Questions Asked on
July 19, 2012

  1. math

    chandni purchased some parrots.20%flew away and 5% died.of the remaining 45% were 33 parrot many parrot Chandni purchased.

    asked by ASDFG
  2. math

    Solve the equation 3^2x - 12 x 3^x + 27 = 0

    asked by lindsay
  3. math

    After its fastest rate of growth ever during the 1980s and 1990s, the rate of growth of world population is expected to slow dramatically in the twenty-first century. The function G(t) = 1.58e−0.213t gives the projected annual average percent population

    asked by Alec

    1) If the price of a product produced in a competitive market increases, which of the following is most likely to occur in the labor market for workers who produce the product? A) the demand for labor and the number of workers hired both increase B) the

    asked by Booker Perry
  5. physics

    Suppose the slope of a beach underneath the ocean is 21 cm of dropoff for every 1.2 m of horizontal distance. A wave is moving inland, slowing down as it enters shallower water. What is its acceleration when it is 16 m from the shoreline? (Let the +x

    asked by lanre

    2. Two electronics technicians are looking at the technical manual for a piece of electronic equipment. The manual refers to a particular resistor as a “2.2 megohm resistor.” Technician A says that this means that the resistance value of the resistor

    asked by Ron
  7. statistics

    a survey from teeneage research unlimited found that 30% of teenage consumers receive their spending money from parttime jobs. If 5 teenagers are selected at random, find the probability that at least 3 of them have part time jobs

    asked by Khloe B
  8. MATHS

    two sides of a rectangle are 20cm and 10cm. They are increased in the ratio 2:3 and 3:7. Find the percentage increased in its area?

    asked by ASDFG
  9. Calculus

    On the basis of data collected during an experiment, a biologist found that the growth of a fruit fly (Drisophila) with a limited food supply could be approximated by the exponential model below where t denotes the number of days since the beginning of the

    asked by Jemima
  10. math

    The price of a shirt is reduced by 30% to $14. What was the original price of the shirt?

    asked by Mitch
  11. math

    Angle A ? Angle B 90° Angle C 27°

    asked by Lydsey
  12. english

    please write a paragraph to show you comprehend what analogies and idoms are. use at least one analogy and one idom in the paragraph

    asked by janice
  13. Operations Management

    A small grocery store sells fresh produce, which it obtains from a local farmer. During the strawberry season, demand for fresh strawberries can be reasonably approximated using normal distribution with a mean of 40 quarts per day and a standard deviation

    asked by Clarissa
  14. phsycs

    A person shouts in a canyon. 3 s later they hear the echo. How far away is the canyon wall from which the sound wave was reflected? how do i do this problem?

    asked by Adam
  15. physics

    Which direction will the support force by the wall point when the force diagram is drawn? The book is held motionless against a wall by yout hand. (Up, down, legt or right?)

    asked by dominique
  16. math

    if 1/3 of homework is done before dinner, and 3/5 after dinner. What fraction of homework remains?

    asked by kisha
  17. economics

    How does the expenditure approach calculate GDP? A. It adds up all the incomes in the economy. B. It adds up the value of four groups of final goods and services. C. It adds up the value of business goods and services. D. It adds up the value of consumer

    asked by Wayne
  18. math

    simplify the following giving your answer with a rational denominator, 2 root3 - root 3/ 2 + root three.

    asked by lindsay
  19. Geometry

    At a certain time of the day, a 4-meter-tall vertical pole casts a shadow of 3 meters. What is the angle of elevation, to the nearest degree, of the Sun?

    asked by rebecca
  20. statistics

    3. Measurements on the percentage of enrichment of 12 fuel rods used in a nuclear reactor were reported as follows; 3.11 2.88 3.08 3.01 2.84 2.86 3.04 3.09 3.08 2.89 3.12 2.98 a. Test the Hypothesis H0: µ = 2.95 versus H1: µ 0 ≠ 2.95, and draw

    asked by Mike
  21. Tech Math

    A 490 newton woman stands on a bathroom scale while riding in a elevator that is accelerating downward at 2m/sec/sec. Find her apparent weight and her apparent mass. Compare to her starting mass.

    asked by Jennifer
  22. Physics

    Suppose 100 g of water at 20°C is poured over a 70-g cube of ice with a temperature of -8°C. If all the ice melts, what is the final temperature of the water? If all of the ice does not melt, how much ice remains when the water–ice mixture reaches

    asked by James
  23. Physics

    At a given temperature, why does the most probable particle speed (vp) differ from the average particle speed (vavg)?

    asked by Alfrieda
  24. math

    sin è = 0.1736 O = ? H = 11

    asked by Love
  25. English - Rachel Renee Russell Bio

    Is there a full biography about Rachel Renee Russell on how she became a writer and her books.

    asked by Laruen
  26. chemistry .....please help

    Which of the following statements does not apply to water? A. Like all liquids, water assumes the shape of its container. B. Water is a polar molecule. C. The strong surface tension of water allows it to adhere to the sides of a container and actually move

    asked by lalt
  27. chemistry

    How do you calculate the theoretical cell voltage? 1) Zn|Zn^+2 (1M)| Cu|Cu^+2 (1M) 2) Cu|Cu^+2 (1M)| Zn|Zn^+2 (1M) 3) Fe|Fe^+2 (1M)| Cu|Cu^+2 (1M) 4) Zn|Zn^+2 (1M)| Cu|Cu^+2 (0.1M) 5) Cu|Cu^+2 (1M)| Cu|Cu^+2 (0.1 M) Now 4 and 5 have different moles how do

    asked by fenerbahce
  28. math

    On the basis of data collected during an experiment, a biologist found that the growth of a fruit fly (Drisophila) with a limited food supply could be approximated by the exponential model below where t denotes the number of days since the beginning of the

    asked by Jemima
  29. college math

    The ratio of soda to diet soda in Bill's Supermarket is 8 to 9. If a person counted 72 bottles of soda, how many bottles of diet soda are there?

    asked by Samantha
  30. math

    Assume that the average annual salary for a worker in the United States is $32,000 and that the annual salaries for Americans are normally distributed with a standard deviation equal to $7,000. Find the following: (A) What percentage of Americans earn

    asked by Rashonda
  31. Statisics

    The state lottery claims that its grand prize is $1 million. The lucky winner will receive $50,000 upon presentation of the winning ticket plus $50,000 at the end of each year for the next 19 years. Why isn't this really a million-dollar prize? What would

    asked by Val
  32. geometry

    A woman who is 6-ft tall casts a 4.5-foot shadow at the same time that a building casts a 75-foot shadow. What is the height of the building in feet?

    asked by jane
  33. calc

    by cutting away identical squares from each corner of a rectangular piece of cardboard and folding up the resulting flaps, the cardboard may be turned into an open box. if the cardboard is 16 inches long and 10 inches wide, find the dimensions of the box

    asked by Jemima
  34. Chemistry

    I had an equilibrium laboratory and had to answer a few questions after the lab. Here are 2 questions I can't seem to know how to answer. 1. Explain in your own words why a saturated solution in contact with some undissolved solid is considered to be an

    asked by Robert
  35. math

    wheels are 1.25 inches in diameter and the fastest speed is 3ft/second maximum distance to travel is 16 x (18cm)

    asked by Pat

    Discuss the different developmental eras of American education.

    asked by jAZZMANIA26
  37. Economics

    Hi, would anyone please help me with this question for economics. It for an assignment due in several days, and it is very urgent, because I cant information about it, and our school teacher in absent until the day it is due. thank you Trade unions and

    asked by Susan
  38. science

    an electorn is 20 ccom away from a fixed point charge , q =-0.250uc . if it starst to move from rest , then how fast will it be moving when it is a t distance ?

    asked by mohit
  39. science

    how much work is done in bringing three electrons , which are intially a great disance apart to how fats will it be moving then it is at distance ?

    asked by mohit
  40. Economics

    Analyse the reasons for their opposition to the new industrial relations laws The 'new' industrial relations such as Fair Work Australia

    asked by Susan
  41. physics

    what is the acceleration of the sled

    asked by el john
  42. physics

    What is optics?

    asked by Saiman
  43. fundamental of electricity


    asked by faith
  44. math


    asked by faith
  45. math

    Solve the inequality 2x^2

    asked by lindsay
  46. math

    What ia A inverse if A = (3 -2) (3 2)

    asked by lindsay
  47. Statistics

    A researcher claims that at least 10% of all football helmets have manufacturing flaws that could potentially cause injury to the wearer. A sample of 200 helmets revealed that 24 helmets contained such defects. a. Does this finding support the

    asked by Josh
  48. Health

    Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following: What is long-term care? Provide an example. What is continuum of care services in the United States? Why is long-term care one of the greatest challenges facing the health care delivery system today?

    asked by Marty
  49. MATHS

    Determine (8x)of power x if 9 to the power x+2=240+9 to the power x.

    asked by ASDFG
  50. algebra2

    What are the x-intercepts for the graph of the quadratic function f(x)=1/4(x +2)^2-9

    asked by jessica hernandez
  51. physics

    A decorative piece consists of a 20cm long uniform brass rod weighing 4N and two ornaments, one weighing 6N and one weighing 10N, fixed to the ends. At what point should a supporting chain be attached so that the ornament balances?

    asked by Ralph
  52. eng literature

    i am given up by a topic to write discriptive essay topic is "joys of juvenile life" What to write in starting and in the ending of this essay.

    asked by Rose
  53. Trig

    Verify the following identity: 1-cosx/sinx=sinx/1+cosx

    asked by Lynn
  54. Trig

    verify the following identity: sin(x+y)*sin(x-y)=sin^2x-sin^2y

    asked by Lynn
  55. Trig

    verify the following identity: cos(A-B)/cosAsinB=tanA+cotB

    asked by Lynn
  56. Trig

    verify the following identity: tanx+cotx/cscx=secx

    asked by Lynn
  57. Trig

    verify the following identity: 2sinxcos^3x+2sin^3cosx=sin(2x)

    asked by Lynn
  58. law

    In the US it's presumed that every citizen?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. literacy

    To critically evaluate the qualifications of an author on a topic, carefully consider all of the following except the A. number and type of awards the author has received. B. author's age. C. other articles the author has written. D. author's educational

    asked by aaron
  60. math

    graph 2y-x=5

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Psychology

    What steps can I take to ensure that I remain an ethical and honest student?

    asked by Cassie
  62. algebra

    30% of 59

    asked by Ana
  63. physics

    If an engine produces a (mass flow rate) of 100kg/s of thrust, what is the force in Newtons?

    asked by Joe
  64. government

    what are some drawbacks to the current buearucratic system?

    asked by melynda
  65. calculus derivatives

    Please confirm: {(5x+2)^4/x^2-3x+1)^3}= 20(5x+2)^2(x^2-3x+1)^3 -3x^2(5x+2)^4 (x^2-3x+1)^2/(x^2-3x+1)^6

    asked by Laurie
  66. English

    Can I first self-publish my book first and then a month later I decide to publish it like normal authors do??? can I do that?

    asked by Laruen
  67. reading

    As defined by the British East India Company, a “presidency” was a A. company leader’s position. C. company base. B. trading agreement. D. coveted royal charter.

    asked by scooper

    PLEASE HELP ME WITH THESE!!!!!!!! 1) If the price of a product produced in a competitive market increases, which of the following is most likely to occur in the labor market for workers who produce the product? A) the demand for labor and the number of

    asked by Booker Perry
  69. Government

    Which of the following is NOT a reason for holding congressional investigations? A) to focus public attention on an important issue B) to oversee the executive branch and its operations C) on executive order from the President D) to gather information i

    asked by Stephanie
  70. Physics

    The thermal conductivity of fiberglass batting, which is 8.9 in thick, is 8.6 10-6 BTU/(ft °F s). What is the R value (in ft2 °F h/BTU)? The R value is 24 ft^2 Fh/BTU. How do I get this answer?

    asked by James
  71. English

    1. Thomas ____ there but a minute when his girl friend arrived. (be) 2. Some kids ____ to tears with the ordinary textbooks when they entered high school. (bore) (What is the suitable forms of the verbs of the parentheses in the blanks/) 3. Robert

    asked by rfvv
  72. math

    How long will it take for an investment of $13,000 to double if the investment earns interest at the rate of 6%/year compounded continuously?

    asked by twayne
  73. Biology

    Questions for Exam 1 for Concepts in Biology 12 edition

    asked by Stephanie
  74. PHYSICS !!

    A car weighing 10,000 newtons is parked in a garage. Which statement is true about the forces acting on the car?

    asked by jay_x
  75. English

    Do you know her? -Is she the actress who always plays bizarre characters? -Yes, that's her. Shall I introduce you? -That would be fabulous. I'm going to ask for her autograph. (Would you check the dialogue? Are the sentences all grammatical? Would you

    asked by rfvv
  76. Civics

    By the start of World War I, America had emerged as a global power. A large part of this power had to do with American expansion overseas. What territories did America acquire during the late 19th and early 20th centuries? What competing arguments exist

    asked by ashley
  77. Physics

    The Effect of Temperature on Gas Behavior Procedure 1. Chose any gas from the list box. Gas, Temperature (K), Most Probable Particle Speed (m/s), Average Particle Speed (m/s) 2. Set temperature to any value. Observe the shape of the frequency distribution

    asked by Alfrieda
  78. Physics

    What happens to the particle speed as the temperature is increased?

    asked by Alfrieda
  79. Physics

    How does the speed frequency distribution graph change for a given gas as the temperature is increased?

    asked by Alfrieda
  80. Physics

    Does the trend of the change in shape of the graph as temperature increases differ when a different gas is examined?

    asked by Alfrieda
  81. PED212

    Reflect on how your perceptions of physical education have changed based on your understanding of its evolution.

    asked by Mary
  82. Physics

    Exploration 2: the Effect of Mass on Gas Behavior Procedure 1. Set the temperature at 500 K. Maintain this temperature throughout this Exploration. 2. Select Hydrogen gas from the list box. Record the most probable particle speed and the average particle

    asked by Alfrieda
  83. Physics

    At a given temperature, what relationship appears to exist between a gas particle's mass and its speed?

    asked by Alfrieda
  84. Physics

    At a given temperature, what relationship appears to exist between a gas particle's mass and it speed? How does graph change as particle mass increase? Isra fills two identical balloons at identical temperatures. She fills one with O2 gas and the other

    asked by Alfrieda
  85. Physics

    Explain why a balloon expands when heated and contracts when cooled.

    asked by Alfrieda
  86. Physics

    Exploration 3: A Moving Source at Different Velocities Procedure 1. Set Wave speed to 10.0 cm/s and Source frequency to 1.0 Hz. Place the detector anywhere. 2. Set Source speed to 6.0 cm/s. Select Go. Sketch the resulting wave-front pattern on a separate

    asked by Alfrieda
  87. Calc

    The U.S. population is approximated by the function P(t) = 556 1 + 3.72e−0.5t where P(t) is measured in millions of people and t is measured in 30-year intervals, with t = 0 corresponding to 1930. What is the expected population of the United States in

    asked by Liz
  88. Calculus

    Universal instruments found that the monthly demand for its new line of Galaxy Home Computers t months after placing the line on the market was given by D(t) = 2900 − 2300e−0.08t (t > 0) Graph this function and answer the following questions. (a) What

    asked by Emma
  89. Calculus Voulme

    find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region r bounded by the graphs of the given equations about the y-axis. x^2+y^2=1 x=1 y=1

    asked by Laurie
  90. Helping Sites 4 Math

    I know this really isn't a type of question for subjects, but i was just thinking, are there any sites for teaching math? I finished summer school, and i just want to review stuff in case i forgot.

    asked by Losa
  91. Physics

    IMAGINE- a building 6400km. high. On the ground floor, a person weighs 175lbs when he steps on a spring scale how much would the man weigh on the same scale if he were standing at the top floor? HINT: Note that 6400km is also the radius of the earth so

    asked by lynn
  92. calculus


    asked by andrew
  93. Physics

    Suppose you use a piece of fishing line to hang a large object from the ceiling. The line has a test strength of 125 lbs. Convert this to newtons, and determine the maximum mass that can be supported before the line breaks.

    asked by lynn
  94. physics

    suppose you took a 3m long piece of the fishing line discussed ( the line has a test strength of 125lbs) attached a 2.5 kg ball to the end, and spun it overhead. at what speed of the moving ball would the line break?

    asked by lynn
  95. Volume

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the given curves and line about the y-axis. y=50-x^2 y=x^2 x=0

    asked by Jamie
  96. Mathematics

    Maria answered all the problems on her math test. She answered 80 percent of the problems correctly. If she answered 6 problems incorrectly, how many problems were on the test?

    asked by Willie
  97. chemistry

    How do you calculate the theoretical cell voltage? 1) Zn|Zn^+2 | Cu|Cu^+2 2) Cu|Cu^+2 | Zn|Zn^+2 3) Fe|Fe^+2 | Cu|Cu^+2 4) Zn|Zn^+2 | Cu|Cu^+2 5) Cu|Cu^+2 | Cu|Cu^+2

    asked by fenerbahce
  98. Chemistry

    Titration of a 21.0mL solution of requires 11.0mL of 0.0350M solution. What is the molarity of the solution?

    asked by Heather
  99. physics

    A 46-cm-long wire with a mass of 10.5 g is under a tension of 52.0 N. Both ends of the wire are held rigidly while it is plucked. (a) What is the speed of the waves on the wire?

    asked by lanre
  100. Chemistry

    A buffer system contains 0.25M NH4+ and 0.19M NH3. pka of NH4 is 9.25. How many moles of NaOH must be added to 1.00L of this solution to increase the pH to 9.25?

    asked by June
  101. physics

    The tension in a 2.8-m-long, 1.2-cm-diameter steel cable (ρ = 7800 kg/m3) is 825 N. What is the fundamental frequency of vibration of the cable?

    asked by lanre
  102. science human nutrition

    Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the following points about the 3-day food intake information you recorded in iProfile: • Recorded intake of protein, carbohydrates, and lipids o Which foods in your recorded daily intake provide protein?

    asked by Anonymous
  103. math volume

    a rectangular sheet of cardboard size 5' by 8' is to be used to make an open box by cutting out the four corners. What is the largest volume and be sure to explain how you found the MAXIMUM volume please and Thank You!

    asked by andy
  104. geometry

    asked by lana
  105. physics

    A wave on a string has a wave function given by y(x, t) = (0.0210 m)sin[(6.91 m^−1)x + (2.38 s^−1)t . (a) What is the amplitude of the wave? (b) What is the period of the wave? (c) What is the wavelength of the wave? (d) What is the speed of the wave?

    asked by lanre
  106. statistics

    A telephone company representative estimates that 40% of its customers use voice mail. To test this hypothesis, she selected a sample of 100 customers and found that 37 used voice mail. At a standard deviation of 0.01, is there enough evidence to show the

    asked by Kay
  107. phsyics

    Bat is flying 5m/s while chasing an insect that is flying in the same direction. The bat emits 40kHz chirp and hears a 40.4kHz reflected sound wave. What is the speed of the insect? ??? lost

    asked by Jake
  108. Psych

    Research on how easily men are persuaded in relation to women shows that

    asked by Anonymous
  109. literacy

    Search engines are most useful for finding

    asked by filly
  110. Calc

    The length (in centimeters) of a typical Pacific halibut t years old is approximately f(t) = 210(1 − 0.94e^−0.2t). (a) What is the length of a typical 9-year-old Pacific halibut? cm (b) How fast is the length of a typical 9-year-old Pacific halibut

    asked by Alec
  111. Mathematics 1

    In audition for school play, 70% passed the quality of the jurors for the first week. of those remaining, 20% were chosen. if only 7 were qualified, how many tried their luck?

    asked by PDF
  112. physics

    A 326 g object is attached to a spring and oscillates with a period of 0.25 s. The total energy in this system is 5.83 J. What is the amplitude of the motion?

    asked by shawn
  113. What does this mean

    In art, I was given a painting, and im suppose to include four points in my analysis of why it is considered realistic, also i have to qualify my analysis with reasoning fitting the historical period of the art. What does all this exactly mean? For the

    asked by Anonymous
  114. MATHS

    find the square root of 0.5

    asked by TUHITUHI
  115. Algebra

    A barrel contains 181 gallons of paint and is being drained at a constant rate of 5 gallons per hour. Write and expression that models the number of gallons, g, after t hours.

    asked by Michael
  116. Physics

    A 19-g lead bullet is shot with a speed of 340 m/s into a wooden wall. Assuming that 70% of the kinetic energy is absorbed by the bullet as heat (and 30% by the wall), what is the final temperature of the bullet? (Assume the bullet is initially at room

    asked by James