Questions Asked on
June 30, 2012

  1. Essay

    Essay: How I surprised my friend on her birthday part. A birthday party is the one day a year, which is very special and unique to everyone in their life. It is a day that should be celebrated with lots of joys and some surprises. Basically, I thought I

    asked by Silika
  2. Maths

    I can't understand this math problem.... Please help me.... ------------------ Problem: In a boys' school, 5/8 of the boys play football and 4/7 play rugby. If every boy plays at least one of the two games, find the fraction of the boys who play both

    asked by John
  3. physics

    1. A whistle you use to call your hunting dog has a frequency of 21 kHz, but your dog is ignoring it. You suspect the whistle may not be working, but you can't hear sounds above 20 kHz. To test it, you ask a friend to blow the whistle and hop on their

    asked by Emmy Davidson
  4. chemistry

    the dencity of 3 molal solution of NaOH is 1.110g/mL calculate the molarity of the solution

    asked by anant
  5. Physical Geography PLEASE CHECK & HELP WITH #2!

    The following questions are based on the “Mt. Dome, California,” quadrangle (Figure 33-2 found on page 228 of the Laboratory Manual; enlarged to scale 1:48,000; contour interval 40 feet) and the stereogram of the same region (Figure 33-3 found on page

    asked by Sandra
  6. chemistry

    the ph of a 1.00*10^-2 M solution of cyanic acid (HOCN) is 2.77 at 25 C. Calculate Ka and pKa for HOCN from this result.

    asked by FB1907
  7. bio

    Regulation of an enzyme's activity occurs

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Chemistry

    A 0.22-caliber handgun fires a 27-{\rm g} bullet at a velocity of 765 {\rm m}/{\rm s}. Part A Calculate the de Broglie wavelength of the bullet.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. chemistry

    Naturally occurring cobalt consists of only one isotope Co59 whose relative atomic mass is 58.9332. A synthetic radioactive isotope of cobalt Co60, relative atomic mass 59.9338, is used in radiation therapy for cancer. A 1.8516 sample of cobalt has an

    asked by Candace
  10. dynamic

    A particle moves along a straight line with an acceleration of m/s2, where s is in meters. Determine the particle’s velocity when s = 2m, if it start from rest when s = 1m.

    asked by Adel
  11. math

    A stationery retailer generally prices portable computers using a 30 percent markup. The retailer expects to sell 100 portable computers at the 30 percent markup. How many units would it have to sell at a 10 percent increase in price from the original

    asked by briana
  12. physics

    a rubber ball of mass 50g falls from a height of 10 cm and rebounds to a height of 50 cm .determine the change in the linear momentum and average force between the ball and the ground taking time of contact as 0.1 sec

    asked by meena
  13. math

    solve the following: ax + by = a-b bx - ay = a+b find the value of x and y

    asked by Mayank
  14. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume at s.t.p. occupied by a gas 'Q' originally occupying 153.7cc at 287K and 750mm pressure [vapor pressure of at 287K is 12mm of Hg]

    asked by Mayank
  15. pre cal

    Verify each identity sin^x+siny/sinx-siny=tan(x+y/2) (times) cot(x-y/2)

    asked by angel
  16. pre cal

    verify identity (sinx-cosx)^2=1-sin(2x)

    asked by Joe
  17. business

    identify and explain the objectives of a supplier

    asked by melissa
  18. Calculus

    Find an equation of the line that is tangent to the graph of f and parallel to the given line. Funtion: f(x)=1/sqrt(x-1) Line: x+2y+7=0

    asked by Liz
  19. Algebras

    themeanscore on a set of 24 tests in 71. what is thesumof all the test scores?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Bookkeepinng

    I am given a critical thinking question and asked to do a balance sheet for a given month, but the owner put a question mark beside Truck and Accounts Payable in the assests column. How do I handle this part when I am given no other facts about these two

    asked by Susan
  21. RES/351

    what is the difference between a research question and a hypothesis? I alos need one or more research question and then develop twop appropriate hypotheses?

    asked by a
  22. math

    How can i measure or get the correct size of a bicycle rim.

    asked by jay
  23. Math

    Im working on a math question and the answer is 2hr and 24min. I am getting 2.4 with my calculations how do i take 2.4 and get 2hr and 24min.???

    asked by Becky
  24. algebra

    Jennifer is on her daily run. After 25 minutes she has gone 1.5 miles. If she continues at the same pace, how long in minutes will her 8.4 mile run take?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. english 121

    I need help with my quiz in week 2

    asked by colleen
  26. algebra1

    factor: 64a^2-48a+9

    asked by larry
  27. physical science

    does a sunken ship sitting on the ocean floor have a buoyant force on it.

    asked by lora
  28. physical science

    what generally happens to atmospheric pressure on a windy day

    asked by lora
  29. physics

    A truck in driving up the interstate with a constant velocity. Is work being done by a net external force acting on the truck? Justify answer. Why doesn't the work done by the engine pushing it forward make its kenetic energy increase?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. curriculum for early childhood education

    the mirror image activity described in your textbook is an example of a/an

    asked by Anonymous
  31. algebra

    solve: (x+2)(x-11)(x+1)>0

    asked by shirley
  32. algebra

    solve: 3/v = 6/v - 1/5

    asked by shirley
  33. math

    In my math book i got a question that said 1/7 times 1/7. I got answer of 2 if my answer is not right can you show me how to do the problem.If my answer is correct still show me how to do the problem

    asked by Americal
  34. Sci 230

    I need serious help with week 7

    asked by Yolanda
  35. maths

    how to measure time with a tin can containing water

    asked by sandra
  36. SOC120

    what does moral and minima mean by Lenn Goodman

    asked by Maryann
  37. maths

    show tha minute hand of a clock gains 5 degree 30 minutes over the hour hand in one minute?

    asked by divya
  38. chemistry

    How can you precipitate BaCrO4(s) from a solution of barium nitrate and potassium dichromate?

    asked by FB1907
  39. Physics

    A comet orbits the Sun with a period of 72.0 yr. (a) Find the semimajor axis of the orbit of the comet in astronomical units (1 AU is equal to the semimajor axis of the Earth's orbit). (b) If the comet is 0.60 AU from the Sun at perihelion, what is its

    asked by James
  40. chem

    a steel cylinder holds 1.50 g of ethanol what is the pressure of an ethanol vapor if the cylinder has a volume of 251 cm3 and the teperature is 250 degrees celcius?

    asked by meeh
  41. math

    How do you find the reciprocal of 5/3

    asked by Cynthia
  42. math

    How to find the reciprocal of 5/3?

    asked by Cynthia
  43. introduction to university studies

    how might you use mnemonics in college students and adult learners?

    asked by anta
  44. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume at s.t.p. occupied by a dry gas 'Q' originally occupying 153.7cc at 287K and 750mm pressure [vapor pressure of gas 'Q'at 287K is 12mm of Hg]

    asked by Mayank
  45. maths

    if one zero of the quadratic polynomial 4xsquare + 5x+ gama be reciprocal of another zero, find the value of gama.

    asked by meren
  46. english

    Hi, I Proofread for wording errors and grammar, but I need help to see if my grammar is proper now. I personally respect every religion, and I love reading holy books. Holy books inspire many people. Holy books taught me many morals and stories on our

    asked by zee
  47. pre cal

    verify each identity tan(x/2)=tanx/secx+1

    asked by angel0
  48. pre calculus

    Name 3 different representations of the following (-6, 3pi/4)

    asked by lexis
  49. economics

    I do my classes online and my book is online and it doesn't talk about this at all and i have done called and told my school but they will not fix it please help. Jean-Baptiste Say argued that entrepreneurs should be called the fourth factor of production

    asked by Wayne
  50. Probability

    You have a sample space of 2 events called A and B. From your experimental observations you determine the probability of A or B {i.e. P(A or B)} to be 71%. You also conclusively determine that the probability of A is 30% and the joint probability of both

    asked by DLCS
  51. math

    if f'(x)=cos^2x and f(1)=0 then f(x)=

    asked by bhavana
  52. Foreign languages

    I urgently need you to check these few sentences, Writeacher. Thank you. 1) What did the U.S Immigration Restriction Act prohibit (Can you help me find a synonym?) It prohibited the immigration of those with hereditary illnesses and entire ethnic groups.ù

    asked by John
  53. english

    emicolons, Colons, Dashes and Parentheses: Recall Exercise 2. Identify the correct sentence. a) Here's what I'd suggest—major in business; and minor in Spanish . b) Here's what I'd suggest; (major in business and minor in Spanish). c) Here's what I'd

    asked by tee