Questions Asked on
August 8, 2012

  1. physics

    Two identical loudspeakers that are 5.00 m apart and face toward each other are driven in phase by the same oscillator at a frequency of 875 Hz. The speed of sound in the room is 344 m/s. If you start out standing midway between the speakers, find the

    asked by collen
  2. 6th grade math

    Cameron is making bead necklaces. Hehas 90 green beads Nd 108 blue beads. what is the greatest number of identical necklace es he can make if he wants to use all the beads

    asked by tina
  3. math

    In a room of 20.000 ft^3 of air, 600 ft^3 of fresh air flows in per minute, and the mixture (made practically inform by circulating fans) is exhausted at a rate of 600 cubic feet per minute (cfm). What is the amount of fresh air inside the room y(t) at any

    asked by deel
  4. math

    3. If q = 2, evaluate (34 + 18q) — (5 + q). 60 63 68 77 i think it is b is that right?

    asked by yoda
  5. Physics

    In the school cafeteria, a trouble-making child blows a 12.0 g spitball through a 25.0 cm straw. The force of her breath as a function of the distance along the length of the straw can be modeled as 10-50x^2-70x^3 where force is in newtons and x is in

    asked by Chad
  6. health

    Stress is a normal part of life. A. The above statement is false B. The above statement is never true C. The above statement is true D. None of the above D? because for sure its not B ...

    asked by Aya
  7. Math

    If all of the following triangles have the same perimeter, which has the greater area? a) a right triangle with legs of equal lengths b) an equilateral triangle, c) An obtuse triangle d) a triangle whose sides are all different lengths e)an isosceles

    asked by Anonymous
  8. math

    What does round off 3,258 to the nearest ten,hundred ,and thousand mean.

    asked by Math Geek
  9. statistics

    Automobile racing, high-performance driving schools, and driver education programs run by automobile clubs continue to grow in popularity. All these activities require the participant to wear a helmet that is certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation, a

    asked by Anonymous
  10. statistics

    The number of column inches of classified advertisements appearing on Mondays in a certain daily newspaper has mean 320 inches and standard deviation 30 inches. Suppose that the results for 100 consecutive Mondays can be regarded as a random sample and let

    asked by lauren
  11. math

    A tennis court is 24m long and 11m wide, what is the area of the tennis?

    asked by rara
  12. math30

    Sequences 1)A sequence has a first term of 24 and every other term is one half of the previous term. a)Write the first four terms of the sequence. b)Find a recursive formula that defines this sequence. c)Find an explicit formula that defines this sequence.

    asked by alejandro
  13. Probability and Stats

    A graduate class consists of six students. What is the probability that exactly three of them are born either March, June or November?

    asked by Lori
  14. solid machanics

    a material has a youngs modulus of 1.25*105N/mm2 and a poissons ratio of 0.25.calculate the modulus of rigidity and the bulks modulus.

    asked by sanjeev
  15. physic

    The figure shows a block P on top of another block Q. The two blocks are connected by a string which passes over a fixed smooth pulley. The mass of P is 0.20 kg and the mass of Q is 0.50 kg. The coefficient of static friction between blocks P and Q is 0.5

    asked by Anonymous
  16. reading

    When is the best time to read review the discussion questions? A. Immediately after you have finished all of the reading. B. After you write your notes. C. Before you begin any detailed reading. D. At least 1 hour after your detailed reading.

    asked by chris
  17. Solid Mechanics

    Determine the ratio of strenghts of a solid steel column to that a hollow column of the same material and having the same cross sectional area. The internal diameter of the hollow column is 1/2 of its external diameter. Both the columns are same length and

    asked by rakesh
  18. MATH

    If there were 58 students in the class, how many students had brown eyes?

    asked by mook
  19. Chemistry

    Can you provide me with some, at least two, examples each of the Limitations of the following chemical bondings; ionic bonding theory, coordinate bonding theory, covalent bonding theory and metallic bonding theory.

    asked by Elie
  20. Science

    Which of the following is a vector quantity? speed weight distance traveled mechanical energy Which of the following is a scalar quantity? work velocity acceleration displacement

    asked by Amber
  21. 6th Grade Math: Proportions

    14/38=X/29. I'm still confused about figuring out what x is and getting X on its own. Please Help!!!

    asked by Hollywood
  22. geometry

    A rectangular field is 64 m X 25 m. Shawn wants to fence a square field that has the same area as the rectangular field. How long are the sides of the square field? Please explain the thinking behind your solution strategy.

    asked by corina ruybal
  23. math

    A right circular conical tank, point down, with top radius of R and height H is fully filled with a liquid whose weight-density, d, depends on its depth from its surface as d(z) = az + b, where a and b are constant. What is the weight of the liquid in the

    asked by ibranian
  24. Child Development

    Written observation of children as their behaviors occur in their context are termed:

    asked by Sandra
  25. Geometry

    measure of angle 3=6x, measure of angle KAT=90-x measure of angle 1=7x+3, measure of angle 2=6x+7 measure of angle 1=7x+3, measure of angle 2=6x+7 measure of angle 1=x, maesure of angle 3=4x measure of angle 1=2x-8, measure of angle 3=116

    asked by Danielle
  26. physics

    a spring of force constant 'k' is cut into 2 parts whose lengths are in the ratio 1:2.The 2 parts are now connected in parallel and a block of mass 'm' is suspended at the end of the combined spring.find the period of oscillation performed by the block

    asked by akshara
  27. science(Ms.Sue)

    what does a maple tree do for a community A)it creates energy C)it looks nice B)it creates food D)it stores water my answer is B) am i right, if not tell me why please.

    asked by lidia
  28. Physics

    Jenn Suhr recently won the gold medal in this summer’s Olympic games in pole vault. Her record is 16 ft, 2 in. (She did less than that to win gold this summer.) If all of her gravitational potential energy came only from her kinetic energy, calculate (in

    asked by Chad
  29. GDP

    I was trying to calculate the GDP using the income method, but I don't know what to do with the inputs purchased etc. Here are the data: Agriculture: Total sales --- $50 Capital goods Purchased --- $40 Manufacturing inputs --- $30 Wages --- $20 Operating

    asked by Talisha
  30. math

    The interior of a typical mesung cup is a right circular cylinder of radius 6 cm. The volume of water we put in the cup is therefore a function of the level h to which the cup is filled. How closely do we have to measure h to measure out one liter of water

    asked by ibranian
  31. Math Conversion

    The cost is $4.95 per sq yd Size is 33 1/3 yd Width is 24" How much does it cost for 33 1/3 sq yards?

    asked by Steve
  32. His 103 World Civilization I

    Charlemagne did several things to make his Carolingian Empire larger and better administered with support from both vassals and the Church. Yet, not that many years after his death, much of that had been lost. Summarize what Charlemagne did to make his

    asked by Quanta
  33. Math

    Getting stumped on this word problem. It is in the section of GCF. It says, "there are 14 baseball teams in the American League and 16 teams in the National League. There are 30 National Hocky League teams. If equal groups of teams are formed, how many

    asked by Brandi
  34. english

    5. Which of the following sentences from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings contains context clues that help you understand the meaning of the word in italics? Shame made me want to hide my face. She didn’t encourage familiarity. That dress looks

    asked by yoda
  35. Physics

    A missile launcher, mass M, at rest on a horizontal track fires a missile, mass m, horizontally. a) If the launch speed of the missile is v o , what (effective) coefficient of (kinetic) friction is required in order to stop the launcher within x meters?

    asked by Chad
  36. Math

    I want to make sure I'm doing the GCF correctly with 3 numbers. The problem is: Ari is making patriotic pins. He has 105 red ribbons, 147 white ribbons, and 189 blue ribbons. What is the greatest number of identical pins he can make if he uses all his

    asked by Brandi
  37. Math

    the cube has a volume of 8.If point x,the midpoint of AV is joined to point y, the midpoint of edge CD what is the length of the shortest distance from x to y?

    asked by Grace
  38. Calculus

    This is a question from my textbook that does't have a solution and quite frankly I have no idea what to do. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Given the function f defined by f(x) = 9 - x^2. Find the surface area bounded by the curve y = f(x), the x

    asked by Paul
  39. health

    It is recommended that a person ________ to manage and reduce stress.

    asked by king

    What do you think it means to use ethics or moral reasoning in your thinking

    asked by TIA
  41. Solid Mechanics

    A casts iron block of 5cm2 cross section carries load of 50KN. Calculate the magnitude or normal and shear stresses on a plane whose normal is inclined at 30o to the axis of the block. Also determine the maximum shear stress in the block.

    asked by rakesh
  42. math

    Draw a kite that has a triangle with sides 1, 1, 2x next to a triangle with sides 2x, 2, 2. Find the area A and the x that maximizes it.

    asked by rolan
  43. testing


    asked by Writeacher
  44. algebra

    I am a multiple of 2 but not 3. I am the largest two digit number that fits the first clue.what am i?

    asked by Gabe
  45. Grammar and Composition - Please help!

    Can someone please check my essay? Deserted Island Essay The format for this essay should be based on the Five-Paragraph Essay format. Use the following suggestions to create an island, details, and tone for your essay. As you read through the suggestions,

    asked by CB
  46. Child Development

    Arandomly selected sample of a population for study is one in which:

    asked by Sandra
  47. Music

    are the five notes on a guitar e a d b e

    asked by BIG Brain
  48. HEALTH

    What are some benefits to asking for help? A. You may discover that others have had similar problems B. Asking for help is never beneficial C. People can get into your personal matters D. All of the above

    asked by Aya
  49. Algebra II

    simplify by factoring ã90 is this correct? ^3ã10

    asked by Liz
  50. Math

    Point E is on side AB of rectangle ABCD. If the area of ABCD is 48, what is the area of triangle CDE?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    The figure above consists of two equilateral triangles, one of which is inside the other. If the unshaded region within the larger triangle makes up 8/9 of that triangle's area, what is the ratio of the perimeter of the larger triangle to the perimeter of

    asked by Sara
  52. Math

    John will have to make 180 monthly mortgage payments and the first payment was made on January 15,1989.If he makes one payment each month,in what year will John make his last payment?

    asked by Grace
  53. Math

    John will have to make 180 monthly mortgage payments and the first payment was made on January 15,1989.If he makes one payment each month,in what year will John make his last payment?

    asked by Grace
  54. Calculus

    Write the statements for the basis, the induction hypothesis, and the induction step for the questions below. 1. 1 + 2 +…+n = n(n+1)/2 2. 1/1*2 + 1/2*3+…+1/n*(n+1) = n/n+1

    asked by Brock
  55. algebra

    Annual profit in thousands of dollars is given by the function, P(x) = 100*sqrt(x – 5) + 3000, where x is the number of items sold, x ≥ 5. 3. Find the profit for 6 different values of x (show your work). PLEASE use x = 5, 69, 105, 230, 366, and 489 and

    asked by twin
  56. math

    What is the answer to 14m= cm

    asked by Einstein
  57. environmental science

    Describe three common challenges with managing nonrenewable energy resources?

    asked by TIA
  58. Solid Mechanics

    pls help me to resolve this question A casts iron block of 5cm2 cross section carries an axial load of 50KN. Calculate the magnitude or normal and shear stresses on a plane whose normal is inclined at 30o to the axis of the block. Also determine the

    asked by rakesh
  59. Conversion Double Check

    Scary thing is I am an adult... If the cost is $4.95 sq yd and the roll is 33 1/3 yards how much does it cost for the roll if it is 24" wide 36" wide etc? What is the conversion formula?

    asked by Steve
  60. Algebra II

    Please help! I am stuck on this one. Need to simplify the expression. Assuming all variables are real numbers. ∛(27(x+2)^3) my answer =3x+6 not sure is this is correct.

    asked by Liz
  61. math

    If a triangle has a side with length 6 and another side with length 7, which of the following could NOT be the area of the triangle? a) 1 b) 6 c) 15 d) 21 e) 25

    asked by Anonymous
  62. math

    A street light (light source) is 15 m above the ground. A ball is freely released from a location of 9 m from the light with the same elevation as the light’s. While the ball is falling, it casts a shadow on the ground. Assuming the gravity is 10 m/s2,

    asked by rolan
  63. Elementary Algebra

    Can you help me solve this problem by elimination? 4x-2y=16 5x+7y=1

    asked by Wanda
  64. math

    how do you multiply a fraction by a fraction

    asked by BIG Brain
  65. What does this mean

    What does this mean? it says write what his contributions was to the art world, and if and why opinions regarding this artist's contribution to the art world have changed over time.

    asked by Bella
  66. finite math


    asked by jon
  67. algebra


    asked by mike
  68. math

    If the ratio of the area of equilateral triangle A to the area of equilateral triangle B is 100 to 25, then what is the ratio of their altitudes?

    asked by Sarah
  69. COM/215

    REVISE Studying is hard work many students find they study better when they take regular breaks.

    asked by Sonia
  70. math

    A plate in the first quadrant, bounded by the curves y=e^x, y=1, and x=4, is submerged vertically in water its upper corner on the surface. The surface of the water is given by the line y=e^4. Find the total force on one side of the plate if the weight of

    asked by ibranian
  71. 7th grade math

    solve for k -4k-8k+7=-53 Please explain how you found your answer!! Please help!!

    asked by Alyssa
  72. art

    how do you make a neat curve

    asked by BIG Brain
  73. Math

    Sally has seven blue socks and three white socks in a drawer. She picks out two socks without looking. What is the probability that both socks will be blue?

    asked by Luu Luu
  74. math

    Dear Ms.Sue is the answer 3,000.

    asked by Math Geek
  75. math

    how to turn 7 6/17 + 5/7 number in simplest form fractions?

    asked by Abrahah
  76. math

    Ms. Sue is it 3,300.

    asked by Math Geek
  77. Science

    how does a computer work

    asked by Einstine
  78. chemistry

    how many g of agno3 would you need to make a 575ml solution of 0.25 m agno3

    asked by sherry
  79. english

    could i find the word ill health in english language ? or illness/ sickness

    asked by R S Telagathoty
  80. Art

    how do you start painting a picture

    asked by Einstine
  81. world history

    what led to the islamic revival

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Science

    Determine the pH of a .10M solution of KA, the potassium salt of HA. For HA, Ka=1.0x10^-5

    asked by Stephanie
  83. Math

    If n!/2=(n-2)! then n=?

    asked by Bob