Questions Asked on
September 9, 2012

  1. math

    mr. Rodriguez, a college instructor, can grade his class papers in 3 hours while it takes his assistant 4 1/2 hours. If Mr. Rodriguez graded the papers for 1 hour and then left the job for his assistant to complete, how long will it take his assistant to

    asked by help pleaseee
  2. Trigonometry

    Points A and B 1000 meter apart are plotted on a straight highway running east and west. from A, the bearing of tower C is N32*W and from be, the bearing of C is N64*E. approximate the shortest distance of the tower from the highway. please explain........

    asked by Roy
  3. chemistry buffers

    What molar ratio of HPO4 2- to H2PO4 - in solution would produce a pH of 7.0? Phosphoric acid (H3PO4), a triprotonic acid, has pKa values: 2.14, 6.86, and 12.4. Only one of the pKa values is relevant here. how do i know which pka value to use.. please

    asked by ron
  4. physical science

    What is the kinetic energy of a 29 kg dog that is running at a speed of 8.8 m/s (about 20 mi/h)?

    asked by Liz
  5. Algebra

    If m angle BGC =16x-4 and m angle CGD = 2x+13,Find the value of x so that angle BGD is a right angle.

    asked by Maria
  6. physical science

    How much work does gravity do on a 0.140-kg ball falling from a height of 14.0 m? (neglect air resistance)

    asked by Liz
  7. physic

    You are driving into St. Louis, Missouri, and in the distance you see the famous Gateway-to-the-West arch. This monument rises to a height of 192 m. You estimate your line of sight with the top of the arch to be 7.37 ° above the horizontal. Approximately

    asked by Anonymous
  8. science

    Your neighbor has fertilized her lawn. Several weeks later, she is alarmed to see that the surface of her ornamental pond, which sits at the bottom of the sloping lawn, is covered with a green layer of algae. (a) Suggest a feasible explanation for the

    asked by Lola
  9. Math

    A scuba diver located 20 feet below the surface of water spots a shipwreck at a 70 degree angle of depression. After descending to a point 45 feet above the ocean floor, the diver sees the shipwreck at a 57 degree angle. Draw a diagram to represent the

    asked by Sid
  10. Economics

    1. An economy's production possibilities frontier is also its consumption possibilities frontier. a. under all circumstances b. under no circumstances c. when the economy is self-sufficient d. when the rate of tradeoff between the two goods being produced

    asked by Eric
  11. Algebra

    If m angle FGE =5x+10, Find the value of x so that line FC is perpendicular to Line AE. Line AE is a striaght line

    asked by Maria
  12. Trigonometry

    A plane is headed due east with airspeed of 240 mph. if a wind at 40 mph is bloiwing from the north , find the ground speed of the plane.

    asked by Roy
  13. physics

    A basketball player is standing on the floor 10.0 m from the basket as in the figure below. The height of the basket is H = 3.05 m, and he shoots the ball at an angle, θ = 37.6°, with the horizontal from a height of h = 2.20 m. (a) What is the

    asked by Des
  14. geography

    what factors account for the similarities and differences between the subdivisions in tropical climate zones?

    asked by ruth
  15. Finance

    Use the following financial statements for Lake of Egypt Marina, Inc. LAKE OF EGYPT MARINA, INC Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2012 and 2011 (in millions of dollars) 2012 2011 2012 2011 Assets Liabilities and Equity Current assets: Current liabilities:

    asked by Julie
  16. Calculus

    An open top box is made by cutting congruent squares from the corners of a 12 inch by 9 inch sheet of cardboard and then folding the sides up to create the box. What are the dimensions of the box which contains the largest volume?

    asked by Chris
  17. Math

    A 3m wide path runs along the inside of a sq. Park of side 125m.find d cost of constructing it at Rs 4.50per square meter. Gve me soltn and ans. Is Rs 6588

    asked by Simran kaur
  18. math

    Can you each make up an example in which "Some A are not B" is true, but the statement "Some B are not A" is false? An example would be "Some dogs are not poodles" is true but "Some poodles are not dogs" is false

    asked by Pat
  19. math

    The equation for: Judy and Linda agree to share the cost of a $21 pizza based on how much each one ate. If Judy ate 3/4 of the amount that Linda ate, how much should each pay? what is the formula please.

    asked by Mikayla
  20. Ana

    A group of hikers on a mountain began at an elevation of 3040 feet above sea level and stopped at elevation of 2319 feet above sea level. What was their change in elevation between these points? How can you tell from the change in elevation whether the

    asked by Math
  21. science

    If a strong west wind is blowing at 35 milers per hour, how fast is the wind moving: in kilometers per second? in meters per second?

    asked by toliy
  22. chemistry

    Make up a 500mL solution of 4.8M solution HCl (HCl gmw= 36.5g)

    asked by Dena
  23. Math

    Kerri's father bill was a baker. Out of his usual morning batch of cookies bill burned the first 2 dozen cookies. He gave half of what was left to Keri to take to scol. He wrapped up half of the remaining cookies and have them to a group of fireman. He

    asked by Eshaan
  24. physical science

    A 136-lb. student races up stairs with a vertical height of 4.8 m in 6.0 s to get to a class on the second floor. How much power in watts does the student expend in doing work against gravity?

    asked by Liz
  25. physics

    Part 1 A motorist traveling at 17 m/s encounters a deer in the road 48 m ahead. If the maximum acceleration the vehicle’s brakes are capable of is −5 m/s^2, what is the maximum reaction time of the motorist that will allow her or him to avoid hitting

    asked by amanda and leah
  26. Physics

    Margaret walks to the store using the following path: 0.440 miles west, 0.245 miles north, 0.300 miles east. What is her total displacement? That is, what is the length and direction of the vector that points from her house directly to the store?

    asked by Sherry
  27. physics

    Some hydrogen gas is enclosed within a chamber being held at 200 whose volume is 0.0250 . Initially, the pressure in the gas is (14.8 ). The chamber is removed from the heat source and allowed to cool until the pressure in the gas falls to . At what

    asked by tatiana
  28. College Algebra

    The period (the time required for one complete swing) of a simple pendulum varies directly as the square root of its length. If a pendulum 12 feet long has a period of 4 seconds, find the period of a pendulum 3 feet long.

    asked by Shawn
  29. algebra

    Jeremy is building a deck for the community center. The deck is shaped as rectangle. The width of the deck is 29ft. The perimeter of the deck is to be at least 134ft. Write an inequality that represents all possible values of the length of the deck. Find

    asked by Jackie
  30. business

    In what ways do different ideologies and political systems influence the environment in which MNCs operate?

    asked by James

    Assume an organic compound has a partition coefficient between water and diethyl ether equal to 7.33. If there are initially 9.81 grams of the compound dissolved in 100.0 mL of water, how many grams will remain in the aqueous layer after extraction with

    asked by KRISTINA
  32. physics

    The highest barrier that a projectile can clear is 11.5 m, when the projectile is launched at an angle of 15.4° above the horizontal. What is the projectile's launch speed?

    asked by Sharienia
  33. geometry

    ye has 44 feet of fencing to enclose a rectangular garden. She wants to to enclose as much area as possible. use trial and error to find maximur are faye can enclose with all 44 feet of fence. name the lencth and width that gives maximum area.

    asked by jonny
  34. Physical science

    A man pushes a lawn mower on a level lawn with a force of 192 N. If 50% of this force is directed downward, how much work is done by the man pushing the mower 7.3 m?

    asked by Liz
  35. Geometry

    An angle is 15 less than four times its supplement. Find both angle measures.

    asked by Maria
  36. Physics

    Jerry bicycles from his dorm to the local fitness center: 3.06 miles east and 2.07 miles north. Cindy's apartment is located 1.5 miles west of Jerry's dorm. If Cindy is able to meet Jerry at the fitness center by bicycling in a straight line, what is the

    asked by Sherry
  37. math/science

    If a bee flies 6km/h how long will it take to reach a flower that is 1.2 km from the hive?

    asked by kathy
  38. chem(molarity)

    a buffer contains 0.010 mol of lactic acid and 0.050 mol of sodium lactate per liter . How do I find the molarity of the acid and base?

    asked by mary
  39. Hypothesis Statistics

    At one school, the average amount of time that tenth-graders spend watching television each week is 18.4 hours. The principal introduces a campaign to encourage the students to watch less television. One year later, the principal wants to perform a

    asked by Courtney
  40. Physics

    A car traveling at a constant speed of 39.6 m/s passes a trooper hidden behind a billboard. One second later the trooper starts the car with a constant acceleration of 2.25 m/s^2 . How long after the trooper starts the chase does he overtake the speeding

    asked by Joe
  41. physics

    During extreme hypothermia, a young women's temperature dropped to 20.6 degrees C. What was her temperature on the Fahrenheit scale?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. maths

    a cook goes into the store room & take out 1/6 of rice from a 72 kg sack.if he uses 2/3 kg of this rice each day,how many days will the rice he took out last?

    asked by Rine choudhary
  43. Trigonometry

    Three ships are situated as follows: A is 225 miles west of C while B, due south of C, bears S25*10'E from A. a. How far is B from A? b. How far is B from C? c. what is the bearing of A from B? PLEASE EXPLAIN

    asked by Roy
  44. Math

    A square field of side 25m and a rectangular field of length 28m have the same perimeter. Which field has a larger area? Gve me ful soltn plz

    asked by Simran kaur
  45. Precalculus

    an air traffic controller spots two planes at the same altitude flying towards one another. their flight paths form a right angle at point p. One plane is 150 miles from point p and is moving 450mph. the other plane is moving at 450mph but is 200 miles

    asked by David
  46. college physics

    A race driver has made a pit stop to refuel. After refueling, he leaves the pit area with an acceleration whose magnitude is 5.40 m/s2; after 4.0 s he enters the main speedway. At the same instant, another car on the speedway and traveling at a constant

    asked by Tess
  47. Chemistry

    List 6 factors that might influence the solubility of a solute in a given solvent. Describe how these factors might influence solubility.

    asked by Cassie
  48. Chemistry

    Which hydrocarbon is least likely to dissolve in water - hexane, butane, decane?

    asked by Cassie
  49. physics

    A hot-air balloon is rising upward with a constant speed of 3.06 m/s. When the balloon is 9.31 m above the ground, the balloonist accidentally drops a compass over the side of the balloon. How much time elapses before the compass hits the ground?

    asked by ray
  50. physics

    Compute your average velocity in the following two cases: (a) You walk 73.6 m at a speed of 1.79 m/s and then run 73.6 m at a speed of 4.31 m/s along a straight track. (b) You walk for 1.00 min at a speed of 1.79 m/s and then run for 1.30 min at 4.31 m/s

    asked by Corey
  51. chem

    Annual production of sulfuric acid in the United States last year was 400. million tons. If the density of sulfuric acid is 1.37 g/mL, find the total volume in m^3 produced in the U.S. last year.

    asked by pink
  52. Hypothesis Statistics

    A two-tailed test is conducted at the 5% significance level. What is the P-value required to reject the null hypothesis?

    asked by Courtney
  53. Health and Nutrition

    Define carbohydrates, chemical make up and basic functions of sugars and starches in the body.

    asked by tia
  54. math

    each question on a five-question multiple-choice quiz has answer choices labeled a, b, c and d. how many different ways can a student answer the five questions

    asked by nouf
  55. chemisrty

    calculate the delta H when 0.150 mmol of AgCl dissolves in water?

    asked by samadhi kandekumbura
  56. chemistry

    Assuming the density of a 5% acetic acid solution is 1g/ml, determine the volume of the acetic acid solution necessary to neutralize 25ml of 0.1m naoh also record this calculation on your report My calculation 1g/ml x 1000ml x 0.05/61 = 0.81M 0.81m = 25ml

    asked by Fai

    Unit of measure for the international system of measurement-what unit is used for temperature, mass, volume, and length? please answer :) I NEED TO STUDY AND HAVE A QUIZ TOMORROW

    asked by DESPERATE
  58. Math

    The length and bredth of a rectangular field are in d ratio 5:3.If the cost of reaping the field at 85paise per sq. Meter is Rs.624.75,find the cost of fencing it at the rate of Rs. 4per meter. Plz give me full solutn nd ans is Rs.448

    asked by Simran kaur
  59. math-algebra

    Factor the polynomial 64x^3-27

    asked by k
  60. Fluid Mechanics

    A circular disc having a diameter of 125cm is immersed in water so that the distance of its perimeter measured vertically below the water surface varies between 60cm and 150cm. Find the total force due to the water acting on one side of the lamina, and the

    asked by Newbie
  61. math

    how many different outfits can be made if jessica chooses 1 each from 11 skirts, 9blouses, 3 belts, and 7 pairs of shoes

    asked by nouf
  62. Geometry

    How do I factor 2x^2-16x-66

    asked by Diane
  63. calculus HELP

    Find the values of a and b that make f continuous everywhere. f(x) = (x2 − 4)/(x − 2) if x < 2 ax2 − bx + 3 if 2 ≤ x < 3 4x − a + b if x ≥ 3 solve for a and b? HELP ive tried everything

    asked by Kate
  64. English

    Please help me understand these questions so that I can do the rest, thanks! 1)The following infinitive and past participle verb forms found in Dutch. Root Infinitive past participle" Wandel wandelen, gewandeld, "walk" 2)Consider the following nouns in

    asked by Sahr23
  65. Calculus

    A snowball has a radius of 3 inches. Assume the rate with which the volume of the snowball melts is proportional to its surface area. If, after 1 hour, the radius of the snowball is 2.9 inches, predict what the radius will be after one day. using

    asked by Tyler
  66. Stats

    A two-tailed test is conducted at the 5% significance level. What is the right tail percentile required to reject the null hypothesis?

    asked by Courtney
  67. Math

    an air traffic controller spots two planes at the same altitude flying towards one another. their flight paths form a right angle at point p. One plane is 150 miles from point p and is moving 450mph. the other plane is moving at 450mph but is 200 miles

    asked by David
  68. physics

    A lighthouse that rises 46.0 ft above the surface of the water sits on a rocky cliff that extends 19 ft out into the ocean from the base of the lighthouse. A sailor on the forward deck of a ship sights the top of the lighthouse at an angle of 25.0 degrees

    asked by rob
  69. pre calc

    f(x)=-3x+2 a) express the slope of the secant line of each function in terms of x and h. b) find msecant for h=.5, .1, and.01 at x=1. c) find the equation for the secant line at x=1 with h=1.01 I got -3 for a but don't know how to do the others becaus a

    asked by rebekah
  70. chemistry

    a magnesium (Mg) atom with a mass number of 25 contains ?

    asked by eddie
  71. Math

    a man cashed a check for $63. the bank teller gave him six bills, but no one- dollar bills and no change. what did she give him?

    asked by Danielle
  72. Fluid Mechanics

    A circular disc having a diameter of 125cm is immersed in water so that the distance of its perimeter measured vertically below the water surface varies between 60cm and 150cm. Find the total force due to the water acting on one side of the lamina, and the

    asked by Need Help

    A motorboat can maintain a constant speed of 26 miles per hour relative to the water. The boat makes a trip upstream to a certain point in 35 minutes; the return trip takes 17 minutes. What is the speed of the river current?

    asked by Sandi
  74. Chemistry

    Help with any of these: 21. Aluminium sulphate is often used by gardeners to acidify soil and can be produced by the reaction 2Al(OH)3(aq) + 3 H2SO4(aq) à Al2(SO4)3(aq) + 6 H2O(l) The volume of 0.275 mol/L H2SO4(aq) needed to react completely with 112 mL

    asked by Emily
  75. physics

    A rock is dropped from a sea cliff and the sound of it striking the ocean is heard 4.1s later. If the speed of sound is B40 m/s, how high is the cliff? ____m

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Math

    Adjacent sides of parellogram are 36cm and 27cm in length. If the perpendicular distance btn. the shorter sides in 12cm,what is the distance btn. The longer sides? Gve me ful solutn

    asked by Simran kaur
  77. Health and Nutrition

    what is the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates?

    asked by tia
  78. Precalculas

    The sum of the first 30 terms of one arithmetic sequence is 300 more than the sum of the first 30 terms of another arithmetic sequence. what could the sequences be?

    asked by G
  79. science

    Analysis of forelimb anatomy of humans, bats, and whales shows that humans and bats have fairly similar skeletal structures, while whales have diverged considerably in the shapes and proportions of their bones. However, analysis of several genes in these

    asked by l
  80. Math

    an air traffic controller spots two planes at the same altitude flying towards one another. their flight paths form a right angle at point p. One plane is 150 miles from point p and is moving 450mph. the other plane is moving at 450mph but is 200 miles

    asked by Ryan
  81. sociology

    how does the sociological imagination help people to understand the effects of society on their personal lives

    asked by nouf
  82. physic

    A partly-full paint can has 0.66 U.S. gallons of paint left in it. (a) What is the volume of the paint, in cubic meters? (b) If all the remaining paint is used to coat a wall evenly (wall area = 13 m2), how thick is the layer of wet paint? Give your answer

    asked by Anonymous
  83. finance

    Knight has a property tax base with an appraised value consisting of $142,000,000 of taxable real property and $78,000,000 of taxable personal property. The assessment ratio is 50%. Exemptions for the elderly reduce assessed value by $3,000,000. The city

    asked by angela
  84. Scirnce/ math

    If a pinecone was thrown from a height of 45 meters and hit the ground 4.5 seconds later, how fast was the pinecone traveling

    asked by Becca
  85. Physics

    Which of the following statements related to vectors is not correct? a) A "one way" road sign is an example of a vector. b)A vector is a physical description that includes both a number and a direction. c)If someone states, "Joe is traveling at 30 miles

    asked by Joseph
  86. physical

    An automobile starts from rest and accelerates to a final velocity in two stages along a straight road. Each stage occupies the same amount of time. In stage 1, the magnitude of the car's acceleration is 3.19 m/s2. The magnitude of the car's velocity at

    asked by Anonymous
  87. physics

    The Space Shuttle travels at a speed of about 7.88E+3 m/s. The blink of an astronaut's eye lasts about 107 ms. How many football fields (length = 91.4 m) does the Shuttle cover in the blink of an eye?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Math

    It took Markus half an hour to drive home from work.He averaged 34 miles per hour. How far does Markus live from work?

    asked by Summer
  89. physics

    During a hard sneeze, your eyes might shut for 0.43 s. If you are driving a car at 125 km/h, how far does it move during that time?

    asked by Sharienia
  90. physics

    A hare and a tortoise compete in a race over a course 4.90 km long. The tortoise crawls straight and steadily at its maximum speed of 0.440 m/s toward the finish line. The hare runs at its maximum speed of 14.00 m/s toward the goal for 0.800 km and then

    asked by Kit
  91. Physics

    A bug completes one lap along the edge of a circular planter of radius 22.4 cm in 16.45 s. How fast was it traveling? Answer in units of cm/s.

    asked by Jess
  92. Math

    A tile is in the shape of a parellogram of base 5cm and corresponding height equal to 3cm.Calculate the number of tiles required to cover an area of 45m^2.

    asked by Simran kaur
  93. Spanish check

    Pedero es de Peru ¿de dónde eres soy tus amigos? Tu eres ser de Atlanta Mi profesora es de español ser Mexicano ser ustedes de Mexico ¿dónde sois vosotros ser de?

    asked by Taylor
  94. Physics 2A

    A position vector has an x component of -2.5 m and a y component of 4.2. (a) What is the vector's magnitude and directions? b) suppose a spider took 10 minters to first walk -2.5m in the x direction and then 17 mintures 4.2 m in the y direction? Find the

    asked by Victor
  95. Geometry

    Use the figure below in which ec bisects ad at c. Find the value of x and the measure of the indicated segment.

    asked by Chris
  96. physics

    A duck flies south at a constant speed of 20 m/s. A man stands 30 meters below the duck, he fires a shot upward at an initial velocity of 30 m/s. Half a second later the duck instantly commences a constant acceleration forward of 16 meters/sec^2. How far

    asked by Bettyann
  97. calculus

    A snowball has a radius of 3 inches. Assume the rate with which the volume of the snowball melts is proportional to its surface area. If, after 1 hour, the radius of the snowball is 2.9 inches, predict what the radius will be after one day.

    asked by Tyler Stranburg
  98. Spanish

    Write a complete sentence in Spanish using the verb ser. 1.Andy García y Jimmy Smits / los Estados Unidos 2. Julia Álvarez / la República Dominicana 3. Enrique y Julio Iglesias / España

    asked by Taylor
  99. chemistry

    the distance between new york and san francisco is 4741000m. Now that may sound impressive but to put all those digits on a car odometer is slightly inconvenient. in this case kilometers are a better choice for measuring distance. change the distance to

    asked by Kathy
  100. Spanish

    How do you conjugate the verb ser in different sentences?

    asked by Taylor
  101. physics

    The largest stone jar on the plain of jars in laos has a mass of 6.0 x 10^3 Kg. Express this mass in miligrams.

    asked by carla
  102. chemistry

    How would a chemist make up 100g of 10% aqueous solution of HCl (using 12M HCl)

    asked by Dena

    Assume an organic compound has a partition coefficient between water and diethyl ether equal to 7.33. If there are initially 9.81 grams of the compound dissolved in 100.0 mL of water, how many grams will remain in the aqueous layer after extraction with

    asked by KRISTINA
  104. Calculus

    Use the shell method to find the volume of the solid generated by revovling bounded by the curves and lines about the x-axis. y= sqrt(x) y=0 and y=(x-5)/4. I tried thsi problem and got 775/6pi as the final exact answer and its wrong. please someone help!

    asked by kavz
  105. Physics

    Vector A is directed along the positive y-axis and has magnitude 5.0 units. Vector B is directed along the negative x-axis and has magnitude 6.0 unit. (a) What are the magnitude and direction of A + B? (b) What are the magnitude and direction of A − B?

    asked by Sherry
  106. math

    A circular walkway has a diameter of 182 m. Approximate the distance around the walkway. Use for 22/7 for square root?

    asked by sheri
  107. Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

    Topic - Logic In the clues below, each variable represent a different digit ranging from 0-9. Determine what digit each variable represent g+g+g = d (3+3+3 = 9) j+e = j (2+0 = 2) g (to the 3rd power) = d (3, to the 2nd power = 9) b+9 = d (6+3 = 9) f-b = c

    asked by Laruen
  108. algebra 1 stat question

    fastest recorded speeds of various large wild cats (miles per hour) 70,50,30,40,35,30,30,40,15. The standard deviation of is 14.01 and the mean is 37.7 I have created a dot plot of the data and now I need to find out within how many standard deviations of

    asked by AR
  109. Physics

    What is the speed of the rocket when it is 350 above the surface of the earth? A rocket starts from rest and moves upward from the surface of the earth. For the first 10 of its motion, the vertical acceleration of the rocket is given by a(y)=2.9, where the

    asked by Andrew
  110. Math 8R - Help!

    Sara went to the park and saw that there were a total of 15 bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels was 39, how many tricycles were there? bi = 2 wheels tri = 3 wheels Please help me, I'm really struggling with this problem

    asked by Laruen
  111. Physical science

    A 6.2 "kil" bag of sugar is on a counter. How much work is required to put the bag on a shelf a distance of 0.31 m. above the counter?

    asked by Liz
  112. math

    The ratio of red jelly beans to yellow jelly beans in a dish is 2:3. If I eat 3 red jelly beans and 6 yellow ones the ratos is 4:5. How many yellow jelly beans were orginally in the dish?

    asked by Anonymous
  113. math

    The population of a town is given by P =350t + 5000, where t is years after 1980. Teh input variable is what? and the Outpur variable is what? the ordered pairs are in the form of what. and what is the meanng of P(0) = 85000 in the context of this problem

    asked by brenda
  114. HISTORY

    what 3 major beliefs were at the hear of Martin Luther's teachings?

    asked by audrey
  115. chemistry

    c= q/m*(delta)T q= heat or energy, measured in joules (J) c= specific heat of the substance m= mass of substance (delta)T= change in temperature It requires 14,749 J to heat 75.0 g of water from 20.0 degrees C to 67.0 degrees C?

    asked by waffles
  116. physics

    A hot air balloon is traveling vertically upward at a constant speed of 5.3 m/s. When it is 25 m above the ground, a package is released from the balloon. After it is released, for how long is the package in the air? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8

    asked by maura
  117. Fluid Mechanics

    Calculate the pressure at a point 5 m below the free water surface in a liquid that has a variable density given by equation o =(350+Ay)kg/m3, where A = 8 kg/m4 and y is the distance in meters measured from the free surface.

    asked by Urgent
  118. Chemistry

    When hydrogen reacts with a metal, does it form a cation or an anion?

    asked by Anya
  119. Health and Nutrition

    What foods are considered healthy sources of carbohydrates?

    asked by tia
  120. physics

    ajuggler tosses a ball up in the air with initial speed u. at the instant it reaches the maximum height H, he tosses a second ball with the same initial speed the two balls collide at what height

    asked by sahana gr
  121. physics

    The eye of a hurricane passes over Grand Bahama Island in a direction 60.0° north of west with a speed of 36.1 km/h. Three hours later, the course of the hurricane suddenly shifts due north, and its speed slows to 26.9 km/h. How far (in km) from Grand

    asked by nate
  122. Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

    Topic - Logic In the clues below, each variable represent a different digit ranging from 0-9. Determine what digit each variable represent g+g+g = d (3+3+3 = 9) j+e = j (2+0 = 2) g (to the 3rd power) = d (3, to the 2nd power = 9) b+9 = d (6+3 = 9) f-b = c

    asked by Laruen
  123. Physics

    An airplane moves at 300 mi/hr relative to the air. It must fly from city A to city B, 600 miles due east. One day the wind is blowing at 100 mi/hr in a direction of 30 degrees north of east. Draw a diagram. b. What will the velocity of the plane relative

    asked by joe
  124. physics

    On a spacecraft two engines fire for a time of 581 s. One gives the craft an acceleration in the x direction of ax = 5.21 m/s2, while the other produces an acceleration in the y direction of ay = 7.34 m/s2. At the end of the firing period, the craft has

    asked by Sharienia
  125. algr.1

    1/4n+12>3/4n-4 solve the inequality and please show the steps I don't understand how to work it Thanks

    asked by Jessica
  126. physics

    Samantha is 1.15 m tall on her eleventh birthday and 1.32 m tall on her twelfth birthday. By what factor has her height increased?

    asked by Crystal
  127. Spanish-someone could check these

    DIRECTIONS: Write a complete sentence using the verb ser. 1. Andy García y Jimmy Smits / los Estados Unidos -Nosotora somos de los Estados Unidos 2.Ricky Martin / Puerto Rico -El es de Puerto Rico 3. Enrique y Julio Iglesias / España - Ellos es de

    asked by Taylor

    if the mean is 85 and the SD is 8 what percentage of students will receive a grade less than 58 and greater thAN 110

    asked by Anonymous
  129. English 8R - Business Letter Assignment Check

    (my English teacher's name) Care of (my full name) (school's address) 9/10/12 President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear President Obama: Hello my name is (my name). I'm doing this assignment for my English

    asked by Laruen

    In a chemically active extraction, a three-component mixture of acetylsalicylic acid, acetaminophen, and caffeine in ethyl acetate solution is separated into its individual components first by extraction with a pH 8 buffer solution, then a subsequent

    asked by Gabby
  131. Chemistry

    What does the reaction of alkaline earth metals with water tell you? Thanks in advance.

    asked by Anya
  132. case management

    Identify the differences and similarities of case management in the community setting and in the managed care environment?

    asked by Elaine
  133. Physics

    An experimental rocket car starting from rest reaches a speed of 530 km/h after a straight 370 m run on a level salt flat. Assuming that acceleration is constant, answer the following questios. - what was the time of the run?(s) - What is the magnitude of

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Chemistry

    Elements with an even number of protons and neutrons A. never undergo alpha decay emission. B. have a single magic number of protons or neutrons C. always have a proton-to-neutron ratio of about one D. are usually stable E. are usually unstable

    asked by Peter
  135. algebra 1

    I have found standard deviation and the mean for a data set and have created a plot of the data now I have to find within how many standard deviation of the mean does all the data fall and I am not sure how to do this

    asked by AR
  136. Grammar

    Exercise C: (1) Select one of the subjects below. (2) Make a list of ideas to support your subject. (3) Decide what you main points should be and group the other ideas under them. (4) Prepare the outline according to the proper form. Make sure your points

    asked by Losa
  137. finite math

    Given n(A')=23, n(B')=16, and n((A [intersect] B) U (AUB)'))= 24, find (A [intersect] B) I apologize but intersect was the best way I found to represent the upside down U symbol.

    asked by allen
  138. science

    I need helping locating information about the environment of Costa Rica so that I can analyze data about the country.

    asked by kelly
  139. chemistry

    How many moles are in 15 grams of Lithium oxide? I got 5.0205 mol Lithium oxide but I just wanted to see if anyone else got this.

    asked by Poola
  140. Math

    Hey guys this is a precalculus honors question and im stuck, appreciate it if i could get your help. Lauri is a sea level and uses surveying equipment to sight the top of Mount Tam. The angle of elevation to the top is 22 degrees 10 minutes. She moves 1000

    asked by Henry
  141. algebra/trigonometry

    find the smallest positive number that is the difference of two three-digit integers made up of the digits 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 where each digit is used once.

    asked by DJ
  142. math

    price of 5 litres of cooking oil is rs. 302.50. find the price of 1 litre cooking oil

    asked by ayesha
  143. Math

    The three lines x-y+1=0 ,2x+y-4=0 ,and x+y+5=0 intersect to form a triangle. Find the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle.

    asked by Vanessa
  144. Physics

    While standing on a bridge 18.3 m above the ground, you drop a stone from rest. When the stone has fallen 2.60 m, you throw a second stone straight down. What minimal initial velocity must you give the second stone if they are both to reach the ground at

    asked by jhockens
  145. math

    if the universal set U is defined by U={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}and A={1,2,3,4} B={3,4,5,6,7} what is contained in A n B'=the intersection of A and B'?

    asked by Pat
  146. Math

    Write an algebriac expression 1. the quotient of m and two Tell rather the statement is true or false: 2. quotient of 3 and 12 is 4

    asked by Amy
  147. Physics

    i.imgur. com/VWFwb. png

    asked by Matthew
  148. Health and Nutrition

    Describe how sugars are used in the body. What is insulin and its primary role? What is glucagon and its primary role? what is glycogen?

    asked by tia
  149. Literacy

    What are the subject headings for the 2002 edition of Invisible Man

    asked by Sher
  150. English

    I don't really understand what this quote means ? "Fiction must stick to facts and the truer the facts the better the fiction.”

    asked by lisa
  151. Geometry

    Line MN is perpendicular to line NP. Point R is in the interior of the angle MNP. If angle MNR = 5x+12 and angle PNR =6x+23. Find both angle measures

    asked by Maria
  152. Math 8R - Help!

    Sara went to the park and saw that there were a total of 15 bicycles and tricycles. If the total number of wheels was 39, how many tricycles were there? bi = 2 wheels tri = 3 wheels Please help me, I'm really struggling with this problem

    asked by Laruen
  153. Chemistry

    Why is the use of tin limited?

    asked by Anya
  154. Math

    Write 23 in base five

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by J
  156. physics, science

    if proton is fired from west is moved to north by magnetic field what is direction of magnetic field

    asked by alpana
  157. economics

    main characteristics of the market system

    asked by alberto
  158. algebra

    Compute the following sums and differences -7+(-2) Does that mean just add them or...

    asked by Sarah Marie
  159. physics

    i.imgur . com/jXIYL. png is it 20 and 10??

    asked by kevin
  160. Physics

    A car races at a constant speed of 25 m/s around a circular track with a radius of 150 meters. Consider 1/4 of a lap starting on the south side (heading east) and ending on the east side (heading north). A. How much time does the car take to travel between

    asked by Andy
  161. physics

    i.imgur. com/cqwun. png

    asked by kevin
  162. Psyhology

    Why is it important to consider non-verbal communication from a cultural perspective when performing a patient diagnosis?

    asked by Jamie
  163. Calculus

    Show that non positive rational number, x, exceeds its cube, x^3 by exactly 1.

    asked by Peppa
  164. College Biology

    Calculate the concentration in Moles for a 5mgMgCl2 sample in 2L of solution. Then how many ions are in it?

    asked by cutiepie
  165. math

    What is the compatible estimation for 329 + 64

    asked by matthew
  166. math

    It was kind of windy the other day bring the temperature from -10 degrees centigrade to 18 degrees centigrade in 24 hours. How much did the temp. rise in 24 hours? on average, how much per hour did the temp. rise?

    asked by Louie
  167. Linear Algebra

    So I'm studying for my first exam and I'm stuck on this number. Given both lines: D1: (x,y,z) = (2,0,0) + k(0,3,0) D2: (x,y,z) = (2,0,2) + k(0,0,1) (a) Give the algebraic equation of the plane containing both lines. I know that I have to start off by

    asked by Robert
  168. Crossword

    7 letter word for deepest part of a body of water

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Math

    Convert 1111two to base ten

    asked by Anonymous
  170. math

    I have a math question for my cell biology class. A molecule exchanges places with its neighbor every 10^-7 seconds. It will diffuse from one end of a 2 micrometer cell to the other in 1second. Ok now I have a 6M x 6M room filled with 4cm ping pong balls.

    asked by Amy
  171. science

    how do you do the worksheet JELLY SIDE DOWN?

    asked by kayla
  172. Chemistry

    What is the density of a solution of 9.0% Calcium chloride dissolved in water?

    asked by Cassie
  173. Math

    Simplify 5(-3+3)

    asked by Anonymous
  174. physics

    what is the displacement of the ball? i.imgur. com/8ljWh . png i don't know calculus!

    asked by kevin
  175. math

    what is the length of a diagonal of a rectangular picture whose sides are 3 inches by 4 inches

    asked by Donna
  176. Physics

    A 0.5kg ball is thrown over a net and gains 36J of energy. What is the velocity of the ball as it passes over the net?

    asked by Louise
  177. Physics

    While standing on a bridge 19.1 m above the ground, you drop a stone from rest. When the stone has fallen 3.40 m, you throw a second stone straight down. What minimal initial velocity must you give the second stone if they are both to reach the ground at

    asked by jhockens
  178. Algebra 1

    when the cost of a car is multiplied by 0.07 the results is $1710. Find the cost of the car.

    asked by Chris
  179. Math

    The base of tringular field is twice its altitude. If the cost of levelling the field at the rate of Rs 10per m^2 is Rs 4000,find its base and altitude.

    asked by Simran kaur
  180. math

    If A, then B is equivalent to If not B, then not A Not (A and B) is equivalent to not A OR not B Not (A or B) is equivalent to not A AND not B Can you give an equivalent statement to 1. If an Iowa farmer does not grow corn or beans, then he grows alfalfa.

    asked by Pat
  181. Algebra

    So I'm working on this diamond thing and it looks like this right now -8 (Blank) (Blank) 7 And I usually I multiply to get the top number and add to get the bottom one, but since the top and bottom are filled how do I get the left and right blank ones?

    asked by Sarah Marie
  182. Health and Nutrition

    Information on lactose intolerance related to carbohydrates and how it effects the body. And some actions used to manage and treat the disorder.

    asked by tia
  183. calculus

    If (x) =3x squared - x cubed, find f prime(1) and use it to find an equation of the tangent line to the curve y=3(x) squared - x cubed at a point (1,2)

    asked by Anonymous
  184. ancient world history

    To what continents did homo sapiens migrate from Asia

    asked by mike Jones
  185. Chemistry

    How do “chemical” salts form? Thank you in advance.

    asked by Anya
  186. School counsil

    What benefits would you receive when you help out school orientation? How grocery shopping with elders?

    asked by Amy
  187. Chemistry

    A watch is to be electroplated with gold. - provide a solution that would make a suitable electrolyte for this cell. This is the only question I'm having a little trouble with. I'm not quite sure how to figure out what the electrolyte solution is made of.

    asked by Hannah
  188. math

    combine and simplify... 1/(1+(1/x)) I don't know how to start this one? I know I have to get rid of the bottom x

    asked by Anonymous
  189. chemistry

    how to complete (2.8 x 10 to the 7th) x (8.8 x 10 to the 4th) in scientific notation

    asked by Jessica
  190. History

    How did geography of North America help or hinder our nation's development?

    asked by Maria
  191. math

    8.897*10^6/ 3.2*10^4= ? in scientific notation form

    asked by waffles
  192. Linear Algebra 2

    This is another question I can't figure out. Given planes pie1 and pie2 defined as: pie1: 2x + 5y - 7x + 2 = 0 pie2: x + y - z + 3 = 0 (b) Give the equation of the line of intersection of these two planes. I only found the answer for (a) where they ask to

    asked by Robert
  193. Calc2

    Find the volumes of the solids generated by revovling the region in the first quadrant bounded by the curve x=4y-4y^3 and the y-axis about the given axes: a. the x-axis b. the line y=1 NO idea how to set it up!!! HElP!!

    asked by Anonymous
  194. legal research and writing

    review the sentences and determine which one is correct A. The judge admonished the prosecutor and defense attorney who was distracting the jury from the facts of the case. b. The judge admonished the prosecutor and defense attorney who were distracting

    asked by Lourane
  195. Geometry

    If AB=3x, BC=2y+16, AC=60 and B is midpoint of AC, what are the values of x and y?

    asked by Donna
  196. legal research and writing

    Review and revise the following paragraph. After reviewing al the pleadings the underlining records the party arguments; pertinent caselaw and the other recommendations filed byt eh party's, this court remains of the opinion and view point that the

    asked by Lourane
  197. Math- URGENT PLEASE

    Add (9.3x10^3) + (9.3x10^4) + (0.011x10^6) using correct significant figures?

    asked by Start
  198. English

    1. You must have walked long, musn't you? 2. Tom must gets up early, mustn't he? 3. Ann seldom goes to the movies, does she? (Are they all grammatical?)

    asked by rfvv


    asked by J
  200. HISTORY

    why did the clergy support Martin Luther's ideas?

    asked by audrey
  201. Math

    Find the equivalent number on the 12hour clock -22

    asked by Mom of 5
  202. Precalculus

    Assume the two planes are heading 'towards P'. For now, let's not get too wound up about the x and y aspects. We'll always 'know' the two places are at right angles to each other. First let's create two equations that represent the 'location' of each

    asked by Samuel
  203. 5th grade reading

    What is meant by: Make three tracks from what you've read today.

    asked by Amy
  204. Physics

    The displisacement from A to B is 36 miles at 12 degress N of West. The displacement from B to C is 39 miles at 21 degrees N of E. What is the displacement from A to C by graphical means and by compnents?

    asked by Andy
  205. science

    Has anyone written up a Lab for the Sponge Capsule lab? I am trying to do a graph

    asked by Gen
  206. Sociology

    When a parent gives a child a time-out for misbehavior, the parent is using what type of sanction? a) Positive formal b) Positive informal c) Negative formal d) Negative informal I'm thinking either (b) or (d)

    asked by Tammy
  207. mahar

    what is scientific notation for 778

    asked by syd
  208. chemistry

    what is the density of a substance if a 2.50 ml sample has a mass of 0.880g at room temperature? what is the specific gravity of the substance?

    asked by Sasha nelson
  209. History

    What are three ways in which the Americas might have been populated?

    asked by Maria
  210. Math

    In a trapezium ABCD,ABperpendicular DC.if angle A=4x degree,angle B=(6x+10degree),angle C=(3x-10degree) & angle D=5x degree.find each angle of trapezium.

    asked by Simran kaur
  211. math


    asked by Anonymous


    asked by J


    asked by J
  214. Math

    Simplify 5(-3x+3)

    asked by Anonymous
  215. math

    1. Ronnie has 4 pennies and 5 dimes in her pocket. How much money does she have in all? 2. Sophie picked 7 apples ad gave 2 to Jules. Ho may does she have left? 3. Melville is 104 miles east from Seville. Medburg is 206 miles east of Seville. How many

    asked by HelpMeInMath.SOS
  216. Math

    Find the value of y in the mod 11system 10+y=1

    asked by Mom of 5
  217. Algebra

    x*x= x+x= axb= a+b=

    asked by Sarah Marie
  218. precalculus

    if f(x)=2x and g(x)= x+1 , what do you think someone means by (f+g)(x)? what about (f/g)(x)?

    asked by md
  219. math

    35% in building A,20% in building B ,and 26% in building c what percent of employees are in building D

    asked by Anonymous
  220. history

    where did martin luther start his revolution?

    asked by audrey
  221. algebra

    Perform the subtraction. (4x/x^2+2x-8)-(x/x^2-16)

    asked by k
  222. College Physics

    A 6107 kg elevator is moving 4.6 m/s up. The tension in the elevator cable is 66,512.6 N. Determine the acceleration of the elevator (state the appropriate mks units).

    asked by Joe
  223. intentive spellers typically

    a. write only words they are certain can be spelled corrctly. b. never learn conventional spelling c. omit consonants in words d. Progress through a serious of stages

    asked by gloria
  224. math

    8.875*10^-5/ 3.65*10^3= ? in scientific notation form

    asked by waffles
  225. math

    the sum of 16 and 3 is greater then the product of 9 and 2

    asked by max
  226. math

    how can you determine whether a sum of several numbers such as 13plus45plus24plus17 is even or odd?

    asked by madeline
  227. History

    What are the new understanding of the population of the Americas before Eropian contact?

    asked by Maria
  228. maths

    If f(x)=x(2pi-x) in 0

    asked by Rahul
  229. math

    the second largest six-digit number in which no digit appears more than three times

    asked by Anna
  230. Math

    Perform the multiplication on the 12 hour clock 11x(4x8)

    asked by Mom of 5
  231. math

    how many different license plates are possible with two letters followed by three digits between 0 and 9

    asked by nouf
  232. math

    how to solve 3m-6=3x10-6

    asked by hannia
  233. Philosophy

    What is your philosophy of education?

    asked by Isabella
  234. math

    Think about the expression xy=50. What are six possible values for x and y?

    asked by Chaf
  235. social studies

    how i identify 5-7 positive and negative benefits of the government systems for canada ?

    asked by christine
  236. Algebra....HELP!!

    Use the elimination method to solve the system of equations a + 6b =4 a + 3b = -2 What is the solution in an ordered pair?

    asked by Theresa
  237. math

    two-thirds of the difference of -2 and 8

    asked by Michell
  238. math

    What is the value of the 3 in .ooo3?

    asked by Jenna