Questions Asked on
July 12, 2012

  1. physical science

    A person drives a car around a circular cloverleaf with a radius of 58 m at a uniform speed of 10 m/s. ) Compare this answer with the acceleration due to gravity as a percentage

    asked by cre
  2. chemistry

    a certain radioactive nuclide has a half life of 5.00 hour. Calcuate the decay rate for 1.000 mole of this nuclide __________ decay s-1

    asked by eric
  3. chemistry

    A 100.0 ml sample of 0.300 M NaOH is mixed with a 100.0 ml sample of 0.300 M HNO3 in a coffee cup calorimeter. Both solutions were initially at 35.0 degrees celcius; the temperature of the resulting solution was recorded at 37.0 degrees celcius. Determine

    asked by jen
  4. physics

    Io, one of the moons of Jupiter, circles Jupiter once every 1.77 days. The radius of its orbit is 4.22 X 108 m. If this orbit is circular, what is the mass of Jupiter?

    asked by Jessica
  5. math

    simplify the following expression sin(v+x)-sin(v-x)? Rewrite the expression as an algebraic expression in x. sin(2cos^-1x)

    asked by Anonymous
  6. chemistry

    Calculate the value of Kc for 4NH3(g) + 3O2(g)= 2N2(g) + 6H2O(l)

    asked by mohamed
  7. physics

    A 0.45 kg soccer ball approaches a player horizontally with a velocity of magnitude equal to 35 m/s. The player heads the ball straight back out horizontally, and the magnitude of the ball’s velocity after the collision is 40 m/s. The contact time

    asked by Jessica
  8. civlilization

    All of the following are correct about nineteenth century Liberalism EXCEPT: A. having economic and political components. B. supporting the idea of civil rights. C. wanting to limit governmental power. D. opposing limiting governmental power.

    asked by marie
  9. physics

    A fisherman yanks a fish out of the water with an acceleration of 2.4 m/s2 using very light fishing line that has a ''test'' value of 100N. The fisherman unfortunately loses the fish as the line snaps. A. find the mass thst the fishing line of 100N can

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    If triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF and the perimeter of ABC is 4 times greater than the perimeter of DEF , what is the relationship between the areas of the triangles?

    asked by DAN
  11. chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution containing 18.0 g of KCl in 354 mL of solution?

    asked by Amanda
  12. trig

    Solve the equation on the interval [0,360) cos^2t+2cos(t)+1=0

    asked by Sierra
  13. Math

    A fruit salad is made up of cantaloupe, strawberries, and bananas. If a salad weighing 65 ounces contains three ounces of bananas for every ounce of strawberries and has the same number of ounces of cantaloupe as strawberries, how many ounces of bananas

    asked by chchch
  14. chemistry

    PLEASE SHOW PROCEDURE! You wish to prepare an aqueous solution that has a freezing point of -0.100 degrees Celsius. How many milliliters of 12.0 M HCl would you use to prepare 250.0 mL of such a solution? [Hint: Note that in a dilute aqueous solution,

    asked by Cody
  15. Epidemiology

    Can anyone answer this question? The prevalence of undetected diabetes in a population to be screen ed is approximately 1.5% and it is assumed that 10,000 persons will be screened. The screening test will measure blood serum glucose content. A value of

    asked by Elizabeth
  16. math

    Suppose 48% of the general population of thw world has blood type O, 27% blood type A, and 23% blood type B. a. what is the probability that someone has type AB blood( assume that there are only four blood types? b. Of tjere are 30 people in a room,how

    asked by bria
  17. Acounting

    During 2012, the company completed the following selected transactions. Journalize each transaction. Explanations are not required. a. Issued for cash 1,300 shares of preferred stock at par value. b. Issued for cash 2,400 shares of common stock at a price

    asked by Anonymous
  18. math

    Solving Equations with Fractions 1/2 x - 1/3 x = 7/3 solve for X i need help step by step process anyone?

    asked by nain
  19. Physics

    Vectors and Scalars Graph 1. determine the total distance traveled and the displacement made. A. 5.0 km 15 degrees east of north B. 5.0 km 20 degrees east of south C. 5.0 km east D. 5.0 km 30 degrees south of west E. 5.0 km 20 degrees east of south F. 5.0

    asked by Vicky
  20. physics

    A car initially traveling at 26 m/!@#$%^&s the brakes, generating a constant acceleration of -2 m/s2. Under this acceleration, the car comes to a rest. If the tires have radii of 0.33 m, how many revolutions does each tire make as the car slows down and

    asked by Jessica
  21. statistic

    what type of correlation would you expect to exist between people's height and their shoe size? My answer is a positive correlation.

    asked by bria
  22. Physics

    A 3-kg mass attached to a spring with k = 130 N/m is oscillating in a vat of oil, which damps the oscillations. (a) If the damping constant of the oil is b = 19 kg/s, how long will it take the amplitude of the oscillations to decrease to 1% of its original

    asked by Bruce
  23. physics

    An adult person is holding their arm straight out to their side. Their kid is hanging from their wrist, dangling. The kid has a mass of 20 kg. The length of adult’s arm between the shoulder and the wrist from which the kid is hanging is 0.7 m. The mass

    asked by Jessica
  24. physics

    There are two spinning disks A and B arranged so that they initially are separated but can be pushed into contact. Disk A is made of a lighter material, so it has a moment of inertia that is one third that of disk B. Disk A starts off spinning at some ùi

    asked by Jessica
  25. civilization

    15. The Eastern European state that gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1830 was: (Points: 5) Serbia. Greece. Bosnia. Romania.

    asked by marie
  26. Science

    What is the volume of 19 grams of flourine gas at stp?

    asked by Molly
  27. Art 101 Art Appreciation

    Compare Raphael’s School of Athens to Veronese’s Christ in the House of Levi. Explain how each artist reflected the political and social environment of Rome and Venice during the Renaissance period. Use one example from Gardner’s Art through the Ages

    asked by LJordan
  28. pre calc

    use an appropriate half-angle formula to find the exact value ofthe expression. tan22.5 write the product as a sum sinxsin5x write the sum as a product sin2x-sin7x

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    The times for completing one circuit of a bicycle course are normally distributed with a mean of 81.7 minutes and a standard deviation of 8.6 minutes. An association wants to sponsor a race and provide prizes for the top (that is, fastest) 15% of riders.

    asked by john
  30. math

    Find 4.84 * 39 + 61 * 4.84

    asked by mandi
  31. physics

    A cylinder with a radius of 15 km is built in space for use as a space station. This cylinder is rotating about its long axis to generate ‘artificial gravity’. When people walk on the inner surface of the spinning cylinder, the normal force between

    asked by Jessica
  32. physics

    Some kids playing at the park get creative, and they turn a seesaw into a trebuchet – they slide the plank until only 20 cm of its total length of 4 m extends from one side of the fulcrum. While bracing the system in a horizontal position, they place a

    asked by Jessica
  33. chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution containing 1 mole of urea per litre of the solution ? Hw to solve this

    asked by star
  34. math

    a-2/6 -5 = a+3/3 SOLVE FOR A solving equations with fractions

    asked by jack
  35. Mte 181

    You have a heptagon with the following interior angles 125, 130, 175, 105, 165, 25. What's the measurement of the 7th angle and why?

    asked by Nicki
  36. statistic

    Which "average" would be best to use in the following situation? The accountant for a small company is asked to determine the average salary of its employees. The company is owned by two brothers who each make over $300,000 per year. The accountant makes

    asked by bria
  37. Math

    A rectangular field is to be enclosed with 1270 ft of fencing. If the length of the field is 75 ft longer than the width, then how wide is the field? A) 430 ft B) 355 ft C) 280 ft D) 385 ft

    asked by chchch
  38. College Chemistry

    given the concentration of 125.0mg/L of Fe(2+)in the stock solution and the volume used which is (1.00mL) how do i calculate the concentration of iron(II) ions in mg/L? i pipet 1.00mL of the stock into a 250ml volumetric flask!

    asked by Anonymous
  39. chemistry

    1) Aluminum Chloride- Red- PH: 4.0 2) Sodium Carbonate - Violet- PH: 9.5 Ammonium Acetate - Yellow - PH: 6.5 the question is: explanation with equation to show hydrolysis Could you please help me thank you.

    asked by fenerbahce
  40. science

    describe the efficiency of energy tranfer and how the amount of energy available at each trophic level affects the structure of the ecosystem>

    asked by tracey
  41. Physics

    A string is 37.5 cm long and has a mass per unit length of 5.95 10-4 kg/m. What tension must be applied to the string so that it vibrates at the fundamental frequency of 612 Hz? The answer is supposed to be 125 N, but I'm not sure how to get this answer.

    asked by James
  42. trig

    Find all solutions in the interval [0,360) sin(4t)=ã3/2

    asked by Sierra
  43. math

    A storage area measures 15.6 feet by 10.2 feet by 8.5 feet. If it is 1/3 full, how many cubic feet of storage space remains (rounded to the nearest cubic foot)?

    asked by lamedia
  44. college chemistry

    When ethane reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water. When 10 molecules of ethane react with 20 molecules of oxygen, what is the composition of the FINAL mixture?

    asked by maribel
  45. Physics

    A 48-cm-long wire with a mass of 11.0 g is under a tension of 50.5 N. Both ends of the wire are held rigidly while it is plucked. (a) What is the speed of the waves on the wire? (b) What is the fundamental frequency of the standing wave? The answers are

    asked by James
  46. Discrete Math

    so i have this description: S consists of all strings of a's, b's and c's where an increasing number of a's come before an increasing number of b's and c's or c's and b's. does this make sense for this recursive definition of the set S over {a,b,c}: 1. a

    asked by Rey
  47. math

    Using the formula C = 2ðr, find the circumference of a circle with diameter of 28 inches

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    the lab keeps two acid solutions on hand. one is 20% and the other is 35%. how much 20% and how much 35% acid solution should be used to prepare 25 liters of a 26% solution?

    asked by skye
  49. Calculus

    Using the sequence below, write out a formula for the balance in the account n years after December 1996: Years Balance 1996 = $20,000 1997 = $22,000 1998 = $24,200 1999 = $26,620 2000 = $29,282 r = 1.1 and 2006 = 51,874.8492 Thanks

    asked by Hester
  50. Statistics

    Problem 1 Use the Old Faithful data labelled Duration as a sample for problem 1. a. Determine the proportion of instances that the duration was less than 240 seconds. Also express the proportion as a percent. (hint: proportion is number of successes

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Geometry

    Write an equation of a line in slope intercept form that is parallel to y = 3x+6 and passes through the point (-10, 2.5). Do not use spaces and enter fractions as improper reduced fractions when needed.

    asked by KIm
  52. math

    How often do you run red lights? How does this lead to an erroneous conclusion?

    asked by Jackie

    1)The tire shop sells 50 tires a day at $75. After they raise the price on tires to $85, they now sell 46 tires a day. What is the elasticity of tires at the tire shop? A) Inelastic B) Elastic C) Unit Elastic D) Perfectly Inelastic E) Perfectly Elastic

    asked by Booker Perry
  54. math

    find m and n of x^5+2x^2+mx+n if (x+1)^2 is factor comparing coeffcient like terms

    asked by ps
  55. math

    The scores on a mathematics test have a mean of 72 and a standard deviation of 5. Find the test score that corresponds to a z-score of (-1.33).

    asked by john kay
  56. math

    The times for completing one circuit of a bicycle course are normally distributed with a mean of 81.7 minutes and a standard deviation of 8.6 minutes. An association wants to sponsor a race and provide prizes for the top (that is, fastest) 15% of riders.

    asked by john kay
  57. physics

    A car going 30 m/s just barely makes it around a curve without skidding. This curve had a radius of 150 m. The next curve has a radius of 75 m. At what maximum velocity can it go around this curve without skidding?

    asked by Jessica
  58. physics

    A distance of 1 m separates two objects, one with a mass of 2 kg and the other with a mass of 4 kg. A 0.5 kg mass is placed between them at the point where the net gravitational force generated by the other two masses is zero. How far is the 0.5 kg object

    asked by Jessica
  59. History

    2.   The 1978 Supreme Court decision in Bakke v. Regents of the University of California      A. established the rights of students to appeal college admissions policies. B. established the "red state-blue state" divide. C. ruled in favor of

    asked by Al

    1)The tire shop sells 50 tires a day at $75. After they raise the price on tires to $85, they now sell 46 tires a day. What is the elasticity of tires at the tire shop? A) Inelastic B) Elastic C) Unit Elastic D) Perfectly Inelastic E) Perfectly Elastic

    asked by Booker Perry
  61. critical reading

    Elaborate comparisons which are used by advertisers are usually _____. A)fallacies of evidence. B) fallacies of language. C)newsworthy. I think it is B, is this correct?

    asked by brittany
  62. Chemistry

    What happens when red blood cells are placed in a solution that contains 0.99% (m/v) NaCl solution?

    asked by Elisabeth
  63. finace

    _________ of the vehicle is the likely consequence of failure to make the required loan payments. A. Theft B. Repossession C. Destruction D. Loss of warranty

    asked by Tyesha
  64. algebra 117b

    Are these factorable Beecause I tried and could figure it out can you please help me thankyou x^2-4x+-32, x^2+14x+41,4x^8x7-12x^6+8x^5

    asked by BERNIE
  65. Math

    Show that A = [3 2 4 2 0 2 4 2 3] is distinguishable even though one eigenvector has algebraic multiplicity 2. Do this by brute force computation. Why would you expect this to be true, even without calculation? Then, for the A, write A= Q lambda Q^(T)

    asked by Christopher
  66. Statistics

    A reseacher would like to determine whether a change in lighting to full spectrum light bulbs increases productivity on an assembly line. A sample of n= 36 participants is obtained, and the light bulbs over the line are replaced. under general/historical

    asked by Christie
  67. Math

    Suppose that the hourly wage in a job is P 30. Let x represent the number of hours worked, and let f(x) represent the total amount earned. Write the function that shows the relationship.Graph the function.

    asked by Leovy
  68. Integrated Math 1

    The solutions to the quadratic equation x^2+3x-4=0 are? (more then one answer) A. -4 B. 1 C. -1 D. 0 E. 4 F. There are no real roots.

    asked by Tifini
  69. Math

    3x-2y=0 x-y=-1

    asked by Craig
  70. math

    A storage room measures 14.25 feet in length by 12.5 feet in width by 8.4 feet in height. It contains a box which is 2.5 feet in length, 5.2 feet in width and 1.5 feet in height . How many cubic feet of storage space are left in the room (rounded to the

    asked by lamedia
  71. English 002

    Why complete senteces can help us in our writing at our jobs?

    asked by natalia
  72. Physics

    A 1250 kg car rams into the back of a slower moving truck having a mass of 2500 kg. During the collision the two vehicles become entangled so that they move off together afterward. If before the collision the car was going 20 m/s and the truck was going 14

    asked by Jessica
  73. government

    _____ States supported the _____ Plan, which called for a bicameral legislature in which States would be represented according to their population

    asked by Anonymous
  74. civilization

    The Congress of Vienna in 1815 :Was it operated in accord with the principles of liberalism

    asked by marie
  75. Physics

    Jack Sparrow swings on a 3 m long rope that was horizontal before he jumped from the boom of the Black Pearl. At the very bottom of his arc, he grabs Elizabeth Swann and they swing upward together. Sparrow (Depp) has a mass of 75 kg, and Swann (Knightley)

    asked by Jessica
  76. math

    what is the greatest place of the greatest number, question : 316,006-41566

    asked by jeel

    I don't understand this question exactly...please help :) what are examples of how the language of Iran may reinforce gender behavior and/or stereotyping.

    asked by Michelle
  78. math

    Solving Equations with Fractions 3m/5 - 1/2 = 7/10 solve for M i need a step my step process. i need help.

    asked by nain
  79. statistic

    The data below represent the ages of female actors at the time of winning an Oscar (1956 - 1996). 41 27 34 34 41 30 61 42 49 27 31 60 34 35 74 21 29 39 39 37 61 26 31 33 41 33 38 30 26 37 41 49 26 35 28 24 35 42 33 38 81 45 What is the frequency for the

    asked by bria
  80. Physics review

    So I've already found/ was given the radius, hanging mass, and acceleration for three objects but I need to find the moment of inertia using all those three. What equation do I use or how do I incorporate all of them to find the moment of inertia?

    asked by hayley
  81. art appreciation

    How the Italo-Byzantie sense can be seen as a evident in Berlinghieri St Francis Altarpiece?

    asked by cassie
  82. statistic

    Choose ALL that represent quantitative data. the amount of time you spend studying each week your street address how many years you have owned your car the company that you use for cell phone service the number of people who live with you your score on the

    asked by bria
  83. math

    a=b+c-2 a=c-d+9 a=b-d+11 Based on the system of equations above, what is the value of a? a) 2 b) 9 c) 10 d) 11 e) 20

    asked by janie
  84. chem

    What is the formula to calculate qp?

    asked by lani
  85. science(biology)

    Difference between tendon and ligament

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Integrated Math 1

    Suppose a parabola has its vertex at (0, 1) and its zeros at x = -2 and x = 2. Then equals _____. A. 1-1/4x^2 B. 4-x^2 C. X^2-1 D. X^2-4

    asked by Tifini
  87. Mathematics

    write the following simultaneous equations in the form of AX= B where A,X and B are matrices 11x+6y=6 9x+5y=7 hence write the solution for x and y as a product of two matrices.

    asked by INDIANA
  88. math

    About a third of an orange crop was ruined by a sudden frost. Another third of the undamaged fruit spoiled while being taken to market. How much of the original orange crop could the farmer sell at the produce market?

    asked by lamedia
  89. English

    Many days of the year are "national" something or other day. For instance, National French Fry day is in July. Write a paragraph telling your reader what day you'd like to start. Remember to use complete sentences. Remember that all the sentences need to

    asked by natalia
  90. binghamton

    What are the next three numbers in the pattern: 2, -4, 6, -8, 10

    asked by Anonymous
  91. physics

    A 5 g bullet passes through a 1 kg wooden sign that was hanging at rest on a 0.2 m long rope. After passing through, the bullet loses half of its velocity, and the sign gains just enough velocity to swing around in a complete vertical circle. Assume that

    asked by Jessica
  92. physics

    A person is stretching by putting their arms straight over their heads and bending forward at their ankles until their hands are pushing against the wall in front of them. As they stretch, they keep stepping back from the wall, leaning further forward. The

    asked by Jessica
  93. Math

    The Little Thrifty Market has a parking lot with dimensions 125 feet by 210 feet. How many square yards is that?

    asked by Stephanie
  94. biology

    What are biomes and how are they influenced by latitude and elevation? Give Examples

    asked by Katie

    Explain the four factors that produce changes in population size.

    asked by TIA
  96. Calculus

    what is the derivative of y=ã(3x)

    asked by Cyndy
  97. math

    what are prime factors?

    asked by yes
  98. Calculus

    What is the derivative of y = square root of 3x

    asked by Anonymous
  99. math

    carlos made a factor tree, for the number 48 ^ 2 24 ^ 2 12 ^ 2 6 ^ 2 3 based on the tree, what are the only prime factors he can use to simplify a fraction with a denominator of 48?

    asked by yes