Questions Asked on
July 25, 2012

  1. chemistry

    When the conductivity is at a minimum, what must be true about the amount of Ba(OH)2 compared to H2SO4? The Ba(OH)2 dissociates as Ba+2 + 2 OH-. H2SO4 dissociates as 2 H+ + SO4-2. Why does it not conduct at this low point? Why does it conduct more before

    asked by Sara
  2. Geometry

    The diagonals of an isosceles trapezoid divided it into one pair of congruent triangles and one pair of similar triangles.

    asked by Sara
  3. Physics - Electromagnetism

    This is the last question for a final exam preparation sheet and I can't figure out the answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. - One very long wire carries current 10.0 A to the left along the x axis. A second very long wire carries

    asked by Robert
  4. design

    1. Because they’re closer to the body than nightgowns, pajamas for children are considered to be A. less of a fire hazard than nightgowns. B. safer when stitched with cotton thread. C. very dangerous in brushed nylon fabric. D. extremely flammable in any

    asked by need to check my answers
  5. Physics

    A block of mass m = 2.00 kg rests on the left edge of a block of mass M = 8.00 kg. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the two blocks is 0.300, and the surface on which the 8.00- kg block rests is frictionless. A constant horizontal force of

    asked by Zac
  6. physics

    A uniform electric field is directed upward and has a magnitude of 5 N/C. What are the magnitude and direction of the force on a charge of -3 C placed in this field? F=Eq E=5 q=-3 5(-3)=-15N Downward Ok I have the downward correct the -15 is incorrect. Did

    asked by kkpdiluvu
  7. design

    1. For which figure type are the lines of this gown most flattering? A. Tall.( yes) B. Short or plump C. Thin D. Average 2. For which figure type are the lines of this dress most helpful? A. Tall B. Short or plump C. Thin D. Average.(yes) 3. Which detail

    asked by need to check my answers
  8. Physics

    A 12.0 kg block sits on a frictionless table. On top of this block is placed a 5.00 kg block. The coefficient of static friction between the two blocks is 0.70. a) What is the maximum force that can be applied horizontally to the 5.00 kg block before it

    asked by Zac
  9. writing skills 1

    1.How are the ideas in the following two sentences tied together? The best time I had all summer was the night of Sherry's party.The worst was the nexy day. A.sentences closely conneceted in meaning B.word pointers connective D.a connective my answer

    asked by FancyPanda23
  10. statistics

    1. How do the 3rd grade boys’ weight in Principal Ben’s school compare to the national average (mean weight = 90, sd =15)? Provide the IV, DV, and best method of analysis

    asked by jackie
  11. automotive repair

    19. In a cylinder block, the opening that the valve head rests in is called the valve A. margin. C. stem. B. seat. D. guide.

    asked by chuck
  12. literature

    Chief Seattle contrasts the religions of the whites and of his people by saying the Native American religion exists "in the hearts of the people" while the religion of the writers is written on tablets of stone by A.Moses B.angry God C.seekers after truth

    asked by Anonymous
  13. geometry

    Find the volume of a rectangular solid with the following dimensions: 2√3 cm x 7√5 cm x 4√6 cm.

    asked by AJ
  14. Introduction to HS

    I am having trouble with a question. In order to get an idea of significant subject areas in a chapter, it is best to read the. A. Subheads B. Graphics C. Captions D. Table of contents In my study guide it states : Read all the subheadings and

    asked by Kristin
  15. chemistry

    I need to write a balanced equation and indicate the type of reaction phosphoric acid + magnesium hydroxide= magnesium phosphate+ water

    asked by Branden
  16. drama(lit)

    1. In his comedies, Shakespeare is well known for A.the device of mistaken identity B.fatally flawed characters C.revealing great heroes as common fools unusual use of Middle English 2.Prior to the Renaissance, the human bosy was seen as A.proof that

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    Mass 1 and mass 2 are connected as shown by a massless, non-stretch rope that passes over a massless, frictionless pulley. The masses are on inclines which have friction. When the angles of the string are as given, mass 1 experiences an acceleration up the

    asked by Zac
  18. physics

    A wire has a resistance of 27.2 ohms. It is melted down, and from the same volume of metal a new wire is made that is 3 times longer than the original wire. What is the resistance of the new wire? Resistance and length of wire are proportional, but what I

    asked by Lauren
  19. chemistry .....please help :)

    Sitting in a chairlift, Rebecca has a gravitational potential energy of 5,997.6 J. If Rebecca has a mass of 51 kg, how high off the ground is the lift? A. 6 m B. 12 m C. 118 m D. 612 m

    asked by lalt
  20. Math

    Set up an equation that can be used to solve the problem. Solve the equation and answer the question asked. A car rental agency charges $250 per week plus $0.25 per mile to rent a car. How many miles can you travel in one week for $450

    asked by gokp
  21. anatomy

    what is peritonitis and why is it common for men not in women

    asked by erianne
  22. Pre-Calculus

    is f(x)=9x^(5/3) a power function?

    asked by Assad
  23. Math

    the function KE(v)=(1/2)kv^5 , given that k is a constant,is an example of a power function?

    asked by Assad
  24. Math

    synthetic division and the factor theorm indicate that x-3 is a factor of x^3-x^2-x-15.... true or false?

    asked by Assad
  25. Physics

    A U-tube contains two fluids with densities ρ1 = 1070 kg/m3 and ρ2 = 595 kg/m3 as sketched below. What is the difference d in the heights of the top surfaces of the two fluids?

    asked by Sierra
  26. Biochemistry

    In naming polypeptides, if asparagine is the second peptide from the N terminal, would it be named asparagyl? Would aspartate be aspartyl if it is the second peptide from the N terminal of a polypeptide?

    asked by Shelby
  27. Physics

    Two metal blocks are attached by a cable as shown in the figure below and are submerged at rest near the surface of a lake. If the volumes are V1 = 2.1 m3 and V2 = 1.1 m3, what is the total buoyant force on the two blocks?

    asked by Sierra
  28. physics

    In a hydraulic piston set up, one circular piston has a diameter of 2 cm,while the other piston has a diameter of 6cm. Calculate the ratio of the force exerted by the larger piston to the force applied to the smaller piston?

    asked by buh1
  29. calculus

    can someone please explain why the answer to this is negative infinity? I keep getting positive. lim x--> - infinity x^3-2/x^2+x

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Physics

    What mass of ice at 0 oC must you add to 0.5 kg of water at 22 oC to bring the final temperature of the water to 5 oC? (cice = cvapor = 0.5 cliq , cliq = 1 cal/(g oC), hfusion = 80 cal/g, hvaporiztion = 540 cal/g) A. 5.9 B.71 C 100 D106 E1.7

    asked by Carrie
  31. Physics

    PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!!!!!!! step by step a) find the acceleration experienced by the driver of a car traveling at 50km/h if the car hits a pole and crumples 50cm. b) repeat part a) for a car traveling 100km/h

    asked by ice
  32. use chebyshev's theorem to find what percent of th

    use chebyshev's theorem to find what percent of the values will fall between 241 and 349 for a data set with a mean of 295 and standard deviation of 18

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Physics

    PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!!!!!!! step by step a) find the acceleration experienced by the driver of a car traveling at 50km/h if the car hits a pole and crumples 50cm. b) repeat part a) for a car traveling 100km/h

    asked by ice
  34. use chebyshev's theorem to find what percent of th

    use chebyshev's theorem to find what percent of the values will fall between 241 and 349 for a data set with a mean of 295 and standard deviation of 18

    asked by Anonymous
  35. geometry

    how do you find the perimeter of a triangle, longest side is 48cm, line down the middle is 8 and the sides are both 10.

    asked by tim
  36. chemistry

    if the solute is MgSO4 and it is disolved in 800g water water are the ideal melting and boiling pionts of the solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. arithmetic

    Three men are working together can finish a house repair job in 10 days. How many days will 5 men working at the same rate finish the same job?

    asked by reena
  38. English 3

    Identify the gerund phrase and its noun use. The little boy left home without telling his mother Gerund phrase: left home without telling Noun use: direct objest am i right

    asked by Amy
  39. English 3

    Identify the italicized phrase. Charmed by her gracious manner, the producer offered her a contract. A. Participle B. Gerund C. Infinitive D. Appositive

    asked by Amy
  40. algebra

    Complete the factoring. 3x^3+9x^2+6x

    asked by Christina
  41. business

    Expand or reduce ? Mandy has a study for contracts at $50,000, of which %7,000 is variable cost of supplies. She is currently charging $20 per test She is thinking of lowering her price by 20% in hopes of rasiign current vol. of 10,000 tests by 15%. If she

    asked by Mia
  42. Calculus

    Find the area bounded by y= -0.5x+6, y= !/4 x and the y-axis. Sketch a graph of the two functions and shade in the area.

    asked by Fred
  43. ME ENG

    Hello. I need to prepare 1 liter of a buffer of 0.1M , pH=6.0. (Acid =HCl, base=Sodium tetraborate) I have in the lab: 320331 Sigma-Aldrich hydrochloric acid ACS reagent, 37% . and 221732 Sigma-Aldrich Sodium Tetraborate (Molecular Weight : 201.22 g/mol).

    asked by santiago
  44. Physics

    A heavy concrete panel is being lifted into position in a building by means of a crane (see figure below). The tension of 2.52 104 N in the supporting cable produces a torque with respect to point O. (Let L = 41.0 m.) (a) Does this torque tend to rotate

    asked by Velma
  45. math

    how to solve 20-1/5d=3/10d+16

    asked by jessica
  46. math

    A tower casts a shadow 22 feet long. If the angle of depression lookig down from the top of the tower to the tip of the shadow is 14 degrees, what is the height of the tower

    asked by Anonymous
  47. ecnomic

    Due to an increase in her rent, Isa needs to cut back her spending on other items. Which of the following types of goods will Isa consume less of?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physics

    A car with a mass of 1500 kg moves at 26 m/s. What braking force is needed to bring the car to a halt in 10 s?

    asked by DENNIS
  49. health

    good dental hygiene for young children is most dependent upon 6 month check ups, toothpaste with flouride, proper tooth brushing

    asked by surz
  50. com 200

    Kyle has struggled to feel comfortable in science classes with labs since his junior year of high school, when a solution he was working with ignited. He was always cautious with chemicals but his lab partner that year enjoyed seeing what would happen when

    asked by susie
  51. english

    Redarding the difference between fiction and nonfiction, which statement is most accurate A.writers of non fiction have no need to express passionate opinion B.nonfiction writers are more often free to move about in time and space C.nonfiction writers are

    asked by Anonymous
  52. pH preparation

    Hello. I need to prepare 1 liter of a buffer of 0.1M , pH=6.0. (Acid =HCl, base=Sodium tetraborate) I have in the lab: 320331 Sigma-Aldrich hydrochloric acid ACS reagent, 37% . and 221732 Sigma-Aldrich Sodium Tetraborate (Molecular Weight : 201.22 g/mol).

    asked by santiago
  53. English help

    Question 1 Marks: 1 A common theme that runs through all the sections of Song of Myself is Whitman's own — Choose one answer. a. belief in his power as a poet b. love of solitude c. inability to trust people d. failure to change the world Question 2

    asked by Jordan
  54. biochemistry

    You have a 100 mMoles of A in the 10 ml reaction mixture which contains buffer and enzyme. The reaction is allowed to reach equilibrium at 25 o C and you measure the concentration of B as 10 mM. What is the delta Go' for the reaction in KJ.

    asked by Sarah
  55. science

    The solubility of sodium chloride is 36.0 g/100. ml of water, and the density of saturated NaCl solution is 1.202 g/mL.. I have 500. mL of a 1.00 M NaCl solution. If I boil it to the point of saturation, what is the final volume?

    asked by Nasser
  56. early childhood education

    typically when paired with a boy in a laboratory play session a two year old girl os likely to

    asked by sara
  57. Law/421

    If a zoo houses a venomous snake and the snake escapes its confines leaving the zoo and gets into a neighbors yard striking a young child. Should the zoo be considered negligent or should the zoo be considered strictly liable . Why or why not?

    asked by anita
  58. Algebra

    The bicyclists were 300 miles apart at 3 p.m. and were headed toward each other. If they met at 9 p.m. and one was traveling 20 mph faster than the other, what was the speed of each bicyclist? So far these are the equations I have gotten: Distance1 +

    asked by Alyonka
  59. statistics

    DOES ANYONE EVEN ANSWER THESE HOMEWORK CHECKS?I have posted 3 or 4 Q/A and no one answers---any other sites better???

    asked by Sheri
  60. physical science

    A train sounding its horn is approaching an observer. The pitch of the horn's sound relative to its normal pitch is???

    asked by ali
  61. Sociology

    Observation Setting: What would be some ethical issues/problems when observing a public setting like a restaurant? Thanks

    asked by Bee
  62. world literature

    In the story" the Background" the type of humor the authors uses is satire. The satire is aimed at two targets: the government and art critics. Choose one of these targets and explain how satire is used to make fun of it. Use examples from the story to

    asked by Shawnda
  63. science

    To calculate the area of the front surface of a box you?

    asked by Delissa
  64. world literature

    in the story "the night the ghost got in" Downstairs , we could hear the tromping of the other police. Police were all over the place; doors were yanked open , drawers were yanked open, windows were shot up and pulled sown, furniture feel with dull thumps.

    asked by Shawnda
  65. world literature

    Ther are several ways to learn about characters: through their appearance, actions, speech, thoughts, feelings, and descriptions by other characters. Take one character from " the night the ghost got in" and give two different examples of characterization.

    asked by Shawnda
  66. Algebra 2

    Find the product of (6+3i) (4-2i).

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Question (plz read)

    how many copies of a book is being sold on harpercollins & Random House since they're one of the world's must biggest publishers I'm curious I know the average of publishing is 500-1000

    asked by Laruen
  68. Physics

    A box starting from rest, slides down an incline which makes an angle of θ above the horizontal. The incline has a maximum height of h above the platform on which it sits which is itself H above the ground. The box leaves the end of the ramp and

    asked by Zac
  69. Statistics

    write a paper that involves designing, conducting, and analyzing results from your own experiment to test the sensory discrimination of one of your friends. Choose a friend who claims to be able to tell the difference between two very similar objects.

    asked by Kalin
  70. algebra 1

    how do you know when the line crosses the y axis while doing y interept, slope

    asked by amira
  71. reiny

    reiny why are you so smart thanks for aswering my question

    asked by amira
  72. Chem

    What is the hydroxide ion concentration of a solution prepared by dissolving 0.488 g of Mg(OH)2 in 236 mL of water? How do I solve this???

    asked by Carrie
  73. Physics

    A bucket is filled with a combination of water (density 1,000 kg/m3) and oil (density 700 kg/m3). These fluids do not mix. (The oil will float on top of the water.) If the layer of oil is 63 cm tall, what is the pressure at the interface between the oil

    asked by Sierra

    2. Are the student final exam scores in classroom A significantly different than the average of classroom B, 80%? Provide the IV, DV, and best method of analysis. (Points : 6)

    asked by jackie
  75. Physics

    A syringe has an area of 1.4 cm2 at its barrel and then narrows down to an area of 0.08 mm2 at the needle end. If a force of 5.5 N is applied to the syringe, what is the force produced at the tip of the needle?

    asked by Sierra
  76. Physics

    A block of mass 20 g sits at rest on a plate that is at the top of the fluid on one side of a U-tube as shown below. The U-tube contains two different fluids with densities ρ1 = 965 kg/m3 and ρ2 = 550 kg/m3 and has a cross sectional area A = 5.5 10-4 m2.

    asked by Sierra
  77. Physics

    You want to design a helium-filled balloon that will lift a total payload of 1225 kg. What volume of helium is needed to just barely lift this payload?

    asked by Sierra
  78. Physics

    Water is flowing through a pipe (area 4.0 cm2) that connects to a faucet adjusted to have an opening of 0.57 cm2. If the water is flowing at a speed of 5.3 m/s in the pipe, how long does it take for water from the faucet to fill a bucket of volume 0.11 m3?

    asked by Sierra
  79. Physics

    A tank of water sits at the edge of a table of height 1.4 m. The tank springs a very small leak at its base, and water sprays out a distance of 1.2 m from the edge of the table. What is the water level h in the tank? (Assume the tank is open to the air at

    asked by Sierra
  80. Math

    x^(2)-3x-6x+18 factor plz explain detail

    asked by gokp
  81. math

    Lane French had a bad credit rating and went to a local cash center. He took out a $111 loan payable in five weeks at $131.

    asked by lisa
  82. Math

    Sam measured the out side of his vegetable garden.The sides measured 6 feet, 3feet, 6feet, and 3 feet.How much fencing does sam need to put a fence around the whole garden?Show two different methods of finding the solution.

    asked by Rashida
  83. accounting

    The following information was made available from the income statement and balance sheet of Lauren Company. Item 12/31/10 12/31/09 Accounts Receivable $53,400 58,600 Accounts Payable 35,600 32,700 Merchandise Inventory 85,000 79,000 Sales (2010) 243,000

    asked by anon
  84. chemistry .....please help

    A 54 kg high jumper has a gravitational potential energy of 1,067 J at the height of his jump. How high did he jump? A. 1.2 m B. 2.0 m C. 3.2 m D. 4.1 m

    asked by lalt
  85. Science

    What is one way you could take action to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions?

    asked by Maryam (:
  86. Math (Algebra)

    solve by factoring: 7y^2+12y+13=3y^2+4

    asked by Sammie
  87. commas

    Training for the upcoming ten-mile marathon, Lizette includes more protein and complex carbohydrates in her diet.

    asked by Jeremai
  88. English

    How did ray bradburry motivates the main character in the story, the utterly perfect murder

    asked by Basha
  89. algebra

    Factor by grouping. 7z^2+21z-az-3a

    asked by Christina
  90. algebra

    Calculate. 7[6+(8)^3]

    asked by Christina
  91. chemistry

    When do phase transitions occur in molecules?

    asked by james
  92. policing system

    trademarks in united states police?

    asked by bong
  93. math

    the outer distance of a bicycle wheel is 95cm how many complete turns does the wheel make when the bicycle travels a distance of 350m?

    asked by Matilda
  94. Mathematics

    how do you calculate the time when average speed is given

    asked by Samara
  95. Physics review

    In this example, sound waves are created in a tube. The tube is partially filled with water and the level of water is adjusted in the tube until there is a standing wave. Draw the lowest frequency standing wave for the two water levels in the drawing. The

    asked by hayley

    Consider the following set of data. (25, 6), (25, 51), (62, 34), (84, 15), (112, 57), (122, 14) (a) Calculate the covariance of the set of data. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) 40.17 (b) Calculate the standard deviation of the six

    asked by Kim
  97. please help! :( math!

    A parent function generates a family of functions that are related to the parent by a combination of _____?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Integrated Math 1

    A parent function generates a family of functions that are related to the parent by a combination of _____.

    asked by Tifini
  99. statistics

    Given the sample mean of GPA, the sample SD, and the SE below: SM: 3.2454 SD: 0.4635 SE: 0.0309 constructa 95% confidence interval for the population mean gpa? my answer: 3.2454+0.0309 = 3.2763-0.0.0309=1.2454

    asked by Sheri
  100. Radicals and Trig.

    I am catching up over summer on math units that I have to rewrite. In my textbook it asks me to find the base of two triangles and add them together. the smallest angle of the larger triangle is 30 degrees. The opposite side to the angle is 40cm. it gives

    asked by SummerHomework
  101. math30

    Solve log2(x-1) = 5-log2(x+3) for x. base 2.

    asked by alejandro
  102. Physics

    The work done by an electric force in moving a charge from point A to point B is 3.75 x 10^-3 J. The electric potential difference between the two points is VA - VB = 54.6 V. What is the charge? Not sure if I did this correctly: I believe this is an

    asked by Dan
  103. science

    A shoe case weighing 40 lb is located on a scale inside a moving elevator that is going upward with the speed of 8 m/s. At time T1 elevator slows down with the acceleration of 3 m/s2 until the time T2. What are the the readings of the scale at T2 and T1

    asked by james
  104. chemistry

    What is the electronic transition for LiCl using this equation 1/(7.01 ×〖10〗^(-7) )= R_H (1/4- 1/(n_f^2 ))

    asked by mary
  105. math

    how many 7 digit telephone numbers can be made if every other digit is even

    asked by jenny
  106. English

    How did ray bradburry motivates the main character in the story, the utterly perfect murder

    asked by Basha
  107. English help

    1 Which of the following is NOT part of the process of synthesizing? a. finding main ideas b. finding supporting details c. determining a purpose d. comparing and contrasting ideas is it c?

    asked by Jordan
  108. chemistry

    I need to wtite a balanced equation and indicate the type of reaction for these questions 1) ammonium nitrite= nitrogen+ water 2) ammonia+ oxygen = nitrogen (ii) oxide + water 3) barium chloirde + sodium sulfate= sodium chloride + barium sulfate 4)

    asked by Branden
  109. English help

    Question 1 Marks: 1 Davey has decided to research the history of fire engines in America. To get started he's written a list of research questions. Which of the following questions is the best research question for him to ask? a. Who holds the patent for

    asked by Jordan
  110. world literature

    the story "My financial Career" (text pp. 336-378) and the "" the work of one day is gazed upon for one thousand days" ( text pp. 257-263 ) deal with the similar subject matter of finance and business; however, the tone is these stories differs. Contrast

    asked by Shawnda
  111. World Literature

    The story " The Simple Story of G. Washington " 1. type of narrator? 2. dialogue? 3. attitude toward the children? 4. does the narrator change? The Story " Kiddie Kar Travel" 1. type of narrator? 2. dialogue? 3. attitude toward the children? 4. does the

    asked by Shawnda
  112. science

    what are atoms

    asked by pamela
  113. Mathematics

    Please help exponent questions =[ If 2^x = 10, then 2^2x = If 2a^2 + 3a - 5a^2= 9, then a-a^2= If 9^x = 25, then 3^x+1 = If b^3=4 then b^6 If 2= p^3, then 8p must equal if 5 = a^x then 5/a =

    asked by Willie
  114. Maths

    A ladder is 12 metres and leans against a tall wall. The foot of the ladder is 9 metres from the base of the wall. How far up the wall will the ladder reach?

    asked by Laurena
  115. Physics

    A 90.0 kg block and a 40.0 kg block are connected by a rope that passes through two (frictionless, massless) pulleys as shown. When released, what is the acceleration of the larger block? What is the tension in the rope?

    asked by Zac
  116. PHY2049

    A prism of glass of index of refraction 1.50 has angle of 45,45,90. A ray of light is incident on one of the short faces at an angle of theta. What is the maximum value of theta for which the ray of light suffer total internal reflection at the long face?

    asked by Mindy Calomba
  117. statistics

    DOES ANYONE EVEN ANSWER THESE HOMEWORK CHECKS?I have posted 3 or 4 Q/A and no one answers---any other sites better???

    asked by Sheri