Questions Asked on
August 4, 2012

  1. chemistry

    How many moles of chloride ions are present in 18.4g of CaCl2? I don't know how to set this up...

    asked by lola
  2. physics

    A locomotive is pulling 17 freight cars, each of which is loaded with the same amount of weight. The mass of each freight car (with its load) is 37,000 kg. If the train is accelerating at 0.7 m/s2 on a level track, what is the tension in the coupling

    asked by badz
  3. Math

    Three partners are dividing a plot of land among themselves using the lone-divider method. After the divider D divides the land into three shares s1, s2 and s3, the choosers C1 and C2 submit their bids for these shares. Suppose that the chooser’s bids

    asked by Meredith
  4. chemistry

    What volume of a concentrated hcl solution which is 36% by mass and has a density of 1.179 g/ml to make 4.85L of an hcl solution with ph of 1.9? Who helps me to solve it for me.

    asked by Fai
  5. physics

    a bullet of mass 30 g. is fired from a pistol of 2.1kg at a velocity of 300 m/s calculate the recoil velocity of the pistol

    asked by sumit
  6. criminal justice

    You have completed your investigation on allegations against a plant employee of an acquired corporation, Lake Inc. That is based on the basic information given below. Create a report on the results of your investigation and present final results that your

    asked by kenny
  7. Dynamics

    For a perfectly plastic central impact ______ Multiple choice question a)The entire kinematic energy of two bodies must be lost b)The two bodies must be move stuck together only if the impact is direct.

    asked by Rajan
  8. Dynamics

    Constant of area velocity for a central force motion of a particle does not imply that_________ a)Equal areas were are swept by the radius vector in equal times. b)The tangential velocity varies inversely as the length of the radius vectors c)The angular

    asked by Rajan
  9. Dynamics

    The coefficients of friction depends up on ________ a)Nature of the surface b)Shape of the surface c)Area of the contact surface d)Weight of the body

    asked by Rajan
  10. Literature

    1. Which one of the following short stories takes a series of completely ordinary events and develops them into a character study? A. "Young Goodman Brown" B. "Paul's Case" C. "A Private History of a Campaign That Failed" [D.] "A Pair of Silk Stockings" 2.

    asked by Abby
  11. science

    Hi, I was wondering if I answered this question correctly #1-Two kinds of cell-transport are used in the process that forms ATP. Name the two types of transport and describe how they take place. Electron transport is not a form of cell transport. #1- I

    asked by zee
  12. English

    Look for the compound verbs in the sentence below; Lacrosse looks like an easy sport to play but it is really quite difficult. The two compound verbs I found were "looks" and "is".

    asked by Emma
  13. College Algebra

    1.Answer the following for the given quadratic function. f(x) = -2x^2 - 8x - 13 (a) does the graph of f open up or down? (b) what is the vertex (h,k) of f? (c) what is the axis of symmetry? (d) what are the intercepts? (e) how is the graph suppose to look

    asked by Kameesha
  14. Calculus

    Let V be the volume of a right circular cone having height h and radius r and assume that h and r vary with time. a. Express the time rate of change of the cylinder in terms of h, r and their rates of change. b. At a certain instant, the height is 10 in

    asked by Jay
  15. collage algebra

    A worm travels at a rate of 0.4 meters per minute. Let t be the number of minutes spent traveling.a)Find the distance d traveled by the worm as a function of t.b)Find the distance traveled by the worm in 2 minutes.

    asked by bettina
  16. Calculus

    Which of the following is a step in evaluating. (Integral) cos^2 5x dx A. (Integral) 1+cos10x/2 dx B. (Integral) 1-cos10x/2 dx C. (Integral) 1+cos10x/20 dx D. (Integral) 1-cos10x/20 dx

    asked by Cynthia
  17. apush

    was it a religious difference that sparked the leisler rebellion in new york?

    asked by skye
  18. ap world history

    how did coke become basically seen as an american value? how did this help and hurt coke (and in some ways, america itself?)

    asked by Diana
  19. geometry


    asked by harsh
  20. math

    using the substitution method what is the answer to this problem, x+3y=7 x+4y=12

    asked by jaton
  21. science

    a bullet of mass0.01 kg and travelling with a speed of 500m/s strikes a block of mass 2 kg which is suspended by a string of length 5m. The center of gravity of the block is found to raise vertical distance of 0.1m. The speed of bullet after emerging from

    asked by kapindra
  22. qnt/351

    Comparing the means of two or more groups

    asked by fp
  23. qnt/351

    Calculating the correlation between two variables

    asked by fp
  24. math

    a car travels around a horizontal circular track of radius 45m. if the car increases its speed at a constant rate of 1.2m/s starting from rest, determine the time needed for it to reach an acceleration of 1.4m/s. What is its speed at this instant?

    asked by raj
  25. Society & Environment Engineering

    Gravin communication system is followed in _____________ a) Formal Organisation b)Informal Orgamosation c)Both a & b d)None of this

    asked by Rajan
  26. Society & Environment Engineering

    The concept of appropriate technology appeared first in mind____________ Don't have any option. please help someone to get the answer.

    asked by Rajan
  27. Society & Environment Engineering

    Making best use of the sources available is known as____________ (Don't have any optional answers.pls help someone to get the answer)

    asked by Rajan
  28. Dynamics

    The power developed by force is ________ and that of couple is _______

    asked by Rajan
  29. Dynamics

    The conditions of non slipping is _________

    asked by Rajan
  30. Dynamics

    The direction of coriolis aceeleration is a common example of _______

    asked by Rajan
  31. Dynamics

    Multiple choice question The coefficient if restitution is defined on basis of ________ a)Velocity compound along the line of impact only b)Velocity compound normal to the line of impact c)Velocity vectors before and after collision d)Energies of bodies

    asked by Rajan
  32. Dynamics

    Which one of the following statement is correct Multiple choice question a)Energy and work are scalars b)Force and work are vectors c)Energy, momentum and velocity are vectors d)Force, momentus and velocity are scalars

    asked by Rajan
  33. english

    please organize these notes into a paragraph ;traveled 24,300 mph ;on landing, armstrong's heart rate 156 beats per minute ;lunar module eagle carried armstrong and aldrin to moon's surface ;three astronauts michael collins,neil armstrong, edwin aldrin

    asked by Taylor
  34. grammar

    Which of these sentences is punctuated correctly? (Points : 1) The article Calling the Shots has helpful information about starting a business. The article “Calling the Shots” has helpful information about starting a business. The article Calling the

    asked by sandra
  35. mathematics

    When the graph of y equal to 3cos2x achieves minimum what is the value of the y coordinate

    asked by Nana
  36. mathematics

    When the graph of y equal to 3cos2x achieves minimum what is the value of the y coordinate

    asked by Nana
  37. stats

    2. The average age of a child in kindergarten is 66 months. The standard deviation is 4 months. If a random child is selected, find the probability that the mean age is: a) Between 64 and 68 months b) Greater than 62 months

    asked by AMbe
  38. Stats

    3. Suppose you work for the Ford Motor Company and must establish regulations concerning the maximum number of people who can ride in a minivan. Ford tells you that the total number of people in a minivan follows a normal distribution with a mean of 6 and

    asked by AMbe
  39. Stats

    Four out of five people have had cold pizza for breakfast. If 20 people are asked, what is the probability that exactly 10 have had pizza for breakfast.

    asked by AMbe
  40. stats

    If 95% of all people between 21 and 50 have had at least one adult beverage in their life, find these probabilities for a sample of 10 people in that age group: a) Exactly 10 have had an adult beverage b) At least 6 have had an adult beverage c) At most 8

    asked by AMber
  41. English- directions

    Can you rephrase the directions in a way that I can tell what it means because I don't really understand the directions its telling me to do: In a short paragraph, explain as throughly as possible the significance of the word or phrase. The Big Shake Eden

    asked by Ben
  42. algebra

    If a stone is tossed from the top of a 310 meter building the height of the stone as a function of time is given by h(t)=-9.8t^2-10t+310 where t is in seconds and height is in meters. After how many seonds will the stone hit the ground? Round to the

    asked by Anonymous*
  43. science

    what will be the law of conversion of a) 65 grams 70 grams b) magnesium + oxygen = magnesium oxide 45 grams ? grams 80 grams c) sodium hydroxide + hydrochoride acid 40 grams 36.5 grams sodium chloride + water ? grams 18 grams

    asked by Magaly
  44. statics and strengths

    A cantilever beam member made from steel with hollow circular cross section experiences an axial load of 300 KN (F1), and a vertical load of 200 kN (F2) as shown in the following figure. The beam is 300mm long and fixed on one end.

    asked by shane
  45. statics

    A cantilever beam member made from steel with hollow circular cross section experiences an axial load of 300 KN (F1), and a vertical load of 200 kN (F2) as shown in the following figure. The outside diameter of the beam is 50mm and the uniform wall

    asked by shane
  46. chemistry

    A sample of solid monoprotic acid with molar mass equal to 169.7 g/mol was titrated with 0.1599M sodium hydroxide solution. Calculate the mass in grms fo acid to be used if the volume of NAOH to be used is 25ml. My calculation 0.1599 x 0.025L = 0.00399

    asked by Fai
  47. English

    How do I write a comparative essay utilizing the assigned theme for two books?

    asked by Kylie
  48. College Algebra

    1.The graph of y = - 1/2 |x - 5| - 3 can be obtained from the graph of y = |x| by which transformations? What is the horizontal shift? By what factor is the graph stretched or shrunk vertically and how is it reflected? What is the vertical shift? 2. Find

    asked by Kameesha
  49. Crucible Help!!

    In his autobiography Timebends, Arthur Miller writes that "the real story" of the Salem witch trials is to be found in "the breaking of charity" within a human community. Write a brief essay explaning what you think Miller means by this interesting

    asked by Koikoi humli
  50. geometry

    An architect plans to draw a rectangular patio with segment LM representing one side of the rectangle. He wants to construct a line passing through Q and parallel to side LM. He uses a straightedge and compass to complete some steps of the construction as

    asked by Kells
  51. Math

    What does the net of a cube look like?

    asked by Ami
  52. Math

    What is better buy? A square 8in. pizza that cost $10 or a round pizza with a 9 inch diameter that also costs $10 Please explain how answer is found.

    asked by MarSmith
  53. Logic

    Why is it important to understand what is known prior to making a decision?

    asked by tia
  54. Logic

    What is the role of deductive reasoning in the decision making process?

    asked by tia
  55. Logic

    How does the process of deductive reasoning aid in understanding an argument?

    asked by tia
  56. math

    If a satellite completes an orbit 820 miles above the earth in 11 hours at a velocity of 22,000 mph, how long would it take a satellite to complete an orbit if it is at 1400 miles above the earth at a velocity of 36,000 mph? (Use 36,000 miles as the radius

    asked by vera
  57. Health

    What does it mean to change your body image? A. It means changing what you eat B. It means changing how much you eat C. It means changing the way you think about your body D. It means losing weight to fit a Barbie doll-like image i got C wrong ... so is it

    asked by Aya
  58. Marketing

    The Ethical Decision-Making Matrix II: A. is a realistic guide to performance only when profits are strong and performance evaluations are already positive. B. is a good tool for personal ethics but fails as a basis for a firm's actions when faced with

    asked by Blu
  59. health

    Question 9 of 20 0.0/ 5.0 Points Common forms of negative self-talk include ________. A. Identifying B. Blaming C. Catastrophizing D. Distorting D was Wrong.. i think its C? ^__^

    asked by Aya
  60. science

    how does the musculoskeletal system change from birth to adulthood to achieve 206 bones?

    asked by Cynthia
  61. MATH

    Find all real solutions of the equation by first rewriting the equation as a quadratic equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) 4x4 + 15x2 − 4 = 0

    asked by Emmett
  62. math

    front wheels of a cart have a circumference of 3 metres.back wheels have a circumference of 4 metres.A white dot is painted on the rim of each wheel it touches the ground.the cart is then driven 100 metres.including the starting position,how many times

    asked by don
  63. Finance

    What is the projects initial outlay? Should the project be accepted why or why not? New Caledonia Problem 35% tax bracket 12% discount rate Cost of new plant $9,000,000.00 Shipping and $350,000.00 Sales: Year Sales 1 125,000 units 2 140,000 units 3 190,000

    asked by cc
  64. Math 126

    State whether the following sequence is arithmetic,geometric,or neither. 0,1,4,9,16,25,36,...

    asked by Billie
  65. Physics

    An equivalent definition can be based on the fact that an exposure of one roentgen deposits 8.30 x 10-3 J of energy per kilogram of dry air. Using the two definitions and assuming that all ions produced are singly charged, determine the average energy (in

    asked by Beth
  66. physics

    A neutron causes the element 88X232 to change according to the reaction 0n1 + 88X232 ---->ZYA + . Identify the (a) atomic number and (b) atomic mass number of the daughter nucleus. (c) This product subsequently undergoes - decay, and its daughter does too.

    asked by Beth
  67. Calculus

    Evaluate (integral) cot 2x dx. A. 1/2Ln sin 2x+C B. 1/2Ln cos 2x+C C. 1/2Ln sec 2x+C D. 1/2LN csc 2x+C

    asked by Cynthia
  68. Calculus

    Evaluate (Integral) sin 4x cos^2 4x dx. A. Cos^3(4x)/3 + C B. -Cos^3(4x)/3 + C C. Cos^3(4x)/12 + C D. -Cos^3(4x)/12 + C

    asked by Cynthia
  69. Calculus

    Evaluate (integral) e^3x dx. A. e^3x + C B. 1/3e^3x + C C. e^4x + C D. 1/4e^4x + C

    asked by Cynthia
  70. Calculus

    to evaluate (integral) 3x^2 cos (2x^3-4) dx, it is necessary to let A. u=3x^2 B. u=6x C. u=2x^3-4 D. u=6x^2

    asked by Cynthia
  71. work3

    You are a section chief in the battalion S-3 at Bagram Airbase. You instruct PFC Jackson to download some of the battalion’s current SOP’s onto a thumb drive so that they will be available in the field. After loading the material, you notice PFC

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Physics

    Assume that 0.10 mol of argon gas is admitted to an evacuated 50 cm3 container at 20° C. The gas then undergoes isobaric heating to a temperature of 300° C. What is the final pressure of the gas? What is the final volume?

    asked by VW
  73. Dynamics

    1500 kg automobile is traveling up to 20 degree incline at a speed of 6 m/s. if the driver wishes to stop his car in a distance of 5m, determine the frictional force at pavement which must be supplied by rear wheels

    asked by basha
  74. Financial planning

    If the exemption was worth $3100.00 and inflation was 4.7 % what would be the amount of the exemption for the upcoming tax year?

    asked by Shiya Terry