Questions Asked on
August 17, 2012

  1. English

    Which one of the following is a correct example of the plural possessive case? A. woman's plans B. it's place C. men's plans D. stone's throw is it a?

    asked by Sara
  2. physics

    In one day, a 75-kg mountain climber ascends from the 1500-m level on a vertical cli to the top at 2400 m. The next day, she descends from the top to the base of the cli , which is at an elevation of 1350 m. What is her change in gravitational potential

    asked by zianna
  3. math

    how many different positive four-digit integers can be formed if the first digit must be 2, the last digit cannot be zero, and digits may be repeated? I know the answer is 900 but I'm not sure how I would get the answer? thanks!

    asked by greeny
  4. psychology

    what are factors that enchane or impede information flow in each step of the process of human memory

    asked by shelete
  5. statstic

    • Suppose you were preparing two way tables of percent ages for the following pairs of variables .how would you run the percentages?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math

    The temperatures in degree celcius at midnight on 10 consecutive days were 4,1,3,0,-2,-1,-5,-3,1,-2. How many of these temperatures are within 2.2 degree celcius of 1 degree celcius?

    asked by krish
  7. chem

    Aspirin, C9H8O4, is produced from salicylic acid, C7H6O3, and acetic anhydride, C4H6O3: C7H6O3 + C4H6O3 --> C9H8O4 + HC2H3O2 a. How much salicylic acid is required to produce 1.5 x 10^2 kg of aspirin, assuming that all of the salicylic acid is converted to

    asked by greeny
  8. math

    How do I calculate the doasage of Amoxicillin suspension 125mg/5ml if the dose ordered is 3/4 tsp Po Bid?

    asked by Denyse
  9. Science

    What is matter?

    asked by Shrawan

    What is critical thinking?

    asked by TIA
  11. geometry

    The sides of a quadrilateral are 3, 4, 5, and 6. Find the length of the shortest side of a similar quadrilateral whose area is 9 times as great.

    asked by nolan
  12. math


    asked by sandeep
  13. chem

    when hydrocarbons are burned in a limited amount of air CO as well as CO2 form. When 0.450 grams of a particular hydrocarbon was burned in air, 0.467 grams of CO, 0.733 grams of CO2, and 0.450 grams of H20 were formed. a. What is the empirical formula? I

    asked by skye
  14. reading

    what does it means when it says: •Fold the two sheets of construction paper in half lengthwise. Crease them well and put three staples across the top. You will have four pages. Cut the second, third and fourth pages into three equal pieces about a

    asked by Celest
  15. statistics

    A random sample of 84 shoppers were interviewed and 51 said they prefer to shop alone rather than with someone such as friends or family. Let p represent the proportion of all shoppers at this mall who would prefer to shop alone. Find a point estimate for

    asked by Anonymous
  16. history

    A staple food transplanted from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean world as a result of the Islamic Empire was a. rice b. wheat c. yams d. potatoes i think b

    asked by Jennifer
  17. physical

    A 0.8 kg block of wood has an initial velocity of 0.25 m/s as it begins to slide across a table. The block comes to rest over a distance of 0.72m. a) what is the average frictional force on the block? b)How much work is done on the block by friction? c)How

    asked by sara
  18. Earlychildhood

    Frequent intense stress in children over long periods of time can?

    asked by Olivia
  19. art

    what are the principles of art

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    al has twice as many baseball cards as frank and four times as many football cards as joe. the expression 2x+4y can be used to show the total number of baseball and football cards Al has. If the answer is y, then what is the question?

    asked by Grace
  21. Math

    Lineing up the decimals then subtracting. 9.61-0.268 . I need to know how?

    asked by Barbara
  22. physics

    driving in a car with constant speed of 12m/s,then encounter to a bump that has a circular cross-section and a radius of 35m.find the apparent weight of a 70 kg person in the car over the top of bump

    asked by emy
  23. science

    four bodies of mass 1kg, 2kg,3kg, and 4 kg are situated at four corners of a square of side 2m, take the origin at the center of square. find m.i. if the system passing through the centre and perpendicular to the plane of square

    asked by arpit
  24. Social Studies

    In the election of 1860 the _____ won the electoral votes of all the free states except a fraction of the new jersey votes.

    asked by Dayton
  25. geometry

    Campsite F And G Are On Opposite Sides Of The Lake.A Survey Crew Made Measurements Shown On The Diagram .What Is The Distance Between The Two Campsites?

    asked by emma
  26. English

    When making multiple choice quiz for students about speaking. Do I need to use question marks in the answer choices. Example- Hello how are you. a)fine thank you and you b)good wasup c)I'm ok Answer (a) is the answer to the question but in itself is a

    asked by Ajarn
  27. social studies

    how long does it take from Taipei, Taiwan to Miami,FL?? This is not a homework! i just wanna know it by myself cus my friend is going to visit me dis summer. i can't get the info from google or yah

    asked by Maria
  28. chemistry

    a sample of Na2SO3.H2O weighing 0.62g is addedto 100ml.1NH2SO4 .THE resulting solution will be?

    asked by cdscs
  29. math

    a dress is 442 dollars and is on sale for 40 percent off that price. what is the amount due?

    asked by pj
  30. English

    My new boss is being picky about a test I made for students. I wrote a question that reads "how many people in your family?" It seems perfectly acceptable to me in an MC quiz for beginners, however the boss is saying it should read "how many people are

    asked by Ajarn
  31. Quantitave Methodology

    Rashid can paint two square metres of fence in ten minutes. therefore, the time it will take him to paint a fence three metres high and 26 metres long will be?

    asked by tshepo
  32. physics

    Amass of 0.5 kg is whirled at 120 rpm in a horizontal circle at the end of a string 2 meters long. Neglecting the force due gravity, find: (a) the angular velocity (b) the centripetal acceleration.

    asked by mar
  33. Economics

    Suppose; C = 500 + 0.80(Y – 400) I = 400 G = 400 (X – M) = -100 Solve for income or GDP

    asked by Nicole
  34. physics

    suppose the glider is initially at rest at x=0, with the spring unstretched. You then apply a constant force in the +x direction with magnitude 0.610 N to the glider. what is the glider's velocity when it has moved 0.100m?

    asked by zianna
  35. English

    I also need help with my English synthesis and transformation, 1) I was absent from school yesterday, so I did not meet the new principal. If I had_________________________________. 2) You must not tell the secret. Many want to know the secret. No

    asked by Michaelia
  36. MATH

    1;The lengths of two sides of atrisngle are 12cm and 15cm.between what two measures should the length of the third side fall.

    asked by AMIT KUMAR
  37. physics

    a slingshot will shoot a 10 pebble 22.0 m straight up. a) how much potential energy is stored in the slingshot rubber band? B) With the same potential energy is stored in the rubber band, how high can the slingshot shoot a 25g pebble?

    asked by zianna
  38. Algebra2

    Does |x^2-3x+3|=3 have a solution?

    asked by Unknown.
  39. Calc

    Find the sum of the terms of the finite geometric sequence 1, -2, 4, -8, ...,-8192.

    asked by Timofey
  40. Algebra

    On a map, 1 inch equals 17.5miles. If two cities are 1.5 inches apart on the map, how far are they actually apart?

    asked by Sherese
  41. Math

    Does |x^2-3x+3|=3 have a solution? My answer was that there isn't a solution. Am i right?

    asked by Unknown.
  42. physics

    which one best describes appr. uniform velocity? 1. a hockey puck sldng across the ice 2. a baseball pitched toward a batter 3. the tip of the minute hand on a clock 4. an olympic sprinter running the 100m

    asked by mary
  43. writing

    I need help rewording a sentence: "Robotics is a broad field"

    asked by Vicky
  44. Spanish help please

    Si ---------- el número de mi jefe, le -------- para decirle que no puedo ir al trabajo hoy. sabría, llamara llamaría, supiera supiera, llamaría llamara, sabría 12. ------------ a la fiesta si ----------- encontrar un vestido apropiado para llevar. A.

    asked by san
  45. Social Studies

    Founded by Oliver H. Kelley, the organization that came to be known as the _______ provided educational, social, and cultural activities to its rural members.

    asked by pilar
  46. english

    how do you start the first paragraph of a five paragraph article summary?

    asked by Elaina
  47. English

    Identify the sentence that contains a noun clause in italics. A. What Betty wants is to harvest the corn. B. When should Betty harvest the corn? C. Betty wants to harvest the corn. D. Betty would like to harvest the corn. Is it D?

    asked by Sara
  48. physics

    why it is easier to tear a paper towel off a full roll than a mostly used one?

    asked by john
  49. calculus

    suppose the set of points have the following coordinates:(-2,3),(4,-4),(2,-3). please calculate the moment of this set of points about the x-axis and also about the center.

    asked by kb
  50. physics

    which is true consdering torque and angular momentum: 1. spinnng figure skaters tuck their arms in to stop. 2. a high diver can flip forward faster than he can spn around the axis runnng from his head to his feet? 3. it is easier to turn the rudder on an

    asked by mike
  51. math

    The isoceles triangle represents the roof of a birdfeeder. If each base angle is 40°, how many degrees is the angle at the top of the birdfeeder?

    asked by Kristle
  52. College Math

    Nick received a $7000.00 raise. If his previous salary was 55000.00, what was the percent of increase in salary? I put the answer as (A) 13%. The other possible answers are: (B) 1%, (C) 8%, (D) 14%. If my answer is not correct, Could please tell me what

    asked by Carol
  53. Science - Chemistry

    What happens when you mix Sodium Bicarbonate, Bromothymol blue, and Calcium Chloride? What is Bromthymol blue used for in this experiment?

    asked by Matthew
  54. physics

    A velocity vector 33{\rm ^{\circ}} below the positive x-axis has a y-component of -14{\rm m/s} .

    asked by Anonymous
  55. physics

    A 45 g superball traveling at 28.0 m/s bounces off a brick wall and rebounds at 24.5 m/s. A high-speed camera records this event. If the ball is in contact with the wall for 3.60 ms, what is the magnitude of the average acceleration of the ball during this

    asked by Jackson
  56. MATHS


    asked by puppy
  57. math

    helen is 9 years old and her brother is two times as old as she. when helen bocomes 18 what will her brother age be?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. History

    What group colonized many small islands in the Pacific Ocean? a. Japanese b. Chinese c. Koreans d. Polynesians

    asked by Jennifer
  59. history

    The animating principles of Benedict's rules for monks are the quest for salvation and A. knowledge obtained solely through communion with God. B. the subordination of willfulness. C. extremes of self-mortification. D. the application of personal

    asked by Jennifer
  60. English

    What is a cliche and what is a sentence that's an example?

    asked by Sara
  61. physic

    3 charges sit on vertical equilateral triangle the side of each is 30.0 cm. if the triangle are A= +4.0 uC B=+5.0 uC and C=+6.0 uC (clockwise from top) what is the force on each charge?

    asked by sara
  62. The young child and the environment

    Frequent and intense stress in children Over long periods of time can A, cause children to become more sympathetatic others. B, help increase their memory skills. C,stop brains production of cortisol. D, give children problems With controlling negative

    asked by Olivia
  63. U.S Civics

    having to do with a governor; of a governor

    asked by shalon
  64. Chem

    Indicate which of the following are exact numbers. the mass of a stapler? i think its inexact because all staplers are different sizes. Is that correct? Also,the mass of a postage stamp. is that inexact? because they can also be diff. sizes?

    asked by Hannah
  65. Physic

    The field of an unknown charges is first mapped with a 1.0 X 10^-8 C test charges, then repeated with 2.0 X 10^-8 C test charge. a) would the same forces be measured with the two test charges (Explain)? b) would the same fields be determine using the two

    asked by sara
  66. Spanish

    11. Si ---------- el número de mi jefe, le -------- para decirle que no puedo ir al trabajo hoy. A. sabría, llamara B.llamaría, supiera C. supiera, llamaría D.llamara, sabría My Ans: C 12. ------------ a la fiesta si ----------- encontrar un vestido

    asked by san
  67. college algebra

    graph the function using transformations, show and state , a) the domain, B) range c) the asymptotes F(x)= 1/x^2-4 please show work!

    asked by alli
  68. college algebra

    find the vertical, horizontal, oblique asymptotes, if any, for the given rational function. R(x)=10x^2+19x-15 -------------- 2x+5 please show how you arrived with the answer! thank you

    asked by alli
  69. Math

    Stephen earned $55 last week. He spent 9% of his earnings on entertainment. What decimal represents this percent?

    asked by Zoey

    In order to change the meaning of the word teach from "to give instruction" to "to give instruction with" you would add the prefix .

    asked by angie