Questions Asked on
July 26, 2012

  1. math

    A six-sided die (with numbers 1 through 6) and an eight-sided die (with numbers 1 through 8) are rolled. What is the probability that there is exactly one 6 showing? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. physics

    A 5-g ice cube at ?4°C is dropped into 60 g of water at 40°C. (For the following problems, use the specific heats in this table and the numerical data found in this table.) (a) After enough time has passed to allow the ice cube and water to come into

    asked by lanre
  3. stats

    2. A standardized exam was provided to all 3rd graders in Arizona schools. The average score was 75 with a standard deviation of 10. Assuming that the scores were normally distributed, answer the following questions. (a) What z-score corresponds with a

    asked by taylor quenzler
  4. math

    A childrens play area is triangular. The sides of the play area measure 90m ,225m and 255m respectively . Calculate the area of the play area?

    asked by donovan
  5. Anatomy and Physiology

    If one solution is 1000 x as acidic as another, how many pH units would there be between the two?

    asked by Molly
  6. chemistry

    A sample of gas with a mass of 1.62 g occupies a volume of 941 mL at a pressure of 748 torr and a temperature of 20.0 C. What is the molar mass of the gas?

    asked by kris
  7. chemistry

    How many moles of compound are in 26.5g of Na2CO3 x 10H2O?

    asked by valencia
  8. Question Please

    I just need help understanding something. My homework reads: These chapters introduced you to the role of art in architecture in each of these cultures (Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic art), the link they provide me is suppose to give me access to

    asked by Anonymous
  9. chemistry

    a mixture of NaCl and NaBr has a mass of 2.06 g and is found to contain 0.75 g of na what is the mass of NaBr in the mixture ?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. chemistry

    What does 1.5 fold dilution and 2.5 fold dilution mean?

    asked by Anne
  11. math

    Three fair quarters are tossed, and a tail appears on at least one of them. What is the probability that at least one head appears? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. chemistry

    What does 1.5 fold dilution and 2.5 fold dilution mean?

    asked by Jenni
  13. Calculus AP

    Evaluate the integral interval from [0 to pi] t sin(3t)dt Use integration by parts u=t and dv=sin(3t)dt. then du=dt and v=-cos(3t)/3 here is my problem but Im having problem to solve with pi. ∫t sin(3t)dt = -tcos(3t)/3 - ∫[-cos(3t)/3]dt =-tcos(3t)/3 +

    asked by Vicky
  14. trig

    find sin theta and tan theta if cos theta = 2/3 and cot theta is >0 and find cos theta and cot theta if sin theta = 1/3 and tan theta is

    asked by skye
  15. Physics

    A popular carnival ride consists of a large, round room that rotates fast enough that any person standing against the wall will be stuck there, even as the floor is dropped away from their feet. The coefficient of static friction between the person and the

    asked by Zac
  16. physics

    On the Moon, a falling object falls just 2.65 feet in the first second after being dropped. Each second it falls 5.3 feet farther than in the previous second. How far would an object fall in the first ten seconds after being dropped?

    asked by ky
  17. Physics

    A car with fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror by a single string drives along at a constant 25.0 m/s. a) If the dice have a mass of 0.030 kg, what is the angle of the string (relative to vertical)? b) What is the tension in the string? c) As the

    asked by Zac
  18. Physics

    In the Daytona 500 car race in Daytona, FL, a curve in the oval track has a radius of 316 m (near the top of the curve) and is banked at 31.0 O . a) What speed would be necessary to make this turn if there was no friction on the road? b) If the coefficient

    asked by Zac
  19. Chemistry

    Find the volume, in L, of 100g gas mixture containing 10.0 mol% hydrogen in nitrogen at 30.0C and 5.00 atm. Use the avg molecular wt. what is the molar concentration of hydrogen, in mol/L, in the gas mixture? what is the average mass denisity in g/L

    asked by Simon
  20. math

    Richard is standing between two buildings in a town house development.The building on the left is 9 m away and the angle of elevation to its security spotlight A is 68 degrees. The building on the right is 6m away and the angle of elevation to its security

    asked by donovan
  21. Chem

    The molecular weight of CaCl2 is 110.98 g/mol. In order to make up 500.0 ml of a 0.500 M solution, you need how many g?

    asked by Danny
  22. chem

    Cesium-137 has a half life of 30.0 years. If initially there are 8.0 kg of cesium-137 present in a sample, how many kg will remain after 60.0 years?

    asked by brian
  23. geometry

    Segment AB is a midsegment of trapezoid WXYZ, and segment ZY is parallel to segment WX. Determine WX if AB = 10 cm and ZY = 7 cm. Justify your answer.

    asked by victoria
  24. physics

    Suppose 300 g of water at 20°C is poured over a 50-g cube of ice with a temperature of -6°C. If all the ice melts, what is the final temperature of the water? If all of the ice does not melt, how much ice remains when the water–ice mixture reaches

    asked by lanre
  25. Physics

    Starting from rest, a 6.70 kg object falls through some liquid and experiences a resistive (drag) force that is linearly proportional to the velocity of the object. It's measured that the object reaches half its terminal speed at 4.50 s. a) What is the

    asked by Zac
  26. Physics

    Assume the Earth is a perfect sphere of radius 6,400 kilometers. Find the weight of a 75.0 kg person at the North pole. Find the weight of this same person at the equator. (You don't need to use Newton's Law of Gravitation but you do need to analyze the

    asked by Zac
  27. physics

    A 25-g lead bullet is shot with a speed of 240 m/s into a wooden wall. Assuming that 70% of the kinetic energy is absorbed by the bullet as heat (and 30% by the wall), what is the final temperature of the bullet? (Assume the bullet is initially at room

    asked by lanre
  28. math

    given the points A(0,0) ,B(4,3),C(2,9) what is the measure of < ABC?

    asked by donovan
  29. chem

    A typical party balloon when inflated has a volume of 7.3 L. How many moles of helium are in the balloon if the pressure of helium is 1.2 atm and the temperature is 20.7 °C? Take the value of R to be 0.08206 L-atm/mol-K.

    asked by hhh
  30. English

    The internet is a/an source. A. print B. electronic C. non-print D. media I can't choose between choice B and choice D.

    asked by Emma
  31. math

    a security camera needs to be set so that its angle of view includes the area from a doorway to the edge of a parking lot.The doorway is 16m from the camera. The edge of the parking lot is 24m from the camera .The doorway is 28m from the edge of the

    asked by donovan
  32. Physics

    At the instant a traffic light turns green, an automobile that has been waiting at an intersection starts moving forward with a constant acceleration of 2.00m/s(squared). At the same time a truck traveling with a constant speed of 18m/s, overtakes and

    asked by clarke
  33. math

    A cone has a height of 10cm and a volume of 350cm cubed. what is the radius of the cone?

    asked by donovan
  34. Mathematics

    an aircraft's reading shows time 8:55 at distance travelled 957km time 9:07 at distance travelled 1083 calculate distance travelled in km calculate the average speed of aircraft in km/h (for the 1st question 1083-957= 126km) (the second one should i add

    asked by INDIANA
  35. American Government

    With which of the following statements would the Founding Fathers have disagreed? A.Government, which exists to regulate the behavior of the people, must itself be regulated. (B.) For the sake of simplicity, all the powers of government should be

    asked by Isis
  36. math

    a square based pyramid has a volume of 1100 mm cubed its height is 15 mm calculate the dimensions of the base of the pyramid?

    asked by donovan
  37. Statistics

    Given the sample mean of GPA, the sample SD, and the SE below: SM: 3.2454 SD: 0.4635 SE: 0.0309 construct a 99.7% confidence interval for the population mean gpa. My answer: 3.2145 to 9.6435

    asked by Sheri
  38. Statistics

    A researcher wants to see if gender plays a role in where we sit in a restaurant. An analysis of survey data yields the following contingency table, chi-squared value, and p-value: Tabulated statistics: Gender, Seating Rows: Gender Columns: Seating Back

    asked by Sheri
  39. stats

    4. Data from the 2008 General Social Survey (GSS) sample show that the mean number of children per respondent was 1.94 with a standard deviation of 1.70. A total of 2,020 people answered this question. (a) Estimate the population mean number of children

    asked by taylor quenzler

    Describe the processes of transcription and translation and correctly identify the anticodon for the following DNA template strand-ACG TGG GCA TGA ACG TGG. Which amino acids do these anticodon represent?

    asked by NAN
  41. Physics

    If a wire of resistance R, resistivity ñ "roe", length L, and cross sectional area A, had its length doubled and radius halved, what would be the ratio of R'/R. Where R' is the new resistance of the wire. I thought it would be 4 times R, giving the ratio

    asked by Lauren
  42. Debating - subsidies, the arts

    Could anyone help me come up with some points as to subsidies for the arts benefit the individual (both in society and the individual artist), and how taking subsidies away from the arts sector would be detrimental to the individual? Any help would be much

    asked by Cally
  43. books

    "Hi. This is my first time here. Anyway, what do I do to answer this statement?- 'Discuss the the narrator's success in the context of this statement. (Statement: How can a mother's pleas... [Source: The Pact])'"

    asked by Noah
  44. healthcare management

    Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper on essential communication in a community crisis situation described in the scenario. Include the following in your paper: • The individuals or groups that will be communicating inside and outside the organization

    asked by Marcus
  45. math

    y = x2 + 6x

    asked by harry
  46. Science 10

    The symbol of the lead(IV) ion is ?

    asked by Amber
  47. American Government

    Most amendments have _____. (A.) expanded and clarified the principles embodied in the Constitution B. radically changed and undermined the principles of the Constitution C. been approved just by Congress D. restricted the right to vote

    asked by Isis
  48. physics

    The label on a soft drink states that 15 fl. oz (444 g) provides 170 kcal. The drink is cooled to 11.0°C before it is consumed. It then reaches body temperature of 37°C. Find the net energy content of the drink. (Hint: You can treat the soft drink as

    asked by lanre
  49. American Government

    The Constitution created a confederate system of government?

    asked by Isis
  50. chemistry .....please help

    Which of these temperatures is closest to 100 K? A. -173 °C B. 18 °C C. 0 °F D. 212 °F

    asked by lalt
  51. algebra*

    Find the following product: -9x^5y(-5x^4y^6) A)-14x^9y^7 B)45x^9y^7 C)-9x^5y-5x^4y^6 D)45x^20y^6

    asked by Anna
  52. english 111

    the gardner put in pinch of grass seed wherever he pulled out a weed

    asked by kaljia
  53. stats

    3. The mean family income in Arizona is about $64,750 with a standard deviation (for the population) of $59,750. Imagine that you are taking a sample of 200 randomly selected state residents. (a) What is the probability that your sample mean is between

    asked by taylor quenzler
  54. business

    250-word essay in the description of a business scenario, real or fiction that depicts each of the following forms of bussiness organization: joint-stock company, liability company, sole proprietorship, and partnership

    asked by candy
  55. Science

    You are a Chemical engineer, trying to synthesize N2H4(l). Your boss suggests that you try to synthesis it from the elements, nitrogen and hydrogen, at 25 celsius and 1.0 atm (since this would be a cheap way of doing it). Write a short note to sent to your

    asked by Sue
  56. chem

    Of 1.00g of A reacts with 1.50g of B, what is the mass of C how do i do this? Law of conservationn of mass, but not sure where to start?

    asked by jen
  57. Physics

    Consider a spider walking from the top of a (stationary) beach ball. (Let that angular position = 0 O .) The spider finds it loses its grip when the normal force between it and the surface is less than 1/2 of its weight. At what angle does this slipping

    asked by Zac
  58. Statistics

    Given the sample mean of GPA, the sample SD, and the SE below: SM: 3.2454 SD: 0.4635 SE: 0.0309 construct a 68% confidence interval for the population mean gpa My answer is: 0.4635 to 3.7089

    asked by Sheri
  59. Physics

    starting from your house, run 2oom east at an average speed of 4m/s, then turn around and run 280m west at an average spped of 7m/s to a post. 1) calculate Average velocity from house to post 2)average speed

    asked by carak
  60. math

    Please show steps and give me explanations! Thank you. 1. If x=1/2, what is the value of 1/x+1/x-1 ? The answer is 0. 2. The sequence ZWYX may be changed in either two ways. Either two adjacent letters may be interchanged or the entire sequence may be

    asked by Clara
  61. Physic

    What are the primary differences between the different types of objects that live in the solar system?

    asked by Gerson
  62. Math152

    First, you must determine how many tickets are possible. In your state, the lottery balls have the numbers 1-46 on them and you must pick 6 numbers. a. Determine how many possible tickets exist for your state lottery. b. Now, you need to come up with a

    asked by Reo
  63. math

    Find the coordinates of vertex for the parabola given by the equation f(x)=3x^2-x-1

    asked by Corrine
  64. Physic

    What are some sources of energy that are available to heat the interiors of planets?

    asked by David
  65. chemistry .....please help

    When a bond is formed, energy is _________ the environment. A. released into B. released from C. kept stable in

    asked by lalt
  66. physics

    The thermal conductivity of fiberglass batting, which is 9.4 in thick, is 8.6 10-6 BTU/(ft °F s). What is the R value (in ft2 °F h/BTU)?

    asked by lanre
  67. Financial Planning

    What are the long term and short term effects of credit and debt?

    asked by Pat
  68. check geo

    the us is a leading exporter of a.oil natural gases b.rice products c.beef and grain. d.cranberries and rasberries

    asked by jazz
  69. social studies

    whatevent led the United States protest German actions in 1915

    asked by allison
  70. com/155

    Review the steps in the prewriting phase of essay writing. How important do you think prewriting is to the success of an essay? Can you skip the prewriting phase? Why or why not?

    asked by aj
  71. English

    Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and make any corrections necessary: "I wanted to stay for dessert, but I taking an exam early the next morning."

    asked by Shorty
  72. English

    Explain what is wrong with the following sentence and reviseas needed to correctthe problem: "While repelling from the cliff, my backpack slipped and fell to the canyon floor."

    asked by Shorty
  73. 9th grade math

    How does 3 and5/8 minus1 and3/4 equal1 and3/4

    asked by nita
  74. 9th grade math

    How does 3 and5/8 minus1 and3/4 equal1 and3/4

    asked by nita
  75. math- finding zeros

    Using the given zero, find all the zeroes and write a linear factorization of f(x) 1 + i is a zero of f(x)= x4-2x^3-x^2 + 6x -6 I did synthetic division and I got that it wasn't a zero?

    asked by greeny
  76. physical

    three blocks,each with same mass, stacked one upon the other. the bottom block rest on a frictionlesshorizontal surface and is being pulled by a force F that is parrallel to this surface.the surface where the blocks touch each other have identical

    asked by nkosingiphile
  77. Life sciences

    How can hiv and aids affect human problem impact on the community?

    asked by Ayanda
  78. english

    Jacob, my best friend, believes that he is as smart as I am. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone understands the directions, it is she.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Math

    I have this question for summer homework: "Mary's quiz scores were 92, 85, 78, 71, 77, and 80. She says she had an average of 92 for her quiz scores. Which term best describes her average score? a. mean b. median c. mode d. range" I calculated the mean,

    asked by Anna
  80. Physics

    The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has recorded evidence of a black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy. Using Doppler data, it's been measured that matter is orbiting the center of this galaxy at an orbital speed of 7.5x10 5 m/s, out at a radius of 5.7x10

    asked by Zac
  81. readings in world civilization

    Kindly please check my answers. Thanks 1. As expressed in your readings, which of these statements best expresses the crucial paradox of the twentieth century? A. Human life is disregarded as nations seek global security. B. War in the name of liberty

    asked by maria
  82. to ms.sue- math project.

    i don't get what it means when it says "create your own set of multiplication flash cards for all tables from two to twelve." i don't get what it means when it says "for all tables from two to twelve"

    asked by Celest
  83. to ms.sue-project math

    create your own set of multiplication flash cards for all tables from two to twelve is it like they just want me to do times tables like: 2 * 1 2 * 2 (2 times to 12 then 3 *1 3 *2 (then so on to 12?

    asked by Celest
  84. writing

    • Your aunt arrives with a huge box. You hear strange noises coming from the box. Write a story about what’s inside. i need some ideas, i don't know how to start this story

    asked by Celest
  85. to PsyDAG

    i don't get when it says create your own set of multiplication flash cards for all tables from two to twelve

    asked by Celest
  86. Trig Functions

    Which of the following lists contains only functions with vertical asymptotes in their graphs? A. Cosine, sine, tangent, cotangent B. Tangent, secant, cosecant, cotangent C. Sine, tangent, secant, cosecant D. Cosine, sine, secant, cosecant

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Trigonometry

    What is the period of y = ã3sin (1/3x-ã1/3)? A, 6ƒÎ B. ã3ƒÎ C, 2ƒÎ/3 D. ƒÎ/3 What is tan^-1 ã3/3? A. ƒÎ/6 B. ƒÎ/4 C. -ƒÎ/3 D. -ƒÎ/4 What is the frequency of y = tan (ƒÎ/3 x) ? A. 3 B. 1/6 C. ƒÎ/3 D. 1/3 What is the amplitude

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Science

    How can we use Kepler's laws or Newton's laws to learn about these objects?

    asked by David
  89. science


    asked by David
  90. art history

    Discuss how the Italo-Byzantine sense can be seen as an evident in Berlinghieri’s St. Francis Altarpiece

    asked by tiffany
  91. Trigonometry

    how many solutions does the system {y = x, y = tan x have? what is sec^-1 (sec-ð)?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. English

    A book or magazine in its original form is a/an ________ source. A. media B. print C. electronic D. oral I think it's B.

    asked by Emma
  93. Science , PLEASE HELP !

    3 things that all life have in common and an explanation for the meaning of each?

    asked by Maryam (:
  94. chemistry .....please help

    The direction that heat will flow is BEST determined by _____. A. energy B. pressure C. temperature D. potential energy

    asked by lalt
  95. math

    what%is 234 of 450

    asked by kim
  96. biotechnology

    what is the physical ane chemical differance bn NaBR ane KBr?

    asked by aashutosh
  97. 9th grade math

    How does 3 and5/8 minus1 and3/4 equal1 and3/4

    asked by nita
  98. Algebra

    Is it possible to factor a sum of two squares by using real numbers?

    asked by Liz
  99. chemistry

    Suppose you mix 50 grams of CO and 10 grams of H2. How many grams of methanol can be produced?

    asked by james
  100. Algebra*

    Short Answer. Find the following product: -3z(-z^2-9)

    asked by Anna
  101. planar geometry

    The triangle with vertices (0, 0), (2, -5), and (7, -3) is? a. right. b. equilateral. c. isoceles. d. scalene.

    asked by Tifini
  102. language atrs

    In which sentence does the italicized pronoun agress in numbers with its italicized antecedent? The boys want their dessert now. The waiter refilled their glasses as they emptied it.

    asked by sandra
  103. literature

    . Which of these sentences uses grammar correctly? (Points : 1) Whom may I say is calling? Who may I say is calling? Whose calling?

    asked by joanna
  104. Algebra*

    Short Answer. Find the following product: (x+7)^2

    asked by Anna
  105. Algebra*

    Short Answer. Find the following quotient: x^2-36/x+6

    asked by Anna
  106. physical science

    what are the number of moles of phosphorus in 15 moles of Ca3(PO4)2

    asked by ann
  107. law/421

    What is the relationship between the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and censorship when doing business?

    asked by anita
  108. chemistry

    You have .1 moles of H3PO4 in a soln with a total volume of 250 mL. You then add .15 moles of NaOH and dilute the soln to a total volume of 1L calculate the pH of the resulting soln and the concentrations of all aqueous species. Thanks!!!!

    asked by kellie
  109. chemistry

    You are given 50 mL of .25 M citric acid. How many moles of NaOH would you need to add to obtain a soln with a pH of 6.7? Assume volume unchanged Ka1=7.4E-4 Ka2=1.7E-5 Ka3=4E-7

    asked by megan
  110. to ms.sue-math project

    i still don't get it.but it says for all tables.

    asked by Celest
  111. math

    how far would a 50 lb object travel when hit by a 2200lb object at 30 mph?

    asked by gene
  112. 7th grade math

    1. Substitute: Ms.Kubagwa is six years younger than Ms. Vea. The sum of there ages is 52 years. I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO HERE!! 2.Ms.starbrowski has four more pens than Mr.Dukeman. Together they have 34 pens. How many pens does Ms.Starbrowski have?

    asked by Alyssa
  113. Statistics

    A regression equation was calculated and is given below. The values for Miss America are values such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Regression Analysis: GPA versus Miss America The regression equation is GPA = 3.32 - 0.0890 Miss America b. What is the response

    asked by Sheri
  114. poetry

    For "My Papa's Waltz," one possible interprtation is that the speaker is A.afraid of his father B.angry with his fathers rough behavior C.dissapointed with his father D.offended by his mothers reaction to the waltzing

    asked by Abe
  115. Ms Sue

    Is the building, San Vitale.. considered to be Byzantine .. it does not have a dome.

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Astronomy

    How were the different objects in the solar system discovered? What are the properties of the ice giants?

    asked by David