planning tool that provides deputy to a topic and creates a map of possible activities and projects d. Technique to

    asked by phillip
  96. physcical science

    how much heat is needed to warm 200 grams of water from an initial temperature 24 celsius to 84 celsius

    asked by physical science
  97. chemistry

    how to draw atomic structure for elements from scandium to zinc ?and what is their valency number.plz show me the shell structure.

    asked by J.Nandhini
  98. biological

    how can a disaccharide be produced from two monosaccharides

    asked by denis
  99. Physics

    A gull is flying horizontally 8.17 m above the ground at 6.35 m/s. The bird is carrying a clam in its beak and plans to crack the clamshell by dropping it on some rocks below. Ignoring air resistance, what is the horizontal distance to the rocks at the

    asked by Kasey
  100. Physics

    A ball is thrown from a point 1.38 m above the ground. The initial velocity is 19.9 m/s at an angle of 33.8° above the horizontal. Find the maximum height of the ball above the ground. Calculate the speed of the ball at the highest point in the

    asked by David
  101. Geography

    Is Lima, the capital of Peru, east or west of the 80 degrees west line of longitude? Is this correct? East?

    asked by Alexander
  102. the girl who could fly book

    Can somebody help me with this question, it is about the book the girl who could fly How can making inferences in literature help you determine how the societal conflicts in I.N.S.A.N.E. shaped Piper's identity?

    asked by aisha
  103. finite math

    for the previous ? it as to be set up in five steps I just can't figure out how to set it up to get the answers

    asked by cheryl
  104. pre-calculus

    Find the intercepts of the graph of the equation y= x^2 -4 ________ X^2 -9 a. there is no intercept b. the intercept(s) is/are type the ordered pair, using intergers or fractions

    asked by ladybug
  105. calculus

    Help with an integration question with the substitution given? Please help, i tried to to answer it but the working is too complicated can anyone help out there, the question says: Using substitution 5x=4cosØ to show ∫ √ (16-25x^2) dx = 4 π + 6√ 3

    asked by Fatima
  106. health

    What does it mean to relax with deep breathing?

    asked by Anonymous
  107. caculus

    Following a polynomial, find a. the zero's and the multiplicity of each b. where the graph crosses or touches the x-axis c. the number of turning points d. the end behavior f(x)=(x+3)(x-5)(x+5)

    asked by ladybug
  108. caculus

    Following a polynomial, find a. the zero's and the multiplicity of each b. where the graph crosses or touches the x-axis c. the number of turning points d. the end behavior f(x)=(x+3)(x-5)(x+5)

    asked by ladybug
  109. Trigonometry

    a diagram shows a cross section of a triangular prism. AB=BC=7cm. BM=5cm m is the midpoint of the line segment AC. a) explain why angle AMB must be a right angle. b) calculate angle BCM. c) calculate area of the triangle

    asked by zoya
  110. chemistry

    chemical formula for potassium hydrogen sulfide? is it KHS?

    asked by bob
  111. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangular soccer field is 20/3 meters. If the width of the soccer field is the reciprocal of the length, find the dimensions of the soccer field.

    asked by Bianca
  112. English

    1. Where do you buy a scarf? -I buy it at the department store. 2. Where do you buy the scarf? -I buy it at the department store. 3. Where do you buy scarves? -I buy them at the department store. (Which question is correct grammatically?)

    asked by rfvv
  113. World Geo

    What rights did Aboriginal people gain as a result of the Referendum of 1967? sk8gurl99

    asked by sk8rgurl
  114. Physics

    A 700# rock sits atop a 150 foot cliff. 1) If it is pushed off how much kinetic energy is in the rock just before it hits the ground? 2) How much potential energy does it have just before it hits the ground? On 2 will I use the mgh formula? If so what

    asked by Uris
  115. Physics

    What is the period of Earth's (nearly) circular motion around the Sun? (2*pi*r)/T 1 year (1 year)/(2*pi) (2*pi)/(1 year) 2*pi*(1 year)

    asked by StressedStudent
  116. Pre-Calculus

    Is the difference of quotient of f(x) = -3x² -x equal to -3h - 6x - 1?

    asked by Peter
  117. reading

    what does inference character mean

    asked by sean
  118. physics

    a piece of wood 50 cm long , 20 cm wide, 40 cm thick. its density is 0.6 g cm^3. this is connected to a string with negligible mass attached to a piece of lead. what is the mass of the lead and what volume underneath is needed to sink the wood in calm

    asked by romeo
  119. History

    why does the pilgrims settlement of plymouth succeed?

    asked by Maria
  120. Whole grains and refined graines

    Whole grains or food food made from them,contain all the essential parts and naturally-occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed. True or false

    asked by Olivia
  121. Refined graines

    The enriching process for refined grains adds back: a:folic acid b: thiamin & niacin c:iron d: all of the above

    asked by Olivia
  122. Office administration

    Why are files reduce in an organisation?

    asked by Christina
  123. history

    how is plymouth settlers are different from the settlers at the Jamestown?

    asked by Maria
  124. Chemistry

    Why is the formula for sodium nitrate NaNO3?

    asked by Anya
  125. biology

    how can you recognize carbohydrates from a list of biological molecules

    asked by denis
  126. physics

    What is the general formula for energy?When asked to write formula for energy in general without specifying kinetic or potential or work can we write eienstien's e=mc2 formula?

    asked by J.Nandhini
  127. Calculus AP

    I'm doing trigonometric integrals i wanted to know im doing step is my answer right? ∫ tan^3 (2x) sec^5(2x) dx =∫ tan^2(2x) sec^4(2x) tan*sec(2x) dx =∫ (sec^2(2x)-1)sec^4 tan*sec(2x) dx let u=sec x, du= 1/2 tan*sec(2x) dx =1/2∫ (u^2(2x)-1) u^4 du

    asked by Vicky
  128. Physics

    I wondered if someone would check my work concerning an Atwood's Machine. (I am led to believe the answers for these two questions should be the same but I'm not coming out that way.)Thank you! 8.) Caluclate the tension in the Atwood's Machine string for

    asked by Miaow
  129. physics

    A vector A has components Ax = -7.0 m and Ay = -48.0 m. What is the the angle that vector A makes with the x-axis?

    asked by james carol
  130. s.s

    Which of the following is true with regards to the Navigation Acts by the eighteenth century? A. In general, the colonists despised the acts and smuggling was rampant. B. The acts replaced the colonial admiralty courts. C. The colonists became used to

    asked by cool
  131. Geography

    Is this correct? What are the three continents with the largest land areas in the world? Asia Africa and north america

    asked by Alexander
  132. finite math

    A company installs different POS computer systems. POS system A requires two hours to configure and one hour for assemble. POS B requires three hours to configure and one hour to assemble. POS C requires two hours to configure and two hours to assemble.

    asked by cheryl
  133. pre-calculus

    analyze the graph of the function r(x)= 13x + 13 ________ 5x + 15

    asked by ladybug
  134. Creative and Critical Thinking

    Together We Stand Letter Outline Suppose you live in a new suburban community that combines all the amenities and benefits of a tight-knit small community with the benefits of living close to the big city. Some years pass, and several children and adults

    asked by Monica
  135. ela

    How can making inferences in literature help you determine how the societal conflicts can make your identity?

    asked by aisha
  136. pre-calculus

    solve the following inequality 16(x^2-1) >16x the solution set is? or there is no solution.

    asked by ladybug
  137. Math

    Word problem A woodcarver wants to make a scale model of a chair. The height of the model will be 3 inches which is 0.08 times the height of the fl sized chair What is the size if the full sized chair in inches?? I got : 5.4 inches. Is this right??

    asked by Marko
  138. Physics

    If a ball is kicked at 35 degrees above the horizontal, what is the speed to barely clear the 3m tall goal post 60m away?

    asked by Anonymous
  139. science

    what type of a drink did not floated or sank?

    asked by ross
  140. physics

    If a ball is kicked at 35 degrees above the horizontal, what is the speed to barely clear the 3m tall goal post 60m away?

    asked by Anonymous
  141. world history

    How did spain change after the war with england in 1588?

    asked by Kristi
  142. Alg 2 (HS)

    Solve 4^(x+2)= 160 use a cal and round your answer to the nearest hundredth How would I work out this problem? I'm a little confused with this one.

    asked by Gregory B.
  143. Trigonometry

    in a diagram, PRS is a straight line. PQ = 9.2 cm, QS= 7.6cm and angle QPR =38 degrees.QR is perpendicular to PS. Calculate angle PQS to nearest 0.1 degrees

    asked by zoya
  144. Alg 2 (HS)

    If Y varies inversely as 3X^2, determine what Y would be if X = 4 and another point on the equation is (2, 48).

    asked by Gregory B.
  145. chemistry

    Assuming that 0.5 grams of a 1.0 gram sample is CaCO3, what should the concentration of HCl(M) be if you want to use 25.0 mL for the titration?

    asked by Tyler
  146. Math

    How is the principal payment calculated before interest is addes if; P = 50,000 interest = 9% and compounded for 7 years

    asked by joan Mullins
  147. Math

    If a certain number, x, is added to 4/(x+1), the result is 3. Find the number.

    asked by Bianca
  148. math

    how many thousandths in 1.069

    asked by wan
  149. math

    a rectangle has a side of 28cm,12cm.what is the area of the least number of these rectangles used to form the smallest square possible?

    asked by wan
  150. mathematics

    What is the domain of the functions f(x)= 1/root(x+|x|) f(x)= x|x|

    asked by edward
  151. Not sure what to put here... World Geo?

    What is an example, or maybe even two examples of a plant that grows in one climate but also a climate that that plant doesn't grow in. Thank you very, very much to any help. 8) Thank ya, sk8rgur99

    asked by sk8rgurl
  152. physics

    1/(undr root 2 - 1) m/s

    asked by vijay
  153. random question for high school

    How do you get into IB?

    asked by - A
  154. precalculus

    show that the composition of two increasing functions is increasing

    asked by fatima
  155. Biology

    The first cells evolved in an atmosphere that lacked free _____________. Their metabolism resulted in the accumulation of ________________ in the atmosphere. Fill in the blanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Math

    I have a table and need the math rule but can't figure it out. If the table is: X and Y 2 3 4 4 6 5 8 6 What is the rule??

    asked by help me
  157. economic

    Store managers must consider which of the following trait? A) Cultural style B) Age groups C) Income level D) All are correct

    asked by joe
  158. economic

    In microeconomics, little emphasis is given to how prices are established and why they change. True or False?

    asked by joe
  159. economic

    A price set above equilibrium price creates a shortage. True or False

    asked by joe
  160. mathematics

    what is the domain of the function f(x)= 1/root([x]^2-[x]-6)

    asked by edward
  161. statistics

    Five samples are taken every hour from a production line & the average hourly measurement weight of polymer beads is recorded. Approximately 1/7 of these averages exceed 2.50g when the mean value is approximately 2.40g. Determine the proportion of

    asked by Wasl
  162. mathematics

    if [x] denotes the integral part of x, then what is the solution set of the equation [x]^2 -5[x]+6=0

    asked by edward
  163. Math

    what are the zeros for 1x^5+2x^4+4x^3+19x^2+9x^2+9x-5?

    asked by Danielle
  164. US history

    The sedation Act allowed the national government to jail people for

    asked by Emily
  165. eoconomy

    In which career is profit the main factor? it is doctor or teacher?

    asked by jake young
  166. literature

    What kind of man was Albert Camus?

    asked by anonymous
  167. economy

    careers that are more susceptible to changes in economic behavior are those that reply on what? and may you explain more for me please. thanks,

    asked by jake young
  168. finite math

    A company installs different POS computer systems. POS system A requires two hours to configure and one hour for assemble. POS B requires three hours to configure and one hour to assemble. POS C requires two hours to configure and two hours to assemble.

    asked by cheryl