Questions Asked on
August 24, 2012

  1. Physics

    Light travels at a speed 3x10^8 m/s. What distance does it travel in a time of 0.1s?

    asked by Sheila
  2. physics

    two cars start on opposite sides of a circular track. One car has a speed of 0.015 rad/s;the other car has a speed of 0.012 rad/s. If the cars start p radians apart, calculate the time it takes for the fatser car to catch up with the slower car. the

    asked by israa
  3. math

    Suppose that you toss a coin and roll a die. What is the probability of obtaining each of the following combinations? (Enter your answers as fractions.) P(tails and 5) = 1 P(tails or 1) = 2

    asked by Anonymous
  4. math

    An eighth-grade student claims she can prove that subtraction of integers is commutative. She points out that if a and b are integers, then a-b = a+ -b. Since addition is commutative, so is subtraction. What is your response?

    asked by jonny
  5. Physics

    A man jogs at a speed of 1.7 m/s. His dog waits 2.5 s and then takes off running at a speed of 4.1 m/s to catch the man. How far will they have each traveled when the dog catches up with the man? help me set up the equations please!

    asked by Daisy
  6. College Algebra

    Write the equation of a circle in standard Find the center, radius intercepts and graph the circle. .........x^2+y^2-12x-4y+36=0

    asked by Mountain Scott
  7. math

    Which equation demonstrates the commutative property of addition? a. 2x+y=y+2x b. 2x+y=2x+y c. 2x+y=2(x+y) d. 2x+y=y+(2+x)

    asked by stephanie
  8. Math

    If kx + y + z = 1 x + ky + z = k x + y + kz = k^2 has unique solution then k is not equal to 1 and W. What is W?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. tools

    What is the major difference between a high-speed and a high-torque drill? A. Chuck type B. Line cord gage C. Output speed D. Brush thickness

    asked by michael
  10. biology

    Suppose you plant a seed and observe that a tree of large mass grows from it. The tree achieves a final mass that changes very little for years afterward. Which of the following is true about the tree? (1 point) Both anabolic and catabolic reactions took

    asked by Nunyaa
  11. math

    Dice is a popular game in gambling casinos. Two dice are tossed, and various amounts are paid according to the outcome. In a certain game, if a twelve or five occurs on the first roll, the player wins. What is the probability of winning on the first roll?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Biology

    1. Which of the following is the definition of ecology? the social movement with a goal to protect the environment the recycling of human-made materials to reduce waste going into landfills the study of interactions among organisms and between organisms

    asked by Anon
  13. chemistry

    Q: Calculate the unknown molar concentration of CH3NH2 in MeOH titrated against a known molar concentration of HCl ? Could you please answer this, there are lots of examples around calculation PH of two known's but not so much of unknown concentration.

    asked by jeffrey
  14. math

    what is the ratio of the number of seconds in a day to the number hours in a day

    asked by tasha
  15. algebra

    Solve by using the square root property. (x+7)^2=-11

    asked by Christina
  16. algebra

    Solve. (x-4)=18

    asked by Christina
  17. math

    A spherical baloon expands when it is taken from the cold outdors to the inside of a warm house. if its suface area increases 16%, by what percentage does the radius change

    asked by tasha
  18. History

    What are the huge tombs of ancient Egypt called?

    asked by Losa
  19. science

    2 liters of water at 80.c is found into a plastic bucket containing 10 liters of water at 20.c what is the final temperature of water ( density of water 1kg/litre) (neglect the heat gained by bucket and specific heat capacity of water = 1cal/gm.c ?

    asked by yash
  20. psychology

    what were the major contributions made by Donald Hebb to the field of learning and psychology? All I can find is that he wrote a book

    asked by bubba
  21. physics

    A golf ball is thrown at an angle of 37 degree with horizontal with initial speed of 50 m/s. what is the maximum horizontal distance???

    asked by help urgent Hanan
  22. math

    ok so i havent done domain and ranges for a while so i need some help this is just a generic question but i want to make sure i know how to do them before starting calc so can someone please explain how i would heres a function f( t) = t+ 3 /(t2 – 5t –

    asked by kieran
  23. math

    Identify the property of integers being illustrated in each of the following: johmmy a. (-2)(3)€ I b. (-4)0=0 c. -2(3+4)= -2(3)+(-2)4 d. (-2)3=3(-2)

    asked by mary
  24. math

    A customer wants to mail a package. The postal clerk determines the cost of the package to be $18.95, but only 6‘ and 9‘ stamps are available. Can the available stamps be used for the exact amount of postage for the package? Why or why not?

    asked by jasa
  25. Math

    sin5x=cosx, find the general solutions for this please =)

    asked by Carmen
  26. medical billing and coding

    Your search for This 82-year-old female was admitted for acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The progress notes indicate that the patient received a transfusion for anemia. The discharge diagnoses state acute exacerbation of

    asked by andrea
  27. math

    One diagonal of a rhombus has endpoints (-6, 9) and (-2, 1). What are the endpoints of the other diagonal?

    asked by paigeeee17
  28. Child Development

    While each meal must provide adequate nutrients,perhaps the most important meal to consider if school performance is to be optimum is:A.morning snack lunch C afternoon snack D.breakfast

    asked by Sandra
  29. Math

    How much is $400 at 12% interest from December, 2010

    asked by Diane
  30. Physics

    The average speed of a truck is 60.0km/h. How long does it take for the truck to travel 265km?

    asked by Sheila
  31. physics

    The two hot air balloons in the drawing are 48.2 and h = 63.0 m above the ground. A person in the left balloon observes that the right balloon is è = 11.3° above the horzontal. What is the horizontal distance x between the two balloons?

    asked by morton
  32. AP US History

    What kind of relations did the people of colonial Maryland have with the natives?

    asked by Vin Diesel
  33. french

    I want to learn french how can I start please advise me thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  34. French

    Can you please advice me or give me some idea to how can I learn French?

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by MARTY
  36. math

    Find the area of a triangle if its base has a measure of 2x + 16 and its height is x + 4

    asked by Anonymous
  37. math

    Determine the down payment and the amount to be financed for each home described below. (a) $360,360; 10% down The down payment is $ 1 The amount to be financed is $ 2 (b) $960,000; 20% down The down payment is $ 3 The amount to be financed is $ 4

    asked by Anonymous
  38. math

    Bennett put 4/7 of his paycheck in his checking account, kept 1/2 of the remainder in cash and put the rest in his savings account. What was bennett's salary?

    asked by dell
  39. math

    Bari has 180 Mardi Gras beads. 2/3 of the beads are green. 40% of the remaning beads are gold and the rest are purple. What fraction of the beads are gold? how many purple beads does she have?

    asked by dell
  40. math

    Determine the comparable interest rate for a $50,000 loan when the quoted information is 11.8% + 0.5 pt + $300. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) 1 %

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    A single card is selected from an ordinary deck of cards. The sample space is shown in the following figure. Find the following probabilities. (Enter the answers either as fractions or as decimals rounded to three places.) P(five of clubs) = 1 P(five) = 2

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    Consider a die with eight sides, marked one, two, three, and so on. Assuming equally likely outcomes, find the probability that the sum of two dice is the given number. (Enter the answer either as a fraction or as a decimal rounded to three places.) (a)

    asked by Anonymous
  43. math

    The campus vets club is having a raffle and is selling 2,800 tickets. If the people on your floor of the dorm bought 588 of those tickets, what is the probability that someone on your floor will hold the winning ticket? (Enter your answer as a decimal.) 1

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    If the side of am inverted square pyramid has a length of 75m, what is the lengths of a diagonal?

    asked by Kevin
  45. math

    List the outcomes considered a failure, as well as the probability of failure, for the experiment. Experiment Success P(success) Card game drawing a heart 0.24 drawing a spade, club, or diamond 0.77 drawing a spade 0.76 drawing a spade, club, or diamond

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Algebra

    Parking in a student lot cost $2 for the first half hour and $1.25 for each hour thereafter. A partial hour is charged the same as a full hour. What is the longest time that a student can park in this lot for $9? Simplify your answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. us history

    How did the automobile change America both geographically and socially?

    asked by marty
  48. Chemistry

    Describe in detail a way of preparing 500 ml of solution that is 0.02500 M in sodium ions. Start with solid sodium sulfate decahydrate.

    asked by Hunter
  49. us history

    how did the New Deal affected gender roles in American society

    asked by sam
  50. Chemistry

    How would you prepare a 25.0% water in ethyl alcohol solution using 100.0 ml of ethyl alcohol (The density of ethyl alcohol is 0.7893 g/ml)

    asked by Hunter
  51. English

    After reading cat's eye by margaret Atwood, I had to write a essay. the essay required me to write an analytical essay detailing 3 events in the story where Atwood notably develops specific character traits in elaine Risley so that the reader can Identify

    asked by Carly
  52. Fraction

    We solve fraction left to right or right to left. Eg. 3/4+1/5-4/4 I mean asked does we have to do addition first or subtraction.

    asked by Shan
  53. Math

    8/2 [2/ 9] how to simplfy above question.

    asked by Math
  54. College Algebra

    Find the slope intercept equation of the line with the following properties: Parallel to the line 5x+2y=1; containing points (-5,4)

    asked by Mountain Scott
  55. english

    2. The complete predicate of the sentence begins with the word A. great. B. met. C. the. D. sailed

    asked by sam
  56. Math

    Jodi's class has between 25 and 41 students. Exactly 25% do not have red bags and exactly 1/6 do not have red bags. How many students are in the class?

    asked by Emmy
  57. Physics

    Given the following vectors, find the x and y components a. Ᾱ = 37 m with an angle of 25° b. ? = 16m with an angle of 90° c. ? = 25m with an angle of 0° d. ? = 30m with an angle of 180° ADD AND SUBTRACT THE FOLLOWIN VECTORS PAIRS HINT: You have

    asked by Marlyn
  58. writing

    Which of the following does not belong in a conclusion paragraph? A. An attention grabbing sentence. B. A restated thesis sentence. C. A conclusion sentence. D. A summary of supporting details

    asked by help
  59. chemistry

    2180 nanometer =?meter

    asked by Maria
  60. math

    Use the associative property of multiplication to analyze the equation. (6X13)x8=zx(13x8) what is the value of z? a. 1 b. 6 c. 8 d. 13

    asked by stephanie
  61. math

    name three numbers less than 20 that cannot be arranged into arrays with two rows

    asked by james
  62. Physics

    How do you add and subtract vectors?

    asked by Marlyn
  63. physics

    A spherical baloon expands when it is taken from the cold outdors to the inside of a warm house. if its suface area increases 16%, by what percentage does the radius change

    asked by tasha
  64. college algebra

    find the complex zeros of the polynomial function. write f in factored form. use complex zeros to write f in factored form f(x)= x^3-6x^2+21x-26

    asked by Bella
  65. Calculus

    How do I find the total area of three connected equally sized pens built so as to maximize the area bounded?

    asked by Don
  66. us history

    For the book Reagan's America by Garry Wills: What do you think the author's goals are for writing this book? Do you think they achieved their goals?

    asked by Gokberk
  67. MATH

    a die with eight sides, marked one, two, three, and so on. Assuming equally likely outcomes,

    asked by TRAY
  68. English

    1. They are at the market. 2. They are in the market. (Which preposition is correct?) 3. Who is selling traditional food? - Some women are selling traditional food. 4. Who are selling traditional food? - Some women are selling traditional food. (Which verb

    asked by rfvv
  69. English

    So for the summer I had to read cat's eye by Margaret Atwood and this happened to be a hard book to understand for me. I need help writing an essay in which I have to write an analytical essay detailing 3 events in the story where the author notably

    asked by Carly
  70. English

    Our class does an experiment for science. One pot gets no water. Have to identify the subject of each sentence. 1. class 2. pot

    asked by Hayden
  71. physics

    2 liters of water at 80.c is found into a plastic bucket containing 10 liters of water at 20.c what is the final temperature of water ( density of water 1kg/litre) (neglect the heat gained by bucket and specific heat capacity of water = 1cal/gm.c

    asked by Anonymous
  72. college alg

    form a polynomialf(x) with real coefficients, having the given degree and zeros degree 5; zeros -5;-i; -5+i

    asked by Bella
  73. geometry

    I was assiged to a 20question assigment and Im having troubles with the following question: "Find the coordinates of the midpoint of a segment having the endpoints C(4,1) and D(-3,7). Then find the distance between the endpoints PLEASE HELP!!! Its due on

    asked by Rick
  74. physics

    A train is speeding along a straight, level track at +20.0 m/s when the engineer applies the brakes, which results in an acceleration of -0.894 m/s2 as long as the train is in motion. How far does the train move during the 70 sec after the brakes are first

    asked by james
  75. college algebra

    use rational zeros theorem to find all the real zeros in the polynomial function. use zeros to factor f over real numbers. f(x)=x^3+10x^2-13x-22 find real zeros of f? use real zeros to factor f?

    asked by Bella
  76. math

    Using the distributive property of multiplication over addition, we can factor as in x2 + xy = x1x + y2. Use the distributive property and other multiplication properties to factor each of the following: 47.99 + 47 (x+1)Y +(X+1) x^2y+z^x3

    asked by kely
  77. physics

    A bullet is fired through a wall that is 10.0 cm. thick. The bullet entered the wall at 400. m/s, and it exited from the wall at 220. m/s. What was the average acceleration of the bullet while it was passing through the wall?

    asked by tyler
  78. algebra

    math question: you want to mat and frame a 5x 7 photograph. The perimeter of the outside of the mat is 60 inches. the mat is twice as wide at the top and the bottom as it is on the sides. Find the dimensions of the mat

    asked by carolina
  79. physics

    A train consists of 40 freight cars, each having a mass of 2.71 × 105 kg. If the engine (which has twice the mass of a freight car) exerts a net force of +1.12 × 105 N, what will be the acceleration of this train?

    asked by tyler
  80. physics

    A 3.18 kg. bucket of water is being lowered into a well. It is accelerating downwards at -0.54 m/s2. What is the upwards tension in the rope

    asked by tyler
  81. physics

    A 1.66 kg. load is pulled by a force of 11.03 N. If the coefficient of friction (µk) for this load is 0.602, and the load starts at rest, how long will it take to accelerate the load from rest to a final velocity of 4.90 m/s?

    asked by tyler
  82. physics

    Pulling a 1.92 kg. box at a constant speed requires a force of 14.12 N. What is the coefficient of friction (µ) for this box?

    asked by tyler
  83. Math

    Ming-na is making a pizza.she can choose three toppings from pepperoni,mushroom,green pepper.and many different topping combinations does Ming-na have to choose from.

    asked by Evelyn
  84. geography

    Research to exemine the sphere of influence of local high school that renders a service in my area

    asked by confidence
  85. physics

    A golf ball is thrown at an angle of 37 degree with horizontal with initial speed of 50 m/s. what is the maximum horizontal distance???

    asked by Hanan
  86. Computer Science

    After reviewing an algorithm that allowed a user to enter 3 different numerical values, if statements were used to find the smallest value. Smallest of five: The assignment is to determine which method (either nested conditions, sequential compound

    asked by Kimberly
  87. Chemistry

    Calculate the velocity of a rock that weighs 48 grams dropped from a height of 355 meters, gravity 9.8

    asked by Pete
  88. physical Science


    asked by NTANDO
  89. math

    find complex zeros of the polynomial function. put f in factored form. f(x)=x^3-6x^2+21x-26

    asked by mema
  90. Biochemistry

    This is my last question and I just am not getting it for some reason. Prepare a 500 ml of 0.15 M tris buffer, pH 8.25 from tris mono hydrochloride, 0.400 M HCL, and 0.350 M NaOH. Determine amounts needed and them write the recipe. Pka for tris is 8.00

    asked by Kaylee
  91. Physics

    an iron of diameter 4 cm at 25 degree and a cylinder of diameter 4.002 cm is made of the same material at the same temperature. to what temperature the ring should be heated so that the cylinder passes through the ring easily.? a) 41.6 degree Celsius b)

    asked by Urgent Help
  92. Physics

    Convex lenses are used to correct: a) short sight b) long sight c) both short and long sights d) to correct vision angle

    asked by Urgent Help
  93. physics

    a 20N object falls 10 meters. how many joules of kinetic energy does the object gain? a)10 b) 20 c) 200 d) 2000

    asked by help me
  94. maths

    find general solutions for sin5x=cosx

    asked by carmen
  95. Math


    asked by Mark
  96. Accounting

    On July 1, 2011, ABC Grocers, Inc. purchased an investment in the 5 yr 10@ (stated rate) debt securities with a face value of $400,000 of Brighton Corporation, a publicly traded company. At the time of purchase the market interest rate for similar risk

    asked by Michelle
  97. math

    If the principal P = $700, the rate r = 8 1 2 %, and time t = 1 year, find the following. (a) What is the amount of interest? $ 1 (b) What is the future value? $ 2

    asked by Anonymous
  98. MATH

    A company sells cardboard that is thick. Write an equation to solve for the number of sheets of cardboard, c, in a pile that is thick. What must be done to both sides to solve the equation?

    asked by JOHN
  99. Algebra


    asked by Patricia
  100. math

    Can (-x – y) (x + y) be multiplied by using the difference-of-squares formula? Explain why or why not

    asked by mari
  101. chemistry

    What two compounds are present in the homogeneous mixture of calcium nitrate and sodium carbonate?

    asked by wendy
  102. math

    Find the length of each side when the perimeter of the rectangle is 72 cm. one side is X and the other side is 2x+3

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Algebra


    asked by Patricia
  104. English

    Where can I find help in writing a paper on an article??

    asked by Vicky
  105. English

    I need to write an essay on the follwing article: "Robotics" World Comouter Science. Gale, 2002 I need to include the authros purpose and main ideas.. I don't know how to start the article. I need some type of direction. Please help

    asked by Vicky
  106. math

    If i have 12 pencils and 20 chocolate bars, how many people can I share with so we each have the same amount of each item?

    asked by joy
  107. algebra2

    -5y-9=-(y-1) how would one solve this problem, I'm not sure

    asked by brandon
  108. Math

    range and domain of f(x)=x^2-x-6/x-3 someone gave some input earlier but just looking to get a little more in depth help thanks

    asked by kieran
  109. Math

    Let T: R^3 -> R^3 be a linear transformation whose matrix, with respect to the standard basis is |1 1 2| |1 3 0| |1 0 1|. If T^(-1){ |96| |u| | 2| = |v| | 3| |w|} then the value of v is?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. science

    what will be the color of the salts nh4+ nickel ni 2+ ferric f3+

    asked by gurjot