Questions Asked on
July 13, 2012

  1. Physics

    Find the pressure exerted by a waterbed with dimensions of 2m x 2m which is 30 cm thick. (hint:use density of water)

    asked by Fix30
  2. critical thinking

    Could someone double check my answers for me? Thank You! 2.) “Right. George Bush ‘won’ the election in 2000, didn’t he?” the use of quotation marks around “Won” has the effect of a a. Weaseler b. Dysphemism c. downplayer d. rhetorical

    asked by Becka
  3. chemistry

    E degrees (V) A galvanic cell based on the following half reaction s Au3+ 3e- ----> Au 1.50 Mg2+ 2e- ------> Mg -2.37 The cell is set up at 25 C with [Mg2+] = 1.00 x 10^-5 M The cell potential is observed to be 4.01 V. Calculate the [Au3+] that must be

    asked by eric
  4. College Chemistry

    How many grams of steam and iron must react to produce 375g of magnetic iron oxide, Fe3So4

    asked by Miguel
  5. chem 1046

    An electrochemical cell is based on these two half-reactions: Ox: Sn(s) → Sn2+(aq, 1.74 M) + 2 e- Red: ClO2(g, 0.120 atm) + e- → ClO2-(aq, 1.44 M) Calculate the cell potential at 25°C E Sn>Sn2+ = -.14 E ClO2 = .95

    asked by Anonymous
  6. economics

    A copy company wants to expand production. It currently has 20 workers who share eight copiers. Two months ago, the firm added two copiers, and output increased by 100,000 pages per day. One month ago, they added five workers, and productivity also

    asked by liz
  7. algebra 1

    Label each statement true or false if false correct the underlined portion.If -4-5. If this is underlined |y+8|+2=6,then this not underlined y+8=_+4. Translate and solve. the absolute value of three times a number,n,is greater than 15.

    asked by janet
  8. math

    Pick a Card. Mike and dave play the following card game. Mike picks a card from the deck If he selects a heart Dave gives him $5, if not, he gives Dave $2. Determine Mikes's expectation. Determine Daves' expectation Can you help me with this? i have tried

    asked by Adie
  9. chemistry

    Consider the galvanic cell constructed from the following metals and their corresponding metal ions: E degrees (V) M^3+^ + 3e^-^ ----> M 0.29 N^2+^ + 2e^-^ ----> N 0.61 calculate the value of K for the cell reaction at 25C

    asked by eric
  10. Math please help with these word problems i have

    1. The circumference of a circle is the product of the number π and twice the radius. 2. The area of a square is the square of the length of a side. 3. The perimeter of a square is four times the length of a side. 4. Force equals the product of mass and

    asked by Tony
  11. physics

    two forces of 10N and 7N respectively are applied simultaneously to an object . The minimum value of their resultant is, in newtons?

    asked by star
  12. Mte 181

    A Grasshopper can jump 19 times his length. If humans were proportional to grasshopper but based on height how far could a 5'9 person jump? Explain.

    asked by Nicki
  13. earth

    You are standing on a planet with a radius 10,000kilometers. It's mass is 10^26 kg. What is the planet's escape velocity from where your standing? Ignore rotation of the planet.

    asked by Sarah
  14. Early Childhood Education

    According top information-processing researchers, the three functions that the brain must complete to process new information are a. identifying, attending, and locating b. focusing, identifying, and learning c. manipulating, mastering, and remembering d.

    asked by Lorie
  15. Statistics

    A local fire station receives an average of 0.5 rescue calls per day. Find the probability that on a randomly selected day, the fire station will receive fewer than two calls.

    asked by HELP
  16. accounting

    Partners Smith and Jones decide to close their business and share the profits equally. They sell the partnership's non-cash assets. The transactions for the sales are below: 1. The merchandise inventory, which cost $45,000, was sold for $38,000. 2. The

    asked by working hard
  17. university of phoenix

    if someone scored two standard deviations above the mean on a standard test where the mean =100 and the standard deviation = 15, what is the person's numerical score?

    asked by benjamin
  18. Physics

    A sinusoidal wave traveling on a string is moving in the positive x-direction. The wave has a wavelength of 6 m, a frequency of 48 Hz, and an amplitude of 9 cm. What is the wave function for this wave? (Use any variable or symbol stated above as

    asked by James
  19. Physics

    The motion of a block-spring system is described by x(t) = A sin(ùt). Find ù, if the potential energy equals the kinetic energy at t = 6.11 s. I'm really not sure how to solve this. It seems that you need more information, either x or A? I appreciate any

    asked by Bruce
  20. physics

    proton and electron enters in magnetic field at an angle 30 degree .find the radius and time period in terms of magnetic field

    asked by magnetism


    asked by FLORENCE
  22. Math/calculus

    a toy rocket is shot into the air at the top of a building so that its height above the ground t seconds after the rocket is launched is given by the formula h(t)= -3t cubed + 6t squared + 27t feet from liftoff until the rocket crashes into the ground.

    asked by lola
  23. psychology

    . Louis discovers that the experiences he has in his developmental psychology class help him to deal with the children he works with at a daycare center. This relationship is best described by Bronfenbrenner's notion of

    asked by nahomie
  24. programing

    write a c++ program that prompts user's first name and last name

    asked by mann
  25. Physics

    Suppose the slope of a beach underneath the ocean is 20 cm of dropoff for every 1.6 m of horizontal distance. A wave is moving inland, slowing down as it enters shallower water. What is its acceleration when it is 12 m from the shoreline? (Let the +x

    asked by Vladimir
  26. physical science

    What is the molecular mass of magnesium chloride,MgCl2?

    asked by Tavarus
  27. Physics

    A mass m = 13 kg is connected to two different springs, one on the left and another on the right. It is displaced a distance x to the right from its equilibrium position. (Take k1 = 115 N/m and k2 = 198 N/m.) (a) What is the net force acting on the mass?

    asked by Bruce
  28. science

    why will it look blurry when you blow air into the limewater

    asked by lim
  29. statistic

    1.The state highway patrol stops every 5th car on highway 210 to check drivers' licenses and registrations. Which sampling technique are they using? systematic sampling -chose this one convenience sampling cluster sampling simple random sampling stratified

    asked by bria
  30. Foreign languages

    Writeacher, do you know anything about English conversation lessons on Skype? Can you please suggest sites which offer online conversation courses? Thank you for your invaluable help! My sister would like to take one-hour conversation lessons every two

    asked by John
  31. Statistics

    A local fire station receives an average of 0.5 rescue calls per day. Find the probability that on a randomly selected day, the fire station will receive fewer than two calls. (Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.)

    asked by Me
  32. Physics

    The tension in a 2.6-m-long, 1.1-cm-diameter steel cable (ρ = 7800 kg/m3) is 860 N. What is the fundamental frequency of vibration of the cable? The answer is 6.55 Hz. I know that I'm going to use the formula: f=nsqrt(T/4L^2u) However, I'm not sure how to

    asked by James
  33. chemistry

    an aqueous solution of pdcl2 is electrolyzed for 27.4 seconds during this time 0.1064 g of Pd is deposited on the cathode. Calculate the average current used in the electrolysis.

    asked by eric
  34. algebra

    A boat is worth $7,000 when it is 5 years old and $2,000 when it is 10 years old. What is the slope intercept equation?

    asked by Penny
  35. computers

    How can i tell python to stop printing something after a specific amount of time?

    asked by Sally
  36. statistics


    asked by vanesa
  37. algebra

    Fun Lanes Bowling charges a fee of $4 to use their shoes and $6 for each game played. Salim wants to figure out how much it will cost him to bowl. Part 1: Write an equation representing this problem. Let x be the number of games bowled, and let y be the

    asked by danielle swartz
  38. Chemistry

    I want to make solutions of pH 3.5, 4.5, 6.5, 8.5 and 10.5 from 0.1 M HCl and 0.1 M NaOH. how many ml shall I take from each solution to make these pH levels?

    asked by AAA
  39. statistic

    If the total enrollment in LA County Combined schools was 1,583,283 students in 1n 1997, approximately how many of those students were Asian. Other =2.70% White =20.30% Black =11.80% Asian = 8.10% Hispanic 57.10% answer: I multiplied

    asked by bria
  40. Foreign languages

    Can you check these sentences, Writaecher? 1) Can you please tell me how far ...... hotel is from the beach? 2) As a matter of fact, I was looking for a hotel on a seafront. Do you think I should opt for the ..... Hotel?

    asked by John
  41. chemistry

    Ph of 10^(-8)M aqs.h2so4

    asked by Aliena
  42. english

    With close reference to the text how successful is the headline in influencing the reader's view of the issue of hang? the title: THE WOMAN WHO HANGS TODAY

    asked by maggie
  43. math

    how do I find x, when the base of a triangle is 22ft and the area is 165 sq ft.?

    asked by gracie
  44. algebra

    Coco's coffee charges different prices based on the number of pounds purchased. The pricing scale is modeled by the function below, where w is the weight in pounds purchased. Orders placed directly through the Web site are discounted by 1/3, but a shipping

    asked by hanna
  45. College Math

    In West Virginia, 100 days of the year (365)have temperatures less than32 degrees Fahrenheir. What (reduced) fraction of the days is that? I'm not sure how to go about finding the answer. Can you please help?

    asked by Carol
  46. Physics (Angular Momentum)

    A solid ball of radius 10cm and mas 8kg rolls in the y direction with a speed of 10 m/s At the instant that it is 3m from the origin along the x axis, what is the angular momentum (mag + direction) about its center of mass?

    asked by Jennifer
  47. Math

    Thanks for the help with this question.

    asked by Carol
  48. precal

    De Moivre’s theorem states, “If z = r(cos u + i sin u), then zn = rn(cos nu + i sin nu).” • Verify de Moivre’s theorem for n = 2. a. Provide a correct proof that includes written justification for each step.

    asked by carolyn
  49. Math

    A tuition bill was $4360. If she paid $6052 what's the percentage increase on her tuition. (Could you please show me how you get this answer so I'll have an idea on how to do the others that are similar)

    asked by Meredith
  50. TI 84 Plus

    How do i get to the regression equation on the ti84 plus calculator. I am working on a math problem trying to view my equation once i plugged in the data

    asked by bria
  51. Chemistry

    Kidney stones are composed of crystals of calcium oxalate, CaC2O4. The solubility of CaC2O4 is 6.7 x 10-5 g per 100 ml of solution. What is the pH of a saturated solution of calcium oxalate? (Molar masses of Ca, C and O are 40.0 g/mol, 12 g/mol, 16 g/mol

    asked by Milana
  52. trig

    establish identity 5csc^2theta-3cot^2theta=2csc^2theta+3

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Chemistry

    At a depth of 200 meters in Lake Nyos, the pressure of pure CO2, released from a volcanic vent is equal to the water pressure at this depth. P (pascals) = density * g * height. Density= 1000 kg/m^3, g= 9.8m/s^2. Using this Pascal pressure, convert it, and

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    10^3x+5=100 how do you solve this?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math problem

    I have to find the area of a 14 yd square...the answer is the number plus the units squared

    asked by erin
  56. science

    a rubber ball thrown at a height reaches the ground and keeps bouncing for sometime before coming to rest.

    asked by lucky
  57. Met 181

    Joe and Peter have 360 day membership to a tennis club. Joe will use it every other day. Peter will use it every third day. They both use the club on day one. How many days total out of 360 will at least one of them use the club. Please explain.

    asked by Nicki
  58. Mte 180

    Is a rhombus regular because the sides are congruent is this statement true or false. Explain reasoning,

    asked by Nicki
  59. English

    e.g. People were just standing still. (What is the part of speech of 'still' in the sentence? Adverb or adjective?))

    asked by rfvv
  60. English

    How can I say this sentence in a different way: 'I recognise that I need to develop the confidence to challenge the practice of colleagues, putting the well-being of clients at the forefront of my mind'

    asked by Viola
  61. physics

    A car is travelling at 80km/h in east direction , a train is travelling at 50 m/s in north direction then what is the combined velocity of car and train?

    asked by priyanka
  62. science

    A car is travelling at 80km/h in east direction , a train is travelling at 50 m/s in north direction then what is the combined velocity of car and train?

    asked by priyanka
  63. precal

    Prove sin 1 cos  1 cos sin  0 1. Show each step of your proof. 2. Provide written justification for each step of your proof. C. If you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA

    asked by anoymous
  64. physics

    if the mass of two particals is 2 gms each then when they combine to form a nucleus hw much will be the mass of nucleus ?

    asked by star
  65. physics

    of the following the largest quantity is a] 0.047 cm b] 47x10-4 cm c] 4.7x 10-4 cm d] 0.00047x10^2 cm e] 0.000047x10^6 cm

    asked by star
  66. economics

    Why might management and economic theories not always work in the real world?

    asked by liz
  67. Art

    Im suppose to discuss where the linear perspective is coming from and leading toward in two paintings, and I was just wondering what that meant?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Cda

    Two children using finger paints agree to share them. They are engaged in

    asked by Cortez
  69. Math

    how do you prove the quadratic equation?

    asked by Randy
  70. history

    what is a or the mohawk nation?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. AED

    list 3 to 5 factors that define teaching as a professional career

    asked by Anonymous
  72. statistic

    age days in hospital 40 11 36 9 30 10 27 5 24 12 a. draw a scatter diagram (completed) b. does there appear to be a correlation between age and number days in the hospital? no Find the r value for this problem to verify your answer? R=.16 c what is the

    asked by bria