Questions Asked on
September 1, 2012

  1. Chemistry

    what volume, in L, of a 10.0M HCL solution is needed to make 2.00L of 2.00m HCL solution by dilution with water. Thank you

    asked by kate- Please help
  2. Physics

    Q Exactly 2.7s after a projectile is fired into the air from the ground ,it is observed to have a velocity v = (8.8i+4.5 j) m/s where the x-axis is horizontal and the y axis is positive upward . a)Determine the horizontal range of the projectile

    asked by Nikitha
  3. health care management

    The difference cbetween leadership and management peer-reviewed year

    asked by Lelia
  4. Math

    Find the value of y for a given value of x, if y varies directly with x. If y = –252 when x = 84, what is y when x = 74?

    asked by Kelsey
  5. math

    a. Find the value of a. b. Find the value of the marked angles. (4a+12)Little open circle symbol outside barckets near top right side of number 12. (3a+ 32) again little open circle symbol outside brackets near top right side of number 32. not drawn to

    asked by Anonymous
  6. science

    how to make an acrostic for biology?

    asked by helen
  7. Physics

    A bullet of mass 10g travelling horizontally at a speed of 100m/s embeds itself in a block of wood of mass 990g suspended by strings so that it can swing freely find: a.the vertical height through which the block rises. much of the bullet energy

    asked by Oterhia
  8. algebra


    asked by lyn
  9. Statistic

    birth weight of infants: a health care professional wishes to estimate the birth weights of infants. the researcher desires to be 99% confident that the true mean is within 2.5 ounces of the sample mean. the standard deviation of infant birth wieghts is

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Statistic

    birth weight of infants: a health care professional wishes to estimate the birth weights of infants. the researcher desires to be 99% confident that the true mean is within 2.5 ounces of the sample mean. the standard deviation of infant birth wieghts is

    asked by Telicia
  11. chemistry

    water is 88.8% by mass oxygen. How many grams of water would contain 2.25kg of oxygen?

    asked by rachel
  12. Math

    A ladder is leaned 9m up a wall with its base 5m from the wall. What angle does the ladder make with the ground?

    asked by Danielle
  13. chemistry

    Water is 11.2% by mass hydrogen. How many kilograms of water would contain 5.0g of hydrogen. (using conversion factors)

    asked by rachel
  14. stats

    A two-tailed test is conducted at the 5% significance level. What is the right tail percentile required to reject the null hypothesis?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. math

    what is the average number of letters in the words of this verse? whether at Naishapur or Babylon Whether the cup with sweet or bitter run,The wine of life keeps oozing drop by drop,The leaves of life keep falling one by one.

    asked by wan
  16. chemistry

    20.0 mL of a 0.125 M solution of potassium iodide is added to 15.0 mL of a 0.235 M solution of lead (II) nitrate. A reaction occurs via the balanced equation below: 2KI(aq)+ Pb(NO3)2(aq) --> 2KNO3(aq) +PBI2(ppt) How much product can theoretically be

    asked by Brunette
  17. bio

    how is the rate of enzyme activity affected by increasing the concentration of the substate/

    asked by neal
  18. business math

    A toy store has a beginning inventory of eight sets of paints at a cost of $1.25 each. During the year, the toy store purchased three at $1.50, five at $2, six at $2.50, and ten at $3. By the end of the year, 21 sets were sold.

    asked by na name
  19. Physics

    A speeder passes a parked police car at a constant speed of 31.8 m/s. At that instant, the police car starts from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2.74 m/s 2 . How much time passes before the speeder is overtaken by the police car?

    asked by Daisy
  20. ma

    A car travels 55 miles per hour and a plane travels 15 miles per minute. How far does the car travel when the plane travels 500 miles?

    asked by kely
  21. business math

    Pete’s Warehouse has a market value of $5,000,000. The property in Pete’s area is assessed at 40% of the market value. The tax rate is $105.10 per $1,000 of assessed value. What is Pete’s property tax?

    asked by na name
  22. Physics

    when driving at night at a speed of 80 km/hr, a deer suddenly appeared and frozen in your head light. The distance between your car and the deer was 45 meters at the moment you start to break your car as hard as possible in order to avoid the accident

    asked by lala
  23. business math

    The property of Al’s garage is worth $300,000. Al has a fire insurance policy of $180,000 that contains an 80% coinsurance clause. What will the insurance company pay on a fire that causes $210,000 damage? If Al met the coinsurance requirement, how much

    asked by na name
  24. math

    Earl Miller plans to buy a boat for $19,500 with an interest charge of $2,500. Earl figures he can afford a monthly payment of $650. If Earl has to pay 36 equal monthly payments, by how much can he afford the boat per month

    asked by na name
  25. business math

    Peter Mabel sold a total of 400 Oatmeal ($1.50) and Wheat ($2) breads during the Labor Day weekend. How many of each did Pete sell if total sales were $700?

    asked by na name
  26. world geography

    why are climates grouped by latitude?

    asked by timothy
  27. college math

    prove f(x)= x^15+6 is increasing on the interval: I= (-‡,‡)

    asked by Amber
  28. math

    Using the equation y=(3x+2)(x+2) determine the x intercepts, the axis of symmetry and the vertex. I changed this equation into factored form because originally it was in standard form. Im having trouble with the x-intercepts. I want to say -2, -2 but I

    asked by James
  29. chemistry

    calculate the delta G rxn O2(g)+2 H2o(l)+2 Cu(s)--> 4 OH-(aq)+2 Cu^2+(aq)

    asked by marie
  30. Math

    Prove that lim (x->0) x^4 cos 2/x = 0.

    asked by KC
  31. math

    what would the following equation be in vertex form. y=-9x squared+72x+81. I have tried for hours and i cannot figure it out

    asked by erica
  32. math

    what is a circurmfrence

    asked by naomi
  33. mat

    In some cases the Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition or Distributive Property of Multiplication over Subtraction can be used to obtain an answer quickly. Represent the following operations using one of the distributive properties and

    asked by kely
  34. math

    State which of the following are logical statements and then classify the statements as true or false. a) 1 + 4 = 6 b) She is in our class c) Butte is the capital of Montana d) 3 + x = x + 3

    asked by kely
  35. math

    The relationship described below can be modeled using an equation. Identify the variables and write an equation to solve the questions below. Number of Credits Fees 3 2000 6 2600 9 3200 12 3800 15 4400 a) Write an equation to calculate the fees F when the

    asked by daisy
  36. math

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by y= x^(1/2), y= 0, and x= 3 revolving around the y-axis.

    asked by Danelle
  37. business math

    Mel’s Furniture received an invoice dated September 27for five bedroom sets at $3,000 each. The invoice indicated a trade discount of 5/8/3. The seller of the furniture prepaid the freight of $200. Terms were 2/10 EOM. Assuming Mel pays on November 2,

    asked by no name
  38. math

    If f(x) = 3x – 10, find the element of the domain associated with each of the following functional values: a) 2 b) 8

    asked by jissy
  39. math

    Write the first six terms of each of the sequences whose nth term is a)(-3)n { ____, ____, ____, ____ , ____, ____ } b)3 – 4n { ____, ____, ____, ____ , ____, ____ }

    asked by mary
  40. business math

    Mobilee Oil Company accepted a $10,000, 120-day note, dated March 3, at 8.5% to settle a past due accounts receivable. Mobilee Oil discounted the note to raise cash on May 10 at a discounted rate of 9%. What proceeds did Mobilee Oil receive?

    asked by no name
  41. math

    For each of the following find all integer values of x, if they exist, that make the equations true. a) ¨Cx ¨C 3 = -8 b) x3 = -27 c) ©¦x©¦ = 16 d) 8 ¨C 5x < 2x ¨C 20 e) ©¦-x + 5©¦= 8 f) (x ¨C 2)4 = 16

    asked by pleh
  42. ss

    empire which brought islam to india

    asked by corina
  43. math

    Determine all possible digits to fill in the blanks to make each of the following true. a) 9 482__ b) 6 24__35 c) 4 63__

    asked by susan
  44. math

    14) Factor each of the following expressions a) 9x2 – 3x b) 4x2 – 9

    asked by susan
  45. business math

    Ray Long wants to retire in Arizona when he is 70 years of age. Ray is now 50. He believes he will need $130,000 to retire comfortably. To date, Ray has set aside no retirement money. Assume Ray gets 14% interest compounded semiannually. How much must Ray

    asked by no name
  46. Math

    Use a graph to find a number delta such that if abs(x-pi/4) < delta then abs(tanx-1) < 0.2. I understand that the epsilon is 0.2. But what step do I take next? How do I solve the problem?

    asked by KC
  47. Math

    arrange {-2.07, -2.007, -27/10, -2.77} in order from greatest to least

    asked by Mike
  48. maths

    Edward has $40 more thanFariq. If Edward gives 1/5 of his money to Fariq. Fariq will have7/8 as much money as Edward. How much money do they have altogether.

    asked by RS
  49. physics

    The total mass of helium in a balloon is 114 kg. What is the volume of the balloon?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Business

    Assume that you own a sandwich shop. In looking over last year's income statement you see that the annual sales were $250,000 with a gross margin of 50 percent, or $125,000. The fixed operating expenses were $50,000: the variable operating expenses were 20

    asked by Leslie
  51. Math

    Noah and Brianna want to calculate the distance between their houses which are opposite sides of a water park. They mark a point, A, 120m long the edge of the water park from Brianna's house. The measure

    asked by Danielle
  52. physics

    The total mass of helium in a balloon is 114 kg. What is the volume of the balloon?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. help

    10. "Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, so slavery must have been a good idea" may commit which fallacy? (Points : 1)

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Grammar

    Mix the egg yolk. Or. Mix the egg yolks. (PS: there are more than one egg.)

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Algebra

    .428571428571 with the digits 4,2,8,5,7,1 repeating indefinitely in that order. What digit is in the 200th place. To the right of the decimal point? Is the answer 8? Please show your work. Thanks:)

    asked by Anonymous
  56. physics (torque)

    how to solve this 92.5Ncm + (35cm) (x)= 575Ncm?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math

    which is the easies,t Arithmetic Series or a Geometric Series? and why?

    asked by Liz
  58. Math

    Use the Intermediate Value Theorem to show that there is a root of the given equation in the specified interval. x^4+x-3=0, interval (1,2). According the to theorem, I found that a is 1, b is 2 and N is 0. f(1)= 2 and f(2) = 17. Is the root (1.16,0)?

    asked by KC
  59. math

    Log7x=log7 4+log7 3 please help I can not anderstand thanks

    asked by Heather
  60. calc 3

    A woman walks due west on the deck of a ship at 4 mi/h. The ship is moving north at a speed of 15 mi/h. Find the speed and direction of the woman relative to the surface of the water. (Round your answers to one decimal place.)

    asked by abby
  61. Math

    From an observation tower that overlooks a runway, the angles of depressin of point A, on one side of the runway, and point B, on the opposite side of the runway are, 6degree and 13degree, respectively. The points and the tower are in the same vertical

    asked by Danielle
  62. science

    1 gram water is converted into vapour at100 degree C find volume change

    asked by ajay
  63. calculus

    The function y=f(x) graphed above is assumed to be a vertical shift of an exponential function. The two points marked on the graph are A= (-1,-31) and B= (1,-1) . The red horizontal line is given by y= 1, and is a horizontal asymptote of the function. Give

    asked by steve
  64. Physics, please help:)

    A charge rod is brought near a pile of tiny plastic sphere. Some of the spheres are attracted to the rod, but as they touch the rod, they are flung into different directions. Explain. Thanks :)

    asked by Celina
  65. Chemistry

    H2SO4 solution containing 200.1 g of H2SO4 in 0.3500 L OF solution has a density of 1.3294 g/ml.calculate (A) Mass%H2SO4(m/m) (B)mass%H2O(m/m) (C)Molarity (D)Molality

    asked by Yeneta
  66. maths

    Edward has $40 more thanFariq. If Edward gives 1/5 of his money to Fariq. Fariq will have7/8 as much money as Edward. How much money do they have altogether.

    asked by RS
  67. Chemistry

    H2SO4 solution containing 200.1 g of H2SO4 in 0.3500 L OF solution has a density of 1.3294 g/ml.calculate (A) Mass%H2SO4(m/m) (B)mass%H2O(m/m) (C)Molarity (D)Molality

    asked by Yeneta
  68. Chemistry

    A solution contains 15 g non-volatile non-electrolyte solute C6H14O6 dissolved in 500 g of water at 40 c. Calculate (A)Vapor pressure of the solution. (B)Boiling point of the solution. (C)Freezing point of the solution.

    asked by Yeneta
  69. math

    the game of Razz is played by 2 people using number cards,each card containing a number between 10 and 50.These cards are placed face down.In turn,each player turns up 4cards,chooses one and turns the other 3 back down.The winner is the first player who

    asked by wan
  70. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  71. Chemistry

    4 L of oxygen at a pressure of 400 Kpa and 1L of nitrogen at 200 Kpa were introduced in to 2 L vessel. (A)What is the total pressure of the gases in the vessel. (B)What is the mole fraction of each gas?

    asked by Yeneta
  72. physics

    A Coast Guard cutter detects an unidentified ship at a distance of 19.0 km in the direction 15.0° east of north. The ship is traveling at 22.0 km/h on a course at 40.0° east of north. The Coast Guard wishes to send a speedboat to intercept and

    asked by Mia
  73. chemistry

    Calculate the heat outflow when 2 kg of dry saturated steam at 8.0 bar is converted into ice at -lO0C.

    asked by JJ
  74. math

    what are the step in changing this equation to factored form? y= 1/3 x^2 - 7/3x = 8/3

    asked by Pam
  75. chemistry

    a ballon holds 26kg of helium. what is the volume of the balloon if the pressure is 1.15 atm and the temperature is 23 degree celsus

    asked by Boggerman
  76. math

    A runner's heart rate is 133 beats per minute. This is 62 beats per minute more than his resting herat rate. a) Write an equation to find the runner's resting heart rate. b) Solve the equation from Part a to find the runner's resting heart rate.

    asked by Anonymous
  77. math

    Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) tracks planes in circular region around an airport. What is the circumference covered by the radar if the diameter of the circular region is 120 nautical miles? Round your answer to the nearest unit. (C=Pi x d) Pi= 3.14

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    Find the greatest possible error for the measurement 0.991 g. Find the percent error of the measurement 4 cm.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. P

    A driver in a car traveling at a speed of 56 mi/h sees a deer 91.2 m away on the road. Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration necessary for the car to stop just barely missing the deer (assuming that the deer does not move in the meantime)

    asked by Daisy
  80. algebra

    One side of a trianle is 2cm shorter than the base,x. The other side is 8cm longer than the base. What lenghts of the base will allow the perimeter of the trianlge to be at least 30cm

    asked by Rita
  81. math

    Solve the problem.A collection of dimes is arranged in a triangular array with 14 coins in the base row, 13 in the next, 12 in the next, and so forth. Find the value of the collection.

    asked by danny
  82. aig math(please answer)

    4 kg of apples and 1 kg of berries cost $5.75 altogether. 2 kg of apples and 1 kg of berries cost a total of $3.25.How much must i pay to buy 5 kg of apples and 5 kg of berries?please show work. my answer is $10.50 am i right if not please tell me why and

    asked by lidia
  83. math

    A delicatessen serves 10 kinds of sandwiches and 5 kinds of chips. How many different sandwich and chip lunches can they make if each lunch has one sandwich and one bag of chips?

    asked by danny
  84. math

    How fast would a ball have to be thrown upward to reach a maximum height of 49 ft? [Hint: Use the discriminant of the equation 16t2 − v0t + h = 0.

    asked by monae
  85. Physics

    Which of the following statements about SI distance units is not correct? 1) Both a meter and a kilometer are SI units. 2) A mile is not an SI unit. 3)A meter currently has a universal unit definition. 4)Converting a meter to feet is an example of a

    asked by Zhady
  86. math

    A farmer has a rectangular garden plot surrounded by 200 ft of fence. Find the length and width of the garden if its area is 2400 ft2. 2.A rectangular garden is 2 ft longer than it is wide. Its area is 783 ft2. What are its dimensions?

    asked by monae
  87. beginning algebra

    how to work out 0.00855 ÷ 0.09

    asked by cc
  88. biology

    Discuss the flowering plant body from the cell to the entire plant.

    asked by sharday
  89. biology

    Discuss the major cell and tissue types found in the typical animal body.

    asked by sharday
  90. Home Economics

    Please help me with this project. Notes on Print and Calico Patch. I need information on each of them.

    asked by Vanessa
  91. chemistry

    if 36.23mL of a standard 0.1959M NaOh solution is required to neutralize 25.00mL of H2SO4. what is the Molarity of the acid solution, balance the equation. Please help with calculation. Thank you for your help.

    asked by kate- Please help
  92. math

    An accountant earns $3,450 per month after receiving a 5% raise. What was the accountant's monthly income before the raise? Round your answer to the nearest cent

    asked by Anonymous
  93. math

    I need some ideas for teaching statistics and probability to 4th graders

    asked by Carol
  94. Physics

    The function ax(t) describes the acceleration of a particle moving along the x-axis. At time t=0, the particle is located at the position x0 and the velocity of the particle is zero. ax(t)=a0e−bt The numerical values of all parameters are listed below:

    asked by Natalie
  95. physics

    In many countries, automatic number plate recognition is used to catch speeders. The system takes a time-stamped license plate photo at one location (like an on-ramp to a freeway), and then takes a second time-stamped photo at a second location a known

    asked by Natasha
  96. Social Studies

    What is a specific problem facing the United States Congress? Where would I be able to find articles / information about problems in education or economics?

    asked by School Student
  97. sdsu

    Madalyn wants to buy a 400 dollars stereo set in 9 months. How much should she invest at 3% simple interest to have the money then?

    asked by Pam
  98. Physics

    B)In physics (and in all science) standard units are used to ensure measurement uniformity. Which of the following fictitious units of measurement could not be considered a standard unit? 1) The grimph: a distance unit equal to exactly 4 meters. 2) The

    asked by Zhady
  99. pre-calculus


    asked by Anonymous
  100. math

    What are the 3 irrational #s and 3 not real numbers

    asked by jake
  101. criminal justice/ fundemental of policing

    describe various types of policing angencies at the local, state, federal and how each is organized. Identify the principal roles and functions of each police organization and their role as they relate to the law

    asked by sonette
  102. Economics

    In a simple world where resources are abundant a production possibilities frontier between two goods may be a striaght line. In a more developed and populated world it is to bow outward. Explain why.

    asked by Vinnie
  103. Business

    Assume that garbage collection is now free. Suppose a local goverment began to charge a household $2 every time that a household put out a can of trash for weekly garbage collection. Using the concept of opportunity cost explain how this might alter

    asked by Joe
  104. Economics

    Using the concept of opportunity cost, explain why in developed countries with higher average incomes there is more support for costly environmental controls (which raise goods on goods) than in poorer countries.

    asked by Vinnie
  105. Econ

    Explain the apparent paradox that saving money if good for the individual but may be bad for the economy. How is this relevant to public policy today?

    asked by Sam
  106. grammar

    Mix the egg yoke. or Mix the egg yokes. PS: ( there are more than one egg) Which sentence is correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  107. business math

    A truck costing $25,000 with a residual value of $5,000 was purchased by Rim Corporation. The truck’s estimated life is 10 years. At the end of Year 2, what is the book value using declining-balance method? Assume a depreciation rate of twice the

    asked by tracie
  108. Math

    For what value of k does the equation x2 + k = kx – 8 have: Two distinct real roots One real root No real root

    asked by Trevor
  109. hcs588

    What key measurments tools would you use to measure quality outcomes such as a reduction in patient falls, medication errors, complication rates? Why?

    asked by mikey
  110. Biochemistry

    If you want to lose 1 pound of "fat," which is 20% water, how many kilocalories do you need to expend?

    asked by Ryan