Questions Asked on
August 3, 2012

  1. science

    A chair of mass 15.5 is sitting on the horizontal floor; the floor is not frictionless. You push on the chair with a force = 38.0 that is directed at an angle of 42.0 below the horizontal and the chair slides along the floor.Use Newton's laws to calculate

    asked by John
  2. Math

    The grocery store sells kumquats for $4.25 a pound and Asian pears for $2.25 a pound. Write an equation in standard form for the weights of kumquats k and Asian pears p that a customer could buy with $18.

    asked by Tony
  3. Algebra

    Please let me know if i answered these correctly thanks 1.Which property of the real numbers is illustrated by the following statement? 4(3x) = (4 ∙ 3)x answer: distributive property 2. Which property of the real numbers is illustrated by the following

    asked by Ron
  4. Chemistry 2

    Supposed you stoppered the flasks after your titration to determine the equilibrium constant and kept the solutions for another day so that the equilibrium was re-established. What would happen to the amount of ethanol present? What would be the

    asked by Robert
  5. Math

    Find the 95% confidence interval for the standard deviation of the lengths of pipes if a sample of 26 pipes has a standard deviation of 10 inches

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Accounting

    Identify whether each of the following items would appear on the income statement (IS), statement of changes in stockholders’ equity (SE), balance sheet (BS), or statement of cash flows (CF). Some items may appear on more than one statement; if so,

    asked by Gen
  7. Physics

    When a resistor is connected across the terminals of an ac generator (112 V) that has a fixed frequency, there is a current of 0.500 A in the resistor. When an inductor is connected across the terminals of this same generator, there is a current of 0.400 A

    asked by Dan
  8. physics

    A body oscillates with simple harmonic motion along the x-axis. Its displacement varies with time according to the equation x=5 sin (PIE + PIE/3). The velocity (in m/s) of the body at t=1 second is:

    asked by veena
  9. Solid Mechanics

    A cast iron block of 5Cm^2 cross section carries an axial compressive load of 50KN.Calculate the magnitude or normal and shear stresses on a plane whose normal is inclined at 30 the axis of the block,also determine the maximum shear stress in the

    asked by Devi
  10. geometry

    Point C is the center of the circle. If angle ACB measures 4 x plus 12 degrees and AB measures x plus 13 degrees, find x.

    asked by Am
  11. medical billing/coding

    I need help coding this question. could someone help me. CPT CODE:__________________________ ICD-9-CM CODE:_____________________ Code the following "You've started your first day at Venture Outpatient Surgery Center. OPERATIVE REPORT: Preoperative

    asked by andrea
  12. chemistry

    Ethanol (C2H6O) is combusted with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and wateraccording to the following reaction: C2H6O + 3O2 -----> 2H2O + 3CO2 If 50g of ethanol is combusted, determine the volume of carbon dioxide that will be produced if the temperature

    asked by Jennifer
  13. Trigonometry

    Find the counterexample to shows that the equation sec (alpha) - cos (alpha) = sin (alpha) sec (alpha) is not an identity. Please explain.

    asked by Cyndy

    How did coffe play a pivotal role in the scientific revolution? (give lots of details)

    asked by Sofie
  15. Trigonometry

    Prove that tan (Beta) sin (Beta) + cos (Beta) = sec (Beta) Please explain.

    asked by Cynthia
  16. english III

    Who loved his charge but never loved to lead; One whose meek flock the people loved to be, Not lured by any cheat of birth. Which other type of substitute foot is used?I am having a hard time with poetry.

    asked by dylan
  17. Trigonometry

    Prove that 1+tan(Theta)/1-tan(Theta) = sec^2(Theta)+2tan(Theta)/1-tan^2(Theta) If you explain, that would be great (:

    asked by Marie
  18. Chemistry

    The enthalpy of combustion of benzoic acid(C6H5COOH) which is often used to calibratecalorimeters, is −3227 kJ/mol. When 1.316 gof benzoic acid was burned in a calorimeter, the temperature increased by 2.226◦C. What is the overall heat capacity of the

    asked by Yannan Huang
  19. AP World History

    How did coffee play a pivotal role in the French Revolution? (lots of details and go into the Enlightenment)

    asked by Diana
  20. Math

    Write the first four terms of the sequence defined by the recursion formula. a1 = 6 and an = 3an-1 for n ≥ 2

    asked by Peter
  21. Algebra

    Find the number of decibels for the power of the sound. Round to the nearest decibel. A rock concert, 5.3 10-6 watts/cm2

    asked by Deb
  22. algebra 117

    need help with this one the length of a rectangular banner is 4 feet longer than its width if the area is 77 squar feet find the dimensions

    asked by BERNIE
  23. math

    A committee is to be chosen from a group of 11 women and 14 men. How many ways can they select a president, treasurer, and secretary, if the treasurer and secretary must be females? No person can serve in more than one position.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. AP World History

    Hi its Diana with the same question: How did coffee play a pivotal role in the French Revolution? (lots of details and go into the Enlightenment) But, I looked at the articles you sent me and I still don't understand how coffee influenced the

    asked by Diana
  25. Trigonometry

    Prove that tan (Lambda) cos^2 (Lambda)+sin^2 (Lamda)/sin(Lambda) = cos (Lambda) + sin (Lambda)

    asked by Marie
  26. Algebra

    A building code regulation requires that the slope of the riser to the tread of a staircase be 60% with an absolute deviation of 10%. Find the maximum and minimum slopes of the staircase.

    asked by Kiri
  27. american history

    What did the Compromise of 1877 have to do with the end of Reconstruction?

    asked by marty
  28. health

    It’s been widely reported that having a positive attitude will improve a person’s ________. A. Physical health B. Mental health C. Grade point average D. Both A and B B?

    asked by Aya
  29. dyanamics

    Which one of the following statements is correct? (a) Energy and work are scalars (b) Force and work are vectors (c) Energy, momentum and velocity are vectors (d) Force, momentum and velocity are scalars

    asked by raja
  30. chemistry

    I posted this question last night but did not get an answer- I am posting again because I have an exam I am studying for and do not understand this concept! Thanks! Using the given data, and the table of Standard Reduction Potentials, find the standard

    asked by kellie
  31. Health

    Dr. Margo Maine suggests that people exercise for the three F’s which include ________. A. Fun, fitness and friendship B. Fun, faith and fitness C. Fitness, fortification, and force D. Fitness, fun, and fairness A?

    asked by Aya
  32. Chemistry

    Find the equilibrium moles for the following reaction with initially 0.051 mol for Ethyl acetate, 0.260 mol for water and 0.03045 mol of acetic acid at equilibrium. I'm not sure how to get the ones at equilibrium for the left side or even how much you have

    asked by Robert
  33. biology

    Hi, I was wondering if I answered this question correctly #1-Two kinds of cell-transport are used in the process that forms ATP. Name the two types of transport and describe how they take place. Electron transport is not a form of cell transport. #1- I

    asked by zee
  34. English

    You've been assigned to invite a group of mechanical engineering professors to tour your facility. What type of language should you use in the invitation?

    asked by Tim
  35. health

    What can spark weight concerns for girls and impact their eating habits in potentially unhealthy ways? A. Having mothers concerned about their own weight B. Maintaining a healthy weight C. Positive reinforcement about how one looks D. High self-esteem C?

    asked by Aya
  36. algebra

    A certain region is losing about 26 million acres of rain forest each year. Find a linear function that calculates the chages in acres of rain forest in million in x years. Find f(4) and interpret the result

    asked by Charis
  37. ap world history

    how was tea connected to the opium trade and the opium war of 1839-1842?

    asked by Diana
  38. chemsitry

    hydrogen burns in oxygen to for water.caculate the volume?

    asked by sam
  39. ashworth

    The Tao Inc. purchased an asset for $170,000 with a salvage value of $8,500 have a useful life of four years. Find the depreciation expense for the first year using the 150% declining balance method.

    asked by kate
  40. Physics

    A neutron causes the element 88X232 to change according to the reaction 0n1 + 88X232 ---->ZYA + . Identify the (a) atomic number and (b) atomic mass number of the daughter nucleus. (c) This product subsequently undergoes - decay, and its daughter does too.

    asked by Beth
  41. world history

    Describe how Reconstruction was brought to an end by white terror and the Compromise of 1877. Had the process of Reconstruction been effective? Why, or why not?

    asked by joan
  42. College Algebra

    1.Use completing the square to describe the graph of the following function. Support your answer graphically. f(x) = -2x^2 + 4x + 5 2. Find the vertical, horizontal, and oblique asymptotes, if any, for the following rational function. R(x) = 5x/x+7 The

    asked by Kameesha
  43. Health

    What is the key to effective stress management? A. Getting plenty of rest B. Meeting all deadlines no matter what it takes C. Procrastinating and getting work done at the last minute D. Failing to plan A?

    asked by Aya
  44. apush

    Why did Leisler Rebellion start? How was it related to the Glorious Revolution?

    asked by skye
  45. Trigonometry

    If cot 2(Theta) = 5/12 with 0 (less than or equal to) 2(Theta) (Less than or equal to) Pi, find the cos(Theta), sin(Theta), and tan(Theta).

    asked by Marie
  46. Trigonometry

    Find the exactly value of sin2(alpha) if cos(alpha) = 4/5 (alpha in Quadrant I)

    asked by Marie
  47. marketing

    Delivering the value proposition is also known as: A. endless chain marketing. B. situational distribution efficiency. C. wholesaling. D. supply chain management. My answer is D, is that correct?

    asked by Blu
  48. health

    What is an example of a patient in crisis? A. A patient who is happily married B. A patient !@#$%^¢ly earned a promotion at work C. A patient !@#$%^¢ly lost his or her job D. A patient who started a new exercise regimen c?

    asked by Aya
  49. Physica

    what is the pressure dut to 30 m heght water column

    asked by LO
  50. math

    give me answer show that one and only one out of n,n+4,n+8,n+12 and n+16 is divisible by 5, where n is any positive integer

    asked by ravi
  51. math

    Write the first five terms of the arithmetic sequence. a1 = -37; d = 9

    asked by steve
  52. dynamics

    13. The constant angular acceleration of a pulley is 4 rad/s2 and its angular speed its 3 rad/s. Determine the radius of the pulley if the total acceleration of a print on the rim of the pulley is 3.5m/s2.

    asked by shivankar
  53. Finance

    Calculate the double-declining balance depreciation schedule for a $2,000 item that will last five years. What is the estimated salvage value?

    asked by Heike
  54. Trigonometry

    Solve sin 2x + sin x = 0 for 0 (Less then or equal to) x (Less then or equal to) 2pi.

    asked by Marie
  55. Society @ Environment Engineering

    Capitalism believe in___________from the government

    asked by Rajan
  56. Algebra

    A car dealer will sell you a used car for 5,107 with 107 down and payments of $152.92 per month for 48 months. What is the simple interest rate?

    asked by Tammie
  57. health

    You may need to see a doctor if ________. A. You occasionally go to bed late B. You occasionally wake up in the middle of the night C. You often wake up feeling like you haven’t been asleep D. You often feel well rested after a full night’s sleep c?

    asked by Aya
  58. Trigonometry

    Solve cos 2x – 3sin x cos 2x = 0 for the principal value(s) to two decimal places. Please explain.

    asked by Cynthia
  59. Trigonometry

    Prove that tan^2(alpha)-1+cos^2(alpha)sin^2(alpha) Please Explain

    asked by Cynthia
  60. Health

    Extreme efforts to lose weight among teenagers can lead to ________. A. Obesity related illnesses B. High self-esteem C. More energy D. Eating disorders D?

    asked by Aya
  61. HEALTH

    What is an example of a response that someone with BDD might give after receiving a successful cosmetic surgery? A. “I love what you’ve done with my nose, it looks great!” B. “I think more needs to be shaved off the top of my nose so it doesn’t

    asked by Aya
  62. math

    An elementary school has a large lunch room containing many tables. One day at lunch, the children at one table decide to see how long it will take to spread a rumor throughout the entire room. Each minute, the number of tables that know the rumor doubles

    asked by Anonymous
  63. physics

    A 125 kg flatbottomed boat is floating along at 5.0 m/s, headed east. Sally Sue, standing at one end of the boat, starts to walk at 2.0 m/s, also to the east. If Sally’s mass is 65 kg, what is the speed of the boat as she walks along?

    asked by Zac
  64. Heat Transfer

    A hot-wire anemometer is a temperature-based instrument for measuring velocities in a flowing gas. The key component of the device is a very fine wire (diameter = 0.0004 in., length = 0.20 in.) that is electrically heated. The wire is positioned so that

    asked by Rangen
  65. pharmacy calculations

    you need to prepare 180g of a 10% cream using 30% stock cream and a cream base. how much is needed?

    asked by cleondra
  66. pharmacy calculations

    prepare 500 ml of a 1:5 solution using a 1:10 solution and a 1:4n solution. what quantities will be used of each stock solution to make the 1:5 solution?

    asked by cleondra
  67. Trigonometry

    Write cos(-83degrees) as a function of a positive angle

    asked by Cyndy
  68. health

    What does it mean to change your body image? A. It means changing what you eat B. It means changing how much you eat C. It means changing the way you think about your body D. It means losing weight to fit a Barbie doll-like image I DON'T KNOW? i guess C

    asked by Aya
  69. health!

    Common forms of negative self-talk include ________. A. Identifying B. Blaming C. Catastrophizing D. Distorting D?

    asked by Aya
  70. Health

    What can a person do to foster a positive self-image? A. Engage in negative self-reflections B. Focus on one’s weaknesses C. Stop comparing oneself to others D. Perpetuate thinking distortions C?

    asked by Aya
  71. math

    Determine the most probable next term in the list of numbers. 280, 480, 684, 913, 1205, 1615....

    asked by Anonymous
  72. reading

    All of the following are goals of study reading EXCEPT: A. greater speed. B. retain information in your long-term memory. C. be an active reader. D. active reading.

    asked by briana
  73. Physics

    One kilogram of dry air at STP conditions is exposed to 1.00 R of X-rays. One roentgen is defined by Equation 32.1 in Section 32.1. An equivalent definition can be based on the fact that an exposure of one roentgen deposits 8.30 x 10-3 J of energy per

    asked by Beth
  74. dynamics

    12. A car travels around a horizontal circular track of radius 45m.If the car increases its speed at a constant rate of 1.2m/s2 starting from rest, determine the time needed for it to reach an acceleration of 1.4m/s2. What is its speed at this instant?

    asked by shivankar
  75. Trigonometry

    Solve tan2 x + tan x – 1 = 0 for the principal value(s) to two decimal places. Please Explain

    asked by Cynthia
  76. Trigonometry

    Write tan(pi/4 - Beta) as a function of Beta only.

    asked by Cyndy
  77. Trigonometry

    write sin(125degrees) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle.

    asked by Cyndy
  78. Trigonometry

    Find the exact value of sin (195degrees)

    asked by Cyndy
  79. Trigonometry

    Find the exact value of tan2(Beta) if sin(Beta) = 5/13 (Beta in Quadrant II)

    asked by Marie
  80. Society & Environment Engineering

    The art of getting work done from the people for the predefined goal is called a)Management b)Administration c)Both a & b d)None of these

    asked by Rajan
  81. law/421

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a noncompete clause as opposed to a nondisclosure clause

    asked by a
  82. math 1

    Kelly interviewed 75 customers at Borders about their magazine subscriptions. The revealed the following information: 32 had a subscription to Fortune 20 had a subscription to Newsweek 23 had a subscription to Time 9 had a subscription to Fortune and

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Health

    What type of questions should a patient ask a doctor before getting cosmetic surgery? A. How many years has the doctor performed the surgery B. Who administers the anesthesia C. In which state is the doctor licensed to practice surgery? D. All of the above

    asked by Aya
  84. Physics

    A 125 kg flatbottomed boat is floating along at 5.0 m/s, headed east. Sally Sue, standing at one end of the boat, starts to walk at 2.0 m/s, also to the east. If Sally’s mass is 65 kg, what is the speed of the boat as she walks along?

    asked by Zac
  85. Math

    Jim and Paula jointly purchase the half sausage-half veggie pizza for $21. Suppose that Paula values veggie pizza three times as much as she values sausage pizza. Find the dollar value to Paula of each of the following pieces of pizza: a. The veggie half

    asked by Meredith
  86. the world of brief history

    what of the following archaeological evidence suggests that the olmec where shamanistic?

    asked by april
  87. English

    I am psueo conducting an experiment on 144 freshmen high school students who are evenly divided into 6 groups. The treatment group are receiving a new instructional strategy that the control group is not receiving. A t-test was conducted after a pre-test

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Physics

    Suppose a nucleus of 93X236 fissions into two fragments whose mass ratio is 0.37:0.63. With the aid of the drawing, estimate the energy (in MeV) released during this fission. The drawing Shows A large. The A1 smaller the A2, A2 is nearly double the size of

    asked by Beth
  89. Ss

    In the late 1800s mant industrialists set up welfare institutions and help the urban poor?

    asked by Casey
  90. budgeting

    Georges car insurance comes due every six months.what is the best way to budget for this expense? A

    asked by jessica
  91. algebra

    Begining loan is 1400 ending amount is 1700 compounded quarterly over 9yrs what is the interest rate?

    asked by Cumberland
  92. Physics

    A 140 g, 90.0 mph fastball comes across the plate very nearly horizontally and is batted at 90.0 mph at a 30.0 O angle (above the horizontal) toward center field. (a) Determine the impulse (in N.s) acting on the ball. (b) If the impact time is 0.00080 s,

    asked by Zac
  93. the world of brief history

    according to the text, the development of agriculture could have ben a result of all the following except

    asked by april
  94. Physica

    if an averge current of 5.5 Amp is passing through aconductor for 2 min . what is the charge in Coulomb ( C ) crosstional areaed any cross sectional area

    asked by mmm
  95. health

    : Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking What are some of the challenges to achieving overall health and wellness? How can you overcome these challenges

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Trigonometry

    Write cos (lambda + pi/3) as a function of lambda only.

    asked by Cyndy
  97. budgeting

    financial advisors generally

    asked by jessica
  98. Health

    Cosmetic surgery is more likely to lead to disappointment if a person is ________. A. Seeking surgery with the hope of influencing a change in oneself B. Seeking surgery with the hope of influencing a change in someone else C. Seeking surgery with the hope

    asked by Aya
  99. HEALTH

    Regular exercise has been shown to boost ________. A. Energy levels B. Self-esteem C. Self-image D. All of the above D?

    asked by Aya
  100. world a abrief history

    the expansion of agriculture can be traced across sub- saharan africa through the spread of the what language group

    asked by april
  101. accounting

    explaintwo ways accounting data is used in abusiness decision

    asked by yuvone
  102. com

    Post a 175- to 225-word response to the following question · A good paragraph has three key parts, one of which is a topic sentence. What do you think would be the reaction of a reader if the topic sentences in an essay did not align with the supporting

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Trigonometry

    Prove that sin^2(Omega) - Cos^2(Omega) / tan(Omega) sin(Omega) + cos(Omega) tan(Omega) = cos(Omega) - cot (Omega) cos (omega) If could explain, please. That would be great (:

    asked by Marie
  104. Trigonometry

    Write 2sin37(degrees)sin26(Degrees) as a sum (or difference)

    asked by Cynthia
  105. Society & Environment Engineering

    ___________is the scientific study of human society and social interaction

    asked by Rajan
  106. ALGEBRA 117

    HI I am stuck on how they work this one problem S= 4m how fast was the car travling to have skid maks of 121 feet can someone help me please

    asked by BERNIE
  107. math

    Draw one more rectangle using a ratio of 1:3 (a rectangle that is triple the width and length of the original shape). Determine and label the perimeter and area.

    asked by monica
  108. math

    What are the final two digits of 7^177

    asked by Anonymous
  109. the world of brief history

    according to the text, the development of agriculture could have ben a result of all the following except

    asked by april
  110. history millennium B.C.E/

    the root cause of the crisis that many states faced at the end of the sexond millennium B.C.E. were?

    asked by april
  111. Physica

    if an averge current of 5.5 Amp is passing through aconductor for 2 min . what is the charge in Coulomb ( C ) crosstional areaed any cross sec

    asked by LOlo
  112. pharmacy technician

    you need to prepare 180g of a 10% cream using 30% stock cream and a cream much needed of each

    asked by cleondra
  113. algebra

    when using a 1% cream to produce a 4% cream how many parts will be needed?

    asked by cleondra
  114. Math

    √3:(54s^5 t^6

    asked by Anonymous
  115. world a abrief history

    neaderthals lived alingside homo sapiens for thousands of years, what happened while living next to one another?

    asked by april
  116. hcs/320

    how might a provider encourage a reluctlant consumer to communicate candidly?

    asked by Anonymous
  117. businss

    what does it mean about incentative laguage?

    asked by Jessica