Questions Asked on
July 14, 2012

  1. statistics

    The probability that a house is burglarized in the city is 5%. If 50 houses are randomly selected, what is the probability that none will be burglarized?

    asked by Sherry
  2. Physics

    1. Find the pressure exerted on the ground (in psi) by a 250 lb person who is sitting on a chair whose 4 legs touch the ground with area of '1 by2' each. 2.a)A large 50 kg crate is at rest on level ground. Two people push on the crate. One pushes north

    asked by Fix30
  3. Physics

    1. A bullet of 0.0500 kg is fired into a block of wood. Knowing that the bullet left the gun with a muzzle velocity of 350. m/s, and the bullet penetrates .15 m into the block of wood, determine: a) The average force required to stop the bullet. b) The

    asked by Help Please
  4. Chem 151 - help

    Write the balanced equation for the neutralization reaction between H2SO4 and KOH in aqueous solution. Phases are optional.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Chem 2

    A 50/50 blend of engine coolant and water (by volume) is usually used in an automobile\'s engine cooling system. If your car\'s cooling system holds 4.00 gallons, what is the boiling point of the solution? Make the following assumptions in your

    asked by Paulie
  6. Math

    Given These Equations x+y=9.0 .50x+.20y=3.90 Find the values of X and Y.

    asked by Jenny
  7. algebra

    Cindy has 34 meters of fencing. She plans to build a rectangular dog run that is 2 meters wide. How long can the dog run be?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 20.2 {\rm mL} of methanol ({\rm{CH}}_3 {\rm{OH}}) in 100.0 {\rm mL} of water at 25 ^\circ {\rm C}. The final volume of the solution is 118 {\rm mL}. The densities of methanol and water at this temperature are 0.782 {\rm

    asked by aa
  9. physics

    A rocket initially at rest accelerates at a rate of 99.0 meters/second2. Calculate the distance covered by the rocket if it attains a final velocity of 445 meters/second after 4.50 seconds.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Organic Chemistry

    How do I figure out the limiting reagent for this experiment? Preparation of diphenylacetylene! Step 1:: trans-stilbene + pyridinium hydrobromide perbromide in glacial acetic acid -----> stilbene dibromide Starting weight of trans-stilbene: 2.014g Starting

    asked by Yi
  11. Chem 1046

    An electrochemical cell is based on these two half-reactions: Ox: Sn(s) → Sn2+(aq, 1.74 M) + 2 e- Red: ClO2(g, 0.120 atm) + e- → ClO2-(aq, 1.44 M) Calculate the cell potential at 25°C E Sn>Sn2+ = -.14 E ClO2 = .95

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Chem 2

    A solution is made by mixing 47.0 mL of ethanol, C2H6O, and 53.0 mL of water. Assuming ideal behavior, what is the vapor pressure of the solution at 20 °C?

    asked by Pagye
  13. Physics

    An office copier uses a lens to place an image of a document onto a rotating drum. The copy is made from this image. (a) What kind of lens is used? Should it be 1 - converging, or 2 - diverging? Suppose the lens has a focal length of magnitude 13.0 cm. If

    asked by Beth
  14. Physics

    A positive charge +q1 is located to the left of a negative charge -q2. On a line passing though the two charges, there are two places where the total potential is zero. The first place is between the charges and is 4.03 cm to the left of the negative

    asked by CombatVetUSMC
  15. Chem TWO

    Assuming 100% dissociation, calculate the freezing point and boiling point of 2.91 m K3PO4(aq).

    asked by Jenny
  16. college algebra

    find the equation of a parabola that opens to the right with given vertex: (0,3) and passes through the point: (2,-1)

    asked by nik
  17. Physics

    A compound microscope has a barrel whose length is 17.4 cm and an eyepiece whose focal length is 1.7 cm. The viewer has a near point located 25 cm from his eyes. What focal length must the objective have so the angular magnification of the microscope is

    asked by Beth
  18. physic

    A dolphin jumps with an initial velocity of 13.0m/s at an angle of 41.0 ^\circ above the horizontal. The dolphin passes through the center of a hoop before returning to the water.If the dolphin is moving horizontally when it goes through the hoop, how high

    asked by aa
  19. Finance 105

    Corporate bonds issued by Johnson Corporation currently yield 9.5%. Municipal bonds of equal risk currently yield 5%. At what tax rate would an investor be indifferent between these two bonds? Round your answer to two decimal places.

    asked by Cindy
  20. Chemistry

    For the reaction N2O4(g)=2NO2(g), the value of K at 25 degrees XCelsius is 7.19*10^-3. Calculate N2O4 at equilibrium when NO2 =2.20 *10^122 mol/L?

    asked by Amy
  21. Math

    The mean of five numbers is 8. If one of the numbers is removed from the list, the mean becomes 7. what is the number that was removed. I could not figure this out.

    asked by bria
  22. Physics

    A converging lens (f = 14.6 cm) is located 39.0 cm to the left of a diverging lens (f = -4.57 cm). A postage stamp is placed 34.2 cm to the left of the converging lens. (a) Locate the final image of the stamp relative to the diverging lens. (b) Find the

    asked by Beth
  23. Math

    Suppose $3500 is invested in an account with an APR of 11% compounded monthly. Find the future value of the account in 3 years.

    asked by Meredith
  24. Physics

    Light waves with two different wavelengths, 632 nm and 474 nm, pass simultaneously through a single slit whose width is 4.47 x 10-5 m and strike a screen 1.70 m from the slit. Two diffraction patterns are formed on the screen. What is the distance (in cm)

    asked by Beth
  25. Reading

    Renee has a research paper due in three days. She has set aside two hours to complete this task. What is wrong with this study goal? A. The time she has allotted is not realistic. B. All of the above. C. The goal is not concrete and specific. D. It is not

    asked by Loulou
  26. physic

    In a friendly game of handball, you hit the ball essentially at ground level and send it toward the wall with a speed of 26m/s at an angle of 35^\circ above the horizontal.How high is the ball when it hits the wall?

    asked by aa
  27. Chemistry

    How many grams of Calcium Chloride will be produce when 25 g of Calcium carbonate combine with 12 g of HCl

    asked by Ja'Lon
  28. Differential Equation

    Find the general solution of t^2y"-3ty'+4y=0 on (0, infinity sign, given that Y1=t^2 is a solution

    asked by Maegan
  29. geometry

    the sum of the measures of an obtuse angle and acute angle is 12 degrees.the complement of the acute angle and one-half the suplement of the obtuse angle is 75 degree.find the measures of the two angles.

    asked by cj
  30. logic

    the average height of members of the high school basketball team is six feet,three inches . jerry is on the high school basketball team, so jerry must be taller than six feet. the argument above is flawed because it confuses

    asked by lisa
  31. Sociology

    5. What type of sociologist stresses a commitment to positively impacting society through sociology? would it be applied 1)academic 2)applied 3)public 4)scientific

    asked by Susan
  32. Chem 2

    Biphenyl, C12H10, is a nonvolatile, nonionizing solute that is soluble in benzene, C6H6. At 25 °C, the vapor pressure of pure benzene is 100.84 torr. What is the vapor pressure of a solution made from dissolving 12.5 g of biphenyl in 27.9 g of benzene?

    asked by Payie
  33. Physics

    suppose that the angle of incidence is 1 = 37.1°, the thickness of the pane is 4.17 mm, and the refractive index of the pane is n2 = 1.50. Find the amount (in mm) by which the emergent ray is displaced relative to the incident ray.

    asked by Beth
  34. Math

    Need help with domain and range how do you find the domain and range of y=x+8. after that one how do you find the domain and range of 7x+y=1

    asked by chchch
  35. Math

    how do you find the domain and range of y=absolute value of x-9 then how would you find it for y=x^3+8 thank you

    asked by chchch
  36. MAth

    A rectangle is 15 inches long and 6 inches wide. What is the area of the rectangle?

    asked by DAN
  37. Chem Two

    When 2.25 g of a nonelectrolyte solute is dissolved in 125 mL of water at 22 °C, the resulting solution exerts an osmotic pressure of 955 torr. What is the molar concentration of the solution? How many moles of solute are in the solution? What is the

    asked by Jen
  38. chemistry

    acetic acid: 0.1 M 30ml hydrochloric acid 0.1 M 5 ml sodium hydroxide 0.1 M 15 ml Buffer + 5ml of: 1.91 ph ph (measured): 4:52 ph HOW DO I CALCULATE PH(CALCULATED)? AND ALSO IT SAYS SHOW YOUR CALCULATION FOR THE PH OF THE BUFFER BEFIRE AND AFTER THE

    asked by fenerbahce
  39. Math( Geometry)

    All three planes in the figure provided are parallel. They are cut by lines containing points A, B and C and X, Y and Z. Each of these points lies in a plane. If BC=8 cm, YZ=10 cm and XY=14 cm, find AB. A.)10 1/2 cm B.)10.2 cm C.)11 1/5 cm

    asked by john
  40. chemistry

    1. If half cell A has a standard reduction potential of E= -1.10 V and half cell B has a standard reduction potential of E= 0.65 V, which half-cell is the anode? 2. Which half cell has the higher potential energy? 3. Calculate Ecell for this voltaic cell.

    asked by greentree
  41. college algebra

    Find the standard form of the equation of an ellipse with center at (-2,1) with major axis length 10 along y axis and minor axis length 8 along the x axis

    asked by nik
  42. hh

    When the baseball is shot straight upward with an initial speed of 20 \rm m/s, what is the maximum height above its initial location?

    asked by aa
  43. Chemistry

    I am stuck on this question: what mass of KCl in grams when 2.00 lbs KC10 3 is decomposed?

    asked by kelly
  44. Differential Equation

    Find the general solution of y"+4y'-2y=0

    asked by Maegan
  45. Math

    what are 2 numbers when the estimated difference of 1001 and 999 is added to the estimated sum of 3846 and 525

    asked by Jagals
  46. chem

    what is the total ionic equation for AlPO4(aq)+3NaOH(aq)=Al(OH)3(s)+ Na3PO4, I am not sure I am right.

    asked by sweetpea
  47. math

    find the volume of cube,one face of which has an area of 64 m square

    asked by neha
  48. Geometry

    x/(x + 9)=5/8. Find x. A.)12 B.)9 C.)15

    asked by kiki
  49. Physics

    Sally Sue is atop a 10.0 m high platform where she will drop an apple straight down. On the ground below, and 20.0 m (horizontally) away, Betty Lou will shoot an arrow at the apple. If Betty's arrow has a release speed of 25.0 m/s, at what angle must she

    asked by Zac
  50. Math

    A batsman hits a cricket ball 'off his toes' towards a fieldsman who is 65 m away. The ball reaches a maximum height of 4.9 m and the horizontal compoenent of its velocity is 28 m/s. Find the constant speed with which the fieldsman must run forward,

    asked by Candice
  51. Math Trig

    13. What is the equation of a cosine function with amplitude 3, transition point (−1, 1), and period p? A. y = p cos [3(x − 1)] − 1 B. y = 3 cos [2(x − 1)] + 1 C. y = 3 cos [p (x + 1)] − 1 D. y = 3 cos [2(x + 1)] + 1 16. What is the transition

    asked by yeahyeah
  52. Geometry

    Find the geometric mean between 6x and 24x. A.)4 B.)12 C.)12x

    asked by kiki
  53. Math

    Suppose you buy a $1395 savings bond that pays 4.3% annual simple interest. Determine the value of the bond after 7 years.

    asked by Meredith
  54. Differential Equation

    Solve the following initial-value problem: y"+6y'+5y=0; y(0)=0. y'(0)=3

    asked by Maegan
  55. Differential Equation

    Determine if the following pair of functions is linearly independent or dependent on (-infinity sign, infinity sign): f(t) = e^(3x) and g(t)=xe^(3x)

    asked by Maegan
  56. Math

    Hi, could you please help with this question :) Find the speed and direction of a particle which, when projected from a point 15 m above the horizontal ground, just clears the top of a wall 26.25 m high and 30 m away. Thanks in advance

    asked by Candice
  57. Life orientation

    Provide recommendations on how to address the 5 ways in which the human or enviromental problem impacts on the community.

    asked by Mosebjadi
  58. business

    explain the transactional relationship between business and society

    asked by Anonymous
  59. chemistry

    in a particular experiment, 150.0 g of ammonium chloride were reacted with 290.0 g of barium hydroxide octahydrate, producing 157.2 g of water 1. find the limiting reagent in this situation 2. calculate the theoretical yield of water 3. calculate the

    asked by ama
  60. geometry

    the sum of the measures of two acute angles is 110 degree.the suplement of the smaller anngle is 15 times the complement of the larger angle.what are the measures of the two angle?

    asked by cj
  61. Math

    is x-7y=2 a function

    asked by chchch
  62. Grammar

    Lately when I've been reading news articles and website blogs, I've been seeing some funny grammar that I don't remember learning about. It deals with commas for a list of items. Normally I thought you would write like this: I have potatoes, carrots, and

    asked by Bob
  63. Math

    What is the volume of a cylinder with the following dimensions: Radius 6ft Height 24ft A. 33.14 ft3 B. 2712.96 ft2 C. 2712.96 ft3 D. 33.14 ft2

    asked by Mary
  64. Geometry

    Triangle I has sides with lengths 2 2/3 cm, 4 1/2 cm and 3 cm. Triangle II has sides with lengths 8 cm, 13 1/2 cm and 9 cm. Are these triangles similar? If yes, what is the ratio of correspondence? A.)Yes;1/3 B.)No C.)Yes;2/3

    asked by kiki


    asked by ADONIS
  66. Algebra

    Find two binomials whose product is 15,600 and explain how you get it.

    asked by HELP US
  67. Question #3

    Child and Adolescent Therapist does the Adolescent part mean teens right????

    asked by Laruen
  68. geometry

    Two groups of students are asked to depict a picture of a semi-circular pizza. Group 1 uses a ruler to depict the base of the shape and completes the semi-circle with a pencil. Group 2 uses a ruler to make a line of 10 inches to depict the base of the

    asked by Anonymous

    How do culture, spiritual beliefs, and customs related to health beliefs foster or prevent diseases and their treatment?

    asked by Jessica
  70. Math

    The decimal number 0.75 means: A. there are seventy-five parts of a whole unit that has 100 parts. B. there are seven-and-a-half parts of a whole unit. C. that a whole unit consists of seventy-five parts. D. seventy-five tenths of a whole unit.

    asked by Loulou
  71. Geometry

    What is the center and radius of the circle with the following equation: (x - 4)2 + (y + 3)2 = 100 A.)c=(2,0),r=1 B.)c=(4,-3),r=10 C.)c=(2,2),r=5

    asked by kiki
  72. Geometry

    To find the height of a tree, a man stands at point T. His height RT=6 ft. He stands 15 feet from point S and 25 feet from point U. What is the height of the tree, QU? A.)12 ft B.)15 ft C.)16 ft

    asked by kiki
  73. Geometry

    Triangle ΔABC has vertices A(2,5), B(8,1) and C(-2,-1) and is a right triangle. If the slope of AB is -2/3 and the slope of AC is 3/2, are the lines parallel, perpendicular or neither?

    asked by Math
  74. math

    Triangle ΔABC has vertices A(2,5), B(8,1) and C(-2,-1) and is a right triangle. If the slope of AB is -2/3 and the slope of AC is 3/2, are the lines parallel, perpendicular or neither?

    asked by ashley
  75. Life orientation

    In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or enviromental problem impacts on the community.

    asked by Mosebjadi
  76. chemistry

    how much NaOH which is 25% pure required to neutralise 100mL 10N HCl

    asked by sharma


    asked by MARIA
  78. Stats

    I ran this an an independent samples t-test. It is a t rest according to the professor, just want to make sure I have the right one. A researcher wanted to answer the following question: What is the difference in students' computer anxiety based on whether

    asked by Help Please
  79. math

    i am a 9 digit number.i have 5 in my hundred thousands place.the digit in my thousands plce is 3 more than the digit in my hundred thousands place.the digit in my hundred millions place is half the digit in my thousands place.the digit in my ten millions

    asked by princess aimee f. santos
  80. math

    complete each of the following:1.4 000=______=______tens 2.870 000=____ten thousands=______thousands 3.90 000 000=_____millions=______thousands 5. 5 600 000 000=_______hundred thousands=________hundreds

    asked by princess aimee f. santos
  81. chemistry

    the volume of a gas at 273 degree cels and 2 atm pressure is 5L. What would be its volume at 0 degree celsius and 1 atm pressure ?

    asked by star
  82. Reading

    Sarah sets aside time every night to read some pages in her history book. She schedules a break into her study time. Why is this not an effective study plan? A. Her scheduled break is not long enough. B. The task is not concrete or specific enough. C. The

    asked by Loulou
  83. Math

    Convert the mixed number, 1 3/4 , to a fraction. Reduce fraction if necessary. A. 4/12 B. 4/7 C. 7/4 D. 12/4

    asked by Mary
  84. Computers

    Your sister owns a small clothing store. During a conversation at a family dinner, she mentions her frustration with having to manually track and reorder high demand items. She would like an automated system but has a very small budget. Write a 4-5 page

    asked by Kelon
  85. Math

    A circle is measured by a straight line across its widest part. This line is the __________ of the circle. A. area B. radius C. volume D. diameter

    asked by Mary
  86. Geometry

    Earth has a radius of about 12,500 km. If the volume of the earth were to remain the same, but the shape of the earth was a cube, what would be the approximate length of one side of the cube? A.)12,500 km B.)15,240 km C.)20,150 km

    asked by kiki
  87. Criminal justice

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you describe the issues facing police departments in today’s society. · Include a description of how local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies currently interact with the U.S. Department of Homeland

    asked by Michele
  88. Differential Equation

    Find the general solution of y"-3y=8e^(3t)+4sint

    asked by Maegan
  89. Physics

    a stone is thrown upward from the ground with a velocity of 80 m/s. how long will it take to reach a point 3 m above the ground on its way down?

    asked by Marvin
  90. Question #2

    So therapist just listen to their patient about their problems they dealing with and they help them to resolve it or give advice to help them to resolve it. I'm curious.....

    asked by Laruen
  91. English

    How could I say this sentence in a different way but it will still have that same sense: 'In future, I will aim to develop my assertive skills when working with colleagues, in order to ensure that the well-being of patients is maintained'

    asked by Carla
  92. Harvard Referencing, help please!

    Hey, I have here Clinical Protocols in front of me from one of the hospitals. I'm writing up an assignment and need to reference some parts of the protocol. The system that we use in college is Harvard Referencing system but I never referenced protocols

    asked by Carla
  93. calculus?

    I want a rectanglular pen with area = 50 square feet and to save on fencing I will build it next to the garage. How should I design it so I use the least amount of fence-only 3 sides will be needed next to the garage. How can I figure out that I have found

    asked by lola
  94. Organic Chemistry

    a) What would be the product formed if diphenylacetylene were reacted with aqueous sulfuric acid? b) What would be the product formed if diphenylacetylene were reacted with two equivalents of HBR?

    asked by Annie
  95. statistic

    age days in hospital 40 11 36 9 30 10 27 5 24 12 a. draw a scatter diagram (completed) b. does there appear to be a correlation between age and number days in the hospital? no Find the r value for this problem to verify your answer? R=.16 c what is the

    asked by bria
  96. Art Appreciation

    Explain how Florence reflects the ideals of the dominant city-state and how some of the geographical, economical, social, and artistic forces shape this ideal. Use one example from Gardner’s Art through the Ages and one example from the Internet.

    asked by Robert
  97. Art

    In the painting Adoration of the Kings by Gerard David, I have to decide where the linear perspective is leading toward and i think its leading toward the Madonna and Child ? But i want to make sure. Am i right?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Algebra 1

    Factor first, then solve the equation. 1. 3/x+1-1/x-2=1/x^2-x-2 2. 1/y^2-16-2/y+4=2/y-4

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Algebra1

    Square root 25 +4 times square root 75 +10 =

    asked by Anonymous
  100. chemistry

    How do I calculate the initial concentraion of an acid?

    asked by fenerbahce
  101. math

    The queen asked her cook how many guests had attended a recent banquet. “I do not know, my lady” he said, “but every two guests shared a plate of fruit between them, every three used a bowl of broth among them, and every four shared a platter of

    asked by rick
  102. Reading

    At the end of the day, John is the ________ of all workers. A. tired B. tireder C. tiredest D. most tired I think it's choice C .

    asked by Emma
  103. Differential Equation

    Find the general solution of (D^2-3D+2)(D-5)^Dy=0. (Hint:Use the auxiliary equation)

    asked by Maegan
  104. physics

    A body moves along a straight line from rest with an acceleration of 2m/s². Calculate the time taken by it to cover a distance of 100m.

    asked by Ragheeba
  105. Pak. studies

    Describe the activities of different industries of Pakistan in creating pollution?

    asked by Ragheeba
  106. Pak. studies

    givea list of FATA and FANA?

    asked by Ragheeba
  107. Math

    if a relation exists between x and y, then we say that x ____ y or that y ___x and we write x---->y a)depends on;corresponds to b)corresponds to; depends on c)depends on;depends on d)corresponds to; corresponds to

    asked by chchch
  108. RES/351

    under what conditions would you recommend the following probability sample non–probability sample

    asked by a
  109. Reading

    Thanks Ms. Sue for your help :)

    asked by Loulou
  110. Reading

    Tom has difficulty battling distractions while studying. Which of the following strategies would help him with this problem? A. Taking notes that keep him focused. B. Improving his study environment. C. Adding positive messages to his study area. D. Both B

    asked by Loulou
  111. Reading

    Which of the following are positive results of using new study techniques? A. Learning new material will become easier. B. You will retain more of what you learn. C. You gain power and responsibility over your learning. D. All of the above.

    asked by Loulou
  112. Math

    Reduce the fraction 20/100. A. 4/20 B. 2/20 C. 1/5 D. 5

    asked by Mary
  113. poetry

    Could you please explain what this sonnet means? It is called March by Susie Harrison. The sonnet is below: With outstretched whirring wings of van-dyked jet, Two crows one day o'er house and pavement pass'd. Swift silhouettes limned 'gainst the blue, they

    asked by anonymous
  114. Geometry

    What is the equation for the circle with its center at C(5,-2), and a radius with length 7? A.)(x - 5)2 + (y + 2)2 = 49 B.)(x - 1) - (y + 4) = 36 C.)y = 7x - 2

    asked by kiki
  115. computers

    computer literacy 103 question for dq week1 dq the future is now? pretty soon at least.

    asked by lasoyna
  116. chemistry

    Okay let me write it this way. I mixed 30 mL of 0.1 M Acetic Acid and 15 mL of 0.1 M Sodium Hydroxide and measured the pH. Then I added 5 mL of 0.1 M NaOH to this buffer and measured the pH. It's asking me: Show the calculations for the pH of the buffer

    asked by fenerbahce
  117. algebra math

    what are the 2 factors of (156+100)

    asked by ROSE
  118. Math

    Find the absolute maximum and minimum of g(x) = (x^2 - 3)/ (x^2 + 1) on the interval [-1; 2]:

    asked by HADEEL
  119. calculus?

    Hello can u help? I need a solution to calculus problem I have $500.00 to spend on fencing for a garden. The fence for the street side costs $30.00 per foot and the other three sides cost $10.00 per foot. what dimensions will give you a rectangle for the

    asked by GiGi
  120. college algebra

    write the equation of the hyperbola in standard form: x^2-4x-y^2+6y=9

    asked by nik
  121. Math

    What is the 'Answer'?

    asked by Deep Thought Computer
  122. Reading

    Which of the following are positive results of using new study techniques? A. Learning new material will become easier. B. You will retain more of what you learn. C. You gain power and responsibility over your learning. D. All of the above.

    asked by Loulou
  123. Math

    Thank you Bob :)

    asked by Mary
  124. Math

    The surface area of any shape is expressed in: A. square units. B. cubic units. C. feet and inches. D. length and width.

    asked by Mary
  125. communication

    Can you explain how purpose, audience, tone, and content impact academic writing?

    asked by Darrell Chisolm Jr
  126. Anthropology 101

    I have and the I just want know if it is correct. 1. The American class system: (Points : 1) is a closed system. is an open system.X is mostly endogamous. is an illusion, because there are no classes. 2. A dowry is: (Points : 1) when, upon marriage, the

    asked by Kathy
  127. math

    1. 5x - 3y + 2x - y = 2. 5r(3s) + 6r - 2rs = 3. a93b) + b(-3a) =

    asked by gary
  128. Question #1

    Is Psychotherapist and Therapist is the same thing????

    asked by Laruen
  129. health and diseases

    I need help on doing a powerpoint presentation about trichomoniasis

    asked by Kelly
  130. chem

    no question - just thank you "drbob", you've answered a few of my questions.

    asked by student
  131. Reading

    The ideal study plan includes which of the following? A. An elaborate study environment. B. Quality preparation. C. Use of as much different intelligence as possible. D. Both A & C.

    asked by Loulou
  132. Research and Writing

    I am trying to write an internal memorandum and must analogize two cases first. I cannot get it straight in my head what the process it for making the analogy! HELP!!

    asked by Stephanie
  133. math

    is y2=6-x2 a function

    asked by chchch
  134. Math

    Divide: 100/22 = A. 5.011 B. 4.545 C. 4.98 D. 4.345

    asked by Mary
  135. Basic Algebra

    i need help with a question regarding angles the exterior angle theorem. it hase angles 140 8x+4 and 3x+4 but it wants me to find angle M

    asked by jessica
  136. earth

    if n the diameter of the earth is 19.7Mm , what is in cm

    asked by lynn
  137. English

    Joe's speech was incoherent. He made up words and talked so fast that no one could understand him. Incoherent means: a. hard to understand b. fluent c. illiterate d. stuttering I can't decide between A , C, or D

    asked by Ben
  138. math

    if you have 5 meters of rope and you break off 1.41 meters, how much is left

    asked by Anonymous