Questions Asked on
July 20, 2012

  1. Maths

    Find the angle between the hour-hand and the minute-hand in circular measure at half past 4?

  2. Physics

    Determine the ratio of the relativistic kinetic energy to the nonrelativistic kinetic energy (1/2mv2) when a particle has a speed of (a) 2.12 x 10-3c. and (b) 0.959c.

  3. Statistics

    The probability that a radish seed will germinate is 0.6. Estimate the probability that of 130 randomly selected seeds, exactly 90 will germinate. Note: I keep getting the answer wrong.

  4. physics

    1.Can a small child play with a fat child onthe see-saw?explain how. 2.Two children are sitting on the see-saw,such that they can not swing.What is the net torque in this situation? 3.Does the speed of a ceiling fan go on increasing all the time? 4.Does

  5. math help

    Universal instruments found that the monthly demand for its new line of Galaxy Home Computers t months after placing the line on the market was given by D(t) = 2900 − 2300e−0.08t (t > 0) Graph this function and answer the following questions. (a) What

  6. chemistry

    How do you calculate the theoretical cell voltage? 1) Zn|Zn^+2 (1M)| Cu|Cu^+2 (1M) okay so by looking at example this example Calculate the emf (voltage) for the following reaction: Zn(s) + Fe2+ → Zn2+ + Fe(s) Write the 2 half reactions: Zn(s) → Zn2+ +

  7. Geometry

    If the measure of ÐDAB = 50°, and ÐDAC = 20°, what is ÐCAB

  8. Probability/Combinatorics

    If 4 cards are drawn at random from a standard deck of cards, what are the odds, or probability, that the first three will be of the same suit and the fourth of another suit?

  9. chemistry

    A gas 'X' is collected over water at 17 degree C and 750mm. pressure. If volume of the gas is 50cc., calculate the volume of the dry gas at S.T.P. (at 17 degree C the vapour pressure is 14mm.)

  10. Chemistry

    What mass of calcium phosphate form by the reaction of 50 mL of 0.2 M H3PO4 with 80 mL of 0.1 M Ca(OH)2? 2 H2PO4 + 3 Ca(OH)2 --> Ca3(PO4)2 + 6 H20

  11. Civics Moral Education

    I need help with my homework

  12. Science

    If oxygen, Carbon dioxide, and xenon gases are heated at 500k with a probable particle speed of 1094 and an average particle speed of 1234, what id the mass of an atom or molcule for each?

  13. Physics

    A 6-g ice cube at −8°C is dropped into 70 g of water at 31°C. (a) After enough time has passed to allow the ice cube and water to come into equilibrium, what is the temperature of the water? (b) If a second ice cube is added, what will the temperature

  14. math

    Find the volume in cubic feet of the right rectangular prism measuring 3 1/2 by 8 feet by 2 3/8 feet

  15. Chemistry

    A voltaic cell consists of Ag/Ag+2 electrode E= 0.80 and a Fe+2/Fe+3 electrode E=0.77 with the following initial molar concentrations: [Fe+2}= 0.30 M [Fe+3]= 0.10 M [Ag+]=0.30 M. What is the equilibrium concentration of Fe+3? (Assume the anode and the

  16. art

    A disadvantage of Velcro is that it's

  17. math

    I have a problem that i need help solving. I had to drop beginning and intermediate algebra because of low test grades. I was thinking of taking a couse below that to get a good foundation and base upon professor decision, now professor thinks i should

  18. statistics

    a pool of potential jurors consists of 10 men and 30 women. if three different people are randomly selected from this pool (without replacement), find the probibility that they are all men,

  19. grand canyon

    Draw a scatterplot indicating a strong negative relationship between the variables of income and mental illness. Be sure to label the axes correctly

  20. fractions

    what is the best way to help someone who was strugging with fractions?

  21. Calc

    Find the equation of the tangent line to f(x)=sqrtx^2+6x at x=2, give your answer in slope-intercept form

  22. Pre-Calc, Probability

    From a deck of 52 playing cards, 7 cards are dealt. What are the odds of the following event occuring --4 From one suit, 3 from another The probability of the event occurring is also acceptable. But, the answer is 99/16722971 (as far as the odds go

  23. Calc

    derivative? f(x)= e^(-2x^2+25x+8)

  24. Math

    A student is in a 20 week calc class. The function f(t)=50-50e^0.2t f(t) measures the students problem speed in t weeks -how many problems per hour can a student solve at the beginning of the course - how many problems per hour can a student solve halfway

  25. US History

    Review your material regarding the Treaty of Versailles. Explain what it was and why the United States refused to sign it. Predict how the missing signature of the United States might affect Europe in the future. need help please.

  26. Math

    What is the answer here? Find the sum of the biggest odd numbers formed by the digits 1 and 2 and the smallest even number formed by the digits 6,7,8

  27. Economics

    How do you answer this question? Trade unions and Employer Organisations, Analyse the reasons for their opposition to the new industrial relations laws.

  28. Chemistry

    Is phosphate PO3 or PO4?

  29. Chemistry

    A patient receives 3.0 ml of a solution containing technetium 99 for breast image. If the activity of the technetium 99 is 9.5 mCi/mL, what is the dose received by the patient?

  30. physics

    i have given an assignment by school to prapare a working model of physics. Please give me some tips.

  31. Physics

    What is the difference between electric force, electric potential energy, electric field strength, electric potential, and electric potential difference?

  32. Algebra

    A seismograph 300 km from the epicenter of an earthquake recorded a maximum amplitude of 5.7 102 µm. Find this earthquake's magnitude on the Richter scale. (Round your answer to the nearest tenth.)

  33. Calculus

    it is assumed that the toothpaste market is perfectly competitive and the current price of a case of toothpaste is 42.00. CPI (the company) has estimated its marginal cost function to be as follows: MC (Marginal Costs) =.006Q (Quantity). The board would

  34. Mathematics

    write the following simultaneous equations in the form of AX= B where A,X and B are matrices 11x+6y=6 9x+5y=7 hence write the solution for x and y as a product of two matrices.

  35. physics

    A uniform brass disk of radius R and mass M with a moment of inertia I about its cylindrical axis of symmetry is at a temperature T = 45 °C. Determine the fractional change in its moment of inertia if it is heated to a temperature of 125 °C. (The linear

  36. college math


  37. Birthday

    With few sentences about birthday

  38. chemistry

    why does a desert cooler cool better on a hot dry day ?

  39. Calc

    f(x) (x^2+lnx)(2+e^2) derivative also, f(x)= (3x+x^4)^(3/2)/(7x^2-1)

  40. math

    What is the surface area of a rectangular prism measuring 3 1/2 2 3/8 ft. by 8 feet ?

  41. math help


  42. calculus

    suppose you invest some money in an account at 6% compounded monthly, after four years you have $8000, how much interest did you earn

  43. Calc

    Derivative (x^2+lnx)(2+e^x) SHOW STEps.

  44. Math

    the acceleration of a particle is defined by the equation a= 4-t^2 with an initial velocity of two millimeters per second. Find the exact equation for the position of the particle if its initial position was zero.

  45. math

    What is the surface area of a rectangular prism measuring 3 1/2 2 3/8 ft. by 8 feet ?

  46. Calc

    A student is in a 20 week calc class. The function f(t)=50-50e^0.2t f(t) measures the students problem speed in t weeks -how many problems per hour can a student solve at the beginning of the course - how many problems per hour can a student solve halfway

  47. chemistry do you calculate the reduction potential for 1 M CuSO4? I've been trying for hours......!!

  48. AlgebraII

    Choose the equation that best represents an ellipse for the given foci and co-vertices. Foci (+/-3,0) Co vertices (0, +/-6)

  49. Trig

    There is an airplane at an altitude of 12000 ft. The angle of depression is 1 degree. How far on the ground is the plane.

  50. Statistics

    Why do we use Z score to build on confidence intervals rather than t score?

  51. PHYSICS- please help

    IMAGINE- a building 6400km. high. On the ground floor, a person weighs 175lbs when he steps on a spring scale how much would the man weigh on the same scale if he were standing at the top floor? HINT: Note that 6400km is also the radius of the earth so

  52. physics- please help!

    Suppose you use a piece of fishing line to hang a large object from the ceiling. The line has a test strength of 125 lbs. Convert this to newtons, and determine the maximum mass that can be supported before the line breaks

  53. Economics

    what are a few factors necessary for economic growth related to changes in aggregate supply and demand? I know The factors necessary for economic growth include more capital, more labor, and technological change, cause an increase in aggregate SUPPLY, but

  54. Finance

    A company has a weighted average cost of capital of 8.9%. The company's cost of equity is 12 and its pretax cost of debt is 7.9% The tax rate is 35%. What is the company's target debt-equity ratio?

  55. Economics

    what are a few factors necessary for economic growth related to changes in aggregate demand?

  56. math

    Which equation does not represent y as a function of x? A. -7y = 2 B. 6x = -8y C. 5y^2 + 2x = -4 D. 4x^2 + 9y = -8

  57. algebra


  58. chemistry

    if 25.0g of O2 gas has a temperature of 400k and a pressure of 610 mm Hg, what is its volume?

  59. Geometry

    1) find the coordinate of the image of point (1,2) translated left 2 units and reflected over the x -axis 2) Find the coordinate of the image of the point (2, -4) reflected over the x-axis 3) Determine the midpoint of the segment whose endpoints are A(7,

  60. Reimbursement Methodologies Final Exam

    Can anyone please help me with Part A with the 1st question: You're the new director of a hospital health information management department. The chief financial officer has hired you for your experties in health care reimbursement and needs to know how

  61. Physics

    A spacecraft approaching the earth launches an exploration vehicle. After the launch, an observer on earth sees the spacecraft approaching at a speed of 0.74c and the exploration vehicle approaching at a speed of 0.98c. What is the speed of the exploration

  62. hcs/567

    What are three nontraditional barriers to entry associated with entrepreneurial firms?explain which barrier you believe would be the most effective in the health care industry

  63. Economics

    How are you helping businesses expand when you put money in a savings account?

  64. Math

    u = (3, -4) v = (-5, -2) u - v = ?

  65. unversity of phoenx

    dicuss some positive steps you can take to manage debt. when managing personal debt, what methods have been most successufl for you?

  66. SOCIAL ST.

    Can you help me find an article in the New York Times Website about Inmates receiving Education and it should be in the year of 2012. Thx

  67. Chemistry

    A concentration cell consists of two Al/Al+3 electrodes. The electrolyte in compartment A is 0.05M Al(NO3)3 and in compartment B is 1.25 M Al(NO3)3. What is the voltage of the cell at 25 degrees Celcius?

  68. Math

    u = (10, 5) -3u = ?

  69. LIT 210

    What do you think Oedipus Rex and A Raisin in the Sun imply about Sophocles’ and Lorraine Hansberry’s cultural identities?

  70. health

    identify one way in which the role of the fda and prescription medications it regulates affects consumer choice in the healthcare market

  71. math help

    determine the intervals where f(x) = e^((-x^2)/2) is increasing and where it is decreasing

  72. health

    identify one way in which the rold of the fda regulates vitamins affect consumers choice in the healthcare market

  73. health

    three advantages of regulatory oversight for the fda to the healthcare provider

  74. Dress making and Design

    EXAMINATION NUMBER: 04281701 9. A rippling effect at the neckline of a flat collar occurs because the A. collar neckline is larger than the garment neckline. B. collar is cut on the bias. C. collar is cut too straight. D. collar is cut too circular.

  75. algebra

    Solve. Leave the answers in terms of pi ?. a)Find a polynomial for the sum of the areas of the circles shown in the figure. b)Find the sum of the areas when r = 5 and r = 11.3. this is what I got but I did not do it right. I needed to To write an

  76. Calculus

    Use newtons method and the function f(x)=x^2-a to derive the mechanics rule. Mechanics Rule for approaching sqrt(a), a>0, is Xn+1=1/2(Xn+a/Xn), n=1,2,3,...

  77. econmics

    The %increase in price= (7-5)/5x100= 40% The %decrease in quantity=(25-15)/25 x 100= 40% Elasticity=40/40=1,unit elasticity.