Questions Asked on
August 5, 2012

  1. chemistry

    A solution of sodium cyanide NACN has a PH of 12.10. How many grams of NACN are in 425ml of solution with the same PH? Please helps me to solve it for me

    asked by Fai
  2. math

    Leslie has been offered the choice of either a $1,000 rebate or a 5.5 percent, 48-month loan for the new car she is purchasing. If Leslie will be financing $15,000 and she can get a 7.5 percent, 48-month loan at her credit union, should she take the $1,000

    asked by Steven
  3. chemistry

    A 0.446g sample of an unknown monoprotic acid was titirated with 0.105M KOH the molar mass is 120g/mol. What is the PKA value? Who helps me to solve it for me. Step by step.

    asked by Fai
  4. The Crucible HELP

    In his autobiography Timebends, Arthur Miller writes that "the real story" of the Salem witch trials is to be found in "the breaking of charity" within a human community. Write a brief essay explaning what you think Miller means by this interesting

    asked by Koikoi humli
  5. math

    3. (TCO A) The following questions are worth 5 points each. Please show all work. a. Inflation is expected to average five percent for the long term and Mr. Smith earned $74,000 this year, how much must he earn in 20 years just to keep up with inflation

    asked by Steven
  6. Physics

    When a resistor is connected across the terminals of an ac generator (112 V) that has a fixed frequency, there is a current of 0.500 A in the resistor. When an inductor is connected across the terminals of this same generator, there is a current of 0.400 A

    asked by Dan
  7. chem 121

    explain why washing an impure solid with a cold solvent is not good as recrystallization for removing all the soluble impurities? why is the final product from a recrystallization isolated by a suction rather than gravity filtration?

    asked by wiered
  8. geometry

    Circle O is defined by the equation x2 + (y - 2)2 = 25. Plot the center of Circle O and type in the coordinates of one point with integral values that lies on Circle O.

    asked by sara
  9. Elementary Algebra

    The perimeter of a soccer field is 280yd. The width is 5yd more than half the length. Can you help me with the formula to solve this problem?

    asked by Wanda
  10. Chemstry

    Dry air is bubbled through 25 litres of water at a rate of 15 litres (STP)/min. The air leaving the liquid is saturated with water at 25 degrees celcius and 1.5 atm. How long it will take for all of the water to vaporize.

    asked by Simon
  11. chemistry

    if a small piece of sodium is dropped into water,it begins to react, forming hydrogen gas and sodium hydroxide. In the equation, 2Na(s)+2H2O(l) 2NaOH(aq)+H2(g),the sodium hydroxide that is formed is a..

    asked by debbie
  12. Physics

    A neutron causes the element 88X232 to change according to the reaction 0n1 + 88X232 ---->ZYA + . Identify the (a) atomic number and (b) atomic mass number of the daughter nucleus. (c) This product subsequently undergoes - decay, and its daughter does too.

    asked by Beth
  13. Math

    please explain the method of solving: 37 - p = 28 + 4p

    asked by MarySue
  14. math

    Joe is purchasing a new truck for $30,000. Joe is making a $2,000 down payment, and he will make 60 monthly payments of $541 each. What are the total finance costs on this loan?

    asked by Steven
  15. physics

    A ball(mass=3kg) is attached to 2 strings and it is rotated by one string and to the other is joined to another ball which is also attached to another ball by a string.Which of the strings experience the maximum when length of each string is 1metre?

    asked by Sanchita
  16. pharmacy tech.

    In what proportion should you combine a 2:5 soaking solution and distilled water to create a 300 ml of a 1:20 solution?

    asked by blackpearl07
  17. accounting

    Accounting 103 ScrawnyOcean2290 asked Dominic Hunter, a second-year business student at the University of Utah, will graduate in two years with an accounting major and a Spanish minor. Hunter is trying to decide where to work this summer. He has two

    asked by dal
  18. physics

    Standing waves on a string are generated by oscillations having amplitude 0.005 m, angular frequency 942 rad/s, and wave number 0.750p rad/m. a.) What is the equation of the standing wave? b.) At what distances from x=0 are the nodes and antinodes? c.)

    asked by Lauren
  19. Math

    Stan's recipe for sugar cookies serves 5 people. He wants to make enough cookies for 10 people. If his recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of butter, how much will he need if he doubles his recipe?

    asked by Amy
  20. math

    When using a 1% cream and a 6% cream to produce a 4% cream, how many parts of each initial ingredient will be needed?

    asked by Karen
  21. College Algebra

    Graph the function using transformations. Show your work and state a) the domain b) the range c) the asymptotes f(x) = 3 - 1/(x + 4)^2

    asked by Kameesha
  22. marketing

    Answer the following questions: 1. Think of the value exchanged between Coca-Cola consumers and the company. What values are exchanged? 2. Visit Coca-Cola’s corporate website. Select 3 different Coca-Cola brands. For each of these 3 SBUs, who is the

    asked by student8087
  23. Algebra 2 Need Help

    1. function g(x)=-x^2-3x+7 . Find the area under the curve for the domain –4£ x £ 1. a 71.6 square units b. 46 square units c.35.83 square units d.17.916square units 2. y=2sin(circle with a line through it) a. How many cycles occur in the graph? b.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Algebra

    Simplify the rational expression and write the restriction for the simplified rational expression. x^3 - 8 ----------------------- x^2 + xy - 2x - 2y

    asked by Anne
  25. CHEM

    why should the maximum percent yield never be above 100%

    asked by amira
  26. Positioning and Competition

    Briefly describe a health care provider with which you are familiar and how that organization should position its offerings.

    asked by Anita St Louis
  27. Please someone explain to me

    My homework says describe how the exterior of a structure differ of share similar design art elements from the interior. Does that mean elements of art, or features of architecture like arches, windows, etc?

    asked by Anonymous
  28. english


    asked by R S Telagathoty
  29. Mathematics

    The graph of y = 2^x-3 can be obtained by shifting the graph of y= 2^x a) 3 units to the right b) 3 units to the left c) 3 units up d) 3 units down e) 2 units to the right and 3 units up The equation of the graph that is obtained by reflecting the graph of

    asked by Willie
  30. Algebra

    A certain region is losing 24 million acres of rain forest each year? find a linear function f that calculates the change in acres of rain forest in millions in x years. then find f(4) and interpret the result

    asked by Tia
  31. english

    what is a theme give examples

    asked by mary
  32. Math

    Calculate the monthly finance charge for the following credit card transaction. Assume that it takes 10 days for a payment to be received and recorded and that the month is 30 days long. Assume 365 days in a year. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

    asked by JC
  33. Math

    1)If a (theres a square)b is defined as the average of a and b, what is the value of 2 (theres a square) 4 (theres a square) 9? a) 3 b)5 c) 6 d)7.5 e) 18 2)If A=(r+s)F, what is the average of r and s when A=8 and F=2? 3) For the three numbers a,j,k, (a

    asked by Grace
  34. math

    If a business borrows $20,000 and repays $36,200 in 6 years, what is the simple interest rate?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. english

    she spoke to me as if i were a stranger here I is followed by were instead of was could you pl explain it

    asked by R S Telagathoty
  36. math

    3trucks are equal in weight to 2 trucks and 2 sedans.What fraction of the weight of a truck is the weight of a sedan

    asked by don
  37. English

    I looked at the growing dark clouds and I realized a massive storm was approaching. What poetic device is being used? I think it's personification.

    asked by Emma
  38. algebra

    a+7b=17, a+2b=2

    asked by Franki
  39. business ethics

    which instance is an example of internal mechanisms working to prevent criminal behavorial

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    a box contains 3 yellow socks, 4 blue, 1 orange, and 2 green....what is the probability of picking 2 blue at the SAME TIME!!!

    asked by Bridgette
  41. Algebra 1

    Use the formula d=rt to find the value of the missing variable d= 48 feet, t= 16 seconds r= ? ft/sec

    asked by Austin
  42. English

    I looked at the growing dark clouds and I realized a massive storm was approaching. What poetic device is being used? I think it's personification.

    asked by Emma
  43. pharmacy tech.

    When using a 1% cream and a 6% cream to produce a 4% cream, how many parts of each initial ingredient will be needed?

    asked by blackpearl07
  44. Logic

    How do assumptions affect our inductive reasoning, either positively or negatively?

    asked by tia
  45. AP Calc

    Use mathematical induction to prove that the statement holds for all positive integers. Also, can you label the basis, hypothesis, and induction step in each problem. Thanks 1. 2+4+6+...+2n=n^2+n 2. 8+10+12+...+(2n+6)=n^2+7n

    asked by Brock
  46. english

    antennae, involuntary , vesus Does any of those words mean opposite or contrasted with??

    asked by mary
  47. pharmacy tech.

    Prepare 500ml of a 1:5 solution using a 1:10 solution and a 1:4 solution. What quantities will be used of each stock solution to make the 1:5 solution?

    asked by blackpearl07
  48. Chemistry

    One kilogram of dry air at STP conditions is exposed to 1.00 R of X-rays. One roentgen is defined by Equation 32.1 in Section 32.1. An equivalent definition can be based on the fact that an exposure of one roentgen deposits 8.30 x 10-3 J of energy per

    asked by Beth
  49. Math

    write -1/6, 5/3, -5/6 in order from least to greatest

    asked by Carlisha
  50. science

    a 150 gm ball travelling at 30 m/s strikes the players hand and it stopped in0.06s.calculate the force exerrted by ball on hand

    asked by waseem
  51. Math

    1) Mr.Anderson has 3 passenger seats in his car.He offered to drive some of the 5 members of his daughter's club to the movies. How many different groups of 3 passengers could he drive? 2) A jar has green and red marbles.If the ratio of green to red is

    asked by Grace
  52. Algebra

    please help. I am not sure if this is correct. I need to simplify this to the lowest terms a^2 - 4b ^2 _____ ______ a+2b a+2b my answer is: a^2-4b^2 _________ a+2b is this really to the lowest term?? for some reason I think I am doing this wrong. Thank

    asked by Liz
  53. Mastersin Education

    Select a strategy for building relationships that can be used within an educational or work setting.

    asked by Michelle
  54. Algebra

    A machine has a work output of 28ax^5 joules and a work input of 7a^2x^6 joules. What is the efficiency of the machine?

    asked by Lizzie
  55. Algebra

    The perimeter of a heptagon is 9a^2s ft. The perimeter of a triangle is 6a^6b^2s ft. Find the ratio of the perimeter of the heptagon to the perimeter of the triangle.

    asked by Anne
  56. Sociology

    In the last 30 years, more young adults, ages 25 to 34, are migrating back home. These returning adult children are called the boo-merang generation. One in five of these adult children are returning to the nest. Most of those surveyed indicate that they

    asked by Susan
  57. english

    please organize these into a paragraph ;astronaauts supposed to rest for eight hours, but too excited to rest ;astronauts easily hopped high because moon has less gravity than earth ;opened spaceship door 61/2 hours after landing ;brought back to earth

    asked by Taylor
  58. math

    how many grams are there in 1 km

    asked by don
  59. Informal Logic

    rite two arguments in English, one in the form of modus ponens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then, write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth-functional connectives. (If your computer does not have all the symbols needed, use

    asked by Nicole
  60. Health Care Provider

    determine the best way for an organization to analyze its competitors’ strategies, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses.

    asked by Anita St Louis
  61. math

    steel is $50 per cubic foot. What is cost of cone with radius 7.5 inches and 25 inches height?

    asked by Sam
  62. math

    carpet is $25 per square yard. what is cost of circulare rug 9ft in diameter?

    asked by Sam
  63. chemistry

    Alkine for ula

    asked by ravi ranjan sinha
  64. algebra

    The expression: 553.7x + 27,966 Can be used to approximate the average annual salary in dollars of public school teacher in the year 1985 + x What was the average teacher's salary in 1993? In which year will the average salary reach $45,000?

    asked by linda
  65. Algebra


    asked by Laura
  66. Algebra

    When the costs of a car is multiplied by 0.04 the result is $1760. Find the cost of the car. The answer is $?

    asked by Tammie
  67. Algebra 2

    solve the equation -3 cos t = 1 in the interval from 0 to 2p?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Physical Education

    Discuss the differences between process and product evaluation. Give examples of each type of evaluation. Discuss the value of each type of evaluation. What is the significance of focusing on the process in physical education? How does this information

    asked by Earnest
  69. books

    what is the theme for the book called OKAY FOR NOW

    asked by mary
  70. English

    Katherine said, "Are you coming home today?" The "are" isn't suppose to be capitalized right?

    asked by Emma
  71. Accounting

    Q1a: Complete Problem 14.1 on page 269 of the Collier text (solution is on page 501-502). Next work the problem again using the following variables: project yield annual net cash inflows are $10,500 for the next five years; interest rate of 16.5%, and the

    asked by Kathy
  72. math

    building shadow 28 m long & the shadow cast by a 64 cm tall pole is 50 cm long. what is height of building?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. English

    What does conscious will mean?

    asked by Emma
  74. Algebra

    $3,000 balance, 21% rate, $1,500 payment, adjusted balance method

    asked by Robin
  75. college chemistry2

    calculate the molarity of a solution containing 20.0g of sulfuric acid in 500 ml of solution?in a solving problem form?

    asked by raymond benzon
  76. physics

    determine the tension in a cable needed to lift a 2000 kg elevator with an acceleration of 1.5 m/s.squared. How would you solve this? ): Which formula do you use?

    asked by zianna
  77. math

    solve -6x+5+5=47 x=

    asked by Teresa