Questions Asked on
August 15, 2012

  1. prealgebra

    At the same time that a 60-foot tall building casts a shadow that is 21.5 feet long, a nearby tree casts a shadow that is 18 feet long. Which measure is closest to the height of the tree?

    asked by Mary
  2. algebra

    ABC and DCB are right angles .That A and D respectively.And AC=DB. Prove that angle ABC is equal to angle DCB?

    asked by TUHITUHI
  3. chemistry

    treatment of a 0.400g sample of impure potassium chloride with an excess of AgNO3 resulted in the formation of 0.733g of AgCl. calculate the percentage of KCl in the sample. show balanced equations in support of your answer

    asked by Andrea
  4. College Algebra

    The area of a rectangular wall of a barn is 24 square feet. Its length is 8 feet longer than twice its width. Find the length and width of the wall of the barn

    asked by Lucy
  5. animal science

    Which of the following is true of the function of glucagon? A. Glucagon regulates insulin secretion. B. Glucagon increases glycogen breakdown into glucose. C. Glucagon inhibits glycogen breakdown into gluclose. D. Glucagon regulates somatostatin secretion.

    asked by jennifer
  6. Improving Your Writing

    Background: Ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted you to office manager. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. Your office provides

    asked by Babs
  7. statistics

    In a psychology class of 100 students, test scores are normally distributed with a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 5. Approximately what percentage of students have scores between 70 and 90? A. 68% B. 80% C. 95% D. 99%

    asked by StudentD
  8. psychology

    Identify intervention strategies to deal with burnout

    asked by Robin
  9. math concepts and applications

    A rectangle has a length of 6 meters and a perimeter of 20 meters. What is the width of the rectangle? A. 4 meters B. 7 meters C. 14 meters D. 52 meters C ?

    asked by melissa
  10. Math

    Find the number that satisfies all of the following conditions: A two-digit number, A perfect square, A power of 3, The digit product < 10

    asked by Sammyjoo
  11. algebra

    About how many cubic inches to the nearest 10th of a cubic inch does 12 fluid ounces of juice fill?

    asked by Kat Hillis
  12. College Chemistry 3

    Find the empirical Formula of a compound that is 30.4% nitrogen by mass, and consists of only nitrogen and oxygen. What is its molecular formula if its molar mass is 92g/mol?

    asked by Ernesto
  13. algebra

    A club with 33 members is to select five officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian). In how many ways can this be done?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. math

    A typical Social Security number is 555-47-5593. How many Social Security numbers are possible if the first two digits cannot be 0? 1 0

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Math

    Which of the following CANNOT be the average ( arithmetic mean) of four positive even integers? a) 1 b) 2 c) 6 d) 9 e) 17 ( please explain or show work. It will help me understand it better! Thanks)

    asked by Sarah
  16. Math

    FIve players played a scored board game. If the average ( arithmetic mean) of the scores of the five players was 21, and if each person had a positive integer score, what is the greatest score any one player could have obtained? a) 33 b) 50 c) 75 d) 94 e)

    asked by Sarah
  17. math

    A certain lock has five tumblers, and each tumbler can assume three positions. How many different possibilities are there? 1 0

    asked by Anonymous
  18. stat/ probability

    The height of males is normally distributed with a mean of 69 inches and a standard deviation of 2.5 inches. What is the probability that the height of a randomly selected male is between 66 and 71 inches?

    asked by mark
  19. Math

    is solve f(x) = 0 for x the same thing as solve f(x) = 0? Would you do the same thing or does the difference in the wording make it a different question?

    asked by Holly
  20. chemistry

    Why is it possible to use melting point to distinguish the different stereochemistry of the products? (Hint: what is the relationship of the different stereoisomers of the product?)

    asked by Jen
  21. maths

    in triangle abc angle b = 2angle c.d is a point ob bc such that ad bisects angle bac and ab = cd.prove that angle bac = 72

    asked by rajat garg
  22. geometry

    ABC IS a isoceles triangle in which AB=AC 'IF AB and AC are produced to D and E respectively such that AB = CE.prove that BE =CD

    asked by TUHITUHI
  23. math

    In a family of 5 children, how many different ways can you have 3 boys and 2 girls?

    asked by Andrea
  24. OCHEM DR BOB PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!1

    Why is it possible to use melting point to distinguish the different stereochemistry of the products? (Hint: what is the relationship of the different stereoisomers of the product?)

    asked by JEN
  25. trig

    Imagine that you are sitting 6 feet away from a television that is hung on a wall. The top of the TV is 8 feet off the ground. Which function correctly represents the angle that you make with the top of your television?

    asked by Alex
  26. maths

    the height of a tower is 20 metres and the length of its shadow is 25 metres.what will be the heigth of the tower if its shadow is 75 metres at the same time.

    asked by sadia
  27. math

    make AB pattern with two shapes.

    asked by Rainbow
  28. please help me

    #1. 7 + 3^2 (-5 + 1) ÷ 2. #2. -3x^3 - 4x for x = -1. #3. What is the fractional equivalent of 0.2323...? #4. Which of the following shows the correct order of the given numbers? 1, 1, 1.6

    asked by Morgan
  29. college chemistry 4

    you and a friend have two flasks, one containing hydrogen gas and the other chlorine gas; you each take one flask and go to opposite sides of the room, 10.0m apart. if you were both to popen your flasks toward each other at the same time, where in the room

    asked by Ernesto
  30. Social Studies

    As passed by the Congress after McKinley delivered his war message to Congress, the declaration of war against Spain was modified by the Teller Amendment, which stipulated that A. the United States reserved the right to annex Cuba. B. trade with Spain

    asked by Sara
  31. math

    The Great seto Bridge in Japan is 9,368 meters long. A bicyclist riding across the bridge can travel 500 meters in 1 minute. A person walking can travel 100 meters in 1 minute. How many minutes shorter is the bicycle trip than the walk?

    asked by stephanie
  32. math

    tickets to a baseball game are $7 for adults and $5 cheaper for student. if 120 tickets were to the for $465, how many student went to the game

    asked by niko
  33. chemistry

    If I react 150.0 grams of zinc II sulfate with EXCESS calcium Sulfide, what mass of product(s) will be produced?

    asked by Heather
  34. College Chemistry

    The sun bombards the earth with about 1KJ m^-2s^-1. Calculate the maximum mass of pure ethanol that can be vaporized in 10 min from a beaker left in strong sunshine, assuming the surface area of the ethanol t be 50cm^2.

    asked by James
  35. chemistry

    If I react 500.0 grams of calcium carbonate with EXCESS Hydrogen Chloride, what mass of products will be produced?

    asked by Heather
  36. math

    tickets to a baseball game are $7 for adults and $5 cheaper for student. if 120 tickets were to the for $465, how many student went to the game

    asked by niko
  37. Math

    2. Three players (Adam, Bob and Chad) are sharing a cake. Suppose that the cake is divided into three slices (s1, s2, s3). The following table shows the value of s1, and of s2 to teach of the players. The values of s3 are missing. (The percentage represent

    asked by Eh
  38. algebra

    -3 · -u · -7v + 8v - 6uv

    asked by Anonymous
  39. math

    A club consists of 16 men and 19 women. In how many ways can they choose a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary, along with an advisory committee of six people? (Round the answer to five decimal places.) 1 1011 ways 0

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Integrated algebra

    What equation represents a line parallel to the y-axis?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math

    When talking about a function f(x) is the f always the y point on a graph? I don't understand my book because it says f can be any letter. If f can be any letter and the question is f(6.9) and 6.9 is on the x and y axis then how do you know what to do?

    asked by Holly
  42. health

    Health assessment of the older adult using the functional health pattern assessment

    asked by aminata
  43. math

    Many states offer personalized license plates. California, for example, allows personalized plates with seven spaces for numerals or letters, or one of the following four symbols. What is the total number of license plates possible using this counting

    asked by Anonymous
  44. math

    Mr Logan can saw 8 logs in 3 hours. How many logs can Mr Logan saw in one hour?

    asked by Andrea
  45. Science

    1. Find the lattice parameter of pure iron at room temperature. 2. What is the ratio of the lattice parameter of the iron to the wavelength of the radiation used. 3. What is the value of two theta for the second peak? 4. By what factor is the lattice

    asked by Justin
  46. english

    I have a persuasive essay due by Friday topic your surrounding create who you are

    asked by RPCaroll
  47. basic grammar

    which of the following would you most often be able to find in a basic dictionary ?

    asked by sandra
  48. math

    Perform the following polynomials divisions: (12 marks) (x2 - 7x - 12) ÷ (x + 2) (x3 + x2 – 3x + 1) ÷ (x – 1) (3x3 + 5x2 – 3x – 5) ÷ (x + 1) (x4 - 3x3 + 3x + 2) ÷ (x - 2) Based on the results of question 1, what do you notice when the divisor

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Chem-E / Chemistry

    Calculate the rate of heat required to bring 1.80mol/hr of HBr gas from 37.0 C to 434.0C at atmospheric pressure (Heat capacity of HBr is described by eq.) Cp (kJ/mol * C) = a + bT + cT^2 + dt^3 T is in C and HBr - a = 2.910x10^-2, b= -2.27x10^-7, c=

    asked by Simon
  50. Chemistry

    38.0kg mass of copper is melted to be cast into a graphite mold at a copper pipe foundtry. If the solid copper starts off at the normal melting temperature of copper and the liquid copper is put into the mold at the crystallization point of copper, how

    asked by Jacob
  51. Chemistry

    On a warm summer day in Athens, the temperature is 33C (dry bulb temperature) and the relative humidity is 60%. What is the absolute humidity? (kg/kg Dry air) What is the humid volume of the air? (m^3 / kg Dry Air) What is the specific enthalpy of the air,

    asked by Jacob
  52. Math

    If you are estimating a problem like 147 divided by 5, is five a 10?

    asked by Joe
  53. pyschology

    what is the positive and negatives of public schooling

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Algebra2

    Help? 1) 3i-10/8i-5 2) 11i^2+1/-12i-8

    asked by Torrio
  55. math

    From a survey of 200 college students, a marketing research company found that 140 students owned iPhones, 75 owned cars, and 60 owned both cars and iPhones. (a) How many students owned either a car or an iPhone (but not both)? 1 students (b) How many

    asked by Anonymous
  56. math

    list all prime under 20. then find the GCF for 64 and 80 use prime factorization.

    asked by kyle
  57. physics

    a 1.2 kg book is dropped from a height of 0.8 m onto a spring with force constant k=1960 N/m ang neglible mass. find the maximum distance that the spring will be compressed.

    asked by vendy
  58. math

    Give the numbers of elements in the regions marked I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII in the figure. |U| = 240, |A| = 15, |B| = 14, |C| = 24 |A¿B| = 4, |A¿C| = 2, |B¿C| = 7, |A¿B¿C| = 1 | I | = 1 | II | = 2 | III | = 3 | IV | = 4 | V | = 5 |

    asked by Anonymous
  59. math

    8 9 A)8 8/13 b)8 4/15 c)8 8/15 _ D)8 1/10 i think a 15 - 1 _ 2 _______

    asked by melissa
  60. math

    In a recent survey of 100 women, the following information was gathered. 53 use shampoo A. 31 use shampoo B. 31 use shampoo C. 4 use shampoos A and B. 10 use shampoos A and C. 13 use shampoos B and C. 3 use all three. Use the figure to answer the question

    asked by Anonymous
  61. English 11

    How do you write a conclusion paragraph for a an article summary?

    asked by Elaina
  62. Math

    One day we decided to dive from town A to town B. In order to get there we had to drive through town B and then town C. it is 10 miles farther from town A to town B then it is to town B to C. It is 10 miles farther from town B to town C than it is from

    asked by Tr
  63. Physics

    Car A is moving at a constant speed of 10 m/s and passes car B which is at rest. Half a minute later the latter follows with an acceleration of 0.5m/s^2. Determine the distance that the latter has to travel before it overtakes the former.

    asked by Derp
  64. math

    mathematically Evaluate without using tables 2 log base 10 raised 2 power 5 + log base 10 36 - log base10 9 that is, 2log10 5 +log 10 36 - log 10 9

    asked by Daniel
  65. math

    list all prime numbers under 20 and the find GCF for 62 and 80 using factoriztion. is the answer 2 x 2 =4

    asked by kyle
  66. Physics

    A car whose speed is 90.0 km/h (25 m/s) rounds a curve 180 m in radius that is properly banked for speed of 45 km/h (12.5 m/s). Find the minimum coefficient of friction between tires and road that will permit the car to make a turn. What will happen to the

    asked by TJR
  67. Physics

    A car is travelling at 30.0 mi/h (13.41 m/s) on a level road where the coefficient of static friction between its tires and the road is 0.70. Find the minimum turning radius of the car.

    asked by Mr. Desperate
  68. algebra1

    A rule of thumb states that the ideal weight (in ounces) of a baseball bat for a high school player is 5 ounces more than one third of the player's height (in inches). Write an expression that describes the ideal weight in ounces of a bat for a high school

    asked by Cassandra
  69. physics

    why,when a moving vehicle strikes against a wall,large amount of force acts on a vehicle

    asked by gurpreet
  70. Math

    a jar contains green,red,and blue marbles.The probability of choosing a blue marble is 1/3, the probability of choosing a red marble is 1/2,the probability of choosing a green marble is 1/6.If there are 12 marbles in the jar,and then three green marbles

    asked by Grace
  71. "Miss Sue" Cultural Diversity

    May I suggest reading "Working with Children from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds". This should help with some of the Cultural Diversity questions that has been asked on this site. Thank you:)

    asked by Aaron
  72. robotics

    I need to incorporate in a summary the author, when the article is written and where is the article taking place. The article is "Robotics" World of Computer Science. Gale, 2002

    asked by Vicky
  73. statistics

    Faculty in the psychology department at APUS consume an average of 5 cups of coffee per day with a standard deviation of 1.5. The distribution is normal. How many cups of coffee would an individual at the 25th percentile drink per day? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7

    asked by StudentD
  74. math

    Find the volume and surface area of a right cylinder with radius 7.5 cm and height 16 in. Make sure your final answer is in inches. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Andrea
  75. english

    How do I re word a sentence that is the main idea in a paragraph

    asked by Vicky
  76. Calculus

    Find the first 6 terms of the sequence b^1 = 5. B^n = 2b(n -1) when n>1. Then write an explicit definition of the sequence and use it to find the 12th term.

    asked by Rich
  77. english

    Which of the following statements about Anne Bradstreet is NOT true?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. science

    In Vista and Windows 7, which process allows you to change the desktop background?

    asked by Joanna
  79. science

    In Vista and Windows 7, which process allows you to change the desktop background? A. Click the Start button, choose Control Panel, and select Display Properties. B. Right-click on the desktop; in the menu that appears, select Display Properties. C. Click

    asked by Joanna
  80. science

    In Vista and Windows 7, which process allows you to display two documents side by side? A. Click the Windows button, choose Control Panel, and select the Tile Windows Vertically option. B. Right-click the mouse button in a blank area of the taskbar; in the

    asked by Joanna
  81. science

    Which one of the following describes how to access your local disk in Windows XP? A. Click Start and click Control Panel. B. Click Start and click My Computer. C. Right-click on your desktop. D. Click Start and All Programs.

    asked by Joanna
  82. science

    Which Windows feature allows you to personalize your computer system? A. My Pictures C. Default Programs B. Control Panel D. Computer

    asked by Joanna
  83. His 103 World Civilization I

    Provide a brief summary of the impact of the Mongol conquests. What, in your opinion, were the two most negative and most positive things that came out of the Mongol conquests of the 13th and 14th centuries, and why? Overall, would you call their impact on

    asked by Quanta
  84. Social Studies

    The ___________ expressed the darkest and most ominous aspect of the rural counterattack of the early 1900s. A. Ku Klux Klan B. Palmer raids C. Red Scare D. Prohibition movement Is it A. Ku Klux Klan?

    asked by Sara
  85. College Chemistry

    what is the percent yield of SiF4 using the mixture in the previous question if 8.76g of SiF4 is obtained from the reaction

    asked by Ernesto
  86. Social Studies

    Which of the following was true of Secretary of State William Henry Seward? A. He opposed American imperial expansion. B. He annexed the Midway Islands. C. He negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Canada. D. He was successful in negotiating a trade deal

    asked by Sara
  87. college chemistry 2

    if 20g of CaSiO3 is mixed with 15g of HF which of the two is the limiting reactant and how many grams of the other will be left

    asked by Ernesto
  88. Social Studies

    In a famous speech, William Jennings Bryan A. declared that mankind shouldn't be "crucified on a cross of gold." B. refused to be allied with the so-called "silverists." C. declared his staunch support of the gold standard. D. refused his nomination as the

    asked by Sara
  89. writing

    I have a essay due in two days just got it today topic is your surroundings create who you are persuasive essay mostly 3 rd person pronouns I need ideas

    asked by Rickypa
  90. math

    Make the largest and smallest numbers you can find using the digits: 4,1,7,8,5 and 2. Find their difference and sum. 1. I do not know if I have to use all the digits. 2. If I do not need to use all of the digits won't there be a lot of the numbers. 3.I do

    asked by GL
  91. Social Studies

    Before 1910, the most popular form of public entertainment was A. viewing motion pictures. B. band concerts. C. ballroom dancing. D. baseball. Is it C?

    asked by Sara
  92. Social Studies

    During the election of 1936, declaring their party a "millionaire's union," Franklin Roosevelt focused mainly on defeating the A. Union Party running William Lemke. B. Liberty League running Alfred M. Landon. C. Liberty League running Father Coughlin. D.

    asked by Sara
  93. math - wait what?

    Wait I am supposed to make only two numbers Ms.Sue? Please write back. Thank you.

    asked by GL
  94. math

    what is (24 divide by 4)+(3 times 6 +4)

    asked by aj
  95. Chemistry

    Strong sunshine bombards the earth with about 1 kJ.m-2.s-1 Calculate the maximum mass of pure ethanol that can be vaporized in 10. min from a beaker left in strong sunshine, assuming the surface area of the ethanol to be 2 .

    asked by Jim
  96. math

    The lengths of the edges of a rectangular block are integers and their total is 60. What is the greatest possible volume?

    asked by theresa
  97. Literacy

    Which of the following ways of incorporating an idea from a journal article into your research paper is considered best for expressing that entire idea in your own words? A. quote B. Paraphrase C. Copy and paste D. Summarize

    asked by Priscilla
  98. Math

    The shorter edges of a 44cm x 25cm metal sheet are joined to form the curve surface of a cylinder. What is the volume of the cylinder? What is the area of metal sheet required to make the top and the bottom cylinder?

    asked by Theresa
  99. Pre-algebra

    I am dealing with integers so, |-18|-|-8|???

    asked by Madelyn Santiago
  100. sig figs

    I am having trouble with my sig figs Many scientific data are reported at 25°C. What is this temperature in kelvins and in degrees Fahrenheit? I got 3.0e2 degrees kelvin since it will have to have two sig figs but it said it was wrong

    asked by Hannah
  101. Math

    Use the digits 1,2,3,4, and 5 two two-digit and three digit number so that their product is the least possible. Use each digit only once.

    asked by Niko
  102. Social Studies

    At the beginning of World War II, Roosevelt dealt with France A. by supporting the Free French under Charles de Gaulle. B. by seeking an alliance with French Algeria. C. by joining with the British in an assault on North Africa. D. through negotiations

    asked by Sara
  103. Math concepts and applications

    which number sentence is true ? A.0.027 < 0.0027 B.0.0027 < 0.027 C.0.27 < 0.027 D.2.7

    asked by melissa
  104. math concepts and applications

    What is the volume of a triangular prism that has a base area of 30 mm2 and height of 18 mm? (v=bh) A.48 mm3 B.96 mm3 C.270 mm3 D.540 mm3 A?

    asked by melissa
  105. math concepts and applications

    What number completes this number sentence? 3x(5+8)= (3x5)+(__x8) F.3 G.5 H.15 J.24 F ?

    asked by melissa
  106. Social Studies

    When postwar expansion slowed in the 1950s, an economic stimulus was provided by A. increased consumer goods manufacturing. B. the baby boom. C. Cold War spending. D. the construction of Levitt Towns. Is it B?

    asked by Sara
  107. math concepts and applications

    Which of these is another way to write 11/50? A. 11% B. 22% C. 110% D. 220% A?

    asked by melissa
  108. speedway

    What are 25 action words that relate to science?

    asked by tyanna
  109. Math

    Rename: 74 mg = ?mg A. 740 mg B. 7400 mg C. 7.4 mg D. 74 000 mg

    asked by Sammyjoo
  110. Math computation

    8 9/15 - 1/2 = A.8 8/13 B.8 4/15 C.8 8/15 D.8 8/1 E. None of these A? 5/6 / 15= A. 1/2 B. 10 5/7 C. 18 D. 1/18 B?

    asked by melissa
  111. math

    what is the lcd for 2/5 and 9/35

    asked by santy